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Midflorida Credit Union Scams

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My name, is Jean. I was a loyal customer of your bank, since I was 16yrs old. This is where I've opened my first bank account. But, enough of that. Since 2021 it's now over two years since your bank has stolen $20,625.00 from my account #
Route # NICOLE MOORE is the person that has frozen my account without any explanations. When I spoke with her over the phone, she was very rude and nasty. She should not be working there at all or as a loss prevention manager. All your other members do not reply back to me from their emails. Steve Moseley, CEO · Amanda 'Mandy' Cox, Compliance Officer · Cassandra Conrad. This is the wrost credit union bank company ever. Stay away from them people. Now, I demanded to have my funds back ASAP, with loss for the emotional and financial depression, your bank has put me into for the last two years.

Deception At Midflorida Credit Union

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Recently purchased a vehicle and used MidFlorida for financing. Received my first bill and noticed there my signed for balance was different than my installment contract. Spoke with the loan department and they told me they also charge a $125.00 Doc Fee. I went through the contract and that $125.00 was already included in the contract total. They refuted it saying that $125.00 was prepaid interest not the doc fee. I explained that I signed for an amount and expected it to be the final number. Long story short, it didn't matter what I said nothing was going to change! Have used MidFlorida for 20 years and financed 2 vehicles with them and NEVER in the past had this happen. Very sad day as I am probably going to pay off the loan and withdrawal all my money and find a new credit union. This hidden fee nonsense is what is ruining relationships and why no one trusts Banks in this country. NO STARS for this revue!

Not Recommended

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Everyone at this bank from Manager to representatives are really rude. They don’t believe in customer service. They do not respect their customers. After five years of banking with them I have had it and left this bank with no return. My opinion to anyone is to avoid this bank. If you spend a little time reading other reviews on other sites it would seem being rude and causing other problems is what they do best.

Not A Good Bank.

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I just moved to Florida and was looking for a bank. I talked to a representative to this bank and she was pretty rude. I just wanted to setup a free checking. I filled out the application and found out it wasn't free like they said. It costed me 55.00. A few hours later I got a message saying they had denied me due to credit score. I never heard of a bank deny someone from a free checking account due to credit score. So now my other credit union bank that I've been with for 20+ years has a hold put on the 55.00. My opinion to anyone is to avoid this bank. Reading other reviews on other sites it would seem being rude and causing other problems is what they do best.

Mid Florida Credit Union Car Loan

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This company is not good. I got a car loan through a dealership and right away I started having issues. Mid Florida started saying that I didn't have insurance on the car, I spoke with the dealer they verified that they told them my insurance info, 2 weeks later I received more mail stating that they would charge me $1600 for insurance if I didn't send proof of insurance. This time I went on their web site and followed the procedure to give proof of insurance. 1 month later I again get mail that states I am not insured and 1600 is going against my loan, this time I called, talked to the rep, got everything straight. Another month goes by and I received another letter.......see where I'm going. This time I called another bank, refinanced my loan through them and want to cut all ties with Mid Florida. So I just got off Mid Florida's web site to verify they received the loan proceeds and they have removed the loan from my accounts. I can't see if they are payed in full or if they even got the check. DON'T USE THEM!!!

Feeeeeees To Death

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Have been a mid Florida user for over 30 years. They will fee $$$ you to death. Telch themselves as a working man's bank while the arrogant president post all his cars that he owns on online. Go to Pen Fed better rates lower fees more like mid Florida used to be.

Midflorida Credit Union

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Their help desk is always in call back mode, meaning they do not have sufficient employees to handle the incoming calls. The online account opening process is not user friendly and my accounts were never funded. I requested an electronic transfer which was within their stated guidelines. I spent over 1/2 calling to be told that a support ticket would be issued and that someone would phone me back. I never received a call back and oddly the next day the funds were deposited. I would not recommend them.


If you like never knowing when your WEEKLY direct deposit will hit this is the CU for you.
Reps have every excuse in the book and when you question why your direct deposit was posted late causing overdraft fees they downtalk you and tell you to manage your money better.
Its impossible to manage your money when you never know when they will post your check.
Last week it hit at 1am. This week its 654am and still not posted. If you like your money available at the same time every week find a different bank.
The mobile app will require a "check" almost daily by sending a code via txt or email before you can log in.

