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Stay Away From US BANK

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Please stay away from this bank, US BANK is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I opened a business account less than 2 weeks and nothing but issues, I wire some money there and they put a hold on the account for closure, and they will hold my money for up to 120 days. This is hurting my business, and you have nobody to talk to, I called 3 times and customer service will not even pass it to the supervisor or manager.


I opened a business checking account because they were offering a bonus. My experience with them has been nothing but Aweful. Terrible customer service, rude employees and once I decided to close my account with them, it was a LONG PROCESS. Will never bank with them. They seriously need to improve their customer service and need to train their employees better. Every time I called about a situation, I heard different answers. No consistency in answers.

Worst Bank I've Ever Had

Opening an account with US Bank was the worst decision I've ever made with banking. I had the account for a week. I was already weary of opening an account because of all the bad reviews I've read, and was told from personal experience, so I only put $100 into the new account. I get my debit card mailed to me via UPS a couple days later, set up the debit card with online banking, and then changed over my direct deposit. The very next day after doing all that, I can no longer access my funds and I had to send address verification, the same address they shipped my debit card to, to their Deposit Operations email. Which takes 2 business days to even be reviewed. I couldn't transfer the funds out nor could I use the debit card. Customer service was absolutely no help. I've never opened, and subsequently closed an account so fast. I changed my direct deposit back to my original account, and I'm willing to lose the petty cash I put in the account to never use their banking services again and be able to post an honest review. I got a red flag from this bank the first week I used it. If you're looking for a checking and savings account, don't open a US Bank account, any other bank will service your needs better, and you won't have to deal with what I've had to deal with with my own money. Being declined on a petty purchase, and then being told I have to submit documentation, and I couldn't access my funds is alarming. I'm glad this happened before I received pay from work and was able to take my services back to a reliable source. Do better, and choose better banking besides this.

US Bank Error Admitted But Will Not Correct

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Avoid US Bank. I opened a CD with them and they made an error causing Federal Withholding to be removed from the interest earned. I received paperwork to stop this from happening and to reverse the funds withheld seven months ago. Nothing happened. When I call customer service they explain they cannot get into the branch bank systems and I have to deal with the employees at the branch. Unfortunately, after 4 visits to the branch, they continue have accomplished nothing and blame their corporate offices and the IRS.
I have dealt with Romel and Christianna and they have been of no help, to the point of telling me the branch manager, Sylvia, has been dealing with this issue and has been in touch with me. I have never spoken with Sylvia. I have made two calls to the district manager, Ryan Hall, and have not had the courtesy of a return call.
This has been going on for well over 7 months and these employees admit they made an error but either won't correct it or have no idea how to correct it.
There are a lot of banks you can do business with, and be very careful before you choose US Bank.

Ridiculous Hold Times On Checks Far Below Reg CC Thresholds.

I am ashamed to have ever worked for this immoral, unethical and disgusting organization. I still lose sleep knowing some of unethical and illegal actions of coworkers, having reported ethical complaints on numerous occasions. Yet, they would still promote some of the worst offenders due to their loan and revenue production. I had a district manager who would always state that "Boiler Room" was her favorite movie (this was a common icebreaker question for banker and branch manager meetings). The movie is about a criminal investment ring. Sadly, her current position is VP/Sr. Project Manager for Wealth Management. She promoted some real scumbags and took great pride in the NSF fees. We were supposed to have an anonymous ethics line for employees to call when they had concerns. It never mattered, they would always dig and find out who reported the blatantly unethical behavior. No surprise, they hired above me and promoted through me, but I'm sure that's just coincidence, right? I am not sure if they still tell the lie that they are the most ethical bank but shortly after working there I found out about heavy fines paid for the bank not taking Anti-Money Laundering seriously and "operating on the cheap", basically stating they were trying to save money by not hiring enough to monitor their own transactions. They would claim the moral high ground when Wells Fargo got into a ton of trouble for opening fake accounts and it runs out they have been busted for the same thing. Due to the theft of my information at another bank, like a fool, I opened an account with them a few months ago. I was aware that funds would be held if i deposited a check within 30 days of opening the account, so I didn't. Then, I deposited one check, no where near the 5k Reg CC threshold and they put on the maximum hold possible. Even though I could prove, without a shadow of a doubt that the check would clear, still maximum hold allowable by law. The check was from a family member, with the same address on the check as my ID, cleared the other bank within a couple days and I even asked if I could have the writer of the check come in, call the other bank and make it painfully obvious for them. The branch manager was a complete jerk, treating me as though I was trying to scam the bank. Funny how slimeballs always act like you're the criminal. Bottom line, every dirty thing you suspect is likely true. They will smile while screwing you over and call it great service. I could write a book on the crap that happened there. I guess I was just hoping I was dealing with a few bad apples but the whole bushel is rotten!

Terrible Conversion From Union Bank

I have had accounts at many banks in the past and currently have accounts at six banks and multiple accounts with an investment company. I can honestly say that US Bank is the worst I have ever experienced. I suspected it wasn't going to be great when they flooded my mailbox with conversion information that was 99% not applicable to me or my accounts at Union Bank, and one of my accounts was converted from a free account to one that has high fees. It's just gone downhill from there. The customer service people aren't pleasant and most often can't answer my questions. Their online banking is archaic and they changed one payment from electronic to mailing a paper check on the same date that Union sent it electronically...so now my payment is late every month...and the list goes on. I had my account at Union since 1979 and hoped to keep it, but there is NO reason to do that now.

This Bank Is Terribly Unethical

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If you have other choices, pursue those. US Bancorp has nothing to offer consumers. Poor customer service, they will not give you your money, and many others had their accounts shut down for no good reason. If these terrible reviews don’t say anything to you, then nothing will.
In 2018, they were hit with over $613 million in penalties for being so irresponsible with suspicious transactions.
Then in 2022, they stole consumer data and made accounts to make themselves more money.
If any bank deserves to go completely out of business, it’s them.

Accountability For Mistakes

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So as of June 1, 2023, the account ending in 0131 is the recent account. more recently, transactions are not in the place they should be. I mobile deposited $250 on 6/27/2023 and also another personal check from another bank to my account. The first check cleared and I was in the green with the account balance. Then on 6/28/2023, all of my transactions are out of place. It is appearing to me that someone is doing something wrong and Going into the US Bank Branch locations, 2222 E Camelback Rd. I was mocked by the other tellers while I was in conversation with the US Branch Manager, Sam Miller. The Branch Manager was very rude. condescending, he was rushing me to get to the point and over talking me. The US Bank branch manager showed no customer service skills by listening or even showing interest in what I had to say; instead I was mocked ridiculed by the other tellers in the bank that particular day. Left with STILL no resolve. The US Bank Branch Manager was the last result of resolve as to the errors on my account. While in the branch I was never informed that another hold was placed on my account. All of this leads back to my money being taken by US Bank. What kind of world do we live into bank with these establishments JUST TO PAY THE BANK!!!!!

Deposit Growth

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c- on deposit growth for good reason


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does not honor it's own promotions

Victim Of Usbank

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U.s bank makes the mafia and mexican cartels angels. They lie and steal with no repercussions.
Please do not do business of any kind with that corrupt organization. Close all of your accounts immediately!

Don't Use Usbank. Simply Pick Another Bank

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AVOID USBank if you have money. If your broke or have money u like to do nothing with then maybe they will suffice. BIG WARNING: they shut down your account and treat you like a criminal if you invest money in stock and crypto. I had an account for 30yrs here until they shut it down. While they don't offer an exchange, they surely don't want you investing your money. They want it sitting there in their bank growing low interest or they will come after you. I had an account since I was 18. I'm 47 now and just trying to invest by buying stock/crypto. Well, they aren't having it. Reported me for money laundering/fraud and shut down my account. They told me I can only use robinhood for stocks. Who r they to dictate?. Well they can do anything they want bc they shut down my account for no reason. Maybe I voted wrong in the election. All they can say is they don't want my business anymore bc I invest with cashapp/tdameritrade. Must be partners with robinhood or get a kickback.

Worst Bank Ever For Both Personal And Business

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This is the worst bank I l dealt in my life. Opened a business account with promotion. Problems all the way: the bank had no idea about the appointment I scheduled on line and made me wait very long time, the brach established user and password without informing me, I am not able to access account on line because of that. The pin sent by mailed turned to be wrong one. Not able to use my debit card. The phone line cuts off when trying to reach customer service, phone rep not able to help with anything, not even getting new pin. Phone reps have no training. Total waste of time. This bank is nightmare. On the top of it never received my promotion. They said the account was not opened correctly. Employees of the bank have no idea what they are doing.

U.S Bank Are Theives

I had banked with U.S. bank for 7 years. My account was regularly overdrafted after lockdown lifted from covid. I always paid the fees. I was paid with bad checks, the checks were returned, they froze my account for over a month! My social security check went into that account and they refused to let me touch anything in my savings or checking and marked my account as pending closure. They said after the funds were verified in my account they would close it due to unusual activity. They never would of told me had I not called. They said after the account is closed they will mail me a cashier's check for what was in the account. It's been a month now and I can't reach my money, the account is still not closed and I'm about to be homeless with 4 kids, and all anyone can tell me is sorry. It shouldn't be longer than 6 months! How am I supposed to live US bank? They are dirty thieves

$5,600+ In Fees Paid In ONE Year

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I banked with US Bank for over 15 years. During 2020-2021 I experienced extreme financial hardship due to COVID-19 and working in the music industry. I overdraft on a regular basis just trying to stay afloat and survive the complete industry shut down. During that ONE year period, US Bank charged me over $5,600 in overdraft and NSF fees sometimes more than 6 in a single day. EVERY other major bank reduced or completely removed overdraft fees due to COVID during this time, and many made that policy permanent afterwards. Wells Fargo (for example) removed overdraft fees AND went back a year and refunded 100% of fees for any customers that requested and showed proof they were affected by COVID.

US Bank literally removed ONE fee the entire year. ONE.

I now have a new job in a different industry making 3x what I used to make. I switched banks, and out of ethical personal policy will NEVER do business with US Bank or any of their affiliates ever again. They took from me (and millions of other customers) while we were down, and at my worst. When THEY were down in 2008, they got a Tax payer funded bailout. F**** US Bank.

Terrible Banking Experience

I hate this bank. I've never had so much trouble setting up a checking account and then not being able to use it once it is set up. I'm finally able to access MY money and my account gets suspended while trying to Zelle some money to my wife. After I finally got the Zelle to go through, I get a call from their fraud department asking me questions like, where did the check that I deposited come from, which bank, what was is for, what did I sell, where did I post it online. I finally stopped the guy and told him it was none of his business. I understand there is a lot of fraud out there but this company seams to cross the line. There are better options out there. I closed my acount and took my money back to Chase.

Unsafe Banking

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U. S bank wants to keeps holding my funds hostage, they are talking about its fraud protection however if I suspect fraud I would call them or if I could not find my card I would call them. What they are doing is suspicious and unsafe because I have to keep uploading a selfie and an i. D card, so what are they really doing with that info and what happens if somebody else gets a hold of that info. I have heard that the bank has connections to other countries so is that where the info is going? I feel unsafe using U. S bank because this is nothing to play around with and it is unsafe and I have never dealt with anything like that at any other bank I have had business with. Somebody will lose their job at U. S bank and regret ever trying to cause problems for no reason. I have heard of U. S bank stealing money from people even so tell me, who will investigate them for the REAL fraud.

Very Disaopointed!

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I loved REI US BANK MC until today. I am OUT $107. Not in the habit of returning things but bought 2 heaters from
CHINA. Did not know it was CHINA until I got tracking info and are they are way smaller than they were depicted on line. One has defective plug and it falls off the wall. ( Wall plugs not cords) They are TOP HEAVY! Filed a complaint WITH US BANK ASKING FOR HELP! I was informed they wanted more info. I explained from the get go that I was giving them all the info I had. I can CREATE INFO! They informed me that the company gives 30% refund and keep the heaters. I asked the bank for help because I could not contact this company. Going on a trip to the dump this week with the heaters, I am out $107. I am a very loyal customer but they will not be receiving any more recommendations from me. I keep the card because of REI or it would be in the paper shredder. I was so happy and told everyone that they were going to help me out. Very disappointed! It's not like I make a habit of this!!! I stopped the complaint today. LIFE HAPPENS!

