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Worse Bank Ever

Their Moble app is a mess it shuts off transfers at 9:00pm . It forces you to put in a new password instead of the pin code randomly. And forces new passwords that can only be changed at your desk computer. Get through their phone system is nearly impossible. And the fees don't even make any sense. $10.00 for a printout at the branch!!!!
Then you have to play twenty questions to verify who you are have your blood type ready! They may start asking for that too.
Then I was caught up in a fraudulent check that someone sent me. They closed all my accounts.

If You Opened An Account Close It Immediately!

Posted by: agd1993 | Feb 25, 2019

DO NOT BANK HERE. I was changed over 40 dollars just for using my account. I was told the only way to cash my check at the walmart i went to was to open an account with them when in reality they should've directed me to the walmart customer service or money center. All of my information was entered incorrectly after i opened my account and now they won't work with me at all. The debit card doesn't work over 50% of the time.


Posted by: Mdhaney | Jan 9, 2019

They never help the customers. My husband and I have had so many problems with this bank. They accidently posted 100 dollars to my account and then took the money out of my account and then posted 2 pending fees after they took the 100$ out that they are at fault for in the first place and overdrafted me 68 dollars. If anybody here is paying medical bills this is not the bank to bank with. They are so awful they lie to you about there policies they will tell you one thing and do something different. THEY ARE TERRIBLE AT FIRST CONVENIENCE BANK!

Bank Is To Small Should Close Down

When you call your on hold for 30 min! People are very rude over the phone and they don’t take care there customer every time I call them it’s a list of what you don’t do !!!! Bank is trash stay away

So Done With This Bank

I have had nothing but problems with them for months. Now I am 200 in the hole because they double charged a card when they shouldn't and fee'ed me 4 times. For their mess up. Switching asap.

I Have To Pay $5 For Close My Account??!!!????

I opened account at Houston, Texas. I moved to San Jose, CA. There is not bank close my house to deposit money in and get money out. Then I got mail, that ask me have to use my, if account not active, they will charge $35 on my money if I don't use it ??? so I called in to close it. They will send my the money order, but they have to charge me -$5 for that!! I said, last time other bank never ever do that to me!! So please be inform. When they use my money have more interest then share me like nothing... but when I close want to get me more??? is it right way to do business?? CUSTOMER FIRST, right ????

I Will Never Bank With 1St National Bank Of Texas

This is by far the worst bank I have ever dealt with I have been charged the same fee 4 times in one day I call the customer service number and that was a major fail this bank is so unprofessional and in humane that it’s ridiculous over 207.00 in fees I will never recommend this low class bank to anyone 1st national never has to worry about my services again I will also make sure I spread the news to my co works as well as others THIS BANK SUCKS!!!!!!!

Horrible Bank First National Bank Texas

Hate this bank they have a fee for everything and they dont do life happens for a 1 time overdraft fee reimbursement. Calling customer service your either gonna get hung up on when they say they are putting you on hold OR nasty attitude. I was told by them when I got an overdraft fee that I should put overdraft protection on and I said well of you didnt charge for it then I would and for the past year I've had the account I've never overdrawn before!!!!! Hate that there is no arms to deposit checks or cash at. hate that the app SUCKS. Hate you have to go inside a store. Closing my account next week and cant wait! Already opened my chase account you get 3 life happens and FREE overdraft protection and if you overdraft under $5 there is no fee. First national bank texas has FEES for everything

Changing My Banks After "Loss & Prevention Dept" Holds My Pay Checks Hostage For 7 Days