Reliable Credit Union

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I left my former bank and moved to Bank of America when they were advertising a $75 deposit for opening an account. The people were personable, and thorough in reviewing all of their benefits with me. I set up my account, and they allow a setting that doesn't allow you to overdraw and run up fees. Another bonus was setting up an early paycheck deposit, where I get it almost two days earlier than everyone I else. I have a savings and checking account, and it couldn't get any easier transferring funds around using the mobile app or the website. They're open later than normal banks, so there's more access to face to face service, and they have a drive through at nearly every location. They win my vote for being a good credit union. Literally only complaint would be the $2 they charge if you withdraw money from anywhere except their ATMs.

Glad I switched

About a year and half ago I switch banks solely for convenience. MidFlorida Credit Union locations are more convenient for me personally, that was the only reason I switched. However, what I have discovered is that I really do like MidFlorida much better than my previous bank. The hours of operation are much better. The staff is more helpful and just knew the answers to the questions I ask when opening my accounts. They could explain the details with out having to look them up. I wanted detailed information on the types of checking accounts and the fees involved. The were very knowledgeable and helpful. Once I had a mobile deposit that didn't show up in my checking account. When I called the answered quickly and took the time to research the matter and got back with me very quickly correcting the error. I was very impressed with the way the handled the entire thing. In know way did they indicate that they expected the error to be on my part. They were respectful and professional.

Love This Banking Experience

A couple of years ago I switched banks to MidFlorida Credit Union for the location convenience. It has been a great experience. Setting up my checking and savings at the branch was seamless. Each time I visit my branch the people are curious, helpful and efficient. More importantly, they all really know what they are doing. I do a great deal of banking online. The security set up is much more involved than any other bank I've dealt with. Yet, it is very user friendly and functions well. My checking and savings accounts have no monthly fees. Over all, I'm really glad I made the switch. I didn't expect to find a better banking experience, just a more convenient one. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find I truly like banking at MidFlorida Credit Union better than any other bank I have used.

Special Cds

This CU has a history of special CDs if you wait for them. The 3-yr and 5-yr step-up CDs are listed here. They also have a Christmas Club that you can use as a one-year CD. The one that pays out in November 2015 pays 2% on up to $4,000. The November 2014 one paid 3% on up to $3,000. These do not roll-over; you can add to them during the year (as with a typical Christmas Club), or invest all at once.

Very friendly. Good checking, ATM, safe deposit.

Avoid Midflorida - Bank Sucks

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Fees after fees for sometimes their mistakes. Avoid using this bank as their customer service is also horrible. Their transactions page and mobile apps are full of glitches. Even the way their bank transactions post of horrible and not normal like other banks. Just walk away!

Midflorida, What A Bank Shouldn't Be

I hope you are reading this before you put any money at MidFlorida Credit Union, or it may be too late to help you.
MidFlorida credit union used to be great, but not anymore. This concerns their hidden fee of the Early Withdrawal Penalty for CDs. Most banks that I know of charge a 6-month penalty for early withdrawals, as did MidFlorida for many, many years. I have dealt with them over 15 years, and it has always been the same as far as I know. The MidFlorida penalty is six times the industry average, obscene in my opinion.
In 12/2012 they quietly changed, and put in their obscene 3 year interest penalty on a 5 year CD. Of course, this was not disclosed by the MidFlorida employee when my CD was being opened about three months later, what a surprise. I would be stunned if anybody who knows about this ever opened a CD there. Doing the calculations, for their 5 year CD currently paying 1%, at the end of the first year you would pay MidFlorida 2% on your principle, after the second year you would pay MidFlorida 1% on your principle, and only at the end of the third year, after your money has been held prisoner all that time, would you be able to get it back, at 0% interest for the three years. In the fourth year you would be able to clear 1%, which works out to an abysmal 0.25% interest per year. Only at the conclusion of the CD, and not one day sooner, would you be able to collect the interest you are due without their obscene penalty.
Now, in addition to that, the interest rates at MidFlorida are terrible. Currently, as of 9/2/2014, MidFlorida is paying 1% for the 5 year CD. State Farm Bank is paying over twice as much, 2.15% APY, with just the 6-month early withdrawal penalty. For an even higher rate, EverBank in Tampa is paying 2.30% APY, but their early withdrawal penalty is 15 months, still less than half of MidFlorida's penalty.
Customer service is abysmal, as they think they can ignore their unhappy customers, but this customer wants to let people know, so they can make an informed decision.

What a bank should NOT be

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This bank was horrible.Unexplained late fee's,Fee's at other atm machines just to check my balance,Horrible costumer service.Just horrible.Take your money elsewhere!

