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No Help In Time Of Need

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I was laid off and having trouble finding employment. Instead of assisting me with help they told me good luck, there is nothing they can do at this time to assist me due to my insufficient income... DUH it is insuffcient , I am working tirelessly to find employment while starting a business and caring for my children and just thought I had a helping hand in Navy Federal. I was wrong :-(

Real Estate & Mortgage Broker Are Not Allow For Membership Or Account At Navy Federal Credit Union

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I'm a Navy Federal Credit Union member with both savings and checking accounts. I also have a rewards credit card account with them. I'm a mortgage broker with over 19 years of experience, and was declined a business membership, checking and savings account. I asked the reason, and was just told, they don't consider Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. No explanation for that. However DCU Federal Credit Union had no problem setting up a person and business membership with Checking & Savings account in less than 48hrs. :(


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False Info

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The info posted for nfcu is false. Capitalization for nfcu is strong. Does Deposie Accounts have a political agenda against nfcu?????

Horrible Deceptive Racist And Willingly

Navy federal ignored billing error and account take over even a dividend interest payment they kept local branch which there reaponsible for get this they cl9se my account dont refund my money the provisinal credit they move to bill pay one agent reaet my paasword i got in so they sent me negativws bit shoqed my acciunt in postives they sent me welcome video for credit card which i never recieved amd did nothing they said it was error but in the video had my whole goverment name in it.i also mailwd them over 10k in deposits they kept but little do they know last year ive charged them interest .my question is hoq is their secuirty team the only one with hours 6 to 3pm et but every other departmwnt is is 24hours and you uave to wait hours to ralk to secuiirty took me 4 days once to get threw so wh6 they think they can get away with embezzlemnt etc.stop it.yall dont lend your money so how do you figure people owe you for something your obligated to like the unpaid balance.and then send what you took and made money of tgat and send to debt collecter .yeah fat lawsuit coming i keep all proof and your local branch manger and teller help pressing charges for theft i have her recording oh got l8fe insurance my account and number and routing they told true stage it was the wrong info i provided.cancled my policy or cashed it in 100k .funny all these people on recording pressing charges so if they are doing this to everybody maybe they should clise tyem down

They And There Fraud Department Are The Frauds

I've never seen anything like this held a deposit for a month cleared the fraud department they cleared it and reveled it . This bank is the biggest fraud I have ever seen. People are rude and have no idea what they are doing . I never thought a bank would ever even try anything like this . Don't ever use this bank it's the biggest scam I have ever seen. Run with your money anywhere but here !!!

Horrible, Horrible NFCU!!

First of all Customer Service ridiculous they talk to you over the phone I had them send me a check the check got lost in the mail. Apparently I never received it. They stated I have to wait over 90 days to receive my funds for something they put in the mail and I applied for a loan, and they wanted to charge me a high ass interest rate in my credit is good I see why they have that class actual lawsuit against them. And Jessica the case manager oh my God she should not be working for Customer Service. Her attitude was horrible.

Very Worried

With health rating C- and some of specific health ratings are F, I am worried.
Is it possible that the largest credit union with $60 billion in assets is heading towards Insolvency?
Now they have to testify to congress and defend over their unfair loan practices.
My unisured (over the limit) IRA is at risk and there is nothing I can do about it.
This Credit Union needs immediate action.
Or, is it too big to fail?

Navy Federal Credit Union

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Navy Federal lowered their rates today for a $100,000 5 or 7 year CD’s to 3.85%. I knew it was coming but not this early. I was not expecting this move until about maybe May or June.

Egregious Business Practice

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I have never seen such an egregious banking institution. Navy will be called to answer for their behavior. First of all, my credit score is excellent, and they gave me an interest rate of 7%. With my score, I normally get a 2.25, or maybe 3%, on an auto loan. Since I understand the economy is in an upheaval and the banks are giving more money on investments, loans will suffer. I talked to Navy extensively about lowering the rate, and they gave me some double talk as to why they couldn't.

I decided to accept the loan knowing as soon as the economy turned around, I would refinance it. To offset the interest, I make a payment weekly instead of monthly since the loan accrues interest daily.

I went in this evening to make my weekly payment and noticed they charged me $22.69 more interest. I called to see what was going on. I was told since I paid after 7:00 pm, they charged me interest from January 5, 2024, my last payment date, until January 16, 2024, next Tuesday, instead of what it should have been—January 5, 2024, until today, January 12, 2024.

I let the representative know this was unacceptable. Interest accrues daily. So at the very most, they could have charged me through tomorrow but definitely not through Tuesday. This is a slick way of getting more money. Most don't understand the game, but I do. I told them to hurry up and reverse my payment, and I will send them a check when I refinance this loan next week.

Navy FCU should be ashamed of their questionable business practices. It's wrong to take advantage of people in this manner. If you look at how they are calculating interest and how they are adding it haphazardly, it seems they are profiting greatly from these practices. So very shameful.

Unpleasant Experience With Navy Federal Credit Union's Car Sales Department

Subject: Unpleasant Experience with Navy Federal Credit Union's Car Sales Department

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the car sales department at Navy Federal Credit Union. My attempt to sell my RV to an RV dealer has been met with numerous challenges, as Navy Federal refuses to approve the sale based on a discrepancy with their Blue Book valuation. Despite my efforts to provide ample evidence of the RV's depreciation, including pictures, repair bills, and repair appraisals, they remain inflexible.

One of the major issues I've encountered is the difficulty in reaching Navy Federal's Car Sales Department. Communication has been challenging, and attempts to find a compromise or understanding have proven futile. This lack of flexibility in their numbers and processes is not only frustrating but also raises concerns about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

This experience has left me feeling unfairly treated, reminiscent of concerns raised about discriminatory practices, especially in relation to mortgages. It is disheartening to witness such challenges and lack of willingness to address customer concerns, particularly when it echoes broader issues of discrimination that have been associated with Navy Federal in the past.

I hope that Navy Federal Credit Union will take these concerns seriously and work towards improving their customer service and addressing potential discriminatory practices within their car sales department.

Improved Online Money Transfer Features?

As a Navy Fed member, I have received emails from them bragging about new or improved funds transfer capabilities with their online banking. This is welcomed news because their ACH transfer capabilities were subpar.
(My primary focus is to get matured CD funds out efficiently, as Navy Fed has not recently been competitive on rates offered.)
However, they still have not stepped up to typical online standards. Perhaps they have added some functionality that is of no interest to me, but with regard to ACH transfers initiated from their online banking, a member still can not move funds out of the member savings account, which one is required to have. Rather, one has to open a checking account, which of course pays next to nothing. And to make a deposit, you have to push that from the funding institution.

Nfcu No More

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I am upset and appalled at what has become of nfcu. I am a marine with a DR of 100% I have a 500k house 2 refinanced cars thru nfcu 3 direct deposits blah blah blah. I have been loyal from day one now I can't even use my debit card. bought a gift card. that don't work. I'm so upset that I'm taking over 105k/yr plus refinances out of these shit bags. starting tomorrow whoever is their strongest enemy is where I go. I got no explanation. no anything. I wasted all these years with them and Noone I know will ever go with nfcu. horrible scam ridden disgusting people in charge

Stay Away!!! They Are Enemies

Unless you are rich they do not want to help you. My husband and I have been members for years.... always on time paying.... multiple accounts, ect... then COVID happened and I lost my job and got pregnant at the same time. Since having my daughter, I haven't been able to find work because Im watching her and I can't afford daycare.... so it's just been my husband's income and it's been incredibly tight. So when things got too tight to make payments I called their credit department ( personal financial plan) and asked if there was anything that could be done? That I really wanted to work this out with them and not go elsewhere ... but to be on good terms with them. They said because I asked for a 30 day extension when my mother in law passed away I exceeded their help and they wouldn't help any further. That I could call credit counseling or other programs to help.

So I found a 3rd party to help me. I'm communicated the entire way and told them that I was with Beyond financing and they told me that 3rd parties send program information to them to make arrangements. I confirmed beyond financing did send program information but that they could have cared less. In fact, they stole $500.00 from my husband's and I checking account that was going to pay to keep the lights on and also the program to help pay THEM back.

I'm writing all this to hopefully warn other young couples who are Veterans please stay away from this bank. They are happy to take your money but if you have any hard times what so ever they will NOT help you in anyway and then steal from you. Stay FAR away!!!

Excellent Credit Union

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Have been a member for 6 years.
This is a excellent credit union.
Always easy to communicate by e mail or phone.

Loan Department

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Their loan service department is awful. They don't fulfill what they said, and won't mention it because the credit union member doesn't matter as long as they get theirs. When a decision that directly affects the member or member's request has been made, then the member needs to know. Not find out weeks after the decision was made because the maximum amount of time that the request was said to be fulfilled has been up and the member calls. I shouldn't have to call every single day and wait on hold for an hour each day to find out if something changed with the request that I was told would be fulfilled.

TLDr: Take everything they say with a grain of salt, because they only look out for themselves and don't care about the credit union member banking with them.


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CHECK, OR AN EFT IF THE DEBITED ACCOUIS A DOLLAR BUT YOUR MONEY MARKET HAS PLENTY OF MONEY OR IF YOU HAVE $ OVER $ 1000,000.00 PLUS IN YOUR CD ACCOUNT OR HAVE A Navy Credit Union credit card that has a limit of $ 14,000.00 credit the will still return the item so they can charge $ 25.00 return and if you complain they will screw with your Credit rating like Lower your actual FICO Score and the age of your and how long your tn the Credit Reporting Agencies accounts BEWARE OF THEIR INCOMPETENCE and fraud just to make them look good.


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Don't use this bank!! I just called and spoke with Jule in advanced digital services and got yelled at because I wanted to speak with a supervisor. She, by far, was the nastiest bank representative I have ever dealt with. Then, when I finally got a supervisor Clark, he basically said he didn't care and I could write a letter. Time to bank somewhere else someplace who values their customers. I wasn't even asking for her supervisor because of her it was because of the bank losing or holding my money from a Zelle I sent. Now I have no access to my fund until they decide I can and they don't care enough to figure out why it is being held there is no fraud alert on it so no reason it should be held for more than 24 hrs.

One Of The Nation's Best Credit Unions

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Been with NFCU nearly 40 years. My experience with their banking services, CDs, IRAs, and credit cards has been outstanding. I've held accounts at several other CUs, and Navy Fed's website functionality and customer service is well above anything else I've tried.


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PLEASE do yourself the favor of steering clear of this lender. To all my veterans, this has been a long and tedious experience. After having supplied all of the documents they requested they still didn’t give me a loan which negatively effected my family and all of the work we put into getting the paperwork, and that’s not to mention my military orders that they wouldn’t accept. It is especially daunting when it you realize none of these people have ever served and are completely incompetent.

Much Better Options

Absolutely trash. I legitimately wanted to do business with NFCU being a veteran I like to stick to companyâ??s that stick to us. NFCU is not here for us. After becoming a member I tried for two weeks to open a business account to which their process is asinine. The instructions given the first time was wrong so I did right the second time and gave them 16 pages of supporting documentation which is everything that I was given I literally donâ??t have anything else but some how still wasnâ??t the right thing and unwilling to help or even understand. Not to mention they donâ??t offer any business services in the branch so you spend 45 minutes of your own time filling out the application only to be forced to spend another hour on the phone while they go over it. Mind you during the two weeks I opened up two other business accounts both of which took less than 15 minutes each no hassle no headache. I donâ??t recommend NFCU to anyone. USAA is a much better option for anyone. As soon as my direct deposit is changed back to my orginal Bank i will be closing all accounts with you and I will do my best to ensure as many others do the same as I can. Im disgusted that this institution is associated with Veterans. We deserve better.

Navy Federal Rocks!!

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Best banking experience one could ask for. I highly recommend Navy Federal. Applied for a credit card and was approved gor over 10k. It was my first credit card with them ever. #2 it was highest limit I've ever gotten. Cut up all my capital one cards and mobile 1 cards. They were in high 20% range for interest. You must build a relationship with Navy Federal.

Tax Docs When Are They Available

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Very happy with the bank, and customer service Question when will tax docs be available. Are they on site if so don't see them under statements. Thanks

NFCU Waived EWP, Etc

My account is IRA (there is no 5% CD for IRA), but speaking with IRA rep was given:

1. Courtesy EWP waiver ($286) to convert 33month 3.3% into 12month 4.4%
2. Also waived was the policy to convert only to later duration than CD held
(33month exp May 2025) would have required new date later than that; that are lower rates)
3. She also noted that the IRA MM in Dec was automatically increased from .45% to new .95% (this MM is for when CD matures into it ... then from MM into next product for example)
4. She was very friendly; efficient; completed all while on call.

I asked if there would be any IRA specials or bonus (like the non IRA 5%) in Feb perhaps. She said she had no advance info.
I have IRA CD maturing eom Jan.

Definitely 5 Stars, No Complains

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Their customer services are amazing, very polite and friendly, and they alway provide helpful information you need. CD rates are very competitive. highly recommended!

Terrible Service Navy Federal Credit Union

I am a 27-year member, and I had a loan company scam my account of 2500.00 and did not realize it until it was too late you would think they would work with me on paying it back. Nope they took it all in 2 payments left me with no funds, so a good bit of my bills was late. I contacted a supervisor and was told there was nothing they could do. Well i guess it's time for a change.

ACH Transfers Limited To Outgoing Only

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Navy Federal does not allow ACH pull fund transfers from an outside institution. You need to originate the request from the outside institution to send funds to your Navy Federal account. Navy Federal only allows ACH push transfers to outside institutions. I think this policy is below par.

There Was No Notification Email

I had got my retirement check from the state on November 15, and Navy Federal would let you have accessed to $225 the same day. I did not have accessed until the next day and the remainder balance they are holding my check for a week and a half. I was told on the phone that funds will not be available until November 25, but I made the deposit November 15. Navy Federal should have sent out an email stating that access to funds had change on October 30. This is an inconvenience.


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I am a 74-year-old, disabled Vietnam veteran and I rely on my credit in the event of emergencies. After sustaining roof damage during Hurricane Ivan, I submitted an online application with Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). My intention was to repair the roof using the funds from the HELOC while I await my insurance settlement.

I received an email requesting a telephone interview from Sila Nikzad, Equity Processing Specialist | Real Estate Lending, 820 Follin Lane | Vienna, VA | 22180

On Friday, 10/28/2022, during our very first telephone conversation, Ms. Nikzad outlined that there would be approx. $2000 in closing costs and that the roof would “probably” have to be replaced BEFORE they could approve the loan. I immediately responded by instructing her to “withdraw my application”. She replied "okay". She agreed to withdraw my application. She then called me back a few minutes later and stated that "by law, they must record my loan as declined". That is absolutely untrue.

My loan was not declined, nor had they even offered me the loan or completed the interview. It was in fact withdrawn.

She then stated that it would not be reported to credit agencies, but would be marked as declined only in the NFCU internal records. This too is unacceptable. In my opinion, it’s the equivalent of accepting a jail sentence for a crime you didn’t commit.

I have a long-standing and blemish-free relationship with Navy Federal. Over my years as a member, I have referred dozens of borrowers to NFCU. I will not allow my record with NFCU to be tarnished because I withdrew a loan application. I'm not trying to be unreasonable but, I take my credit extremely seriously and they are threatening to disrupt my years of hard work by fraudulently recording my application as “declined”. They DIDN'T decline my loan, I WITHDREW my application.

All I am asking for is the truth. The records must be corrected and the application recorded as withdrawn. When I demanded that they do so, they pivoted to well if we had continued it may have been declined due to the debt-to-income ratio, but that was after I had already demanded that they withdraw the application. What would have happened is irrelevant following the withdrawal of my application.
Don Gucciardo

Navy Federal Credit Union Has Good Service.

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Navy will overnight an IRA check. They made the check out to the new institution as an IRA (the kind) for my benefit. I have used Navy for quite a few years. I love that I can use the IRA to add to an existing CD the first 3 months or so of the year. I now do my Roth conversion in Dec and put it in a Roth savings at Navy and transfer it on the first business day after Jan 1. When I have a traditional IRA there I put it in the Roth savings within the last week or two of Dec. They will do it transfer from the traditional IRA in Dec. and put it in the Roth on Jan 2 with a private message. Do it a couple of weeks before you want it done cuz it is a busy time for them.


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My son's Navy Federal campus checking account was hacked when he started college. Account was overdrawn for nearly $10,000. Navy Federal "suspected fraudulent activity" but did not freeze account nor notify us until about a week later. They will not discuss case with me- parent and account co-owner. Will only discuss case with my son but they have closed his account and he has no access. "Investigation" has been ongoing for over 6 weeks and we have received no reply despite multiple attempts to contact them. Only people that can discuss case is security department and phone waits are routinely 2 hours or greater. Representative told me I would have to "adjust my scheduled" if I wanted to speak to someone- hard to do when you work all day and their hours are Mon-Fri 9a-5p.Navy Federal customer service is horrible and their technology is antiquted. Had an AmEx account hacked and they notified us that day and problem was resolved with 5" phone call. DO NOT USE NAVY FEDERAL!!!!

Really Excellent Customer Service!

Every time I have called Navy Federal Credit Union I have gotten exemplary customer service. The staff members have been informative, helpful, efficient, and friendly. I've been a member for years and really love their standard of customer care.

Gift Cards Not Worth It

Only place I know that you can get a gift card and if you don't use it in time they will completely take out all of the funds. So that's theft. You stole $25 from an old man. Starbucks doesn't even do that to you with their gift cards. What's the point of having an expiration date on a card of 2027 when they take money off of your card if you don't use it within 3 months of purchasing it.

Saver Beware!

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I'm flabbergasted at the scam Navy FCU is virtually pulling in delaying sending out funds in a timely manner. I had an IRA come due, which was deposited into an IRA savings account upon maturity. But when I decided to have the funds sent by check to another institution to open an IRA CD there, I saw nothing happening, even after a week. I called Navy FCU IRA department, who said that yes, they'd received the necesary paperwork from the receiving institution 5 days ago, but their processing time going forward would be 2 weeks to send out a check!! How many people's money are they hanging onto for unconscionable periods of time? I'll bet moving money into Navy FCU doesn't have that kind of delay. I've been a customer for years, and in general, they always seem to have needed prodding to send funds out to other institutions. But this takes the cake. If you want your money on a timely basis, avoid this institution like the plague.

NFCU Increased Short Term Rates

4.85% 12 Month Easy Start Special CD - Max $3,000
4.40% 12 Month - no stated maximum

4.35% 12 Month Add On - no stated maximum
4.15% 24 Month Add On - no

Disappointed Beyond Belief

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I get the impression NFCU only employs facebook watchers. It is always "give us your number and time to call" When you contact their "specialists" yah not so special. They can never find anything and are totally unable or rather unwilling to do anything that would actually benefit customers. Remember this institution "Prides" itself on serving military personnel. If any military member behaved the way they do--- big chicken dinner!

