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Nothing Could Be WORSE!

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It is true! It is NOT A BANK! NOTHING COULD BE WORSE- RUN AWAY BEFORE HARD-MADE MONEY GONE FROM YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR REPUTATION IS DESTROYED! Customers are not any value here! The online banking is a joke - transactions set up to have horrible mistake on expense of the customers. It is NOBODY TO COMPLAIN!!! SIMPLE RUTINE verifications may take 20 minutes and expose your entire life! This "bank" clearly knows how to mistreat vulnerable, disabled and elderly customers by enforcing "learned helplessness," disregarding your rights and destroying your ability to pay bills. Becoming this "bank" "customer-victim" may cause you psychological and than physical trauma and serious financial problems. I wish I never came to such merciless hands! . Real Bank must have ethics, be honest, helpful and reasonable, reliable and of course NOT TO TAKE ADVANTIGE OF YOU! It is sarcastic joke that it is "COMMUNITY" "BANK" - nothing about community or quality of bank you will find here! They will destroy you so easily and as much as they can if you naively trust them your money and your life!

Outrageous Victimization

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It is NOT A BANK! NOTHING COULD BE WORSE- RUN AWAY BEFORE YOUR HARD-MADE MONEY ARE GONE FROM YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR REPUTATION IS DESTROYED! Customers are not any value here! The online banking is a joke - transactions set up to have the most horrible mistakes on the expense of the customers. It is NOBODY TO COMPLAIN!!! SIMPLE RUTINE verifications may take 20 minutes and dangerously expose your entire life! This "bank" clearly knows how to mistreat vulnerable, disabled and elderly customers by enforcing "learned helplessness," disregarding your rights and destroying your ability to pay bills. Becoming this "bank" "customer-victim" may cause you psychological and than physical trauma and serious financial problems. I wish I never came to such merciless hands! The Real Bank must have ethics, be honest, helpful and reasonable, reliable and of course NOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU! It is a sarcastic joke that it is "COMMUNITY" "BANK" - nothing about community or quality of bank you will find here! They will destroy you so easily and as much as they can if you naively trust this "bank" your money and your life!

No Beneficiaries On Checking Accounts?

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I was told that there is no option to add POD beneficiaries on checking accounts. This makes no sense to me, why would a bank want to incur costs of dealing with probate courts when it is so easy to avoid it?

Simply Not A Bank

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We have been with Dime Bank for about 20 years It was never a good bank for business Online banking is mostly either down or giving errors
The branch is changing employees and managers all the time
They recently merged with the BNB bank
Online banking turned to be worse
I made contact with the CEO always and the outcome was always lame or no results It is clear that the problem is the head of the company We will be switching all of our accounts to another real bank soon since we do not see any improvement Two days with no online banking and counting right now You can't consolidate, see payments or transfer money A real shame


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Absolutely most awful experience with this bank. In person experience with tellers is awful and they either ignore you or are very rude and the experience with telephone customer service is THE WORST. Never ever have I dealt with such rude and deeply unprofessional people in my life. Not only were they not able to help me with my issue, but they kept promising to call me back with an update but never would. I had to keep calling for three days in a row until I got really fed up and told them they were very unprofessional so they customer service rep wouldn't even let me speak, refused to acknowledge that she promised to get back to me but never did, and we eventually ended up in a screaming match. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she put me on hold and then hung up on me. When I called right back, I got her again! Like they only have one rep... ?!! And she refused to transfer me to the supervisor saying that the supervisor is busy. I was basically left with NO options. No one to help me resolve my issue and no one to whom I could escalate the problem and no one to complain to about the way they treated me. Nothing. Zero. I have no choice but to close my account now. TERRIBLE! How can you interrupt and not let a customer speak and raise your voice above them until they have to yell to get heard and then you cut off all their lines of communication?! UNBELIEVABLE!

Bad Service - Stay Away. Dropped Rate From 2.6 To 0.5

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I have two pretty large amount CDs with them that started at 2.6% for 16 months. They did not send me maturity notice by email while I was outside the country. They renewed it with a LOW LOW RATE of 0.5. There is no ways to access their site when outside U.S.
When I finally was able to contact them, the lady on the phone said they is nothing they can do. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but she just said "SORRY! THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO".
Do not deal with this bank. They are many banks with online banking that offer much better rates and better customer service. This bank do not need any customers to stay with them or getting any new customers from referral.

