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Costly Accounts, Clunky Website, Rude Employees

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Besides charging for accounts that would be free elsewhere, this bank is antiquated in its website offerings. The tellers are either indifferent or outright rude at the Hamilton Rd branch. They feel fine mistreating the elderly and apparently POC as well according to family members.

They either do not understand how to handle government retirement funds (which is odd as it is a GOVERNMENT employee credit union) or they are purposely incompetent. Go elsewhere.

Dissatisfied Customer And Unethical Actions

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This communique is to complain about NC State Employees Credit Union closing my cards, accounts and charging my loan off. Every two weeks money was deposited into the main checking account ending. NC SECU even took money out of my account before the paydates.

I thought an account could only charge off if payments ceased. I received no notification that this would occur.


I have been banking with the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union since 2009, shortly after I married my husband, who also had an account there. We have a both a checking account and a savings account there. We have also been very happy with the services NCSECU provides, this being that we had moved from a joint account as Wells Fargo. We like that NCSECU does not pressure you into going digital, by not sending paper copies of your monthly statement, but rather sending full paper copies to our mailbox each month for both our checking and savings account. I like that I do not have to pay extra money though, to access my account online. I especially like that I can view digital copies of checks I have written, in case I forget what they were for. I earn interest on both my checking and savings accounts, and the money fees for having accounts there are very minimal and extremely reasonable. If I ever have a question on my account, I can call a toll-free number and they will get down to the bottom of it. One time, someone stole our account information and used it to buy college textbooks. When I called it into question, SECU immediately refunded the money. I also like that they double check any strange or different checks I bring them to ensure it is not a scam that I might get charged for. My only complaint is that they prefer to do in-house business with you at the specific bank you opened your account at - which is not always convenient for me.

Good and reliable credit union

I have banked with the State Employees Credit Union for a little over 10 years and I really enjoy it. I switched over when my last bank started charging high fees for checking accounts unless you met the minimum balance. State Employees Credit Union only charges $1 per month and it goes to charity so I am okay with that fee. I also get great interest rates on loans and credit cards through the State Employees Credit Union. I have always had great customer service at their branch locations. One of my friends even works for them and it sounds like a very good place to work.

My only issue is that I have to drive about 15 minutes to the nearest branch location. I wish they had more branch locations, but I'm willing to drive occasionally for a great credit union.


Having an account with the credit union is satisfactory. They give an acceptable amount of interest and the fees, if any, are nominal. I like having the comfort zone of being able to get a signature loan quickly and easily. Convenient and many locations are always where I am and I usually do not have to wait in line long for a teller. I do wish they had a night depository because sometimes I just want to drop off a check after hours. They do not have any place to make a deposit unless I do it at the ATM, which I prefer not to use. One thing that upset me is that when I got the QDRO during the divorce there was no one to help me invest it. There should have been a representative there eager to help me manage my money. I am glad they have free notary, but they should also have a rep that can help me do a will or set up a trust or power-of-attorney. I'd even pay for these services and was disappointed that they were not even offered. I had to take time, and pay too much money, to find and use other resources to get the paperwork done. I do like the fact that my children can open up an account here based solely on the criteria that I have a credit union account.

Great Credit Union to work with and meet all your needs.

I love my credit union account. I got a referral from my aunt to get my account. I recently had an issue with a security breach in which my account was hacked and transactions were fraudulently authorized without my consent to the tune of $1000. As soon as I notified my credit union branch about it they jumped on my case discovered it was indeed fraud and had my money back to me in a matter of a few days. I was extremely freaked out at first thinking I wasn't gonna be able to receive my money back but my account fraud protection that I didn't know about and it covered it. The credit union gave me money back no questions asked about it at all.

I Love My Credit Union

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I have been banking at the local State Employees Credit Union for over 20 years. Fees are less than $2 a month. I have several accounts including checking, savings, a retirement account and a money market account. ALL of my immediate family members are also members of this credit union.
I have always had excellent service when I need it. My financial consultants at the Credit Union are also active members in our community's civic organizations and they have a strong, positive image in our town.

Highly Recommend

I switched my banking to the North Carolina State Employee' Credit Union when I began working for the State of NC. I have had an overall great experience with them. Setting up my savings and checking accounts took about 20 minutes total. I sat in an office with a polite older gentleman and filled out the necessary paperwork. He took my initial deposit and photographed me for my debit card. He was also able to set up my payroll direct deposit for me. About 4 days later, my checks and debit card arrived in the main. The service at the branch office is always fast and reliable. There are always three cashiers at the counter and the drive thru. I enjoy having a brick and mortar office to go to for cashing checks and making cash deposits. I would highly recommend then to anyone eligible.

Great Bank and Low Fees!

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I have been with this bank for over 8 years. I love them for several reasons and not only because of their excellent customer service but also because they never over charge my bank accounts with unneccesary bank fees. They have no regular, monthly bank account fees and often they would completely waive Non sufficient fees. The monthly transfers in between my accounts is limited to a total of 6 transactions, which I do not particularly like. This can be avoided by making a phone call to my local branch and by asking them to do transfer on my behalf. They also have customer appreciation days, when they give out free food and drinks. In the summer they sell discounted theme-park tickets and watpark tickets, which we love! In tax seasons they offer free tax advice services. I have my mortgage with them, and I have never had an issue with them.