Us Bank.. -RUN-

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They are slow and can never keep up online banking and then issue overdraft fees like no ones buisness there machines 50/50 are not working as well as online issues. Direct deposits from work are a day or two later than all your comrads, as well as fees or returned money takes most banks a day or two us bank 5-10 buisness days. Worst bank ever been a customer for 15+ years to leave

Not The Best Bank

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Service was close to bad. Not recommended.

One Of The Worst Well Known Banks

left on hold for almost an hour with no solution as to why my funds were put on lock. I hate this bank!!!

US Bank Is A Bunch Of Liars

We were told by US Bank that there would be ZERO repercussions if we went on the Forbearance Program. Now we have been off it for 7 months and want to refi. They are telling us we can't do it because their policy is that you have to pay your mortgage 12 straight months in order to refi. Not to mention I'm putting down 200K towards my existing mortgage. US Bank is bunch of unethical LIARS, I encourage everyone to never do business with them!!!

Usbank Robbed Me

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They froze my account and let my SSD checks get deposited and not be able to withdraw them for a whole month, what was I supposed to live on. Not only that they froze my savings and they would not let me withdraw my CD without a big penalty.

Antiquated Customer Service / 31 Yr Customer Farewell

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Choosing to bank with a company for 31 years and receiving no comments, other than a form letter, on acct closures is just strange. A phone call to confirm the letter was not fraudulent proved just as confusing until I reached the obscure Account Closures Dept. How fortunate the single page letter in the mail arrived in time for funds to be safely withdrawn. Yes, banks reserve this right to arbitrarily close an account, but slightly comical coming from their customer satisfaction team. In 2021, there are an abundance of fee free banking options, without silly $2500 daily mobile deposit limits and excessive wire charges. My individual and business accts deserve friendly professionals with a modern approach to banking. Farewell US Bank and your antiquated ways!

The 2Cents Influencer

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BEWARE of this US Bank.This bank will make unauthorized transtions! DO NOT TAKE THIS FROM BANK AS LARGE as US Bank.CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT And Laugh!

Us Bank Relia Card

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They're so full of crap will lie and tell you that you don't have any pending transactions they be holding your money people have bills to pay untrained unprofessional employees very rude at us bank


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This is the worst bank ever, customer service is a joke, I've had been banking with them for 2 years now and because my account was overdrawn due to Covid and no job for 45 days they decided to close my account and send me to collections, I am in disbelief at this point. My husband banks at Wells Fargo and they have been more than understanding and helped us at every single moment of this pandemic. He was overdrawn due to some payments going out and we called and got every single penny back from overdraft fees. I'm talking about in the 100s.

US Bank refused to help everytime I called them and now my account was closed, this was an important account for us. DO NOT BANK WITH US BANK THEY ARE GREEEDY AND DON'T CARE IF WE ARE IN PANDEMIC OR ANYTHING ELSE AT THAT.


Unbelievable they have cash I deposited on hold not allowing me to get to it because of a check I deposited that didn’t go through. This is fine especially since you charged me. But why hold my cash I already had them say I have to speak to a branch manager? Called 11 branches and they are all on vacation until January 4th. I would hate for anyone else to experience this. I have rent to pay.. and this is just $20 or $30. It’s almost $600!! Do not go anywhere near this bank!!!!

BEWARE Of Unexplained Fees!!

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When I closed out a CD, I was charged an admin fee of $30. In March 2020, the Branch Manager renewed my $23.8K CD for 7 months to October, 2020. At that time, I was not told there would be any fees to close out the CD. I was not given a Custodial Booklet or Financial Disclosure stating that "A fee of $30 will be charged each year, if your plan balance is less than $25K.
The original $29K CD was opened in 2018 with a Required Minimum Distribution in 2019 bringing down the Cd to the $23.8K
I would not have renewed the CD at a rate of .60% less a $30 annual fee for a 7 month CD.


So I'm a new customer (even though I'm not sure U.S. Bank understands the definition of customer).

I bite the bullet and wait 30 minutes on hold to talk to a representative. That representative in less than five seconds tells me to hold, and I get thrown back into the phone tree.

I've gone this far so I wait about 20 minutes. At least this representative listens to my simple question (how do I order a check card) before throwing me back into the phone tree.

I wait about 20 more minutes and somebody that obviously has more than a high-school education apologizes and tells me the other people could have easily informed me I had the wrong department.

I just give up and not fund my account and according to their email the account will close in 30 days.

I only hope I'm so lucky for them to try and charge me a fee. Of course I never used the account, but I sure hope they find something to charge me for, I just need a reason to turn this into a legal nightmare for them.

U.S. Huge Rip Off

Back around March, 2020 I made a deposit in my account with U S. Bank. They ripped me off withdrawing that deposit a whole month after the deposit was made. Have a lawyer working on this case right now. COVID-19 crisis has slowed things tremendously.

Do Not Use US Bank

Do not use US bank. I had a checking and savings account that I closed by phone on April 10. The same day I transferred the funds of both accounts to another bank. 2 months later the bank is trying to collect $49.95 of fees for the savings account that they kept open, even though I called to close it. I have been on the phone for over an hour to fix it, and they are transferring me to a 4th person/department. Total run around. Do not use this bank !

What A Kind Is This Bank With No Customer Service At All?

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I don't know where start, internet site is horrible, you just activate the card and then system doesn't allow you to register yourself so you look for help. contact us and no email, no phone connection and the page stay on one unresponsive. well, you check back of the card , phone number and you call, first message is " we have an extremely amount of phone calls, somebody will answer you soon" , 1 hour later nobody, still the music. was morning , call afternoon... same , next day same and so on. I check the numbers for US BANK and I called, somebody answer and said it's not the appropriate department for debit cards and she transferred me to square one. chaos in this bank, don't even try, terrible service.

Won’T Verify If A Cashiers Check Is Legit Or Not

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Called simply to verify if the cashiers check was legit for a boat I was selling as I did not know the person I am selling the boat to and there is a lot of fraud going around. I waited on hold for over 15 minutes, asked them if they could verify that a cashiers check was legit by just confirming that they had drawn a cashiers check from their bank with the cashiers check number and amount it was made out for - NOT ASKING ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OF THE PERSON’S ACCOUNT OR ABOUT THEM WHAT-SO-EVER. They would not do it. They apparently don’t care if their customers get scammed. Horrible customer service and frankly, rude.

Shame On You!

IRS deposited the coronavirus check into my USBank , the same day the money came in, I called USBank to re-directly deposit it and was told the request was filed and the money would be deposit to my current account. But some employee just didn't do his/her job that caused the directly deposit bonused back and I don't know how long the IRS will send me the paper check, and for closedown, the negligent of the employee put my family into jeopardy!


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I'm going back to Chase ASAP - Most inferior online banking system. H O R R I B L E

Atm Deposits

Dont use their Atm for deposits if it malfunctions, your screwed out of your money for 10 days smh...

Treated Like A Criminal

It was good the 1st week of being a new customer at us bank. Then I made a mobile deposit for $250 that was a gift from grandpa for Xmas. Received email that it was accepted. Of course I knew it would take a few days to clear.
But this is what US Bank did instead. They locked my account completely up. I couldn't log in on a pc or the app on my phone. I couldn't even call to get a balance from the automated system. I couldn't buy gas for the car that morning. After I call and find out they locked my account completely so I have no access to my funds, my money. They claim the account is new and this is to prevent fraud. So why not just hold the check? I'm not even notified that my account has been locked up and I can't even use my debt card or log in. I can't make xmas purchases that I was planning on. I could do absolutely nothing to unlock my account. Not one person actually helped they just made excuses.
I highly suggest you seek out another financial institution.

Horrible Customer Service

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They believe they are slick. They pend your charges for days although a couple of deposits have gone through they hit you with ridiculous overdraft fees and absolutely refuse to credit them back. It doesn’t matter how long you have been with their bank and have never had any other fees. Will be closing this account ASAP!

US Bank Is Garbage

US Bank is complete garbage... We had a checking and a savings, I have bills that are autopay that come from my savings account and that's it. They took my savings account and switched it to a checking account with a totally different number and WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION from my husband and myself!! Then I call for them to fix it because I never asked for them to do it, never got a email saying they were going to do it, nothing, and they tell me I can't have my savings account back!!! I cannot believe that they can just do that with no authorization from me, no notice that it's going to be done, that's for screwing with my family and our bills. Any bills I get screwed on I'll be sure to send to you AND I WILL BE COMPENSATED you better believe that!! 2 years I've let this bank screw my family!! They are trash!!!!!!! Only gave a star because I can't give zero stars but believe me when I say THEY GET ZERO STARS FROM ME!!! NEGATIVE A MILLION STARS!!! WORST BANK EVER!!!!

Worst Bank Ever

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Horrible bank. I am on the phone right now waiting for someone more than 30 minutes. I have been with us bank for a while but time come to take my business to somewhere else. They don't have skilled people anymore. They don't care about their customer anymore. Not only that, be aware, they charge 30 dollor every month on their credit card. They are really thieves. Horrible horrible bank. Stay away.

Us Bank App

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App is designed to limit your own access to your account Info, waste your time and leave you frustrated and with more questions.

US Bank Is Just Okay

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Been with US Bank for about 6 years, everyone appears really nice when I walk in and friendly. My paycheck is direct deposited so I get the monthly fee of $15 funded back to me. Over the years their pending deposits hold for days which isn't good and you have to be careful. The mobile app is pretty good. 1 thing I recently noticed is I sold my house and made roughly $200k profit, paid fee for the wire transfer. I wrote checks and made some deposits, pending is less than a day now and checks clearing quickly now. ummmm. The bad things, the ATM fees are high, and they nickel and dime you at the ATM, Credit cards rates are very high and my FICO score is close to 800. I am not happy or unhappy with the USBank. Its convenient. I am looking to close this account and go with a more local bank. I need more.

Be Careful - Fee Hungry And Greedy Bank

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I am so on the fence about US bank, I like their ATM network and the partnership with moneypass and I also like their online and mobile app. However, they are the greediest sunofab%%%es that operates as a bank. I have never seen such a litany of fees at one bank. NSF, Extended Overdraft, ATM Denial Fee, Debit card denial fee and the list goes on an on. Also, forget a courtesy reversal, they basically told me to pi$$ off when I asked for my first overdraft fee. They are basically ok but will rob you blind if you don't have much money.

Awful Experience

I have been with US bank for less than a year but this has been awful. The customer service department is not helpful. They keep asking you to go to a branch. There is nothing they can do over the phone. They charge very high fees. Even when you have a transfer on the way, they will post all the charges and then charge you overdraft fees for each transaction before adding the deposit. The transactions take too long to post. The online and mobile banking is very bad. The only reason, I am not closing my account is that I do not have any other choice.

Worst Bank Experience Ever

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Probably the worst experience I have ever had with a bank. My partners and I decided to use them for our small business account. It seemed to start out ok until we found out they had not set up our account correctly. We were having issues every time we issued a check the return address either would show a personal address with the company name or a personal name with the company address. I called multiple times and they kept telling me to not log into a personal account. But we were logging into the business account and sending the check directly from there. Finally, after multiple calls one person was smart enough to look further into it and realize it was an error on their part and it was corrected.
Next, we wanted to wire transfer money to our attorney in Mexico. We told them how many pesos we need to send them. Instead of converting the pesos to US dollars and taking that out of our account they sent the pesos equivalent but as US currency numbers. So basically, sent way more than needed. We noticed the error and told them. They acted as if they didn’t know what to do and couldn’t get the funds back. We warned them after months that the attorney at some point will have to claim it and be taxed on it. They continued to act as if they couldn’t do anything and told us to start trying figure their mistake on our end.
Eventually they were unable to obtain the funds after waiting too long. The local manager threatened us by telling us if we didn’t return the money someone would get fired at US Bank for their screw up. We are a startup company and aren’t even paying ourselves so not sure what we could do about it.
The manager doesn’t answer her phone or return her voicemails and is never in the office so not sure what she does. They just recently took the money back out of our account. We are talking about $5k which is peanuts to them, and it was their screw up.
I know all banks have their good and bad, but I was blown away on how bad they are. Needless to say, we are moving on from them so just error on caution when looking to do business with them.