Mid Florida Credit Union in Polk County, FL

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Mid Florida Credit Union is a very nice banking alternative in central Florida. Our family have banked with them for at least 10 years now. We have gotten a really competitive-rate loan from them, also had a safety deposit box. Their savings and money market accounts have no monthly fees if you keep a small minimum balance ($100) - also you can access your accounts with debit cards. Their service staff is very community oriented, with popcorn served in the lobby, and friendly cashiers and service personnel to meet all your needs. I took off 1 point on customer service because they tend to be understaffed at times - we have had to wait up to half an hour to access our safe box on a few occasions. But overall Mid Florida is a really good place to do your banking.

Unfair Treatment

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Midflorida credit union is very disappointing compared to Eastern Financial Credit Union that I joined 16 years ago.
Black members are treated very differently than nonblack members, evidenced by the fact that some of my nonblack friends bank there and do not have to go through the same things as I do. I make deposits from my business account and even though it has overdraft protection, I have to wait for the teller to call the bank to see if I have enough funds to deposit a check. If there is not enough funds at the time they call, a freeze is put on my deposit for 3 days!!!! My nonblack friends with business accounts never encounter that problem!! Sad in 2013!!!
There should be an option for zero stars!!!

Loan Department Is A Complete Joke!

After calling a local branch and explaining the car I was going to buy I was told I was approved for 10,000 on the exact car I was purchasing. I went and purchased the car and took the title to the bank and was then told I was only approved for $8500. They were not willing to help in any way whatsoever. Completely unacceptable!!!


you may want to think twice about trying there secured visa cards. i have had constant issues. The card was diactivated several times for no reason was told the first time someone accidently hit a wrong key. The next time i was diactivated saying my card had expired when it says 2015! Then i was told i could close the account at the branch and receive by secured deposit of 400 dollars back that I put up front in cash! well that didnt happen i have to wait 2 months to receive my deposit back. oh and if you like to use your card at the pump forget that convenince you have to go in the store to swipe your card it never works at the pump. never have i had so much inconvience with a credit card! Of course no one in the bank can assist either because the credit department is a completely separate intity. i give midflorida a Negative 0 stars horrible!Still dont know if or when i will receive my 400 dollars back we will see if it even happens at this point!

Check Cashing

  I have an account with Mid Florida in Lakeland  and went this afternoon to cash several checks. One check was a Social Security Check plus several Charles Schwab Checks.   I was told they would NOT CASH MY CHECKS since I did not have enough money in my personal account and I could not use my business account. I have cashed  these same checks in the past several years, but not today. The teller was rude in my opinion and I will be closing all my accounts  this week.  I took the checks to my new bank BB&T and they were cashed with no problem.  I told the teller if she treated all there customers the same way she would not have a job.  She LACKED COMMON SENSE AND DOESN'T HAVE THE BRAINS TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS WRITE YOUR PAYCHECK.    D. SAYLOR

NSF Fees Are Too Much....

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I got only 45$ from a total if 102.50$ back from a miss calculation on my behalf in a first time incident, I believe that I was mistreated in this case and honestly will be looking for another place to bank with since I was not given the correct opportunity. In my opinion I was treated unfairly. Plus not to add the fact that felt harrased by the lady over the phone with her questions and all that , the way the handle the situation is just poor! Advice there are better credit unions out there! Over and out!

Unprofessional Transfer From SCCU

They bought out my car loan from SCCU and I was never notified. I found out two months later when my car was repossessed. I was used to the payment being automatically debited and didn't notice I hadn't been paid. When I called the orignal bank and discovered it had been sold to MidFlorida. I called their customer service to get the information I needed to make the payment needed to reclaim. Apparently, they're trained over there to ask you chastising questions about what happened with the payment and make you feel as though whether they'll let you make the payments or not depends on your answers. It's already an incredibly situation for the customer involved. There is no reason to add to it. Just give me the information I need and leave the games out of it.  

Credit Uniion Switch From SCCU To Mid Florida

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Mid Florida has handeled there takeover or switch from Space Coast to Mid Florida so poorly I am closing out my account from loosing trnsaction history records online to accidentaly debitting from my savings when I use my debit card to stopping my direct deposit and blaming my work when they showed me the proof that they submitted my information to the credit union a month ago bullshit this credit union suck.

Free Is NOT Free..

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Have several accounts with Mid Florida. Two "sub" accounts are bled dry as soon as I put money in them. One biz/one personal.I can put in the minimal amount,to "zero it out",or pad it.

Either way...the $$$ is gone...in a hurry.

This fee/that fee/the other fee.The money goes missing.

The commercials you folks see on TV about all the "free" stuff is BS.

They could not survive on free.

Believe half of what your hear...and all you see....(as in monthly statements).

Mid Florida flat out lies to their customers.

Avoid them like a STD.

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