The only thing that I somewhat dislike about this bank is that they ofen have technical difficulties with their website which makes it difficult to access my account.

State Employees Credit Union is great

I switched over to State Employees Credit Union because my last bank was going to start charging me fees on my checking account. You have to be a state employee to join but my mom works for the school system so she joined and then I was able to join as her daughter. I was able to set up a Savings and Checking account fairly easily. I like that I even get interest on my Checking account. Plus the only fee they charge me is $1 per month on my Checking Account and it goes towards charity so I'm okay with that.
I've liked SECU so much that I've set up other accounts because I find the interest rates are good and their staff is very helpful. I have a credit card that I never use through them, plus a Health Savings Account and a Money Market account. I've also looked into getting a car loan through them because their rates are decent.
I trust SECU with all of my money and have never had a bad experience with them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who qualifies because of their customer service and great rates.

NC Credit Union

I opened up a checking and saving account with the credit union about four years ago. It took an hour to do so, which I thought was a bit too long. However, the customer service representative answered all my questions and advised me of the many benefits of having an account with them. For instance, she said any member of my family could also open up an account with them, even if they were not employed by the state. She gave me forms to introduce me to the online banking and how to set up direct deposit of my paycheck. I got a ATM card with my picture on it, and they stored my picture in their database so I could do banking with them in person with just my social security number as information. Many times I've walked in without ID or a deposit form and got my business done by just punching in my social at the machine in front of the teller. All transactions have been accurate. I even went back last year when I got a lump sum and opened up a money market account. I had planned to put the money in a CD but the representative advised against it. Sure enough, soon I needed some of the money back so I would have hurt myself by having had the CD instead of a money market. Sometimes the lines are long, but the branches are convenient to me. I do wish they had a depository so I could drop off my deposits without going inside, though. The telephone reps don't seem as knowledge as the branch reps, but I never have to wait for long for someone to take my call.

Very Happy With NCSECU!

I have been with North Carolina State Employee's Credit Union for the past twelve years. I have been nothing but happy with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a wonderful banking experience. I have had checking and savings accounts. I have always found the interest rates on their deposit accounts to be reasonable, and the customer service cannot be beat. I love the local feel to the branches and they are readily accessible in the Raleigh/Durham area where I lived when I opened the account.. My only complaint is that there is not ATM or branch access outside of Nc and I have recently moved to Virginia, that is true of many credit unions. Overall, I think NCSECU is simply wonderful and I intend to bank with them for a very long time!

My experience with SECU

I am a member of the State Employees Credit Union of North Carolina. I have not ever worked for the state, but my mother and grandfather both did at some point in their lives. My experience started when I was a child, when my parents made me open a FAT CAT account, which was a saving account for children. They made me put half the money I was given or earned into this account. At the time, I resented it, but I have never had less than a thousand dollars in savings in my adult life, so for that I'm grateful. The FAT CAT account transitioned into a regular savings account when I turned 18, and that was when I was given sole power over it. At that time, my parents also took me to get a cash points global card, and a checking account card. They give me money through the checking account, my mother has access to it but cannot see any of my other funds. All in all I think State Employees Credit Union is much fairer than other banks, and I've been a bit spoiled- I've never been charged a fee for over-drafting or an upkeep fee of more than a dollar. I would recommend this bank to anyone who is able to meet the admission requirements.

Just Like Family

I currently have a savings and checking account with State Employees Credit Union (SECU). I love the State Employees Credit Union (SECU). The tellers are very friendly and they always try to get you in and out when you are at the bank. I use the drive up teller also and the two tellers at the window always call my by name which lets me know they know me. I pay a $1.00 a month to bank with the credit union and I make that back with the interest on my accounts. Any time I have a problem or concern the staff are quick to get it handled. I also love that when I am out of town they will note the account so that I don't have any trouble making purchases. The State Employees Credit Union (SECU) really cares about it's members. I feel like I am family with the people at the State Employees Credit Union (SECU). I could not see myself banking anywhere else. I love them so much that I am currently looking into moving more of my accounts there.


I had a savings account set up for me as a child at NC State Employee's Credit Union. There was not a lot of activity with the account for most of my young life, and my mom switched account ownership into my name when I turned 18. I started depositing earnings from my first job into this account, and because I was working as a waitress, it was usually cash. I was able to use the tellers inside the bank, the drive through bank window and the ATM without incident. The cash always hit my account in a timely manner and it was easy to access my money. Later in my life, once I was married, NC SECU made it easy to add my husband to the account. I would highly recommend banking with the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union.

Great fees but outdated

I have heard so many positive things about being a member of a credit union so when I was eligible, I jumped at the chance. I found the bank to have higher fees for checking. I could get a free account at most banks as a student and then as an adult some banks such as BB&T would pay me $50 to open an account. I could get a checking account at NCSECU for $1 that would be an interest bearing account but I wouldn't make my money back in interest each month so I went with BB&T on that.

I did however get the Cash Account and open up share accounts for each of my children and Money Market accounts for each of my children and myself. The rates at the credit union for Money Market accounts are much better than a regular bank. When I go to a physical branch things at the credit union are slower. I looked into opening an IRA for my kids there but found the NC 529 plan to be a better option. I had some CDs with the bank at one time but found that I would have to hold the CD a long time for it to get a much better interest rate than a Money Market so I just started using the money market to free up my funds. I am able to get discounts from this bank on VISA gift cards and Carrowind's tickets and they will write me free certified type checks over a certain amount. Overall I am pleased with the bank but wish they would get their website to be a little more in touch with today's standards of paying bills and more freedom to do things online.

