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Overdraft Fees Handed Out Without Discretion

I had heard frequently upon moving to Maine that the local Bank was terrible to deal. However, since it is the only bank available to the Island residents it is not as if there is a choice.
The clerks are mostly local, professional, courteous and really attempt to solve any problems that may arise. Unfortunately they are hampered by a mainland Manager who despite being an employee for twenty years at this bank or perhaps because of that fact, is not only arrogant but takes any complaint as if it is against her personally. Re-training or perhaps another career might be in order here?

The bank's overdraft policy of charging $35.00 no matter how small the overdraft seems to be not only unethical but unprincipled. I frequently check the account when I know I am going to use it as I always leave a small balance therein. I have discovered that sometimes even pending items are not posted so the balance is off. This is a problem that I know must be caused by the algorithms of the program that the bank is using and I wonder if it is purposefully designed to create that outcome.
I have filed a complaint with the Federal Consumer Financial Protection bureau which will follow up on this. For those that are not aware of this Agency the phone number is 855-411-2372

The other item that I find excessive is the charge for a bank draft of $4.00 or perhaps it is now $5.00.

I am sincerely pleased that I kept all my accounts open at the Credit Union I have used for many years in another State. They always call if there is a problem so their customer will have the opportunity to transfer money from one in house account to another. And, guess what... no additional charge for that courteous service just a sincere intent to keep their customer base thriving.
I suggest that Camden National Bank could use that Credit Union's service mandate as a goal in keeping with the 'Service' claims that Camden touts so loudly in their advertising and their website.

Do NOT Use This Bank!

I was a long time customer of Bank of America and Camden National bought them out a few years ago in my area so I ended up becoming their customer. I am a full time working mom, college graduate and I've never even had a speeding ticket, yet this bank treated me as if I were a criminal.

I have direct deposit through my work and other income that goes directly into my account each month. A few of the direct deposits were caught up for reasons unbeknownst to me and it got caught late so there were several overdraws on my bank account. This obviously caused several insufficient fund fees which I called the bank about several times and alerted them, worked with them and paid every one as soon as possible (and almost immediately). Though embarrassing as it was, I worked through it and got it all taken care of. I was also going through a divorce at the time which I also made very clear to the bank. After poor customer service throughout this process, I decided to go to another local bank. During the middle of switching all of my accounts over, I was called by a bank manager from Camden (at my place of employment) & subsequently, by a member of their "security team" and essentially called a criminal for "suspicious" activity on my account, I was asked a bunch of questions and clearly warned to be careful with what I'm doing. (whatever that meant). It was very upsetting, to say the least.

Months later, I signed up for a savings account with a new bank for my children to share and was told they could not give me an account because Camden National Bank was saying I owed them outstanding fees on my banking report. WHAT? I had closed the account with a ZERO balance - they actually had to mail me a $.47 check, but somehow months later I "owed them fees". I called the bank to fix the issue and was told it was their mistake and they would fix it, that I did not owe them money. I already knew that but had I not been told by someone at a different bank that they put this on my banking record, I would have had no idea.

Poor, poor business practices. Poor banking, poor customer service and just bad form. The whole experience is still upsetting!

Bank Pratices

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I just wanted everyone to know who does business with Camden National Bank that they hold large check transactions for 7 plus days, I deposited a check that was taken from my business account on Dec 21, 2016 one day after depositing the check at Camden National Bank, Camden National bank held the check and will not free up the funds until 12/30/2016. What they do is just earn interest on the money for over a week, add this up to many accounts and this creates a good profit for them to handle you money, This is a very outdated practice in today's world, stay away as there business model and support is horrible on a good day

Credit Reports Wrong

Since Camden Bank took over Bank of Maine they have continually failed at closing out the Bank of Maine loan information. For 6 months it looks like I have a 33,000. loan from Bank of Maine that was never closed out and also shows the same loan on Camden National. I have been calling twice a month to get the Bank of Maine loan off my Credit Report to no success. I keep getting told 2 more weeks and it should be fixed. This hurts my credit rating as it shows i owe more of my total income than i actually do. I am wondering what to take for my next step since they have been unsuccessful at fixing this.

Disgusting Bank To Work With

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It's a disgusting bank who fears to reply your emails. Just unbearable.

Made To Feel Like A Criminal....Really??

I own a home in Maine and live in Florida.  I was needing to get money to a person who has been working on my home.  He had a CNB acct, so I decided to open one so I could easily transfer money.  I opened a savings acct and when i called to find out how to transfer to another of their customers, they didn't tell me that I couldn't do it with a savings acct, so days wasted.  I then opened a checking acct, lots of problems with that, I won't go into.  A week later, i get a call at work.  I see the 207 number show up on my caller ID.  He identifies himself and starts asking me questions.  Why am I opening a bank acct in Maine, do I live there?  I explained my story.  He made me verify a lot of data, DOB, mother's mailden name, my address, etc.  He asked me the amount of my deposits.  He wanted to know why i transferred large amounts of money into the account.  He wanted to know if I was doing an online business and if that's where the money came from.  I asked him why all the questions and I became nervous that he wasn't who he said he was, how was I to know?  I get that identity fraud happens everyday.  This man was so rude and accusatory, I felt like I was the guilty party.  I'm retired military, I pay my taxes, I work hard, go pick on someone else.  I get that you're trying to protect me, but that was a bit much.  If it wasn't such a pain to close accts out and switch money around, i would close these acct in a heartbeat.  If you don't trust people to open accounts online, don't offer it!!!  Beware of opening accts online with Camden National Bank!!!


Camden National Bank I Am Not The Only Consumer Telling You, Your Service Sucks!

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The worst banking experience yet! Absolutely not up to the task of Bank of America's customer base. Its going to take 2 days to just be able to sign-in online.

Not only that.... don't set up any payments in advance bills because if you say make the request for money to go to a credit card 14 days from now they take it out now and send it on day 12. I am one of those people that scheduled payments ahead to be on time and after a paycheck goes in. When I talked to customer service they said that is how it is. BS- and that does not stand for Better Business Bureau. That behavior would cause most people late fees with creditors or overdraft fees with the bank. Camden National Bank I am not the only consumer telling you, your service sucks! And now must face the inconvenience of moving my account to a new bank. Anyone with direct deposit can understand how fun that task is. Should've jumped ship when we heard Bank of America was going belly up here in the Northeast.  Don't believe the Forbes report of it being a good business, unless the custormer is not the consideration in their report.

Worst Bank Do Not Go!

First the customer service is horrible and are unhelpful. I sent out my loan payment and they received it (not my fault try lost it) they are charging be a late fee of $62 and if I want to make sure they don't report this to my credit, I have to pay another $19. Talk about shitty people! Never ever go here! Beware!!

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