Interest Rate Cut Twice In Less Than A Month

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Update 10/19
Dime cut the interest rate by an additional .30% on 10/4 and I find the timing to be interesting. Unless you monitor the account closely you wouldn’t notice the rate cut until a month later as the September 30th statement shows the higher rate. I called the branch to let them know I was withdrawing about 95% of my balance due to the rate cut and the banker did not even ask if there was any way to keep my business. My new bank on the other hand welcomed me with open arms. Oh well.

Original review:
I understand interest rates were cut by the Fed but Dime cut my money market rate twice in about two weeks. I called the Bayside branch and asked to speak to the branch manager to see if there was a way to lock in a rate and the woman who answered the phone said the manager was on vacation and there was nothing the bank could do to keep my business. Wow. I would think a bank who cared about their customers would tell me to come in and talk to them. I couldn't get past the girl who answered the phone. Ok fine, there are plenty of other banks who would like my business.

Transfer Difficulties

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I am unable to set up external transfers between Dime and my bank for consecutive days and customer service was no help. For example, I wanted a transfer to occur on a Thursday, and another one on a Friday. The system wouldn't allow it, so now I have to wait until Monday to do the transfer. Also, the last 3 times I have called customer service, the wait time was 35 minutes for each time. It is not "longer than normal" like the recording says, it is their normal wait time.

Mr. Tony Pham

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I recently opened a dime account at the main street branch in flushing queens but when I discovered that the williamsburg branch on bedford ave. opened till 8p.m six days a week i decided to do my banking there. thats when I met mr. Tony Pham and this man is the best personal banker i've ever had I have found mr.Pham to be very courteous, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to help with your banking problems and needs if you are looking for a new bank or wish to change banks I Strongly recommend that you go see mr. TONY PHAM at the Dime Bank @214 Bedford ave. in Williamsburg Brooklyn its the go to place for your banking needs (718) 779-4620..
I give this bank a 5 star rating!!!

Horrible Online Service

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I was trying to open an account online because of a 2,45% interest rate. A lot of personal information had to be given. Then it was a transferring money information, which required LOG IN and PASSWORD of the account funds are going from! That was something unreal. I thought it was fraud. Down in the agreement it says that other option is to get a test deposits, but it would take much longer. Of cause when I clicked test deposits my application was rejected right away. When I called customer service the explanation was given to me that they personally needs to review my application because it was filled on line and I would get an email next day. Of cause I didn't get any. My credit ratings is 816 by the way.


I again had a nightmare of an incident at the Glen Oaks branch. They are so inept that it is scary. I asked that a wire be sent to another institution, and it was screwed up in that they neglected to complete the form in order to send the wire. These people should not be holding themselves out as bankers. I can't wait to wash my hands of them. They simply have no idea of what they are doing, and many do not have a sufficient command of the English language to conduct banking!!!


Excellent Service, Great Bank

Dime, Garden City Park Branch, all staffs are nice, friendly, and always helpful. Managers, Mr. Bingold and Mr. Blackmore are very professional and knowledgeable. 5 stars recommendation...

Definitely Recommend

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The staffs are warm, welcoming, and genuinely kind people. Whether it's opening an account or ordering checks, the tellers and bankers alike are professional and patient. I definitely recommend Dime!

Branch Manager Lucy is very outstanding on building lasting relationship with clients. She always put client interest first. I moved my baking relationship over from Chase because her!

Thank You, Flushing Branch!

My name is Daniel and a customer of Flushing Branch. I have been to the branch a couple of times. The manager, Lucy Zhang who is very professional and knowledgeable. The branch is very neat and their customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend them to others.

Daniel Wu

A Short Term Love Affair PART 2

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The relationship was doomed from the start- a year ago it took 3 weeks to open my Dime Direct Money Market account. Back then their APY was very attractive, so I thought why not? I was an interest rate whore, so maybe this is (somehow- if I play the victim) my fault.
There were so many technical glitches I lost count.
When the account was finally opened it was immediately locked and sent to the fraud dept. because my NY IP address and NV address triggered an internal alarm. After a series of phone calls back and forth over a week the account was then unlocked and I began transferring money from my (verified) Chase bank account. After $2k was transferred in, Dime then froze the account a second time and again the fraud dept stepped in- where is this money coming from they asked? Answer: from the bank account in my name which you have already verified. At this point I lost my patience and (voices raised) advised that if you have a problem with me- and it seems like you do- then return the money to Chase and close my account- I don't need any further aggravation. Result: account unfrozen.
A year has passed and I thought we had put our issues behind us. I showered you with little deposits over the year and in return you gave me some nice interest- we worked well together.
Now March 2018 I'm trying to transfer money out of Dime (under the $5K limit) back to the verified Chase account. But the Gods are not in my favor: "We’re sorry, but your transfer could not be processed due to an issue with the account you are transferring from (Dime). As a result, your account balance will not be affected." Really?

