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CD MATURITY At Comenity Direct

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I deal with many online banks. It took comenity direct 3 days to close my account. When my CDs mature in other online banks, the proceeds are available upon the date of maturity. They were notified two weeks before maturity to have proceeds available upon the date of maturity.

Very Dissatisfied. Bait And Switch

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I signed up for their Savings account. They sent me a confirmation stating that I would get 1.35% with my new account and that after that the interest would be variable. I understood that. They verified that when the money came in it would begin at that interest rate. It took them 7 days to fund the account and my then the interest rate was down to .96%. They did not give me the original interest rate they claimed, were very hard to get hold of and put a hold on the money for 7 days. I tried to cancel the account and they said I could not do that until after the hold was removed even though the money would be going back to the funding account. Very poor customer care.

Aggravation, Empty Promises And Zero Customer Care

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My comenity story begins with me looking around for a decent one year CD. After comparing rates offered by ten to twelve banks, comenity came in best at 1.25 %. Thus, I decided to put a significant amount of my life savings into one of their CDs. I linked up my checking account with their bank and went through the process, all online and pretty convenient. Then I waited. And waited some more. Days later I still had not even received a confirmation or a designated bank account number from comenity. I called their Customer Service and was advised that all was fine and dandy, someone would get back to me with all that information shortly. A few days later I called again, spoke to another Customer Service rep who told me he had to transfer me to someone else – and then the line went dead. No one called me back either, of course. The following day, after not receiving any kind of update, I called again. Once more I was advised that my application was still being processed. However, at that time, I noticed that their APY had dropped from 1.25 % to 1.00 %. Rather naively I mentioned this and assumed that comenity would honor the rate they had advertised when I signed up for their CD. Their rep made it very clear that I was living in dreamland: No. They would not. At that point, comenity had worn me out enough and I asked for them to immediately cancel my application and the transfer of money. Since then I moved the funds to a money market account with a different bank. Bottom line is this: Had I not bothered with comenity and wasted valuable time with them, I could easily have signed up for a 1.15 % CD with another, more reputable financial institution. By now the rates have dropped even further so I will have to wait it out and do just that once the rates are beginning to climb again, whenever that may be. In the meantime, I will never-ever consider doing business again with comenity. After all, in addition to all the aggravation, they cost me a good amount of (interest) money – quite literally.

Very Bad Support And Web, Couldn't Get My Money

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I couldn't get closed my matured CD during almost 2 weeks.
I've talked to the customer representative 5 times and left 3 messages.
The first 3 calls and request to close the CD account were done from 1 week before the mature day and 1 week after, All 3 calls records were lost by the bank, and only at 4th time it looks like they started to do some. The messages were left unanswered for more than a week. All their excuses were the unusual volume of the requests. It is not the excuse not to recognize the request at lest in the email. It looks like they hold the money as long as they could to make the CD automatically renewed.
Also every time I've tried to log in the web didn't recognize my password. even during the same day in 10 minutes interval. Never ever again I do the business with this bank.

Great For High Yield Savings

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- Market-leading interest rates and no minimum balance
- Very slick/intuitive mobile app and website
- Transaction alerts available
- Same-day ACH push and pull
- Nearly unlimited ACH pull ($1,000,000 per day)
- Up to 2 ACH pull transactions and 2 ACH push transactions per day (6 monthly withdrawal limit applies)
- Can link an unlimited number of external accounts
- Does not pull Chexsystems

- Customer service can take a week to respond to messages, although this was quicker before the pandemic. Phone reps don't seem to have the ability to do anything
- $2000 daily ACH push limit for the first 30 days, then it goes to $10,000. They can raise this limit up to $100,000 upon request, but you'll have to correspond with customer service. I got my limit raised to $50,000 without difficulty
- Adding a beneficiary also requires corresponding with customer service
- 2-week hold on mobile deposits and 3-4 business day hold on ACH pulls
- No email notification of changes in interest rates
- Tax forms only available in hard copy, not online, but you can easily look up your interest earnings for the previous calendar year

Do Not Open A CD Account With Them

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They will not give information if you ask what's the penalty on closing a CD before maturation. They told me, first open a CD account deposit my money in it and then they'll tell me what's the penalty. This sounds illegal to me that they can't provide upfront this information.

Never Again!

