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What A Credit Union!!

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This place is absolutely fantastic. I have never been to another credit union whose staff has made it such a priority to provide excellent service.

CD Rate Was Awesome

They had a great CD rate last month. I am waiting for it to come back. GREAT credit union!!

Excellent Financial Institution

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Primeway is a great example of a financial institution doing it right! Always helpful and resourceful when it comes to my financial needs and questions. They got some of the best rates I’ve seen too!

Best Credit Union In Town!

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PrimeWay offers great products, excellent service and is SUPER convenient!!!

Transferred Over

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Primeway has been such an amazing supporter in my financial journey. When first joining I initially thought this would be my savings account way from my primary account. After using the mobile app and discovering the easy of use of all the other products, I slow transferred my primary account over. Primeway has supported me with increasing my credit score and grabbing a financial situation by the horns. Thanks for always being there!

Great Credit Union

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I have been a member of PrimeWay for over 8 years now, I love them they are awesome. Great customer service they really care and appreciate their members.

Big Bank Benefits With A Hometown Feel.

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I love my credit union. They offer an amazing Mobile app that helps me manage my budget and helps me deposit my checks from home. When I do have to go into a branch, they always remember my name and ask me about my kids. Plus, they have amazing rates on loans!

Always A Smile

Every time I need to go to process a transaction at the 290 location the tellers help me quickly and courteously and ALWAYS have a smile on their face.

Poor Banking Service

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They cannot protect your money. If you are a victim of theft, there are no immediate procedures taken to refund or accommodate your losses.

Take your money somewhere else if you want to keep it!

Great Customer Service

Primeway makes banking easy! With locations all around Houston, and the numerous shared branches, as well as their user friendly online banking I am able to manage my accounts with ease.

Over the last 8 years, we have financed three vehicles all with the same loan officer, Tony Allman. Tony has made the process convenient with quick turn around with documents. Anytime I have a question about my accounts, I drop an email and usually receive a response within the hour.

Something I have noticed about Primeway that is rare these days...the employees- they stay! It's nice to see familiar faces when you go in to a branch, they make you feel like you are with friends. The employees are happy and friendly.

AMAZING!!!! What A Fantastic Group Of People!

I've been with PrimeWay for a little over a year and the experience just keeps getting better. What an awesome group of people to work with. They genuinely care about what's best for you and bend over backwards to help you. I became a single mom recently and they helped me consolidate my debt and manage my expenses.

My grandmother passed over Thanksgiving and Tiffany Poole at the Heights stayed late to help us close a loan. She was so busy and still made us a priority and the whole process was simple, easy, quick and just relieving for myself and my family.

I also bank at Woodforest and it's a night and day experience. At a bank, you're a customer, but at a credit union, THIS credit union, you're family. They also do tons of events and contests for the community, asking for nothing in return. Proud member of PrimeWay FCU. :) Amazing!

Great Service

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I love PrimeWay! I know that may sound a little crazy to say about a bank, but they make my life easy. I can automate everything: my check is direct deposited, my bills are scheduled to pay automatically & I was able to set up notices they are about to pay so I never overdraw my account & I am never late. The app is awesome & I can make deposits their too. I just had someone take money out of 2 different ATMs - even though I had my debit card in my possession. I called them, filled out an emailed form & they gave me a new card & had the money back in my account the next day. I was expecting that to be a nightmare but they were kind and efficient.

Joke Of A Credit Union

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Worst credit union experience ever. As another poster commented, the customer service is rude, disrespectful and nonexistent. And if you're looking for convenient, modern financial service tools -- you won't get them at this "credit union." I recently attempted to use its "bill pay" function. It kept more than $3,000 tied up in limbo for six days -- and even worse, the representatives all the way up to the CFO and CEO couldn't answer why the funds had not been transferred.