Great Customer Service

I currently have an account with State Employees Credit Union and I have enjoyed using them. I have a checking, savings, and IRA through them. They have always provided great customer service. When i decided to start contributing to a retirement account, I didn't know much about IRAs. I went to a branch and sat down with a banker and she really took the time to explain all of my options to me, how much i needed to invest, etc. I walked out of the bank feeling confident in my decision and I've stayed with them ever since. My only complaint about them is their mobile site-which is how i do everything- is a little dull and has a hard time connecting sometimes. Other than that they're a great bank.

Great service but don't expect great rates

I have been banking with this institution for almost twenty years and I find them to be reliable, dependable, trustworthy, helpful. If I have a problem or I believe there's been some kind of mistake, I can just call up and get it taken care of. I don't have to deal with some automated voice or someone who doesn't know what's what. That's a real plus in my book, to get that kind of help with something financial that's important. Once I was charged for an ATM transaction and it took one three minute phone call to get it taken care of. That doesn't happen everywhere. And the people are friendly and polite when you come in. Again, you don't get that in large institutions.
But you also don't get the higher rates you get on savings at larger institutions. It's best to be honest about that. And to be honest you don't get the greatest rates as a borrower either. You'll pay for a car loan about the same interest, so far as I can tell, as you would somewhere else. Same with a mortgage. So you have to weigh the options.

This credit union is great

This credit union is excellent. They offer a variety of accounts to their customers. The accounts all have,competitive interest rates and provide a decent way to save money using a traditional savings or a CD account. The accounts are also attractive because there are no monthly or annual fees to maintain them. The customer service is excellent as well,whenever I have had a question or needed an issue resolved I can go into the branch and get a quick resolution. The only issue is that the website is a bit outdated and not as,functional as other banks. However, everything considered I am happy with my experience here. I would definitely recommend this bank to local customers who feel left out or otherwise not appreciated by some of the larger, more well known banks.

Great Customer Service at SECU

Recently while reviewing my bank accounbt with SECU I noticed that there were a couple online chanrges that I did not authorize. I immediately picked up the phone and called SECU customer service to explain the situation and find out more about the charges. The woman to assist was quick to go over the chrges on my account and determine what paperwork needed to be completed to file a claim for unauthorized charges to my checking account. She explained the process thouroghly and made sure I understood what would take place. Less than a week later the money was put back into my account and I had a new ATM card for the account at risk. It was a great customer service experience!

My checking account at the NC State Employees Credit Union

I have been a member of the NC State Employees Credit Union for about 8 years now. I have a checking account with them as well as a savings account. I do not use my checking account often but I do use my savings. It is very convenient in that I can deposit money into my savings directly from my payroll check. Also, they are open until 5:30 Monday through Friday. That is helpful in that most people that are working for state or local agencies work until 5:00pm. This allows for not having to take off work or waste a lunch break on going to the bank. They utilize "Cash Points" ATMs which are located in many locations around my city as well as the entire state. You are never very far from an ATM, making it easy to have access to money when you need it. The only complaint I have is that their website and mobile banking isn't as friendly as some of the larger banks I have banked with. They don't offer mobile deposits which is something I utilize on a regular basis.

Great bank, terrible website

The State Employees Credit Union is a great financial institution. They have amazing customer service. Just recently, my son got his license. I decided since he would be going off on his pwn, he needed a debit card so needed to set up a checking account. We arrived at the branch and they took care of us right away. They were very nice, upfront, and let us know all the details. They kept my son engaged and encouraged him to ask questions. It only took about 10 min to set everything up. I was very pleased at how friendly, fast, and professional they were. I would recommend the SECU to anyone looking for a great financial institution. Years ago, I also set up my mother with an account with the credit union. She started a money market. This was before the crash of 2008-09. At the time, they had the best interest rates around and were paying 4.5% on their money market accounts. Once again, the process of doing this was smooth, fast, and professional. You can always count on having the best possible experience at the SECU.

Love my Credit Union

I absolutely love the SECU. The people who work there are top notch. They take the time to make sure that every customer is well informed and satisfied with their service. There are reasonable loan rates and a nice variety of CD'a and checking, savings, and money market accounts available. Their online banking website is functional. I have never had any difficulty with it. I wish there were more branches around, but that has improved in the last year or so, and there are quite a few Cashpoint ATM's available, so I have not had any trouble getting to my money quickly when needed.

Easy And Efficient To Work With

As an employee of the state, we had to establish an account with State Employees Credit Union in order to receive direct deposits, which meant I could get my paycheck on Thursdays rather than Fridays, so I signed up and checked the box to have my money deposited into my savings. I really had no intentions on using the account for more than to receive my checks, but they pay dividends on the money that is in your savings, and it is deposited into my account at the beginning of the following month. And it is not based on how much you leave in the account- the dividends are compounded daily, so I always earned more around the pay periods, leaving what I can in the account until I needed so I could increases my dividends. Then, even more, they have a Holiday Club account that I can put smalls amount of money into throughout the year, and then at the end of October, i get a deposit into my checking account for the money I saved so I can start Christmas shopping. The Credit union is simple, straightforward and easy to use and work with, but they offer little perks that make it easy to earn a little bit of money from doing business with them and even more, save for the holidays without really feeling like i need the money now.

