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Huntington Bank Customer Service

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I would not recommend this bank to anyone. While some of the people are nice, the policies of this bank are not customer focused and you walk away with a feeling they really don't care about you.

Here's why I say this and why I rated this bank as I did:

I belonged to a bank that Huntington purchased this past fall. The experience has been one of the most disorganized and frustrating mergers I've ever been through (I've been through 3 in the past 5 years). It started with me noticing that an ACH payment that I had scheduled (following their pre-conversion instructions) did not appear anywhere. I ended up spending a couple of hours in the bank with the result that the bank overnighted a cashier's check to the payee. The next day, Huntington also processed an ACH payment to the same payee, which due to the cashier's check, bounced. Because it was a Huntington issue, they refunded the NSF fees. However, as soon as I deposited additional funds into my account, they re-processed the ACH payment resulting in my paying that payment twice. When brought to their attention, they told me I could file a request to have the funds returned, but it would take 45 days to do so. So, I ended up paying the same payee twice, which shorted me money for the following month. I also had a business account with my old bank. When I went to pay bills from that account, it was not there. Back to the bank for another 3-hour session with a customer service representative before that account was finally located and attached to my other accounts. This all happened in October. At the end of November, I closed the business account, but left my personal checking account open and scheduled a payment to be made on December 1st. Today, I was notified that payment was never received. When I logged into my account, I was surprised to see that all of my payee information had been deleted. In addition, I could not see any transaction history any longer. Called Huntington and was told I closed the account, so all payee information and all scheduled payments were canceled, read that "not made". Needless to say, I was beyond taken aback. I asked them why they would delete payees and payments being made from an account that was still open. Their response was that I closed the account. I then asked them to FedEx the payment (a very substantial amount) to the payee, but Huntington refused to do so. I filed a complaint with Huntington's Executive Resolution department, but in reality, hold very little hope that anything will be done.

Stay away. Stay a long way away.

Huntington Mortgage

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In short: Disorganized, unhelpful, and doesn’t resolve issues. They never paid my school taxes after I informed them of a reassessment in February. Fast forward to September and the taxes are still NOT paid. On top of that, there are now fees and penalties totaling around $400 for the delinquencies. Since February I’ve spoken to many representatives to get this issue resolved. Today, I was informed that they expect me to cover those penalty fees even though it was their mistake. Do NOT trust Huntington with your mortgage.

Horrible Customer Service And Banking Experience

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Be aware of this bank; when you deposit a check through the mobile bank, they always think it is fraud and block your online and mobile access without notifying you. You won't know what's going on? When you try to do a bank-to-bank transfer ( after the trial deposit complete), they block your bank online and mobile access completed again without notifying you. Each time I call this 800 #, it took at least a minimal 55 min to get through a person, and when they discontinued me ( not from my side), they will never call back; they said they nerve call the customer back. I have to dial and wait another hour. because my account is blocked; they don't know what's going on. I have no way access to your money and don't know where my money was. They will hold money for almost a month without helping you solve the problem, terrible service. I will never bank with them anymore.

Do Not Bank Here Trust Me

This bank is terrible always down for maintenance. Plus they closed my account without warning for no reason at all. They said they didn't have to provide one. Stay far away from this horrible bank. Complaint filed with state attorney General.

Screwed Over

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This Bank is careless. I did a mobile check deposit in the amount of 84.00 on 11/28/20. The check posted to account today 12/2/20. Of course the account was used once I saw check posted. Then the bank took back the 84.00 putting my account in overdrawn.
1) I did not have the money in the account to cover the check so therefore it should not have been deposited until it cleared. I thought that was common practice. I did see that the check written to me spelled my name wrong so that may have been the issue as well but it should have flagged it.. I’m sick of this bank and the reviews prove to me that this bank is not trustworthy when dealing with ones money..

