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Unethical Approval Process

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I applied for an auto refi, I gave them information about the car and my financial. The person handling was communicating through the process. She HAD the car info and all. They gave me an approval for the amount ask. Then the last thing after pulling my credit and all they ask " hi, we just need the VIN to complete the loan," I send them the VIN and the next day they declined the loan. The person who was handling my loan just ghost me with out any even the curtesy to tell me they declined the loan after all of that.

You could have easily determine the value of the car WAY before all this effort when the info is all published. I applied for a few options they either ask you for a VIN or PLATE in the beginning. It's not private info you need the social to access.

Very unprofessional and waste of time.

Atms Do Not Take Deposits

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Saturday afternoon. I drove to 4 branch locations in Orange City and Deland FL. One didn't have an ATM, fair enough. The other 3 had walkup ATMs, 2 of which were designated "Deposit taking ATM" on the SCCU website.
Don't waste your time and gas. The ATM took the cash, counted it correctly, and when I pushed the "Finish $XX deposit" button, it gave me the money back and the screen said the deposit could not be processed.
Been with SCCU for 10 years. Doesn't meet my needs anymore.

Space Coast Loans - Don't Waste Your Time Applying

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They rush you to gets doc's but keep you waiting on approval and leave you very little time to apply elsewhere, this sellers market we need better lenders.
i email this guy and got approval and a appraisal within 5 days [email protected] - deal with an experience person.

Worst Company And Agent Ever

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I never Ever see something like that in my life I apply for a Loan Construction and the agent was over case is Tina Clark ..
we’ve been on that process for almost a year
1- when she received my application she told me I’m approve and send me the letter after 2 days she told me there is a mistake on my income on the application
She can’t qualify me after I already put pay 6000 down for the Builder and that money is not refundable.

2- she ask me to wait for 3 month to get my 2 years tax to add on my incomes I accept.

3- four months later I send her my 2 years tax return and she get back to me and said good news you qualify and the builder can process now …
Two days after she email me and told me there is another problem my credit went down I’m gonna need 15% down I told her no problem let’s do 20% down .
She come back to me again and said we need to wait until your credit go up I told her I used my card but I paid it off the same week and send her all the proof..
She told me okay let’s wait after one week my credit went back up and I told her my credit is up she told me we still need to wait because the system is not like when I pull my credit on equifax or credit union ..


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Don't know where to begin. Probably the most arrogant tellers, member services team and mangers I have ever dealt with not just in banking but any business I've dealt with. One of the managers at the SUNRISE Branch was "too busy" to come out and speak to me. They do not care about their customers as I was duped into thinking they treated you like family. What a joke!!! The managers in the member care team are LIARS!!! They have a made up policy about holding your checks. One week there is no hold the next week there's a hold. The tellers apparently can make the decision whether to hold your checks or not. I sware this happened to me yesterday. I spent at least 5 hours trying to get my PAYROLL check released so I can make payroll and they did me a favor (lol) by releasing 1500 of a 7k check! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY...STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS BANK!!! I never ever write reviews good or bad but this is the only way I feel I can retaliate about being treated soooooo poorly!!

Worst Business EVER!!

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SCCU is the worst financial institution I have EVER experienced. They screw literally everything up... Customer service, credit cards, checking accounts!! And when you think that their customer service can't get any worse, they always find ways to screw things up worse. If you are looking for a "bank" that will give you nothing but huge amounts of stress... this is the bank for you!

5 STAR CU Ranks Among Best

Grabbed a 3.05APY CD in summer of '19. Noticed a full product line, lotsa branches and great in person service at all branches I've been. So I got a SD box as well. Rates dropped but, for a CU they offer a super product line, reasonable fees and plenty of access. Nice folks work IN the branches as could be better but, it's functional and gets the job done. They even answer the phone!

37 Years Too Long

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As a 37 year account holder at SCCU I finally found out how much they care about customers. Trust me they don’t. They will misinform you on phone, lie to you. I had my 37 yr account compromised by theft, and then brutally assaulted by SCCU. SCCU did not transfer my crucial income paychecks, but certainly transferred my bill payments from old account to new account. Promised by at least 2 people for a week that my stimulus check would transfer. They even said they saw a note on it to transfer to new account. They lied. They sent it back to IRS. I won’t get for months now. I am not waiting for Covid19 to be over, I am running with my money to a new bank as fast as I can. Truly disappointed and never trust SCCU ever again.

The Not So 'Community' Bank

A bank that truly doesn't care. This has flagently obvious with the insistent charges, their terrible hours of opening and closing and their complete inability to take care of a small business. As soon as Covid-19 is over we're switching. Byeeeeeee!