A year ago I purchased a $150,000 CD from Comenity Direct. My experience over the last twelve months has been unsatisfactory. During the time of purchase I had a question on the APR that I was promised. It took them a full month to return my call with an answer and then they told me that if I were now to withdraw my funds that I would incur a substantial penalty.

Four months before my CD was to mature I began to set my account up so the proceeds of the maturing CD would be electronically transferred back to my external broker account. I was assured that everything was in place to do so. Their web page indicated that this was indeed the case. However when I looked further into it I discovered that I would be unable to authorize such a transfer online, that I would have to call their customer care center. I did so, repeatedly, as well as send messages to the center. When I first called I was told that the turnaround time to respond through my account portal was “24 hours”. This passed, I called again and was told that the turnaround time was 48 hours. Later I was told that it was “a week”. Then (I’m not making this up) I was told that every time I sent a message through the customer care center that I would be bumped to the back of the queue. Their excuses were always the same: “We’re very busy right now, we have a lot of CD’s maturing”. I finally contacted my broker and set up two-way electronic funds transfer ability with Comenity Direct. Upon the day of maturity my broker transferred the funds from Comenity yet Comenity refused to honor the transfer request and cancelled it. Two days later Comenity transferred the funds.

I began to feel that Comentiy was doing everything that they could to hold onto funds from maturing CDs beyond the 10-day withdrawal window in order to roll them over into much lower- rate instruments. The customer care center is useless, the secure email portal is a dead-letter box, the second layer of service ( the supervisors) only tell you why you’re not getting any help. There is no compliance officer to speak with and the only time I felt that I got their attention was when I promised to report their behavior to the Federal Reserve Consumer Help site.

From my experience this is an on-line bank that should be avoided.

Very Polite, But Poorly Trained Customer Service Reps

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It seems like I'm not the only one having difficulty closing a CD and moving the money to another bank. First I was told to do an ACH transfer myself. Turns out, you can't do that. Then I was told to link an external account to my Comenity Direct CD account. Turns out you can't do that either. By calling every day, I was finally able to get my funds transferred on the 2nd last business day of the CD's 10-day grace period.

Unresponsive And Sleepy Customer Service

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I've been with Comenity for a couple of years, exclusively because of their higher than average rates. BUT after recent Customer Service experiences, it's not worth it.
It now takes over 15 business days to respond to a secure message, if ever. Usually I have to message and follow up at least four times with a live person for any issues. Their speed of execution is terribly slow as well. Almost EVERYTHING takes 7-14 business days to accomplish! I have two CDs that matured over 9 days ago. They were both to be disbursed to my savings account. I'm still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm getting concerned that this bank has a liquidity problem. The other side of the house is a Credit Card company, which is probably not getting payments from its customers. So, they are using the bank side $$$ to stay afloat!!!
My advice, take a 10 point haircut on rates and go to a bank with better customer service. Btw, don't believe the reviews, they give Comenity a 4.8 star rating, which is utter nonsense!

Stay Away....Lots Of Better Choices!

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This bank is not customer friendly and seemingly does not care to improve. Website very limited in functionality, messages sent on their website are often never responded to, and their 2-step phone verification sometimes takes 5-10 minutes to send a code to enter your account, (all other banks that I do business with send a code within a minute).
I do a lot of business with online banks and financial companies and this has been one of the worst I have encountered. A word to the wise.

The Worst Bank I Have Ever Fealt With!!!#

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ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE NO response back from any emails open a $250,000 CD and cannot get my interest transferred to my other bank accounts cannot set up distributions online customer service must do it on their end however they do not respond they are holding my interest money on the phone one hour transfer to supervisor and then was disconnected total rip-off Bank

Comenity Direct

FDIC Information and Support Center. File a complaint here. Please. Something is terribly wrong at this bank. After 9 web messages and 4 phone calls over 11 days, no one at this institution has any clue where my cd money transfer is. I feel sorry for the people that have just opened an account and are so happy. I wish them luck getting their money.

3 Day Struggle To Get Wire Sent

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I had a large amount of money wired in but it showed up as pending and the next day their interest had dropped and they wouldn't honor the rate for my cd so I wanted it wired elsewhere. It took 3 solid days of phone calls and I was even told that my new bank rejected the wire which was untrue, before the money was sent.