Dear Dime- this is a follow up since your reply. I did chat with a very helpful call center representative who, after an hour of back and forth, informed me the issue had been fixed.

"Your transfer to CHASE BANK, NA Checking, ending in XXXX, for $3,000.00 did not complete successfully."
I am trying to close the account and send funds back to my Chase linked account- once again my transfer was rejected (your confirmation number: HBK97S7M). So yes, I would like to speak with your Call Center VP- can you please provide a link so contact details can be exchanged. Regards

Many Choices for Free Accounts

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I banked with Dime Community Bank for more than ten years when I lived in Brooklyn. The best thing about this bank is that they have free checking and savings accounts that are actually free! There are no hidden charges, and the Perfectly Free Checking account only took $25 to open. When I started to make more money, I upgraded to a different checking account that earned interest. While I never earned a lot from this account, there also was not a minimum balance fee to avoid a service charge...which I now know is very rare on money market accounts! I also loved that they had multiple locations near my home, and everyone who worked there was so friendly. This bank offers convenience and is a great value too!

The Best Bank Ever

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The experience of mine with the Bank is to say that it's like a friend. The people working there are so friendly such that I feel safe that my money is lot safer in their hands. To say about the transaction I was first worried that I had to access the Bank, but they made it easy for me. There are so many ATM branches that are user friendly that make transaction much easier. They have a reasonable fee structure that I do not have to worry about. Where ever I go I use my Debit card or the mobile banking which lot more fun and easy for me. The savings are based on statement and students account based on that the interest have been added up with no maintenance fee that feels great. Talking about the CD's it can be opened with a minimum of $500 dollars which is pretty easy and fast. Under my concern it is not just a Bank, it is more than that.

Confusion About Money Market Account Withdrawals, From Dime Savings Bank

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I have had a money market account at Dime Savings for several years, with a checkbook to withdraw funds from this account on an, as needed basis.
Am I able to write a check for over $5,000 without any problem / issues ???
Is there a cap on the amount of money I can withdraw from my money market account, by personal check, without a hassle ???
Sure many others are also confused about, the banks $5000, cap on withdrawals.
Would like the bank to respond, and clarify this issue, otherwise I will close my account.

Dime Bank

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I have been a customer with Dime for nearly 15 years, since halfway through high school. They have several branches near my apartment here in Brooklyn and are the cheapest bank I have found. I have both a checking and savings account with them, and they provide great customer service.

Their mobile banking platform and app are intuitive and easy to use. However, it does sometime crash and maybe needs updating, but I like that I can access my account from anywhere.

About Bank

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I learned to save at the Dime Community Bank. Later on I used their products for my savings, money market accounts and CDs to save to purchase my first house. I can highly recommend the Dime Community Bank as a trusted neighborhood resource and friendly place to save for all the important events Don't. Seriously it is so hard to see your balance if you entered your password wrong online. It asks you for an account number and last statement balance and there are no other options to verify. I got locked.

Excellent experience with Dime Community bank!

I am very pleased with Dime Community bank! They offer competitive money market and certificate of deposit rates. In the past, I had always relied on my local credit union to meet all of my banking needs. However, once I discovered that Dime Community bank offered a better savings rate for money market and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts, I decided to switch to Dime Community bank so I could earn a better interest rate on my short term (e.g. money market) and longer term (e.g. CD) cash savings accounts. The Dime customer service is very professional and prompt whenever I have a question I can send them a secure email message right on their website, and they usually reply within 1 business day. You can also call them directly if you need a quicker reply. Their current money market rate is 1.2% APY which is quite competitive in this low rate environment. This is a terrific online bank, and I was happy that I could conduct all of my banking online and receive electronic statements which is super convenient.

