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Take Them To Court!!!!!!!

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This Bank has frozen all of my accounts and won’t give me any explanation or refund!!! A week later I find out that someone deposited check that bounced into my account. It’s at Minnesota branch location!!! When I asked them if I could get my funds back they gave me a nasty attitude and said I should be watching my accounts closely and now it will be my fault that I’m not getting my hard earned money back!!!! What!!!! How does that make any sense??? Please someone I need a lawyer asap!!! They have taken hostage of the money I need to pay for bills!!!! Thief’s !!!!!! I will go national News on them!!! I will not be mocked, disrespected and robbed!!!! Watch for class action suit because I’m not the only one time to take the crooks down!

Don’T DO IT… Take Your Business ELSEWHERE

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Went to Huntington Bank located in Milwaukee near 76th and Bradley Rd. I had a check received from someone that was drawn under Huntington Bank. Huntington ask for I D and I provided it. They asked for a second ID, I provided it and they refused it.

After they refused to cash the check, they had the nerve and the audacity to ask me if I wanted to open a bank account.

How in the heck you offering me to open a bank account without proper ID to cash a simple check according to you?

You don’t even respect the members you have. You will not allow their checks to be cashed after written.

You are trying to gain more members by telling them the only way they can cash is if they joined your branch and got an account.

You are nuts…I respectfully declined. I took my business elsewhere. I would never open an account through you.

Froze My Business Checking Account!

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Huntington Bank without my knowledge or notifying me prior, froze my business checking account because they wanted some updated business profile forms filled out and retuned that they supposably sent through the mail. My payroll didn't go thru and I lost 3 days of deposits along with a wire transfer. I spent 2 1/2 days trying to get this resolved and there business customer service is TERRIBLE and i had to visit 5 local branches to find one that actually had a bank manager to resolve this issue.

Gaslighting, Horrible Customer Service

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This is the worst financial institution I've had the misfortune to deal with. They erroneously electronically debited 3 car payments instead of one, amounting to an overpayment of $1008.90 from my credit union. When I called them on their error, they told me they would refund me by check through USPS. Even though they can electronically debit, for some reason they cannot electronically refund. I've been waiting over three weeks for my refund. Numerous calls, hours on the phone and all I get is the old "Check is the mail excuse". Stay away from these liars. They will treat you like crap.


Where to start…my father passed away in 2019, my mom went to their bank (at time TCF now Huntington) she asked they remove my father from the account and add me! Well someone took it upon themselves and removed my dad and made me POA (which I didn’t need cause I had one from the attorney and we all know POA doesn’t work when someone passes) unfortunately my mom and I didn’t check (we assumed the bank would do what they were asked to) now my mom passed away July 28, 2021 (YES OVER 2 YEARS AGO) I have been calling the bank and trying to get this resolved, my moms stuff didn’t go through probate as she didn’t have much and she thought she took care of everything so my sisters and I wouldn’t have to deal with anything complicated! Like I said I’ve called the bank several times…left several vm with NO return calls…(VERY FRUSTRATING) I went to Michigan 3 times earlier this year, did everything (gave them copy of death certificates, did a probate check, wrote a letter as the executor of the estate) they said I need to do all to get told that since my mom moved out of state I need contact someone here (in Florida) and see what I need to give a bank in Michigan…WHAT??? That’s just ridiculous! I have left more vms and called a headquarters number just to be told to call a branch cause they are the ones that can take care of this, so I just left another vm…I’m sure I won’t get a response cause I never do…this is very frustrating to have to deal with and this is what my mom was trying to prevent! I know it’s not Huntington’s fault for the POA but they are 100% responsible for not returning calls, and making me come from Florida 3 times all for nothing!!
All I want is to close her accounts and move the money to a trust account she has here in Florida!

Poor Customer Service

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A bank with poor customer service. Did not treat me like I was a valued customer. Made me feel unimportant as a customer. Unfortunately, I was forced to go with this bank when they purchased my mortgage. Would never voluntarily bank with Huntington, nor would I recommend anyone who has a choice to do so. I am fairly well off, not a millionaire, but certainly have no difficulty in paying my bills. Apparently, they must care only about the top 1%, or perhaps, and more likely, they really only care about themselves.

