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Space Coast Credit Union Reviews

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Fantastic local credit union!

Posted by: Danolee | Nov 2, 2015

I have been banking with Space Coast Credit Union for over eight years now and I've never had a problem with them or a problem they didn't immediately work with me about (if there was a glitch/error on their end) and then fix. Their ATMs/banks have been plentiful and growing steadily throughout Brevard County with customer service that's always quick, friendly, and more than willing to take the extra step to make sure that you're helped and shown that your money matters. Their online response for me when I was stuck at home was also incredible and the one time I had unknown charges made to my account they were fast to respond on a weekend! My roommate has had gone with at least three big-known banks that have all stolen money from him and did minimal help when identity theft happened to him.

Worst Credit Union Anywhere!

I was a customer of Eastern Financial for twenty years. After Space Coast took over, the service levels plummeted!They are the must customer UN-friendly place to bank anywhere! I would advise anyone who's considering openiing an account there to think twice and bank somewhere else. Space Coast is the worst!

Do Not Bank Here!!!

We have been waiting two years for this bank to send a release of lein in to the state of Florida after we paid off our car.  We just keep hearing they will take care of it but nothing happens. Customer service is snippy and rude. 

Do Not Use For Anything

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 2, 2012

I have the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with this god awful "Credit Union." I bought a car and was recommended to use SCCU, so we did and, boy, what a dumb decision. Never in my life have I found it so complicated to make an online payment. First you have to open a checking account, then, god willing, you setup a transaction from your primary bank account into the SCCU checking account. Hold on it gets better.

After that nightmare then you have to make a payment on your loan, or whatever from the checking account you just deposited into. What a joke. I have talked to multiple "Customer Service Agents." - if you want to call them that. And I can tell you that not a single one of them has a clue. Whenever you ask a question, you are immediately put on hold, and a few minutes later the famous "well I talked to my supervisor and that isn't possible."

Bottom line stay away far far away.

Overdraft Fees For No Reason

Posted by: pilarRT | Aug 16, 2012

I have experienced the worst onslaught of overdraft fees ever in a bank institution.

Last month with overdraft protection i had about 12 overdraft fees of $30 and this month 3 just becase my bills were payed automatically two minutes before my employer deposit came in at 4:26 am today.  I told them the money is there how come you are charging me they just said "it was bad timing".  Last month i was $1,000 overdrawn now thanks to the deposit i was not overdrawn.  I am very unhappy with Space Coast Credit Union.  I really think they have poor customer service and they are not your typical credit union where you have that small bank personal attention.  I am switching.  They also denied me for an auto loan eventhough i had a decent credit score.  I will not recommend this institution to anyone. 

Space Coast Sucks

Posted by: 7seahorse | Aug 15, 2012

OMG this company is unbelievable and Stupid past a point. We made a BIG mistake getting a car loan from them to help build my 18 year olds credit. It's like they just want to make it near impossible for you to pay it easily. They said how easy it would be just set up savings account and they would just take money out for payment. They forgot to tell you that they dont take outside transfers unless you open a bank account with them. Yeah right they suck at customer service I'm not going to entrust them with my bank account. The nearest branch is nearly an hours drive, didn't tell us that at the car dealership. The customer service girls just don't listen to anything to try to tell them VERY RUDE. I'm giving them 5 stars for stupidity and rudeness. We will be paying off my daughters car so quick and I hope to never hear thier name again. They really should try to catch up with the modern world.

The Worst Financial Institution In My Experience

Posted by: Barlow | Aug 11, 2012

This is perhaps one the worst financial institutions I have ever encountered, from their lack of professionalism, their "conservative" policies used loosely as an excuse to be down-right mean, their nasty lending practices (just short of hiring people to hurt you - seriously).  Their computer system is out-dated and breaks down almost every other time you need to use it.  If you have any other option for financial care, you should use it.  

Please be sure to check ALL the complaints they have against them with the Better Business Bureau - it's pretty extensive.

Stay away from this place.

Check Endorsements

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 8, 2012

I moved to this Credit Union after leaving a much bigger bank that I had been with for many years. I was very disappointed in what was happening in big-brother banking, so I decided to support my local Credit Union -- I am now regretting this move. I worked in a bank for many years and some things are as plain as black and white and not open for someone's interpretation of how it should be done. When you've got the State telling you the proper way a check issued from them should be endorsed, and the bank telling you that isn't acceptable . . . and won't give you credit for it and reverses it back out of your account and sends it back to you and tells you that you must endorse it the way they say so - nope.

Don't Bank Here..

Posted by: monty024 | May 8, 2012

The credit union will nickel and dime you to death. I made a DEPOSIT at a shared member location and they charged me for a deposit ... that is unheard of. They charge you to use an ATM other then their own. I went to my local credit union to get money out of the ATM, it was broken / out of service on several occasions. The next closest location was across town. I spoke with a customer service rep, she was totally unprofessional. I asked her to change the amount of a automatic transfer I had setup. She said OK and placed me on hold. Then came back and said that she cancelled it. I told her I did not want it cancelled only changed. She insisted that I said cancel it. I told her to set it back up the way it was. She could not I then  spoke with a supervisor who said that he would review the recording. A few hours later he called me back stating that the rep was wrong and that he corrected the problem. In addition these locations (South Florida, Space Coast took over Eastern Financial and pretty much runied Eastern's name in my opinion) do not have convient lobby hours on the weekends.

Over all I would give this credit union a "D-"

After 25 years of being with Eastern then Space Coast I closed my account.

There are better credit unions out there. 

Not Very Good

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 8, 2011

The people are nice, but the customer service folks don't know much about the products and made multiple wrong recommendations to me. The bill payer system is the worst that I have ever used, and made multiple mistakes. My five other banks have combined to make zero mistakes over the last five years. In a little more than o year, SCCU bill payer made five mistakes. I stopped using it.

Wrong Management Attitudes

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 30, 2011

In the March 2011 issue of the SCCU Connections newsletter, Douglas R. Samuels, President/CEO, wrote about a law concerning debit cards, "This will result in about 80% of the income being taken from the card issuers (banks and credit unions) and being put into the pockets of the retail merchants who accept the cards." He is upset that SCCU will get less money and says it like someone is actually taking money from SCCU rather than just giving SCCU less. This is not his money, this is the merchants money. This is the epitome of the greedy banker. How mad do you think he will get when you want to take money out of an SCCU account? Will he complain that the depositors are taking 80% of the SCCU money?