Concerning The Navy Federal Credit Union In El Paso, TX

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I recently joined the Navy credit union in hope to getting better service and rates. Also shopping to start a Roth Ira well what I have found out is they don't have very many employees at site 6500 blk of Montana they want you call a 800 # and get the information. This to me sucks I believe in talking to a person at the site where I will be doing business with. everything is online another issue which I personally hate. So for this reason and more I will be closing all of my accounts with this credit union. Sorry to say but your service is back wards Customers should always come FIRST, also information should be local not calling an 800 #. Hire more people from El Paso, TX

Mess Up With Maturing CD's

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I had a IRA CD maturing this week and checked account today. They put the funds in my regular savings account, not into my IRA Share account.
I had instructions that show on their site to have it mature into IRA Share Acct. Called today and said they can't correct until Tues. I asked why not on Mon.
Said it takes until Tues. Never should have happened and they take no responsibility for their big mistake.
Last CD I ever purchase at Navy Fed.

Checked my account this morning before calling, and they changed my Maturity Instructions to "Close into my Regular Share Account". I took a screenshot on Saturday showing my maturity instructions say " Close to IRA Share Account". Called them this morning and the guy asked "the back office" what is going on. Back Office said that I changed the maturity instructions, even though I have a screenshot to prove it.

Run After You Retire

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They were great while I was on active duty. Once I retired they became a nightmare. They ignored court orders to not freeze my accounts. They lost our power of attorney letters every time we brought them in. The last time they wouldn't even take it saying they don't accept the power of attorney out of state. This is nuts because everyone in the military becomes out of state due to moving to new stations. They were rude and sent me a letter stating I was once. Even my wife says their attitude change so much once I retired. The experience with them is not bad, it is a nightmare.

Deposits In Checking

I have banked with NFCU for over 15 years and they no longer take care of their customers.. I recently sold my house that was financed through Navy Fed and deposited a certified check from community bank I put in my account.. I called four times before depositing the check and was told 4 times I would have my money within 2 business days and after the check was deposited they put a 9 day hold on my check and I now don’t have access to my money.

NFCU Disclosure

I have been a customer of NFCU for some time and have never had a problem with receiving the correct interest or found that any of their disclosures were not being followed.

Customer Service always very helpful so I do not understand why you would have any problems with NFCU.

I would give them a FIVE STAR RATING

Disclosure Information

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Disclosure information needs to be more obvious.

Navy Allows Roth IRA Rollover To Existing CD

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I have a Roth IRA opened last year at Navy FCU that is not a add-on Cd. This CD has an interest rate of 3.5%.

While finalizing the rollover of a Roth IRA from another institution, Navy FCU offered to let me roll the new funds into the existing Cd.

In addition to getting a higher interest rate this results in the same maturity date for all of my Navy Roth IRA funds.

Not Competitive Anymore And Fraudulent Behavior.

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I'm changing my rating. I just went from a 5 star rating to a 1 star rating. Why you ask. I had a 3.25% IRA add-to CD with almost a year of maturity left that they cancelled out. They said policy allows them to take all the funds first from a lower rate CD first. I had a slightly higher rate CD that was close to maturity and the add-on CD had almost a year left. This fraudulent activity cheated me out of $1,000 from not allowing me to add to that 3% CD.
Also, they are far, far behind on rates. Just buy i-bonds at 7% or US treasuries at 1.9% for 1 yr. CD vs. Navy .55% CD. I'm pulling every dime out in due time.

Don’T Go Near This Bank

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I have been a member of NFCU for about a year. It’s been nothing but trouble and one inconvenient thing after another. Now, they have accused me of having people call and impersonate me. So, now they have cut my online access, telephone access and want me to again for a third time bring my identification to a branch that is in a federal building that’s 45 minutes away. Being in a wheelchair this is not the easiest task. They swear it’s for my protection. That’s BS. The new year will not come, before I close that account. I would rather deal with a real bank.

Lacking In Knowledge Of Products And Customer Service

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My account for Navy FCU was initiated in 1990. I have had vehicle loans and mortgages through Navy Fed. They were very competitive at one point, but I do not see that any longer. Over time, I have gone away from using NFCU due to their poor customer relations work. I've contacted them about specific mortgage questions and was told to do an application and pay the fee in order to get my information. I called another rep who answered the question. Fees were not competitive the last few times I checked for auto and mortgage. Most recently, I called about some fees due to an issue beyond my control, I was told that it is not their problem by two different people. Leadership at NFCU is lacking. They need to change their name.

Terrible Customer Service

Worst customer service of any financial institution I have ever used. Joined earlier this year because it appeared that their Money Market interest rates were better than my previous Credit Union. Unfortunately the rates changed a couple months later to the same level I was already receiving, so now I am stuck with ridiculously poor customer service of the largest Credit Union in the US.....and they know it and could care less about the customer. As soon as I can do some research I'll be leaving on principle alone. Really a shame that they treat our active Servicemen and Veterans so poorly.

Pretty Easy To Join, Then It Goes Downhill

Thank you WonderingWoman for the inspiration for my title.
I just wanted to confirm that my experience was similar to the problems that others have mentioned here.
Becoming a member is an extra step that slows things down, if you are a CD yield chaser, as I am. (most online financial institutions integrate all account opening steps into the initial CD application) However, that application was no more difficult than at online banks I have used. I should add that NFCU does not require you to unfreeze your credit bureau account to attain membership, a favorite road block of other credit unions I've looked into.

After receiving the email that I had been accepted a day after applying, things deteriorated.
Upon receipt of that email, I immediately attempted to open an online banking account, assuming that would be the quickest way to open a CD. My application for online banking was rejected, apparently because of some communication glitch between their membership system and online banking.
A very helpful customer service rep got me authorized and gave me my Access # (like a member #) that was not otherwise provided to me up to this point.
Then I proceeded to the CD section of the website which provide, what I thought, were funding options, which included funding from another financial institution. Choosing that, I could not proceed beyond this point. Another call to customer service, where I was informed that I could not initiate funding from another financial institution online, with a "sorry, the website is a little misleading." The customer service rep said that she could initiate the transfer and establish the CD, guaranteeing today's rate.
So, in summary, it appears this is hardly an internet financial institution, but rather a telephone one. If you pick up the phone and call, the reps are very pleasant and helpful...but if you want to do it yourself, online, expect obstacle and shortcomings.

Pretty Good Bank Overall.

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ATTENTION: Too honest about my experiences! Please read full rating before deciding.

If you are paid on Friday and your work processes late in the day, you wont see it til Tuesday. They claim to process everything Monday through Friday “at the end of the day.” When this is actually processed is Tuesday morning about 5 or 6 in the morning. This happens W, Th, F, and Sat really early in the morning. The one on Sat seems to only catch items processed until about noon and earlier. Anything later than that it is processed on “Monday” (Tuesday morning).

Their cards only allow $600 MAX withdrawal per day. You must have 2 accounts to withdraw $1,200. I have talked with them on multiple occasions about this also. They are trained to say this is a federal regulation (Im guessing since both told me the same thing). I work with two other credit unions. They allow you to increase your limits and do start them at the same $600. EXAMPLE: Let’s say you were requesting $3,000. You have one card and one account (my wife had the same limit, so we could only pull $600 between us with her having a second card because it was the same account), it would take you 5 days to pull that amount out. They will offer a cash advance for a fee ($15 I think plus whatever is charged where you are pulling it from.) This means you are charged to use your money. (Mad face!!!) Oh and the $1 charge if you enter the wrong pin to pull money....I hope no one steals your card or you forget your PIN in this new world of numbers.

These are major things I see, but their customer service is unsurpassed. I have called a couple times and I was pretty ticked off. They have usually calmed me down before I got the phone. It takes quite a bit, but they are awesome with customer service. They also try to fix things quickly if they can. (Of course not these other 2 things because I have had them since 2009 and they haven’t changed.)

The second reason I have been with them so long is their rates. Im not sure I have ever seen their certificate of deposit drop below 3%. Most other banks I watched drop to just about a percent when things went south in 2008 and a few smaller drops since then. These guys did not. They stayed right there. This is the sign of a strong bank with a strong financial background. This is huge for anyone!

I also have to mention their low rates for auto loans. My credit hasn’t always been where it is today. I needed a car loan when my score was much lower and they gave me one when I was denied elsewhere. I had other banks and Credit Unions approve me for 18%, 24%, and more, but at that time I called Navy Federal Credit Union and they gave me a loan with 8% interest and 45 days to make my first payment.

Speaking of getting a car loan, have you ever wondered if that car lot charging you too much? Call Navy and they will walk you through what you should be charged and if this is a great deal or not. They check the book value and let you know if they would recommend it or to steer clear. They have saved me a couple times. I find a vehicle I want and have it in my mind it’s an okay price and they tell me Im incorrect. I do go back and check that vehicle on both later and they been correct every time.

This bank is AWESOME overall. If they could fix a few minor things on their end (major to customers), I would recommend this bank to all new military. Anytime I have talked with others in the past about investing and CD rates, I ALWAYS mention this bank. Rates are awesome, customer service is amazing, and the app is very easy to navigate.

US Based Customer Service, Great Rates

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Great rates as of this review. Customer service is top notch.

Accounts and CD's opened and funded quickly and painlessly. I have been recommend NFCU to other that qualify for membership.

My only qualifier is that you have to ACH "push" money to NFCU, vs doing ACH "pulls" to transfer money in.

Took Much Too Long

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It took almost a month to open my account. Then, I want to make it a joint account with my wife, that seems to throw them off their game. The correspondence they send is very confusing. For whatever reason, they just seem hard to deal with. Anyway, while waiting for them, I invested the money in a CD with another bank, rate was a bit lower, but the process with that bank went very smoothly. I'm not going to fund the account Navy Federal opened for me, I'm sorry I even tried to deal with them. Hopefully, when I ignore them, the account will just lapse, I don't want to call them again.

Impossible To Do Business With

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I went for the 5 year 3.5 CD. It took almost 2 weeks to get that opened, and in that time, the rate dropped to 3.2.
In the first 30 days, there is no way to deposit funds into your account after it's opened.

You cannot do mobile deposit. You cannot use e-deposit. You cannot ACH...ever. They claim, misleadingly, on the website that it's easy to move your money around using this....that is an untruth.

They claim you can use an ATM...but, the limits are small, and to be honest, I don't like using ATM's.

They have no shared branching.

You cannot ACH a transfer from or to another institution, to a share or a checking account, only to a loan account.... even though they allow you to set up the external accounts.

They are impossible. The do have nice reps, who will answer your questions. But the answers are not what you want to hear.

Wiring funds in and out is the only way I've found to actually move money in or out.

I do not recommend Navy FCU.

Checking Account Hacked, NFCU Holding Me Responsible

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Last month over 1,000.00 was taken from my checking account. While on the phone with the fraud department the operator informed me that at that very moment 4500.00 was being taken. Over the recorded line I told her that this was not authorized. She had my checking account closed and issued me a new checking account number. I filed a police report soon after. 10 days later I received an email from NFCU stating that my claim was denied after a thorough investigation and that I was responsible for the nearly 5500.00. I called the investigator, David, four times (and documented those times in my rebuttal letter) and never got a call back. I sent my IP address to them and I questioned whether this "thorough investigation" involved actually checking the sender's IP address as well as whether they listened to my voice conversation at the time of incident stating that the charges were fraudulent. If neither of these things had occurred, how can the investigation be "thorough?" Further, for the investigator to not have returned any of my four phone calls is highly unprofessional and discourteous to say the least. He had three full days to do so. Is he that busy? Then the question comes up: What is going on with security that the fraud investigator is so busy at NFCU that he can't return calls as part of his job? I have been a member for 21 years. I have never experienced a situation where my money was under the watch of NFCU, someone robbed me under their watch, and they held me responsible for the lost money. This entire situation with NFCU has been completely unsatisfactory.
As of this writing this situation has still not been resolved. The money was taken July 30 and July 31 respectively. NFCU has not responded to my rebuttal letter sent Tuesday night, either.

Overrated, But Okay

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I joined NFCU at the recommendation of my husband. The mobile app seems to always have some sort of issues, it goes down pretty frequently. The product offerings for checking/saving are on par with other credit unions, nothing too special The one thing that NFCU does great is their customer service, friendly and eager to help.

Good CD Rates

3.5% cd rates and good customer service. Watch for CD specials.

Learn Before Buying Their CD's

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They have good rates but it will cost you to get your money back out. You cannot do an ACH transfer to another bank from the CD or savings, You have to have their checking account then only move 5,000 a day. Or pay the wire fee to move it out (I believe it's 14.00).
Since you can only move 5,000 a day you're losing the benefit of time and interest by not being able to move it all at once. So it can be cumbersome.

Also, you really have to comb the website to find what their fee's are on their different products. Very dated website. I've not tried their mobile app.

Easy Join, Extremely Hard After That

Becoming a member and joining was a breeze. Then it went off the rails. I wanted to get the 17 month CD and I wanted to make it a joint CD. I'd have to fund the CD, and they use Western Union speed pay for that, not the normal ACH from one bank to another. That was odd to me and then I'd have to mail in a form to make it joint and another form to add a POD. I asked if I could mail a check for the CD along with the paperwork for the CD, POD, and joint owner all at one time. I could, BUT it all goes to different departments so it does not all happen at the same time. Was told that I could send in the POD form now to cover any future accounts with them and then all $ would be covered in the event of my death. Problem is I'd want to make my husband the POD until the CD was open and then I'd want him the joint owner with a different POD. At that time I'd have to try and change the POD also. Decided that it was too much trouble for me at this time. They were all very nice but it's an extremely odd process.

Online Banking Is Always Down

I have been with Navy Fed for many years. Was very happy until the recent changes to online banking which has caused service to be unavailable on the app or website. I use the services often and rely on them. I have again been put in a bad situation as it is unavailable and the call wait is 30 minutes. Unacceptable as I know this is not normal to be down this often. Please fix or I will need to switch my entire family soon .

Our Family Saving Is Gone!!!

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Our family saving is gone thanks to NFCU's unwillingness to admit to its security flow and it's profit first strategy.

Someone somehow gained access to our NFCU check account and transferred $4,500 from our checking account to a Bank of America Account that does not belong to us in less than 24 hours. Strangely unlike all the other banks, there is no verification involved when trying to transfer money out of account....We noticed the problem in less than 24 hours and it still didn't matter.

NFCU's response? Since the transfer was initialized from one of our devices according to their IT, it is highly likely we made this transfer to this external account that does even belong to us, so fraud claim denied!! Whats worst is they refuse to provide us with the info for our police report unless we obtain court order, making rude comments about we still have plenty in our check.

After being a member for over 10 years, we always thought we were lucky to have NFCU because we served this country, we honestly wish we have the worst bank in the world right now than NFCU.

We will be dedicating the rest of our life spread the good work you are doing, so good luck trying to block us, YOU PICKED A FIGHT WITH THE WRONG MARINE!!!

Wonderful Customer Service

I have been a member of Navy federal for a number of years.I have had checking and saving account with them. The interest rates are low but the customer service I get is wonderful. The people that work there are friendly and nice and if I have a problem with the account they help me right away. The website isn't bad and I use that more than the app. I would suggest that they do more about the saving account interest rates as they are low compared to online banks. Overall I am very satisfied with Navy Federal credit union.

Bad CD Opening Experience

These people do not even know what they want to verify you. I gave them everything, they confirmed many times they had all they needed & then would send inaccurate and confusing form letter emails saying that they did not get some proof. They do not look into the issue & call you back. They say send the info. again & call in 3 days. One month later I gave up & they are refusing to destroy my confidential info. or respond to my written requests. Really bad organization! STAY AWAY.

Navy Federal is OK

Walking into the building all the employee's are friendly. Going to the teller line each one is knowledgeable and they have all the technology to make each type of transaction fast and easy. The process for application is also relatively simple as all you need is a relative that has been in the armed services. The overdraft protection is pretty flexible. The amount of tools they have seems to be limited in comparison to some of the other large banks I have been with, however today i have few needs and navy federal seems to be able to provide for me well enough.

Great Banking Experience!

I switched to Navy Federal Credit Union about 3 years ago because I was very unhappy with my bank after it was purchased by a larger bank. I really enjoy banking with NFCU. It's such a different banking experience than I've had before. Not only did I open a checking account, but also a savings account because you automatically get one. Transfers between my savings and checking happens instantly, and transfers to external accounts typically only take a day. The customer service at NFCU is beyond comparable to any other bank, at least according to me! When I had to call the bank about an issue, I didn't have to sit through a million automated menus. The representative I spoke to was freindly, on point, and didn't drag out the call. Ever since I switched to NFCU, I have had nothing but compliments to the bank. I will continue to be a loyal customer for many years to come.

Overall NFCU experience

In general, NFCU is an excellent credit union. If you call them, their staff is extremely helpful. Their Certificate of Deposit are competitive. They reward long time members and their website is clean and easy to use. The do have issues. It's not easy to buy a CD. They don't list the rates when you are making a purchase therefore making it uncertain what you are buying. They also don't have an easy way to cash out a CD prematurely without calling customer service. If getting a mortgage through them, they are slow, their tools are difficult to use but they are very competitive in terms of interest rates and closing costs. If getting auto financing, they are competitive but will sell you a loan you can't pre-pay. Meaning, you cannot pay direct into the principal on a car loan.

It's a great place to bank but it's not perfect.

Overall, a good credit union to work with.

Navy Federal has a wide array of products to offer. I have checking and savings accounts with them, and I'm quite satisfied with both. The rate on the savings is decent, and is comparable to other banks and/or credit unions in our area. There is a branch that is close to us, so if we need to go in or use the drive-up window, it is quite convenient. The downside here would be that the lines at the drive-up can be quite long, so don't expect to breeze through, it's not going to happen. You can still get paper statements from them, or opt to suppress the statements and look at them online. Ordering new checks is an easy process. Logging into your accounts is simple, but be assured their online security is good, with an excellent system of "checks" before you can see your information. Anytime I've had a question regarding either my checking or savings, I've found the tellers to be knowledgeable and courteous. Overall, their rates are competitive and the "face to face" customer service good. I do prefer accessing my accounts online, and, again, the process is a secure but easy one. Anytime I've had to call customer service, they've been able to answer my questions quickly and professionally.

My time with Navy Federal

In 2002, while I was in the United States Marine Corps, I joined Navy Federal Credit Union. I was with this Credit Union from 2002-2007. I was issued an ATM card and later a ShareCheck card. Navy Federal was able to effortlessly establish a link with my command to set up a direct deposit system that never failed. Not even once. My ShareCheck card caused me no issues and allowed me to make purchases with no issues. All of my experiences with representatives were positive, though few, given the fact I had very few issues with them and little or no reason to deal with them. Additionally, when I took a loan from NFCU, I was able to set up a system where the 1000 dollar loan was paid off via an automatic deduction of 50 dollars per paycheck for 10 months.

