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No Help To Survivors

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My mother just passed away, and we went to close her account. Georgia own was no help at all. The girl who waited on us was down right rude. It was her last day and she acted like it. We were told over the phone to bring death certificate, proof that I am executor and I.D. When we arrived, we were told that they would have to check their archives. They wouldn’t tell us how long that would take. Since we knew that it was her last day, we called back the next day and talked to the manager to find out who we would deal with next. What a disgusting attitude she had. Quote “ We know what we are doing. It’s not the first death we’ve dealt with !,” hopefully we can find another branch to deal with to get our mothers money. The Marietta branch should be shut down.

Worst Customers Service- Stay Away

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If you want worst customers service then you work with these people else find some other bank---These are horrible people, no morals and do not care about your money.

The Worst Bank

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The absolute worst customer experience I have ever experienced. From the moment I stepped foot in one of their branches, I should've walked away and never looked back. The branch service and knowledge of products is a joke. Their 1-800 # is even worse. I've tried no less than 5 times to get through to someone to ask a simple questions and the call either drops, is routed through to the wrong department via the auto-attendant, then transferred three more times, then transferred to a call back feature to hold my place in line only to never receive a call back. I have re-fi'd my existing HELOC loan with them to an inferior product on paper just to get away from this bank. The Dept of Banking and Finance should shut this place down.

Bad Credit Union With Awful Customer Service!!

Opened an account with Georgia's Own Credit Union for me and my wife as they are local. Never received our debit cards in the mail. After 7 different conversations and 4 months later we finally received our debit cards in the mail. Once I received the debit cards I switched my direct deposit over. Direct deposit it kicked back to my employer because Georgia's Own closed the account right after I finally received the debit cards due to inactivity. Very very poor customer service. My experience was that they do not take care of their members and I have received better service at bigger banks.

Bunch Of Immoral Thieves

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Stay away from these thieves at all costs. They literally put an 11 day hold on a payroll check. Not a personal check.
They have zero warning that my tent money would be unavailable for this length of time and cost me tongs in late fees. Terror warming on deposit days it might be up to 2 days... Not 11.
Now they are claiming that it takes them that looking to verify that the funds are actually available, on a payroll check from a fortune 300 company written on a major bank check (not a hand written personal check).
These are either thieves, or they are so incompetent that they cannot do simple ach verification with major banks.
Do yourself a favor and run as fast and far from these low life thieves as you can.
They will lie to you and do everything in their power to screw up everything they touch.
Avoid at all costs!

Great banking experience

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I've used a credit union for over 25 years now. The credit union I startd with was eventually bought by and merged with Georgias Own. It has been a fantastic experience. The first major benefit is that they have always been associated with my employer so there has always been a branch in the building that I've worked in. There's nothing more convenient that taking the elevator to the bank. I've had checking and savings accounts the entire time. The fees and interest rates are always better in the long run than the big commercial banks. I don't even remember the last time I paid any sort of fee. The have special accounts for minors also so I set up savings accounts for my kids before they even started school. Honestly, I don't know why someone would not choose a credit union given the opportunity.

Georgia's Own Credit Union

I joined Georgia's Own Credit Union about 20 years ago hoping for good interest rates but their rates are about the same as most lending institutions. I also liked the fact that you didn't have to carry a minimum in your checking but they changed that a couple months ago and I never saw a notice about it and only realized it when I logged into my account.

Many years of excellent service!

I begin my relationship with Georgia's Own Credit Union back in 1998 when it used to be called Georgia Telco. At that time I was an employee of At&t in Augusta, GA. When I first signed up there was not a branch in the area so it was all done via mail or over the phone. However, even then the customer service was excellent. One example was when I was trying to open a savings account for my oldest daughter. I had to submit the paperwork to prove I was her mother and that she was in fact who she was, this was before verifying identity via the internet. Everyone was so helpful setting that up. Since then I have continued to have my savings account as well as my daughters and there is now a local branch in my area. I have always received great customer service when visiting the bank to add money to the savings accounts or when I was checking the balances. I will continue to have my savings accounts there for years to come.

A great local credit union

Georgia's Own Credit Union is a local credit union in Georgia. They offer many different services, as you would expect from a credit union. I initially was turned on to them by an auto salesman when I was purchasing my first vehicle. He let me know that they historically had the lowest rates of the banks and credit unions they work with. I ultimately ended up using them for my auto loan, and I used them for a bank as I was in college. Their rates were always great and the customer service was always satisfying. I will say that they were behind on technology, however. Overall, a great credit union to work with.

This Credit Union Stinks

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Terrible credit union! I made a deposit in the night deposit box to my business account. Did not credit it to my account over 24 hours later. Called to ask them why, and of course no one answered the phone, and no one called me back.


