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Bad Bad Bad Customer Service

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I've been trying for 3 weeks to close out my parents accounts with NO help from this bank.
I was the power of attorney, the beneficiary, the executor and still I can't do anything AND they've froze the account. I'm so over this company it's not even funny. I don't even know what to do anymore, they made a living will and a will so I wouldn't have any issues. It's shameful how they have treated me all because my parents have passed.

Poor Service

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Though they take care of elderly clients (they have a contract with social security) they do not protect them and constantly allow for abuse

Customer User Friendlyness

This bank takes unfriendlyness to a new low. Their policy of pushing one for english has been surpassed by their call in number for account information. Built by some geek, constant asking over and over the same questions are NOT for customer user ease, they are to frustrate users . This bank should be boycotted until they change. I wish I could give then 1/2 star

Worst Customer Service EVER

They overcharged me for overdraft fess — first time ever — and even though I posted more funds into my account, they charged me for an additional 4 - $38 fees - based on nothing more than post dated information. There was NO MANAGMENT staff to speak to — the bank was left while the manager went on vacation with NO ONE TO MAKE decisions. I was then told to go to the “RESOLUTION”” line at Comerica Corporate - which turned out to be NONEXISTENT - they have given me the phone number to in-house technical support. They stole money from me. They will steal money from you. They do not send out statements - instead they CHARGE YOU to go online and see your information — in the age of data, they charge you to look at your account online ... Really? I thought I wanted a small local bank to run my business out of. Instead I got a small - understaffed, uninformed, useless bank that charges incredible fees for doing little to nothing.

Great bank

I love this bank. It's not a big bank like most of them around here. The employees are very friendly and know the customers by name. I also know who I'm dealing with when I go in there too. Anytime I had a question, problem or just a bank transaction they've always been helpful. The other day my desktop computer got hacked and the hackers shut it down, I can't use my computer anymore until I get it fixed. I was so worried and upset I cried all morning. My first concern was my bank account. I immediately went to my bank and told them what happened. I was still crying and upset. They were very compassionate and concerned with my problem. They made note about my account but so far everything looked ok. She explained everything to me and I felt much relief by the time I left there. I'm so grateful for all do for me. I've never ever dealt with such a good caring bank before. I'm so pleased I found them!

Comerica Is To Banks As United Is To Airlines!

Our business account receives NUMEROUS checks using various versions of our business name and/or the business principal since the mid 70s. Periodically bank tellers attempt to pick and choose which checks they will allow deposited -- With the numerous banks (both local and national) available to the consumer -- don't need to fight to make a deposit! To make a bad situation worse ... when attempted to have the corporate office resolve the issue they were only able to repeatedly defend the pick and choose of the bank teller. Don't bank here ... don't waste your time complaining to corporate -- there's no quality and they don't care!
Overall rating would be no or negative stars -- usually only submit POSITIVE reviews to support positive experiences and will ignore the negative. This experience has been so serious that I am taking the time to POST on every site I can find in the hopes that as many people as possible will read this and be motivated to avoid this bank -- AVOID THIS BANK!


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I took out a HELOC through a mortgage broker. I was supposed to be given a free checking account. After the initial 6 months, the bank started charging monthly fees for the checking account. I went to the branch and they told me to increase the minimum deposit, which I did, but they kept charging fees. I spoke to 3 different bank managers who told me I was supposed to have free checking and they would stop the fees, but it never happened. Now I've closed the HELOC and am trying to refinance my mortgage, and they won't release the lien because my $75 check hasn't cleared, but they never presented it for payment. My credit union says they've never seen anything like it. Neither have I.


This is by far the worse bank, I have been with them for 10 years and for the last 3 months has had constant problems. I can't get bank accounts closed out, what people tell you at the branches are different from corporate. Quality control is horrible they yelled at me and had another person call and yell at me. The refuse to stop fraud and their fraud department is a huge joke. The lack of consistent procedure creates huge problems but don't worry about it, it is your problem not theirs.

With the latest problem the qc department threatened me that they will make it to where I can't open another account and it will mess with my credit. When I told them I didn't care because my ex has and is currently destroying my credit she became furious. The refuse to close out an account that my ex is using to create fraud and has taken all the money I have, I can't get the balance to zero so therefore it can't be closed and currently can't stop my current paycheck from going in there.

If I didn't have to have a bank they have tainted it to where I truly don't want to have one. They did all of this on Dec.23 and as of now I have no money for Christmas and had to cancel my plans to go and see my family for Christmas. They have no care about anyone but the bottom line. STAY FAR AWAY

Comerica (In) Convenience Card

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The convenience belongs to Comerica Bank, not the user of the card. It takes 4 to 6 days to transfer money from my Comerica Bank checking account to my Comerica Bank Convenience card, using the online account management. Both accounts are linked and are well established and well maintained accounts. If the transfer is initiated on a Tuesday, even if it's done before noon - eastern time, it will not make it to the convenience card bank account by Friday at 5 pm. Even though the funds are subtracted from the checking account on Thursday. These are the actual times I am dealing with right now. Follow-UP I just received a form letter from the bank telling me that transfers can take up to 3 days. It's not a response to my inquiry - just an automated form letter. It doesn't help their case.