The only minor negative problem I had with NFCU was I had to periodically update my address and my ShareCheck card was placed on hold when I forgot to do so. Though the representatives were quite pleasant and easy to deal with, having my card not work when I went to make a purchase was a minor inconvenience. This happened twice.

Navy Federal is the Best

I have enjoyed being a member of Navy Federal Credit Union for over thirteen years. We have opened accounts for our children as well as CD's that have drawn interest. The accounts are easily accessible with their webpage and apps. While their brick and mortar stores are not everywhere, where we get stationed seems to co-locate with the branches. The interest rate the regular savings account earns is far less than their money market accounts and their CD's, but the money that I put into the account is tied up longer. The bank has a great referral program and also is an advocate to hiring military spouses. I highly encourage being a member of a credit union because of the sense of belonging as well as the camaraderie of belonging to a bank that empathizes with the need of the military.

One of the best

I have been with Navy Federal since 2009. They have been one of the best credit unions I have ever been with. They have very minimal fees and most ATM's do not charge a significant amount when I used my card there. The representatives are very nice, they always have a smile on my face when I come in and always make great eye contact. They are also very prompt in regards to handling fraudulent charges and ensuring you get you money back in a timely manner. The only problem I have with them is that they will not cash any check on my account, even payroll ones. This is due to the fact that I have an outstanding balance I owe from a checking account I had back in 2009. I only have a savings now but I still do all my deposits and banking there.

Navy Federal Credit Union Review

My experiences with this bank have been exceptional. As long as I maintain a certain amount in my checking each month or use my debit card often enough, I am not charged any fees. I am even reimbursed for using other ATM's other than my banks. The refunds go directly back into my checking account within a few days. I also have a savings account at no extra charge. Even if I don't have a balance in it, I am not charged fees. I have access via my phone and online. The app is very user friendly and convenient and I really don't even have to go online. From the app I can transfer money to other members in my bank's system immediately and transfer between my own accounts with ease as well. I can freeze my debit card or unfreeze it at any time and I have complete control at all times with the ability to view my statements and transactions. If I want to deposit a check I can do so via the mobile app and it'll be processed within a day usually. It is an exceptional bank and very friendly to their customers.

Navyfed Practices FRAUD, Pure And Simple

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Half a year ago, I receied a mailer in the US Mail from NavyFed promising a big upcoming promotion: "NEW! UP TO $30 CASH BACK BONUS MONTH!" The mailer promised that for each day in September I used my NavyFed MasterCard, I would earn $1 Cash Back "On any purchase, Big or Small", up to $30 (for the 30 days in September). Naturally there were some rules in the fine print (such as you won't get it for cash advances, balanace transfers, etc) but it would be good for normal purchases in a store using my MasterCard. To be clear, the mailer was mailed to ME (to my correct name and address) -- and even says right on the mailer, "For Your Card Ending in XXXX" -- which is MY CARD.

So, I trusted what NavyFed promised me in writing, and used my MasterCard each of the 30 days in September to make purchases from local stores, instead of another card that I normally use.

However I also know from experience that NOTHING with NavyFed is straightforward. So instead of tossing the mailer, I DECIDED TO KEEP IT in my drawer.

After making sure all the rules were followed, and using the card properly each of the 30 days of Sept., the mailer promised I would see the promotional credit within 90 days.


After 92 days I called NavyFed, and was told over the phone by both a rep and a supervisor that they DO NOT show that promotion on my account, and my card is not part of that promotion. Even though on the mailer sent to me says SPECIFICALLY on it "For Your Card Ending in XXXX". Most people wouldn't keep a mailer, they would trust their financial institution to honor their word. I knew BETTER with Navy so I KEPT the original mailer stating that the promotion was for MY ACCOUNT.

Saying this to the NavyFed supervisor, she suggested I scan it in and send a message via the website to NavyFed's back office, as she couldn't do any more for me.

I did so. I kept ALL 30 RECEIPTS and the ORIGINAL FLYER they sent me. I scanned it in, and waited for a reply. With the PROOF of them offering me this promotion now, they had no choice but to reply and say that I should indeed be eligible for the account -- but since my statement cycles towards the end of the month, to wait unitl it cycles again after the promised "90 days" -- and THEN I would see the credit.

Well, it cycled again. It's now been 90 days + 28 MORE days. STILL NO PROMISED $30 CREDIT.

I have since written them AGAIN, stating that I have copies of EVERYTHING, and if they DO NOT HONOR their own (PRINTED!) word to me I will start a case with the NCUA over this. I haven't yet heard back from them (it says to give them 48 hours, I will give them a week), and at that point, if I still don't have the promised credit, I will start a case with the NCUA. I had to start a case with the NCUA a few years back over another credit union (they got the credit union to finally honor what their printed terms in that case) and have no problems doing so again.

But this is a WARNING to everyone. NavyFed DOES NOT HONOR its promised promotions.

Even if Navy finally gives me the promosied credit,
it will ONLY be because I KEPT THE FLYER AS PROOF. Otherwise, they were perfectly happy to LIE and later tell me they never made such an offer, and that my account isn't eligible for it.

NO ONE should have to go through what I am now. I should NEVER have to keep a FLYER ADVERTISEMENT as PROOF in order to get a financial institution to honor its own word -- then have to fight for it. Over and Over.

I'm still waiting for the promised credit to be applied.

You've been warned. DON'T BELIEVE NAVY'S PROMOTIONAL PROMISES. And if you want it, KEEP EVERYTHING and be prepared to FIGHT them to honor their promises to you -- because Navy WILL NOT KEEP THEIR WORD TO YOU OTHERWISE.

Moronic Customer Service - Power Of Attorney

In attempting to establish a power of attorney, we submitted a power of attorney that stated it covers "all bank accounts" and "all assets." Navy Federal would not accept it because it did not specifically reference IRAs.

We happened to have a second power of attorney. A mistake was made and first the blank POA was sent, without signatures. When the correct copy with signatures was sent, Navy Federal refused to accept it and told us to have another copy signed.

Absolutely moronic. Why would a copy signed in August 2017 be unacceptable, but a copy in December 2017 be acceptable? And, the first power of attorney should have been enough.

Navy Federal has the periodic CD special, but that is the only good trait I have noticed.

Love Navy Fed

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We love being a member of Navy Federal. We have been with them for over 20 years, and continue to receive fantastic service (in the local branch, with their online chat specialists, as well as over the phone). We have had multiple checking and savings accounts at their institution, and never had a problem with any of them. We love to use their mobile app--it makes paying bills and depositing checks super easy. We greatly appreciate that they are located in many of the places my husband has had to travel for work--making it easy for us to take care of our banking from just about anywhere. We will continue to bank with Navy Federal for the rest of our lives. We also have accounts set up for our children and NFCU, so they can bank with them for the rest of their lives also. It's a fantastic institution all the way around.

A generally great experience

I have rarely had a bad experience with my credit union, and I've been a member for over 10 years. The rates for money market accounts are competitive (0.5%-0.65%), the customer service has always been reliable (even if the waits on the phone can take 10-15 minutes), and the website is more than functional and has been updated in response to customer feedback. Additionally, the security regarding potential fraud issues has always been top-notch; I've had several instances where an attempt to compromise my account has occurred, and the credit union has always been right on top of it, locking my account and guiding me through the necessary steps to secure my accounts. I cannot recall an inherently bad experience regarding checking and savings accounts, customer service, or security issues, and I'm happy to call myself a member.

Awesome Credit Union

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I've been a member of NFCU for a little over 3 years, and I'm really happy I was able to join! Their checking accounts really aren't anything special, but they're very generous on their credit cards, and actually offer some decent rewards ones. The "Special" share certificate @ 3% APY is very competitive, and the 100% mortgage can't be beat. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend membership to anyone that's eligible.

The only things I wish they offered that are missing:
1) Better rewards checking (higher interest)
2) Ability to ACH to/from outside FIs

The brilliance of Customer Service

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Navy Federal has hands down the best customer service experience of any bank I've ever had the pleasure of interfacing with. I once had my account stolen and they fixed it with all of my money back in less than 2 hours flat. I once lost my debit card and they cancel it and had mailed me a new one in less than 24 hours flat. They are truly the best. Sometimes I call them just to ask questions and they are always helpful, never annoyed by my mere existence, and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure I'm satisfied, which spoiler alert, I always am. If you are looking for a reliable, fair, and generally well run bank, Navy Federal is the bank for you. It is nice to be treated like a person for once in the service industry.

Online Banking with Navy Federal Credit Union

Working with Navy Federal can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Their online banking has a very user friendly set up and has very few issues or bugs. When a bug is discovered they are quick to eliminate the issue and continually update the user. I have never had an issue making a deposit. It is easy and fast. They offer the ability to take a picture of your check and the funds are immediately available. The trust is there and it shows through with their customer service. When checking balances the summaries are extremely easy to find and read. Lastly when drawing money from an ATM they pay back the fees allowing customers to not worry about which ATM to stop for cash. This is such an amazing feature, especially when traveling.


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I have been with NFCU for 10+ years recently I recieved multiple emails asking me to change my password with no explanantion on why. Everytime I would check on my app to make sure they weren't sending by mistake, it would then prompt me to call to change my pw?! So the next day I had to call again to change my pw having recieved another email the night before and they basically told me that there were two fraud checks deposited and that I had lost electronic access to ALL MY ACCOUNTS?! They then asked me if I had given away my info and of course I haven't and if I did I didn't mena to. I went all the way to the branch to have them do an investigation to see where it had come from and they even printed off the fake check for me. When I saw it I almost wanted to laugh because it wasn't fluent with any of the checks and signatures I had given them when I was employed so they had to know it was compromised and I am just confused. They also said after the investigation which took only about three days that they couldn't prove I didn't do it?! Like don't you have my address and cell number to track who and where this deposit was made? I know about the government satellites all over so I am sure they could research and see I had no dealing in this bs. I haven't deposited a check in a long time before that because I am now self-employed in design and don't even accept checks, but my old mentor gave me a check days before this to catch up on my bills and that was the only one. After that, I had planned on keeping my accounts since they had said I had access so long as I go to a branch. Now just a few days ago they tell me all my accounts are closed except with my loan and cc and I will never be able to get another account with NFCU. I am apalled and disgusted because I have banked with them for several years and can only imagine how they saw it suitable to do this knowing my history and never having committed fraud ever. Now I will have to race to get another bank because all banks go through check systems and it will be 7 years before I am able to open another account. I really can't believe this because they are my only bank and they treat their long time customers like this.

Great bank with minimal fees.

I've been a member of Navy Federal for over 5 years. My mother opened an account with them and asked me and my brother to also open accounts. She was able to receive a referral bonus for us signing up. I mostly use it as another savings account to throw some extra money in there when I can. All my families accounts are connected so a few times I sent my mother money straight to her navy federal account from my account! It did not cost anything extra and she received the money INSTANTLY! This was a great help as my mother lives over 600 miles away from me. Recently I began using the navy federal debit card more. I decided to use my Navy federal checking account for my "spending" money between paychecks. It helps keep me accountable for my bills and ensure I do not overspend.

Always a step ahead

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Navy Federal Credit Union has been my go to bank for years and I have never had any huge issues that couldn't be dealt with. I have had a free everyday checking and savings account with them for over 15 years. Navy Federal is always one step ahead of their customers in protecting their assets. Not too long ago, Navy Federal saw a suspicious activity on my checking account and they contacted me right away. Since I was traveling to Las Vegas, I was worried about not having access to my account. Within minutes, Navy Federal had turn off my debit card and I was able to go pick up a new debit card at a local branch the following day. Another nice part is that I can access my account online or on the mobile phone app within minutes. As stated before, I do travel for work and Navy Federal ATMs are not always available. Each month, I get a rebate for ATMs fees for when I withdraw cash from my checking account.


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I have been with Navy Federal for about five years. Simply put, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The customer service that NFCU provides is second to none and I've dealt with all the big banks in my years on earth. When you have a problem, they fix it. If you have a question, they answer it, or get the answer back to you right away. I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else, even when I live in a place that doesn't have an actual physical branch within driving distance.


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I have banked with Navy Federal for about six years. In the past I have banked with many other large "banks", as opposed to credit unions, and my experience with NFCU as compared to those "big banks" is the difference between night and day. I cannot stress more strongly the superb level of customer service and personalized banking I get with my credit union. For example, even when my credit wasn't all that great, I could, with one phone call, get a bank line of credit to purchase a car. Amazing. They are very good to me and I will never stop banking with NFCU.

Banking at its best

Navy Federal has been a great experience for us. They have served my parents and my family for several years. The have a good variety of products. My parents have a couple of IRA CDs through them. After meeting with one of their managers, I decided to start a money market and get a better interest rate. Their online banking is okay. Nothing special, but it's nice to have access to my accounts any time I want. With my work schedule, I can't make it to the branch so I use online banking more.

Disgusting Experience. I Hate This Bank.

If i could give Zero Stars i gladly would. I was told Navy Federal is a good banking institution, i need to find that person that told me that, and give them piece of my mind. I had this disgusting banking institution for about 8 to 10 months. Paryt of my direct deposit goes there, and i was thinking of opening a Certificate of Deposit and getting a credit card to rebuild my credit. My mother, wrote me a check for $5000. I figured, I'll deposit it into Navy Federal. I called them up, they said, i can take a photo of my check and deposit it. I put my account number on it, took a photo of it through THEIR APP, and deposited it. I received an email stating it was declined, i called, and they said it must have for deposit only. So, i did that, and it was declined. I called them, they said for eDeposit Only at NFCU must be at the back of it, i did that, they declined it. I got another email from the fraud department, they said the check looks fraudulent. I stated, "that check is from my mom, she's not a crook". They proceeded to tell me that my account is now suspended. I NEVER TOLD THEM TO FREEZE MY ACCOUNT. My direct deposit is about to go in there and they froze it. They're saying that the signature on the front of the check doesn't look real, so they're freezing my account, until i can prove it's real. I have to go to their branch, 118 miles away in 1 direction. The reps were rude and disgusting. They were insulting to me and my mother. They were very disrespectful towards my mom. I 100% hate this bank and i wish nothing but bad on them. The rep in the fraud dept was an absolute nightmare. I need to close my account and transfer my money to another bank. Navy Federal are Rude, Insulting, Condescending, Sarcastic... and they say they care about MILITARY? I bust my butt for this country and you insult my mother? MY MOTHER ISN'T A CROOK. How do you get away with insinuating that someone's mom is a crook?! Then their mannerisms were pathetic. So rude. So because you're a bank, it's ok to insult someone's mother, be a bully, be rude to that consumer? They need zero stars, but this site won't let me give Zero stars.

My Banking Experience With Navy Federal Credit Union

I have been a member at Navy Federal Credit Union all my life. I have used several of their products throughout my childhood and into adulthood and have always been completely satisfied. My needs have been met continuously as I've gotten older and more mature. I have never paid a fee for my checking account and they have a feature that keeps me from overdrafting my account by pulling money from my savings to avoid their overdraft fee. Their line of credit option is also really great because it prevents me from having to worry about overdrafting or bounced checks. I have opened several CDs at Navy Federal that each earn 3% interest which is great. When I married my husband, I made sure that he opened an account as well as one for our daughter. I will always be a member of Navy Federal Credit Union.

Navy Federal: Great for Military & their family.

Easily the best bank account my husband and I have had. My husband has been in the service for 8 years now and he was the first to have this account. They allowed him to have his money deposited while he was in boot camp, making his money safe while he was away. Over the years we have pulled out loans for cars & personal loans. They offer the lowest rates our family needed at the time. Once i became a member Navy Federal helped me improve my credit score with a secured credit card. They make it easy to access the app online, or visiting a local bank. Being in the military we travel alot so having access to a nation wide bank helps us alot. This exact bank helped me gain my freedom back from crazy debt and school loans. To this day we continue to recommend this bank over others. We are also working on getting our family members to join the security as well.

Best Bank Thusfar

I have been a Navy Federal customer for 11+ years now. I love their online interface. They changed it about 2 years ago to update with the modern age. There is a contact us feature which is undeniably good. If you forgot your password navy federal provides specific support for that. Very quick and easy to use. Navy Federal has done all they can to make your banking experience as good and even better than anywhere else out there. They also give great rates and benefits to every member no matter how long you are a member.

Navy Federal Credit Union

I started banking with Navy Federal credit union shortly after I joined the military in 2001. At boot camp we have to sign up for direct deposit but there was another bank (whose name I don't remember) that recruited us heavily. After talking with some people I decided to switch my direct deposit to Navy Federal. In almost sixteen years, I have never had a problem with them. I have been in branches in many states and several countries (Japan, United States). The staff is always polite in person, the website is easy to understand, and when my checking account was compromised I contacted customer service and they were excellent. I am not a financially savvy person, so I don't know how well my savings interest compares to other places, but I feel comfortable with the culture of Navy Federal because they understand veterans and the unique things that we have to go through. Once I had to withdraw a large sum of money (for me) maybe around a thousand dollars, and I asked the clerk if handling money ever got old. She smiled and told me that you get used to it after a while. I cannot recommend Navy Federal credit union enough.

Great Customer Service

I've had an account with Navy Federal for ten years. I still remember the time when my card details had been compromised. I found out not by seeing unusual charges or having my card declined, but with a personal phone call where the agent walked me through my recent transactions. They take my concerns seriously, and I'm very happy to be a member.

NFCU Is The Best For Me And My Family.

They are the best. I have banked with NFCU for about 30 years now.

Great Credit Unit

I loved using Navy Federal Credit Union while I was in the Navy. It was a close bank located on base and within walking distance to my living quarters. They were open for a decent set of hours and the customer service was nice, because they remembered who I was and things I would tell them about. They really cared about the military members. If anything the fact that they remembered what my life was like and my name means a lot. The access to my account was great and I could call them and get through to a person.

Best place I've ever baked with!

I've banked with Navy Federal for about 11 years and have always had a pleasurable experience. There are many things that I enjoy about banking with them. For example, there is no minimum balance or fee associated with their checking accounts. Additionally, their savings account accrues reasonable interest, although you have to keep a $5.00 minimum for their basic savings account. One drawback is that branches are mainly only close to military bases. However, Navy Fed offers pretty easy mobile banking, i.e. depositing checks from your phone and a partnership with atms in 7-eleven that doesn't charge a fee to withdraw money. Finally, what is most appreciated about banking with Navy Fed is their great fraud protection. Whenever there has been a fraudulent charge, I immediately receive a text message from Navy Fed questioning the purchase, often before I even noticed anything was happening. There is always a quick resolution of this problem as well, i.e. new card quickly and money returned to my account. Overall, a pleasurable experience.