Untrustworthy CU

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This Credit Union in my experience will just jettison a 16 year customer without explanation or a chance to handle the problem. Must easier than doing due diligence. My funds are missing and no one returns a call. Take your chances I wish I didn't. So now I must file another fraud report. Thank god for lawyer insurance. I'm a Disabled Vet and my wife is on hospice and i can't order the bandages and pads i need. Sad how we treat the people we can get away with abusing, the elderly.

P.A.F.B SCCU Experience

Went into the SCCU branch on May 25, 2019.Have not been in there for a long while. One of the tellers remembered me right away( Barbara Kelly).She has been with the SCCU bank for a long time. As we have as a retired Military Family,20 years plus. She made me feel welcomed and by end of visit there l was crying . Need more people working at the branches who care about their customers like family. The whole staff is wonderful at that branch. Did also tell the Bank manager there about my experience. Barbara Kelly and staff deserve store of the year in my opinion! Thank you for your time

Incompetent And Deceptive

We've had nothing but one bad experience after another from this scam of an institution. There's no accountability for their constant policy/fee changes and downright deception and lying. Find anywhere else to do business.

Below Avrerage "Bank"

I finally switched to a different bank for two reasons: 1. You can't access/login to your SCCU account when you're outside the U.S. and
2. SCCU is the WORST financial institution I have ever dealt with in regard to timely mailing of tax documents. Yes, I realize by law they don't have to mail them out until 31 Jan...a law they take full advantage of. All my other financial institutions mail their tax stuff out before the deadline. Not SCCU. They literally wait until the end of the month to mail theirs out. As a consequence, I'm always waiting on them to file my taxes (so I can get my refund). I complained about this several times over the years and always received the same canned answer: "by law they have to mail out tax documents no later than 31 January." I knew that--apparently they didn't know they could mail stuff out earlier...or don't care. Fail.

By the way, the interest they pay you has to be the lowest in the country. I have accounts in two other institutions and BOTH of them pay more. A lot more.

Not Really Sure

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I live in the volusia area. So I got a second bank account, for my new online business. I decided to go with a credit union thinking that they wouldn't nickel and dime me every month like BOA.

I deposited money and got my card. About a month later I get a letter saying that my card had been used in a bad online transaction, so they sent me another one. Well I had to spend all day setting up my new card number with paypal, and all of my suppliers. What a hassle! And I had only used my card three times, on ebay and one store that I've ordered from for years!! So it makes absolutely no sense to have to go through all of that.

Not only that, because I am trying to run a business using this card, about 80% of the time, when I go to purchase something online, the card is denied by the seller, claiming that there is 'fraud protection' in place. That's right, SCCU wont let me use my own debit card to purchase online most of the time. So I solved that problem by setting up my new card through paypal, so I could continue to make purchases for my business without having to make a phone call because my funds got frozen thanks to SCCUs incredibly tight 'security measures'! What a hassle, paypal charges me extra sometimes for transfers and purchases too so im still getting nickeled and dimed to death anyway.

Not only that, last week I had to make a transfer from my sccu account to my boa account. 9 days later the funds haven't cleared. I'm calling them on Monday (what kind of bank doesn't have 24 hour service?!) and ask them why my funds haven't been deposited yet.

I have a lot going on and I don't have time to switch banks right away, and go through he whole process of setting up a new financial institution for my business. but some day I will shop around and try to find a bank that will let me use my account and my card as it was intended.

And their website looks like it hasnt been updated since 2005. I haven't even downloaded the app due to the poor reviews so it inconvenient to only be able to check my account when i have my laptop around.

SCCU - great choice for Floridians

Since I was tired of all the fees from the big banks and needed a new account I decided to check out my local branch of Space Coast Credit Union. They had truly free checking and savings and the tellers and personal bankers had excellent customer service. I was looking to open an account so I could keep my self employment income separate from other income. I believed I needed a business account but they worked with me to explain how I could successfully use one of the free checking accounts. Because I declined to allow the overdraft option on my debit card, when a charge somehow went through anyway, they covered it without any problem and immediately reversed the overdraft fee. I've recommended this bank to several friends and happy to be a customers.

Space Coast mediocre

I called in because I was locked out from my online banking. When I called I had to talk to four different people before getting to someone that could truly help me. It made me extremely annoyed and wasted my time. I really feel like they could have done better in this department.