No Consistency At All.

First off the only reason I am still currently a customer of this Credit Union is the lack of time to deal with changing institution. My paycheck and the paychecks of all the people I work with are never in at the same time two weeks in a row. Every other coworker I have talked with that is not banking with State Employees Credit Union Has their paycheck available at 12:00 AM payday. Mine hits somewhere between 12AM and whenever State Employees Credit Union feels like they should allow me access to my money. Even their excuses change. Last time I called it had to do something with what ever batch was getting processed at what time. This time it all depends on when the company I work for sends them the file. I work night shift 48+ hours a week, go to school full time, and am a single Father. When a paycheck is suppose to be deposited it needs to be done promptly. Looks like I'm going to have to loose sleep just to start the process of changing all of my banking from State Employees Credit Union to one that can actually do something in a timely manner.

Fantastic Credit Union

Every summer I go into SECU at least once when they will have sandwiches, cookies and drinks for the customers. They say they just want us customers to know how much they appreciate us. One time, I got two money orders for purchases by my handbell choir. After a couple of months, I got word that one of the invoices had not been paid. I went to SECU and asked them to check and see if the money order had been cashed. It had not so they decided to write me a new replacement money order and stop payment on the old one. Recently, I got a letter from the Postal Inspection Service and they told me that my two letters were part of a robbery and saw that one of the money orders was gone. It was the one that I had replaced. I went back to SECU and showed them what had happened and they refunded the cost of making a replacement money order. It was $8.00. I know that most banks would not do this. I love this bank.

Great Credit Union

I'm very grateful for State Employees Credit Union. I had some past issues with my checking account at another bank. My account ended up closed. Although the problem started with a crooked vendor, I had difficulty opening a checking account at another bank. Luckily I was eligible for membership at State Employees Credit Union. I was able to open a checking account. I never thought about using a credit union before because of availability, but boy was I surprised. I didn't need to use the branch as much as I thought. We my new debit card and direct deposit, my money was always available. They hardly have any fees and when they do, it's much lower that my bank charged. It's easy to get a hold of customer service. Since my direct deposit has went so well, I use them for all my banking needs. I will never use another large banking company again.

Great products, average service

I used to bank with SECU when I worked for NC Public Schools in 2014. Their checking and savings products are extremely competitive and didn't require me to maintain a minimum balance. I also really liked how the monthly service fee was only a $1 and at least a portion of the proceeds from the maintenance fee went to supporting the local community. I believe SECU is a moral company that is high in corporate social responsibility. They are also able to provide higher interest rates than any other bank I've been with before. My savings account was earning over one percent in interest whereas with Wells Fargo (my previous bank), they only offered me .01 percent on a savings. However, their mobile site is not as good as it could be and their customer service is extremely inconsistent across branches. Since moving to Virginia, I have closed my accounts with them because it is no longer convenient but ultimately I would have stayed with them if I were still in NC, despite the inconsistent service I have received.

No Frills Banking

I have been a SECU member since 1993 through my parents, it was my first bank account and I used it actively until just a few months ago. The bank offers a down home feel, and most of the associates are friendly. Rates are competitive and they provide a few perks to their members, such as discount tickets to them parks and a car-buying service. Their branch locations are pretty convenient as the closest one is less than two miles from my house. My experience has always been positive.

As consistent as my experience has been, I was looking for something a little more. Since I travel out of state often, I wanted free ATM access out of state and also more options for mobile banking. I recently switched to another credit union that has more convenient, mobile-friendly features. My advice to SECU: keep up the great personal service, but you need to upgrade your technology to become more mobile.

Customer Service Extraordinaire

I was transferred from the IRS office in Philadelphia to Raleigh in 2016. I had closed my account with BofA and wanted to find another bank in Raleigh. A co -worker told me about the good experience she had with SECU. I went into the bank and saw a nice banker there. I explained I wanted to open a checking and savings and also roll over my 401k from another bank. She took the time to find me the best accounts for my needs. In addition she referred me to an investment banker who helped me roll over my 401k and reviewed my account to make sure I was invested in the appropriate funds for my retirement needs. It was a very pleasant and professional experience and I would recommend them highly.

Excellent Credit Union

I have been banking with the SECU for close to 10 years now. I have always been treated friendly by the associates. They have worked with me each time I needed to borrow money, as well as when I had hard times and needed to arrange payments. They are a credit union I can trust and one that I can rely on to help me through good times and bad. I haven't done anything with them on a mobile device because they don't offer much in the way of mobile banking. That would be my only suggestion for better service.

State Employees Credit Union is a great place to bank!

I have checking and savings accounts with State Employees Credit Union and I have been pleased. I have direct deposit there, and they don't charge me any fees (except I have to pay to order checks). in fact, I have been surprised by the interest I have earned. Although not substantial, it is higher than what my friends get from other banks. Also they offer special accounts like vacation and Christmas that earn higher interest and are convenient because they automatically deduct a certain amount every check to help me meet my goals. Their website is easy to navigate and manage your accounts on, and they have customer service representatives available by phone if you need help. They have lots of convenient branches and ATMs in my area too with NO FEES. By the way the branches also offer free notary services and advice.

