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Avoid This Bank!

I joined FCB back when I first moved to Southern California. Sure, the employees weren’t always the friendliest but the place was full of tellers and bankers and the line was always out the door (this was their Anaheim branch circa 2011). FCB was a nice bank. They had convenient hours and locations, and they cared.

And then they got bought out by Opus Bank. Right from the get-go the whole thing made me uneasy. The first thing they did? Lay off or fire half the employees at the five branches I’ve been to. Then they cut the hours to 9-5, Monday through Friday only. And then, a year later, the Brea branch closed. A year after that, the second Fullerton branch. The Yorba Linda branch has gone from 6 to 4 and now to 2 employees. Every time I go into a bank branch I’ve been to before, the tellers are always new, and sometimes the managers too. It seems they can’t retain talent. It gets old having to explain who I am over and over again, always having to provide ID with the debit card.

I hung on because I was lazy, I think. And then three weeks ago a shady small tech company did a bait and switch on me…and Opus Bank sided with the fraudster, flat out refusing to refund my money. The only thing they did was stop my debit card without telling me, which caused my car insurance payment and my app store purchases to bounce, plus I went to work with no breakfast one day. They said I needed to talk to the merchant…I tried that before I went to them, to no avail.

I’m looking at other banks now…I do NOT recommend this bank at all. They don’t want customers anyways….they keep repeating that they want to work with business clients, but the few clients I work with at work who have done business witih them as a business don’t recommend them either, claiming their hours are a headache.

Worst Cutomer Service

Posted by: paymento1 | Oct 14, 2015

I had already complained about the customer service and particular a duet that bring a dark cloud feeling over the branch. They act as if you are doing them a favor for depositing money into their bank even though they charge inordinate fees. Corporate massaged my feelings over the phone but did nothing about the cold fish feeling. If I want the luxury of a big bank I will suffer their indignities. I won't suffer from a "community bank."

Nothing But Problems Since They Took Over

Posted by: RyanSL | Jun 20, 2013

I have had nothing but problems since Opus Bank took over Cascade.  I loved Cascade   But Opus bank has been nothing but trash.  I've read all of their material and I'm quite familiar with their policies.  They've messed up my checking account numerous times, they've wiped out my savings account and had the audacity to charge me fees for THEIR mistakes which they admitted to!  They apologized for their mistakes and then turned around and charged me fees for their mistakes!  

Honestly, if you have the option, I would definitely NOT recommend banking here!  They are almost worse than Bank of America!  I shouldn't have to watch my accounts like a hawk just to make sure that they are not messing anything up.  I don't feel safe with my money here anymore!  It's a really horrible feeling.  I'm sick to give them a 1 star rating!

These Guys Suck, Just Read The Reviews!!!

Opus Banks suck.  They really do!  They charge you for thinking about your balance.  

Wow. Never In My Life And Never Again!

Wow. Just, Wow. Never in my life have I had this much trouble with a bank. I'm closing my account with these people ASAP.

Right from the get-go, they got my zip-code wrong, which made it impossible for me to do a lot of online transactions, but *they* didn't catch this error; a merchant did. It was months before I got this corrected- during which some of my online purchases were refused. After many such ridiculous slip-ups, here's the clincher: two weeks ago, the ATM at my branch ATE MY ATM CARD. Seriously.....I put in the card and was denied access to my cash and never saw that card again. I went in the next day, *furious* (because I had no cash, and was in the middle of doing laundry); they gave me a new debit card....and then got my balance wrong. I was charged for an overdraft because of this. When I called the "bank human" number, and waited 20 minutes to talk to a "human", that person *was* kind enough to credit me with the overdraft fee.....