A satisfactory online bank

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I have been a customer of Dime Community Bank for a little over a year. They provide a very good online banking experience. I am able to link my account to other accounts and I am able to transfer money freely between accounts. I joined Dime Community Bank because they had very good interest rates on their money market accounts. I have stayed with them because their interest rates tend to be higher than other local banks in my area. At first, their website platform was not very user friendly, however they made some improvements and enhancements that have made the website much easier to use. Overall I am quite happy with the service I have received from Dime Bank and I plan to continue to be their customer.

An average bank

Compared to other banks, this one is close to my home. It doesn't have a long waiting time if I need the service from customer service. The bank charge or service fee is lower compared to the big banks. It has all different kinds of services that I need. I opened the saving account and it took less than 15 minutes to finish the whole process. The representative provided the additional services to me, but she didn't force me to have them. So far, I don't have any complaint to this bank.

Dime is outstanding!

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I began banking with Dime many years ago, when I was young, newly married, and just beginning to learn how to save. Their rates and customer service were always superior to other banks in my city. They helped my savings grow quickly so I was able to save for and buy my first home. The people I dealt with, from the tellers to the bank VP, all knew my name and took the time to take care of me and answer my questions. I even purchased my life insurance policy at my local branch. When I moved away, to an area where there was no Dime Community Bank, I was sorry to lose their service. I've had many other banks over the years, but I've never found the level of personalized service I received at the Dime Community Bank.

I love Dime!

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I opened up a Dime Direct Money Market account because they pay a super competitive rate compared to my old account at Ally Bank. There were no monthly fees and it paid 1.10 % APY. I set it up with an initial amount of $5000, however I believe that you only need a minimum of $1000 to open the account. You can do everything online and you don't even have to be a resident of New York. I used it for its bill pay service and was able to make up to 6 withdrawals per month. I have several online banks and this one had the most competitive rate for a money market. I never had any issues with dealing with people from the bank because I deal with everything online. What could be better?

A great bank for in face visits.

Dime Community Bank provides amazing face to face customer service. I mean extraordinary, they really know how to make people happy and what to do to keep them happy. Every time I walk into my local branch they treat me like family, they know both my wife and I on a first name basis and go out of their way to provide top notch assistance. The only complaint that I have with them is through their online service, it severely lacks in the online accessibility department. It is very difficult to navigate through and sometimes gets me very upset, but I think the face to face interactions completely make up for their lacking web/mobile experience.

Great neighborhood bank

Dime Community Bank is a true neighborhood bank. With many locations in Brooklyn NY, which is where I banked for years, I was always able to drop into a branch when I needed anything. The products offered provide great rates and the service is always personal and outstanding. Several of my neighbors work at my local branch and I know that I will see a familiar and friendly face when I walk into my branch. I had my first savings account, it was a passbook account (yes, that long ago!) and paid 5% interest! I learned to save at the Dime Community Bank. Later on I used their products for my savings, money market accounts and CDs to save to purchase my first house. I can highly recommend the Dime Community Bank as a trusted neighborhood resource and friendly place to save for all the important events in your life.

Dime Savings

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I've been banking with Dime for many years. Fast friendly service and convienent. All the tellers and account reps are knowledgeable and make it a pleasure to bank with Dime.

Recent Second Thoughts About This Bank...

I opened an account at Dime when they offered a promotional offer. (Before 2014) I then converted the account to a perfectly free checking. I kept my account open due to the free checks I had. My recent second thoughts about keeping this account open is due to the fact I used one of the checks to move the money to another bank. The check bounced and I got charged a fee. I had enough money in the account. I already checked online when logging in and when I checked my online statements. The reason it bounced was because my account was in dormant status. I found this out after it bounced and I had to call Dime Bank. I asked the customer service person was I notified that my account was place into dormant status. He said customer is notified after little before 3 years. I asked the customer service was I ever notified that my account was dormant. He said no as my account had no activity since 2016 and that notification would probably have occurred in 2019 if nothing else happened. This made me have serious second thoughts about the bank as I had contacted them via secure message the night before and I had to take time from a busy crazy workday to make the phone call to find out. I was then told that even though I'm speaking to the customer service person, who has verified my identity, that I would need to provide a letter with the same information along with a signature to move my account from dormant to active status. I was not happy because my trust in the bank took a serious dive, Other banks send a letter to a person if a person hasn't had any activity in a year. I immediately sent a scan of my signed letter to the bank late friday morning, right after the phone call. I have yet to find out if my account is active again. I sent another secure message the same day to please confirm that they have received the letter vial email (they give 3 options: mail, fax or email) and they have yet to answer. I am not the only one who is waiting as my other bank told me to please let them know also so that the check could be deposited. This experience has made me hesitant to recommend this bank.