That Is Why I Am Closing Another Account

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I jointed the bank because of a friend that used t work there. He always took very good care of me and my accounts. After they closed the branch and i was on my own things just went down hill. Every time you try to do business with the bank, things go wrong and nick and dime you for no reason. The last one was I over paid my credit car by almost $300 and when I transfer back the money to my checking account they charge me Cash advance fee to the amount I over paid them. I called the bank and they asked to transfer the money back to the credit card and call the bank back so they can refund me the fee. That would be the only way they could create a case on my behalf. Result of this mass, I just closed one more of my accounts with the bank and look forward to close the two remand accounts out of 6. Don't bank with this bank. They are horrible.


This is the second time I have called asking for an amortization schedule for my car loan. Both times the employee admitted they had no idea what I was talking about, and I should just pay what was on my payment booklet. I pay extra every month, and they apply the extra payment to the interest NOT the principal. Tried to get someone at the branch to correct it. They reversed the entry and reentered it the SAME WAY. On the phone on hold now for 20 minutes and counting while they try to find someone who knows what an amortization schedule is...

Always Looking For New Customers W/O Taking Care Of Existing Ones

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I've had several experiences where Huntington offers 'Special' rates for a Money Market or CD. After going thru the paperwork process only to find the existing funds I have on deposit aren't applicable because it must be 'new money'. Huntington doesn't take care of existing customers and is always searching for new ones.


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So I got approved for a 5000 loan at eloans. I had a new huntington bank account so that i cpuld simply transfer funds to a relative easier within the same institution. My 5000 was available on a Tuesday. I called and told them what I needed to do and i never got my checks or debit card so they told me to pay him like a biller out of my account. I did. Well they held the funds immediately after they told me I was okay to do so. Next they wanted me to bring in id with myself which I explained I couldnt get there til Friday. Well I was told okay. I called back the next day because now all my activity was gone on the account and my deposit no longer existed. Instead of just telling me on the phone that they sent it back to Eloan they led me to believe they still had my money and they just needed my id and myself to go to a branch. Nearest one to me is an hour away so here is is Friday get there no money and a wasted whole day. They are rude and I wouldnt keep money there for nothing. They probably freeze your account constantly. Eloan reapproved me in 5 minutes thank goodness. Oh and on top of the hassle they want to know why I need to take out 5000 dollars lije its theyre money. It's Christmas its bills its none of ypur business huntington bank. If I wanna give it away its my money not yours. What do u do with your money

Warning - Steer Clear Of This Bank

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Regarding Business Loans: stay away from this banking institution! Huntington will be glad to take your fees after preliminary indications are that they will give you a business loan based on the following parameters: value of the business, your net worth, your initial investment and of course your credit score – all normal stuff. The rub comes when there is a week or two before the actual closing, they will ask for an additional infusion of money, and then with days left until closing, they will ask for additional cash, and then just hours before closing, they will ask for yet additional monies (significant dollars to the borrower if you consider 5 figures and 6 figures for each infusion of capital to be significant). We see Huntington Bank averages 1.2 stars are consumer affairs – we would give them zero stars if allowable.

The Barboursville Branch Is A Joke.

The most poorly run bank in the area. The staff doesn't know what they're talking about and gives you false information. Which in turn causes you problems that they won't fix.

They will Manipulate the way the charges hit your account to create multiple overdraft fees. Google bank overdraft settlements and you will see tons of info. This branch specifically seems very passive about about being helpful - I would avoid them at all costs. If I could rate this 0 I would.

Just another bank.

Huntington is just a bank, no better or worse than any other. They are not particularly friendly, nor would I describe them as unfriendly. Their fees are just about the same as any other bank. It is hard to find a Huntington ATM, which is a drawback if you want to avoid the ATM fee. I closed my account there when I moved because it was no longer convenient for me, and I don't notice any difference. To me, banks are banks, all pretty much the same.

