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Deceptive And Unforgiving

many people have mentioned this but logix offers no projection to is customers against fraud and will accuse you instead of assisting . logix promises help against theft but they are unwilling to assist . please dont sign up for this bank. one other customer referenced that if you have loan they process fees for depositing money. Logix has also been known charge customers fees for using the card when there's a balance . customer service will assure they cant assist . if this occurs contact the ncua or else they wont pay attention to your case

20 Years No Problems

They called when I started using a VPN to see if it was really me. Most people wouldn't know what a VPN was. Top notch tech support.

Excellent Rates, Service, And Products

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Logix has been my best banking or even credit union experience by far. I have had good experiences with both a mortgage and car loan as well as accounts in general and have quite enjoyed the occasional share dividend (separate from interest on accounts). The recent no-nonsense 1.99% automatic loan for anything (I used it for consolidation--including a Logix account, no restriction nor additional percentage/transfer) was great too.

Sometimes wish the website/phone app was slightly snappier or there were a couple more branches (North Hollywood to Sherman Oaks area would be great) but also appreciate they're not like First Entertainment blowing through all their money to pop up and advertise everywhere while providing mediocre rates and service.

Top Notch Credit Union

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This credit union is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I have never looked back after leaving Chase and Wells Fargo. Their customer service is great. And although, the closest bank is about 20 minutes from me, I almost never make the drive because every thing is available over the phone or at other near by Co-Op Credit Unions.

Logix Federal Credit Union Review

I have been banking with Lockheed/Logix for about 20 years and cannot see me ever switching back to a "regular" bank again. Their customer service is the best I've come across, and I've banked at numerous institutions throughout my life. I would highly recommend them.

Greatest "Banking" Experience Ever

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At almost 50 years old I can without a doubt say that Logix is the greatest "banking" experience I've ever had. Highly recommended ????

Customer Service / System

I have been a customer since 2010 with Lockheed Federal Credit Union. It was great..people, system, etc.. My original home loan and the first refi have been with them. I did a second refi with them and it wasn't as smooth as the first refi. A few time I was told system glitches where the monthly payment didn't do what it was supposed to do. It was disappointing. Secondly I have trouble with their messages box. Hard to tell whether the message has been read. I sort of stop reading the messages because it was taking too long to open.

I Love Logix Credit Union

I have been a member of Logix CU for over 15 years and will never use a bank again. I have several accounts set up, two mortgages (one personal and one investment property) and I have set up accounts for my children. They have the best accounts for teens just learning how to be responsible and manage money. I will never go anywhere else!

Superb Customer Service

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I have been a member for over 20 years and their customer service is consistently superb. Their products are competitive and online, mobile or in person are great! Very satisfied...always recommend Logix.

Best Credit Union And Best Bank Ever

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I've been with Logix for over seven years and the are great! Their Teller's can make decision on the spot without having to bring Managers into the conversation which means getting in/out of the bank quickly. You can do lots on the phone without having to come in including loans. They do business the old way, which is great customers service, something all other banking institutions do not do anymore. When you go in they ask if you would like water/coffee, when you meet with a financial advisor they walk you to the door to say goodbye and thank you. These are little things that make a big difference in how they treat their customers. They don't nickle/dime you to death for all these fees, which is great! I understand it is difficult to get a job at Logix and when you do go in for an interview you don't interview with one person, you interview with multiple people and they want to know if you fit in their culture of service. They are a regional credit union with facilities in California and some locations outside of California. Because technology allows you to do many things online you don't need to to into the bank. I don't live in California anymore (thank goodness) & they don't have locations where I live but I can do deposits using my phone so that's not an issue, I can go to an affiliate credit union so I don't get charged for withdrawing cash or you just go to your grocery store while shopping and get cash when you pay your bill. I can't say enough good things about Logix but highly recommended if you're sick and tired of dealing with banks or other credit unions you don't feel like you're getting good service.

The Best Credit Union

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I stopped using banks around 1995 and started using a Credit Union for all my banking needs.

Unfortunately, not all credit unions are alike, and in 2012 after being a member in good standing with that same credit union for 17 years (2 checking accounts, a saving account and a money market account), that same credit union started acting like a bank. It's a long story and not worth retelling. Too much negativity. That said, the experience was so bad that I actually thought about switching my money back to a bank, which did not make me happy at all. So, I reluctantly stayed with that credit union.

Years later, I happened to be telling a good friend of mine about the 2012 incident and how frustrated and angry I was with my credit union.

That friend was a member of Logix Federal Credit Union and could not stop saying enough good, no great things, about Logix.

That was in 2017. I switched to Logix and I wondered what took me so long to find them.

Banking with Logix is the absolute BEST experience I have ever had with any institution.

