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Awesome small credit union

I believe that Northwest Federal Credit Union is a great small credit union in Northern Virginia. This credit union has awesome customer service and it continues to be available when I am in need of great customer service. This credit union typically has a great response to all of my needs. This credit union also has low fees however the transfer between a different bank account can take a long time. I've been with Northwest Federal Credit Union for about 5 years now and I have really enjoyed being a member. This credit union gives you a great small town vibe in a big city environment. This bank has really been there for me when I needed them.

Joining this credit union has been the best financial decision I've made in a while.

Great Credit Union with Great Ammenities!

North West Federal Credit Union is the best banking institution or credit union that I have ever dealt with. They are very knowledgeable about their products and offerings and I always feel welcome when I go. I get the best interest on my student savings account and the best of all is that it compounds daily! At my other bank I do not receive the attention I get like here. One thing I would say for them to do better on is their online customer service. Once I ordered a new card for my checking account and did not receive it for over two months. That is just unacceptable! I really like their checking also because they do not charge me for overdraft fees. Another thing I would like to see is if they had more branches so I would be able to access them more often. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with their savings and checking accounts that I have open at the credit union, and I plan to do more business with them in the future.

Great CD Rates...But That's Not All

This credit union has outstanding CD rates and great customer service. I have read a lot of the other reviews on here and cannot say that I have had the same experiences they have. The one thing that is not great about this credit union is their technology. The online experience is lacking from the website (newly updated) to the process to open a new account, but the member service from their call center representatives is phenomenal. I even brought my car loan here because of their service and low rates.

One Despositaccounts.Com Experience

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Completed application 10/3. Heard nothing. Called them, transferred to phone mail, mailbox full. Told by others on this web site to upload drivers license and did that. Emailed them, no response. Found out their email works when I received an email from them today that my application was cancelled. No reason why. Just told to call 703-709-8900 option 5. Called them, transferred to phone mail, mailbox full. This is well after their promotion ended. UPDATE: They responded to my email and agreed it should have been opened and they opened it. Ultimately a good result but an awkward way to get there.

Great Service!

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This credit union has given me great service and the reps are friendly and knowledgeable. They have better rates than most.

Horrible Service

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I am attempting to open an account with this bank to take advantage of the current promotional rate CD.

I was initially impressed that their online application walked your through the membership criteria of joining their Financial Awareness Network ($10 membership fee). But so far the application process has been needlessly complicated.

If you don't qualify for membership by other ways, you can join the Financial Awareness Network for $10. Then when you select your product (CD in my case), the online system tells you you also are required to fund a primary savings account. This is pretty standard for credit unions. But two issues. You already had to pay $10 for FAN membership. Now they have also locked up another $1 for the primary savings. More importantly, there is an additional stipulation that they can charge you if you fall below $5. Feels shady that they tell you that you only have to fund with $1, then come back and say...oh yeah, but we'll charge you.

I proceed with my online application and submit. It's now been a week, and my application is not approved yet. They communicate via online messaging which sends you an email notification that a message is waiting. They needed to confirm my Driver's license and address. Fine--I upload a scan of my DL and a bank statement. Now I have a message saying that they do not accept bank statements. This is asinine, considering that their non-modifiable drop down menu of document types DOES include bank statement as an option to upload.

They ask me to upload a mortgage statement or a utility bill. Bad news NWFCU--I just moved, am renting from a private owner, and all my bills are paid in my rent. The only bill I have is my mobile phone.

I went ahead and sent them my phone bill info. I also tracked down my USPS change of address online and uploaded a PDF of that. If they still give me grief, I'm going to have to give up. It has been over a week with no progress.

I also wasted close to an hour on the phone with them. 45 minutes of which was wait time for two separate calls.

Wonderful Credit Union

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Northwest Federal Credit Union is the best credit union that I have ever worked with! I have been a member there for less than a year, however in comparison to a credit union that I have been a member of for over 20 years, their services and customer service are far superior to any other credit union I have encountered. Everyone there is extremely friendly, there is a customer service line that is available 24/7, they are very interactive with their customers, and I am looking forward to doing many more years of business with them. I can not give this credit union enough stars, they go above and beyond the call of duty in everything that I have experienced, I'm so glad I found them and recommend them to everyone I know.