Huntington is good

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I have had Huntington Bank since they bought out First Merit, which I had before for as long as I can remember. Ever since the switch over, I have remained very happy. Every week, my husband's paycheck is directly deposited into our checking account. I get an alert text message notifying me that the check has been deposited and what my balance is. There is no guess work anymore. I also receive text messages when a charge over $100.00 is made using our debit card. It tells me where the charge was made, that the charge is coming out of my checking account and my remaining balance. This allows me to more closely monitor spending as well as if anything fraudulent may be happening. I also have it set up, with my checking account, to notify me if my balance dips below $50.00, greatly reducing our chances of over drawing our account. There is a huge variety of different settings for every account you have that just make me feel so much more secure with my banking. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my online banking with Huntington Bank.

Huntington Bank

I recently opened a bank account with the above mentioned bank. I chose this bank because it was running a promotion at that time. If I opened a asterisk free checking account(no fees, no minimum balance, free overdraft protection), and would deposit $50 within 60 days of opening the account,they would deposit $150 within 14 days of meeting the requirements.
When I entered the bank for the first time, I was met with a warm welcome and the agent explained me all the details patiently. Everything went smoothly and I even opened a savings account too. I never had problem with money withdrawal, deposit or transfer. I also have an online account which is really convenient.
All in all I am happy banking with Huntington.


We have banked with many banks over the years and have found Huntington Bank to be great! I really never used online banking much before banking with Huntington Bank. We opened the account when they were offering $150 to open a new account. We figured, what the heck. We needed an account and it was a FREE $150. The online banking features are terrific! My husband gets home late on paydays and we do not have direct deposit. The convenience of being able to deposit his pay through online banking is terrific! We deposit his check when he gets home and it's in our account when we wake up in the morning! The Huntington app is so easy to use, just aim the camera and it automatically captures the picture for you too! I honestly don't know how I would do my banking if not for online. Huntington bank gets 5 stars from us!

Huntington Bank

I have been banking with Huntington for three years now. Their customer service at my local bank is phenomenal! They always call me by name as soon as I walk in the door. I have had one instance when my account had an overdraft. They were quick to waive this fee because it had never happened before. When you overdraft with Huntington you have a 24 hour grace period to get money in your account before a fee is applied. They also offer cash and check deposit from the ATM which allows for super fast deposit. Cash automatically goes into your account when depositing it from the ATM. I use this feature often as it is very convenient. Not only do I have my personal account with Huntington, I also have my Business Account with them. They ALWAYS ask about the new adventures I have had with my business since the last time I was there. They make me feel a part of the family and I have no plans of changing banks anytime soon.

Worst Bank

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I had been a long term client of First Merit, they were great. When Huntington bought them we were told that our checks and acc fount numbers were good for five years. They promptly began putting my deposits into someone else's account. Serioiusly, and it just happened to be an employee account. I finally noticed it from my receipts. Now when my auto payments go through, or I pay with a check online, they send it back "unable to locate account". When I asked them I was informed that they had changed their routing number. Nice that they would tell us that. Awful, awful mixups have cause me a great deal of time and energy trying to figure them out. Wouldl not recommend!

Wonderful Banking

I have been banking with Huntington Bank since I first began to save money and, through the years, they have been a great place to bank. Despite being a smaller bank and not having as many locations, they more than make up for it with their customer service. One of the best features of the company is their online banking app. I have used it to deposit checks, transfer money from different accounts, as well as track my purchases. Additionally, every time I have gone to a brick and mortar location, they have been friendly and made the pleasant an experience one. Another great feature is their asterisk free checking accounts in which there is no fee that you have to pay to have accounts. Overall, Huntington is a great place to work with not only for their friendly attitudes but also for making the whole banking experience easy to comprehend and easy to navigate/manage.

Huntington Bank is on the rise

I have started using Huntington bank for the last 2 years and it was the best decision I have made. When I go to the bank, the tellers make an effort to remember my name since I visit them 2-3 times a week. Their extended hours allow me to control when I need to make time to go to the bank and make deposits and withdraws since they are open 7 days a week. They never try to sell me anything unless they see an actual need which is nice since they are trying to help.