All the employees, in person or over the phone, are friendly, professional and helpful, and they always thank me for being a Logix member. And all I can say in return is thank you for being the Best Credit Union. If all businesses ran as well as Logix the world would be a better place and that is not an exaggeration.

I am a Logix Member for life.

A Very Efficient Bank

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I've only been a member since 2014, but I sure enjoy doing business with this credit union. I have a mortgage with them, which was an extremely efficient, painless process, as well as my checking and money market accounts. Their customer service is pretty awesome, both on the phone and in person. The web site is easy to use, too. And oh yes, their rates are good, too. I would recommend Logix to anyone.

Services Has Declined!

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Service has declined! We have a premiere account, 1. they don’t offer notary services for Trust documents that will only be used for ALL our accounts at Logix.
2. They charge a fee to refinance! that’s NEW
3. The member service knowledge has declined tremendously! Every time I call the rep sounds like they just got up and your bothering them. This is also NEW!
Member service used to be Premier with knowledgeable professional and polite representatives.

Logix FCU Is The Only Institution I Use

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Logix customer service is by far the best I have ever encountered in the banking world. Great rates and benefits only make it better. I recently moved out of state and still use them without hesitation. I have had an account with them for nearly 60 years and never have had a complaint.

Best Bank Ever!

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I've been with LOGIX forever. They have always been there for me. Their customer service is amazing. They appreciate my business.
Highly recommend - they are in it for you - not big business.


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We have been with Logix long before it was Logix. We do all our banking with them. Including HELOC, Mortgage, Savings, Checking, and credit card.
I love the fact that anytime I call there is always a live person answering my calls. Everyone is very courteous and pleasant to talk to.

Awesome Customer Service For 15+ Years

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I joined Logix back when they were Lockheed Federal Credit Union here in Palmdale, CA. I have been with them ever since for all banking products, including car loans, personal loans and credit cards. When our daughter moved to CO I was concerned about access and convenience but their customer service, even remotely from CA, remains excellent and she would not dream of leaving "her" credit union. Both our children have their own Logix accounts and plan to keep them wherever they end up in life :)

Logix Bank Is Simply THE BEST !!!

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Over the past 60 some years i have done business and had accounts with every Bank that has done business in California and they all pale in comparison with LOGIX. Remarkably it seems every employee in every department knows exactly what they are doing at all times and everyone is committed to prompt and enlightened customer service ! This is an amazing organization !!! If you are not on board you are missing out.

Rock Solid And High Quality Service

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Having been with a competing well respected credit union for over 15 years, I am thrilled I moved my money to Logix. The highest yields on liquid savings of any brick and mortar bank near me. They are a rock solid financial institution. They were solid during the 2008 financial meltdown. I checked them out thoroughly for stability, security and longevity.

Convenient, safe and great service. A brick and mortar business is reassuring place to keep my hard earned dollars. Nice to have a real location with people I know that will talk to me if I have a problem. Web banks may give you a slightly higher rate, but Logix has a long track record I can count on and a real location not just a web address.

Very Glad We Switched From Big Bank

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Best decision we ever made was to finally pull out of one of the top big banks and join Logix. After researching Logix, I decided that it's a MUCH safer place to keep our money--which is the whole point of putting money in a bank account. The big banks will definitely "bail in" our funds someday but I trust that Logix won't do that. They're honest and not part of the criminal cabal of bankers. Also the customer service is absolutely amazing compared with Bank of ...... I really love the phone service-- immediate response, no phone jails here! In person service is even better. We're treated like royals! Wish we had walked away from the nonsense of the big banks sooner!

Great Experience For 15+ Years With Logix

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I joined Logix back when they were Lockheed Federal Credit Union and had physical branches in NH. I have been with them ever since for all banking products, including my home mortgage and car loan (recently paid off). I was concerned when they closed the local branches here a few years back, but their customer service, even remotely from CA remains excellent. They have the best mortgage rates by far, and their savings and CD rates can't be beat. Add to that 3% on any credit card purchases and no foreign transaction fees (which were important back when we were able to travel). I started my daughter with a teen account and hope she remains a loyal member of Logix too.

My Go To Institution

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I have been with Logix 50 years and in that entire time, I have not had one single negative experience. The staff is very helpful, the rates are great on loans, and their credit card pays 3% on every purchase! Not only that, but they actually paid me a year end dividend recently.

Love this credit union!

Beware Of Newly Imposed Low Balance Fees

After carrying a six- figure Logix credit card balance and paying them close to $100 monthly interest and always making on- time payments for several years, I finally was able to pay off my card. Within a week, I received a letter informing me that a $5 per month low-balance maintenance fee would now be assessed unless I either boosted my credit card debt, or keep $1,000 on deposit. I belong to five other credit unions and have never seen this kind of BofA.-style nickel and diming , money squeezing B.S at any credit union. Wrote a much more polite, complaint letter to [email protected] (Chief Op Ofc) and [email protected] (CFO) and neither responded. I closed my account yesterday. You can do much better elsewhere. Try NASA credit union, which is open to the public if you buy a one time association membership of around $20 if I recall the amount correctly, or try PenFed. Say goodbye to Hollywood.