Overall Great Credit Union

I love this credit union. Although I have never been into a brick and mortar credit union, I have an active on-line account. I am not in the service but my son is. When I had to transfer him money ASAP because he needed to pay for his hotel in a foreign country and the money was sent to him immediately. They also actively monitor your debit card for an fraudulent charges and will call you on suspicious activity. I love these guys.

I Love Navy Federal Credit Union

I love this Great Credit Union. I was with USA Federal Credit then Navy Federal bought them out. I have all the same and more benefits. I have move across to AR now and still working on Mobile I am still with them. They have been so great for many years. I will be with them for many years to come. Thank you Navy Federal Credit Union.

Bryan for AR

Navy Federal

I opened a Navy Federal checking and savings account about 6 months ago. I used to bank with USAA. I have been in the Military for a little over 7 years and I travel a lot due to deployments, trainings, and changing duty stations. I decided to switch from USAA to Navy Federal because I hated not being able to walk into an actual bank and having to call all the time. About 6 months ago, I decided to give Navy Federal a try since I had a lot of co-workers tell me that they provide excellent service. I went in and opened a checking and savings account in about 5 minutes. Since then, I have not had any issues with Navy Federal. They have 24 hour support service through the telephone. Their online banking is superb, also. Overall, I haven't had an issue with traveling yet. I had to go to a military school for 2 months in a different state and Navy Federal didn't give me any issues as far as stopping my account when I was traveling. They make it really easy to transfer funds via the mobile app and anyone that has a Navy Federal app can receive transfers from me and they can transfer funds to me in a flash. Best bank in my 16 years that I have tried!

Navy Federal is great

I have used Navy Federal Credit Union for several years now. When I was deployed they were awesome. Out of several banks that I use, they were the only ones that didn't charge me any finance charges and then reimbursed my fees from a foreign ATM. I thought that this was awesome because I had much more important things to do than worry about being nickel and dimed on the occasions that I needed cash. The other thing I have loved about them is the transfer and handling of my car loan. I transfered my loan to them from BB&T and never looked back. Granted this was in 2012, but did I get a much better rate than at BB&T. My rate at BB&T, though the dealer, was 4%, when I transfered to NFCU it went down to .50%. They also gave me a months paymentjust for switching my ccar loanto them. Overall, they are an aamazing bank and I am now a member for life!

Terrible Bank, Taking Advantage Of Military Personnel

This bank has been nothing but a disappointment. Their fees are exorbitant, they make it impossible to get access to your money... they're ripping off service personnel, who probably don't realize there are better options in the non credit union sector. Really very disappointed in NFCU- moving my accounts elsewhere (already refinanced my mortgage just to get away from this credit union).

My experience with Navy Federal Credit Union

I have been a customer of Navy Federal Credit Union for over three years now and I have had nothing but good experiences with them. The few problems I've had, the customer services department worked to fix them quickly. I love their "refer a friend" program that gives me a bonus for referring customers. It is easy to do and doesn't take long at all. My checking account currently has no fees despite no balance requirements. This is great when I may have a zero balance from time to time. My favorite offering from Navy Federal is their Certificates of Deposit. They have competitive rates that you can't get anywhere else. For example, I currently have a CD with them. That is practically unheard of in today's ultra low interest rate environment. Overall I am very pleased with my experience at Navy Federal and would recommend them to anyone.

Not What They Used To Be

My biggest peeve is that a charge, no matter how small, will be "pending" on our NF Visa Reward's card almost immediately, but a payment takes up to two, sometimes three, full days to show up.

Another problem we had with them concerned looking into getting a home equity line of credit. We have been members since 1982 as a married couple, and my husband was already a member for a few years before that. We've had car loans and mortgages with them, and an equity line of credit with them in the past.
When we applied for a new equity line of credit last year, it was TERRIBLE! The amount of hassle we went through made us give up and drop it. Our credit score was over 800. We were not a risk to them, yet we felt as though they considered us one. We regularly charged and paid off enough on our reward's card to get two $500 Visa reward's cards every year. Those cards were our "Christmas Account."
Not anymore. We have started using our USAA Visa Reward's card for all of our purchases except for the automatic bill payments we had set up with Navy Federal already.

They are just not the bank/credit union that they used to be, and that's too bad. We won't get another car loan, or camper loan, or mortgage, or anything from them except to use them as a temporary stopping point for our paychecks before the money goes out to other places.

Opening New Account, Cd's Customer Service

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We just opened additional accounts for family members, very satisfied with the service, they answered some very specific questions and verified the accuracy of online information about CD rates and conditions. We are transfering the bulk of our family savings to NavyFCU.

Garbage Bank Hold On Official Checks?

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ALWAYS want to put holds on official checks make no sense had the same account over ten years i had to ppen another account with another bank to be able to cash checks timely ridiculous and dumb. I really HATE NFCU and do,not RECOMMEND THEM 2 ANY 1

Navy Federal Credit Union

We have been with the Navy Federal Credit Union since the early 80's. My husband has been retired from the Navy in 1998 and we still use the Credit Union for our checking and savings account. Even though we don't have a physical location near us, we are able to do anything we need to either by internet or over the phone. They are always so helpful and accommodating! We especially love that we can take a picture of a check and send it to them and it's deposited in our account by the next morning! It's flawless! We highly recommend the Navy Federal Credit Union!

Navy Federal Credit Union

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I have used Navy Federal Credit Union since I joined the Navy back in 2008. They have provided me with wonderful services and have locations nearby that are very convenient to me and my family. I currently have a checking account, a savings account and an IRA open with them and I have no complaints. Every time I call in to their customer service department, the representative is very knowledgeable, helpful and quick and I always hang up feeling at ease about where my money is kept. They take their time when answering questions and don't hesitate to get a supervisor on the line if needed. They have even helped me out in the case of fraud a few years back by catching the person before I had even realized my money was gone. I woke up to a voicemail saying I need to call them back ASAP because we needed to secure my accounts and get new cards sent out right away. They're amazing! I highly, highly recommend Navy Federal Credit Union.

Great Credit Union for Military Families

I have been banking with them for years, as a personal bank and have always had great customer service with them. They offer bill pay through their app, to make it easier when getting the money from your account to your bills. Also, transferring money to the account and outbound is very easy. They have 24 hour customer service, which is extremely helpful for military families. I had a checking and savings with them, the savings basically just took a small amount from my checking each month, but my checking was very easily accessible.

Glad to be a member!

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I have been a member of NFCU for over 10 years and I am glad to be a member! They offer great products, such as the EasyStart certificate. I am not the most savvy person when it comes to investing, so I like things that are easy to do online but also have an excellent customer service rep to back me up when I have questions. Navy Federal has both. The hold times are generally very short and I can always get a real person. I plan to roll some old 401Ks over into an IRA soon and they have a financial adviser that will walk me through everything, but if you know what you are doing, their website is very user-friendly.

My Navy Federal

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My experience with Navy Federal Credit Union has been the best of all my experiences with any banking institution. Since I am 74 years old, I have had experience with many institutions. All of my experiences with Navy Federal have been wonderful but one in particular stands out. On a Sunday afternoon, I went through the ATM and left my card in the slot and drove off. Down the street, I realized what I had done and went back. During that time, the man behind me took the card to the front door and since they were closed, he slipped it under the door. On Monday morning, I went to retrieve it but the clerk said their policy with found cards is to shred them. She helped me get a new card but I had several auto payments for monthly bills set up on my old card. The clerk took the time to go through my statements to see what payments were made by auto pay on my card and which ones were by checking account number. Then she helped me to notify them of my new card number. This clerk was so patient and friendly and really made me feel welcomed. All of my experiences with Navy Federal have been very positive and I often tell others about it.

Great experience. Wonderful to use

Navy Federal Credit Union makes it real easy to do eDeposits. Just scan the check and sign the back. It usually takes within the hour for the first $100 to show in your account. This is great for paychecks or checks written to you. No longer are trips to the bank necessary. I have used this feature online as well on the NFCU app. Great, easy, and fast.

Excellent Service

My loan was approved in minutes. Terrific service.

Glad to be a member

I am very satisfied with my Navy Federal Credit Union. I was able to get an account via referral from a family member. This credit union has significantly less fees than banks. They also offer better interest rates on savings and checking. What I like most about them is how they extend credit and loans to customers much easier than banks. Within 6 months of becoming a member I was able to get my auto loan refinanced through them at a much better interest rate and terms than I was getting from the previous lender.

Good CU, But . .

NFCU is a good credit union. But beware that their savings accounts allow, via ACH, only deposits!

That's right. You cannot withdraw funds from your NFCU savings account using ACH. Period. ACH deposits into NFCU savings accounts are just fine and work as you would anticipate. But ACH withdrawals are declined because they are disallowed under NFCU account rules.

Want to do an ACH withdrawal of funds you have on deposit at NFCU? Do it from your checking account . . if you have a checking account. Otherwise, if your money is in your savings account, request a check be snail mailed to you or ask them to wire the funds out. But do not try to use ACH.

NFCU positively contributes to my financial present and future

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I've been a member with Navy Federal since birth. Throughout my banking experience, they've always been willing to help me with questions I've had regarding how I can improve my financial status through their services. Most recently, an associate convinced me to transfer a good chunk of my savings into a Money Market Savings Account, and so far, I've been extremely pleased with the results. NFCU's savings rates beat pretty much all of the competition. They even offer checking accounts with great interest rates! Plus, I can tell that NFCU operates with my best interest in mind, because they offer zero maintenance fees on all of my current accounts. I plan to stick with NFCU for the rest of my life, because I'm convinced that they will continue to provide the best service to me and my family.

Mixed Bag -- Bad Banking But With Great Credit Cards

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Navy Fed is a mixed bag. Their normal banking is pretty poor (bad policies, mishaps, mistakes, corrections take weeks to get corrected) and while I personally would never recommend anyone get a checking account or loan there, (you're just asking for trouble), they DO offer three things worth looking into if you qualify for membership:

(1) Occasional CD specials (if it's not a special, their rates are only so-so, but a few times a year they come out with pretty good specials. You just have to catch them, they don't seem to let members know.

(2) If you have an IRA CD with them (IRA CDs only), they're one of the few institutions that lets you add funds to it during the term (usually for a few months out of the year). For instance, if you want to make your allowed contribution every year and you have a 5-year CD, you can still do so by adding to it during the allowed months they let you do so (most other places won't let you add to a CD, even if it's an IRA CD).

(3) Credit Cards: one of the few good things about NavyFed. Their cards are all chip enabled, have NO foreign transaction fee, and for rewards cards, you can choose from a rewards card that gives you points (travel/restaurants, etc), or a cash-back VISA card, that gives you 1.5% back on everything across the board (no different amounts for different catagories). The rewards show up within days, and you can immediately put it into your savings account. Not quite totally fee-free as PenFed's Promise VISA card is... and I'm one of those people who pay their card off every month, (so I haven't really noticed how good/bad their policies are for those who don't pay them off every month), but they certainly do have some credit cards worth looking at. (If you want a lower APY, like any institution, don't get a rewards card, get the basic card). I recently changed my main credit card usage from another credit union's VISA to NavyFed's cashback VISA, and have been happy with it, and will keep it as my main card (using it all the time -- a lot) as long as NavyFed keeps the features as they are.

So that's it. A mixed bag. Remember, you don't have to have everything under one roof. Find someplace else for your savings/checking/loan business, but if you want good credit card and CD offerings, NavyFed can be a good place to look.




Navy Federal Credit Union is one of the most amazing companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is the online app intuitive and easy to navigate through and use, but the 24 hour customer service that they offer is one of my favorite things ever. The fact that I can call my bank a 3:00 in the morning and still speak to a real person pretty much had me sold from the get-go, but their local branch that offers a convenient check cashing feature, and allows me to deposit cash in to my checking account is what really solidified my love. The only complaint I have is that they don't have more branches near me. The closest branch is a 40 minute drive from my home. Despite this small downfall, I would absolutely recommend Navy Federal Credit Union to any of my friends to use - they even gave me a free $50.00 just for signing up!

Great Credit Union

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My husband was in the Navy, so he was signed up for his bank account in boot camp. It's been great, though. The checking account set up while he was active duty has $500 of overdraft protection, and our secondary checking account has $100. It's nice not to be hit with any NSF fees, ever, or even have to worry about it. Branch location can be tricky, as most are in the DC area or on military bases. Fridays at any branch are a nightmare! Thankfully their phone-based check deposit system works well. We're a few hours from our closest branch now and it hasn't really affected us. If we need cash we can go to a no-surcharge ATM; I think they even have a ATM surcharge refund if you use a machine that does charge, but don't quote me on that. I really recommend Navy Federal if you're qualified for membership!

Nfcu Is Only Cu For My Family

Navy Federal Credit Union is the choice of my entire family - three generations of family bank with them. I am always satisfied with the service I receive when I call for help. I bank primarily with their remote services. They are secure, easy to use, and many services are available 24 hours each day. I prefer not to go to my local branch because the service does not live up to the experience that I have when I log in or call; however, even the branch offers an irresistible service. I am able to go to the branch, enter my account number, and put coins in a sorter (and believe me, my kids save a lot of coins), and they are counted and credited to the account with no fee! We love NFCU and can't imagine banking anywhere else.



Do not let them link you to anyone else's account

When I joined, I was sponsored in. At first, I thought oh this is going to be great. Boy was I wrong! So I had a joint checking account and an individual savings account. Well, the person on my joint account had a joint account with his ex wife. She defaulted on her loans, so they started pulling money from his account, when that caused his accounts to become delinquent they started pulling money from our joint account and when that caused my transactions to not go through, then they pulled money from my savings. It was a vicious cycle that took weeks to understand and just about landed me in bankruptcy. Essentially, I was paying her bills. The joint owner on my checking as well as myself had to move our deposits and bills to another financial institution and completely stop using NFCU. They would not remove the joint on my account or remove him from his ex's account because all of the accounts had to be cleared up first, when the only reason they were messed up in the first place was because of them. It is going to take years to review financially and repair what's it's done to our credit.

53 Years Of Great Service

It is important to read between the lines with many of the negative comments on here. Most were delinquent on accounts. Some didn't understand deposit holds that apply to all banks. I know I have been extremely pleased with the service I've received at NFCU since 1962, and so have all my acquaintances. They do care for military personnel. They are one of the two premier financial institutions serving the military.

Navy FCU

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This credit union is the best! They recently bought a car and luckily was able to get pre-approved by the bank therefore giving me a bargaining chip. I know this bank is not available to everyone, it is for military service members and their families however this bank has always been helpful. I have a local branch that I go to often they are always friendly, very easy to work with, & truly care about their members. They are the only bank that allowed me to open a CD with little money for 5 years BUT allows me to add to the CD as many times as I want therefore allowing me to grow the CD even more over the 5 years.

Best Ever Experience CD.

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Today I took advantage of NFCU 30 months 2.5% APR CD.
No hassle. Easy. Friendly and knowledgeable service. Wow! Very impressed.
Going back tomorrow to start another CD. They don't know when this special rate will be withdrawn.

I joined for the $5 member fee and only opened a CD. Will continue using my "forever" bank for checking, etc.

Navy Federal Credit Union

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I have been with Navy Federal Credit Union since 2005. Every time I walk in to the branch there is someone to smile and greet you and waiting to help you. I am extremely amazed about their Special EasyStart Certificate rates. It is 3.0% APY. I also like the way the you need direct deposit for this CD. It helps the CD grow and not just stay at the current principle, as most CD's do. Navy Federal is wonderful and I would not give them up for anything. Ever time I deposit a check on mobile deposit, the funds are available within one hour. I recommend Navy Federal Credit Union to anyone.

The best credit union

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Navy Federal Credit union is probably one of the best credit unions. The credit union is very helpful. They are great with timely deposits and they are great in processing checking and savings accounts. They provide awesome service and they do not have fees. Their rates are top notch and they are great for any military family or non. My parents, fiancee, daughter, and nephew all have accounts with this credit union.

Go Navy Federal Credit Union!

As a recent member of the US Navy I have started banking with Navy Federal Credit Union here in Yokosuka Japan. I am extremely happy with how things are working out. The employees are so nice when I go to take money out of my account. I have even had the door held for me a few times by the security guard. I am a huge fan of the different Navy style checks I can choose from. It is so easy since their are ATM's all over the world so even if I am not in Yokosuka Japan I know that there will be a location at the nearest base. They over great savings plans as well. I am very happy that the Navy set me up with an account while in boot camp.

TERRIBLE Credit Union. Go Somewhere Else.

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For those thinking of joining Navy, I suggest you read some of the many critical reviews here, not just the positive ones (which, with I'm sure the best of intentions, are probably from people who either don't actually do much banking, or have never experienced anything better.) Navy is one bad credit union. It's basically the credit union equivalent of Wells Fargo (I'm sure you can find people who just love Wells Fargo too) -- but I no longer use Navy because I became so disgusted with their service, fees, phone reps lying, and policies. They may be the largest credit union, but hey, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase are the largest banks, so are those the best places to bank too? (hint: no, they're not.) Neither is Navy -- and that's an understatement.

The tellers at Navy are morons, everytime I call customer service I'm given conflicting answers, it takes forever to get a reply from them (and then they screw up what they were supposed to do), their policies and fees are terrible and what really hits home is the difference you see when you join any other credit union. Disgusted with Navy, I joined another nearby credit union that was only about a mile from the Navy branch, and boy, what a difference.

For those thinking about joining Navy, take the time first to read the critical reviews here that give you an idea of just how bad Navy is. And for those who honestly think there's nothing wrong with Navy, all I can suggest is that you to join another credit union (ANY other one) and compare it to dealing with Navy. Or you can just join Wells Fargo to make your dismal banking experiences complete.

Thankfully for most people there are lots of other choices. I originally joined Navy through my family (military), left them, and now go to another credit union nearby. Just want to save people a lot of grief.

Excellent Experience

I have been banking with Navy Federal Credit Union for over 4 years and have been very satisfied. I have a Flagship checking account which pays me interest on my checking and savings account and also reimburses our ATM fees from foreign ATMs. I have called several times with various questions and they have always been able to give me answers or direct me to someone who can answer my questions. I used to go into the bank to deposit cash about once a week and always had a friendly cashier and felt like my confidential information was handled with care. I have never had a breech on my account in the 4+ years I have been banking at Navy Federal. Since starting our Navy Federal account we have moved to a state with no Navy Federal Credit Union. We love it so much that we chose to stay with Navy Federal anyways. We are able to do all of our transfers and check deposits electronically and since they cover foreign ATM feeds, withdrawing cash is not an issue either. We love Navy Federal and would recommend it to our friends and loved ones.