Dime Bank

Dime is, or at least appeared to me to be, a small local bank. My friend's mother worked there so that's why I originally opened an account with them. They are very, very friendly (only TD bank is friendlier in my experience) and customer service in general is outstanding. The basic checking and saving rates are very competitive but are never the best. The fees are fair and they don't nickle and dime you. You don't have to worry about hidden fees. As time went on, I began to invest more (with another bank) and they offered me many incentives to move my account over. So I did. DIME didn't have a brokerage arm (at least when I was with them) so I basically outgrew them. However, for basic local banking they are great. My friend got a small business loan from them, so I think there is value in having a personal relationship with a local banker.

Great for Businesses!

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As a business owner, the Dime really helped me get the most out of my money. They have 1.1% interest rates on Money Market accounts, which helps my money work for me, and not have to work for my money. They offer free mobile banking which comes in handy with client interactions because of their free remote deposit capture where you can take a snapshot of a check and have it deposited rather quickly. I also like that they have numerous locations throughout my region of work, so I can always find one rather easily. I also have a free checking account for my personal use which seems to be a bit more hard to find than a few years ago - so there always a big plus with that.


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Dime Community Bank is by far New York City's more premier and secure bank that I have ever used for savings and checking. The managers and customer service staff are highly trained, very professional, and extremely thorough in all of their interactions with customers. The personal banking options are very comprehensive and offer many options for growing your nest-egg. I invest my money in 18 month CD's at Dime Community Bank, I get a 1.6% annual percentage yield. The money market accounts are fantastic if you are looking to compound your money and make it grow for retirement or savings. I am absolutely a loyal and returning customer because of the variety of educational tools that Dime Community Bank offers its customers. I refer this bank to all my friends and family because of how stellar its service is everyday and consistently.

Dime Review

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I have a banking account with Dime Community Bank. I use it specifically for checking purposes and it the main account that I use. I have always had a pleasant experience with their customer service team. When I was searching for a new bank, I came up with a list of things that were important to me. I called their customer service and we were on the phone close to an hour. They took the time to address my concerns and answer my questions. I appreciated the care that they took with me and won me over. They ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was looking for and I felt that I was a valued customer. I have had to call customer service for other questions that I have had and it has always been a positive experience.

Dime is trustworthy

Dime Community Bank is a very trustworthy and excellent bank to do business with. They offer and excellent banking experience with all the services you could need. I've used them for loans, mortgages, checking, savings accounts, and safe deposit boxes. The staff in the branches are knowledgeable and helpful at all times. I can highly recommend Dime Community Bank to anyone for their banking needs.

Save more money by banking with Dime!

I have been a member of Dime Bank for years. I have chosen to use them because I live across the street from them and they have provided me great service over the years. They have no monthly fee which makes Dime a great choice for those who want a checking account without fees. You receive your debit card fast and there are no fees if you travel to another country like other cards have. When it comes to the deposits, they are not the best. They do not have an easy set up with depositing money into the account via external transfer. The transfer process is kind of slow and not as advanced as other banks. It does not go through right away. When it comes to depositing checks, Dime has an app that makes it easy, so this is another option for deposits which is not so slow. Their customer service is exceptional, I have never had a problem with customer service. Anytime I did have an issue, they helped me right away and always took care of my issues. Overall, I would recommend Dime Savings Bank to any of my friends.

Great Community Bank With A Small Town Feel

This was the first bank I ever did business with. The fact they're still around since 1864 says a lot about the type of bank this is. I always felt like a valued customer when dealing with this bank, either online or in person. I can say they really did a great job when I had two issues with my account. They were both fraudulent charges that came out of nowhere, so I had no idea what happened. Customer service went above and beyond to help me resolve the issues with my account. Because of those charges, my account went into overdraft and the funds were taken from my savings to cover the charges. Immediately, the representative removed those charges and put the savings money back into my savings account. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a bank that also doesn't charge a lot of fees.