There A OK bank

Huntington National Bank is an OK bank in my book. With online banks like Capital One 360, it's kind of hard to want to pay just to have a checking account. Thats why I do not go to them anymore. Why would I pay just to have a account with some bank when others offer it for free and with extras like Capital One. It is kind of nice to have a bank in town for easy deposits but now a days everything can be done online very easy. I think the way of the future is going to be more online only banking. Its free too so how can you beat that. Huntington makes me feel like paying for a account is a waste of money.

Huntington Review

I have been banking with Huntington for many years now. They have exceeded my expectations in many ways but their system is a bit flawed, however I imagine most other popular banks would have the same policies. I have overdraft protection so am not bombarded with fees. My husband made that mistake through them a long time ago, of not having the overdraft protection. A charge was withdrew many days after he had made a purchase, and he was charged $37 for the overdraft fee. It was a couple days before payday so he was not able to pay the $37. Then for every day it was not paid, another $37 was added onto it. By the time it was payday, there was over $100 in overdraft fees alone, in addition to the original purchase, so he could not afford to pay that and they would not allow him to freeze or close his account. I have not had to deal with that problem though, and my personal experience with Huntington has been nothing but positive. The customer service is very nice. I have never met a rude teller or manager at any of their locations. I am also definitely satisfied with the online banking. It is easy to use and lets you know what charges are pending and what amount you actually have available.

Huntington Bank

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Huntington Bank is my local branch bank. It does cost money to have a account with them but they do offer good service. If you want a physical bank, they're the ones to go to.

Great Bank

I have always been treated with respect and the employees have always listened to what I was looking for. I have used other banks, such as Flagstar and Citizens Financial Group, and they always talked down to me like I didn't know what my own financial goals are. Huntington always makes me feel welcome and appreciated. The products listed by this website are also inaccurate. Huntington has higher interest rates on savings services than what is shown on I know because I have better rates than shown on my Huntington accounts. I also get all my non-Huntington ATM fees waived allowing me fee-free access everywhere I go.

Nice simple banking

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When I first went to this bank to open a basic checking account all the tellers were nice and asked me to have a seat and wait for the manager so I did. I was greeted with a handshake from the manager and asked to his office and had a seat.

The manager was very informal and discussed sports with me and happily opened a checking account that I was comfortable with, I was made to feel welcome and at home and felt like they wanted my business, I would recommend Huntington to others as well.

Five Stars

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I had a great personal experience with Huntington Bank. They helped me open up my bank account with me half way not even there. I came on a Wednesday about 15 minutes before closing. We didn't have time to open my account as they needed a good 45 minutes. She took all of my information, copy of driver license, my email, phone number etc. I explained that I could come back tomorrow and try to finish up. I explained I will never make it earlier than this time. She was so accommodating and personal. The next day she opened my account and sent me confirmation to my email. The next day all I had to do was go into the bank and sign the paper work. Once again I get there 15 minutes before closing, but the young lady left all my paper work and informed the teller I would be there. Once I got there all I had to do was sign my new account papers and I was done. I have an account at a big bank, but I really really like Huntington Bank, I will look at them first for my car loan.

Regarding the Huntington National Bank in Columbus Ohio

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Before I had resided in Ohio, I had been using several banks that were local or national. I had been displeased with most banks, especially due to customer service. I can really say that I am pleased with Huntington National Bank, first of all because of their great customer service. I can easily talk to a representative over the phone and do not have to talk to the automatic voice for over 10 minutes. All of the representatives were jolly and they made me feel very comfortable. I had a situation where my card was misused by another person and while in Hawaii, I had to solve this matter over the phone. The representative who took care of me, told me they will fix the situation right away and within less than two weeks, I mean literally less than two weeks, they refunded my money. This happened to me before with US Bank in Cleveland and my money was stolen all because they were at fault. US Bank had mailed my pin on the same day with my card, when they were supposed to mail it two days after. $3000 in total was stolen and it took me literally 3 months to gain it back. I also am pleased with Huntington because initially I had overdrawn and became hit with penalty fees. Since, I was out of the country, where there were no internet, I couldn't check my account for over a week and I saw that I was hit with over 200 dollars of penalty fee.

I had explained my situation to Huntington Bank and they waived my fee saying that they can waive it only this time.

