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Account Closer

they had closed my account for no reason without any warnings

Good Place For IRA CD's

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I called Customer service and opened an IRA CD funded by my Discover Savings Account in one phone call.
Then I logged into my account and signed all the documents same time. IRA CD was funded within 1 hour of the first and only call. Love Discover Bank. Concerned about the talk of buyout by Citi Bank.

Open IRS CD’S Somewhere/Anywhere Else

Opened IRA CD account on-line, but was not allowed to fund it with Discover Bank Savings Account funds. Tried for a week to fund it from other sources with no success. Email inquiry response was wrong and a bunch of BS and the same with the secure message inquiry. After a week, called customer service, after 20 minutes of run around, found out all the forms I filled out on line were for naught. Discover is sending a “Welcome Packet” of 20+ pages to be filled out and signed and returned with directions on how to fund. (This would have been nice to know a week ago.) Once received by DB, “someone” is supposed to call me to get further funding instructions. Maybe some of this info I got is true, the last info I got from customer service wasn’t. I’m checking the mail. Not sure about someone calling and saying they are from Discover Bank and wanting my banking information. Good interest rate, but not worth the pain and suffering. I will purchase future IRA CD’s elsewhere.

Great Bank

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I've been a Discover customer for 5 years with credit cards and banking accounts, and I've always had a great experience. Their customer service is US based and has always been helpful with resolving any questions or concerns.

A Simple And Efficient As It Can Get

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I inquired and opened 2 IRA accounts, a regular and a Roth one, one being a CD, the other one being a savings.

Their rates are very good. Customer service was excellent. Account opening was simple. Everything worked fine.

2 problems: The e-forms the website wants you to sign were filled out incorrectly (many items missing), so forms had to be filled out manually, scanned and uploaded. Thankfully their website has all forms available, and the option to upload them.

The other problem is that, every time you want to make a contribution, you have to fill out a contribution form, print it, sign it, scan and upload it. Then you have to call in later so they can read their disclaimer to you over the phone and execute the transfer.

Other than that, all is good. I am planning on expanding my business with them.

Horrible Experience

I opened a Discover high yield savings account with an initial deposit of $10,000. 4 weeks later I transferred $500 from the same external account I originally used. After 6 days I received a message saying had to verify that account again. 4 business days & I never received the confirmation deposit. Back & forth with Discover they said try again. Once again my account wasn't deemed valid. It's been 2 weeks of trying to get my $$ out electronically. I finally requested a paper check. Online they say 5-6 days. When I made the request I was told 6-8 days. I keep getting different answers from Discover customer service. HANDS DOWN THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!

Company Of Criminals

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Started off liking my Discover card for the points - but worst experience ever this past year. Had not 1, but 3 fake charges to my account. The first two were small and I was unable to reach customer service despite multiple tries, so I gave up. The third was the last straw and a huge amount. I paid most of it while it was in dispute (I have an 820 credit score, 50 page credit report of perfect account history, never late, never even carried a balance). The charge disappeared, then came back. They never sent me ANY documentation of their investigation and I sent them dozens of documents about this fake company. The charge came and went for almost a YEAR. Finally I decided to close my account amidst other problems. Then I start getting "past due" bills for that fake account coming back. I have been calling twice a week and can't get through to anyone who can do anything. I am convinced they are part of this scam charge. Think about it - card has no annual fee, I've never been late, always pay in full, AND I get the points - so this is the only way they can make money off me. The charge is over a year old at this point and to this day, they have not provided me with A SINGLE shred of evidence of any sort of investigation whatsoever - again, I wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones inventing these fake charges themselves since it's the only way they can make money off me. For anyone wondering, the same fake charge came on two of my Chase accounts, and they resolved it right away, no issues. We know which card I'm sticking with here on out. Shame on you, Discover.

Worst Bank. Don't Waste Your Time

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Long story short. I opened and closed my bank account within 10 days. Too dificult to spend your money. The reasons are: I can't wire any funds for 30 days, I can't use Zelle for number of days, can't buy Crypto, can't transfer my money to my account in Sofi because they do not work with Sofi. When I asked to have my account closed, the customer representative hung up on me. There are too many can't and I don't have time to work with this backward bank.