Onlne Banking Service

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Positive Side of being member of NWFCU is  that always a pleasure to contact the Personnels and branch Office  management at Herndon offices for their polite and very professional attitude. they follow your problems with extreme attention and courtesy. we like them.


NWFCU online-Banking is not trustworthy. it is an outsourced Disaster online service with exclamation mark! even after update in 2012 got worse.

- Monitoring Transaction online DOESN'T  include those in process in real-time; only those already paid or will be paid in the next few days.

-ebills continuously corrupted and you need to update your user and password for payees...

-  you cannot correct or delete an ebill payment while you submitted 30 second before even if the system shows you can edit or delete that transaction... because the system locks your process  at the instant for the next day pay.

- Customer Service, Doesn't know anything because they outsourced online banking, and they need themselves to ask  for customers issues.                                                                                                                                                                      


I'm not sure about the validity of these complaints. I received the incentive for direct deposit and a decent credit limit. I also have a auto loan through them with a really low rate. I love the customer service and have always been treated with respect even when I set up my business account.

They False Advertise

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This complaint is made because Northwest Federal Credit Union is not honoring their offer. The offer is still available on their website. This is surprising that a company will ruin its reputation by not honoring an offer.

The promised $300.00 for starting direct deposit with them. The offer is still on their site.

Happy | Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU)

An attachment is also included. The date we signed up is on the attachment.


NWFCU has been contacted and indicated they will not be honoring the offer. Eventually  we hope that you agree that this is an acceptable business practice. We await your response.



NWFCU Online Web Sucks

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Excellent service, great program, great customer service but their online web, web access STINKS big time even after a 2012 upgrade.

Wait And Wait And Wait On Hold

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If you like waiting on hold to speak to a customer service rep, this is the credit union for you.

OK Credit Union

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I recently opened a Northwest Federal Credit Union and here are my thoughts so far.  The online process was fine for the most part, except when I didn't check off the right box for how I qualified to be a member.  Because of this, my application was in limbo until I called them to ask a question on what they call the "signature page" that you have to print out upon completion of the application, sign and mail back to them.  Okay, step one completed.  I had checked off that I wanted to apply for their credit card.  Again, that was in limbo too.  More than a week past until I again called and they took additional information from me to process the credit card.  They had asked how much I credit did I want.  They said if I didn't state how much then I would get the automatic $2000.  $2000???  Considering I have excellent and established credit, I was a bit insulted.  It wasn't worth it to open a credit card for that amount.  Again, I get more paperwork in the mail to sign and return.  I finally get my debit card in the mail.  Had to wait a bit to get my PIN.  Then I tried to change my address, but their policy is that you can't change your address within 30 days from opening a new account for security reasons.  Then I try to link up this account to another external bank account.  I was having a tough time and called their customer service number.  The rep was nice and friendly, but didn't know the answer nor did she try to problem solve.  So here is the bottom line.  NWFCU has nice customer service and you don't have to press a gazillion numbers when you call their call center to speak to a rep.  NWFCU was highly recommended by a friend and I was told they have good credit card rewards and that's my primary reason for opening the account.  However, compared to other banks and credit unions, they are a bit ancient in today's standards with technology and efficiency.  I am a member of 2 other banks and NWFCU has the least robust website and online banking.  They need a serious online banking upgrade.  In my other credit union, to qualify for free checking, you just have to meet 2 out of 3 of their criteria, both of which are very reasonable.  With NWFC, you have to meet all their criteria and I believe there are 5.  If you are looking for VERY basic online service and have patience - give them a shot.  If you want more capabilities from a bank - consider other options.  I probably won't used them for my primary banking transactions, but I thought I would give them a try. 

Nice Check This Year-Just For Being A Member

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Just for being a member - $75 dollar thank you check; they had a good year.

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