....and then, there was the lovely experience I had, yesterday, with an extremely rude man who works at my branch. Oh, he's a real prize. I went in there with most of my change, to use their much-touted penny arcade, and get some change.....and they tried to charge me 8% for access to the *cash* I had just put in their counter. Why? Because I am overdrawn (because THEY GOT MY BALANCE WRONG). I was, I have to confess, outraged....the teller (who looked new and was probably being trained) told me they were going to charge me 8%, even though I'm a customer, because my account was overdrawn. I couldn't believe it, because that's never happened to me before. So Mr. Charm comes over and tells me that yeah, my account is overdrawn, addressing me by my first name (I'm way older than he is, and we've never been introduced and this is pretty disrespectful) and I say "You know, I'm on Social Security; this is my last $12 (which was true; I'm a musician and next time I gig, I'll make it up, but I needed that cash) and he tells the teller to just give me the money, but then proceeds to lecture me about my account as if I were a little kid in the Principal's office, calling me April, and again, THIS IS NOT RESPECTFUL. 

So I say to him: "If you think giving me that 8% break gives you the right to talk to me like that, you can keep it. We are *not* on a first-name basis; I'm Mr. Nickels to you." And he breaks into a big, smarmy smile and tells the teller, "Okay, take out the 8%. Okay, Mr Nickels?" I accepted it, saying "If that's what you need in order to be respectful to A CUSTOMER, fine....but shame on you. I *will* be writing about this online." He continued to smirk at me and I looked the poor little teller in the eyes and said to her "I'm sorry you have to work for such people." There *was* a customer standing right next to me who saw and heard the whole thing. 

In their defense, I will say that, when I called the "bank human" toll-free number, and told this story to a supervisor, she was outraged and clearly embarrassed. But based on all the snafus, culminating in this abusive and condescending encounter I had with this man, yesterday, I will not continue to do business with this bank. The service in the actual bank is appalling.

This Bank Sucks - Fees Fees Fees!

Posted by: ThomasTT | May 22, 2013

This bank sucks for many reasons, do not bank here!  If you already have an account, close it now and run. Not only have they totally screwed up my account numerous times but, they are also filled with hidden fees that they will NOT waive even though they were charged unfairly. One example to consider is their checking account that comes with a fee for using any non-Opus ATM, even the ones within their network.  All that stuff you hear about free ATM usage is BS!  They WILL charge you for transactions reflected on your account at the end of the month. Sometimes they will, and sometimes they wont. There really is no pattern, and the branch workers have no good explanation. This bank is horrible, find another bank.

Opus "Worst" Bank Ever

Posted by: ColinK | May 10, 2013


Fees, fees, fees, fees, FEES!!!  Everything costs a fee, it's absolutely ridiculous.

Also, why can't I get a current balance on my ATM receipts, yet you have the audacity to charge me a fee for every physical transaction?  How else can I find out ho much money I have?!

I thought I was the only customer feeling completely screwed.  My direct deposit was already set up there before they merged, I had no online account access for a LONG time, and to top it off there is no 24/7 customer service available. You would think they would have real people to help for the first few weeks of a merger, but NO they don't!

STAY AWAY FROM OPUS BANK!! It is not the bank for you.... just read all of the other reviews.

Opus take note: Your customers are NOT happy!

And another thumb's down because I lost my online access and had to go down to the branch twice to get it straightened out.  Between the two visits I spent almost an hour waiting with the idiot trying to connect me.  And try to call these guys, I've been on hold for over 30 minutes trying to get help.  Their "hold music" is crap too...not cool.


Horrendous Customer Service

Posted by: Manny | Apr 17, 2013

How would you like to have your debit card turned off for no reason?!!!

When talking to customer service, they say it must have been a mistake, but there is nothing they can do except tell you to go to a branch and get a new card...REALLY!!!! This is the last in a long line of issues with this POS of a bank...  I hate the big banks too but Wells fargo was heads and shoulders better at taking care of their customers.

I will be closing my accounts tomorrow and putting this disaster of a bank behind me...  I should have done this a year ago.

PS.. If anyone reading this is thinking about doing business with this bank, I have one word of advice...DON'T!!!


Another thing, having to give this bank a 1 star rating makes me sick!