Seriously this bank has the best service. However, as for competitive products such as loans or CD Rates, I am not sure if they are compatible as with national banks. This is one downside as I have a CD with other banks.

My Huntington Experience

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Huntington bank is a bank that I recently switched to, as it is one of the only available banks near my university. This bank has excellent customer service and the staff is extremely friendly and more than willing to help with any questions one may have. The banking process is made very easy with Huntington and I have not had any problems so far in the few months iv'e been a Huntington bank user. Not only is their customer service above the average, but also the ease of access is beyond standard. The bank allows customers to receive both online reports of your account, as well as the option to have bank statements sent to your home address. This makes it very easy to keep track of what purchases you have made and to ensure that your bank account is safe and in good standings.

The best bank in the midwest, period

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Huntington Bank is hands down the best bank in the Midwest. Their products are highly competitive, and their customer service is outstanding. Being headquartered in Ohio, the company has a good feel for what people in the Midwest look for in a bank. One thing that really stands out to me is their fraud protection. Last year, the credit card that I have with Huntington was compromised. Before I was even aware of what had happened, their fraud department shut down my card, and then contacted me to let me know what they had done, and to help me open a new credit card. The agent that I dealt with was very friendly, and I could tell that she wanted to make sure I was satisfied with the experience. I was very appreciative of the actions they took to protect my identity and my money.

Customer Service

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I have been with Huntington bank for as long as I can remember. I would say that my experience with Huntington has been great. I have always been pleased with their customer service. There was one specific incident that happen about 3 years ago where they went above and beyond to help me. At the time, I was living in an apartment with a landlord that was absolutely horrible. The landlord charged me for my rent twice in the same month which cause my account to overdraft. I attempted to dispute this with the landlord but they would not work with me or take the time to listen. I went to a Huntington branch to let them know what happened. One of the representatives took me into his office and called the landlord on my behalf. He argued with them for about 30 minutes to make them understand what they did. He was able to finally convince them of their error and the landlord agreed to write me a check for a refund. I was so thankful for this mans help. He really went above and beyond to help me.

250 Dollars In Fees After Illegal Charge

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This is a horrible horrible bank. I've been with them for a year and have repeatedly dealt with fraud on my account. The employees are not helpful. At first they are nice, say they will follow up, then never respond and I find out later they never did anything (like send me a new bank card). The last straw was a 305 dollar charge that I didn't authorize. Somehow this is my fault? Unlike the other fraud charges, this one happened during an unusually low balance and I got 6 overdraft charges in about 24hours. They refuse to return my money. Unbelievable. My attorney friend says I should just move on....bad people. Terrible bank.

Very Poor Service

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Recently decided to change banks after 20 years with Huntington. Just constant mistakes and runaround with managers, from monthly scheduled payments messing up to my son getting a 24 Hour Grace Period alert and adding money within 12 hours and still getting fees.

You can be on the phone for hours and talk to half a dozen people and still not talk to someone who has the power to do the simplest task. I'm moving my small business accounts and loans to another smaller bank, I wish I had years ago.

Hunting Bank Charges You If You Close Your Account

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Huntington Bank makes no mention of the policy they have to charge $25 if you close your checking account within the first 6 months.  I found this out after I was not permitted to withdraw any funds on the 3rd of the month, the day my SSI is direct deposited.  This was a new account and I had never experienced this in the past at any other financial institution.  The female bank manager was rude and abrupt which lead me to want to close the account.  I was informed that there would be a $25 fee if I close the account within the first six months.  I opened an account at another financial institution and left $1.00 at Huntington.  (There is also an inactivity fee if you don't make deposits or withdrawals or write checks.)

RIP OFF! Flyer Mile Scam!

I have banked with Huntington bank since I was a child (I am 38 now) and I can not believe how they have treated me. I had a Huntington credit card with Worldpoints rewards on it for YEARS and now all of my miles are gone! Over 100,00!! It took me years and years to acquire that amount of points!! Not to mention the $100,000 I had to spend to get them. They switched credit from Visa to Mastercard and while doing so they didn't move the points over. I had saved those miles for many years and for them to not take the time to move them to the new card is ridiculous. I am shocked they would do something like that. I plan on closing all of my accounts with them and moving on to a bank that cares.