Good Luck Getting Your Inheritance

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A family member died in March and left a sum of money, not a ton, to his nieces and nephews. I filled out all the proper paper work by mid-April. No money. First it was my license was cut off, so we fixed it. Said about five business days. Still nothing after a coupe of weeks so I checked back. Then it was I was a secondary beneficiary and needed the death certificate for the original beneficiary. They didn't know this two weeks prior? Hmmmm. OKay, I get it. Here is the death certificate. Great, now we will send it and it should arrive in a day or two. Great. Eight business days later, nothing. Well, we sent it certified mail. I work from home, and know the postal carrier. Nothing. It is a game called hold on to the money as long as we can, squeeze out those pennies. Perhaps time for a media call and a lawyer.

Bank review.

I have been with Dime Community Bank for about 2 years and have been very pleased with the service. I am glad they are my bank and I tell everyone I know about their service. They never mess up my direct deposits and I have never had a problem with them on the phones or with customer service.

I am planning on getting a $1500 CD soon and I plan to get it from my bank manager who has mentioned various ways to help my account and money grow. Each time I go into the bank or drive through everyone is very friendly and always seem happy to see me. I used to bank with Bank of America and they were horrible. I would never use Bank of America again. I will stay with Dime bank until i am no longer satisfied.

Bank used many years ago for certificate of deposit account.

Dime Savings bank was used many years ago by my parents for their Cerificate of Deposit accounts. After my parents passed away, the government notified me of the account at Dime Savings bank. Were it not for the federal government notifying me, they would have never done anything about it. The bank was being troublesome upon trying to close the account. All monies were moved from Dime Savings bank to Citibank. The bank itself doesn't have many branches and does not offer competitive rates. Accounts were moved to Citibank where they were moved into an investment banking account that produced more money.

Low Transfers

Not sure where they hide the fact that you can not transfer out more then $5,000.00 in one day. Closing account.


Can you explain how I cancel my account?

A great local choice!

In the NYC area, there are a number of bigger "chain" banks that seem to be the most popular - ones that aren't local to this area and have branches across the country. Unfortunately, I have found they can't beat the customer service and offerings of the local institutions, in this case, Dime Community Bank. I switched from one of the bigger banks to Dime when I first moved here about 4 years ago and couldn't be happier. The staff in my local branch (Westbury) have been bend-over-backwards helpful on the rare occasions I've needed someone to sort out a problem - like an issue (not their fault) with a compromised debit card last year. They also have later Friday hours, and longer Saturday hours (until 2:00, not just noon!) than most bank branches, which is very convenient for me. One of the only areas where I feel they could improve is with their online banking service - while it's functional and does most of what I need it to do, I don't find it as intuitive as some other systems that I have used in the past. But it's a small tradeoff for the otherwise excellent experience I've had with Dime.

Summary of checking and savings account

I enjoy using Dime because of their no monthly fee and excellent customer service. I set up with Dime after two years of using Bank of America and getting charged monthly fees and outrageous overdraft fees. The staff at the bank was also unpleasant to speak with. I really enjoyed setting up an account with Dime and got my debit card very fast after set-up. I travel out of the country often and there is no additional international fee. My banks used in the past charged high fees for international use and other monthly fees. I will continue to use Dime bank because of branch locations close to me and no monthly fees. I also appreciate the staff at my local bank, they are understanding when it comes to overdraft fees for students.

Very Disappointed..

I can't say that the actual product is terrible because after a week of trying to set up a money market account, it never worked. My husband and I spent a week trying to set the account up. We called customer service and we're pretty much told to either figure it out or we were "disconnected" on accident. The online application kept timing out, so without help from customer service, we were never able to sign up. We took this as a sign that maybe we shouldn't sign up with them. We will be looking else where. Word of advice to DIME- work on your customer service.

Good Rates. Not the Best Customer Service.

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The money market account that Dime offers is among the most competitive on the market today. The 1.1% APY offered, with interest paid out monthly, crushes the competition. The bank offers these competitive rates and an easy account opening process online via their website. The only downfall I have discovered of using Dime is the customer service received via the phone. I have had to call them on two occasions and have found the customer service representatives to be less than helpful. As opposed to seeing each call from a customer as an opportunity to assist the customer, they interact as though it is an annoying aspect of their job to have to interact with their customers. While this isn't enough to make me stop utilizing the bank, it is a definitive black eye on an otherwise fine institution.

Great Money Market - But Checking Is For NY Residents Only

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I opened the Dime Direct money market account with ease. Great rate and easy and quick to open. It was my intention to also sign up for their checking account but it not only requires a trip to NY but one must have a NY address as well. I understand the visit part but would like to see them open up their checking to people who live anywhere.