Horrible Online Banking

Posted by: dveep | Apr 14, 2013

My family had several accounts with Cascade Bank for many years and was always very satisified with their service.  Since Opus took over I am very unhappy and am going to change to another bank.  The main reason is because of their online banking.  I do most of my banking and credit card management online and I have never seen anything like this before.  Instead of using a checkbook model where you can see in chronological order all your electronic and checking transactions, deposits, and a running balance, they have an incomprehensible mess filled with a bunch of crap I don't need and very little of what I do need.  I cannot figure out how to look back over previous months to look at older transactions and those I can look at seem to be found on separate pages so I cannot view things at one glance.  Maybe there is a way to do this, but if so it is not a bit intuitive.  I have tried to muddle through with this but have decided it just isn't worth it.   The only reason I stayed with them this long is because of there convenient locations and because I like the former Cascade employees at my branch.  

So, I am done and will be switching banks tomorrow.


Posted by: mike123 | Jan 10, 2013

opus took over cascade bank in Washington. they are financed by folks that cleaned up in the mortgage mess and sold out before the collapse that the banks and mortgage people caused.

they pumped everyone up with community banking rhetoric etc, and how they were going keep people working etc. most of the employees begged the stockholders to approve the deal, only to be fired after it was approved. as a customer, i only know a few people left at the bank overall. many people complain through the internet regarding their systems and their implementation, i will agree, they are horrible and incompetent. i have so many stories, it is hard to believe they could have so many inconsiderate decisions. the employees are so tired of apologizing for management decisions, they just say nothing and shake their heads. they are so very tired of complaints in every area of the company. they do everything the cheapest and lowest quality they can. they implemented 2 changes in the online banking system that was so poorly done, it is hard to explain here the total incompetence in decision making and how it effected thousands.

a friend of mine has a loan with them. there is a lot to this story, and if you heard it all you would be even more upset than most of the people are in the community that it took place in, where they have a branch.

she has had her loan for 7 years and it was expiring with cascade then opus. single mother, self employed, never missed a payment in 7 years! never been late! they are foreclosing on her. you think there is more to this story? lots, but not in opus's favor. she was told, wait til opus takes over, things will be better, you will get a good loan. her appraisal was good, her history was good, and they told her to find another bank, they didn't want to finance her type of building or use. it was crazy ! an existing loan in good standing until she could not get an answer from anyone regarding renewal. dozens of calls made. they are now foreclosing on her when they could have extended it for 5 or ten years at the going rate, and if she defaulted, foreclose then, but they would not even give an existing great hardworking customer a chance. a customer that works their tail off, a good community person. YOU CALL THAT COMMUNITY BANKING? i surely don't. i walked into that local branch and one of the opus employees told me the entire true story, and tears came to her eyes, she then said, "is that community banking" i think not. she also is not there anymore.

it is so sad our country has come to this, most of our community banks taking the fall for the big boys and loan sharks in sheep's clothing.

it isn't taking very long for everyone to see who opus really is, wherever they do business. look at the reviews.

please consider the type of people you are dealing with. this is just one of 100s of valid stories. 

call any Realtor in snohomish washington, and they can tell you the name of the person and property i am talking about, if you want it from the "horses mouth".

they are what we are becoming as a country, so sad. 


Very Poor Customer Service.

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 25, 2012

I just got transitioned and I already hate them. I have been with the bank for one day and I am closing my account tomorrow. It's like you are inferior and interrupting them.

Worst Bank Ever

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 17, 2012

This has to be the worst bank ever. They close at 5 pm Monday-Friday, and are not open on the weekends at all. They change the online banking easily every 2 months, and it locks me out. So I have to spend countless hours talking to tech support to get it fixed. Save your self the trouble and stay as far from this bank as you possibly can, they do not even offer free checks that most other banks offer. Just stay away be warned this place is a waste of time.

Opus Or Dufus?

Posted by: hduceman | Jun 26, 2012

Opus bought out Cascade Bank which was local, personable and friendly. 