Stay Away From Huntington Banks!

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I have had a very bad time with Huntington Banks in the Cleveland, OH area.   I came into the bank about 15 minutes before they closed along with about 4 other people.  I needed to make a deposit that day so that I could cover a check. 

The Manager said that she could make the deposit but asked if she could do it after she waited on the others. Long story short, she didn’t make the deposit and I was billed for penalties. When I saw the penalties, I called her and she said no problem she would get them waived.  Well later I got a call from a collection company that said I owe $345.50.  I called the local VP and went back over everything that happened and the teller lied to her and she believed her teller over the customer.  I had to pay the $345 bucks.  I'm now with another bank and am so glad I made the switch. 

NO 24-Hour Grace Anymore!

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Everything is changing for this bank. Charging almost $40 for 'RETURN' item and are not considering 24-hour grace any longer. Watch out for this false advertising. Do no trust this bank for a minute. When asked why they are not considering this one-time ever this happened check, I was told, "It is determined by the person making decision that day and they decide if it is "return" or passed through. So, we have to wait and see what "mood" this person is in and then they will decide whether or not they want to consider "24-hour grace." Also, went to drive-through banking last week and had to wait! When I pushed the customer button, a woman came to window after a few more minutes and said they had an important meeting right now, and acted as if I was interrupting her. Management must be pretty bad to not even consider WHO will cover the window during this meeting.

Please Keep Your Hands Off My Checkbook. Thank You!

Some of you are way too kind-giving Huntington Bank more than 1 star-I have never had trouble balancing my checkbook until Huntington bank decided to do it for me-putting through the largest check that came in last, on a Tuesday morning, before putting in the smaller checks that came in starting the Friday before-caused many bounced checks and many fees-you know why they did it?  Because they instruct their employees in far off lands to withdraw the largest amounts first that occur in a 5 day (2day weekend/non business arena) first-"it might be their insurance check or mortgage payment" so they are doing us a favor!  This way one check clears and many bounce.  Sometimes I do have to live paycheck to paycheck and I juggle my bills accordingly.  Never had a problem before.  I am 53 years old and also have a substantial amount in different accounts with them that I have started to close!  So Huntington-go Nationwide-PLEASE-Just go!!!!

Freezing Account

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Recently we deposited a large check in our savings. We understood it would take awhile for the check to clear and those funds would not be available to us. But, we were  shocked to find out they froze our entire savings account.

I transfer funds from the saving to the checking to pay bills, but now, can't do so online. If I want my own money transferred I have to go to that bank, ask for my money to be transferred to checking and they will do an "over-ride", and do it for me. But, the weekend is coming...then what?  No one would explain why the other money was included in the freeze,but one rep said our local branch manager did it (when we deposited the money). Another supervisor talked to her in our behalf. All that was said is NOTHING can be done!  I have been with this same bank for 25 years....long before it was even Huntington's. I saw many changing faces, but the ones that have succeeded are the ones who have "customer service skills" and know how to treat and keep a customer. Perhaps, some banks have grown too big to bother or care. 

24 Hr. Grace

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   I had a bill that was denied payment, which Huntington charged a fee. When I called, and

 questioned the 24 hr. grace I was told that it did not apply for non payment. I could not get a 

 direct answer as to why they chose not to honor their advertisement on the 24 hr. grace, except 

 that I should open up a savings account with them to keep this from happening again. Seems to 

 me that they are trying to force people by charging for what should have been forgiven.


Mortgage Disappointment And Dishonesty

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Had a horrible experience with the loan department. They harassed me daily about closing on the loan. When we scheduled the closing, a notary came with the paperwork and our borrowed amount increased 2,700 and our payment went up by $70/ month. I obviously refused to sign, and the loan agent yelled at me over the phone that it wasn't his fault. Will never deal with such a shady company again.