Terrible Customer Service

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Tried to open a money market account. They were unable to verity our identities because one ore more of their question/answer tasks did not match of what they claim was public record. Public record does not know who we know, nor does it even know the correct street names (they could not even name our legal address correctly). As brainwashed as the people in customer service are as well, they told us to call public records and tell them all kinds of personal information so that they have it. You think you have seen it all. No wonder that people here are taken advantage of all the time, they are everything but smart, no common sense at all.

Dime Savings Bank Review

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I have had a savings and checking account with DIME for 15 years. They are the best bank I've dealt with, and their customer service is top notch. Unlike some of the bigger chain banks, I always feel like I am getting personalized attention and service that is catered to my needs. They have upgraded their interest rates and also balance requirements over the years, and I am always contacted in advance of the changes with suggestions of the account that works best for me. I love their online banking, and they are very accessible without fees for wire services.

Very Slow Process And Tiny Transfer Amounts.

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I do a tremendous amount of on-line bank and I have never seen a bank this bad. It took nearly a week just to get the account set-up and funded with an external bank. Then, when you think everything is set, you need to verify the exact same external bank that you funded the account with, and that took another three days. Now, I found out you are limited to transfers between said banks, inbound and outbound, to $5,000. This is absurd. It has a decent interest rate, but it has a long way to go to be a competitor in the on-line banking world. I will be closing my account.


Been trying to get questions answered. Left two messages over a 3 day period. STill no response.

Nothing else to say!

Bank Service Is Slow

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The bank service setup is slow. It took 3 days to setup an external bank link. Also, the external transfer is limited with $5k per transfer. it will take 100 transfers to deposit $500k to the limit of the Money Market Account.

Worst Ever

This is the worst banking experience I've ever had. They put you on hold forever. Can't get on a secure website. Trying to transfer money is a total nightmare. Willing to get a lower interest rate to get better service! Would give no stars if that was possible.

Great Customer Service; Stone Age Online Banking

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Updated my review. Great service whenever I visit a branch, however, their online banking, mobile banking and anything technical has gone down ever since their merger. It's sad to see. Some banks just can't keep up.

Worst Banking Experience EVER

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Tried to setup a new online checking account since we live in the neighborhood and wanted a local bank for my daughter who just moved here.  Their advertising said no minimum opening balance required, but after you enter all your financial information into their system and get to the initial deposit page, it requires a $500 minimum deposit - and you can't cancel because at this point they already have your information.  Once you get the paperwork from them (abour 2 weeks later) the paper disclosure they send says no minimum opening balance.  So that is outright fraud.  Next, when you open the account, they put a 30 day hold on your initial deposit so that you cannot withdraw it or write checks on it, which isn't a problem since it's that long before they send you checks or atm cards or even a statement showing you they have your money.  They don't even bother to tell you that you have to go by in person to request checks and the debit cards.  After waiting 2 weeks for some kind of acknowledgement from the bank (after they had our money) I called them and they then informed me you had to go by in person.  I suppose if you don't bother to call, they just use your money forever and never give you access to it.  Seriously, they  don't even bother to call or send paperwork to welcome me to the bank or provide next steps?  Third, after opening the account, you have to take paper copies of utility bills to the bank to prove that everyone on the account lives at your address - even students who have no utility bills.  I suppose I was suposed to put my electric bill in my daughter's name to get her on the account?  Luckily we were able to call her out of state college and have them change her address there and then send a copy of a transcript bill that had her name on it.  Still, this is a RIDICULOUS requirement.  They did inform me that if I couldn't verify her address on a bill that they would have to remove her from the account - and this was an account we were setting up just for her after she just moved here this month from out of state.  Fourth, after receiving the checks today (a month after opening the account), we tried to setup the online banking using either my name, her name, both of our complete and accurate sets of information.  No surprise here that it wouldn't work and told us we had attempted too many times and would have to visit or call the bank.  I cannot wait to finally be able to go by in person to cancel this account and go somewhere else.  Of course they told us we would have to wait 30 days before we could close it.  AVOID THIS INSTITUTION AT ALL COSTS  It's too bad you cannot give negative stars.

I.R.A Specials

One of the best around....This bank gets overlooked too often...This bank puts some of the "big" commercial banks to SHAME...Small bank goes the e.x.t.r.a. mile...I hope the Big banks are learning something for the "smaller" kid on the block

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