New Customer Experience Was Disastrous

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I opened an account for my nonprofit about 6 weeks ago, and it has been a complete nightmare from end to end. The only bright spot is the staff at this branch, who were lovely, but can't overcome the disaster that is US Bank. When I opened the account (at the branch), it took a while, and rather than keep them past closing time, I told them they could just send me my debit card and PIN, which I didn't want anyway. What they apparently didn't know was that without a PIN, you can't set up your online account or anything else, as it is core to their security protocols. When the password I was given for the online account didn't work, I was stuck. After many phone calls trying to get that straightened out, I gave up and waited for the PIN to arrive. Then it didn't work. More calls, more snail mail, finally got a PIN that worked.

Then began the saga of trying to get my nonprofit accountant set up for shared access to my account. Turns out US Bank had just released an updated web process for that, and it didn't actually work (and they acknowledged this). Apparently they don't actually test features before releasing them. Six times I had to register her for access, then discover that the system had messed up, then unregister her. Many, many hours spent with Customer Service. Finally, after several weeks, my accountant was able to log in to my account, only to discover that she did not have access to my bank statements. I called Customer Service again to discover that US Bank does not include bank statements in shared access. They allow access to all individual transactions, but not to statements! No one could explain this idiotic policy. So that was the last straw for me. I'm closing the account and looking elsewhere.

Horrible First Time Customer Experience

Followed their steps to activate card online. Set up online account and log in.

Two days later their IVR system called & said I still needed to activate! What? Transferred me their customer service & said I could only activate if I had the card in my possession or I would have to call back later.

Figured that since I was on the line I would confirm my promotion offer. Then was told the promotional offer that was mailed to me with a confirmation code that I used to sign up for the card online was NOT in their system! What? They actually then said I only had the options to snail mail or fax my offer in to get my offer applied! What-who faxes anything anymore? No option to scan and e-mail like a normal CC company-it was stated that they can't receive "outside" e-mails which is a complete lie. Escalated 2 levels and that manager would not escalate any further. I asked her if she just wanted me to cancel the card right now since this was my first experience with US Bank ever and she said no but would do NOTHING to even apply one iota of basic customer service. No work arounds, no credits for their mistakes-the onus was on ME for THEIR errors-she was utterly rude.

Further, setting up your online account is arduous-it took almost 15 mins. of step after step after step-other cards I have took less than 5 mins. And they don't even have an outgoing messaging options or a chat option. While their staff is in the US and not offshore, frankly I came away with the conclusion that I was working with a 3rd World based company.

I can't believe the horrible customer service and rigidity of their processes. In the end, the three people I talked to completely demonstrated that they just don't care at all.


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I am a permanently disabled senior, I put 6 - 100 dollars in Reno main branch drive up machine on Friday afternoon but after several seconds it displayed error with making deposit, but I thought it would return my bills but it did NOT return my money ... instead gave me long receipt with a phone number to call claiming the machine error'ed. I immediately pulled over and called spoke to a very nice lady where she explained it might get credited during that nights processing. So I agreed to wait until Sat morning to see if it got credited and then file a claim like she suggested. She spoke about provisional credit, putting a special notation, she offered to contact branch mgr but since it was Friday they may not be available, she was very nice but I felt confident processing would surely count (simple addition (money in) subtraction, (money out) & catch the error see that machine was over 600.00 so I went home. Sat I call the number again. I got a man whose name was Kaiser .. he was horrible, he spoke so monotone and cold, even rude. Put me on hold, got back on and after he said he filed a claim he then told me it would take longer than 10 days - I said NO. I can't even wait 10 days, its X-mas and I live on $1,400 a month. He was extremely non compassionate, clearly he didn't care, he wouldn't even let me wait on hold for a supervisor. Told him I live on Social Security, it is 3 days before X-mas, I can't even and shouldn't even wait 10 days but now he is telling me legally it could take longer? I said NO about 5 times and asked for his supervisor. He truly didn't care, I asked for his supervisor 10 more times, didn't want to listen to him any longer and then he said he was going to disconnect me, told me I couldn't remain on hold that all his supervisors were helping other callers. He said I couldn't remain on hold that he had other callers he needed to take - again that all his supervisors were busy (what does that tell you), this is a special call center not main U.S. BANK number and if they have that many callers, supervisors can't take new callers they are so busy, how many other U.S. bank customers are being cheated out of their money. Crying - feeling sick I told him I get poor reception, live in a valley cannot get calls sometimes, I did not want someone calling me back, I wanted to remain on hold to speak to a supervisor. He again said NO. I have NEVER had a company treat someone who has been victimized or had their money stolen treat them like this. He said NO I cannot remain on hold, again telling me he had to take other callers like my time was not important or a concern. I got dressed to personally go down to the main branch, got online, main branch closed on Sat so Monday being the day before X-mas will go down there then. HORRIBLE BANK always has been and getting worse each year. Been with them over 10 years. NO ONE holds them accountable, yeah gov will say there are banking regulations but those regulations do NOT hold people accountable to deter this type of HORRIBLE treatment, stealing people's money, no concern. Other friends and relatives have had problems. One stopped using debit card because a company was deducting money and a year later, new card U.S. bank allowed this same bad off shore company to deduct small amounts from their account without their permission. Once before this bank had a processing person supposedly steal large amount from a machine envelope deposit, later manager said they found the error/money but customer had to get returned checks, and amounts charged to customer reversed. My advocate advice, to ANY ONE is ...... DO NOT do business with this bank, there are other NICE banks, smaller local ones even credit unions that WILL treat you like a valued customer, not misuse or steal money from you. I know, MY FAULT for continuing to use them, opened a different account with a very nice bank. Wrote to Minneapolis several times years before with Aunt's account, they don't care. SO PEOPLE BEWARE ....

Going Downhill

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I have been with US Bank for 20+ years, way back when they were FirstStar. Service has been getting worse, and people less important. Recently, they made a mistake. It happens. I went to the bank and got the usual: we can't do anything here, call this number and maybe they can help. 21/2 hrs on hold with music. The lady I talked to was nasty. No, I mean just nasty. I explained the issue, and she lied to me. I told her I had been to the Department of Revenue and had the documentation to back up what I was saying, and she snarled at me that I wasn't supposed to have those documents. The following day I was back at the DOR, called again with speaker on and the agent sitting there. A different nasty lady started to tell me how it was the DOR's fault. Thankfully, the agent stepped in, told her what was what, and even faxed her the documents. After hanging up, he looking at me and said " wow, you need to get a different bank". Good advice. We have talked to several banks as we decide where to move our money, realized how far down hill US Bank has fallen, and will be closing all our accounts there in January.

US Bank Terrible Service

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I was traveling and my card was canceled because of suspected fraud. I didn't k ow you had to record your trip ahead of time. Then I was in Europe trying to call US Bank to have them deactivate my card and each time I waited on hold for 30 minutes. When I finally spoke to a representative she sent me to an automated system that still could not activate my card. I called back again and waited on hold again. When I explained the situation she just sent me back to the SAME automated system, that once again could not activate my card. I was charged $99 on my last phone bill for those calls and was never able to activate my card. I had to get a new one.

Poor Service

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Very poor service. Get a different bank if you value your money

Convenient Automatic Pay

With US Bank, the online experience was new to me when I first started. I wasn't sure I even wanted to do it, but because one of my bills gave me a discount for doing electronic funds transfer to pay it, I became interested in learning more. The whole experience of banking online soon became easy. It was nice to look up information about my checking account without having to call in and wait on hold for a long time. I found it was easier to keep track of expenses and find errors quicker than waiting for paper statements to come out. So I tried my hand at beginning an automatic payment that didn't have to be done that way, just for convenience. I now have several bills I regularly pay that way and it works very nicely.

Horrible Bank

Horrible bank. The checking account was the worst I ever seen. I tried to deposit a check... Nope 200$ daily limit. My check was just for $205!!! Like a fool I applied for their credit card cause of the 150$ bonus and got a useless $500 card with a 760 FICO.... When I applied for a cli 3 months later got denied and had my TU pulled 2 times just 1 day in between!!! I'm just going to close it too. What am I suppose to do with a $500 card? I got multiple cards with 10k+ limits on my report. Why not at least give me 2000 or something reasonable? Nope looks like this bank is on par with Credit One... To be avoided!!!

A decent bank, not for long term.

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I did not expect anything bad against this particular bank and for me to get disappointed but the mobile experience this particular local bank is probably still in development and very unusable. If you don't want to be confused with your money, I highly suggest not using their mobile website, it just basically the desktop version, but a lot worse and very glitchy, from time to time my bank statement reads differently and it feels like they are accessing my money from afar, you don't want that, you want maximum security for your money. Overall, for almost three years being associated with this bank, no problems yet, just a very ugly mobile site, up until now. I would still recommend this particular bank since you can avoid its main flaw. Note, all my savings are in account with them, and its all fine up until now.

I like them

I bank with US Bank. I have an online checking account which I use to pay bills. This bank was the first online banking I had ever done, so I had to learn how. Thankfully, their customer service department has always helped me figure out what was wrong when something didn't go right. The biggest issue I've had is when they have updated their system in the past, the online banking sometimes didn't work. On three separate occasions over several years, I was on the phone with technical support trying to solve the issue, and found out it wasn't working with a specific browser. I had to use Internet Explorer for awhile and then eventually it starting working with other browsers like Chrome. Since this has happened so many times, I now know to try another browser before calling for help if I ever have issues.

I generally like the online experience. There used to be a section on the left side where you can click a link that says "Pay Bills." It allowed you to pay a single bill quickly and easily. But it you wanted to pay a bunch of them, like I usually do, you had to click a link that indicated you could go to the regular Pay Bills page, but you actually had to click it twice. Now they have a link that says "Pay External Bills" and that takes you directly there.

Overall I am satisfied with the experience. I use the automatic bill pay feature a lot and have figured out how to get around in the system.

Not a fan

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I would not recommend this bank. I have had a lot of bad experience over the several years I banked with them. They actually went though a class action lawsuit due to the outrageous fees they charge for overdraft. They would make your deposits and purchases "pending" for days on end. Even though your deposit was put in first they would take out all your charges first and then charge you numerous overdraft fees prior to adding the deposit. I finally closed my account with them and moved to a credit union and have since had zero issues.

Feeding At My Account

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About a month ago I inadvertently overdrew my account $50.00 when paying off a credit card balance. I have very little activity in this account. The bank assessed me a $36.00 overdraft charge, then continued to charge me $25.00 every seven days for a continuing overdraft condition, and never informed me that I was overdrawn. By the time I realized I was overdrawn, they had assessed me a total of $219.00. When I asked them why they had not called or emailed me that I had a problem, they said they would have sent me a letter at the end of the month. This is not banking, this is larceny.

So Long US Bank After 22 Years

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Have had a few great experiences, been OK with the general product until lately when overdraft protection fees were eating up my lunch. US Bank charges me od fees for transfers between my own accounts! I'm loosing money not because of insufficient funds but for misallocation of funds between accounts. Their website did not offer any suitable solutions. So I took the time to go speak with local banker only to receive a lecture how my business is a burden to them as they have to physically call another state for completion (moved from another state where I originally set up the accounts), how mine were just a few of hundreds of thousands of accounts and I have no idea how having multiple accounts compounded their burden. I held my patience and calmly suggested that the unnecessary od fees are making my banking costs at US Bank prohibitive and I'd be left with no choice but shop around otherwise to which the banker encouraged me to go ahead. With their blessings (not that I needed it) I looked around and now on what appears to be a happier path. It's nothing to them of course as I'm no millionaire but moving on is chicken soup for my spirits. Moral? don't let loyalty enslave you.