Won't Help Clients

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I am with another bank and i tried to call them to just see if a check cleared so I could help a MUTUAL customer release a hold on HIS OWN FUNDS. The lady I talked to in Houston, TX, was rude and refused to even help their own client. I didn't want balance or any info on the account I wanted to give them the image of the check and see if it clear which 99% of other banks will do. She explained that they take the "Privacy Act" to the letter, this lady needs to re-read the Privacy Act because it only specifies the information between financial institution and government agency.

Comerica Is Behind The Times

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I opened an account with Comerica and decided to use their webbanking.  Little did I know that their technology is so outdated, that instead of transferring the money electronically on the day that the payment is due, they cut a paper check and put it in the mail, (yes, you read it right); they put a check in snail mail on the day the payment is due.  I could have managed my payments better myself but they don't tell you that when they are smoozing with you to open an account.  They also continued to run checks through a closed account so that they would be able to charge overdraft fees.  If there is ever a class action suit - count me in. Also, their tellers are very unprofessional - always standing around and criticizing other customers while I stand at the counter.  I wonder what they say about me when I leave. If I could post without giving them a star I would; but I have to give at least one.

Comerica Sucks

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Comerica is THE WORST!! My father made the mistake of falling for their BS when it came to estate planning. He made them co-representative of his estate. The woman they put in charge of his estate (her initials are A. C.), was unbelievable. Long story short - I had to go to court to have them removed as co-rep. And now they're looking for me to pay all their expenses! HA!

Poor Customer Service

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Not pleased with their customer service have many examples of it. Hours of operation are not great for those of us who work. Only good thing is they have free suckers.

Comerica Needs A Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Them!

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I was informed that I had to setup direct deposit for my SSI payments and it was recommended by the government to use Direct Express which is owned by Comerica. Before a deposit was even made, someone from Comerica cancelled out my account causing the deposit to be rejected. Another account was opened on my behalf and Social Security issued another deposit only for me not to have access to the funds because Direct Express claims they never received a direct deposit on my behalf. Social Security shows it was received and deposited into an account with my name on it but Comerica is refuting that fact. I've called several times and asked to speak with upper management and has been refused everytime with Supervisors stating I can't speak with anyone higher than themselves and has "released my calls (a polite way of hanging up) when I further insisted on speaking with upper management. Needless to say this has been going on since Feburary and now we're half way thru April with no resolution! I wld love for a class action lawsuit to be filed against this bank, with me as a participant.

Not Recommended

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Sterling Bank (very good bank) was bought out by Comerica Bank. Since the take over I have had constant problems with them running returned checks back through without my permission, knowledge or consent, and not allowing me to view what was going on with my account online so that funds could be transferred to prevent any problems. Then they refused to take responsibility for it saying the payor put them back through after the payor told me they had not. The last straw with me was when I deposited CASH to more than cover a check going through the same day and, even though I confirmed with the bank that the cash deposit would be available to cover the check immediately, they still held the CASH deposit until the next day and charged me an overdraft fee.

Comerica's S-Called Account Security Measures Are Just An Excuse For Terrible Customer Service

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After a visit to Comerica with my elderly mother yesterday, and the terrible customer service practices that we received I thought I should pass the story on. Although my Mom is over 90 years old, she is still quite active. She likes to go to the Casinos, and she travels to Las Vegas & Ste. Saint Marie a couple times a year. I took her to the bank yesterday to find out why the recurring charge to her checking account for her newspaper subscription had suddenly been declined. A teller called us over to her window, so I said that we would like to speak to a manager because my mother has a question about her checking account. The teller replied, 'your mother' s account I'd overdrawn?' I said, no, she has a question, and walked back over to the waiting area. An assistant manager called us over to her cubicle. I explained that we were there to find out why a $20 charge had not been processed through her checking account. I felt like I was speaking a different language than she was because it took her three attempts at summarizing why we were there for her to correctly state that a recurring charge had not been processed to my mother's account. She then announced that she would have to call the ATM card security dept. For more information. After talking to them she told us that Comerica had placed a hold on credit transactions on my mother's ATM card because of a 'questionable' ATM withdrawal. The assistant manager asked if my mother had made a withdrawal in Ste. Saint Marie recently. My mother confirmed that she had made the withdrawal during a recent trip there. The manager felt that that was an acceptable explanation for why the recurring charge had been denied,saying the bank had placed a hold on charges to her checking account, ' for her protection'. I was shocked by this and stated. I can understand if the bank questioned a withdrawal made out of town. But to place a hold on her account without notifying her that they had done it was absurd. I told her that protecting the customer from unauthorized use of their ATM card should be done in collaboration with the customer NOT without their knowledge. The inconvenience of having to go to the bank to find out why a legitimate charge hadn't been taken from her account, only to find out that the bank had thought there was some questionable activity with her ATM card and then failed to notify her at all about the incident and the actions the bank took was a idiotic example for 'account security'. To add insult to injury, the manager did not even apologize to my mother for her having to come to the branch to find out why authorized charges weren't being processed, or for the inconvenience of having to have a charge rejected as a long time newspaper customer.

Stay Away From Comerica

If I could give this bank a negative rating would. I opened a checking account with them in early March and used bill pay in the middle of April to pay my electric and oil bills. While these checks were in transit (via snail mail) they CLOSED MY ACCOUNT without notifying me. Of course the checks bounced. I am left to pay the bank fees and Comerica refuses to accept any responsibility for them.

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