If You Want Open Account In Discovery? Read This

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The worst bank I’ve ever seen. If you plan to open an account with this bank, first read this:
3 months ago I ordered a credit card from the Discovery Bank, and I was interested in the fact that they quickly approve the credit limit, the card quickly approved me, delivered in 14 days, but I could only use it for one month. Then I got a message that I had to confirm my identity with a notary within two weeks, or they’d block my account. I got technical support and tried to explain the situation that I work 6 days a week and I do not physically have time to find a notary (Generally with such a request from the bank in the first). I asked you to extend that time from two weeks to four weeks, to what did the cheerleaders say, "Okay, four weeks is the maximum we can give you." What do you think? My card was blocked two weeks after I sent them all the paperwork. When asked why they blocked it, they said I filled out my paperwork at the wrong notary, I only needed a bank notary. After a couple of days (My card is still blocked) I went to the bank where I asked the notary to fill out the correct document, everything looked okay and I sent it. 10 days later I called the bank and asked if they reviewed my documents, they replied that yes, but can not accept them, as the notary did not fill in the field "Notary Commission/Identefication numbder" One reservation, I live in New Hampshire, here do not use this number. I have only one question, how a notary who checks my documents may not know, because the document says that the notary has confirmed them in NH. I asked them to talk to the manager of their department, and they told me he wasn’t there, but he could call me back in two days (it was 10:00 AM at the time) but I still had to go back to the bank and ask the notary to fill out my form. So I did, the whole story, in the column "Notary Commission/Identefication numbder" Write "N/A in New Hampshier", send, 14 days, no answer, I call the bank, and they tell me that my date of birth is not readable in the document. (At that point I just felt like I was in a circus) 3 times I sent the document, and 3 times I faced incompetence of employees. I asked the support guy, "Can you read my birthday?" And he said to me, "Yes sir, I can see here *Calls my date of birth*, but the notary’s department said it’s unreadable, so I can’t help it. He added that if I didn’t confirm my identity in two days my account would be completely blocked. I asked you to talk to the manager, and I was told that he wasn’t there as usual, but he could call me back. SPOILER: The manager hasn’t called me once. At the end, I was told that if I didn’t confirm my identity in two days, my account would be permanently blocked. I did all the same waiting 14 days, and I got a message that my account had been blocked. I’m dialling the bank to find out what’s wrong again. Why this time they could not confirm the document. The support person says, "I see the comment that we called the notary once, he didn’t pick up, so we couldn’t confirm your identity. We cannot recreate your account because it is blocked, you can try to create a new one. Here’s what I can tell you. No company or bank has sucked as much nerve as Discovery Bank. I think if there’s a bank in Hell, it’s called Discovery Bank. As a result, I used a card for 1 month, spent 64 dollars out of 1000, (I paid it before state) And then try to proof that i real persom and 2 months met with employees of the Discovery Bank who are either not so interested in their work that would Google that HX could have other laws, The libor is so not motivated to provide quality service that even after two requests to contact the manager, the manager can call you back only in a dream. Either Discovery Bank decided to recruit Or the Discovery Bank decided to recruit people who can’t parse complex numbers, like dates of birth. I don’t know, you’ll deduce for yourself. But I assure you, if you have the opportunity to open an account with another bank, in any case, TD Bank, American Bank, Chase Bank, open there, avoid Discovery, such experience that was with them, I would not even wish the enemy.

Great People. Poor Administration And Management.

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Clear instructions for a June 29 transaction. Botched due to a "computer glitch". They said it would be fixed after I made a phone call. A week wasn't. Asked the manager, Tacie, to fix my problem. She said I'd have to wait another day because an agent had been assigned to the problem. I'm travelling but had brought my paperwork with me because my experience with their administrative capabilities has often been frustrating. preparation was warranted. Shame on Tacie for not fixing the problem immediately and for choosing to pass the buck.


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saving rate =3.90, credit card rate 17.99-26.99, Fed Rate 5-5.25

Consumer BEWARE!!!

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I have several CDs with different banks and decided after being pleased with my Discover card to open a 12 month. In late Feb I decided to take an early withdrawal of a portion of the funds to move to another bank and agreed to the early withdrawal penalty and they said they’d send a physical check in the mail. They don’t do electronic transfers between banks unless you have a checking or savings, which is absurd, btw.

Long story short, the check never came. I called five days ago to initiate a stop payment and was told what to do and did exactly what they asked, including signing the Declaration form for the stop payment with an Epen. I submitted the form and was told it would take a day to process.

Fast forward again and here we are five days later, and the stop payment still hasn’t been processed. I’ve been given several reasons - it was because they didn’t receive both pages of the form (which they later said they did), then that the signature needed to be a physical one (which I was told the opposite).

So, went to FedEx to print, fill out, and submit the form AGAIN and called Discover only to be told it the stop payment would not be processed until tomorrow. (The supervisor I spoke with an hour ago said that if I sent it a wet-signed form today, the stop payment would be processed the same day), but now that person isn’t available and they say they can see where I uploaded the forms but won’t process the stop payment until tomorrow/24 hours later.