Sorry I have to leave this credit union in a few months

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I have been a member of Navy Federal Credit Union for almost four years now, after I married my husband. Now that he is getting out of the military and we're moving to a place where there's no nearby branches, we have to leave the credit union and I'm so sad to go. I've had nothing but positive experiences with them from the beginning. Every worker who I've talked to, both in a branch and on the phone, have been pleasant and listened to everything I said. The one time I forgot to notify them that I was going on vacation, my account was frozen immediately I tried to use my debit card, but I was able to call and had it taken care of in less than 5 minutes. They also just this weekend updated their mobile app to make it so that you can add vacation notifications straight from the app instead of having to call. Also, I love their app - it has been a true lifesaver. Helps me to easily check balances while out shopping so I know my spending limits, and they offer the scan deposits so I no longer have to physically show up at the branch to deposit a check. I have deposited checks from $5-$1000+ without any issues, and clear instructions are offered on how to complete the process. The next bank or credit union we go to will have a big expectations to fill.

Can Understand Why They Are #1

I joined this institution in 2011 and it was a welcome change, it was warm, friendly, inviting, after having so many issues w/the previous mom & pop FCU that i was a member of, i felt that i was finally at an institution that was in the big league of banking! I loved how i was able to get credit card, auto & line of credit loans at very good rates. Their service fees were reasonable. I primarily did mobile banking and scanned in checks instead of actually going into the institution (the lines were always long). But on instances where i had to go in, it wasn't so bad, and the lines did move at a decent pace. I think they are a wonderful institution, and although i'm not military (joined because a family member who works for under the Defense umbrella is a member), i was honored to be privy to the same rates and specials as our hard working service men/women were. Sadly i will be closing out my account, and i feel bad about it, but due to reasons that i can't say here, because they truly are a stellar establishment and deserve all the accolades that i can bestow upon them. I wish the institution the best of luck and who knows, i may be able to come back in time if they would take me back ;-)

Navy Federal Credit Union is Tops!

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I have been a member of Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) since 1978. I have checking, savings, CDs, and money market accounts with NFCU. NFCU is one of the largest credit unions in the United States. Since it is oriented toward those who serve in the Navy and Marine Corps, it has branches all over the world. I was serving in the Marines when I opened my first account with NFCU.

My experiences with NFCU have been great for the last 37 years. Before the advent of online banking, it was great to be able to see branch offices in the various places where I served. With the advent of internet banking, it is very simple to monitor my accounts via their easy to use website. Whenever I have had a problem or issue, or needed help concerning accounts, there has always been competent assistance to help me at a branch in person or over the phone. NFCU is a first-rate institution, and I will bank with them for the rest of my life.

Great Customer Service with personable tellers

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I currently have multiple types of accounts with Navy Federal Credit Union. I utilize the Bellevue Offutt AFB branch and have always been greeted by great people willing to help. I currently have an investment plan of Certificates of Deposits, Checking accounts & savings accounts with them along with a few other types of accounts. The checking account fees are extremely reasonable and I receive an ATM rebate each month for using ATMs that are not theirs. This is a huge perk for me. I like that they have the mobile deposit feature for accounts on their App so I can automatically deposit a check when it is received instead of having to drive to the branch or mail the deposit. I have now referred a few others for accounts there as well and they have been extremely happy with the customer service and rates provided. There are multiple levels of checking accounts for individuals. I currently use 2 of them as I have one for everyday checking and another for more of an investment account with instant liquidation availability. I can always call and get the current rates or utilize the website or app and figure out if I want to transfer or open new accounts. It works great with my busy lifestyle and job so I do not have to hope that the bank is open when I get there. While the branch associates are more than helpful, the phone associates are wonderful as well and provide just as much detail should I need assistance after normal branch hours. I would highly recommend them to anyone I could..

Horrible Bank If You Fall Behind

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I Have been a Navy FCU member for 20 years. I recently retired and struggled for a while finding a new job. Many of my other banks and credit cards were willing to help me out by moving due dates, closing accounts and lowering interest rates. Navy FCU refused to help in any way. I was declined for personal loans and they refused to lower interest rates or move payments. When I was one day late on a credit card payment they locked my account on the website and the telephone so I couldn't even look at any of my other accounts until the credit card payment was paid. I don't know of any other bank that does that. I have had my mortgage with Navy FCU for 11 years and never missed a payment. When I was just 25 days late on a payment I received a certified letter in the mail with a notice of pre-foreclosure options stating that if I did not respond in 30 days a notice of default may be issued and I may lose my home in foreclosure. I'm working now and paying my bills I will be closing my account at Navy FCU as soon as possible.

Loyal 30 year member

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I am a thirty year member of Navy Federal Credit Union. They have been taking care of me since I was 18 years old. I have been so loyal to them because of their loyalty to me. They have financed all my cars I've ever owned with incredibly low interest rates. I plan to be with the for another 30 years at least.

You Won't Be Disappointed!

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I have been with Navy Federal Credit Union since I was a teenager. In fact, it was the first bank I ever dealt with. That being said, it is still one of my favorite credit unions to do business with. Although I know have other accounts else where I still make sure to keep this one open. The people there are always so pleasant. They make sure they do their job right and if they do not they are sure to quickly fix it. I also feel that they have competitive rates compared to others. Overall, I feel that they are really above the rest with the overall experience they provide to their clients.

Another Bad Navy Policy

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Adding to the terrible reviews of Navy Fed here (both their incompetence as well as their terrible policies compared to other institutions), I have one myself that just happened. This is a warning, especially for those who do NOT live on the East Coast.

If you live on the west coast (or a time zone OTHER than EST), it seems the default for NavyFed's computers is to bank on east coast time. That's fine for some things, but totally unacceptable for others.

In the process of moving most of my funds out of Navy and into another institution, I experienced still more Navy crap. I went into a local NavyFed branch on the west coast shortly after 2pm, and needed a bank check made payable to myself. As I was leaving the window and looked at the check though, I saw that the date looked funny. Sure enough, they POST-DATED the check for the FOLLOWING DAY. This of course, renders the check COMPLETELY USELESS until the following day (I might or might not be able to deposit it, but I certainly wouldn't be able to cash it or get the money out anywhere else before the date of the check). Nice, huh?

It's not a matter of the funds being available -- they were completely available. But when I went back to ask, I was told that NavyFed banks on East Coast time, and since it was after 2:00pm (after 5:00pm east coast), the computer automatically puts the NEXT DAY'S date on the check. Which means if you live on the west coast, the only REAL hours you have to bank with them are from 9-2, because anything after 2pm will be posted the next day (if you live in Hawaii, that gives you only 9am-11am to bank to get the same day's date).

I complained, and finally one of the senior CSRs told me they could re-do the check at one teller who they keep on local time (with the proper date), so we went through the hassle of voiding the old check and having them write out a new one with the teller that went by local time. But the default for them (unless you specifically ask for it) is to set everything for east coast time, no matter where you live.

However the fact that they still kept one teller and terminal on local time tells me that this policy is NOTHING BUT LAZINESS on their part, because if it was truly an across-the-board policy, they wouldn't keep one teller on local time and be able to re-do the check with the PROPER DATE when asked. They simply set the rest of their terminals to east coast time, and unless you ask specifically for it, you'll most likely get the following day's date from default. Isn't that nice?

NO OTHER BANK OR CREDIT UNION does this (walking in at 2pm to get a bank check, the funds are cleared and immediately available, but by default, they put the FOLLOWING DAY'S DATE on the check).

I really hate this place. Which is why, like others here, I'm in the process of shifting my accounts to another credit union.

Best Banking Experience

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I've been using Navy Federal Credit Union since my dad first opened a savings account for me as a child. They approved my first credit card without any prior credit history, and then gave me an excellent interest rate (3.5%) on an auto loan I got through them several months later. I was able to complete absolutely everything online with very minimum hassle. For the auto loan specifically, they printed up the documents at a local branch, made sure I understood everything, and sent me on my way. I've had to call a couple of times in regards to payments on my auto loan and credit card, and every time I've contacted them they've been more than helpful. They have some of the friendliest CSRs I've had the pleasure of speaking with. All around a great company.

Loyal Customer

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I have been coming here for years. I'm loyal and love the services. I mostly use checking and savings accounts, but still the same quality service from all around. I used USAA, but some of the fees I don't agree with.Regular banks I don't like as much either. So I do all my banking with Navy Federal Credit Union. Customer Service has been quick and pleasant, and I don't have any issues when I have a problem that needs addressed. I usually do not have to talk to more then one person on any matter. I would be very sad if Navy Federal Credit Union went out of business, because I don't want to go anywhere else.

Great Place

I don't know about these other people, but I know that all the experiences I have had at Navy Federal have been 5 stars. They answer questions, helped me clean up my credit, are friendly and customer orientated. This institution doesn't charge for your checking or savings accounts, they help you save money, they send account alerts when spending habits change, I can get a new CC or check card right at the branch, no waiting, no costs. They now have a program to get a personalized, prepaid gift card at my branch.....NO CHARGE. I have done the big name banks, they charge for EVERYTHING, and treat you like a criminal for wanting any help. Navy Federal is the best, thank you.

Best Credit Union

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Navy Federal Credit Union is a bank where I have been trusting my financial welfare to for a decade now. I couldn't be happier. With the lack of checking fees, and only a $5 minimum in savings to keep your accounts open, I'm really happy with how little of my money I've had to give up to keep my banking accounts going.

On top of that, there are also so many other options that allow you to get the most out of your money. I have certificates of deposit with great rates as well. There are times when you can find rates of 5% or more. And an introduction to CDs with a 3% CD that allows you to test the waters. That's what I did, and found out about stacking CDs for the best rate of return.

Loans are fantastic. Getting a loan is easy, and I've done both my car loan and home loan through Navy Federal. The rates are great, and I couldn't be happier.

Navy Federal Credit Review Review

My experience with Navy Federal Credit Union has been really good for the past six years. Ever since I joined then in 2008, Navy Federal have shown that they care about any concerns that I have given them. Also, they have taken care of the money with hardly any errors when it comes to transactions between accounts, withdrawing, depositing, and etc. I have a credit card with them and that credit card has help me to restore my credit back into a healthy number in order for me to get items that require a good credit score. Navy Federal gave me the opportunity with giving me a credit card, while other credit unions denied me. They also are very good when it comes to their annual percentage rates because they give me the lowest rate possible. Their customer care are very helpful every time I have a problem trying to use my money in any possible way. For example, some unknown person stole my information to buy several items that totaled up to $4000. The Navy Federal customer care operator helped me to obtained all of my money back by informing me with exact details in how to report and handling with this incident. Also, when I asked them for a loan, they didn't ask me any question about the loan, and gave me the opportunity to further my opportunity to increase and build my credit from the grave. This credit union has been there for me in the most darkest times and the good times and I would recommend this credit union to any person that is interested in a good place to place their money.

Navy Federal Credit Union

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I have been a member of Navy Federal credit union for a little over a year and it is better than any bank I have ever used in the past. I do not have to pay to keep money in my account with them like all major banks are charging. I have used many of their online account features and do most of my transactions with them without leaving my house. I like being able to deposit checks by scanning them in from home. I have also spoke with customer service before and they were able to quickly answer all of my questions. The only complaint I actually have with them is there are not enough physical branches, the closest one to me is 100 miles away. I have never needed to go in to a physical location since I opened the account because of all that I can do with their website or customer service line. I have had a few different banks over the years but I would never switch back to a bank after using this credit union.

Newport, RI

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I've actually never wrote a negative review about anyone until today.i was speaking with someone who I had not seen in a long time and we had spoke for 15 minutes, and yes we may of been in standing near the counter and there may of been confusion but she comes up and has the nastiest attitude. I apologize that we spoke for so long but you do not need to behave like that. I am a customer and you need to please me, not scold me with your tone and treat me like I'm a 10 year old, I was unaware that I was being rude. . You work in customer service, this is your job - do your job like you're suppose to, and I inderstand we have bad days but you are still required to do your job. It's your job.

My experience with Navy Federal Credit Union

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Like most veterans or currently active duty military personnel in the Navy, Coast Guards, and Marine Corps, I bank with Navy Federal Credit Union. This is where I had my direct deposit setup for my pay and the money always went through and available when I needed it. I never had the need to go in person to a physical location because they have a really well designed website. I can setup online bill payment, transfer money, and pretty much all the typical function you expected from online banking. The interface is clean and load fast even when I access it from my phone. The only bad thing I can say about them is they don't have nearly enough ATM location as I would like. You can find them easy enough on military installation but once you get out of the base there aren't that many location that have a Navy Fed ATM. Other than that I find their ATM fee and other standard banking fee to be reasonable. I'm fairly satisfy with this bank.

DON't Bank With Navyfed: 7 Day Hold For Cash Deposits!

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If you make a deposit via a Co-Op ATM with NavyFed (even if it's a CASH deposit), you will need to wait a MINIMUM of 7 DAYS before you can get ANY of that deposit back. NO exception. Not even $20 is made available before 7 days. And the deposit will NOT show up in their system for DAYS (as if you never even made your deposit) -- but of course WITHDRAWLS are dinged to your account IMMEDIATELY.

I deposited $200 in CASH to my Navy account via a Co-Op ATM, but the next day realized I would need those funds. However I found out I would have to wait a FULL WEEK to get at the small amount of CASH ($200) I deposited. NO OTHER INSTITUTION I KNOW DOES THIS (not even making SOME of a cash deposit immediately available). Navy is SO BAD that not only was it not available... their system didn't even show that I had MADE a deposit. Finally the CSR was able to track it down on the "Visa System, not our own system yet", at which point she told me that once they received confirmation from the Visa System (which might be another few days), they would not make even ONE PENNY available back to me until FIVE MORE BUSINESS DAYS (ie, another full week) had passed.

At this point, I asked to speak to a supervisor, who verified that yes, while WITHDRAWLS are immediately dinged against your balance, Co-Op deposits (for those people who don't happen to live by a Navy branch) will be held for a FULL WEEK (5 business days + weekend) AFTER they get the information sent from Co-Op (which adds even more days). Even if it's cash. Even just a small amount. They WILL NOT RELEASE ONE PENNY.

Supervisor kept insisting "If you don't live by a branch, there are other ways. For instance, if you have a smartphone, you can scan your deposits." To which I replied "Leaving aside people who don't have smartphones, please tell me, how do you scan a CASH deposit?" "Uh... well, no, you can't. But I see you've made some ACH transfers from another credit union before. You can always transfer the funds from another institution. Then it only takes a few days." "If I'm going to deposit money, why should I need another credit union to deposit there and have to do a transfer? If I have to do that, I'll just forget about Navy and deposit straight with them." "Well, you can always scan your deposits with a smartphone.." " And again, how do you scan a cash deposit?" "Uh... sorry sir, this is our policy." I was told even under extenuating circumstances, NO exception would be made, for ANY amount, even for a CASH deposit.

What a lovely way for Navy to treat their customers.

Before you start leaving comments in defense of Navy, let me point out a few things: (1) This was a CASH deposit -- having nothing to do with waiting for checks to clear. (2) The amount was SMALL ($200). (3) Unless you live by a branch, a Co-Op ATM is the ONLY WAY to deposit Cash to Navy (unless, as the rep suggested, I use my other credit union as a go-between. But then, why even BOTHER with Navy?)

And finally... EVERY OTHER financial instituion I know of allows at least as PARTIAL availablity of funds right away -- and would allow the whole $200 back immediately.

To make sure, I decided to call 3 of the nation's Top-10 CUs at random, and VERIFY their Co-Op Deposit policies:


(1) NavyFed (largest CU in USA): NOTHING available for at least a week, regardless if it's CASH or check. ALL funds held a MINIMUM of 5 business days (ie, a FULL WEEK) PLUS the processing time from Co-Op. Typically this will take 1 1/2 - 2 full weeks after you make your deposit before even one penny is available. Again, Withdrawls are dinged against your account IMMEDIATELY.

(2) SchoolsFirst FCU (5th largest CU): unless there are red flags on a customer's account (ie, bad history, security problems, etc) a MINIMUM of $200 is IMMEDIATELY available regardless if cash or check -- though usually $1000-$2000 is available IMMEDIATELY, no differentiation between cash or check.

(3) Alliant FCU: (7th Largest CU, that ANYONE can join, an open credit union):
For Co-Op CASH deposits:
First $2500 available IMMEDIATELY
After 2 business day hold, the rest is available.
For Co-Op CHECK deposits:
First $2500 available IMMEDIATELY. After a 2 business day hold, the next $2500 is available. Anything over $5000 will be available no more than 7 days from initial deposit date.

OTHER institutions make at least SOME of a Co-Op deposit available immediately.

Not NavyFed. NOT ONE PENNY will be released back to you until at LEAST ONE WEEK (5 business days + weekend) -- PLUS the processing time from Co-Op, which usually makes it at least a week and a half.

This was the last straw for me.
I'm just going to take everything out of Navy and not even deal with them anymore. I've had other problems with them as well, and their policies, quite frankly, treat their customers like trash.

Why would ANYONE want to bank with them, with their terrible policies (and refusal to make any exceptions) when there are other great CUs (like Alliant) that anyone can join -- and that have night-and-day different policies than Navy -- and unlike Navy, actually treat their customers right?

great place

There are no hidden fees waiting to pop up and drain your account, You get a helpful "real" human being when you call with questions,I have absolutely no complaints with this bank

A+ Customer Service

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I have been with this bank for about 20 years. Everytime I call them with an issue, the representatives were very professional, friendly and helpful. I have had overdraft fees reversed, and able to remove fraudulent charges with ease and efficiency. Once, the bank even called me concerning charges that were suspicious, and they quickly reversed those charges and sent me a new card free of charge and speedy delivery. Their interest fees for my credit card are minimal. I have never had a problem with this bank that hasn't been solved quickly.


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I had great results using The Navy Federal Credit Union while i was overseas in Japan. They made it very easy to travel around the world and not have any issues. I never had any problems with my dealing with them. Their provider service with a smile and i was protected when my card was stolen in Thailand and they promptly got me a new one very quickly. I continue to use them to this day and i have been out of the service for 15 years.

Navy Federal Credit Union

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I have been using Navy Federal Credit Union for about 4 years now. I like this credit union as it caters to the military. Every time I deal with them it is always good. Even when I have to go to the credit union in person I have never had a bad wait time. Compared to other Southern California credit unions, this one takes the cake! I would recommend the Navy Federal CU to anyone that is eligible.

Great Credit union

I have been pleased with this credit union. i have had an ccount for many years now. A while back i had an issue with credic card fraud and i explained my situation and the next day i was refunded the funds that was stolen from me. they are very friendly and have amazing customer service. my only problem would be that i have to drive quite a way to find a location, but as far as products and services i am very pleased.

NFCU Review

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I received an account with the Navy Federal Credit union through my father who worked in the Navy. I am able to have accounts there was superior interest rates as well as choices in government bonds and other various savings accounts. It has been the primary account used for banking and so far the family has been extremely satisfied with it. Customer service is extremely quick. Most of all, it's relationship to the government ensures that it will be reliable.