Would Not Honor Promotion

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I opned an account with Huntington Bank in early March of 2012. They were advertising a $100 promotion for opening new account. I completed the terms as requested. when I contatced the bank to get promo they said I was not eligible. They kept giving me the runaround. It took several weeks to find out that the bank does not care about it's customers. I would not deal with Huntington again..

Changing Terms And Conditions For Deposits Is Ongoing

Have had an account with Huntington for many years.  A while ago, I got a call from the bank manager telling me that no non-Huntington ATM deposits would process any longer.  I was very perplexed as I have not had any trouble with deposits in the past.

Have had the account long enough that Huntington ATM depopsit will only credit $400.00 pending until deposit is verified and posted.  Have not had trouble in the past with outstanding 24-hour Grace Period items not clearing once my deposit is made (unless deposit was really late at night).

Now I am told that NSF fees occurred because my whole deposit wasn't posted, even though the "whole deposit" would have brought balance to the black once verified and posted.  I asked to have fees removed.

I was told that couldn't happen and deposits must be made in Huntington ATM before 10:30 a.m. in order to clear for terms on 24-hour Grace Period.  Never, never, NEVER had that condition been in place for prior deposit transactions!  Therefore, MORE NSF fees were added.

Went to the bank and made 2 seperate deposits since I needed more than $400 to bring balance to the black.  ATM slips that show what my deposits were and what balance was available.  Logged in the next morning & they ignored the deposits, returned items and then added more NSF fees!

How do they keeping changing deposit terms so much!?

Huntington Is NOT Honoring This Advertised Deal.

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I told someone who was opening an account at a different local bank about how Huntington is such a great bank and that I have my personal and business accounts there.  I could not have been more embarrassed.  They went into Huntington and were told NO.  I sent them the above URL from Huntington which advertises $100 if you open an account by March 30, 2012, and the bank called Huntington and asked to honor the deal and was also told NO.  I called Huntington and I was talked down to by someone who said the "powers from above get to decide".  Like we have left this world and are now under the influence of a Magical one.  I was flabbergasted.  I have substancial holdings and business accounts with payroll at Huntington, apparently they don't need my business because they are well on there way to losing it.  

Easy Bank To Deal With

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Very friendly staff, always willing to listen.  Low to no fees on checking.  They do not force you to have a debit card if you do not want one. They help you with your online banking.  Their loan rates are excellent and they always tell you when they have come down and you could rewrite your loan.  I love their hours and the easy to use online banking. The only recommendation I could make is free checks on a seniors account.

Stellar Customer Service, Competitive Rates, Great Prducts/Services

I have banked with Huntington for about 7 years now and I have never had a bad experience. Everyone from the tellers to the investment reps are very helpful and courteous, they go above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I have always been one to maintain control over my checkbook but even if I wasn't they make it virtually impossible to overdraw your account. They send you notifications to your phone and/or email once you've gone below you're set "low balance" (which you choose since the definition of a low balance differs from customer to customer). They also notify you by cel and/or email when you have over drafted and they give you til the next business day to make it right before you are accessed a fee. Literally, only a primate or an idiot could mess up this account. I always feel bad for the bankers when I see someone coming in complaining about their overdraft fees because the banker says "well let's take a look at your balance book and see what was maybe missed" and people go "What balance book?" Come on people this is elementary banking, it is not the banks fault that you spent outside your means. They have very competitive rates for today’s market and I am very happy with the rate I got for my money market and my investments. Also, because of my deposit balance I get a laundry list of free features including thier VERY user friendly online banking/bill pay. My kids (broke college students) have their accounts with Huntington as well and it has been so easy for them to maintain. The hours are so convenient!! Open 7 days a week and until 7pm on the weekday. They are also opening full service branches in all of the Giant Eagle grocery stores which have even more extended hours!! The number of locations of Huntington Banks is also ideal for me. About 7 atm/banking office locations near/in the city I live and about 5 in the area I work. My only quip about this bank is that it is a midwest bank, they should go national because they would dominate the industry!

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