At this point, my check has been MIA for 3 weeks and the stop payment was requested five days ago. Nothing has been resolved. I’ve jumped through hoops and this has taken HOURS each day to talk to reps at this bank who are mostly antagaonistic. Only a few have been kind and helpful.

IF this gets resolved, I plan to close the entire entire CD and have everything wired to me, mostlikely at greater cost to myself. I am also considering closing my Discover bank card. Never have I encountered such a poor process. The only easy part was opening and funding the CD. Everything else has been an archaic nightmare.

Stay away from the deposit side of Discover Bank and put your funds elsewhere.

Cd Rates Online

Why are the brokered CD rates from the same bank so much higher through a brokerage account than having a direct retail account?

They are no competitive with themselves?

How Did Discover Become So Non-Competitive?

Discover Bank used to be at the top of the charts in interest rates, now the scroll down of better IRA rates at other online banks is so far down my mouse wheel has broken. They keep sending me surveys as I have pulled 3/4 of the maximum fdic insured funds out, yet they aren't getting the messages. 1% below others in the savings IRA and 3/4% in the Cd just doesn't cut it. Worst yet, is the 6-month early withdrawal penalty when nearly everyone only has 3 month or 2 month penalty. I used to rate the customer service high until making withdrawals, which I never did before. Stay away, they drag it out as long as possible, which turned out costly, wish I had done it all at once. Customer service is great at apologizing for their lame policies but an apology doesn't put money back in your pocket (such as sorry, regardless of how much the rates rose and your years of loyalty, you'll pay every penny of that penalty, even if you do pull out all your money and invest it elsewhere).

Mystery ACH Speeds And High Ewps

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I haven't seen the 7 day ACH pain yet, but I had back to back ACH transfers to the same destination, 1 took 1 day and the other 4 days. On asking what determines this, I got an email that multiple factors determine the speed. A phone call got the same nonanswer and confirmed that there is no way for a customer to know what speed an ACH will have until they try to program one. Don't have time for games like that, so next transfers are outbound.
Their rates are OK, but no way am I opening a 5yr CD with an 18 month EWP.

I've Seen Nothing But Improvements

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I've had a Discover Cash Back Checking Account for about a year and a half. In that short period of time, I've experienced nothing but improvements to this account. Their debit cards are now contactless and I can use mine on Google Pay. Also, using Google Pay still counts towards your monthly cash back reward. A free service Discover now offers is you can go into any Walmart and add/deposit cash into your account. It takes about 10-15 minutes to post to your account. Their ATM network (Moneypass and Allpoint) is very expansive and there's always a fee-free ATM close by. Their mobile app is excellent and I use their Bill Pay often and have never experienced any issues. Also, my employers direct deposit always posts 2 days early. Once a month, I call Discover to have my ATM withdrawal limit temporarily increased so I can pay my Rent (landlord only accepts cash). You can't beat the cash back perk. I do like that you can speak to a Discover Customer Service Agent 24/7. The only thing I wish Discover would resolve is I currently can't use Zelle.

What I Discovered About Discover Is Disappointing

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At first I was very impressed with Discover. Opening an Online Savings account several months ago was a breeze. It only took a few minutes and they didn't ask any strange questions like what phone number I had 30 years ago. Setting external links to other banks went smoothly and my account was funded quickly. I was thinking at last I found a wonderful bank to work with that was efficient and customer friendly. I was expecting to open some cd's in the near future. But then something unimaginable happened. I initiated a modest transfer from Discover to one of my external accounts. This was from a balance that had cleared months ago and was shown as "available". Discovered withdrew the amount of the transfer but sent me an email saying it will not be deposited to the external bank for 7 days. What? I never heard of an atrocious policy like this before. How can they deduct my money and not provide access to it for 7 days? I'm glad I discovered who and what they really are before doing further business with them.



Worst Customer Service

My account was locked since December 19. I've contacted their security team at least 7 or 8 times before I was referred to a supervisor who can't help me as well. I was told I should be getting a call within 24-48 hours, called a few times then told it was 48-72 hours.
I filed a complaint with NFPB and person from corporate office calls me to tell me there's still nothing going on. He can't explain what is being done to review my account and referred me back to security team who can't tell me what's going on.
Very frustrating to deal with this bank. You can't get access to your money but you do get a lot of apologies. I will be posting my conversation with their reps on youtube.

Do NOT Put Your Money In Discover Bank!!!

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I’ve been a Discover Bank customer for years and have never had a problem until this summer when for no reason they decided to lock my accounts. They claim “suspicious activity.” Other reviews on this site report the same issue. My only activity was to close a low interest CD and transfer the money to my online savings account with them. Now (3 months later) I have another CD which has come due and I can’t withdraw the funds because my accounts have been locked. Customer service is of NO help and will not explain what is going on. The fraud department is useless—they can’t be reached. Do NOT use this bank, repeat, do NOT use this bank. They used to be a fine bank but now are just a bunch of criminals.