State employees credit Union. Nc

I banked with the State Employees Credit Union for 3 years until the local branch in my area moved too far away. In 2015 my wallet was stolen including my debit card. I went to the bank to report it and discovered that 125$ had already been fraudulently taken from my account. The employee who I dealt with was so helpful and sympathetic and genuine. Alot of times in these situations the people you deal with don't seem to genuinely care but she did. I filled out some paper work and was told it could take a few days for the money to be refunded. It was a really big deal because it was the money I was going to pay my rent with. I had the money back the very next evening and was able to pay my rent on time. I love that there is no fee for using their atm which was the main reason I choose to switch from Bank of America to state employees credit union. I would again bank with them if I ever live close enough to a local branch again.


I have only encountered one problem in the 6-7 years I have had my account here. The problem is cashing a check from a Canadian company that I do some online work for a few times a month. The check had to be sent out to a third party and took about a month to be credited to my account, but they credited it in USD so I gained about 20% pay on that deal so I wasn't all that displeased with the issue, although it's an ongoing one as I will regularly get checks from this Canadian business. As long as I keep getting the 20% exchange bonus though I can't be too unhappy.
My account fees are only $1/m but I get .25% interest on checking and .75% on savings with nothing else needed. The CD rate I get is 1.5% on 36m, so that's good. I never have too much problem with service or waiting at my branch, but I work at night so I usually go at off hours. The staff is always pleasant and helpful, and they don't charge for financial advise like when I bought they CD's from them and transferred them from a traditional bank. I'm very happy with the CU overall.

Glad we became members of SECU

My wife is a teacher in the state of North Carolina, so we were able to get membership into SECU. We had heard good things about it and her colleagues had recommended we join. We opened a joint checking and a connected savings account and have been very pleased. The customer service is well-above what you get these days and the cost and fees are much lower than the big bank branches.

The mobile app and functionality is definitely lacking behind the bigger, national bank brands as they don't offer mobile deposits or a whole lot beyond text alerts and balance inquiries. The friendly service and low fees manage to offset our disappointment with mobile banking. Would highly recommend to anyone who qualifies for membership. We are planning on investigating their home refinance options in the near future.

Satisfied customer

I have banked with SECU for more than 12 years. My family has used this bank for more than 30 years. I have always had very good customer service. I have visited multiple bank locations across the state. Staff are friendly across bank locations. They easily explain information without making you feel bad for not knowing financial terms. I have three accounts with SECU. Accounts are easy to open and manage. Security is on point. I feel my experience and financial security is a priority to them. My only negative comment is that online banking could be updated. Compared to other banks SECU does not offer the same quality and modern services. Other banks offer more digital services and conveniences than SECU does. Overall I am satisfied with this institution.


The State Employees Credit Union is the best financial institute around. They have the absolute best customer service around. The credit union is owned by its members and not stock holders. I have used the credit union for many services over the years. Once particular instance I can think of is when I set up a FAT CAT account for my son. When he was eight, I wanted to open up a savings account for him. The credit union offered a savings account for kids that they call a Fat Cat account. My son and I went to our local credit union to set this up. They were very excited to explain to us how the account works. They not only talked to me, but also did a great job of trying to teach my son about banking. They walked us through the whole process. The whole thing to about 20 minutes. They were very thuro and made sure we understood how the account works. They then asked us if we had any questions. It was a great experience for my son and I. I also have my own, checking, savings, Money Market Account, etc with the credit union. They make it very easy to manage online. If I want to switch funds from one account to another, it is done with just a few clicks. Overall, I give the credit union a 5 Star review. I would and have recommended the State Employees Credit Union to all of my friends and family.

NC SECU is good

I am a member of NC SECU, because my mother was a substitute teacher and was offered membership. I lived with her, so that is how I qualified for membership also. NC SECU does not charge a lot of fees like other financial institutions. For example, an overdraft fee is only $12 per incident and they give you a couple of fee-free days during the year to help you out if you get an overdraft or two.

They do not have a monthly fee per se, but they do take a $1 withdrawal from your checking account to donate to the non-profit foundation that they own. If you do not have at least $1 in your account, then they won't take the $1.

The pros of this credit union are that they offer shred days where you can bring your documents into the branch to shred for free. In addition, they have a change machine that you can dump all of your coins into to get dollar bills in return. They also offer free notary and trust services.

NCSECU Is a Great Credit Union

I've been a member of NCSECU for twenty years. They have financed our last two car loans at a better rate than what the dealerships could arrange for us. We have no-fee banking with several branches in our town. They helped me set up automatic bill pay, and now I do all of my bills online. I was able to set up accounts for both of my teenagers, and I can move money from my account to their theirs. I can do that online on my PC or I can use their mobile app, which lets me get notifications about my balance. I can set up alerts for accounts and notifications for bill payments being sent. I had my card stolen once, and they were great about wiping off the the fraudulent (illegal?) purchases.

Rushed opening of accounts

I went to open an account at SECU and switch over all my accounts from another bank and use SECU as my primary bank. I went in and spoke with the banker who helped me open the mandatory savings account and only asked for the minimum of $25. I told him that I was willing to put in over $1000 and he said that wasn't necessary. After that, we did start the paper work on my Mortgage but never came back to the bank accounts, no more about putting more into saving or even opening a checking account. So, I left there with a savings account without the knowledge of my account number, but I did get a mortgage. Since then, I have been found out my account number and have been steadily adding money to it and as I don't have any way to access the account without going into the bank I cannot withdraw it, so my savings has increased.