Better Than Average Big Bank

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I've been a customer of US Bank a few times in my life - back when they were Firstar and changing to US Bank, then about 12 years ago, and now since the beginning of 2017. They are definitely a very relationship-orientated bank, and the more you use them, the more generous they seem to be. I like that if you have good credit, you can get the Gold checking fees waived with the "Because You Earned It" program. Customer service has always been pretty decent, and the couple times I actually had to go into the branch were positive experiences. I'm also very happy they finally ditched the fee for mobile deposits! I also have the Altitude Reserve card which I've been pleasantly surprised with. The 3x points on mobile purchases is great - as long as I remember to pay with my phone!

The only real negatives I've found with them so far is that like most banks, the interest rates are pretty terrible. I don't use my checking account as much because I could earn 3-5% interest at another bank/credit union.

US Bank

US Bank has a very good mobile app. I also enjoyed using their website from time to time. Their in branch experience is not as great. I always felt like the tellers were turning their nose up at me which I did not appreciate. A lot of the time no one even looked up to acknowledge that I had entered the building. I liked everything else except being treated less than human.

USBank Review

While using the online banking option through USBank, I have rarely ran in to issues regarding quality and service. Though there have been times to where I did get locked out of my account due to the fact the security questions were set 5 years ago and they had never asked for them beforehand. Also the customer service is quite slow sometimes getting back to me regarding questions I have with my account. The application on my phone to access my account has a verification process that can cause delays when I have very minimal time to check at work. Overall I would say the online banking is okay but could use many improvements in regards to convenience. Though I use online banking a lot, if I want to avoid any hassle I go to the physical site next to my home in Kansas City.

US Bank - Helps me save money on my phone!

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I started using US Bank about 6 years ago and I would never go back. US bank makes it easy for me to check what is going on with my account through my phone. There is an app they have that you can download to you phone that allows you to seeing all your banking needs in real time. At first I was a little hesitant, but their security system is very efficient. If you have an iphone 7 you can us you fingerprint to login to your account. I prefer to have a password as well so to get into my account I must use my finger print password, put in my password, and confirm the password screen has the picture and noises I choose every time I login. This I believe is a great example of technological security. The app also allows you to transfer from checkings to savings (etc), make a check deposit (they do charge .50, but it still beats gas prices), and see a detailed report of your spending. Using it on my phone has been a great asset and I can honestly say is one of the reasons I am debt free today.

Great Checking, Poor Savings

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Online Banking features are one of the best. Interest rates for savings; not so much. Obviously, my money is in the wrong place, so I will be closing and transferring to one that pays me more interest.

Good service.

I love this bank. I do pretty much everything online and so online banking is also a must for me. My favorite feature is the online bill pay. I set up all my bills with them and they automatically are set up to be taken out the day that I get pay. The convenience is huge for me since I am so busy. This is also fee free which makes it that much better. The proccess was super easy.

US Bank checking account

I have a checking account with US Bank that I've had now for about 6 years. I've never had any issue with them and the services I get are decent. I pay about 15 dollars a month and have a bill pay service through them which is covered by that monthly fee. I also have auto-payments set up for my other accounts with them and direct deposit of my paycheck into my checking account. I use that account and the debit card they give me to make other purchases and payments online. I once had an issue where my card number was stolen and used, but they were very quick to identify the fraud and contacted me before I even knew it had occurred. They had prevented the funds from being withdrawn and waited for confirmation from me that I had made the purchases, which I had not. They were quick to replace my card and their vigilance saved me time and money. I was very happy with that interaction.


I have had nothing but good experiences with US Bank online in the 15 years I have banked there. I use the bill pay feature to pay bills and also send money to people for different reasons. I also have my business account with US bank and it is connected together with my personal account so when I log in I can see account information for both accounts at once. Recently, I got aa message telling me if I change the type account I have, I can reduce the minimum balance requirement for no fee on my checking account. IO didn't ask about it, they just notified me on their own volition. On the down side, their money market accounts are not as competitive as other online banks. They require a larger balance and pay slightly less rates.

Amazing Experience!!

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I opened an Gold Checking Account with them and closed it and transferred out the funds about a year later, only because I very seldom used it. About a week later, I received a check in the mail from US Bank for $0.02!! Apparently this was for the accrued but unposted interest which my account had earned when I closed it. I have never dealt which such an honest bank!! Even if they were legally required to return the $0.02 to me, obviously I couldn't have cared less had they just kept it. For its honesty, US Bank deserves 5 stars!!

Been with US Bank for 10 years, no plans to leave

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My history with US Bank starts early; both my parents have worked for the company and as a result all my savings and checking accounts have been opened through them. I've maintained a checking account with direct deposit through US Bank since I was 16 and working my first summer job. The thing I like about this bank is if you have scheduled direct deposits, they waive administrative fees on your accounts. Ordering checks is a bit of a hassle, and they tend to run 7 - 15 dollars a booklet, but the advent of mobile banking has made this a non issue for the most part. Their mobile banking app works well enough on my phone but could use some upgrades to do things like cancel automatic payments when your balance is less than the amount of the autopay - which currently doesn't work. Overall, it's a good bank with a lot of convenient locations in the Pacific Northwest.

Updated to fit customers needs.

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I have been a USbank customer for a couple of years now. At first, I just went with them because it is basically the first local one I found that does not charge monthly fees for checking and savings accounts. They have always been pretty good to me but have recently updated to suite customers needs better. Example one, they walked me through linking checking account to a credit card that way if I ever had something bounce it would go onto the credit card instead of charging you an overdraft fee and leaving you with nothing. Also one thing that they updated is how quickly they release your funds. Before they would only instantly release funds for paychecks and everything else would take several days til the money was available. Now from the minute you deposit all of the funds are yours and you can use them right away.

Nice Bank

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I have been banking online with US BANK since 2004. I have never had a problem with my checking account. I have used the bill pay service many times and it is great because there is no postage or service charge. Since I maintain a balance above the minimum, there is no monthly fee. My only complaint is that there is no real money market option that pays a decent interest rate. Also, there are no decent CDs that pay good interest. I have a paperless option so I don't receive statements in the mail. I get email notification when my statement is available. I download the statements and keep them on my cloud storage. I also have the option that I get notified anytime there is a transaction of more than $500. I wish they had a decent brokerage option so I could use them instead of another company.

Mixed feelings about this bank

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I went to US Bank to open a basic checking account with them. I waited for 10-15 minutes before a banker acknowledged me. Eventually he began to help me with the process of opening a new account. While he reviewed my identification card and other paperwork I needed to give him, I was told it was not wise to bank with them as he believed I didn't have "enough" money to cover the monthly maintenance fees. I was surprised, because I never heard of a bank rejecting a new customer for that reason. It wasn't his business to tell me that and the only job he had to do was open the account, and let me worry if I didn't have money to keep my account open and in the positive. I was appalled and left the place angry. I eventually did sign up online with no issues and the person who helped me was very efficient and did their duties as an employee. I will avoid going to that local branch as much as I can, because I do not support unsatisfactory experiences/duties.

US Bank Customer Experience

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My experience with US Bank has been one with peaks and some valley's. I love the flexibility of having several branches to be able to go to depending on where I am in the city or if I'm traveling. Some locations actually are open on Sundays and have extended hours until 7:00 PM making doing banking business extremely convenient. My experience with in person tellers/bankers have been posisible. I'm met with a smile, they acknowledge my children and exchange pleasantries while doing our interaction. The draw backs for me as a consumer would be when needing to call in for customer care assistance or being directed to the call center for assistance. Reps are usually rude and the wait time to even get to a rep is astronomical. I've not been able to get anyone to be able to successfully help me regain access to my online account in the last year. I've literally given up because I've spent so much time trying to get it corrected. I actually switched banks with my checking account because online banking is a vital piece of my households financials, being able to see real-time expenditures ect. I've only left my savings accounts open due to lesser activity.

New Member

My partner and I just recently started an account with US Bank. We found them to be the best option as they are conveniently located in several areas close to our neighborhood. I was most excited to check out their website and get my online account set up. A friend had recommended using the phone app as she could easily check her balance at the push of a button. I was having trouble setting up my online account the other day when going to review it. I called customer service and was talking to a rep on the phone within 2 minutes! I was very impressed with their customer service and was able to resolve my issue within 5 minutes. Thank you for everything you have done for us US Bank.

Horrible Bank!

WARNING! I want to warn consumers to review all fees before you open an account with US Bank. They are the worst bank ever! The bank will charge you for everything and anything possible, with the highest rates. For example, they charge to deposit on mobile app, they have high NSF fees, they charge for some monthly service analysis fee???, they accept transactions rather than decline and then charge you for it....basically, they are in it for the money. There is nothing good about this Bank. I run a small business and write checks all the time, so I don't always deposit on time so I pay the PeNALTY! You are better off looking into a credit union or some other institution with lower rates and fees.....trust me!

Great customer service, lacking pretty much everywhere else.

I like my bank's branch because of how friendly and helpful they have been with me, but overall this bank will douse you with fees. While not quite as bad as Bank of America or Wells Fargo, some of the fees are still ridiculous and not very understandable. Why should I spend $3 to get a cashier's check with my money on it? That doesn't make any sense. The nickel-and-diming continues if you just want temporary checks ($1.50 per transaction) and just getting any checks is such a hassle unless you have a Platinum account. A Platinum account requires that you have $25,000 minimum, and I couldn't justify putting that much money into a bank account without having to invest in it first. Their investment banking is very disorganized and they never got back to me. However, as I mentioned, the service is really good, I enjoy the convenience, and their ATMs are really nice. If you like the convenience in the West Coast or Midwest, US Bank is the way to go. Otherwise, I wouldn't really waste your time.

Online Banking

I notice that they do not post in coming checks on line only if you do their bill pay, I can log into my account at different times during the day and still not showing a check that I have written as come through, when I log on the next business wow there is the check I was looking for. unfortunately I wrote a check knowing that I didn't have the money in there but I also know when the checks will come through from the business. These checks come in at 4:00 am each day so I would consider that the next business day! they back date them I think. anyway the rack of the fees with out notices and the argue with you as the customer is always wrong. worse bank ever

Usbank - top notch customer service

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I had some issues with a delayed withdrawal from paypal, and it caused me to rack up a massive overdraft. The customer service was extremely helpful, I went down to the branch, and within 20 minutes was already settling the overdraft fee. They worked with me and even GAVE me some money to put in, which I did not have to pay back. All I can say is Usbank is awesome.

Best Bank in the Twin Cities

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I started banking with USBank two years ago after moving to the Twin Cities. I have been extremely impressed with their services and offerings. The first thing that impressed me is their START savings program. I have currently saved $450 in my account, and once I reach $1000, they give you a $50 gift card, then another $50 gift card if you can keep the money there for a year. A 10% interest rate, basically, for one year.

They also offer a good overdraft fee schedule. If you are overdrawn by only a couple of dollars, they do not charge a fee (as I have found out). They reversed the first overdrawn charge I had automatically without me requesting it.

I have been impressed with the customer service at their branches. They sat down with me to figure out the right bank accounts for my needs and have been friendly and helpful with short waits whenever I have visited the bank.

Supportive personal bank

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I have been banking with US Bank since I was 18 (10 years now). They've always been very helpful and keep me apprised of my options with checking accounts, saving accounts, and credit cards. I even set up a business account there when I started my own business a couple years ago. They had me meet directly with the branch manager since the personal bankers were busy at the time. He didn't make me feel rushed at all and took all the time I needed to understand what the best options would be for my business. World class service!


deserve 0 stars, these people will rob you blind

Not a bad bank for the basics

US Bank is a good bank as long as you don't need to many things, are a simple banker and have direct deposit. There are always good award opportunities but they usually have some sort of hook. Nothing to outrageous from what I've seen. US Bank is definitely better than Bank of America from what I've experienced. The location right in my local grocery store is nice. I don't have any loans out with them, just simply a place to keep my money. They have ATM's everywhere and their mobile banking is really nice since they cleaned it up.