NOTE: Important Change In Terms

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I have CD/Savings at Discover and have for many years.

Today I got an email saying they are changing the terms effective Dec. 10 and they will no longer allow interest payments to go to an external account. I don't generally do this anyway, but It does not state that this is only for new or future CDs. Seems like a bad idea.

So it appears to me that they are changing a contract mid-term although I called and they "suggested" it was only for new CDs but there is nothing to indicate that in the message I received.

Later I got a response message from Discover and this does indeed apply to current CDs contrary to what their ill-informed representative told me on the phone.

I have told them that if they can do this then they must allow CD holders to close their CD accounts early without penalty, it only seems fair.

In any case no more CDs there for me, I don't like the way they are doing business.

0/10 Don’T Waste Your Time

Prior to leaving for basic training, my husband contacted Discover to open a checking account. This would be the account his funds would go into for the 3 months while he was away. The funds that would pay all of his bills as well as half of our joint bills. He intended to make the account a joint account, but was told they were unable to do so, but could not disclose why. I was informed later on that the reason was because I already have an active checking account and can’t have 2. Had this been mentioned, I could have closed my account as it hardly gets used. It was then suggested he make me an authorized user. The only difference between the two is I would not have a debit card, which was fine for us because I’d have his account access where I could transfer funds from his account to mine via the app. Discover completely disregarded his request. Never gave me access. Never mentioned to him that even I I did have access, it would be very limited and temporary. Never mentioned power of attorney paperwork he’d have to sign so I could be given access. I’ve spent several hours contacting them numerous times and kept hearing how sorry they were for the “inconvenience”. Numerous times I was told to have my husband contact them. My husband has no outside contact for 3 months while in basic. My husband now has funds transferring to this account for his/our bills that I have no access to. Bills that could potentially make us homeless, without vehicles or means of necessities. We have two young children together. Because their employee didn’t do their job as it was requested when the account was opened, they’ve put my family’s livelihood at jeopardy and all they’re sorry for is the “inconvenience”. 0/10 would not recommend wasting your time.

Only $500 Maximum Daily ATM Withdraw Only.

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The maximum ATM daily cash withdraw limit is just as little as $500 regardless of available fund in the account. They just want your money to sit with them extensively. Easy to put money in but very extremely to get the money out. HIghly NOT recommended.

Discover Bank Is A Scam

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DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT HERE. This place is a scam. I am having a nightmarish experience trying to receive an international wire transfer to my newly opened Discover account. Discover uses a terrible intermediary bank, Bank of NY Mellon, that they don't even have a phone number for! My incoming wire was returned for missing information (which was filled out exactly according to Discover's own instructions), and the funds are still missing 17 days after they were received. Discover could offer no trail of what happened to my funds, or even any proof that they were indeed returned. Trying to contact the intermediary bank has been a disaster. Every time you call Discover or send a secure message, someone completely random and clueless responds with a generic message that has nothing to do with my issue, so you have to explain your situation all over again 20 times. The wire transfer team employs some really rude people who will refuse to look at your supporting documents in case of any disputes. The website has many glitches, like not allowing one to schedule ACH transactions. Then the people on the phone will say it's a temporary issue due to a website upgrade, but then the next day the same issue happens all over again. Discover bank has now cost me a lot of money in wire return fees and 10+ hours on the phone and their inadequate website desperately trying to get my "returned" wire funds back for 17 days. Stay away!!!

Bank HOLDS Your Money Perminately!!

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Okay I opened an account with Discover in 3/11/20 and my brother pay me a monthly mortgage. So he wires the money and I move some funds to another bank of mine. Two days later the account is frozen and closed! I have called security about 15 times over the last 2 years. They say that they cannot confirm my Identity right. Well i send them everything accept a semen sample and still will not release my funds. Its over $6,500 they are holding and I've been told I need to wait until it goes to unclaimed property and that there is absolutely nothing I can do to have the funds released. This bank has stolen over $6,500 of my funds to date with nothing I can do. Stay AWAY Stay far AWAY form this bank.

Discover Savings Rate

I noticed this morning that the Discover Savings account rate is now at 2.00%.

Discovers Latest Promotion To Get Deposits

Email today said if 15k is deposited by 9/30 and left for 2 months the savings account will get a credit of $150 dollars. 6% interest.

Discover Bank Is Actually Skynet!!!