Lost Money From Funds Transfer

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I made a two large transfers of funds on May 18th from comenity to another personal account. I received one and the other did not arrive. I have emailed twice, I have called four times and each time I am told they will look into it and call me back, that they will write a ticket to escalate. They NEVER call back and have never emailed me back. Finally today I called again and they said there was an issue with wires between certain dates in May, however they would not let me speak to a supervisor. Sounds fraudulent to me and they are trying to protect their asses until they figure it out. Meanwhile tons of people are out thousands of dollars and Comenity won't provide answers, refunds, etc. As soon as I am refunded, I intend to close my account. Beware!!!

Missing Transfer

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On 05.18.2020 I made a large transfer from my Comenity Account to my local bank. The transfer was never received. On May 22nd after calling the entire week looking for the money, I reached senior agent Caleb ext 4216. He provided me with a trace number that my local bank didn't have any records of. Caleb would not give me the name of his superior or ext number and also said Comenity was not responsible for the money. Beware and save yourself some time.

You Have Been Warned!

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On the 14th, I submitted an online application. At least I thought I did, because the application process abruptly ends in the middle with the statement, "wait until you hear from us."

So I figured I would get some sort of confirmation e-mail. I waited four days and ... nothing. I finally called them and they said that they had mailed out a letter to me on the 15th, one day after my application.

I waited a few more days, receiving nothing, and ultimately withdrew the application. I finally got the letter on the 22nd (after I withdrew the application) and it was dated the 19th - so Comenity lied when they told me the letter was sent out on the 15th.

And what did the letter ask for? They wanted photos of 1) my driver's license, 2) the front of my SS card, 3) the back of my SS card, and 4) my latest utility bill, mortgage statement, 1099 or W-2.

Really? Are you guys for real? Even if I was willing to send them all of that (which I am not), it would have taken several more days for them to receive it, several more days to process it, and ultimately my "application" would have taken three weeks. Meanwhile, I have the source funds sitting in an account, waiting for the ACH transfer, earning nothing. And Comenity already has lowered the interest rate twice since I first applied. Do you think I would have gotten the rate offered when I submitted the application, like many banks do? Of course not.

I am not a novice. I've probably opened several dozen on-line accounts over the last 20 years. None were as bad as this.

RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! You've been warned.


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WARNING: Do not get suckered into putting your money in this bank because the interest rate you see TODAY may be lowered as much as TWICE over the next 10 calendar days and you CAN'T withdraw ANY of your money during that time!

This is a FACT because they just did it to me!

They suckered me with a 1.70% APY which was nations highest on 5/11. Over the next 10 days they lowered it to 1.55% and then 1.45% APY.

FYI: They hold your money as prisoner for 10 BUSINESS DAYS on new accounts, which is actually up to 15 CALENDAR days due to weekends and holidays.

Don't Waste Your Time

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I tried unsuccessfully to open a new account and after more than two weeks gave up. The website is mediocre at best and ended telling me application was being processed. Five days later I had not heard anything so I called and was told they were very busy and I would receive an email shortly. Nine days later still no email but received a letter saying I needed to call to verify information. Why didn't they verify when I called the first time? Now they want copies of all sorts of documents just to open a crummy on-line savings account. I have many other accounts that were much easier to open and won't waste another minute on this sad operation.

Scam Bank Do Not Deposit Your Money Learn From Me!

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Deposited thousands of dollars into this account, Call to withdraw money customer service says there’s a hold on the account for no apparent reason. Don’t let these so-called high interest rate on savings fool you. One of the worst financial decisions I ever made I will be reporting them to the local district attorney.

Smooth Transaction

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I just opened a 2 year CD. I am a new customer. The online transaction is very smooth and easy. But if you want to talk to a real person, you might have to wait for 10~15 minutes over the phone. Everything else is fine.

Your Grade Is ''F''

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Very poor account opening experience. I completed the on-line application for a CD on Friday the 8th. Today is Thursday the 14th and I am still waiting for feedback on the status of my approval. Other banks to this in seconds.

I called their customer service line and, after meandering through the various IVR options, got to a representative. The person left me on hold for 15 minutes only to return with ''you need to wait to hear from us, sir. Please watch your email''.

I am done watching my email. These people are really living on some other planet if they expect to compete in the CD space with this kind of failing grade customer service.