The first indication of trouble came duing the second "upgrade" to the bill pay feature. The" upgraded" bill pay made you select when you sent the money not the bill due date. You had to figure out when it was going to arrive. 

Then the mother of all trouble is the current system upgrade. Instead of testing and running parrell systems they did an absolute switchover. It has been a month - cannot log in, cannot access accounts, cannot pay online, cannot reach customer service - spent 20 minutes on hold trying to get help. When you call the voice response system cycles you through the menus endlessly until you select "0"  and get put on eternal hold. Local Branch people are friendly but helpless. Never have I seen or heard of such a poorly executed "upgrade". 

If this poor service is something you can stomach you are a more tolerant person than I am.

Direct Deposit Now Gone Too!

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 25, 2012

Their new "UPDATE" has caused my direct deposit to be lost in limbo, so I cannot pay my bills and will accrue late fees to which they say "sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with our banking process!" What a crock@! I am so mad and can't even access my money to move it somewhere else! Our business used them and we are moving all accounts to another bank pronto! They don't care and they are illegally posting transactions to make fees hit your account. I can't believe they can get away with this! First they won't let you see your account and then they don't give you your money! Crooks, should be shut down and fined for this kind of stress and undue financial strain they are placing on their customers!

Major Disaster With Their Online Banking - Poor Customer Service

I was traveling for about 6 weeks and apparently a letter arrived while I was gone announcing big online banking changes the weekend of 8-11 June 2012.  One item in particular was a reall blow, all online documents, transactions, messages and history is gone, forever.  I get emails from these people all the time, but for some reason this didn't make it into an email.   The change didn't go well either.  Today 22 June 2012 there is still a notice when you go to online banking that there are still things down and unavailable,  Balances on things like CDs are wrong with charges for something called Forfeitures, I would think this might be a charge for early cash out of a CD, but these 3 $10,000 CDs have been on autopilot for years and just keep getting reinvested when the term is up.  I am missing a couple months of deposit and payment information so I am having to manually go through bank statements to connect to QuickBooks online.  Also Opus didn't update their information with Quickbooks and although a case has been open for about 2 weeks they still haven't updated their information. Probably understandable considering what a disaster this IT upgrade has become. 

This mess with their upgrade is a very strong indicator of a bank management that is lacking.  This kind of upgrade should never have been so ugly and if it was going wrong, there should have been a backout plan to roll back to their start point.  Instead 2 weeks after a weekend cutover they are still broken.  The web site itself is marginal including having case sensitive user IDs and a problem if you happen to touch the back button on your browser where they log you out of the system.  Lots of stupid little numeric error codes.  

I also got a "Secure" email from the bank which said I had an important email from the bank, but to read it I had to go online to a site and then enter my name and password so that I could read the email.  Talk about the perfect Phishing attack, an email from a bank telling me I have an important message all I have to do is follow the link to a web site and type in my name and password.  It turns out that it was a legit message from the bank, but again the worst way on earth to communicate with your users, another non-secure email or a notice on your web site that you were sending these out would have been nice.  Turns out the secure email was telling me my USERID and Password for after the upgrade.  Of course those didn't work for me on the new site.  Calling tech support the wait was long and the message kept telling you to use your last 4 of your SSN for your password and your old USERID was your new USERID...great so it didn't work.  They made the USERID all Capitals even if it wasn't before.  Plus the password was actually OPUS1234 not the last 4 of your SSN.   They also said there is information about this upgrade on the Web site before your log in, but I sure can't find it, seems like it would be pretty prominent, but I sat on hold for a long time, clicking on every link I could find anything.  Today 22 June they have documentation that still makes it look like everything is back to normal on 12 June.  Fess up to your screw up guys, lossing confidence everyday this goes on. 

I have 5 accounts for a Home Owners Association which I was able to finally get into, the tech support guy was going to connect my personal account so I could just log in one time to see all 6 accounts, that was a week ago and it is still not available and I can't log into it directly with my old USERID for my personal account. 