In the course of 40 days, Discover Bank
1. Got hacked and kept it a secret, then they
2. Lost a $48K check, found it 2 weeks later, deposited it after I told them I put a stop payment on it and told them not to process it then decided to
3. Froze my account without notice causing checks to bounce and said I was running a scam then they
4. Ghosted me after admitting to everything I just outlined after promising to "compensate" me for cost and inconvenience.

Has anyone else experienced this? Care to join an action? Understand my SkyNet reference?

I Have Had Several Problems Recently

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I've had the account for years but I rarely use it except for sending small checks for deposit every now and then
They have always been slow to post

Usually takes 6-8 days even though most mail only takes 2-3 days
However- recently I sent a $239 check and they kept saying they had not gotten it

Then 3 weeks later Discover credit cards sent me a check for the $239
I sent it to discover bank via their prepaid envelopes

As for an explanation they did not really have one- said something about a closed account which makes no sense
My bank and credit cards are open and have not been closed

Also they recently took 2 weeks to post a smaller check
It was bad enough when they took 6-8 days but 2-3 weeks is too long

Being retired I use them to mail small checks so I can avoid a trip to the credit union

But after these last 2 checks I may have to rethink that
It REALLY should not be that hard to open their mail and post checks every day

I think I opened it years ago for a bonus but they also had a deal where everything you did paid 10 cents so I did that for a while until they did away with it

Another slight issue is you can't use their ach transfer for amounts under $25
No other bank does that

My check today was about $13 and I had to pull it from my checking account elsewhere

I guess their rate is up to 150% today so they are reasonably competitive for the big banks

Discover Has To Keep Up, Else….Money Flows

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Discover now became the lowest apy rate of all the hugh yield savings accounts I owned. From NYCB (2.2%) to AE national savings (1.75%), Discover got to seriously consider hike their savings at least to 1.9-2.1% to be competitive.
So far, their service has been satisfactory but if rates are well below, remember, money flows.

Bill Payment System Doesn't Work

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I've been trying for months to get the bill payment system to work with various credit cards. The system fails to recognize even Discover credit cards. Customer service people are always very pleasant, but in the end they seem unable to get the technical folks to address the issue. After giving them some time, I end up calling or messaging again, only to have a different person start all over again. Very disappointing and frustrating to a long time customer who otherwise has been generally pleased with Discover services and products.

Not As Good As They Used To Be

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They deposited my check into the wrong account. When I finally spoke to someone in customer service, no apology, no sorry for the inconvenience - just this is what happened.

I had done everything correct in the depositing process. It was their mistake and no apology was forthcoming.

I fear their service and competence is deteriorating.

There are better banks out there. Discover used to be one of them, but seems like, not anymore.

I would stay away.

Never Received Wire Transfer For Closing

A friend wire transferred a large sum for a closing of a home purchase but I never received the funds. It is now day 14 since the initial entry. My friend's money was withdrawn from the account but it never reached my bank. We keep calling and asking for information and the response is that they take 3 to 5 days to process a wire transfer but they keep asking for information and we continue to provide it. In the meantime, the seller of the home purchase is not going to extend the contract AND they will be keeping $5000.00 of the earnest money. We have tried to explain to Discover Bank the urgency of the wire transfer but the response is simply that they have time frames to process. We were hoping they would be human about this. Now i have no house, and i'm out $5,000 that I can not afford. If anyone knows of any way to help, please let me know. Thanks.

Froze My Account And Held My $$ For 60 Days

I opened a savings account with Discover Savings on 6/15/22. After depositing 6,000 dollars with them the froze my account and online access on 6/24/22. When I attempt to log in to my online account the message is as follows ;

"We’ve identified unusual activity. For your security, we’ve temporarily restricted online access to your accounts."

One month later no clue as to why they froze my account. Only explanation I get on phone is the it was a "business decision".

As soon as they froze my account and online access I called several times to there 1-800-347-7000 number which handles account information however they cannot tell me why my account was frozen and furthermore state that it will take two months from my last deposit to receive my $6,000. I am then told to call their fraud number which had a 2.5 to 3 hour wait. It doesn't go beyond 3 hours because the call is disconnected after roughly three hours. I've been calling weekly to get updates on my confiscated money and it seems the wait time has been diminished.

I am retired and in my 60's. I've chased high interest rates online for decades and never was treated with such unprofessionalism. They estimate it will not be refunded until 8/26/22. They never called me about the unusual activity nor tried to resolve it and keep me as a customer.  I believe Discover Savings is abusive and operating on bad faith.

I filed an FDIC customer complaint against them to find out if what they are doing is legal. It seems that the comments for Discover indicate they are doing this to others.