Love Navy Federal!

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I've had an account with Navy Federal for almost 10 years now. They're available by phone 24hrs a day, and the wait time usually isn't too long. The mobile app is easy to use and allows you to make deposits so you don't ever have to visit a branch. You can also use the ATM at any 7-11 for free!

Navy Federal review

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First off, banks figure out ways to nickel and dime you for their bottom line. In general, Credit Unions do not. Specific to Navy Federal...I signed up with them when I was in the Navy. They have always been incredibly competitive on rates with other CU's, and they flat out kill the rates at banks. We learned this as my wife worked at a bank and her 'employee rates' were worse than NFCU. As for the negative rev... view moreiews...something doesn't quite add up. I've never personally talked with a service member or vet who could not get a manners hip there. I have referred dozens of them that direction and each has had no issues at all.

Poor Online Service

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I opened a certificate online five days ago and the new certificate still has not appeared under my accounts yet and the funds have not been transferred from my savings share account as directed. The customer service representative that I called after five days was at a loss to explain why it was not done. At this time my account shows a pending transfer from my savings share account. The representative told me the new certificate should appear the following day. In the future I will not be opening any new accounts online with Navy Federal Credit Union due to this poor experience with them.


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Navy Fed is such an incompetent institution that the ONLY thing I have there anymore is the simple savings account -- but they STILL screw up, even with that!


The other day I needed to take out $2500 from my NavyFed Savings account, and bring it over to my "real" credit union (another credit union, where I do all my real banking).

First I asked for cash (100s and 50s), and then as the teller was counting it out to me, I changed my mind, and thought it'd be better to have a bank check/money order (made out to myself). You're allowed two free a day (didn't want to carry around a bunch of bills, since I'd just be depositing it anyway at my other credit union).

The teller says "no problem" and takes the cash back. But then she tells me to give me a bank check (cashiers check or money order) she has to get a supervisor's approval. Huh? No supervisor approval needed to give me $2500 in cash... but a supervisor's approval needed to give it to me in the form of a check? So we waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. I was about to just say to hell with it, give me the cash back, when finally she got a supervisor to come over and approve the check.

So I take the check and leave for my OTHER credit union, where I was going to deposit it (and use it to make a payment). Then the teller at my REAL credit union looks at the check and says "you know, we can't cash this check today. For some reaon NavyFed has posted-dated it with tomorrow's date."

THAT'S RIGHT. NavyFed POST-DATES THEIR CHECKS (even when paid for with CASH) FOR THE FOLLOWING DAY. This wasn't something hand-written. This was their normal bankcheck, all computer printed... except sure enough, it had THE NEXT DAY'S DATE ON IT.

What a lovely institution. Have you heard of ANY other institution (from banks to credit unions, to even 7-11s) that POST-DATE their money orders, cashiers checks, and bankchecks for the NEXT DAY? Even when paid with cash (we're not talking about waiting for funds to clear here folks). This is how it spits it out from the computer.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY DEALING WITH THIS TERRIBLE INSTITUTION. I joined them back when they had good CD rates and had to fix problem after problem after problem for the simplest things. It got to be so bad that the ONLY account I now have with them is their simple savings account, and virtually don't use it at all. There is NOTHING good to say about NavyFed.

But I just had to laugh. Not even something as SIMPLE as turning CASH into a BANK CHECK could be done there without INSTITUTIONALLY screwing the customer yet again. Post-dating a bank check for the next day?! When it's all automatic and computer printed?

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. I have now cleaned out all my funds from there (except for the $5 to hold the account). I'm done with them. I have enough other things to do in life than deal with these incompetent morons. Don't get me wrong, I know every institution can mess up from time to time. With these guys it is EVERY, EVERY, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm done.

Foreign ATM / Debit / Credit Card Use

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I've covered this topic here before but it's worth doing again from time to time, especially for Active Duty and family stationed overseas, those who deploy for long periods of time, retired, and other members who may work and/or live overseas. This is not anti-NFCU, merely information and awareness for those who aren't dialed or simply don't pay much attention to it- like I didn't for so many years on active duty, about 70% spent deployed or stationed overseas.

NFCU Visa logo ATM/Debit/Credit card products have a 1% International Transaction Fee attached to them. Not bad compared to some out there with 2, 3, 4 and even 5%. tacked on! You won't see this clearly indicated on the NFCU terms because, as they and most other banks/CUs will tell you, it's not their fee. Fair enough, but your account balance doesn't see the distinction.

There may also be ATM owner fees, ranging from $0 to $6~$7 per transaction (My country of residence is nearly $6 for foreign ATM cards) and, like the withdraw amount itself, will fluctuate with foreign exchange rates (if applicable).

NFCU also has a $1.00 per transaction flat fee if using a Plus system ATM or a foreign ATM. I am not sure if they reimburse this proprietary fee when using a foreign ATM in their authorized pool. They used to far as I can recall but it's not 100% clear to me now when reviewing the front page terms on their reimbursable checking accounts.

NFCU advertises their Active Duty and Flagship Checking as reimbursing ATM fees up to $20/mo and $10/mo respectively. Cool, eh?

Using the above fees on a notional foreign ATM withdraw of $500.00 equivalent in foreign currency, the fees would be roughly $5 in Visa International Fee, $6 ATM fee (YMMV here) and $1 NFCU fee. $12 or roughly 2.5% of the total withdraw. Again, there are variables and the % fee will fluctuate with foreign exchange rates relative to the final amount of the withdraw itself, also based on foreign exchange rates.

It's easy to see how these fees would quickly exceed the monthly reimbursement amount while noting that the Visa 1% fee will not be reimbursed.

Other points to note:

Foreign Exchange rates for Visa (and MasterCard) are set by them, not NFCU or the *ATM, and are generally just a tad below International rates. Side note, Visa exchange rates are generally a smidge better than MasterCard.

*Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). When using a US ATM/Debit/Credit Card overseas "out in town", you may be presented with the option of having the foreign currency bill settled in US Dollars right there on the spot. ATMs usually put up a screen giving you this option. Debit/Credit card signature receipts with this option are often much longer in length with all the agreement verbiage and the total displayed in US Dollars.


The exchange rate given is less than the Visa/ MasterCard rate and often 1 or 2 points below International. Decline the ATM option screen, which may be worded in a confusing way so read and select carefully. For debit/credit card transactions, politely insist the merchant cancel it and re-do in host nation currency so you get the better Visa (or MasterCard) exchange rate. They might say they can only do DCC transactions with foreign cards. I've stood my ground and waited for up to 20 minutes until they give up and miraculously figure it out. Up to you how far you are willing to go - options being agree to DCC, cancel and settle in cash or where possible, abandon the goods and walk away. In any case, make sure you get the transaction cancel receipt and check your account on-line. You may have a pending transaction and it might take a day or two to clear off.

Another note about DCC is Visa/MasterCard STILL charges the International Fee even if you settle in Dollars, so you get gouged twice. This charge used to be called "Foreign Currency Fee" or "Foreign Exchange Fee" and has been changed over the years to International Transaction Fee (or similar). Clever, huh? Even more sinister, it used to be a hidden fee until legislation forced it to be listed as a distinct charge on your statement.

YMMV where you live and it would certainly be wise to use an overseas NFCU branch if you've got one, and lower cost foreign exchange options on base as much as possible vs. using ATMs and local debit/credit transactions.

If you find the fees unacceptable, as I did years ago, once I started paying attention, there are better options out there that absorb the Visa/MasterCard International Transaction Fees, don't charge any extra ATM fees, and also reimburse foreign ATM fees. A number of companies offer credit cards without International Transaction Fees and a fairly decent cash rewards program, which can help bridge the minor gap between Visa/MasterCard foreign exchange rates and International rates.

Do your homework and don't be lazy to break out of the comfortable shoe of your present financial institution in order to avoid avoidable fees.

It's your money!

Navy Federal

Navy Federal Credit Union is my favorite credit union because it does everything that I need it to do and more. It has a great app on the app store that I use all the time to transfer my money between accounts. This is so convenient and makes the credit union so much better than a bank. The customer service is great and doesn't make you wait very long and the website and app are easy and intuitive. Overall they are just a great credit union and i would highly recommend them.

Great Credit Union

I've been with this credit union for a number of years, and they have always provided top notch customer service. This organization offers great rates for auto loans if you qualify, and they seem to try their best to refinance almost any auto loan within reason. I've taken out a few personal loans over the years, and they have always been patient and generous as well. Overall, I would rate them very highly, and reccomend them to anyone in the military or working for a federal job in any capacity.

best credit union

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My experience with this credit union over the past 7 years have been fantastic. They are very friendly and helpful, and they bring the best quality service to their members. In my 7 years of membership, I never suspected any fraud in my accounts, or worried that any funds might go missing.


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Yet another review to add to everyone else's here.
NavyFed is TERRIBLE.

It can take up to a WEEK to have any deposit made at an ATM credited to your account. Seriously. Even a CoOp ATM. Even a NavyFed ATM. I'm not talking about clearing the funds. I'm talking about even acknowledging that the deposit was even made.

I belong to three credit unions (Navy, and two others). The other two show your deposit IMMEDIATELY (and both also happen to make those deposits immediately available!) But not Navy. Nope. Not only do they not make the deposit available right away... THEY DON'T EVEN SHOW THE DEPOSIT UNTIL DAYS, DAYS LATER.

If I make an ATM deposit on a Friday afternoon at my OTHER two credit unions, it immeidately shows it in my balance, and the deposit is immediately available.

If I make an ATM deposit on a Friday afternoon at NAVY (either at a CoOp ATM, or even at Navy's OWN ATMs), then even by MONDAY, it will not even SHOW that you even MADE the deposit (let alone letting you access the funds). By Tuesday evening, they're automated system will finally tell you a deposit was made on Friday, and that funds will be available the next day after midnight (ie, Thursday usually by the time you can get at those funds -- deposited the previous Friday -- even if it was cash).

I finally had enough of this crap, and moved all my banking over to another local credit union (I won't even bore you with my Navy CU Card fiasco story).

Do yourself a favor. Just AVOID this place. Have a look at the other reviews here, it should tell you all you need to know. I won't put up with terrible service like this, and neither should you. And if you look around, you'll quickly find that you don't have to "pay" for good service. There are plenty of local, open credit unions and local smaller banks all over the country where you can do your banking.

Hard Inquiry When Opening Account

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When opening an account with Navy Federal Credit Union they do a hard inquiry on your credit report. They don't inform the customer of this. As a result, your credit score is dinged.

Hard inquiries occur when a financial institution, such as a lender or credit card issuer, checks your credit report when making a lending decision. For example, hard inquiries commonly take place when a consumer applies for a loan, credit card, or mortgage. You typically have to authorize a hard inquiry. Most important to note, hard inquiries will lower your credit score by a few points and remain on your credit report for two years. As time passes, the damage to your credit score will decrease until the hard inquiry falls off your credit report.

Not Bad In Right Circumstances

I've been a member for more about 15 years. Their savings rates aren't incredible, but sometimes they have a promotion for CDs that are worth it. I've also held a few loans with them and used to do all my checking with them.

Navy Fed is the largest credit union in the country - it's really more like dealing with a commercial bank. Their locations were convenient when I was active duty, but now that I don't live near a Navy/Marine Corps base there's not much for me.

I keep my minimum deposit, consider them if I'm looking to refinance my mortgage, and keep an eye out for good promotions. But that's about it. If you're active duty (especially Navy or Marine Corps) or retired near a branch, then it's an attractive option for your primary bank. Otherwise, there are better alternatives.

Yet Another Incompetent Navyfed Story. AVOID!

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Here's another incompetent NavyFed story to add to all the others. Just the other day I went into the local branch. A Roth IRA CD had just matured and my father wanted to take the funds, and instead of renewing at the current horrible CD rates, just move it to a Roth IRA Money Market account.

Simple, right? No change of anything (Roth IRA to Roth IRA) -- the only thing changing is that instead of renewing it as a CD, we just wanted to change it to a (Roth IRA) money market.

Well, nothing is simple at NavyFed. After waiting to first "check in", then waiting a long period of time to finally see someone to help, the person at the branch told us that Navy does not offer Roth IRA Money Market accounts. When I insisted that their web page shows "IRA/ESA Money Market Account" information, he said "yes, but not ROTH IRAs." He then said "look, my system isn't giving me any choice except to renew it as a ROTH IRA CD. If you want an IRA Money Market, we'll have to first convert it from a Roth to a non-Roth IRA." That was NOT what my dad wanted, so we asked to speak to the branch manager.

Okay, so the branch manager comes over and looks at their computer screen and says "Hmm... you know, it's not letting us do ANYTHING except renew it as a CD again. And our front page doesn't say anything about "ROTH" IRA money markets. I don't think we can do it." (this was the BRANCH MANAGER).

Except I had called their 800 number in the past, and was told that yes, they of course have Roth IRA Money Market Accounts. When I told this to the branch manager, she then picked up the phone, and tried to speak to someone at their "tech team" wondering why no options were being available except to renew the funds as a CD (or get the cash out). She then said the incredible statement that "at the branch level, we only get computer updates every once in a while, so I'm going to try to call our tech team." Except it has nothing to do with "updates". Roth IRA Money Markets have been available at NavyFed for quite a while.

So while we were all there in the room, I took out my cel phone, called NavyFed's nationwide 800 number, spoke to the IRA department, and verified that yes, they of course DO INDEED offer IRA Money Markets (either normal IRA or ROTH IRAs). The lady on the phone said she could do it for us right then and there. But because we were with the branch manager and another employee, I told the lady on the phone we'd call her back later.

At that point, I hung up, and as we had already waited 55 MINUTES at this point from the time we walked in the branch (I timed it) -- and the branch manager was still on the phone to her tech people trying to figure out how to do something so simple, we told her please to just leave it, that their 800 number said they could easily do it over the phone, and that we'd call later and do it ourselves. Again, not wanting a mess-up, we told her PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING to it, we'll take care of it ourselves later with the 800 number people.

With the branch manager still on the phone to her tech people, the other employee apologized, and we left. No sooner did we get home, did we call the 800 number back, and connect to the IRA department. However when we gave them the account number for the CD, they said "Oh, it's already been closed out, and a Roth IRA Money Market account had just been opened with the funds." So, it looks like the local branch finally figured out how to do it somehow -- though they DISREGARDED OUR REQUEST NOT TO DO ANYTHING at that point (that we would do it ourselves later with the people at the 800 number) -- yet DID IT ANYWAY. Lovely.

This KEEPS NavyFed's PERFECT 100% MESS-UP RATE Every SINGLE TIME ANY of us have gone into the branch needing ANYTHING done.

These guys are TERRIBLE. They were going to force us to convert a ROTH IRA to a Normal IRA! Like others here, none of us in our family use Navy as their main bank, and the incident the other day is YET ANOTHER in a LONG LINE of ineptitude of NavyFed. Just thought I'd share it. As others have said, AVOID THESE GUYS, at least as your main bank. They are the VERY DEFINITION of INEPT.

Terrible. Welcome To Banking From The 1960S!

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Among all the bad (and sadly, deserved) reviews of Navy Federal, I'd like to point out something that no one else has mentioned yet: the feeling that you're still banking in the 1960s with these guys (and in this case, that's not a good feeling). Like others here, I'm a memeber of multiple credit unions and also do business with banks, and I've never seen anyone worse than Navy Fed. But, as others have pointed out, they occasionally have good CD specials that sometimes (sometimes) make it worth jumping through all the hoops and incompetence of Navy Fed.

However I want to point out how backward's Navy's automated banking system is.



If you make a despoit (even a CASH deposit in person at a branch), that deposit will not show up on the automated systems UNTIL TWO DAYS LATER.

Likewise, if you make a withdrawl (even a withdrawl in person at a branch), your withdrawl will not show up on their automated systems UNITL TWO DAYS LATER.

Welcome to banking from the last century.

I had $1000 in a normal NavyFCU savings account. Not too long ago, I went on a Monday to deposit $200 in CASH and in PERSON at the local branch. I was given a receipt that did indeed show the new balance with the deposit I just made. HOWEVER... it's standard practice for Navy NOT TO UPDATE THEIR AUTOMATED SYSTEMS WITH DEPOSITS OR WITHDRAWLS FOR A DAY OR TWO. And sure enough, when I checked using their automated phone system that night, it still only showed $1000. And all day on TUESDAY (all the NEXT DAY), it STILL only showed $1000. Finally on Wednesday, their systems had been updated, and it showed $1200 as it should.

Same thing with withdrawls. Just this Monday, I had about $500 in my savings account. Again, I went into the BRANCH in PERSON on Monday, and took out $400 (as a bank check, though that doesn't matter). I was given a receipt showing my new balance was now around $100... but AS ALWAYS, NavyFed DOES NOT UPDATE THEIR AUTOMATED SYSTEMS until after about 2 DAYS. And sure enough, I called the automated system that night. Still said I had $500 in my account. Called the automated system TUESDAY. Still said I had $500 in my account. It wasn't until WEDNESDAY that it finally got around to updating itself and saying I only had about $100 left.

** Imagine if I was having a busy week, and had forgot about the withdrawl, and needed to know how much I really had in my account. Their automated systems will tell you the WRONG AMOUNT for TWO DAYS until they finally get around to updating them. What if I had written out a check to someone, relying on what their automated systems say I have as my balance? It would have bounced, and I would have been responsible for the fees. **

However, THANKFULLY I do NOT have a checking account with them -- and this is one of the many reasons why.

As I mentioned earlier, I belong to other credit unions (as well as a bank), and ALL of the others IMMEDITATELY update their automated systems to show any deposits or withdrawls -- IMMEDIATELY. None of this "2 days waiting" junk. Again, this is not waiting for checks to "clear" or anything. Me taking out $400 took two days to post to their automatic systems (as do all deposits and withdrawls, it seems) -- and frankly, it's pathetic. With my main credit union (NOT Navy), the instant I make a withdrawl or deposit -- either from the ATM or in person at the branch -- I can call the automated number and my account will immediately show it seconds later. Not with Navy. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. Make a withdrawl from your account and then call the automated info line to find out your balance, and see how it's not posted that day. Or the next day. Only two days later does it finally show up.

*** #2 ***: NavyFed Savings Accounts only allow ACH DEPOSITS -- *NOT* Withdrawls! And if you TRY to do a withdrawl, Navy will let it go through -- THEN INITIATE AN ACH OF THEIR OWN TO GET THE MONEY BACK!

I have a normal NavyFed savings account that I'll occasionally make deposits to via ACH (from another credit union). So when I have some extra money at my main credit union, I'll send some (via ACH) to my NavyFed savings account (and by the way, it takes NavyFed 1-2 days LONGER than any of the other institutions I ACH to, for the funds to show up).