Same old

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I used to work at a bank and when I resigned I needed a bank to move my checking account to. I had always heard good things about us bank so I gave them a try. On the depository side, the bank does fine and offers the same vanilla products every body else does. My complaint is that I recently tried to do a home equity loan and have had the worst experience ever. There is no respect, customer service or urgency. I completed the application in February and four months later I am no closer. Go elsewhere for lending.

US Bank

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I've had nothing but positive experiences banking with US Bank. They have no fee checking and savings accounts, and the customer service is impeccable. Any time I've had a problem, the people at US Bank have been able to solve it quickly. I've had very few problems over the 10 years I've done my banking with US Bank. Their online banking is convenient and easy to use. I'm also pleased with how many branches they have across the country.

Great bank but hat the fees

I have been a customer of US Bank for 10 years now. I started by opening a student account when I started college away from home so my parents could deposit money easily for me. That experience was wonderful. Since then I have opened a US Bank visa credit card. I really like the card other than the fact that they automatically raised the credit limit quite frequently and high when I was not ready for such a high limit.

My biggest concern about the bank is their fees. $5 per month for a savings account below a certain threshold is a little unreasonable and $35 for overdrafts is very unfair.

Overall I am happy with the bank as long as I am careful with my budgeting.

Best Bank Ever

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US Bank is by far, the best bank I have ever used. Some bank will try and get you, if you do not pay close enough to your account, but US Bank has been very generous and lenient with me, when I sometimes don't pay close enough attention. They have a $6.95 monthly maintenance fee, but only if you do not have money directly deposited into your account monthly. The staff is always prompt and friendly, and the ATM's are great. The only complaint I would make about US Bank is their hours, they could be open a little longer on Saturdays, a little later throughout the week, and for a couple hours on Sunday.


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Ok first of all US bank is the only bank open on a Sunday. I work for a international consulting firm and you do not understand how useful that is! My branch also closes at 7 instead of 6 which is an hour later than most banks in my area. Second reason why US bank is the best is the customer service. I have built a relationship with that branch and they know what I want just by hearing my voice over the phone. which is awesome. US bank is the best.

Best Big Bank I've Been With

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US Bank has been the best bank that I have had an account. They are more forgiving in overdraft fees, with only charging once per week unless of seeing multiple charges based on how other banks pull out the charges. They have a quick turn around in check deposits, typically seeing the money the next day where other banks take a longer time. They have been very helpful with customer service and short hold times on phone calls.

CD Redemption

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I had one of their 59-month CD Specials mature on Friday. Since I no longer live near a branch, I called customer service on Friday to redeem the CD and deposit the balance into my checking account. I kept the checking account open for just this occasion.

I had read some horror stories here and on other sites but I found redemption to be relatively painless. They told me it would take one business day. The money was deposited into my checking this afternoon (Monday).

Of course I'm not sure why the transfer couldn't have been immediate...it is 2014 after all.

Checking/Credit Card Interest Nightmares

I recently decided to switch my bankng over to us bank as they are very convieniently located for me... HUGE MISTAKE!!! I opened my new checking account which called for me to also getting a credit card. My banker explained how the card I chose is 0% interest for the 1st 12 months etc.. I got my 2nd bill yesterday, and was charged 14.95 for interest (no charge on 1st)??? I went to my branch mgr. today, she too was baffled as the bill SAYS interest free, and called the main office, that was a brick wall, she sugessted I call the 800# maybe I would have better luck.. ..Hah, I got a repersentative who in a condicending voice basically told me to screw myself (not in those words, she was very "nice") and she graciously offered to close my account. Tomorrow I am going a little out of my way to california bank and trust and re-opening my checking account with them, a bank that cares about their customers. Mean while us bank will be collecting interest from me for the next few month:(

Operates Without Legal Authority

US Bank says that when you open an account with them that you authorize them to impose the levy laws of any state within which they have branches. While they say this is standard bank operating procedures they do this without statutory authority. There is no federal law or regulation allowing them to impose the laws of one state in another state but banks have been doing so forever. They allow other states to seize funds in your accounts without any law allowing them to do so. They will and have attached social security funds which is illegal under federal law. You must prove that the funds are social security funds. They did this to me over a contested debt which has been going on for 19 years with the state of California for taxes I do not believe I owe but they distributed funds from my account because California placed a levy, under California law, in the state of Missouri (not authorized under Missouri law). Enforcing California law in Missouri without any legal authority to do so and distributing social security funds which are protected under federal law from levy.

Auto Lease

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I am a cancer victim. All of our family funds are being diverted to my cancer treatment. Can't make the last 6 payments on an auto lease. Found a dealer that will buy out the lease. Ray in the leasing department told me that can't be done. Reason: they may be able to make more money if they repossess the car. US Bank is heartless and should be avoided by consumers at all costs!

They Nickel And Dime You To Death; Bad Customer Service


I advise all to avoid US Bank. My experience is that customer service is terrible, and that they nickel and dime you to death. For example, I recently closed out an account that I had there for years and got an email notification at home later that day about a charge of $16.76. When I was at the bank closing the account the charge wasn’t mentioned.

Here is the explanation of the charge that I got after inquiring about it via e-mail:

“Thank you for contacting US Bank and for allowing us the pleasure of assisting you.

I appreciate this opportunity to address your inquiry. Our records show you closed your account before the end of the statement cycle. Please understand that the reversal in the amount of $16.76 was a reversal of interest earned for the previous cycle due to the accounts closure.”

That’s US. Bank!

Usbank - The Worst Experience With A Bank EVER

I have NEVER had a bad experience with a bank until now.  I have a credit score of 815, I have $441,000 in equity in my home, I have a job.  My local banks routinely sell mortgages to USbank so I went to them first to borrow $100,000 in December of 2012.  I worked with four different people - all of whom told me I had conditional approval on the loan.  On March 28 - nearly FOUR MONTHS after we started this process and paid them an application fee, they denied the loan.  I honestly think they denied it because I told them to either fund the loan or tell me they weren't because after 4 months I need to move on.  Their reason - my income this year was lower than my income last year.  No kidding, I'm in sales, my income fluctuates - but it took them 4 months to figure that out.   NOT ONE TIME did any of these USBank employees return a call when THEY SAID THEY WOULD.  I had to chase them down for every conversation we had.  Unfortunately, they have my current mortgage but I started today to rectify that situation.  Arrogant employees.


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I really have no idea what all you people are feaking out about. Actually, I think I might. I have worked in the banking industry for 17 years, and have worked for many different companies. And just to make things clear, I have never worked for US BANK, so this is not a bias report.  It is sad to say that the customer service I received from other companies I worked for is terrible in comparison to the service I have received from the bankers at US BANK! I have been a member for about 3 years, and I usually go to the branch inside smiths grocery store, in Sunset Utah. They are amazing. There has been some employee turn over throughout the last couple years, but the service is still great. I am blown away that they know my name EVERY TIME I go in. Even the bankers that are new to the branch, learn my name and my "habits" very fast.  As far as the person that was complaining about the banker showing up to work sick! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! Do you even know what their schedules are like? Probably not. Banks, well at least the ones inside grocery store, do not have 30 employees that they can just call up to cover if someone is sick. I applaud them for being grown up enough to tough it out. (As long as he/she was washing their hands! :-)  Having worked in the sales/service industry my whole life, I understand that there are people thst just have to find something to complain about, and that's what it sounds like is going on here. I have had a couple frustrations with US BANK, but not enough to complain like a child. I realize that they are human, and the make mistakes. I have made plenty in my lifetime. So for those of you that obviously believe you are perfect, and that everyone should bow down to you and wait on you hand and foot, and do whatever you ask of them, then maybe US BANK is not the place for you. But on that note, I don't think you will be happy anywhere! US BANK  is amazing. They are so great that I closed my account that I had with my previous employer for 12 years and moved over to  US BANK. I refinanced my mortgage with US BANK, I opened a CD with US BANK. Sometimes I make a stop by the bank when I am grocery shopping, just to say hi to my bankers. US BANK IS THE BEST!!

Should Be Zero Stars

I find it interesting that almost all the reviews are 1 star except for the peppering of 5 stars. Most likely US Bank PR people trying to make their bank look better then it is. We have a boat loan through them and they are beyond horrible!!!! Hardly ever post a payment correctly. Forget trying to pay down principal...they refuse to do it. They call the house if the payment has not been received on the due date. Never mind we have FICO scores over 800 are in our 50s and never paid one creditor late EVER! They could care less if there is a grace period. Callers/collectors are beyond rude and condescending. We have never been treated like this....ever! Steer clear of this place. A loan shark would have been more pleasant to deal with.

Worst Bank

I came here because I hate this bank. I've had them for a long time now and have finally had it. They have litterally the worst sytem in place. I tried to set up an account to transfer money to a friend of mine who needs it by today. Should be simple, but then they asked me for this random activation code that you have to call into their office to reiceve. It gives you a phone number next to where you need to input the activation code, but the phone number goes to their general business line, so after waiting for someone to get to me, they have to transfer me and I have to wait there for someone to get to me. After getting the activation code, be sure to enter it in perfectly the first time because if you don't or if you mistake the activation code for a different number (like the cvvr code on you card) you'll be kicked from the site and will have to wait a whole 24 hours to call them back and get another stupid code because the activation code expires. 

Assuming a human might have the ability to speed this process up, I called them back, had to hold, was transfered, had to hold, was transfered again, told specifically, "Oh, this is above my pay grade", transfered again, and then finally told, "We have no control of that 24 hour time period. There is nothing we can do, you have to wait."

I have to wait? It's a computer, there should be some way for someone to override the system like any normal computer so that I can get what I need without waiting 24 damn hours. 

This was the final straw. I'm done with US bank. I would rather keep money under my mattress.

Great Bank

I moved most of my banking to US Bank almost 3 years ago, and have had no problems whatsoever.  The staff is generally knowledgeable and helpful.  I do think that they should waive their IRA fees for Platinum Level clients.

Customer Service

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Here is what happened:

I went to Europe over the summer. My card was also locked two weeks before I returned home after making an online purchase from SLP Performance. (I wanted the parts to be shipped to my house and waiting when I got there). After getting back I called and had it unlocked. No problems, they verified who I was and unlocked it. Two days later My card is locked again.

Going online to "Online Banking" I verify that there is in fact money in the account. While I was online checking this I noticed that I was receiving "Maintenance Fees".

While I was away I stopped receiving direct deposit from work into my checking account. (No work, no pay) For a Gold Package Account you need to receive $100 electronic deposit every month to waive service fees. (I had a "Gold Package")

I called Customer Service and got the Fees Waived and the card unlocked. While on the phone the customer service representative told me I should switch to a student account to avoid fees in the future. I told her I was O.K. with the account I had. She went on to explain what a benefit a Student Account would be to a student.

After several minutes of her persuasion and reassurances that there would be no more fees or hassle from making the switch I agreed. Yippy, I now have a student checking account. I can use any ATM anywhere at any time free of charge.

From the time the account was changed I have been receiving "Maintenance Fees" to my savings account. I know I should watch this more closely but I usually just use my checking account and keep tabs on it.

After all of the hassle I have had and the number of calls I have had to make and the time spent on the phone with representatives I decided I would like to try another more locally owned bank.

When the phone finally stopped playing elevator music and I was connected to a real live person I was told the fees could not be reversed and there was nothing he could do about the money. He said he had spoken to his manager and there was nothing he could do about it.

I asked if I could speak directly to his manager. Susan (Milwaukee Area Customer Service) answered the phone and asked what she could do for me. She verified who I was and her understanding of the situation. Her reply to my request was that because I was closing the account they had no incentive to refund the money. If I would be so kind as the keep the account and simply transfer back to the "Gold Package" she would be happy to refund the money.