Horrible Service

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If I could give no stars I would Huntington bank is by far the worst bank open. They have no automated system to conduct business, their hold times are ridiculous, they freeze and put holds on your account for no reason. They give you the runaround with mixed communication, false information and seems that training or care for the customer is non existing. The worse thing tcf bank did was turn to Huntington bank. My account has now been under review for going on more than two months. I have submitted multiple times the same documentation been to the branch over 7 times to the point the branch staff says they don’t understand what corporate is doing. After filling consumer complaints and reaching out to Attorney general I finally got some answers but not my money and still going through the same shameful horrible customer service nightmare. They need to be investigated honestly by the government.

Huntington Bank Customer Service

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I would not recommend this bank to anyone. While some of the people are nice, the policies of this bank are not customer focused and you walk away with a feeling they really don't care about you.

Here's why I say this and why I rated this bank as I did:

I belonged to a bank that Huntington purchased this past fall. The experience has been one of the most disorganized and frustrating mergers I've ever been through (I've been through 3 in the past 5 years). It started with me noticing that an ACH payment that I had scheduled (following their pre-conversion instructions) did not appear anywhere. I ended up spending a couple of hours in the bank with the result that the bank overnighted a cashier's check to the payee. The next day, Huntington also processed an ACH payment to the same payee, which due to the cashier's check, bounced. Because it was a Huntington issue, they refunded the NSF fees. However, as soon as I deposited additional funds into my account, they re-processed the ACH payment resulting in my paying that payment twice. When brought to their attention, they told me I could file a request to have the funds returned, but it would take 45 days to do so. So, I ended up paying the same payee twice, which shorted me money for the following month. I also had a business account with my old bank. When I went to pay bills from that account, it was not there. Back to the bank for another 3-hour session with a customer service representative before that account was finally located and attached to my other accounts. This all happened in October. At the end of November, I closed the business account, but left my personal checking account open and scheduled a payment to be made on December 1st. Today, I was notified that payment was never received. When I logged into my account, I was surprised to see that all of my payee information had been deleted. In addition, I could not see any transaction history any longer. Called Huntington and was told I closed the account, so all payee information and all scheduled payments were canceled, read that "not made". Needless to say, I was beyond taken aback. I asked them why they would delete payees and payments being made from an account that was still open. Their response was that I closed the account. I then asked them to FedEx the payment (a very substantial amount) to the payee, but Huntington refused to do so. I filed a complaint with Huntington's Executive Resolution department, but in reality, hold very little hope that anything will be done.

Stay away. Stay a long way away.

Huntington Mortgage

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In short: Disorganized, unhelpful, and doesn’t resolve issues. They never paid my school taxes after I informed them of a reassessment in February. Fast forward to September and the taxes are still NOT paid. On top of that, there are now fees and penalties totaling around $400 for the delinquencies. Since February I’ve spoken to many representatives to get this issue resolved. Today, I was informed that they expect me to cover those penalty fees even though it was their mistake. Do NOT trust Huntington with your mortgage.

Horrible Customer Service And Banking Experience

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Be aware of this bank; when you deposit a check through the mobile bank, they always think it is fraud and block your online and mobile access without notifying you. You won't know what's going on? When you try to do a bank-to-bank transfer ( after the trial deposit complete), they block your bank online and mobile access completed again without notifying you. Each time I call this 800 #, it took at least a minimal 55 min to get through a person, and when they discontinued me ( not from my side), they will never call back; they said they nerve call the customer back. I have to dial and wait another hour. because my account is blocked; they don't know what's going on. I have no way access to your money and don't know where my money was. They will hold money for almost a month without helping you solve the problem, terrible service. I will never bank with them anymore.

Slow ACH Transfers

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Slowest ACH service I've ever seen, and low limits (10k).

Do Not Bank Here Trust Me

This bank is terrible always down for maintenance. Plus they closed my account without warning for no reason at all. They said they didn't have to provide one. Stay far away from this horrible bank. Complaint filed with state attorney General.

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