I recently tried to deposit a $2700 check into my account. 1st NB of Denton, TX saids, my check will be put on 2 days hold so that they can verify my check and that they will allow a credit of $200 out of the $2700 paycheck that I'm trying to deposit to hold me off till my check gets "confirmed" they say... Later on that same night, I go to pump gasoline in my car and I tried to use my Debit Card and it wouldn't work... SO THEY LIED FIRSTLY, about me having at least $200 in my account. Next morning I get an automated email saying that "Loss and Prevention Dept" put my check I'm trying to deposit on hold for another 7 days!!! They said it's because they can't get ahold of issuing bank as they "won't answer their phone"... I call bullshit because this is the same thing that they tried to do when I was a walk-in at the store... they tried calling the number... they didn't pick up... and then put my check on hold for 2 days... then 7 days... Basically, a co-worker who received same paycheck from same company said his bank "Capital One" already deposited the money into his account with no questions asked... meanwhile, I'm in a emergent situation needing to buy a new phone and rental car in Atlanta (out-of-state) this weekend but can't because I don't have any available funds into my account. They took away the $200 I was supposed to have available after putting my whole account on hold for another 7 days... so now, I really don't have any money at my disposal. Most of all, their online login system and mobile apps are straight garbage. Every time, I try to login after some fake "fradulent alert" activity which is actually just me trying to remember what my damn password is and after failing multiple times they put my whole account on hold! I can't even check my account balance online or through mobile applications. This is the worst bank I've ever worked with and I'm canceling my account after I get back from my Atlanta trip in a week.

Horrible Customer Service Dishonest Employees

Posted by: Vsouth | Apr 29, 2017

The bank suspended my card with no notice due to breech of security. I was stranded with no money on the weekend. I called. Was put on hold for hours. Was told I could use debit but not credit. Called again. Was hung up on. Card was still declined . Called back and was told it was my fault for not using pin. Tried again. Declined. Called again. Told it was merchants fault. Gave up went hungry Could not get gas. Called again. Was put on hold for supervisor. Waited an hour. Called on different phone . Told by a recording that offices were closed and would have to call back. In the mean time I checked account and I was charged amount by bank after my card was declined. Employees lie. Someone at the bank is stealing my money

First National Bank Texas (FNBT) And First Convenience Bank (FCB






Address: 3396 Stockton Hill Rd, Kingman, AZ 86409
Phone: (928) 681-3252



First National Bank Texas (FNBT) and First Convenience Bank (FCB),

THEY allege to have 300 branches and 400 ATMs across Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

· First National Bank Texas or First Convenience Bank
Attention: Correspondence
PO Box 937
Killeen, Texas 76540 - 0937

· If you are hearing impaired - 866-390-9768 (TTY)

Terrible Customer Service

Posted by: Nu To You | Mar 10, 2015

Nothing but problems with this bank. The biggest attitude I got was from the branch mgr. They don't care about customer at all. I will close my ACCTS asap

Denial Of Access To Funds.

Posted by: JGC013 | Nov 30, 2012

On Monday November 19th 2012 I deposited a check into my account at First Convenience Bank, a division of First National Bank Texas. I called First Convenience Bank and spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Else who told me that the funds where placed are hold by the loss prevention department for reasons she was not allowed to share with me, the account holder.  I was also told to call Else back before 4pm on that day(Nov. 23rd 2012) to check for any new information. I called First Convenience Bank at 340pm on that same day, Friday (Nov. 23rd 2012). I was told Else was unavailable and was transferred to another customer service supervisor who's name I do not have recorded. I was told that the issue with the check was due to the loss prevention department not being able to contact the issuing company for verification. I asked why the loss prevention office could make a telephone call to company and ask them for whatever information was needed for the verification of the account and was told that she (the customer service supervisor) was unable to answer that question as the everyone was gone for the weekend.


I called First Convenience Bank at 830am on Monday (Nov. 26 2012) and spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Misty. I ask Misty to contact the loss prevention department and to ask that they contact the company who check for verification of the account, after be placed on hold Misty returned and then stated that they had spoke with "someone" at the issuing company and was told that person could not verify the account on which the check was drawn and that First Convenience Bank would continue to refuse access to these funds. I contacted the manager of the Accounts Payable department at the company who issued the check and was told that no one from First Convenience Bank had contacted his department. The Accounts Payable manager also verified that the funds for the check where release from the companies account on Friday (Nov. 23rd 2012). It has now been ten business days I have still have no access to these funds and no attempt has been made to contact me by First Convenience Bank. I now must hire a lawyer to get back the money this bank has taken from me, the “valued customer”. 

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