Horrible Business

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Please be aware that if updates choose to conduct business with Primeway federal credit union, you'll live to regret it. They have very horrible service. They do not care about you in an aspect at all. Please save yourself from unnecessary stress and conduct your business elsewhere

Primeway And There Hold

I deposited a Comptroller check into my account on july 26th, I was told $200 would be available on Monday . Today is Monday and there is still a hold, now they say Tuesday . Why? The rest was said to be released in 5 days which would be Friday, now they say Monday. Why? I will be closing my account after this. This isn't a check written by someone to me this is a guaranteed check.

I Miss Texas One!

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These people LACK customer service! Diana is rude and obviously uneducated. I should have left this company when they took over Texas One...argh! Lesson learned.... It used to be about customer service?? If I could give them NO STAR I would!

Interest Rates Of Loan

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After prequalifying for a home equity loan online, it gave us a great rate. After not hearing from the bank, a few days later I called them and they said it was denied because I didn't have enough equity in the house because they were going off the county tax rate of the house. Another option was to pay for an appraisal ($400) and if that came back high enough that the loan would be approved. Well the appraisal came back fine and we were approved. Mind you this is after tons of paperwork and time invested into this process. Yet in the end all the signing documents had a higher interest rate than this initial rate we were given. After asking why, we were told because it was a second lien on the house. Well this isn't new information from my original loan application or any of the mass amount of information I gave them in the meantime. I was disappointed that I made it so far into the process even paying cash for an appraisal to have found this change out on my own. I feel like Primeway mislead me. This was a lengthy process that had plenty of time for someone to tell me "and oh yeah, your rate is not the initial quote." Lucky for me there is a another bank giving me a better rate than their higher rate and I will be going with them. I will not ever again visit a Primeway because I felt like I was mislead and then when I professionally and calmly pointed out that their miscommunication was very deceiving, you bet I didn't get a friendly or apologetic response.

Customer Service Rep Buffy

spoke with buffy today the rudest rep i have spoken in the time of being with the company since i was 19 open when i was with prucare clinic..ask her for my balance she gave to me after after being asked if kept a check register advised do not it for personal reasons. advised could go online andvise her if she knew gov. had access to computers..i then ask for super and she advised none available advised wld hold she advised not on her online i advise her i was a customer serv rep and had been for over 30yr she then hung up. i cld back and was thrown back in to the que (call system..she cld back and advised sorry call drop advise i cld tell drop call vs disconnect she then dropped me into her supervisor mail box..she did not ever give operator #  and i was advised that she was only buffy there   well thank god and i'll see if supervisor has any customer service skills

They Dont Help You!!

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After being withTexas One CU for 9 yrs I was informed they will become PrimewayCU. I hated this news and predicted headache in the future. Sure of enough I was right. First thing they did was removed the $750 courtesy pay feature (this is AFTER I opted-IN due to the new overdraft law) I had with TexasOne for years which I probably used once or twice & immediately paid back.  They said denied due to checking account inactivity. Also, I had an auto loan which converted with Primeway which I had no problem with skip a payment option being approved thru Texas One before. Soon after the merge I requested a deferment of payment on my loan due to financial difficulties and was denied. They stated they had different requirements/guidelines from TexasOne and that I have maxed out on deferments. So I then requested my payment history from the initiation of my loan because I felt like it was a discrepancy . The rep said she will call me back with results. I never got a call so I called back in a week. Another rep said she will mail or I pick up at local branch because records are archived. (They didnt have access to old records at TexasOne). It took almost 4 wks before I got records in the mail and it still didnt include all years of payment history. At this point I was frustrated & just continued to make my payments as scheduled & could not wait till I was done. Now my loan is paid in full & they no longer have me as a customer and will not be referred to because they didnt help me when I needed them & bad service, regardless of the fact I had good checking/payment history all those years. I miss Texas One  :(

Check Your New Debit Card BEFORE You Leave The Credit Union

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Make sure you tell the credit union to activate your debit card by phone on their end before you leave the credit union.  Stand there and watch them do it.  Otherwise you will send your college student living in a different city where there is NO PW credit union a worthless debit card. 