I explained that the whole reason I had the "Student Checking Account" was because another customer service representative told me that this account would be best for me and that there would be no more service fees.

Even after my explanation that I was told to make this account change by a representative to avoid future fees. Susan said there was no incentive to reverse the fees. I said to her. "You are telling me you can not return my money because there is no incentive to correct your mistake?" She said yes, you are closing your account there is no incentive to refund the money. (Not exact words, I did not record the conversation and am writing this from memory)

I have had an account in good standing with U.S. Bank for over five years and am told there is no incentive to return money to my account that was withdrawn in error. I also feel that this error is on their end of the table. The reason I feel the error is theirs and not my own is because the change to my account was made on advise and reassurances from a U.S. Bank customer service representative. (I also explained this to Susan)

The only way to get the money put back in the account (Money Wrongfully charged to me) was to keep the account and have it transferred back to a "Gold Package Account". The very same account I was advised to change into a student account by a different representative.

NOW, the reason I am posting this is because I feel after several years of schooling for Business Management I have a small grasp of "customer service" and the "INCENTIVE" to keep customers satisfied. I was not really upset with the company or anyone in it, I only wanted to avoid further hassle while in school and working.

Now, after a very dissatisfying hour on the phone with the U.S. Bank Customer Service Representative, Susan. I feel I should share my experience with other U.S. Bank account holders, current and future to inform them of this situation.

I am very dissatisfied and would like to perhaps save others the same headache I have had. For those of you that have taken the time to read this entire re-telling, I thank you and ask that you please share this story with others.

Thank You,

International Wire

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I stayed a few months in USA and I opened an account at US Bank. Well, now I am back in Switzerland, and they told me it is just impossible to wire my money to Switzerland. They told me to use debit card to withdraw 6000 bucks. It would cost me around 500 bucks to withdraw it here using this way.

Worst bank I've experienced.

Forged Recorded Deed Of Trust

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I signed a deed of trust at a US Bank branch, 3 years later I was refinancing the loan, when I got a copy of the County recorded deed I discovered it was forged. The content of 19 pages out of 23 where forged including my signatures and initials. I assumed there was a mistake and try to contact US Bank to get the original deed to proceed with the refinance but the Bank does not have it.  How did that happend and why?

Good Experience

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Intending to move $1000 from one US Bank checking account to another using their web banking interface, I accidentally moved $1000 from a credit card, as a cash advance. I noticed this the following day, as well as a $30 fee for the cash advance. I went into my branch to explain the mistake. They remedied the mistaken transfer, but said to call the number on the back of the credit card to see about having the fee forgiven. I called, explained what I had done, and before I could even ask about having the fee waived the agent on the phone said she was waiving the fee.

I'm as astonished as anyone by this - I haven't felt I had truly customer friendly service from any financial institution in a very long time. But, in this instance at least, US Bank was great.

I've been a customer of theirs for decades. I wouldn't have said I was loyal to them, though, until today.

Good Bank If You Don't Need A Bank

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The branches are staffed with local nice people. However, they are not really bankers, all banking decisions are made in some corporate cloud. I have open my first account ever with them -checking- and have always maintained a healthy balance and never needed a loan. When they pointed out I would need to build credit history, I accepted their credit card which I always paid in full. I've held their card like that for more than four years now. However when I went to them for a small car loan, they rejected my request because of lack of credit history. How can credit history be built if your bank does not lend you money. Furthermore, by them processing the request - I've learned later - they've reduced my credit rating.

This is a very bad bank to work with if you are just starting out, no matter how responsible you are managing your money and your finances. 

Changed Their Promise To Me Regarding My Government Check Deposit And The Hold Time.

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US Bank ripped me off and I feel I must move my account.  The branch manager lied to me saying a federally issued payment had bounced in the past and that was the reason she placed a ten day hold on a check I've gotten and cashed in one day for the last five years.  She also lied when she said that the amount of the check was the reason.  This check was for under ten thousand dollars and I've cashed many others for greater than thirty thousand with a one day hold before this without a problem!

I'm changing accounts and would advise others that this banks main goal is to take your money.

Equity Loan

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When we signed on with with US Bank, they gave me a Brochure stating "No Fees" on equity loans, but after 1 yr.

A fee of $90 on a balance of $2000 was charged (on my statement, the word 'fee' is used). When I complained, no response, no change in billing: even when I showed them them their own brochure.

The Worst Bank Ever

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Never do business with this bank. Total liars. No ethics. I had a checking account with this bank. I never opted in for over draft protection. But automatically they enrolled me in that without my knowledge, and charged me $20 dollars over draft fee for two small transactions of costing $3.75. When I called the Customer service they refunded the $20 over draft fee but charged again $50 for keeping negative balance of $3.75. I did NOT opt in for o/d protection why this two small transactions went took place for $3.75. I would have been happy if the card was declined at the time when I was using. it was banks fault and they took $50 from my deposit. at this point I was mad and not using their debit card nor did any deposit. Just left $4 + in the account. At the end of my billing cycle they took service charge, which made my account in negative of $2.95 . Well after two weeks they closed my account saying no activity they are cheaters.

Zero Stars! Plugs The Rug Under You!

I signed up for a free checking account and after 3-4 months, right when I was moving to Texas, I signed up for paperless statements.  At the same time, US Bank starts charging me a maintance feed.  There was no US Bank in Teaxas, so I didn't have much activity on the account.  Half a year later, I saw charged up my free checking account in fees.

I did tell them that I moved to Texas and gave them an address change.  They said, they mailed me information regarding the status change of my account.

Nice move!

I felt cheated, sure it was just 6.95 x 6-10 months or whatever but the money was not the issue.  I never thought fees really mattered before but now I see where people are coming from.

Try another bank, any bank, let 'em cheat you once shame on them, let 'em cheat you twice shame on you.

I Think US Bank Is Great

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I'm a 65 year old male who spent 40 years working in commercial banks.  I retired 3 years ago but prior to retiring I spent alot of time researching local banks for the best checking account plans at the lowest cost.  I found US Bank to be the best for my needs (close to home, numerous ATM's nationwide, and very few charges with a direct deposit).   I've found their staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. US Bank has very low rates when it comes to savings and CD's but that's common with most local banks and credit unions these days.  If you want the better rates go with Ally or American Express.


Jim B

Pueblo, Co

If It Was Possible To Give Zero Stars....

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This is THE worst bank that my husband and I have experienced. Let's start at the beginning:  Our debit cards were sent to an ex's house, not an address we had EVER given the bank. Had to call, get them to shut those cards down and order us new ones, took over a month. After we got married I called the 1-800-number and they told me all I would need to take to the bank was my new DL to get my name changed, I took off work, went in the branch and they told me they needed my new ss card, marriage license and for me to sign a new sig. card. When I recieved my ss card I took another day off work, took the card, my dl and marriage license in to a FSR, he made copies of everything and then told me my husband would need to come in and sign the sig. card- which meant my husband would have to take off work, so he did and we signed the cards. The FSR told me that he had just started there and that this was like his 2nd week, I didnt think anything of it. He said he would order my husband and I new cards (mine for the name change and his b/c his mag stripe didnt work) and that thewy should be at the house in no time. I knew that it would take more than a few days so we waited and waited. I finally got tired of waiting and since the branches were closed, I called the 1-800-number and told them the situation. The rep said my name had never been changed, new cards wern't ordered, that the first round of cards were still active and that there was not a new sig card on file. We would have to go into the branch to change everything again. Eventhough I was mad, I told her to at least order my husband a new card and I would go to a branch when I had time. She mentioned shutting down the old debit cards, so that no one would have acce3ss to our accounts (somethinbg they were supposed to do in the first place. So I told her 'let me give you the numbers of the cards we're currently using' (mind you this was a Friday night) she said 'it's okay, I can figure it out'. I thought everything was fine. My family ordered food online and I used my debit card, it kept saying my card was invalid, (the night before was pay day and I had used my card already once that day), so I tried to use my husbands and his said the same. Soooo, I called the 1-800-number and found out the stupid rep closed ALL the debit cards on the account. the new rep kept on with 'I'm sorry' 'I would be frustrated too' and my fav 'I completely understand'...at that point I let my husband have the phone, and they went round and round because they say they cant reactivate the card and that we'll just have to wait until we can go into  branch. My husband got names, id numbers and phone numbers and has an appt to speak with a manager. Needless to say as soon as possible we are closing our accounts and telling everyone we know of this awful experience. We also will contace the BBB and any other place that can deal with something like this. 

Well Pleased With Local Kentucky Branch

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I called my local branch to check on my mortgage monthly payment amount. The bank manager answered the phone personally. She reviewed my mortgage and equal line payments, and advised me that she could refinance these two into a new mortgage at a lower interest rate, with no closing fees of any kind, with the same payoff date (5 years). It saved me $136 a month. It is fixed rate with simple interest (can be paid off early for extra savings if I want) plus the mortgage is "in house" and won't be sold off. We closed it in under 3 weeks. Totally painless process and totally free. Suffice it to say, I was extremely pleased.

New US Bank Overdraft Policy ... If You Don't Have The Money, We Will Take It From Your Roommate!

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I received a job offer in my e-mail and was asked to take a money order to my bank and cash it.  I had no bank account, so I opened a new account at US Bank in Los Angeles on Beverly and Serrano St.  I had banked at this branch in my past but when they raised the fees for checking and savings, I had to close my accounts.

When I opened the new checking account, I was told I would have to wait to recieve any money from the $980.00 money order I deposited after it cleared the bank.  I said ok and moved on to ask them to deposit a money order from my son into my roommate's account.  All in all I made three transactions.  One was to open a checking acount, one a savings acount, both in my name with the money order I gave them from my new job.  The 3rd transaction was the deposit made to my roommate's account.

I was surprised when the clerk came back from doing these transactions with money in her hand.  She gave me $780.00 cash, deposited $200 of this $980.00 money order into my new checking account and told me she was doing me a favor.  I was surprised by this because I was initially told I would have to wait for the money order to clear the bank.

A day after I opened my accounts and deposited the $980.00 money order, I learned that my new "job" was a scam.  I went straight to the bank to let them know and to make arrangements to take care of this problem.  I was told the bank could do "nothing" until the money order cleared or not.  Fine with me, but what about the $780.00 I sent to the scammer?  I want to make this right, so I ask to make some kind of payment arrangement, which the bank refused to do.

A few days later I took my roommate to the store.  She had tried to use her ATM card to pay for some medicine and the transaction was denied.  She was stumped because she knew she had money in her account.  When she got home, she looked online at her bank account only to discover that US Bank had changed her account records, added the $980.00 money order deposit to her account and then proceeded to charge her for all the overdrafts that this so called "deposit" caused when the money order didn't clear.  The bank froze my roommate's account.

In the meantime, nothing was done to the two new accounts I opened up.  No freezing of assesets, no word about whether or not the money order cleared ... nothing from the bank.  So I called customer service to find out why this was done by the bank manager.  I told the customer service department that this was deposited into my new account and not in my roommates account.  They tried to straighten it out until they talked to the branch manager.

Customer service called the bank manager and I was connected to Mr. Gomez who is the branch manager.  I asked him why he wasn't freezing my account and charging me for the phony money order and his reply was this "The bank has to have its money and your roommate can collect it from you."  

Mr. Gomez told me he took the money from my roommate's account because I didn't have it.  He made those 3 transactions into 1 transaction so he could take the money from my roommates account!  He then proceeded to tell me that he is going to take the $300.00 from my two accounts and put it in my roommates account, without my permission!  I told him he couldn't do it and he laughed at me.  He told me he could do what he wanted so the bank could get its money.  

So it seems the bank's newest policy is to take it from my roommate.  She is on Social Security, is 67 years old, has to buy her food, pay her bills and buy her medicines but the bank needs the money more so they just took it. 

What I don't understand is why the bank won't work with me on this issue?  Why do they have to take it from my roommate?

Once this mess is cleared up I plan to do banking at a more reliable and trustworthy bank.  Thank goodness I can now read reviews about banks online and choose one with more wisdom.