Great Institution

The State Employees' Credit Union is a wonderful credit union. I have a checking, savings, and retirement account set up with them. Their fees are very reasonable and I have never had any issues with any of my accounts with them. Every time I go into the credit union, everyone is friendly and always helpful. I also love the coin exchange machines that are in each branch; there is no surcharge for using the machine and I can deposit the money directly into my account. Otherwise, I like their products, the people are nice and the locations are convenient.

Wants To Hold On To Your Money

Not very reasonable when an elderly lady wants to access her funds for care. NCSECU wants to hold on to the money.

SECU experience

I was very excited to become eligible for membership in State Employees Credit Union. I have a money market and a shares account, and I feel that the rates are much higher than those at traditional banks. In addition, I appreciate the variety of other products and services, including IRAs and tax assistance, as well as the capability to access money throughout an entire network of ATMs without fees. While I do like what SECU has to offer, I tend to be disappointed with their website. It is very clunky, the accounts are not clearly labeled, and I have difficulty finding and accomplishing the tasks I need to complete. I wish that the website was a little bit more user friendly, and that navigation made more sense. Overall, I have never regretted my choice to use SECU and recommend it to all my friends who qualify.

Great low fee banking!

As a college student, I unfortunately sometimes overdraft my account. SECU has been more than accommodating with me. They have given me courtesy overdraft reimbursements from time to time, when I absolutely did not have the money to pay it back. For that, I am forever indebted to them. There overdraft fees are also low compared to the other Big banks. They always inform me rather quickly, whether it be through snail mail or email that I have over-drafted. I also love the fact that they have Salary Advancement Loans! I don't think a lot of banks nor credit unions offer that service and it goes to show that they really do trust their customers. They are always understandable and polite. I have never encountered a rude teller at all.

The State Employees Credit Union is the way to go

Growing up, I was fortunate that my parents worked for the State of North Carolina and hence were able to become members of the State Employees Credit Union. As a kid, I was able to set up a "Fat Cat" account and once I started working, open my own checking and savings account through the bank. In my experience and opinion there is no better option. First, the banks are located all over the state of North Carolina. No matter where you are, you are likely only a few miles away from a branch. In fact where I lived, there were 3 locations within reasonable distance. In high school and then college, I was able to go by the bank to deposit my pay checks in between my class schedule without any problems.

The staff at the Credit Unions are also very knowledgable, efficient, and friendly. The day I opened my account, I was able to meet with a bank manager and have the account open within one hour. No matter whether I am going through the driver through service or physically walking into the bank, I never have to wait longer than 5 minutes to have my needs addressed. The bank is large in terms of clientele but operates as a small, niche bank, in terms of efficiency.

Finally and probably most importantly there are very minimal fees, and the growth rates are much better than average. The fee to maintain the checking account is only $1 per month. In my experience, you well make back this $1 every month based on the dividend you earn on your savings account balance at the end of every month. You also do not have to worry about ATM fees because there are numerous branches and ATMs allowed.

I have been banking with SECU for 8 years and will continue to for many more.

Good, quality Banking at SECU

When we first moved to NC in October of 2013, I wanted to open an account with a local bank. We already had several accounts at a very large national bank, but were extremely unhappy with it, especially when fraud was discovered. A coworker suggested State Employees Credit Union, SECU, to me, and explained that they had a small-town feel, but had a wide variety of banking and investment options. I went in on a Friday, when I got my first paycheck (couldn't be directed deposited initially), and talked to a banking assistant. She was very welcoming of me to the bank, and the whole community. We talked for a while about my banking and loan needs, though I didn't have loan needs at that moment. She was forth-right and up-front, explaining fees and even though I had chosen a checking account from their website, explained how another one would better suit my needs. After our initial meeting, she followed up with me via phone call to my home a month later, asking if I was satisfied so far with their service and asking if there was anything else they could help me with. About 2 years later, we opened an investment Money Market account with SECU, after meeting with a financial planner in our local office. We've found their associated investment fees to actually be better than with the large national bank we had been banking with. They seem to all have the same kind of products, so that was neither better nor worse. The website is kind of bland and "busy", and it took a while to learn where everything was located and how to do certain banking transactions. I think that could be improved quite a bit. Overall we have been happy with the local service and the overall banking experience.

North Carolina State Employees' Credit Union

I joined this institution over 10 years ago, when I was teaching full time. They have amazing customer service. The employees seem to genuinely care about providing customers with the best services for their specific needs, not just trying to sell and make a quota. The interest rates offered are some of the highest in the area. They have a very user friendly web site, which allows me to easily move money between my accounts, as well as pay bills directly from my account. Another reason I love NCSECU is because of their commitment to financial literacy for children. They provide special savings accounts for children that are directly linked to the parent's account. Both of my sons have had a savings account through NCSECU since birth. Each month, they send us information containing activities to teach children about savings and how to use accounts responsibly and effectively.

The best choice for banking in NC

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I have been a customer of the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) for over twenty years. It was one of the first places where I ever banked (because a parent was a state employee) and now I do the great majority of my banking with SECU. They consistently provide the highest level of customer service; it is not at all unusual for branch employees to recognize me and call me by name. Their checking and savings products are superb, without hidden fees and onerous minimum balances and better rates than most commercial banks. In addition, the money market savings account has great rates. Because it is owned by its members, SECU can focus on returning value to its members rather than shareholders.