Terrible, Terrible

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I spend approx. 5 hours trying to open an account of over $100K CD with them no success!
On line, chat and also phone calls. There computer system has lots of glitch. My last call was with a supervisor, I think name Chris, we spoke and he was to call me back....never did.
Will NOT take an application for opening an account via phone and you can not mail them a certified check.
I have accounts at Synchrony,Barclays, Marcus and Capital One. All applied on line no problem and quick process. DO Not try to open an account with them!!

Bad Bank And Policy

They will continue to drain, and finance charges your account without notifying you. They said they've sent me emails to tell me about my charges. I've checked my email and even phone calls every day and have not seen anything regarding late/finance charges. I've made a payment scheduled for that month, and they said since its new, they put a hundred dollars finance charge on my card. I called them to ask them to take it off since I've already made the payment, and they withdrew my money again a few days later. They will not try to dispute anything against the finance charge, except defer the amount, but I'll continue to get the finance charge for how many days/months my payment is deferred in addition to my remaining balance.

They do not have a payment leniency policy if the customer pays a couple of days after unlike other big credit card companies. Which will allow late waived of late fees within 14-30 days after the payment is due. Because, why would they? They want your money! And its FREE money from yours to them, so why would they take it off those extra advantages? Make sure you be extra careful when applying with this bank company. Keep EXTRA care. I wouldn't recommend open any credit lines with them—lousy company's policy and customer service level. The executive administration should be change.

Virtually Impossible To Transfer Funds

I did everything they asked. I set up the account. I sent the forms. I chatted. I emailed. I called. I verified over and over. Their stock answer is wait 3 days. I have waited 3 days 4 times and nothing has happened. You can't get to a supervisor. All Customer Support personnel PROMISE the issue is resolved and after waiting ANOTHER 3 days...nothing has been done DO NOT use this bank if you EVER intend to see your money again! FRUSTRATED is not the word. Next time I call and file a complaint against the bank. Horrible experience!!!

Horrible And Greedy

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I tried to transfer money from a new account opened with Comenity and there was a 10-day hold on a large sum of my money. When asked to release a small amount they said there was nothing they could do I asked to speak to a supervisor and was on hold for over 20 minutes. Someone finally came on the line only to tell me that no one was available. I asked for a call back from a supervisor, and I am still waiting 2 days later. No one has been able to explain why there is a 10-day hold. The funds are already out of my other account. This is absurd and a disgrace.

AVOID. Awful Service!

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From what I could tell, they are are a questionable credit card lender that is now also trying to play bank. The problem is that the whole operation is used to dealing with people that owe them money (credit cards) instead of them owing you money (banking deposits). As a result, customer service is absolutely abysmal. It takes them a full week to respond to inquiries online (that is not hyperbole/exaggeration either), and their phone customer service is cold, disinterested, and with no power to assist whatsoever. It's basically an answering service that can look at your account details.

On the phone, I never once spoke with anyone with any true authority to assist me, and for one of my phone calls where I demanded a rep (I never got one), so I could get a response (because nobody was responding online to my questions regarding my sizable jumbo deposit) I never even received a call back. Even the banking customer service reps revealingly and scarily refer to themselves as "the call center". Holy cow.

Flatly, NO. Huge red flags!

Unfortunately though, I discovered all this after the fact. I was lured by a high interest rate for a jumbo-sized CD deposit, which I applied for and received. However, very soon after I demanded my money back without early withdrawal penalty, which they had to grant because I laid out a firm and glaring case before them clearly showing that they were not holding up their end of the bargain - they brag that they provide excellent service and quick replies, but deliver on neither, with zero care about the shortcoming.

Very strongly advised: AVOID COMENITY. Sketchy doesn't even come close to describing the experience. Just google what people who have Comenity credit cards have to say about them then take cautionary note! The scary reviews are endless! And that's the same company that will be handing your banking!

I wish I did and saw public consensus before getting tangled up with them. Truly awful. But, I'm truly thankful that I was able to get the heck away from them in the end unscathed. I consider myself very lucky to have done so.

$10,000 Per Day Withdrawal Limit Can Be Increased

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Withdrawal Limit: I was surpised to find that there was a $10,000 per day online withdrawal limit. This was not mentioned anywhere in the account agreement. Combined with the 6 online withdrawls per month limit, that means you could only withdraw $60,000 per month on-line. You can do a larger withdraw by check ($15 fee) or wire ($25 fee). I emailed Customer Service about this and they raised my daily limit to $100,000. I am glad because otherwise I would have closed the account and they are among the top current interest rates 2%.