Bank was okay but customer service was lacking

The credit union as a whole was okay but one particular branch was just awful. And because they are small I had no choice but to use that particular location quite often. The managers were less than helpful and if you appeared upset at all because they were totally inept then they would refuse to help you. I had a state check that they tried to put a hold on and as I explained that it was a government check I was told I was wrong. I had to go to the regional manager and wait several days for a response. So I changed banks to a national chain and am now much happier

Banking with a Credit Union

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My experience has been nothing less than great. I'm happy to have used them for my banking needs. I always felt being a part of a Credit Union is better than just being part of a bank. The experience seems more personal and the rates for are pretty good. I would absolutely recommend them.

Great place to bank

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Space Coast credit union is a great banking institution. You are treated as part of a family there and not like other banks where you are just a number. They offer great customer service and the website and mobile app are easy to use. You really do not need to call in but if for some reason you do they are really good with their customer service and will work to resolve any issues you are having in a timely manner. I also get paid a day earlier through the credit union than when i was with a regular bank so that is a plus also. i really enjoy the experience i have had with them and would tell anyone looking for banking that this is where to go .

Credit Union vs Bank

I enjoy belonging to a credit union more than a bank. They offer better customer service and put the customer first. With a credit union your pay is normally in the day before it would be with a bank. Their website is easy to use. It is easy to get a representative on the phone and you do not have to wait on hold a long time . If you need checkbook registers they send them to you in a prompt time frame. If you have any problem with your account they make the experience easy and not something that would make you frustrated. You can find Atms all over that accept your card so you are not charged a fee. I love the service and that is why I stay with my credit union. They make me feel special and that is important. Before I switched to them I was with a bank and always felt rushed when I got someone on the line .

Worst Service Ever!

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To say that this is the worst bank ever is an understatement. The so called manager Kim at the Malabar location provided the most horrible service and had me and my two small kids escorted out by police because she refused to count out $1800 when I requested to close my account. She also directed her employees not to assist. Their online portal is down several times for the month, and there is a major disconnect between online customer service and in the branch. Almost as though they are two different banks. If this is how a manager treats customers, I would never recommend anyone to this bank. My 10 year old was even shocked at her behavior.

My. Car Loan

I was told to go to Sccu to purchase my car. After buying a charger, 5 months later my job as Store Manager was eliminated due to my company filing bankruptcy of 265 stores, therefore leaving me with a big payment and no job. Seven months later, I am paying on my car loan, which my husband pays from his salary. Back in October I called the bank to see if I could qualify for the Hurricane exemption they were offering g, but it was three days before my payment was due, and was told it would take a week to get back to me, I told her I cod not wait a week because my loan will go.past 30 dats on my credit, so just paid it. The following month I tried to get another month extension, if I could try, to get big fat "NO".
So...I have been paying my car payment and rubbing Peter to pay for Paul. I called again in March to.ask please their has to be something that cod be done to help. Just asking for one month reprise, so I could get ahead. Explained that it was just one salary coming in, and struggling, I just needed help for one lousy payment to be put on the back of the loan. NO STILL CANNOT HELP YOU.

I will never bank with these people again, and I will make it my mission to state what a lousy company this is that they could not help their customer in any way..
The person I spoke too was Julie and was very nice, but could not do anything for me.
As soon as I get back on track, I am making it a point to refinance my car with anoth er bank. By the way you have to make 12 payments b4 they would help you.
Have another car loan with Chrysler Capital, less than a year in the loan, explained my predicament, and they gave me 2 months extension and six months of lowered payment to help me get back on track.

Simple Online Tasks Are Failures!

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They are far behind Wells Fargo, I hate to say this but we have tried many times to link my account and my boyfriends account so money transfers can be quick and simple, we even went to the location to get that done and our accounts are still NOT linked. I am having an impossible time trying to link my account to PAYPAL, I click on the PAYPAL link page and sign in and it just loads and loads and loads. I left the page on for 8 hours when I went to work and it was still loading after 8 hours!!!!

Once these problems get resolved and their online issues stop occurring, I will delete this review!