They will need to get through a weekend with $10 cash, no gas in their car, and no campus cafeterias open to eat.  They will be forced to borrow money from other college students who also have NO MONEY...and hope that someone will kindly feed them.    And to rub salt in the wounds PW refused to overnight a fully activated debit card to my son. Why?  they don't send debit cards to a PO box. Okay - I get that however I am a long time customer, I eat lunch with the credit union president - they knew my son was away at school.  When a student lives on campus in a dorm they will NEVER have a street address.   

Never Have An Account Or Policy With Primeway

First off I have had a auto loan since 2008 and now all of a sudden Primeway wants to try to repo my vehicle. I have made all of my payments on time and the only problem on my part is having liability insurance. So they take it upon themselves to start charging me an extra $1000 a year to my account to pay for their insurance that does not even cover me. Ever since Primeway has taken over my auto loan I have had nothing but problems. If you ever get a chance to have another company deal with your account or loan take that offer immediately and stay far away from this crappy company. This place is the biggest joke I have ever come across. I will never do business with these people again.


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Having been a customer with Cameron Credit Union, then Texas One and now Primeway for 28 yrs. consecutively  I will be running as fast as I can from this bunch of IDIOTS. I was a victim of a purse theft. Without going into laborious detail the bank has now victimized me again by not shutting my account down immediately. I am now left with trying to submit fraud charges to Telecheck and the police because the theives have been writing $2500.00 checks on my account! Any other institution would have taken immediate action but the branch manager couldn't be bothered to meet with me in person ( I was told she was indeed in the building). This is not the way I expect my money and myself to be treated. They have broken a trust.

Deceptive Holds On Checking Account Cause Fees.

I have been a member of Primeway for several years.  Always kept my loans and accounts in good standing.  Things recently have been a little tight.  A hold on some transactions in your checking account will cause an over draft fee, even when your balance shows positive.  The algorithm they use to run the accounts and withdrawals and fees, in my opinion is very deceptive, and is to benefit the credit union to make money off of fees.

This Place Is A Joke!

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If I could rate this zero stars I would. My husband was member of Texas One for MANY years.. and then Primeway bought them out. We never really had any problems with Texas One. He had a truck financed through them and paid off the truck over 2 years ago. When Primeway took over, they are now reporting on our credit EVERY QUARTER that we are OVER 120 DAYS LATE. Excuse me, but please enlighten me on how we are late on something that has been paid off for two years. Ontop of that, since we are "delinquent" on an account that is paid off, we are not able to use our account to make any purchases. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. We have repeatedly talked to people about this issue and every time we get the same old "oh my gosh we are so sorry we will take care of this immediately" and then by the time the next quarterly update comes in its the same BS. Definitely closing our account down with them and will NEVER go back to them again. Primeway is a joke.

Close Your Account When Your Finished!!

I financed my car through PW and everything was fine. Once my car was paid off, they would send me statements about how much was in my acct, $39 and some change. I called them to ask where it came from. Apparently, they put $25 in your account to keep it open throughout your loan, the difference was interest. They take back the $25 when you close. I thought I would leave it open to accrue interest insted of getting a check for $14. Now, almost a year later, they take out $10/mo for a 'non active' fee, then another $4 for a 'below $25' fee! When I tried to call and have them close it, they told me to fax the request, so i did. A month later (yesterday), another statement with the above deducted. I called again today, ready to raise heck, but the service lady was nice and said 'no problem, we will close your acct'. Lets see what next month brings...

Stauy Away From This Place!!!!

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My loan was taken over by Prime Way and ever since the customer service is absolutely atrosious!! In the 4 1/2 years ive been paying my loan, I have NEVER been late!!! NOT 1 SINGLE LATE PAYMENT!!! After I lost my job, I was unable to make payments fo a few months. Once I got back on my feet, I was told that they could not waive 1 late fee from my acct. Now I know it is my responsibility to make my payments on time but geezzz!!! Over 55 on time payments and couldnt get 1 single fee waived!! These guys care more about there $22 fee than a lifetime repeat customer!! Once my loan is complete in the next few months, I will NEVER use them or refer anyone to them again!! I would advise anyone thinking of acquiring a loan with them to seriously weigh your options because theyre Customer Service is the poorest Ive ever seen!

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