The Worst Bank Ever

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They locked my saving and checking accounts without any proper explanations. The customer service is absolutely terrible. It took me 2 hours to reach "Bank specialist" and only thing they told me was that they closed down my accounts permanently and will send my money back in a form of check in 60 days. Thanks to them, my payments are postponed and have to pay for late fees. F you Discover.

Discover Bank Savings Showing 1.20% This Morning

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Just noticed this increase from 1.10%

File A Complaint With FDIC

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Here is how you can file a complaint against the bank
Q: How do I file a complaint against a bank?
A: As part of our supervisory responsibility, the FDIC provides support to the public by responding to complaints and inquiries involving financial institutions and deposit insurance coverage. The FDIC Information and Support Center allows users to submit a request or complaint, check on the status of a complaint or inquiry, and securely exchange documents with the FDIC. If the bank involved is an FDIC-regulated bank, the FDIC will initiate an investigation into the matter. Complaints or inquiries involving banks that are not primarily regulated by the FDIC will be referred to the appropriate federal banking regulator for handling. To find a bank’s primary federal regulator, you may search the FDIC's BankFind.

In order for the FDIC to investigate your concerns, you must submit specific details regarding the incident in writing. You can submit your complaint or inquiry online at the FDIC Information and Support Center at Alternatively, you can submit a complaint via mail to the Consumer Response Unit at 1100 Walnut Street, Box#11, Kansas City, MO 64106.

Locked My Account And It's Impossible To Unlock

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Locked my account two weeks ago and I've been trying to contact them these past two weeks. No matter when I call, there is this unreasonable 3 hour long line and my call never went through.
When it finally got answered, I was told I had to wait for another 10 business days to gain back access. Ridiculous policy and horrible customer service.

This Bank Is The Worst

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I'm having similar problems as the rest of the people on here. It took 8 days for funds to post and when I tried to withdraw it locked my account and I just spent 3 hours on hold then the system hung up on me. They have $2500.00 of my money and there's no way to get it out. I filed a complaint with the Arizona Banking Commission and their investigating possibly Fraud being committed by the bank.

Discover Bank

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I have had so many problems with this account! All messages disappeared from the online app. No one called me regarding any of them. Poor service on the phone, long hold times before and after Covid. Calls are then disconnected after they are unable to help. They don’t call back. Working from hom home is not or ever has been an acceptable reason. The company is paying for the line, use it.

Spent 2 hours, on hold and transferred from a snoty person in disputes person to web accounts department because no one can tell me the actual date I froze the account on.

When I set up the account I was told you could deposit money at atm and you can’t. The atms are here are dinosaurs. That was the least of my problems.

Locked Me Out, 3+ Hour Hold Times

Discover bank is horrible. Locked out of my account with my money. Call phone line and there is a 3 hour wait time. This is no exaggeration, there was no option for a callback. No way to see how long the remaining wait time was. I numbly sat there for 3 hours, unsure if anyone would pick up. And this was after trying multiple times in the day.

When I finally got to a representative, he was mean and patronizing. I got told to upload documents to verify my account which I didn't have available at the moment, since there was no information of what to do or what documents to prepare before calling the line. So 0 option except to call again and waste another multiple hours of my life. Nowhere to contact them besides this one phone line. Ruined my day and I still don't have access to my money, horrible bank.

Don't Use This Bank

Don’t use this bank if you don’t want to loose access to your money.

My checking account has been blocked on Monday (13th). No reason provided. In the email, I had a phone number to contact. I tried to contact them by this number more than 5 times. In sum, I spent more than 10 hours on this line including 2 times when I was on the line continuously more than 3 hours. Also, I tried to contact them by chat and the main phone line. The representatives said that they can't help.

I still don't have access to my account and money on this account. I used their checking account as the main one so it has my salary.

Hold My Money For Two Weeks

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I deposited money into my saving account, and Discover bank froze my account for two weeks. When I called customer service, I was told I had to wait for about half an hour. But, I waited more than 2 hours for someone to answer. After more than 2 hours the representative didn't help me and told me I had to call back two days later. Again, I had to wait more than two hours on phone. Please stay away from this bank. The customer service is awful. I have never had such experience with other banks.

Holding My Funds Up To Ninety Days

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The Discover Bank sent me a email stating that they were writing to let me know that they believed that they noticed unusual activity on my checking and savings. And so they had suspended access to my account. I don't believe that there was anything suspicious; and so I had spoken to a customer service representative or security team through June 1 to June 4, 2022 about the situation. The customer service representative or security team was not able to give any information about the situation, or when the issue would be resolved. I had spoke to them between June 1 to June 4. On June 4, the security team stated despite the outcome, were still not able to reverse our decision, and it was just a business decision. They stated that I would have to wait between 60 to 90 days for them to mail or access my funds. I ask them is there a way I can go directly to the local branch to withdraw my own funds, so I can continue to make payments on my bills; but the customer representative or security team stated that the local branch does not have access over bank accounts that has been suspended or frozen; as my checking and savings account was in good standing. I just want to know what my rights are, because I believe I have not did anything that they believe would be illegal, and there was not any suspicious activity from my checking and savings They suspended or closed my account without me being notified in advance, and only found out the account was frozen when I logged into my bank account. My credit card with Discover was still active, but I needed my own funds so that I may be able to continue to make payments on my bills.