In addition to savings and checking, I maintain a low-rate credit card and an account for bill payment with SECU. Their website makes checking balances, paying bills and opening new accounts very easy. SECU has an extensive network of ATMs in North Carolina. I also maintain my HSA with SECU, and use their brokerage service to manage my brokerage IRA. The brokerage service is through a partnership with Pershing, and offers access to many funds, as well as very competitive fees relative to commercial brokerages. I have access to an investment advisor if I need guidance. In addition to brokerage accounts, SECU offers a regular IRA with fixed return. I also use their safe deposit box service.

In lending relationships, SECU offers a number of mortgage and lending options. The best thing about having a borrowing relationship with SECU is that SECU owns the loan at all times; it isn't sold to another company in a confusing transaction.

SECU is consistently easy to do business with and dependable. The highly useful website and broad network of ATMs ensure that I don't spend more time than I need to inside a branch trying to transact basic business, but there are always helpful folks in the branch or in the call center if I need help.

SECU looks out for customers

I have banked in the past with SECU near my house. I have a checking account that offers a go-green checking option that pays a small percent back to me which is unheard of for a debit card related to a checking account. I was able to go in and explain my financial situation on day, and by the end of that day I was set up with an account and ready to go. I got my card later and was able to use it for all types of purchases. I had a few questions on the account and I called the representative that helped me. I got a returned call that same day and he obviously went above and beyond to cater to my needs. I strongly recommend the SECU.

The best value for any family

For me it was incredibly easy to open up an account with the State Employees' Credit Union. While they do require that you open up a Share Account, which is basically just a savings account, this is a good way to set aside some extra money. I mostly use them for my checking account needs. Their fees are the lowest that I have found overall, when you take into account monthly fees, overdraft fees, and other charges that banks like to tack on. In addition, their Cashpoints ATM's are available almost everywhere and are free to use. This is an awesome perk since some banks can charge up to $3 or $4 for one transaction at an ATM.

Their customer service is moderate. They are somewhat friendly, but they certainly don't bend over backwards to help you. I have had difficulty with their website locking me out for no apparent reason, but it was easy to resolve with a phone call.

Overall, the savings and checking accounts are great and they even have free versions for children to use to help them start learning about how to manage money.

Best bank I have ever used.

I have been a member of State Employees Credit Union for over 5 years and have always had a good experience. I chose this bank after reviews from family and friends who were current members. I have a savings, checking and money market account at this bank. I am only charged $1 a month for fees for my checking account, which I believe goes towards a scholarship fund. My experience with this bank has always been good. I am a person who frequently misplaces their debit card, and they have always been helpful with replacing it and getting it to me within a few days. They have always been good when I have unknown charges by helping figure them out. I love the fact that I can deposit money and checks at the ATM, as sometimes I do not feel like driving to the closest bank to do so. The only downfall I would have about this bank is that they need a mobile app. Even though you can access the site via mobile, having an app would be nice, too. They are also good with noting your accounts when you leave the country so that your transactions don't get blocked. I went out of the country for a few weeks and they were really good with monitoring my activity so that no charges from other places were allowed. I also get text alerts when I or anyone tries to access my account online and its not correct.

Great customer service

The best feature of State Employees Credit Union is the customer service. I have never gone inside when I was not greeted warmly and the people there do everything they can to help you. They have a customer appreciation day every summer where they serve light refreshments. They also give good advice on how to improve your credit rating. There are many branches available so whichever part of town you happen to be in, they are there. Their prices are very reasonable. I really like this credit union.

Banking Experience with the NCSECU for over ten years.

The NC State Employees Credit Union has been my banking institution of choice for over ten years. I currently have a checking account and a share account at the Credit Union. In that ten year time span I have seen many changes but the amazing customer support I have received has stayed the same. I have yet to find better rates for my share and savings account at any other bank. Also, my debit card has been hacked and the Credit Union addressed and remedied the situation in a very fast and effective manner. From the 24 hour call center that can address my concerns at any point in the day to the automated system to check my account. All of these aspects have made the Credit Union my favorite banking institution I have ever used. The customer service is unbeatable and the friendly tellers and managers I have yet to find anywhere else. I would highly recommend the Credit Union to anyone looking for a banking institution.

Lifelong Member

I love banking with NC SECU. It is truly the only place that I feel safe with my money. I have had a very easy relationship with SECU as it relates to my deposit accounts. It is easy to use all of the features of my checking account, and I am especially happy that I can now use Apple Pay. The rates for SECU are also better than anyone else. The fact that I can still get such a good rate on a simple money market account really shows how far ahead SECU is in the baking game. I also feel like SECU has done a great job of handling any issues of fraud I have had with my checking account. They find issues early and easily, and they make sure that I do not lose any money. I will continue to use SECU as long as I can for all of my banking needs.

NC SECU Review

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NC SECU is a great credit union. When setting up accounts, it's very easy to just walk into a branch and ask to speak to a banker. I've had a checking and a savings account with them for about 5 years now, and I just recently opened up an IRA to start saving for retirement. Every time I go in to talk to a banker, regardless of which branch I'm at, I'm always greeted with a smile and everyone is super helpful. They don't try and push other products/services on me while I'm there, and they always provide adequate answers to my questions. It's very helpful that a lot of their ATMs are located not only at the branch, so I can withdraw cash easily. They do not charge very high fees and they have reasonable interest rates. I also like that I can bring in my jars of loose change to the coin sorter machine, and deposit all of my coins directly into my account or ask for cash back.