Horrible Customer Service...

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I have banked with US Bank for years now and their customer service just keeps getting worse.  I was travelling over the past week in Memphis and Nashville and the first hotel we stayed at preauthorized $50 on my debit card which was fine.  We left Memphis and went to stay in Nashville the remainder of our vacation.  There we stayed at another hotel which tried to preauthorize my card and said that they were unable to get it processed so I provided them with my credit card.  Later I see on my onine account info that they preauthorized my card anyways for $100.  Meanwhile 3 days after leaving the Hampton the $50 they preauthorized was still on the account and the other $100 from the new hotel made my available balance go negative, although I didnt incur any charges at either hotel.  I called US Bank who stated there was nothing they could do about the charges, although they hit me with $73 in NSF fees even though after the preauths were finally removed 3 days later my account should have never been negative.  Despite doing the right thing to a loyal customer who has never had a negative balance, they stated it was all in the fine print and they were not going to remove the fees.  I AM LOOKING FOR A NEW BANK.

Unbelievable Penalty For Early Withdrawal Of CD's - Half Of The Interest To Maturity!

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Since US Bank is right in our neighborhood (in New Mexico), and I thought I would check it out and open a CD.   The rated looked a bit better than the local credit unions.  The clerk said she didn't know the early withdrawal penalty.  She said "the computer figures it out" but there was no written statement.  So I start browsing a brochure and I couldn't believe  it -- the penalty for early withdrawal of a CD with several years term is half of the interest to maturity!  If I put in $100K at 2% interest into a CD, 59 months term, and try to withdraw it tomorrow I would have to pay US Bank 50% of 5 yrs * 2% = $5K  penalty!!! Plus $25 just to screw the customer a little more.  I pointed this out to the clerk who "didn't know" the early withdrawal penalty, and she just looked bored.   I packed up and left, no account for me at US Bank!

For US Bank - One Star Is One Too Many - Here Is What US Bank Is Doing To Me.

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I had placed $60K into a 19 month CD with US Bank 20 months ago.

Yesterday, I went to withdraw my funds because the CD had reached maturity. It was now worth $61K.

US Bank told me that there would be a fee of $25 and a penalty of $1,830 for me to withdraw my funds.

To say that I was shocked is an understatement....

US Bank claims that my original CD had matured and that I was provided notice that I had 10 days after the maturity date to withdraw my funds without penalty. Since I had failed to withdraw my funds, US Bank redeposited my funds for me into another 19 month CD.

1) I never received a notice.

2) Such a huge penalty fee (3% of the total amount) is unwarranted and way out of line.

2) Even though US Bank currently offers 19 month CDs at .85%, they choose instead to deposit my funds and lock them into a very long term CD which pays .25%.

Worst Bank Ever

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I had Loan account with them, and I was paying in time every month, with highest interest rate , and when I want to call them to ask for refinance, they treat me like a dirty pig, so I decided to do whatever I can to payoff the loan immediately and stop dealing with those losers, my balance was showing $7816.84 on last statment I got from them so I wanted to call them to ask if I can payoff online this amount, again they treat me like a pig and they told me that payoff should be $8005.69 and I have to mail them the check

I went online to check if that amount they told me is correct, and it was not, after couple of hours they changed the amount online to reflect what they told me over the phone which means they are charging me extra $188.85 just because I want to payoff my loan and stop dripping money with them

by the way my interest rate with them was 9.75% and I got now with another bank 3.2%

my advise to you never deal with this bank

Mortgage Loan Application Process

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Just quit dealing with US Bank today. I have never experienced a worse experience with any bank ever. Not even when BofA mistakenly paid someone else's car payment with my deposit.

Nothing but lies emit from their mouths. They lock you in for a really low rate that is only good for 45 days then proceed to stall the process for the 45 day period, and then tell you the low rate is no longer available and the new rate is 1% higher. This after they have collected the processing fee and appraisal fee of more than $450 dollars.

They were requiring signed and notarized documents, that after consulting with a Lawyer were not legally required for a loan application. US Bank said well no the documents weren't legally required, but they required them for their own records. In other words, they keep requiring new documents every week until the 45 days are up and they can change the rates.

After a month and a half we still were never told a closing date, so I went to another lender. US Banks closing fees estimate was approximately $4,600.00. The new lenders fees are less than $1,000.00. The new lender is a Savings and Loan that I found here on DEPOSITACCOUNTS.COM that has a 5 star rating in everything. And after talking with them they deserve it. It was a great pleasurable experience after working with US Bank, who deserves a -5 star rating.

The closing date with the Savings and Loan (Home Federal Savings and Loan of Kenton, Ohio) is less than 30 days from the date of application. And the interest rate is 1/2 % lower than what US Bank offered.

Do your homework people, good banking institutions are out there, you might have to dig to find them but they're there. US Bank is NOT one of them. I have come to find out that more than half the paperwork US Bank ask for is not necessary other than to use as a delay tactic to stall the process and be able to charge a higher interest rate.

Horrible Banking Experience!!

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Their smiles are FAKE, they have so many unreasonable FEES, and they remind you an LOAN SHARKS and Thieves! They find every reason to charge you overdraft fees! They hold your deposit for one day and in the meantime if you have checks coming the pay and charge you overdraft fees! I took my Business and Personal account to another local Bank :) BE AWARE OF WHO YOU WILL DEAL WITH IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR BANKING WITH THEM! THEY ARE SHARKS! THIEFS! FACKE!!!!!! 


No Problem So Far

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It is been 2 years I am customer of US Bank Checking Account. Their Deposit through scanner is nice feature. no need to go to branch . I can deposit from anywhere. few times I called Customer Service when I had problem, it was solved without any issue and CSR were nice and polite.(I dont like rude CSRs.) I give them 5 stars.


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Bankers aren't friendly, and do not help people with their complaints. They charge many overdrafts fee when it is not necessary, and it can be solved easily, but they don't care if customers are first time customers.


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Starting with deposits, you have to wait a century to get your money available.     Then, bill pay another one, you make checks to pay your bills and they don't substract it from your bank account until the people cash their checks, meanwhile you think you have all this money when in reality you don't.    Ok, how about at least taking it out with a pending note next to it and then when is cashed sending an email that it has been or not cashed!!    I don't like their system.  It is VERY INCONVINIENT FOR customers.     I miss my Credit Union where all the above was a feature in the checking account and it was SO convenient and easy to bank with them.   Too bad I moved and can go that far to bank with them.



Customer Service Not Reliable

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Online access was blocked (by US Bank) while we were travelling in Turkey.

I realize this is not a situation everyone will face, but it is important to know that you cannot trust what the customer service representative tells you.

I called ahead of time, was told it would be no problem

It took me five international phone calls to find out that, yes, access is blocked by US Bank and, no, there is nothing they could do to help me.

Add that on to the fee increases for just about everything over the past year, and we're in the market for a new bank.

Prejudice And Discrimination

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12+ years with US Bank in Chicago and legally married in IL as a civil union couple.
I moved a few miles west to a new location and usbank refused to cash a check addressed to me and my partner, which he endoresed.  apparently they are one of the few banks that have written in their corporate policy the right to refuse to cash a check of this type.
I went to my regular US Bank and had the check deposited and withdrew $20.  The branch manager from the bad bank called my regular bank had them call me to come in, return the $20 and retrieve my check which they were now refusing.
So they can pick and choose their customers, isn't that great!  Well luckily we make $300k and can win this lawsuit easily.  Extreme prejucide and discrimination!

U.S. Bank Sells Personal Information To KNOWN Telemarketing Scammers!!!

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It has been confirmed by multiple and various sources that U.S.BANK is working with KNOWN criminal telemarketing scam operations! Over the last 6 months they have been selling HUNDREDS (if not THOUSANDS) of names and phone numbers (as well as personal banking information) to "companies" that have engaged in fraud, scams, and identity theft! In addition: these "companies" flagrantly violate nearly EVERY FCC law against telemarketing (including calling after acceptable hours, selling the numbers to other companies, AND ignoring the national DO NOT CALL registry)! U.S.Bank is WELL AWARE of these matters, yet continues to aid these criminals! MORE OVER: U.S.Bank will do this REGARDLESS of your "privacy settings" or lack of permission! And when asked to refrain from these activities, have (on many occasions) reacted only with rudeness and contempt. I highly recommend NOT opening an account with a bank that conducts itself in such a way. Or better yet, you should close your account for financial protection! U.S.BANK should NOT be "rewarded" for this kind of conduct!!!

Customer Service

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After US Bank took over the fuel card service that I use, I've had nothing but issues. They got the address incorrect. They transferred the wrong account. They have constantly hassled me on balances though we've never been over or made a late payment. I've spent my last 15 minutes on hold.

Ripped Us Off

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We went to U.S. Bank for a home loan.  Took us 3 hours one eveing to set everything up including two new accounts. The next day the loan officer called us to confirm our deal was on.  We said "yes" as they had promised us the cheapest closing cost of any of the banks around.  The day before the closing we reviewed the Respa to find a $1680.00 charge in addition to closing cost.  We called the loan officer and he said we had authorized a 1% point.  That was crazy.  Overnight the deal changed.  He said he would get our money back but after repeated phone calls for a month, nothing happened.  We had no recourse because we pre-signed all the documents.  We closed all of our accounts and we to a new bank.   DONT USE U.S. BANK.   Too bad you don't have a zero star for this review, one star is too much for this bank.

They Don't Care About Anything But Your Money

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I am still currently a member of US Bank, but am trying to switch. The problem is, that I am a student and I have to find a bank in this tiny town that is also found in my home town, not that easy. I was receiving loan refund money from my school and last year, I got back $4,000 each semester, but when summer hit, and I ran out of money, my bank account went from being in the thousands to barely 100. This is when all of my problems hit. I opened the account back in 2008 for my college reasons. I set it up where it would not allow me to overdraft. Meaning, if I did not have the money in my account, it would not let me use the card. The first time it let me overdraft to $100 until my card was shut off and I was expected to pay this and the daily overdraft fee even though I was never informed I had over-drafted since I wasn't supposed to be able to. I set the account back to not being able to overdraft. I did this 3 times and I have finally marked my account in my checkbook as being approx. $30-50 less than what I actually have so I do not overdraft again. Each time, they would not refund any of the fees or anything. I had excellent customer service until my account balance plummeted. After that, the bank has been stealing money, usually around $40 a month (noticed it around July before I started marking my checkbook wrong), they would use excuses for my overdrafts such as I over-drafted due to using my card at a gas pump, which by the way I hadn't gotten gas in over a week and I always go inside, and they charge me $15 a month for not having more than $1000 in my account when I am supposed to have student checking, and I have attempted to switch my account twice. I am very angry, sounds like I am ranting, and feel like a helpless human being. I want to just keep all of my cash in a coffee can hidden in my yard or something. That seems safer than using this bank.


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17 AUG, 2011







WHAT Is The Policy US Bank?

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 Do you put $200 in an account and only charge $2 or do you charge $200 and keep bilking the customer? Just looking for the truth, Yo.

I Hate This Bank!

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They just keep screwing me over, and its not right, and they do not care about customers at all or trying to help or work with you, all they care about is taking your money.

Worst Service Ever!!!

Its funny how they can charge you $10 for an overdraft protection fee and then add the $33 overdraft on top of that. That isn't protection where I'm from. It has been one thing after another over the years and I'm tired of it. Anyone know of a bank that actually cares about customers? We have choices, so lets choose to give our money to another bank. A bank is just like any other business, without our money, they can't be successful.  

IRA Fees Tripling At US Bank!

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US Bank is TRIPLING the "fee" they charge for my IRA. Nothing I can do; can't withdraw it without penalty. Wells Fargo and Golden One charge no fee at all.

US Bank Is Only OK!

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I have used US Bank for almost 10 years. Their online services are great. As you can read from the rest of the reviews, US Bank is not customer friendly. I put in a check for over 1000 dollars and couldn't even get $50 back for 24 hours. They are very secure though. They do work hard on over charging you for everything. I am actually thinking about changing banks.