Small Town Feel Big Town Quality

I have not done much business directly with my bank, Georgia's Own Credit Union, but the amount that I have done has been very positive. I am mainly reviewing the experience at one branch, but also will go into some minor details about the web and Android mobile app experience. The branch is really well kept and has a great amount of little extras, such as access to a restroom, which most banks I have been in do not have, as well as access to a single serving pod style coffee machine, a little above what most banks have. They recently moved and I have not had a reason to use their teller machine at the new location, so I am not going to review it, as the experience might have improved. The branch is located just out of way enough in town that you need not worry about fighting traffic to get in and out of the branch, but close enough to town that you are not going to be inconvenienced greatly by having to go to the branch location.

The web site is decently modern, built more for function rather than flash, but that is a good thing. The functionality of the user experience, such as transferring funds from one account to another, actually feels more at ease sometimes than managing an email inbox from a laptop computer. The mobile version of the site is pretty well done too, but feels a little feature stripped compared to the full version, but that is normal. The Android mobile app functions beautifully and is a great counterpart to the full site and makes transferring funds a snap from one account to another.

One of the best things about Georgia's Own is that they charge no fees for their basic checking account. In this world of high fees being charged by banks, this is a nice change of pace and refreshing breath of air to be able to have a checking account with a widely accepted Visa debit card.

Terrible Service!

I started using the credit union because people told me that they are so much better than a bank. People told me that they will help you because it's based on members. THIS IS SO FALSE! In the past everything that I've ever asked of Georgias Own I have been turned down. I have never heard the word "yes" from them for anything. This place is so much worse then a regular bank. I would NEVER recommend using them. I regret leaving Bank of America for the credit union. The worst!

Great first experience with a credit union

GA's Own Credit Union was my first credit union to ever be a member of. The first thing that drew me to this bank is my Father has banked with them for years and has loved it. Secondly, when I tried to get an auto loan through my old (larger) bank, I was turned down do to not having much credit. Because of my family's history with GA's Own, they approved my loan same day. Their checking accounts are also free and easy to use in person, online, and mobile. Since becoming a member, every company I have worked for has offered direct deposit, so naturally I take advantage of it. There has never been any issues and my paycheck has always arrived within 24 hours unlike some banks where it seems to take up to 48 hours some times. They have a friendly staff, who also went out of their way to explain to me how their merchant services work when I was interested in setting up e-commerce on my web site.

Georgia's Own

When I went to apply for a bank account I was met with a warm smile and understanding attitude. I opened an account very easily with the bank manager. I was informed of all the fees upfront. I have since had an amazing experience with the bank. My only problem is that the bank is that they are not open at great hours and their location is a bit out of the way. The other benefits greatly out weigh the negatives.

Loan Application

I suppose you never know if you have a good bank or not till the time you need them. Applying for a loan online I discovered is not the best way of doing it. Messages appear "need more info" on online application and that is it. After several responses from my side to provide "info" no response from the institution. At the end my application was denied, not giving me the chance to provide more information. I will not encourage anybody in using the online options. I'm plain disappointed in Georgia's Own.



This credit union is excellent. The customer service is great and they treat you like a person and not a number. I previsouly banked with Trust Company and after 23 years, they put some money in my account in error. I was unaware of it because I had several automatic wire transfers going into my account, child support, payroll, and I had loaned a girl friend some money to pay for her daughter's wedding and she was wiring me money as well, plus some back monies from a law suit from my x-husband. Long story short. 6 months after their error, they froze my monies and I didn't know what was going on.  I called them to find out what was happening with my account and I quote" YOU KNEW THAT MONEY WAS NOT YOURS AND YOU DIDN'T CALL THE BANK TO REPORT IT. MS. THIS IS CRIMINAL AND YOU ARE A CRIMINAL. I couldn't believe what I had just heard and nearly drove off the road because I was in total shock.

 I transferred to Bank of America and had been with them for 11 years. I needed  $6500 for tuition for my son's college education. I had a credit card in good standing with BOA, a saving accout and 3 checking accounts. I went to the  Branch in down town Atlanta, and asked could I used my car title "2010 paid for automoble for collateral to get the monies. I was blakely told a strong No. We don't do "those type loans", She asked did I have any equity in my home. Really, now who has equity in their home these days. Not many. I said no, but the car title should be sufficient because of the value of the vehicle. She said no, we can't help you. Good Luck. Oh by the way my credit score was 805. The loan officer never even pulled up one of my accounts. Had I not paid for the car out right, I wouldn't needed the loan.

Now to Georgia's Own- My saving grace. A close friend told me about the credit union. He told me to go on line and apply. I was skeptical because I didn't have an account there. I opened a account for $5.00 I mean literally with $5.00, and I had over $10,000 in BOA. Then I filled out a loan application. The application was approved that same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I went into the bank a couple of days later and the loan officer at the Georgia State Branch was so kind to me. I shared my story with her and she said that they were glad that they could help me and my son out at this time. Needless to say I am done with Big Banks who treat you like a little piece of trash.





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