Clearly some very bad planning and decision making, I don't know who is doing the IT upgrades but they are rank amateurs and may have tipped me and many other customers into moving on. 

Online Banking

Posted by: lic53 | Jun 15, 2012

I was with Cascade Bank in WA which was bought by Opus.  I have Checking, Savings, and mortgage there.  No real complaints until they "updated" the online banking.  Now there is no record of my account transactions before the 15th of June, so I can't tell what has been deposited (I work 4 different jobs).  The one deposit they do show is for the wrong amount (124.00 instead of 124.75).  I know, it's not much, but it shakes my confidence.  When I tried their phone number, no matter which menu item I picked it just routed me back to the main menu.  If I could move my mortgage somewhere else I would, but terms of contract says I have to have an account at Cascade.  Now I'm worried I'll get hit with monthly fees like others have mentioned. 

Another Unsatisfied FCB/Opus Customer

Posted by: nellkev | May 7, 2012

I haven't switched banks yet but I'm looking. Most of my friends that I convinced to move over to FCB have left Opus. This is no longer a family business friendly bank.  The new on line banking site is terrible.  I've started getting hit with the fees.  You may as well talk with the ATM if you have a question.  The tellers are now robots.  You get I'll inform management of your request (AKA you will get no answer).  I'm sad to see FCB go.  They were a great bank.

Terrible Bank!

Posted by: snowlyf | Apr 10, 2012

We, too, banked at Fullerton Community Bank, which was bought out by Opus. They were quick to assure everyone that there would be no changes. We've seen nothing but changes and none of them seem to be for the better. Free checking is now $9-15/month depending on your account. We have both personal, business, and my daughter's Daisy/Brownie Girl Scout troop account there. They now even charge the troop account, which is non-profit. We keep the most miniscule balance in there, but it doesn't matter: $10 each month! In the past 2 days, we've had our Visa debit/credit cards shut off twice due to Visa security breaches within their system (one of the times being the *new* card they just sent for a previous system-wide breach). I have no idea how many other people have had this happen. My husband was at the gas station in desperate need of gas and the card didn't work. After 20 minutes on the phone, they said it would be another 7-10 days for a card and 3-5 days after that for a PIN number. I detest this bank. I'd rather go to a big, bad bank like Chase or Bank of America. Even they can't be as bad as Opus!

Worst Bank Ever!

Posted by: SD | Mar 31, 2012

I had opened a savings account with Fullerton Community Bank with an interest rate of .45%, which was really good for toadys standards.  When Opus Bank took over, the first thing they did is got rid of the Saturdays hours, which is not great if you work long weekdays.  Then they lowered the interest rate on my savings account to 0%!  I went in to talk about the situation and they switched my account to a money market account so that I could get .45% again, which I recieved for 2 whole months before they lowered it again to .1%!  What a joke!  There are no perks to staying with Opus Bank.  You might as well go with one of the large crooked banks like Bank of America of Chase.  Atleast they are open on Saturdays!  Miss the small community banks :(

No Saturday Hours???

I am trying my best to be patient with the transfer from Fullerton Community to Opus...I originally took my money out of Chase because they charge you for every single thing known to mankind and opened an account at Fullerton Community.  When I opened with them all the people there told me they were a family owned bank and had no plans of closing.  8 monts later I drove by and saw the Opus sign!!  Since the take over I can't do any personal business with them since they are not open on Saturdays!!!  I am a working woman, M-Fr 8a to 5p so when can I talk to a live person???  Now, they updated their website and I can't do any online transactions, balance my checkbook, because the website says my account number & last four of my social are invalid...REALLY??!!!  Seriously consider what bank you open an account with these days...

Not A Community Bank

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 19, 2012

Opus is a horrible addition to what used to be a good community bank in FCB, I think they should put their capital back on Wall Street before the regulators shut them down too!

Opus Bank - Customer Service

Posted by: CAG | Nov 21, 2011

The bank is well capitalized and growing quickly but the personnel is generally second-tier. Customer service is very poor. Not a business bank.

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