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Horrible Experience

This is a terrible financial institution. You can call them any time of day but noone answers the phone and if you leave a message with your name and number they will never get back to you. It took TWO MONTHS from the date that I opened my account to receive a debit card. They do not cash checks for anyone as a policy, even if you are a paying member, and any checks you deposit will have a hold placed on them for one to two days. The employees are apathetic and rude and the management doesn't know the meaning of customer service. I wouldn't recommend this credit union to my worst enemy.

Horrible Service And Rude Employees

After Democracy Credit Union took over from HEW Credit Union the service was so bad that one employee would tell you one thing and another would tell you the opposite. For example I have funds automatically taken out of my account for my HOA. Democracy never informed clients that the number to used for ACH had changed, but sent me a rude letter informing me that if my HOA used the same number as HEW I would have to pay a $35 fee. Spoke with the manager and she mentioned that she had received the same letter. I spoke with three Democracy employees and each one gave me a different number-I closed my account, On April 7, 2017 I received a debit card in the mail from Democracy. I called their 888 number and person who answered call told me that if the credit union had sent me a debit card when i no longer had an account that very possibly someone had opened account in my name. On Monday, April 10th I called the credit union only to hear that the bank was closed for the day for employee training. the following day, I called again only to be put on hold for 45 minutes, I hung up and called back later only to be put on hold for 27 minutes. Tried calling on the next day(Wednesday) but message came on that they were closed for employee training. On Friday, April 14th I called again only to be put on hold for 32 minutes, called again and finally reached one of the most incompetent employees. She wanted to know the exact date that I had closed my account but I could not remember, then she asked me the name of the manager I spoke with two years ago. I could not remember. Then asked for my social security number -she repeated the number but had copied it wrong. Finally after three attempts to get her to repeat my number and having her keep transposing numbers. Then she informs me that there had been a deposit in my checking account in July and that my checking account was still active, I informed her that the only money in my account was $5. in my saving account. I was so angry by this time that I told her that she was incompetent and she hung up on me. I still do not know why I received this debit card

Horrible Service

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Lowlights: poorly greeted, did not use my name, did not smile, branch smelled old plus someone must have just microwaved a smelly dish, stains on walls and furniture.

Highlights: when I walked out and drove away in my car financed at another credit union

Many Upset Members, Long Lines And Wait Times Via Phone

I tried these people out and they disappoint each time. Long wait times on the phone, slow response to questions via email and unfriendly people at offices.

Hours are poor at the offices and they have NO Saturday phone hours. For a big city that means they are not really in the game or business of helping people. They have made mistakes on my payroll posting dates and overall they are not a polished place you would want to keep your money.

Too many other better choices of credit unions run much better here in the DC and MD area.

No More Chances, I'm Done With HEW FCU And It's Poor Board And CEO

Just closed my account after giving HEW multiple chances to get its service well oiled. I can only guess the board and chairman or women in this case is just washed up including their very long term CEO. Way behind the curve in technology, obvious staff training opportunities and operational blunders such as the refusing to serve black women with head coverings, not face, but head.

No weekend phone hours or they seem to go to thief Saturday office who can't handle the volumn due to poor staffing. This branch has gone thru many managers in 10 years, none lasting more than 1-2 years. Why is this? Bad hiring practices or poor treatment of staff? Turnover at other locations is very high so you neve get to know them as you do at most other credit unions. My loan request were agonizingly slow approvals and loan process for someone with good credit and user online service is one. The most outdated I have ever experienced in 30 plus years of banking. Staff are rude at best sometimes and are not interested in my future as I imagine they work for people who are not intested in expanding their own staffs future. Bottom line, move on and bank at another credit union, you have many better in the DC region or just contact the Board of HEW and ask them to merge with another CU.

Operational Alarms Screaming For Better Service, Improved Website, Customer Service, Branch Locations, A Call Center And Talented Staff.

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First, lets just get this out of the way. If you are considering working for HEW I would not recommend your choice unless you desire a poor carrer future. Ok, after being a member for 4 years and a current Govt employee in one of the locations whe they have a physical branch I can say I have experienced much at this credit union. Most of all they have changed nothing in 4 years of being a member yet so much needs to be upgraded. The phone hours are very poor, no weekend hours and only open until 4 during week. Only 3 branch locations, 2 in government buildings and only one free standing. Free standing branch is is a very poor location in Forestville, MD which serves only one demographic of their membership, African Americans. Free standing branch is located in a bad area, not safe for many customers or a female. Branch climate is stale, bad art, poor lighting, very dated furniture, messy desk and dusty. Not an inviting place to place your money much less to experience with a child you may be introducing to banking. Web site is very outdated and clunky to find anything useful. Staff are unfriendly and unwilling to go the extra mile to be helpful and anything about just very average, nothing special and at times poor. Staff are far from being well oiled and polished people. Staffing is poor at peak times and wait times can tend to be above average to see a service rep away from the teller line. Fees are higher than most credit unions in the country.

HEW FCU Takes Money From My Wallet While Provided A High Level Of Horrible Service.

I have been a member for many years and experienced a high rate of employee turnover. Each time hoping the next occasion I spoke to staff on the phone, online or in-person it would be improved. My hopes have been dashed each year.

Shame on HEW for not upholding to the high standards of what a credit union should be. 

Staff use unprofessional language, slow response time and don't seem to care about thier work or work environment due to the lack of upkeep and 'look' of the offices. But perhaps this has more to do with senior staff. Staff tell me things that are not accurate about policy and ways to utilize my account. I have had more fees charged over the years than I can accurately count, at my summation it averages over $200 each year.

Unlike thier new slogan, they take more and more money out of my pocket each year and provide me little guidance on how to stop this from happening or a path to help shape a positive financial future for my family. I know this becaue I am a member at another credit union which does not do any of the above. I would never open an account here for my children, it would be a very poor introduction for them of how money and the banking system can work for you. 

Prospective Members Use Cation If You Desire Full Good Service Financial Partner

As a member of HEW I have always found service to be poor and have taken most loans and deposits elsewhere. Let me define poor service. Phone and online systems down often. Poor hours, closing early. Employees and offices not inviting, poor clothing, language not of an educated financial partner but someone very rough around the edges, offices look and smell old, not welcoming or pleasing to the eye. Online systems are antiquated, slow and new generational banking options not available. CD rates may be good and they may currently be a well capitalized organization but clearly this is at a huge cost of poor infrastructure and low expectations of service. Doors are open but what's truly offered to a member or young adult who needs guidance is non-existent at HEW. Banking with them would be a poor investment of your time.

A Very Sorry Credit Union.

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HEW is a very sorry, ghetto credit union. It lacks organization. There is no follow up or follow through with members, it does not have enough staff. The call center staff are all new and call wait times are really bad. there are in branch and contact center training issues. I have banked with the Credit Union for over five years and this is a warning to ALL who may be considering banking with this Credit Union.

Very Bad Service, Out Of Date Banking

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This CU is very old and out-dated, having updated nothing in years. I closed my accounts after only a few weeks due to poor service, horrible bill-pay and terrible office hours plus the staff are not helpful, even the senior staff was rude when I called.

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