Rip Off Banking Institution

This banking institution is a rip off. Just when I was almost half way through paying off an Alphaeon Credit Card issued by Comenity Bank, they slapped on a charge of 1600 dollars stating I had not paid the account entirely off in time to avoid this charge. This brought the account right back up to 300 dollars less than the original credit limit amount. Therefore after paying 156 dollars for two years, the account amount was only 3 hundred dollars less than the original credit limit of 4700 dollars.

Easy To Open Account And Link External Account, Good Rates

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I found the process of account opening very straight forward, and customer service is easy to reach. Also no difficulties to link external account. The only drawback , you cannot add beneficiaries on line, iit needs to be called in. But overall very good experience, and great customer service.

Fraud Bank. Beware

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This bank is a joke. The customer service is horrible. They will scam you out of your money. The transferred money out of my external account without my authorization and won't give me my money back. They claim they will call you back but never do. STAY AWAY from this so called bank! Oh and I forgot when you call they "can't" ever locate a supervisor.

Perfect For What I Need

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Love these guys so far. ACH transfers are very fast. Phone support is excellent. Rates are top notch.

So Far, So Good!

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After having a problem opening two online high-yield savings accounts at Vio Bank and HSBC due to them having issues processing my application since I froze my credit, mixed with pretty bad customer service, I moved down my list to Comenity. I wish I had started there!

The application process was smooth, their rates are pretty competitive, and their web app is great! Clean, easy to use, and you can even download it for offline use as a progressive web app! I also called customer service twice: once to check on the status of my application and once to verify their routing number. Both times, customer service was quick, friendly, competent, and helpful.

I only have two minor complaints: that, as of this writing, their website doesn't play well with LastPass (it doesn't autofill -- my guess is this is actually a security feature), and that it doesn't link to Mint (possibly also a security feature).

Overall, very impressed with Comenity's high-yield savings account, customer service, web experience, and rate.

Transfer Out Is An Issue.

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Can't get your money back. It's a daily "limit" rules for transferring out your funds.

Excellent Customer Service - Account Funded The Next Day

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While in the process of opening a new account, I had a few questions and Kellie at Comenity Direct was extremely helpful, patient and courteous. After speaking with Kellie regarding funding the account and any potential fees, including early withdrawal penalties, I feel well-informed and confident about opening this account with Comenity Direct.
7/3/19 Update:
After opening my CD yesterday online, I had a question. Haley answered my question thoroughly and provided me with courteous assistance. She was just as wonderful as Kellie.
Now a day later, the money has been moved from my old bank into my new Comenity Direct account and the process could not have been smoother.

Completely Left Hanging By This Company

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I opened a CD account over two months ago. I noticed the funds had not been taken from my bank account, so I sent them multiple messages over the last month to try to get an answer as to what was going on with this, and I have received ZERO reply from them. Their message system specifically says 'we'll get back to you shortly' when you send them a message, but this is a flat out lie.
I am left not knowing if the money is suddenly going to be removed from my bank account months after it should have been, or if I can use the funds for something else. I was expecting to be earning interest this whole time, but I am just left completely hanging by this company.

Fraud Alert

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Be cautious of any positive comment that says opening an account is easy and fast that may sound suspiciously like a paid review. Ask someone with an account about getting your money back out...
After opening an account, I called to ask for my account number and verify my balance, and was told by 3 separate employees that Comenity doesn't offer online savings accounts and that it was fraud! OOOPS, forgot to tell your employees your were rolling this out feature and almost gave us a heart attack! Now it's been 3 weeks of pleading to get our money back with no results and responses like:
"I'm sorry, I can't figure out why your transfer isn't being processed and I can find any of my managers"
Comenity Bank is holding our money hostage with no explanation. I wish someone would have warned me! Go with a bank you've actually heard of, at least do yourself the favor of looking at their YELP reviews.


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Please see the letter to this bank's CEO!!! I requested a call or response in some way, but received nothing. I call Customer Service and receive no help. I had a dispute for $4,000 and provided Comenity with multiple documents supporting my case; they resolved the case in my favor on 3/25 and rescinded their decision on 4/18! This is total incompetence and lack of respect for their customers. They favor the businesses.