However once I needed the money in my Navy Fed account, and didn't feel like making the trip to the closest branch. So instead, I did an ACH from my main credit union where, instead of sending a deposit, I had my main credit union "take" or get some money via ACH from Navy Fed (an ACH withdrawl). Apparently, Navy Fed doesn't allow this (and after this fiasco I called and verified -- they will allow you only to DEPOSIT to savings accounts via ACH, NOT withdraw). But what really angered me, was that their system ALLOWED the ACH TO GO THROUGH. A couple days later, and the funds from NavyFed were in my main credit union's account. I immediately took the funds, and used them. BUT THEN 24hrs later, NavyFed initiated -- on their own -- what I would can an "ACH Recall", where they then sucked the money back from my other credit union, back to NavyFed. Except I had already withdrawn the money to use -- so my main credit union had to take it from another account so I wouldn't be overdrawn. When I called Navy, they said "sorry, we don't allow you to withdraw from a savings account via ACH, only deposit" -- but the SYSTEM lets it go through -- THEN tries to get it back. Thankfully, my main credit union was great in all of this (UNLIKE Navy) and didn't charge fees, and I got it all straightened out thanks to my main (other) credit union.


There are a whole host of reasons not to make NavyFed your primary bank... others have posted a lot of them, but I thought I'd post this two as well -- as no one else has written on this yet.

Anyone who takes banking seriously should seriously avoid NavyFed for anything but CD specials until they change.


So Far Great Financial Institution

I switched to NFCU after leaving USAA.

NFCU has had excellent customer service with both me and my family so far. They even dropped like 5% off of my auto loan compared to USAA.

The only downfall I've seen so far is they froze my debit card immediately after I deployed cause i missed 1 car payment.

Until they prove to be failures i will continue to recommend them to my soldiers.

Navy Federal Credit Union - Great For Checking And Incredible For Home Loans!

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Navy Federal Credit Union has been awesome.  I have a free checking account and get free checks, online access, mobile phone check deposits and mobile banking through their APP, ATMs where I can deposit checks and cash, and have it instantly counted and posted to my account, great customer service around the clock, and everything I need. 

When I applied for a home mortgage, Fairwinds credit union charged me anywhere from $100-$200 just to apply for the mortgage!  While Navy Federal allowed me to apply for free!  Not only did they offer me a great rate and a super fast pre-approval, but the have been incredible during the 10 months my contracted short sale home has been taking to finally be approved by the seller's lender, so it could begin to close. 


The mortgage loan officer I have been working with from Navy Federal, Ms. Joy Caraker, has gone above and beyond, answering questions, explaining the home buying, loan options, points, and mortgage process to me-since this is my first home purchase, and returning calls and emails promptly, and even giving me her personal cell phone number so I can reach her after hours or whenever needed if my realtor needs paperwork right away or if I have questions or need help with something.  She has been awesome!  And Navy Federal is also offering me closing cost fee help.  I have had accounts with many different banks in Florida, and by far, Navy Federal is definitely my favorite amogst them. Their products, specials, and customer service is top notch. 


Out of all of the brick and online banks that I have been a customer of, the only bank I have found that comes close to NFCU in incredible customer service and products and perks is City National Bank of Taylor Texas, CNBT.  I highly recommend them both!

Navy FCU Opens Enrollment Doors To Coast Guard

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Welcome, Coast Guard!

Coast Guard, we are proud and excited to have the opportunity to serve you and your family. We would be honored to have members of the Coast Guard join Navy Federal and take advantage of all that we have to offer, such as:

·         24/7 live telephone support

·         Over 220 branches worldwide

·         Over 50,000 free ATMs

·         Mobile Banking,* including Mobile Deposits

If you are regularly employed by the Coast Guard—Active Duty or Civilian personnel—please click here to join Navy Federal or contact us with any questions that you have about membership.

Refer an eligible Coast Guard member for membership, and you'll each get $25!
Download the form, fill it out, and take it to your nearest branch, or call 1-888-842-6328

Navy Federal Credit Union: Welcome, Coast Guard!




I'm the son of a Vietnam vet who was wounded in war and received a purple heart. He was honorably discharged yet I was told by Navy fcu that I can't join because my father didn't retire from the military! Hello! He took a bullet for our country! He was attacked with nerve gases! It's kind of hard to retire from any job after all of that. Needless to say, I aim to contact the local media and write to the DOD, VA, and the President in regards to this. I think it's a slap in the face to those who get wounded while protecting us to tell them that they nor their children can join an institution that was created for the military in which they served!


According to the recent Customer Service Rep that I just spoke to today, they can contact third parties in order to contact me. Actually that is not true. Georgia State Law clearly states that they CAN NOT contact any third parties.


On top of this they dont seem to want to call me about my credit card payments until 7 or 8 pm at night, when I am spending time with my family. RUDE!!!!!!! I have asked them several times not to contact be after 5 pm, and they still violate my request. They are also extremely rude in the customer service ascpect of this business. They also have been known to freeze my other accounts in order to get payment on the credit card account.


I would tell anyone thinking about going with this "great company" to NOT do it. STOP NOW and just slap yourself for even thinking about going with Bank Of America's evil twin.


Hope they enjoy hearing from my lawyer.


NFCU Mortgage Refinance And Escrow Accounts

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I've been an NFCU customer since I was 8 years old - I opened my first account with birthday money. In the 33 years since then, I have been a loyal NFCU customer (mortage, car, banking), but my latest interaction with NFCU has left a bad taste in my mouth.

I am currently applying for a mortgage refinance with NFCU, and I have been informed that my existing NFCU mortgage escrow account will be used to pay down my existing loan, and that I am therefore on the hook to pay for the taxes and insurance that would have normally been paid with the escrow money.  I was also informed that it was not possible to roll the existing escrow money from my old mortgage account into the new account.

I have no credit issues, no defaults, no short sales, no liens - the property is as clean as it gets, as is my credit history.

Does anyone else have any experience with NFCU refinance processes ? Is this normal ? It seems to me like I'm paying NFCU for the privilege of using my escrow account to give themselves two extra interest paymnents. Am I better served by refinancing with another financial institution and just getting NFCU to cut me a check for the escrow money ?

TIA for any information.

Navy Federal Policies HORRIBLE!!!!!

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Navy Federal says they are there for those who serve! B.S. if some
unforeseen happens and you need to file a BK they drop you FOREVER
doesn't matter if you pay them back 100% plus interest! Way to stand by your
military in their time of need, it's bad enough they had to do it just pour salt in
the wound!! Thanks Navy Federal!

Customer Service ----- Wow

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The Customer Service seems to be just nasty at this credit union.

Truth - - WOW

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 I was a customer woth this formerly outstanding institution. But BEWARE it has become too big for its britches. I bacame 70.00 behind on a 1500.00 credit line and called to make arrangements. They agreed to them (2 weeksin future). I even paid early by western union. When I deposited 2000.00 in my bank account and put 700.00 toward my credit line it was happily accepted. Imagine my surprise when I was notified that my credit card account was closed, So I called and the rep stated to pay off the credit line in full and they would re-instate it . The closure was because of recent activity on this account. What paying down the credit card ??? Customer NO-service ensued so I immediately withdrew my cash from all accounts. I WAS a customer for 5 years and $70.00 caused all this turmoil. I recommend all military/family close there accounts or suffer the consequences of this institution. USAA is the way to go and is now my choice for loans/creditcards/insurance/checking(free with atm re-imbursement for fees) free checks and a customer service that is freindly/american and glad to be employed.

Navy Federal CU Service Deserves High Marks

It took less than 60 seconds to open the Member Appreciation Week Celebration Special certificate on the phone this morning. 

Kudos to the CSRs at NavyFed, too.  I have been a member of the credit union for two years.  From the beginning, they have been unfailingly pleasant, polite and helpful whenever I have contacted them.  Even today when they were being inundated with calls on that CD special, the wait time was surprisingly brief and the quality of the service I received from the CSR was as usual. 

Worst Credit Union

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Please don't do any business with them. They discriminate against their own members. I will be moving on to USAA. They will go out of business if they don't change their attitude.

Please think several times before you apply for any kind of loans.

Absolutely ZERO Stars

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Navy Federal is a bank that has high cc interest rates and pratically no money returned in savings. I had the for about 9 years and although they weren't a great bank, they sufficed. I got elected for the seaman to admiral program and usaa had great offers... I switched my direct deposit to usaa while keeping an account with navy federal and usaa was beyond amazing... I realized that navy federal was horrific in customer service and an employees review above, navy federal treats you like a number. I went from a 15.9% on my credit card with navy federal to 4% with usaa. USAA has amazing customer service, and great rates. I have my auto insurance, renters insurance, school loan, retirement and childrens accounts ( they are 4 and 6) with them. I happily closed Navy federal and after 7 more years in the service, I have NEVER had anything even medium or normal (lack of words) with USAA, just excellent and superb. If you are even thinking of navy federal, seriously look into USAA and you'll be happy you did.

Don't Get Robbed By NFCU.

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I have been an account holder at NFCU for about a year now, and everything seemed to be smooth until I got married.

My wife, who has a clean credit history, is not allowed to be a joint holder on my account. She is also not allowed to go through the teller line because of this. And we were never told why. But this is my last concern.

I had 2 cars financed through NFCU. Vehicle 1, is 2 years overpaid and about to be paid off, but NFCU changed my monthly payment to $38.00 against my will (They also will not let me refinance, or pay on principle for this vehicle).

Vehicle 2 was financed through NFCU, then sold while a lien was still on it. The individual who bought it from me had his credit union write a check to NFCU for my asking price, which was well over a grand of what was owed on the car. It took me a month of waiting before I realized that NFCU was not giving me my money. SO, almost every other day I would go to my local branch and ask the status on it. They would simply tell me it was going to go through 3-4 days from that day. I eventually asked for the Manager, and thought that everything was going to be worked out. She told me that my ,"over-payment is in limbo, and if you didn't come in, you never would have been refunded." This was last week...I got a call today from that manager telling me that she will get on it some time tomorrow.

If you want a credit union that will give you what they owe, be kind and courteous, and honest...Then look elsewhere. As soon as Vehicle 1 is payed off, I am finished with the thievery of Navy Fed. I am going to USAA.

Fee You To Death - Bank Of America's Cousin

My family has been with NFCU since the early 90's and I guarantee you this is not the bank that my Grandfather joined or the one I joined.  They have a new system that back dates purchases.  They have made it increasingly confusing to figure out how funds are taken from your account so that they can nickle and dime you $29 returned check fees every chance they get.  

How on earth does the bank charge me a $29 fee for a check of $175 when there was a balance of $1311????  Oh it's because a restaurant charged my card three times and voided it twice but because the two voided charges were pending it bounced the check among other bills that went through.  All of which had enough funds to cover them.

Ok I can see how this can happen, the timing was off on it all, but when I call to state why this happened and the CSR agent agrees that it wasn't my fault and that there was plenty of money in there to cover the check, she then tells me that because they refunded a $29 fee in April for me that they won't be able to do it again.  Next time, because it is too late to do it now, I should contact the restaurant and have them fax over documentation stating that they charged the account too much and to take the pending charges off.  WHAT!?!?!  

I told the CSR agent that this was the last time they would be taking a $29 fee from me and that I would be closing my account.  I said it was completely ridiculous for me to have to try to get a restaurant... A RESTAURANT.. to fax documentation over stating that the charges can come off.  And I have to do that before the fee hits.  So what if that was a Saturday night and everything went through Monday morning.  I guess I would be screwed in that situation as well.

It is very sad that I have to leave this bank and I wish I didn't but I will not lose anymore money to NFCU because they want to be like Bank of America.

Great Credit Union!

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Have been a member since 1969. Have never had the issues that other reviewers have complained about. Of course, I am not late on my payments, I don't overdraw my account, and I don't have ridiculous expectations.

Dont Allow Veterans

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I just called about membership and was told that me being a veteran was basically useless for joining this joke of a bank. Way to support the vets losers.

To Tucker's Comment....USAA Is NO Better

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USAA is no better!!! They don't go out of their way to help. They seem like they would, but making it inconvenient is more like it!!!

Grow, Grow, Grow = Go, Go, Go!

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My husband and I have been members of NFCU since 1990.  We loved the one on one friendly customer service.  In the past few years, NFCU has only been interested in getting bigger and bigger.  Customer loyalty means absolutely nothing and the customer service is completely gone.  We tried to refinance our home and they sent out some hack without a license that appraised out home for (no joke) half of it's true value.  Last year we applied for another mortgage on a different home and were denied.  We were puzzled.  If WE couldn't get a mortgage, who could?  We had no debt and a near perfect credit rating.  Then, when we asked NFCU for the reason we were denied, it was obvious to us.  Whoever input our application listed our income as more than $1,000 less/month than what we earn and the only assets they listed for us were one account we had with them.  They did NOT include the other money we had deposited with them totaling close to $100,000!!!  It was unbelievable. We have since withdrawn all our money and closed all our accounts.  We were not even asked why. (remember, we have been members since 1990)  We are currently refinancing our mortgage with another lender and will be rid of them for good.  I wouldn't reccommend them to our worst enemy!  

Best Financial Institution Ever

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I have been a Navy Federal Credit Union member for 30 years. They are outstanding in every way, from excellent rates on savings and credit cards to processing money transfers, IRA deposits, investment advisors, etc.

Only USAA approaches Navy Federal in service, reliability, and efficiency, but they don't quite match it.

I don't do business with Commercial Banks anymore - don't trust them. Navy Federal I trust, as does my whole family. We've never been disappointed.

I Got A Great Car Loan

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I got a car loan with low credit, I'm happy I got this 2008 Honda Accord.

Great For The Almost 40 Years I Have Been A Member.

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They are great and to the person that said they discriminate against disabled vets, they do not. I am one. You DO have to join while you are active,just like all vets do unless they work for the DOD as civilians. That is in no way discrimination. It would be discrimination to let someone join after getting out, and others not be able to.

Former Employee

Navy Federal offers great benefits, but you have to work a lot of overtime to get a decent paycheck in Collections.  Management does not know you as an individual, only as employee number *****.  Supervisors only cater to their own and helping their friends & relatives advance in the company.  There is not a real big opportunity for advancement unless you know someone higher up and have good connections.  Too much stress in collections and you are expendable no matter how good your numbers may be.  They are very two faced and do not abide by their code of ethics.  They use profanity in the workplace and are the slightest bit professional-the Collections department.  I would recommend military members to go to USAA where you will always be treated with respect.  All they care about at NFCU is getting the loan/credit card payment regardless of your financial situation.  They tell you to borrow the money just to get by for one month.  To them it is about making numbers and getting a percent, not the overall value of genuinely trying to help the member get and stay out of delinquency.

Been With Them Since I Was 15, Now Am 27

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Been with Navy Federal since I was a kid. Seem to always be in the ball park of best auto loan rates and have never had a problem with unfair charges or account lockouts or anything like that.

As far as the wounded veteran comment, If you were a member of Navy Federal you can still be a member even after you are out. Just because you are not Active duty or retired does not mean you cannot be a member. Sounds like comments from competing banks. Love NFCU.

Good Bank For Military

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I have had an account with Navy Federal since a kid and I have continued with them while I served in the Marines and after. I have recieved great rates for all my car loans, CDs, Savings, and the online banking has improved over the last year. I am also a member with USAA, but they never could match the rates for Navy Federal. They even helped me to close out my account and transfer the funds with Marine Pacific (thats a crooked bank). The only thing I have seen is those that have failed or other had banking issues prior to they are slow to assist, but me I have never had poor customer service. I will continue to use this excellent Credit Union. I recommend Navy Federal.  

Nothing But Good Things

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I've had NFCU since 2003 and I have nothing but good things to say. They have always been prompt and friendly when I have needed assistance. The nearest branch is a four hour drive away yet they have made it entirely possible to bank with them.

Last Friday (1/27/12), my wife and I closed on a new home utilizing NFCU as the lender. The experience was excellent and they were able to expedite the paperwork and have it completed and ready for signature within a three week period. The VA appraisal pushed the window out to four weeks.

The only thing I can really say to NFCU after these last few years is Thank You!

This WAS An Incredible Place To Bank

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  I was a customer woth this formerly outstanding institution. But BEWARE it has become too big for its britches. I bacame 70.00 behind on a 1500.00 credit line and called to make arrangements. They agreed to them (2 weeksin future). I even paid early by western union. When I deposited 2000.00 in my bank account and put 700.00 toward my credit line it was happily accepted. Imagine my surprise when I was notified that my credit card account was closed, So I called and the rep stated to pay off the credit line in full and they would re-instate it . The closure was because of recent activity on this account. What paying down the credit card ??? Customer NO-service ensued so I immediately withdrew my cash from all accounts. I WAS a customer for 5 years and $70.00 caused all this turmoil. I recommend all military/family close there accounts or suffer the consequences of this institution. USAA is the way to go and is now my choice for loans/creditcards/insurance/checking(free with atm re-imbursement for fees) free checks and a customer service that is freindly/american and glad to be employed.

Bye, Bye NFCU

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Should be zero stars.

I have been a member for over 30 years.  I lost two jobs in 2011 and ended up having to short sale my home.

Even though NFCU accepted AND approved the short sale, NFCU hasn't reported my mortgage as PAID IN FULL and they ignore my inquires via phone and certified mail.  The icing on the cake, NFCU has cancelled my CC with no prior notice - an account that I have had for 20 years without one, not one, late payment.

Guess who is moving to USAA?   Bye, bye NFCU.

Poor Service.

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You are probably better off going with another bank. Navyfcu has probably outgrown itself and the kind of excuses they make is childs play. Cant even get a simple transaction done over the phone without mounds of excuses why fed govt is closed or someone else will call you back and never do


Navy Federal will not allow me to be listed on my husband's account as a joint owner because after my previous marriage, I had to file bankruptcy and a credit card that I had through them was included in that bankruptcy.  I didn't file bankruptcy because of any fiscal irresponsibility on my part, I was forced to file because I had $30k of uncovered medical bills that I was unable to get personal loans to cover and was advised upon speaking with attorney after attorney that it was the only way I would be able to resolve the issue.

When I asked the woman if something were to happen to my husband, how would I gain access to his account, she told me that I would have to get Power of Attorney. 

I asked her why Navy Fed penalizes people for being sick. She had no response to that. I told her that even though my bankruptcy was five years ago and it was for no reason other than extraordinary medical expenses, and they could pull my credit report to see that in the 5 years since I had the filing that there was zero credit issues whatsoever, I'm still being blackballed for life by them and that it's unfair practice.

I told her the representative that based on this, I am strongly going to encourage my husband to close out his account and take his $50k of loans/investments elsewhere.  I also told her that I will make sure that my son, who is joining the Marines, will not use Navy Fed either since they will barr me from being a joint owner to access his account while he is in basic.