Review Of My Local Bank

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Space Coast credit Union is a bank that is located in Florida. I have purchased a car by getting an loan throuhg them, and I also have a savings account with SSCU. I have been with SCCU for about 3 years now. I did have to apply to be a member with them, and wait for their approval. Once I was accepted I was then able to open my savings account and apply for my car loan. They offer this member's rewards program, I was sent a little rewards card in the mail. They base the rewards levels on participation of your household and it applies to both my car loan and my savings account, but if you';re a member with them every different type of account like CD's, Credit Cards, etc goes toward you member level. The great thing I like about the member rewards is it qualifies me for discounts. I am a premier level but the levels go all the way up to diamond elite. The only thing that ever really upset me was, i thought I was signed up on paperless statements, and I found out the hard way i was set up on both paper and paperless. They charge $1 to mail me a paper statement, and I didn't know I was getting charged for like 2yrs. So every month I transfer my car payment from one of my other bank accounts into my savings account with SCCU. All of a sudden I'm getting a call from collections this past November telling me I hadn't made my car payment. I explained yes I did and I have been making the same payment on the same day for two years. The customer service rep I spoke with was very nice and helpful. She explained the issue, and I was able to go into my online banking and cancel the paper statements. Since I was getting charged for these it had brought the balance of my account down too low, so they couldn't pull my car payment without my balance getting below the required monthly balance. I just transferred a few extra dollars in from my other account and all was well again. I called back the next day, got another customer service rep that was able to see the notes from the previous day, and she waived the late fee on the car payment, since I had attempted to make the payment and just didn't know I had been paying $1 for paper statements for 2 years. Another great service they offer, since they're only located in Florida, is if you travel they'll connect you with many other credit unions they work with, so you can go out of state and use one of the branches they work with and avoid any type off fees and things like that. Another great feature they offer is with a checking account, they call is ODP, and depending on your direct deposit amount you can qualify for $500-$1000, that you can withdraw in cash, and actually overdraw your account, then when you pay it back you just pay a $25 fee. I thought this was amazing because most banks won't just hand you over $500-$1000 if it's not in your account, but they do require you to be on direct deposit to get this feature. I have had a great experience using SCCU for my savings and car loan. I'm not a bug fan of their online banking I think it needs some work. it's not as user friendly as others I have come across, however they did finally come out with mobile banking. i think they're a little behind the times of technology but they're working to get caught up and that's a step in the right direction in my eyes. I look forward to many more years of membership with them

Fantastic local credit union!

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I have been banking with Space Coast Credit Union for over eight years now and I've never had a problem with them or a problem they didn't immediately work with me about (if there was a glitch/error on their end) and then fix. Their ATMs/banks have been plentiful and growing steadily throughout Brevard County with customer service that's always quick, friendly, and more than willing to take the extra step to make sure that you're helped and shown that your money matters. Their online response for me when I was stuck at home was also incredible and the one time I had unknown charges made to my account they were fast to respond on a weekend! My roommate has had gone with at least three big-known banks that have all stolen money from him and did minimal help when identity theft happened to him.

Checking Account Nightmare!

I have had a wonderful experience with the credit union. I have never been good with checking accounts since my younger years. This credit union assured me they would help in whatever way they could. They were right. I had a so called friend of my deposit a check in my account from her dead husband. I had no idea what was going on. Obviously this is fraud on her part. I won't get into detail about how she managed to do this with out my knowledge but let me just say I trusted her too much. The customer service rep ( the bank teller ) was very helpful and understanding. This was a bad check written for $100.00. Not only did they not charge me a overdraft fee, they wiped the entire slate clean. I was amazed. I would highly recommend this Credit Union to anyone.

I made a poor decision

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It was recommended to me to use Space Coast Credit Union but their checking and savings accounts are a joke. After a small period of time they quietly limit the amount you can transfer and don't say anything so I ended up with all kinds of outrageous fees at the end of the month.These kinds of tactics were quietly withheld from me during the signup process at the bank. I was told I would never pay any fees, etc. When I called to politely complain the customer service person hung up on me. I've since done some research on their overall financial health after the wall street crash of 2008 and it seems space coast credit union is on borrowed time which explains why they are now employing the shady tactics of big banks.

Our Home Town Credit Union

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I am new to SCCU. I am very pleased with the whole experience. From teller to the web page (which they redesigned) good job all the way around. I also just got a notice in my email box that my checking account now has no service fees, NONE. Very cool. Moved from Regions Bank to SCCU, I am glad I did. You can tell this is a "local bank". Thank you.

Worst Credit Union Anywhere!

I was a customer of Eastern Financial for twenty years. After Space Coast took over, the service levels plummeted!They are the must customer UN-friendly place to bank anywhere! I would advise anyone who's considering openiing an account there to think twice and bank somewhere else. Space Coast is the worst!

Do Not Bank Here!!!

We have been waiting two years for this bank to send a release of lein in to the state of Florida after we paid off our car.  We just keep hearing they will take care of it but nothing happens. Customer service is snippy and rude. 

Do Not Use For Anything

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I have the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with this god awful "Credit Union." I bought a car and was recommended to use SCCU, so we did and, boy, what a dumb decision. Never in my life have I found it so complicated to make an online payment. First you have to open a checking account, then, god willing, you setup a transaction from your primary bank account into the SCCU checking account. Hold on it gets better.