January 7, 2019
Dear Mr. Ostler,
I am sorry to have to write to you in full desperation and frustration. I acquired your credit card in October 2018 with the plan that this was going to be my new and primary major credit card.
I used it for a $12,000 payment to a venue for my daughter’s wedding on October 24, 2018. When I gave it to Bob, the owner, he did not want to take it and requested cash instead. I told him that I did not have $12K cash and for my own reasons, I was using my credit card. I was annoyed and shocked at his unprofessionalism to speak to a customer as he did to me. My reasons for using my credit cards are for the points, but mainly for the security if the merchandise/services were unacceptable. This would allow me to go back to the bank and do a dispute. I NEVER thought that this would be the case regarding my only daughter’s only wedding!
In almost 50 years of having credit cards, I have only had to file a dispute one other time with a vacation club. I paid thousands of dollars to a club due to promises made to me, but never received. I had used my Discover and Capital One cards for that transaction, thank God. The dispute went on for months, but once completed, I won. Both my banks informed me that I was being reimbursed for the amounts in addition to interest. They also told me that if I had paid using my debit card or check, I might not have been as lucky. Since then (10 years ago), I always use my credit card for everything!
I tried to work with Bob (owner), Mike (owner) and Casey (manager); but without success. I finally opened the dispute in November via the phone. Your Customer Care representative informed me that I would be notified once they had questions. I waited a few weeks and called last week for the status; and was told that I lost! No questions, no documentation requested and no one cared! I received a letter that week which told me that they may need an additional 90 days to review and to send documentation if I had any. That is when I called them to find out that they closed it without my input. When I had opened it on the phone, your representative told me that I would be contacted when they were ready. I felt discouraged and without confidence in this bank’s loyalty to their customers.
Tara is my only daughter and I wanted her to have the wedding of a lifetime! I was a single mom with three kids who worked two jobs to support my kids; while providing them with everything they needed and much of what they wanted! I felt taken advantage of and lied to from the venue; and then from the people who were supposed to review and decide on my dispute.
I have attached a spreadsheet with the details and dollar amounts, a detailed letter from me and three letters from guests at the wedding. These three guests were close friends who were aware of all my wedding plans with details, so they are very aware when they saw what was provided vs. what was ordered!
I have spoken to other guests since the wedding and when I told them about my dispute, they began to tell me what they noticed had gone wrong. I have additional testimonials (negative) which makes me so unhappy for my daughter.
I am so angry that individuals still have to fight big corporations for fairness. Please help me to show Bob, Mike and Casey that we count too!

Terrible Customer Service.

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Completely inept and rude customer service. I attempted to fund 3 fairly good sized cd's, and at every step of the the process there was a gotcha! Customer service said they'd return my call, and now 3 days later, with no call back, I'll give up a few bps and go elsewhere.

2.48% Works For Me

opened two accounts. so far so good. no issues or complaints.

Smooth Like Butter. Updated

Just opened a new savings account with Comenity. The process was painless and was accomplished via online within 5 minutes.Before opening I had a number of questions. I called the main number and after a short wait got a knowledgeable staff member who was able to answer all my questions. The website seems to function well and is pretty straight forward. After opening a account it is easy to send a secure message to the staff which in my experience also get answered in a timely manner. They credit deposits via ACH within 24 hrs. The savings rate is competitive and if everything goes smooth I plan on opening a CD within a few weeks. So far I am pleased with Comenity and I've used quite a few online banks.


Opened a CD in less than 5 minutes with a very competitive rate. Started earning interest immediately.


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I recently opened a new online savings account with Comenity Direct and it has been an excellent all-around experience. I had heard of Comenity because of my Zales store card, so I decided to give them a try since I have always been happy with the service on my card. I was skeptical at first but I'm a believer now. I've had many online savings accounts over the years and this is among the best. Opening the account was easy and transfers have been fast, smooth, and post online quickly (with progress indicators). Interest was credited right away at the beginning of the month, and their rate is currently one the highest around. The website has a great and very informative layout which you can customize to your liking. You can even view the transactions on your linked accounts--a convenience I have never had before which saves me the trouble of logging in to multiple websites to view transactions. You can also request customer service through the website by simply writing a representative, and their responses are fast. Adding a beneficiary was a slight hassle which required a phone call. I wish this feature was available online, as it is with many other online savings account; however, it is also not an unusual inconvenience. Overall, I have zero complaints otherwise and wholeheartedly recommend this account to anyone who is either new or old to the online savings account scene.

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