On July 2 at 9:01 pm, the Discover Bank sent me an email stating that they were writing to let me know that they noticed unusual activity on my checking account; and they had suspended access to my checking and savings account after I submitted a transfer of my own funds. They tried to block my own funds from transferring. On June 29, and June 30, I received an email from BBB, and CFPB, about the responce letter from the Executive Office of Customer Advocacy stating that on June 23, 2022 that they had completed an additional review of my accounts; and at that time the freeze was lifted, and the decision to close my account was overturned. On July 2, I spoken to the security team about the situation of why my account was frozen. An after further review, she stated that what caused my account to freeze was I canceled my transfer. I asked her how can my account cause suspicious activity when I don't have access to a debit card? And after having a complete review, the freeze was lifted. During the evening time, I got tired of the situation; it was stressful for my work and time, that I decided to call the customer representative to request to close my account. As the customer service representative seen that my checking and savings account was in good standing, for some reason, he stated that he could not close my account, and then transferred me to the security team. That kind of sounded suspicious because normally a customer service representative has authority to close accounts if you ask. To clear the rest of my own funds from my checking and savings, I transferred from my savings to my checking and scheduled a transfer. A few minutes later when I logged back into my account, it was frozen. There was a message inside my account that stated "please contact the customer service immediately regarding your bank Discover account. We routinely monitor account information and transactions, and have identified unusual activity on your account, for accounts with unusual activity are not displayed. Please contact customer service." The call volume was so high between 2 to 3 hours of waiting time. Everyone on Social media, and all over the internet were complaining about the same problem. I like to request my funds, and wish to close my account in good standing.

Hold My Funds For Two Months

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So I deposit a check into my savings account, I've deposited much more in the past. $20,00, $18,000, etc... Been with this back for years and then I out $13,000 into my savings and didn't see it pending. So I resubmitted the check into my checking account, then I saw it pending online. The day before the check was suppose to clear I got a message saying call. I called and the bank said my account was closed due to business decision. I called a million times trying to figure out what that decision was and was told they don't know it's just s business decision. So im expressing how important it is I recieve my funds because I have bills to pay. It's a Geico insurance claim check so I know the funds are there, and im told I have to wait 60-90 days before I can get my money. I told them I will probably be homeless by then. The most they could say was I apologize that's our policy. Worst back ever and I've put so much money into this back for years.

Bad Experience

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ACH transfers take one week from this bank I closed my account save yourself the headache stay away!

The Worst Service I Have Experienced In A Bank!

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Once you use Discover, you have to pay all the lost for the fault of the bank.

My credit card has expired for half a year, and the credit card was still charged for three months! I called 3 times, every time I was transferred to 5 persons and they finally promised to refund the money to me within one week, but they just cheated me, they never took any action! Two months passed, nothing happened. They did not pay for their mistakes! I have no time to call again, and just take it as I have lost $60!

Discover Bank - Great Service

Overall, very pleased with Discover checking (1 % CASHBACK on debit card purchases) and very competitive savings and MMA rates. Customer service is top notch and U.S. based. The user interface on mobile app and website is good and clean. My only complaint is the website is buggy sometimes when I try to log in using Safari. But really like Discover service and their employees are super friendly and helpful.

Slow, And Extremely Buggy!

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Interface is a mess. Their website, app, etc. are extremely buggy and fairly broken a great deal of the time. The companies Discover contracts with are bargain basement and do not do a great job at all.

Support is terrible, and completely useless. You receive boilerplate answers and they do not seem to even care.

Basically: any bank that makes this many mistakes, is this cheap on products and customer support: needs to be avoided.

The products themselves are fine (banking and credit cards). They are competitive and I have had very little to no issue with them.

*Funds availability are archaic and far too long.
*Customer support is useless, and needs to be fixed.
*Technology (website, apps, etc. ) are buggy, and tiresome. Needs replaced immediately.

*Credit Card and Debit card have little security issues. I have been taken care of very well and false positives are VERY rare.

Discover Is Incompetant Or Crooked! You Decide!