After that nightmare then you have to make a payment on your loan, or whatever from the checking account you just deposited into. What a joke. I have talked to multiple "Customer Service Agents." - if you want to call them that. And I can tell you that not a single one of them has a clue. Whenever you ask a question, you are immediately put on hold, and a few minutes later the famous "well I talked to my supervisor and that isn't possible."

Bottom line stay away far far away.

Overdraft Fees For No Reason

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I have experienced the worst onslaught of overdraft fees ever in a bank institution.

Last month with overdraft protection i had about 12 overdraft fees of $30 and this month 3 just becase my bills were payed automatically two minutes before my employer deposit came in at 4:26 am today.  I told them the money is there how come you are charging me they just said "it was bad timing".  Last month i was $1,000 overdrawn now thanks to the deposit i was not overdrawn.  I am very unhappy with Space Coast Credit Union.  I really think they have poor customer service and they are not your typical credit union where you have that small bank personal attention.  I am switching.  They also denied me for an auto loan eventhough i had a decent credit score.  I will not recommend this institution to anyone. 

Space Coast Sucks

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OMG this company is unbelievable and Stupid past a point. We made a BIG mistake getting a car loan from them to help build my 18 year olds credit. It's like they just want to make it near impossible for you to pay it easily. They said how easy it would be just set up savings account and they would just take money out for payment. They forgot to tell you that they dont take outside transfers unless you open a bank account with them. Yeah right they suck at customer service I'm not going to entrust them with my bank account. The nearest branch is nearly an hours drive, didn't tell us that at the car dealership. The customer service girls just don't listen to anything to try to tell them VERY RUDE. I'm giving them 5 stars for stupidity and rudeness. We will be paying off my daughters car so quick and I hope to never hear thier name again. They really should try to catch up with the modern world.

The Worst Financial Institution In My Experience

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This is perhaps one the worst financial institutions I have ever encountered, from their lack of professionalism, their "conservative" policies used loosely as an excuse to be down-right mean, their nasty lending practices (just short of hiring people to hurt you - seriously).  Their computer system is out-dated and breaks down almost every other time you need to use it.  If you have any other option for financial care, you should use it.  

Please be sure to check ALL the complaints they have against them with the Better Business Bureau - it's pretty extensive.

Stay away from this place.

Check Endorsements

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I moved to this Credit Union after leaving a much bigger bank that I had been with for many years. I was very disappointed in what was happening in big-brother banking, so I decided to support my local Credit Union -- I am now regretting this move. I worked in a bank for many years and some things are as plain as black and white and not open for someone's interpretation of how it should be done. When you've got the State telling you the proper way a check issued from them should be endorsed, and the bank telling you that isn't acceptable . . . and won't give you credit for it and reverses it back out of your account and sends it back to you and tells you that you must endorse it the way they say so - nope.

Don't Bank Here..

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The credit union will nickel and dime you to death. I made a DEPOSIT at a shared member location and they charged me for a deposit ... that is unheard of. They charge you to use an ATM other then their own. I went to my local credit union to get money out of the ATM, it was broken / out of service on several occasions. The next closest location was across town. I spoke with a customer service rep, she was totally unprofessional. I asked her to change the amount of a automatic transfer I had setup. She said OK and placed me on hold. Then came back and said that she cancelled it. I told her I did not want it cancelled only changed. She insisted that I said cancel it. I told her to set it back up the way it was. She could not I then  spoke with a supervisor who said that he would review the recording. A few hours later he called me back stating that the rep was wrong and that he corrected the problem. In addition these locations (South Florida, Space Coast took over Eastern Financial and pretty much runied Eastern's name in my opinion) do not have convient lobby hours on the weekends.

Over all I would give this credit union a "D-"

After 25 years of being with Eastern then Space Coast I closed my account.

There are better credit unions out there. 

Not Very Good

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The people are nice, but the customer service folks don't know much about the products and made multiple wrong recommendations to me. The bill payer system is the worst that I have ever used, and made multiple mistakes. My five other banks have combined to make zero mistakes over the last five years. In a little more than o year, SCCU bill payer made five mistakes. I stopped using it.

Wrong Management Attitudes

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In the March 2011 issue of the SCCU Connections newsletter, Douglas R. Samuels, President/CEO, wrote about a law concerning debit cards, "This will result in about 80% of the income being taken from the card issuers (banks and credit unions) and being put into the pockets of the retail merchants who accept the cards." He is upset that SCCU will get less money and says it like someone is actually taking money from SCCU rather than just giving SCCU less. This is not his money, this is the merchants money. This is the epitome of the greedy banker. How mad do you think he will get when you want to take money out of an SCCU account? Will he complain that the depositors are taking 80% of the SCCU money?

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