Their ATM jammed mid-deposit. I called. THey said someone was on their was to clear the jam, they'd balance the machine and I would have my funds available in a few HOURS. (I was on my way shopping and now couldnt go). They never made the funds available. I called and talked to 4 people who gave me the runaround-should have been deposited when machine was balanced. Money will be held until NEXT WEEK. I have NO money, and no one cares. It is on "hold" until next week. I can'g grocery shop to feed my family. It was all the money I had. No one I spoke to on the phone cared at all that the only money I have is tied up due to their mistake. One rep said it happens regularly-WHAT? How can they hold MY money so my kids have to starve until next week? I'll be leaving this institution.

Easy to Bank with

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The North Carolina State Employee's Credit Union is fairly easy to bank with. I switched my accounts over from a national bank to SECU without an incident. The fee is a $25 dollar deposit to open a savings account and $1 a month for the checking account which goes to local scholarship funds, which helps out the community.

I've never had any issues that arose from them causing errors, and when the checking account gets low they transfer from the savings account with no hassles. You get an email letting you know that it has happened and you can then transfer money quickly and easily over the internet.

Their website can be a bit confusing to navigate at first but you get used to it and now its like second nature.

Over all it is an easy institution to work with.

NC SECU Review

This credit union has extremely high interest rates for checking and savings account in comparison to most banks. They also make it near impossible to overdraft your account, and if somehow you manage to do so, the charge is only $0.25. My favorite part of NS SECU, however, has been the bank tellers and other staff at the various locations I have visited. In times when I have lost my card, the tellers have assisted greatly in ensuring that the card is terminated immediately, while also making sure I get a new card ASAP. Additionally, the tellers have provided a lot of useful help when I needed information about how to access my accounts while overseas, while ensuring my card does not get flagged as possibly stolen.

Very happy with this credit union

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The products are what really makes it stand out above the rest. They have very low fees for checking accounts and free savings accounts. They have many additional perks for members including free money order purchases for gold members (members over 50), free notary usage, and my personal favorite the free coin to dollar machines. I have saved a substantial amount of money by bringing my change here to be converted rather than going elsewhere and paying 8% or more. Overall I have found this credit union to be very beneficial and the call center customer service is excellent. The customer service at my local branch is good, but employees could at least seem happier. All in all I am very pleased.

If you can be in a civilan credit union, then this is the one.

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I've really enjoyed my time with my credit union so far. The web/mobile experience is very easy to use if you want to transfer money between accounts. I've had no problems with money being transferred into my account from various income sources. Talking to the employees about loans and financing options for cars and home repairs has never been a hassle. And when we had to get a loan for a used car, our credit union gave us such a good rate, that the dealership had to try their hardest in order to beat it. Now since this state has a huge military presence, I won't pretend that what NCSECU is going to be better than any military credit union out there. But if you are a civilian and are eligible for a credit union, then I believe NCSECU is the best civilian credit union in the state of North Carolina

Review for NC State Employees Credit Union

The North Carolina State Employees Credit Union is a fantastic credit union and financial institution. They conduct fast friendly transactions at all times. I have never had to wait for a teller for more than 5 minutes even during very busy times. They conduct quick business both inside at the counter and when using the drive through service. They have many financial services available including mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and personal loans. I have financed an automobile and a home through them and got the best deals that could be found. They have various loan options, and offer the best interest rates around. I overdrew my account on one occasion, and they gave me ample time to make a deposit to cover it. If you should happen to get an overdraft fee, it is very reasonable, unlike most banks. You can easily access your account online, and conduct many types of business while sitting at your computer or over your mobile phone. I actually conduct most of my business with the credit union through online services, and it is quick and easy. In short, they exist for the customer instead of for the institution.

Happy Customer

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I love being a credit union member! My credit union has all the services that the commercial banks have; including mobile access. Credit Union penalties serve to correct the infraction and are reminders not to do that again. At commercial banks, penalties are a revenue stream and it is obvious that they make a lot of money with those fees. Their fees are just too high. The major difference in being a member versus a customer is service. At commercial banks you are treated like number. You are treated in proportion to the size of your account. Your hard earned savings account might only be $1500 but your account is very important to you. Commercial banks view a $1500 savings account as pittance and treat you the same way. Now “there’s a difference”.

professional and courteous

I have been a member of this credit union for about 10 years. I am very pleased with their loan programs, particularly the payday loans. They are setup to help customers overcome their financial difficulties. The customer service at the call center is very friendly and helpful. The only complaint I have is that after going to the same location for 4 years, it seems as though the employees would call me by name, but they don't. They get right down to business, no small talk. The website is great though, very easy to navigate. Overall, I am very pleased with this bank.

Strong Customer Service, High Interest Rates

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I have often found that my experience with SECU has been pleasant. I have found that their staff is eager to please and I always feel that I can trust them with my money. I do feel that their interest rates are high in regards to personal and auto loans.


I always have had a great experience with SECU, especially with my online banking.


I have never had any problems with this credit union. They charge $1.00 per month and that is it for checking accounts. Even the NSF charges are small. They also have good loan products and a large presence around North Carolina. Much better then any bank.

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