Navy Fed is absolutely horrible and uncaring. Take your money elsewhere since if you have a significant life event beyond your control, you will have no help and will be excluded from them for the rest of your life.

Very Different Experience

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I see from the other reviews that my spouse and I have had a very different experience with Navy Federal than the other posters. We have had zero problems with our online accounts. We don't have a problem with the one way bank transfers, it really curbs us from spending what is in our other credit union account. And when we purchased our new truck, Navy Federal gave us a substantially better deal than the Wells Fargo loan through the dealership. Hubby stopped in to the local Navy Federal office, talked to a representative and had the switch made. As to rude employees, I don't know where the other poster's locations are, but I have had nothing but pleasant employees in the three locations we have lived while in the navy. Didn't matter if it was a teller, a loan representative or the greeter person when you first walk in. So I'm not sure why these other people are having such a bad experience with Navy Federal, but we have been extremely happy with the level of service during our 16 1/2 years in the navy.

Terrible Mortgage Department

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I will no longer be doing business with Navy Federal. They quote a low rates until you pay for the application. Then it gets jacked up.

Bank To Bank Transfers Are Only ONE Way - What A Joke! NFCU Is Still In The 1980'S!!!

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What a surprise when I went to set up a bank to bank transfer from Navy FCU to USAA.

I found out that you can ONLY push money from Navy FCU to other banks.

You CANNOT pull money from an outside bank account (ex. USAA) into a Navy FCU account!!!

But, you can pull money from an outside bank to ONLY pay an existing Navy FCU type bill (ex. mortgage, car payment, credit card payment, etc).

Navy FCU seems to be behind the times!!!

I called up a representative to inquire about this and the guy starts spouting off some BS about it's a Federal Regulation that they cannot pull money from another bank and transfer the money into a Navy FCU account. 

He quickly realized how stupid he sounded and tried to back peddle when I told him he did not know what he was talking about and that I transferred money all the time from USAA to various Rewards Checking accounts all over the country, including to little po-dunk banks in Wyoming and Kentucky.

What a shame for the "worlds largest credit union"...with stupid CSR's to boot!  Stupid Squids!


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I feel like I am being forced to switch banks...again! I am new to NFCC but due to the constant online banking issues I am closing my account. I simply CANNOT tolerate late payments, no notifications to payment complications, etc. Even after 3 phone calls and several hours woth of explaining my issues they have not fixed "my account issues" on their part of things. If I have funds and pay my bill before the due date HOW IS IT MY BILLS HAVE NOT BEEN PAID?!? 

The service people have been understanding even the 2 supervisors have been very nice BUT they have not fixed their issues. I found out today that 2 more of my bills are either overdue or simple have not processed. 


Never Again Navy Fed!!!

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My husband and I both have Navy FED. I will never use them again for anything! Once our car and credit card are payed off with them I will be closing all accounts and ties with them!! They will take money out of one or the others account to put it in the over drawn account with out any permission or notice! They are rude and disrespectful people. Please be aware of them before you sign your life over to them!!!

NFCU Service

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I have been a member of the Navy Federal Credit Union since 1975, and I can't say enough good about them. They have always been there for me.

Discriminates Against Wounded Soldiers - Disabled Vets- Dont Waste Your Time They Wont Take You!

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I can't believe that this company will not accept veterns due to their short term. You must be active or retired from military. So too bad for our troops that come back with missing arms and legs. They are discriminated against. So tell me how a guy coming back disabled can possibly continue their career when they are disabled?
Just a tyical bank using Navy in it's name trying to pretend they care about our military.

Awful... Unless You're Rich?

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Anyone else noticing the trend here? Two people love NFCU. One of them has financed a bunch of houses through them, and the other one has opened both a Roth IRA and a regular IRA through them. This puts both of them firmly into the highest-5%-of-income category.

Everyone else here, including me, has had awful experiences with NFCU.

This doesn't make NFCU any different than any other big bank (most of which are a little indicator on the computer screen of the representative you're talking to that lights up if you have more than $50k of assets in the bank, at which point they're supposed to ACTUALLY help you instead of just getting you off the phone as quickly as possible), but credit unions aren't supposed to be like that.

Lock Your Accounts If Mortgage Payment 18 Days Late, Even If In Escrow

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My house is in escrow and Navy Federal locked my accounts from any transfers after only 18 days late. I have made numerous early payments, and extra payments, my credit score is above 800. They don't care that the house is in escrow, they just want the interest payment, in fact they will take it out themselves if the funds are available from your or any other linked family member account!

Don't borrow from them!!!!

GOOD But Starting To Lag Behind

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Been a member since 1987 but didn't start using them for routine banking until the mid-90's.  

Recommend the CDs which generally rate better than commercial banks.  The complaints about rude tellers or incompetence are individual issues, not an institutional one - IMHO.  In agreement however, I have never and sat down and discussed extensive financial matters with an NFCU employee, and probably never will, but for routine day to day banking and credit, has worked fine for me.  Until now.  

As we become a cashless society, using credit and debit cards most of the time, you need to monitor the market, and in this regard and unfortunately, NFCU has not stayed up on trends.

I've asked twice, once recently, for consideration on absorbing the 1% of purchase amount for foreign currency Visa transactions for those living long term or stationed overseas.  Rebuffed again.  It's a Visa charge not an NFCU charge, which I agree with, even though the name has changed at least 2 times in the past years, now it's "International Service Fee" I think.  Put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.  

Truth is, there are other options out there that do absorb this pesky foreign currency transaction charge, also reimburse foreign ATM charges which can range from 1 to 6 dollars extra, and offer a higher cash back % on top of all that, which together, beats the pants off NFCU.  The key is not carrying a large balance as the APR is a tad higher than NFCU.  One nice feature on one or two I've found and applied for today, is the foreign ATM charges are reimbursed immediately, which keeps the money in our pockets, where it belongs, and easier to track on statements.

NFCU does refund their own extra $1.00 non-NFCU ATM fee (up to $20/month I think), but only if you use the right foreign ATM.  Unfortunately, you must wait for the end of the month to get all your $1.00 charges back and you have to go back and figure out which ones applied to which ATMs, instead of rebating the $1.00 right away.  A bit cumbersome for the customer to track. 

So, be wary and know what you are in for when you swipe that NFCU Visa credit or Visa debit card (or any card) overseas or stick it in the ATM.  Bear in mind, local ATM fees may be added to the overall withdraw amount also in foreign currency, thus you get the 1% charge on that whole amount, and then keep in mind, the Visa (and MasterCard) foreign exhange rate is always a tad below the international rate, so you hand over more money on that as well.  If you are in a country where there is no NFCU branch, they you are pretty much out of luck and in for it at the end of the month. 

Other institutions are pulling ahead by paying attention to their customers with these extra touches in service and convenience.  A dead art that will only be brought back into fashion through competition and that will only happen if consumers wake up and remind businesses of the "customer - provider" relationship, which has become retardedly reversed in the past 5 to 10 years.  The only thing business will respond to is loss of revenue and market share, and once they do, will dress it up to make it seem like they are doing you favor. 

Don't be cowed, be smart, do a little research on-line and don't be afraid (or lazy) to change things up to save your money, or at least not give it away for nothing if you can help it.  Personally, I would be happy to keep everything in NFCU, but am not going to foolishly give away hundreds of dollars if there is a better option. 

Either Very Good Or Very Horrid

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My husband has been a member of Navy Federal since he joined the Navy in 2005 and I have had accounts there since we married in 2008.  They used to be great, but in the last 18 months or so, things have taken a severe turn for the worse. 

Here are the cons:

* Customer service is a nightmare.  Rude, rude, rude and rude.  They will actually argue with you, take "notes" for your account (which are never there when you have to call again), act like you are an idiot when you call and then will try to sell you something!  Everytime I call, I'm told I'm not a full member - I guess the checking account, credit card, debit card, car loans and savings account with my name on it are not enough...  They all say the same thing, too - "If your husband dies, we will lock you out of the accounts because you don't have a seperate account from him."  Excuse me?!?!  Beyond the error of the statement since the accounts are JOINT, nice customer service to a military spouse.  Considering this is NAVY Federal Credit Union, and sea duty can be 50% or more of a sailor's career and they (along with every other branch) are in hotzones, this is just great customer service, ya know?  Thank you for reminding me of the dangers of my husband's job.  Not like I simply forgot...

* Simple issues like changing an address take forever to fix and usually need to be done online and on the phone for it to stick.  Also, if you have a joint account, everything is linked for payments, but not personal information, so you have to log in to 2 seperate accounts and more than likely, make 2 seperate phone calls to just change an address.  As a military related institution, whose members change addresses quite frequently, this is just absurd. 

*  Paperwork is sent to different places for the same loan.  For example, car titles go to Pennsylvania, but all of the loan paperwork is sent to Virginia, hence the common complaint of titles being lost that you'll find on the web.  We've purchased 2 cars with loans from Navy Federal and the paperwork seems to be very confusing for the car dealer and add an extra layer of hassle to an already frustrating experience.  This has happened at 2 different dealers in 2 different states. 

*  They will freeze your debit card with no warning.  Imagine how fun that is on a payday at the commissary and your debit card does not work!  Sometimes they don't even have an idea as to why it was frozen and will gladly unfreeze it, but still...  And, good luck if you need a new card because of a legitimate security issue.  When VISA had its issues with security breaches a few years ago, Navy Federal's policy was freeze first, then wait to see if the customer calls to send out a new card.  It took multiple phone calls to find out why our cards were not working and then after being assured that new cards were in the mail, they never processed the order for the new cards!   Something that should've taken a few business days to correct took almost 2 weeks!  Thank goodness we were in San Diego which has branches everywhere, unlike other stations where there is 1 branch 30 minutes away so we at least had access to our money.  Other institutions we have belonged to will freeze the card, call/email/send smoke signals/etc.. to inform you of the problem and will have a new card to you with in 3 or 4 business days... it just doesn't work that way with Navy Federal.

*  Their mortgage center is either severly understaffed or incompetent.  It took 8 weeks for them to acknowledge our application and that was after we had to move heaven and earth to rescind it since we went with another lender.  We had a representative call 2 weeks after we closed on our house to start the mortgage process.  When informed that we had already closed, she offered to refinance for us!  Umm.. no thanks.

The pros:

*  They have good rates.  The same rates can be found elsewhere, however.

* The branches are superb.  Yes there can be a wait, but they are always courteous, quick as they can be and make sure you leave happy.  I think the longest I've ever waited in line was 30 minutes and considering that was a payday, not too bad.  For those who complain about the lines at the bank, try a Bank of America or other large bank on a payday afternoon, the wait is comparable or longer.

*  Perks with discounts & member only services.  They have discounts on tax software and occasionally on shopping items.  The member only services are nice - their home center is very helpful with checklists to compare realtors & houses when looking to buy.  They will even refer you to a realtor and if you close with that realtor, you receive money back.  You don't have to have a mortgage with them to qualify.

Overall, the experience with Navy Federal is hit and miss.  The perks are nice, but for us, the hassles of everyday banking are just too much.  Most of our major issues began as they expanded to include all branches of the military & DOD personnel.  Maybe they grew too fast and haven't been able to properly train people, hence all of the incompentcy that is encountered online & over the phone.  Maybe they don't care.  And that is why we are looking at other options for our money.


Navy Credit Union Service

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I overnighted checks for a Traditional and Roth IRA. I had the credit union send me the applications. I called and had them review my paperwork before sending it to them. I also forwarded instructions with my intent for each check.

The CD's did not get done for a 2-3 days but each was back dated to the date they received the checks. I was able to call to verify the account numbers and all the specifics the day after they were completed. I will receive verification of all information including beneficiaries for my files. After reading the reviews on this blog I was a little apprehensive but so far everything has been smooth.

I like that I can take out the RMD with no penalty, take out money for a conversion with no penalty and actually take out more than the required RMD with no penalty.

Horrible!!! Mistakes Made On My Online Banking. Sure To Take Money From Any Asset They Can

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Navy Federal Credit Union used to be a good Credit Union when I first started banking in 2003.  If I am late on my credit card by a day they charge a fee and then take out money from any account available including my 4 year old daughters account. 

Times have gotten tough for my wife and myself Navy Federal doesn't care they money from any account available.  My wife still has an account with them for one withdrawl that has not been adjusted.  They have regularly taken money out of her account causing her charges from the other bank. 

After I was less then 30 days late on a credit account  (130.00) they threatened to repossess our car, another loan through them.

 The Customer Service is hostile and will hang up on you if they dont agree with you. 

Bottom line.. if you have eligibility with this bank.. dont go there.. use USAA instead.

Customer Service Reps Are Increasingly Hostile

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Navy Federal used to set the bar for financial institutions, but in the last two years their customer service reps are increasingly hostile (including their supervisors), their credit card service has become onerous, and their online banking has gotten worse. I am asked to renew security questions almost every time I log on.


The last time I had to call them to allow a Visa Check charge to go through they asked me where I lived in 1993. Honestly? Who does that? 

Navy Fed appears to be run now by the same government hacks that brought you the joy of NMCI and other government IT blunders. Recommend you go elsewhere.

Below Average Mortgage Loan Experience

Recently, I bought my first home in Edmonds, WA.  My father served in the Navy for many years which is why he's been a huge fan of their products and services.  After doing some due diligence in searching for mortgage rates, NFCU does have very competitive rates.  However, I am most disappointed that the fees and the process wasn't explained to me very thoroughly especially since this was my first experience in buying a home.  I only worked with 2 different people, but if they represented the customer service department as a whole, they did a terrible job.  I felt that I was doing their work for them and I definitely did not feel I was treated correctly especially after they took my money towards the loan origination fee.  I would still use them again, because despite the poor service, their fees are good and their rates are very competitive.  For me, I'm willing to go through the hassle to save a buck.  Hopefully, my second experience wont be so bad and I just had a small round of bad luck.

Best Credit Union Ever!

I love Navy Federal. I have financed three homes with them, and have done in over the phone! They have the most stream-lined paperwork ever. They have me enrolled in online check deposit - I enter my check information online, and it is automatically credited to my account. I then have 7 days to mail the check to the bank in a pre-paid envelope - very handy as I don't live close to a branch. When my son needed a car loan (with no credit history) they pre-approved him for $3000.00 - plenty to buy a car, but not enough to get into trouble. They also gave my son his first credit card, that has cash rewards! His credit card pays him. They have great rates on savings, and frequent special rates on CDs with interest much higher than average. I really think Navy Fed is the best credit union ever. They have my business for life!

The Smart Choice?

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I have been a member of Navy Federal Credit Union for a little over 13 years now and I have to say that they are not exactly the most competitive credit union out there. First of all, I have read other reviews stating that Navy Federal will freeze all accounts connected to them in the event that there is a late payment received. I can tell you from my personal experience that it is true. I once paid my credit card a couple of days late, and I was unable to withdraw money from my account. What an inconvenience! Navy Federal Credit Union brags about being one of the biggest credit unions in America. Well, big deal! I have experienced better credit card services from USAA. I would highly recommend USAA banking over that of Navy Federal Credit Union. I will soon be switching to USAA myself. The customer service reps at Navy Federal are friendly; however, it is not enough to keep me as a customer. I hope this helps someone in making a decision on what is best for their money.

Navy Fed -- Unorganized And Clueless EACH And Every Time (Though They Try, They Always, Always Mess Up)

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I have a couple accounts with Navy Fed, and WITHOUT FAIL, every single time I have had to do something major (ie, open an account, close an account, change my personal information, etc) they have made major mistakes. Not even once did it happen without a major incident. It's a running joke now in our family. 6 times out of 6 -- with more than one person in our family -- they've messed up, made mistakes, and didn't have a clue. That said, things eventually (read: EVENTUALLY) get corrected, and they try. It's not like they're mean or nasty. It's just that, well, under "incompetent" or "danger-prone" in the dictionary, it says "See Navy Federal FCU." We keep an account there because there's a branch close by, though because they can never seem to get things right, all my everyday banking is done at another close-by credit union instead. Those of us in my family simply have only CDs and/or IRAs there (certificates that don't require much once they're opened), but every time we've even tried to do something as simple as just opening a CD, there's been major gaffes and mistakes. Again, you don't get the feeling like they're trying to fleece you (the way we do with the major banks) but as much as I hate to say it, to anyone looking at their operation, they just seem totally halpless. Especially when compared to the two other credit unions I deal with (one large, one small) that never have any of the constant problems NavyFed seems to have each time.

That said, if you qualify to have an account at NavyFed, it's probably a good idea to open an account and at least get your foot in the door with just a simple share savings account ($5) because occasionally they have decent rates on CDs and IRAs. But just know going in that there will most likely be problems and mistakes made with simple banking transactions (everything from filling out an application form -- which mysteriously gets lost when it's sent inter-office to the main branch -- to opening the wrong account types). Part of the problem is that EVERYTHING has to go through the main office on the east coast -- and whenever problems happen, nothing can be solved until it goes into a long queue at the main office and someone there manually looks at it and after a while, responds. It's old-fashioned in that even a branch manager is helpless to do anything except send a message to headquarters and await a reply which may come in a few days or a few weeks.

Again though, if you qualify, it's good to at least open an account and watch out for occasional specials. We have some CDs and IRAs there because of the rates -- but not one account has been opened trouble-free, so just keep that in mind. The CSRs in the branch and on the phone are quite nice and mean well, but to be honest, the best way to put it, is that it's a lot like banking with the Keystone Cops. Still, I'd still rather have that than bank with a megabank like BofA, Wells, Chase, that treat their customers like dirt. But it's amazing how unorganized and trouble-prone NavyFed is, when no other credit union I've ever dealt with has had the kind of problems they have. They really need to to fix the entire structure of their organization.


Navy Federal Credit Union Too Big To Function??

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Very impersonal and bureaucratic. Received mailings for two years after closing accounts and matured CD's. Many good Credit Unions to choose from, pass on this one.


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NFCU has very unfriendly customer service representatives and I believe that I need to warn Military personnel and Civilians about this bank.  Recently, I had a family emergency and for the 1st time ever, in five years, I am about 4 days late on a credit card payment. I told NFCU rep. that I would make my payment on Jan 15th, 2011.  Well they froze my checking and savings accounts so now I cannot even put gas in my car. This never ever happened to me with any bank in 29 years.  I am 49.  If you are even one day late due to emergency, business trip, military deployment,etc., I promise they have the right to freeze your other accounts.  I am going to pay off that credit card and move my business elsewhere. 2nd, after reading several complaints online, I just found out that if you have for example, a mortgage and a car loan and you are, for example, late on your mortgage, maybe 60 days, they can repo your car, EVEN IF YOU NEVER MISSED A CAR PAYMENT, ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS ARE TIED TOGETHER. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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