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I left my bank of 30 years last week to give Discover a try because they had a bonus going on and had good interest rates for their savings acct. Well it has been a week of hell consisting of at least 15 contacts with the company and their workers to fix a problem they created. I also had to call, email and chat w my current bank to inform them to protect me Discovers' predatory practices.........What happened is pretty simple; I opened up a savings acct and using THEIR app tried to transfer a large sum of money into the new Discover savings acct. The app said repeatedly that the transfer did not go through. I tried at least 4 times then gave up.........Because I wanted to get the acct funded to benefit from the sign on bonus I took the time to write and deposit a smaller check via their mobile deposit. That seemed to work as the app confirmed it.......A few days pass and I get an email that the first deposit I had attempted actually worked. This is bad because the second deposit "the check" will soon also go through and this will overdraw my old acct........... I get on the phone and talk to tons of people at Discover. I also chat, email AND use facebook public posts-which they delete if negative- and IM via fb. No one seems to know what to do and most pass the buck and act all phony sweet w/o solving the issue their app created......... . I spoke to both manager Kami and Deborah and non managers Lexi, Kim, Lisa and more. All they do is blab niceties using bank speak and bs not making any sense........I clearly tell them the easy understandable situation over and over and they assured me my first deposit will be returned to my old bank and they will not cash the second check till after the fact......... Well they lied. The second check hit less than 24 hours after the first unauthorized transfer and it bounced. Now discover owes me transfer fees, and bounce fees. They are dragging their feet paying despite me providing proof of the penalty fees and despite the fact in several correspondences they said they would cover for their mistake...........At this moment I have no money in my usual checking acct , no money in my Discover savings and two penalty fees in my old acct. The money is in some limbo. A limbo that is unacceptable. Who knows where it is. To me, they are keeping my money hostage and feeding me lies....... Remember they swore to me they were returning my first deposit? Well I looked 2 days AFTER I was told this by 2 managers and there is NO RECORD that the crooked managers Kami or Deborah even tried to return the money the faulty app took.......... My money is just GONE and Discover email correspondence just keeps referring me to their bad website help center-which of course does not cover this issue- while they make interest on my STOLEN money. Don't do it. Don't trust them w a dime. Dishonest, condescending, and either crooked or severely incompetent.

Really Good Service

Discover really cares about its customers. Had a great experience with them, everything goes so smoothly with Discover. No wasting time or non-relevant issues like I had at Wells Fargo before I switched.


This bank won't exchange money unless you have an account with them or a Discover Card with their bank. Since when don't banks trade a $20 for twenty $1? Is that too much to ask of a bank anymore?
Good grief what is this coming to anyhow! That this kind of action is even necessary?

See, I took the time to write this review and let them know that it is not a necessary nor correct action for a bank to take. That's what banks do; that's what banks are for!

Good Experience With Discover Bank

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I had good experiences with discoverbank for many years. I find other online banks with slightly higher interest rate, but they make it difficult to transfer money OUT from their account. You can transfer money in, but somehow transfer out doesn't work or is extremely slow. Also other banks limit ACH transfer s out by the month or day. It's worth having a lower interest rate of 0.1% to be able to access your money.


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I just got off the phone with a Discover representative who LAUGHED at me when I questioned her about their requirement of holding funds for a week or more before transferring them back to the account (CU checking) that the said funds came from initially! My other savings lenders (Marcus/Goldman Sachs and American Express) do the transfer the same day! This money does not show up in my Discover account nor in my CU account, this just seems ILLEGAL for a bank to wipe this off the books and PROFIT from these funds. This must easily account for $1,000,000's in ILLEGAL profits for Discover, right?

ACH Transfer Very Slow

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An electronic transfer should appear at the receiving bank in one day or at the most two days. I made a transfer and was told the funds were withdrawn on the requested day but not to expect the receiving bank to receive the funds for four days. A phone call was just bank gibberish and never fully explained the delay so where exactly are these funds after they are withdrawn could not be rationally explained? I think I could walk faster and deliver the funds in person and this is called as EFT?
I dislike the trouble in changing banks but it as of this moment I'm considering a change.

Deposits Take 8 Days!?

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So, I typically do not write reviews. However, I felt like this was necessary because it could save someone in the future. I deposited my funds on Jan 19, 2021, Jan 22nd funds are with drawn from my account Jan 24 I can see the funds in my Discover account however I am not able to use the funds until (expected date) Jan 27. as I’m writing this I’m not sure if I will be able to use my funds on Jan 27, but this is what Discover has told me I would be able too and previous comments only stated 5 day holding period but for the account to show “current balance” and “available” are two different things! So beware! If you are transferring funds and need access to said funds quickly then this is not the bank for you. I’m still on the fence bc this is a saving account for me but I’m worried what if I needed access to the funds within a short period of time would I have access???

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