Pack Of Thieves

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U.S. Bank

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I have almost always had a good experience with this bank. The employees are always friendly and if I go to a branch were they are not familiar with me they will ask for my identification. Some people may find this as a hassle but for my security I find it welcoming. They do have a website which is user friendly and easy to access. My only negative experience is I have had to deal with some employees, personal bankers, that have not had adequate training. However they did go the extra mile to find the information I needed though it took some extra time. All in all I would recommend this bank to other individuals.

Computer Owned

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I did business with US Bank for over 20 years. One day in February of 2008, my account was severely hacked with phony checks. I lost over $1100 in one swift check scam. After discovering this attack on my account, I was told to fill out a number of reports, have them notarized, report to the local police and then maybe I could get my money back. I did get some money back but not all. After 20 years with this bank, I decided that was enough and switched to a smaller local bank. The Computer Operated US Bank did not even bid me a fine farewell. Oh well, that's the nature of the banking business. Now when I call my bank, I actually speak to a real person. No buttons to push. They simply answer " Hello, this is banks name, may I help you?" Wonderful.

Loyalty For Life--To Usbank!!

I have currently been banking with USBank for almost 8 years now, and I have loved it, as much as you can love your bank, that is. I have a basic checking account and a credit card through USBank. When I first opened my account, I was a student, and they set up a special account for me, but have never changed it. Basically my account is set up so that if I overdraw, USBank places $200 in my account (up to $1500) and then charges a $2 fee for each $200 placed in my account. I only utilized this once, and I paid it back within a month, so I'm not sure if I would be charged anything else for this service. I also have a credit card through the bank. My rates have never increased, and for awhile, I was charging and paying off each month, and they increased my limit from around $900 all the way up to $2900 in less than a year! I participate in online banking as well, and it's very easy to use. Once I log in, all my accounts are right there, and it's easy to pay my credit card bill or even other bills! They are also very nice each and every time I go into the bank or talk to them on the phone. I love this bank. I am soon to be getting married and my fiance banks at another bank. When we were talking about switching banks, I blatently told him to do whatever he wanted, but I was never leaving USBank!

A Bank That Threatens It's Customers?

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US BANK solicited my business years ago so I opened an interest paying checking account with them. As long as I kept at least $2000 dollars in the account they paid interest on the balance with no fees. When they changed their policy of paying interest on accounts with a balance above $2000 I reduced the amount I kept in the account but kept it open in anticipation of a return to a policy of paying interest in the future. US Bank recently mailed a notice that they would start charging fees. I went to US Bank to close my account because of their pending fee increase. After cashing my check for the account balance the teller told me that the account would not be closed and they would still charge fees against a zero balance effectively creating a negative balance. She also told me that if I didn't pay those fees that it would create a negative event on my credit report. I complained to one of the bank's officers who assured me in writing that the account would be closed and I would not be charged a fee. We'll see.

US Bank Fees Increase 300% For Small Retirement Accounts

Per the letter recieved dated 5/10/2011:

"A US Bank IRA continues to be a great way for you to save for your retirement. The annual fee for your IRA plan is increasing from $10 to $30. The balance requirement to waive this fee is also increasing from $5,000 to $25,000 for IRA plans and from $1,000 to $5,000 for Coverdell Education Savings accounts (CESA). In the past, your fee may have been waived automatically if you were over age 70 1/2 and receiving automatic distributions from your IRA plan. This automatic waiver will no longer be applied."

With the low interest rates being offered some folks may actually be losing principle to these fees now. This is a very unethical action of this large bank and will affect many account holders. It shows how a bank can take advantage of loopholes to literally take small investors funds who trusted that their IRA CD was securely invested to grow at a advertised interest rate.

Either this bank has become greedy and is willing to sacrifice ethics to its small account customers, or it has some major financial problems that it is desperately trying to remedy.

Here are some actions that all of us can do to try and stop this and similar actions of these institutions:

- Spread the word to other savers through social media, word of mouth, AARP or other media.

- Sell the stock of unethical institutions like this.

- Withdraw any accounts that you can afford to do so (withdrawl penalties may be assessed).

- Contact your congressman to show this as an example of why tighter bank regulation is needed.


Awesome Bank

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 It's sad to read all the negative reviews.

I have had US Bank for 6 years, I LOVE this bank, they have always been there for me, never once had any fees.

I travel all over the USA and my Debit card works everywhere free of charge. Cash advance from Walmart is only $.25 fee. My job is direct deposit, online bill pay is free and easy.

My ONLY problem now is I moved to Florida and they have NO branches here...

I have gone over 2 years so far using US Bank online, I just can not find a bank in Florida as good.

Signed, Happy Banker.

The Worst Customer Care!

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This bank DOESN'T have any customer care!

The worst bank relationship I've ever had! They don't care about their customers.

If you want to solve any problems you have with them no one will help you with that.


U S Bank Refinance

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We just completed a refinance of our home with US Bank. We found the people at US bank to be very helpful and very knowledgeable. We were treated with respect, and the entire process was handled very well and we could not be more pleased. The entire process was completed in two weeks, and we had no glitches at all.

Not A Good Bank

I did not have a good experience with this bank. I was charged almost $200 in fees for a $2 overdraft. The representatives that I spoke with were not at all understanding and wouldn't listen to my concerns. At the branch I used, I was constantly subjected to additional review of deposits by the branch manager. Overall, I didn't feel welcome or appreciated as a customer.

US Bank - Can't Win With This One!

I just read on another post that US Bank CEO has recently hinted they'll do away with FREE checking, adding fees to checking accounts and possibly its debit cards.  I can speak from experience that US Bank policies are not customer friendly, using the recent down-turn in the economy as a convenient excuse to gleen a few more dollars at the expense of the accountholder.   

I recently redeemed a CD from another local bank in Denver and deposited the cashiers check in my US Bank checking account.  I was not surprised the funds were not available the next day, but was appalled when the Branch Manager told me the funds would be held EIGHT BUSINESS days per bank policy.  Needless to say the policy is outrageous and does not reflect the policy of other local banks in the area.  

Check around before you sign-up with this one! 

Basic Brick-And-Mortar Bank

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This is your standard brick-and-mortar bank. Their interest rates aren't amazing, but getting packaged services give a great deal. Sales persons are helpful and usually available to offer advice, answer questions, and work with customers. I've never had a complaint about their services.

Open New Account

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I opened an account with US bank in Tennessee. They provided great service and were nice people. Everyone in the bank was happy and friendly.

Not Just A Branch Issue: 3 Different Legs Of US Bank Stink.

I chose US Bank as a matter of convenience; they have a branch in my grocery. But, one constant problem has been that they turn over employees at this branch on a monthly basis. This has been a complaint of mine since I noticed the trend to the point of having to laugh with every new face – hello number 48, hello number 49! Most recently, right after I commented to the new teller that she was the 50th person to stand behind that counter, she had the nerve to tell me (2 minutes later) that she would be putting a hold on my $5000 deposit, “since she didn’t know me.”

Currently, I am awaiting a refund of $6100 that was mistakenly paid twice to a US Bank credit card. They told me that such a refund usually takes 7 days, but since it is US Bank to US Bank, it should be quicker. Today is day #8. Last night, their customer service agent, Nathan, confirmed that this was the 7th day and nothing has happened regarding this issue.

Past issues (major): When I went in to a US Bank Business office I asked the woman about opening a new business account. When I casually mentioned the issue of the revolving-door staff and that the latest new teller had tattoos on her hand (gang tats!), the woman got huffy and said, “Well I guess you don’t like me either, because I have tattoos, too!” Gee, lady, they aren’t on your hands looking like you got them in a prison cell – do you discriminate between the two?

On an international transfer, US Bank failed to mention that there would be an extra middle-man bank which would skim their share and alter the final destination amount.

I could go on, but this bank isn’t worth my time. I’m obviously not worth theirs. But then there’s this:

I went down to present the things written above to the US Bank manager (main branch). He is on vacation. Next in line: She took my letter that was addressed to the bank manager, and said, “he’s on vacation.”  No offer to help, just that statement of redundant fact. Duh, that’s why I’m speaking to you and not him – are we both on the same page now? I asked her to read the letter. She read, wobbled her head with a mental “yadda-yadda,” completed her reading and responded: These issues aren’t about our branch. (Actually, you personally handled the international transfer, lady!) No offer to help again, so I presses her: Can you find out where my $6,100 is? Ultimately: her records show only one payment on the credit card, and finally: the check’s in the mail. US Bank to US Bank – and the check’s in the mail (payment is being processed)!

I reminded her that I have already suffered an overdraft fee and that I would need to access my line of credit to be sure I don’t suffer another. She sympathized. Whoopee. No offer to remove the overdraft fee. She couldn’t care less. I guess that’s why she came into the office with a nasty, loose-phlegm cough. Glad she didn’t try to shake my hand, but I’ll still probably get sick on top of the stress of “where’s my friggin’ money?”

Memories of the famous “You can’t have your money” account at B of A and the surly staff at the local Albertson’s grocery.

This Bank Is Not Customer Friendly.

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About 2 months ago I set up 2 Visa Buxx card accounts for my teen sons. When we got the cards we found they would not work...anywhere...even though they advertised they would work any where visa is accepted. Nope! They only worked at the US Bank ATM's and then they charged $1.50 for each balance inquiry (which brought the balance down to $18.00 on one card) The subsequent decline for the attempted $20 withdrawal cost .75 cents. So, I got the cards replaced and they still didn't work. Next I called customer service again to let them know the cards aren't working. They blamed it on the merchants. When I asked for a return of fees and to close the account they refused. The manager was awful and we got nowhere and now I'm out $$ for a product/service that never worked.

I would give this bank NO stars if I could. We were thinking of having our son open his first account here but not after this experienc and especially after reading all the complaints online about this bank and their customer service. Horrible!

Recent Call To "Customer Service" Leaves Me Talking-Like-A-Pirate: ARG!

USBank Office Equipment Finance Services (OEFS): TERRIBLE!   This is the "financing tool" that copier companies sell their accounts to.  USBank OEFS can't get their head out of a hole-in-the-ground!  I've been a client for decades, and they do not communicate well with the companies from whom they buy these contracts (the copier seller). OEFS is "GREEDY" in late fees, when it can take 16 days for an invoice leaving their office to reach my desk, I have to sit down the day I receive the invoice and pay it... or they claim they don't get it in time.   What is that?   Is it really my fault that their "payment processing center" is so slow.  It is probably in Pakistan!

So I recently called customer service...three months ago I provided proof of property damage insurance on this copier, but, hhhmmm, they can't find it, (this after a verbal acknowledgment back when I faxed it) so I'm contacting my commercial insurance agent again (She said: "Todd, we did this 3 months ago...oh, it's USBank, they are notorious for this.”)  So I’ll have to do the process again.  And I can just forget about the $30/monthly “Prop Damage Surcharge” I’ve been charged all these months.

Further, not one, but two “customer service” reps just got sarcastic and condescending with me: The first rep was just plain snotty, but when I pressed for a manager, she (the manager) she accused me of taking “a tone” with her and called me sarcastic (which I was not, it quickly became clear that these “customer service” ladies were neither service-oriented or customer-friendly … Saving grace: it is “Talk like a pirate day”  so:  arg!

Worst Customer Service Ever!

I'm trying to close on a new home mortgage and am using US Bank to finance a small 2nd mortgage as part of the process.  Well, it's now been more than three weeks from my originally scheduled closing and we've been told that we still can't close!!  They are asking for the same info multiple times, asking for additional info almost every day, and clearly nothing was done in the month before the original closing date!  Absolutely amazing! 

This is a terrible company with terrible processes.  PLEASE DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM THEM!  I've been through multiple closings in the past, and my builder has gone through a lot of closings recently, and neither of us has any expereince that comes close to this bad.  You will not be happy.  It is not worth it at all, I don't care how cheap their rate is!!

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