Times Have Changed

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LOGIX is not the same bank as in the past. Besides anemic savings and CD rates they discontinued their annual loyalty dividend, claiming that building new comfortable corporate offices better served its members. But even worse is the new policy of charging a $5 monthly fee for customers who do not maintain an aggregate balance of $1,000 at all times. LOGIX has now adopted the personality of the “big boys”. From 5 stars to none, have to give the lowest available, one.

Logix Federal Credit Union has been solid, dependable and up to date.

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My membership with Logix Credit Union began with Lockheed Federal Credit Union. I joined when I lived in the Los Angeles area, near Burbank, which was their main branch and have been a member since the 1990s. They more recently changed their name and have maintained their tradition of great customer service and making members feel valued. They offer full services, are customer oriented and going into the branch or on the phone are good at making me feel like a valued member.
I now live in Arizona and bank online and by phone. Either way their service has been great. They process requests quickly, in a friendly manner and give accurate information. I have checking, a debit card and savings accounts with them and have had no issues or problems. They have been rock solid and always there when I have needed them.

Chexsystems Inquiries

My initial application for membership was declined because of the number of ChexSystems inquiries (not negative information, just the number of inquiries). I was able to join after appealing the decision, and the credit union has some unique products: it's one of the few that offers mortgages on investment properties instead of primary residences.

The Best Credit Union

I have been banking with Logix for many years, dating back to when it was known as Lockheed Federal Credit Union. I have two savings accounts, a checking account and a money market account. I could not be happier with all of them. They do not charge any fees for their accounts, and they only require a $5 daily minimum balance for all accounts except certain savings accounts. Their interest rates are very competitive. In fact, I have switched my savings account from another bank over to Logix so that I could receive their higher interest rate. Their customer service has always been fantastic. All of their employees are very polite and always so willing to help with whatever their clients need. My only complaint about Logix is their website and mobile app. They are both hit and miss. Sometimes they will not work very well. Other than that, I am completely satisfied with Logix and would highly recommend them.

Excellent credit union!!!

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Don't be fooled by the name, they call themselves Logix Banking but this is what was formally known as Lockheed Federal Credit Union. They use the term "bank" as they were afraid too many people thought they wouldn't be able to join, but this is not the case, they accept everybody. My star ratings do reflect the fact that I have been always treated with respect, courtesy, and professionalism with this credit union. All of the tellers are consistently friendly, and they have very competitive loan rates.
Also, their online and mobile banking services offer everything a regular fee bank has, without all those pesky fees.
You know the best part? In the past two years, I've received a "loyalty reward" of 25.00 deposited to my savings account. They can do this because they are a non-profit and can pass their profit back onto the members. So, not only do enjoy very low or no fees, you get an annual loyalty bonus from them.
I don't know why anyone would want to do business at a regular for profit bank. Their online checking, savings, and bill pay system is very easy and intuitive. They also have smartphone check deposit, and it is flawless! I highly recommend Logix!

Great Products

I had a few accounts with Wells Fargo and noticed the day after i opened my accounts I had a credit card that i didn't apply for. I didn't request anything from Wells and decided to close my account. As I was walking I noticed this credit union and saw a representative greet me at the door. I've never been to a bank where they were humble and polite so i decided to open an account and get to know the Banker. They are very helpful and have been with them for over 3+ years.

Excellent Credit Union-Why pay the fees?

I have been a member of the bank for several years now. Actually, Logix Smarter Banking is actually a credit union and used to be called Lockheed Federal Credit Union.
I cannot say enough good things about this bank. They are always very courteous, and have all of the same services as a regular bank. The differences are their fees are very low compared to many banks. Their online website and bill pay are first class, and they do have an app for check deposit that is first class. Their online bill pay is very intuitive and is seamless.
The icing on the cake is besides having very low fees, every year for the past 3 years, I've been getting a 25.00 dollar loyalty reward deposited to my savings account! They can do this as they are a non-profit, so they pass any profit back to the members. You will not regret joining this bank.

Sloppy, Lost All Account Materials

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Customer service assured me could open roll-over of IRA from another place into Roth IRA. Sent application in with  signatures and lotsa documentation. Was assured that it had been received.  Months later nobody there has any idea of ever receiving or processing same. Maybe you need a branch nearby to use. Moved on, Roth IRA now with stockbrokerage.

Great Institution!

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I've moved much of my money to Lockheed!  No regrets

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