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Incompetence In Resolving Problem

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It's been several months since valley took over my original bank, they locked my business account and I was not able to do bill pay to my creditors online. After 2 months of persistent telephone calling and visits to the regional branch, nothing got solved. My account is still locked, now I cannot visit the branch due to Covid coronavirus situation. They are impossible to reach on the phone and their IT department is useless. I am going to switch banking as soon as I am able to. For now, they are holding my money hostage.

Disgusting Costumer Service In My Branch

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The manager (?) of my branch in Parsippany, NJ is extremely rude.

I was going to open a business checking account for my LLC, and she looked at me like I have 2 heads and started asking me a bunch of personal questions about the nature of the services I provide, including “and you’re licensed to do this therapy?” YEAH I’M LICENSED TO DO THIS THERAPY!

Next, I needed to wire money to an international account and she required my drivers license to do this. Fine, no problem. Except I left it in my other purse at home. Her follow up question, “And you drove here?” Which actually no, I walked there because my arm is broken and I can’t drive. But even if I DID drive there, which I didn’t, how is that any of her business or relevant to the business we are doing? I asked if they have a copy of my license from when I opened a debit card with them a few weeks ago, and she said, no they rip those up. She wouldn’t even check the system as a courtesy. I needed to wire the money ASAP.

I was so taken aback by her rude behavior.

It also takes Valley National twice as long as Chase to transfer money to another account, both national and international. It’s also more expensive to wire money into an international account than at Chase. Also, they don’t accept international transfers of money after 3:00, whereas at Chase, they give you until 4:00.

I felt she was fishing to find something wrong with me. Anyway, I’ll be taking my business to Chase now. I am not doing either of the two tasks mentioned above at Valley National, because of that manager’s treatment of me, and I’m transferring all my savings, checking...etc to the Chase branch near me, where I witnessed the customer service being MUCH better.

Worse Service I've Ever Had From A Bank

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Avoid this bank at all costs!

Great location, right on Main street near downtown Dunedin. They are a "smallish" community bank, I was really excited to open an account conveniently located without having to use one of the huge corporate banks where the service is just awful.

Well color me surprised when the manager of this bank was the most obnoxiously rude COW I've ever encountered at any bank. I'm sitting at the service desk opening a new account, the account rep is entering all my information into his computer, when suddenly this grumpy old lady walks up behind me and is leering at me over my shoulder -- very odd! She begins to interrogate me about my personal life, asking questions which have nothing to do with banking. I worked in banking for 14 years and the questions this lady was asking were not apropos to banking nor even legal to be demanding that a customer answer.

I was like, "Excuse me, who are you, and why are you asking me personal questions."
She replies, "I'm the manager and if you don't answer my questions then you can leave."
I couldn't believe how this old lady was treating me. So I asked if she was anti- gay and lesbian. She replies, "Get out! I don't want people like you in my bank!"

I've never been treated so poorly by a bank. And to finish the story, I went up the road to USAmeribank (also a community bank) and they opened my account on the spot and were very nice. They even had free freshly baked cookies. Yay USAmeribank... boo Valley National... more like Valley of the Lepers.

I Like Their Calls About My Late Payments. Saved My Credit Rating!

I have repeatedly missed my car payment dates. They call my cell, mention the problem, and I say pay it. I finally got my own bank to start making automatic payments for this reason, so the calls should stop. Given all the $10 or see fees each late period, I paid about $100 in late fees this year. That is my fault. I consider the fees a bargain. Someone had to call me, and that service costs money. Often, these callers get nowhere, so I must unfortunately but realistically account for that low efficiency in what I pay as a late fee. I appreciate the calls. It's much better than my forgetting until I end up with my payments so overdue they get reported to credit agencies. My credit score is over 820. If not for their calls, I would forget and it would be much lower. I don't recall getting calls when I missed payments for anything. For me, it's a win-win. Maybe other banks do that, but I'm just glad they do it. Saved my credit score. I'm thinking of buying a house. How much is the score worth to me? A lot! I do wish I could have paid online to their bank directly from mine without an account at their bank, but such is life.

Don't Ever Get A Car Loan From Them

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I got a overpriced loan for my Honda in 2007. When the economy went sour in 2008, I was unable to make prompt payments.This bank's main office called my business and personal # at least 2 to 3 times a day for months. After getting a phone call from an very rude gentleman, who got me to tears twice I stopped taking their calls. They received a monthly payment with late payments each month with the late payment fee. I was unable to get ahead with payments and this bank did not want to find a solution. I even attempted to add $50 to 5 payments, and was told that this would come off my principle. Now I am at last at my last payment , and was told the payment is 2X the normal payment. I was informed that they had added interest each day it was late, a "Late payment on the interest".  I am sending them them the check today, but not without the final word. If you read this, don't bank with them ! Their collections department staff is nasty to say the least. They are not there to work out solutions to problems their customers may have. The are the rudest collection department of a bank that I have ever dealt with ( and I did deal with other banks at this period of time that did not treat their customers like that!)

Refinance Scam

We just fell for Valley's $499 refinance scam! They sent their "appraiser" to ouur house and it was valued $65,000 less than our 2 year old appraisal and $55,000 less than our 1 month old assessment. We asked ablout this and were told that they don't use the appraisal, just recent sales in a 3 mile radius. Features, lot size, condition don't matter. Three miles from my house includes 3 other towns that are much lower than mine in property value. The house next to mine with a similar lot size just sold for just under what we bought ours at and one up the street, with a smaller lot, just sold for more. Valley just stole $499 from us!

Valley National Bank Is NOT Customer Friendly!

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I have been a customer for 15 years. I went to have something notarized and they would not do it, because it was not related to their bank. I had to go to a UPS store where they dont know me and pay to have it done. Today I went to cash a small rebate check from Allstate and because it also had my husbands name on it they would only deposit it and told me to write my own check for the same amount if I wanted the cash. the balance in my account was way more then the small check.  And my Allstate is paid directly out of myValley account on the 15th of each month and my husbands name is not on that account. Do yourself a favor go to PNC or Peapack Gladstone Bank stay far away from VNB

Valley National Bank Is The Worst Bank Ever!

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There is no reason why this bank should hold checks more than 2 days, besides collect interest on people's money.  Their practices are deceiving.  Other banks don't do what Valley does.  If you can change banks, please do yourself a favor and do so.

Can't Pay Loan Back Online

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I just bought a car and my dealership made me go through Valley Nation Bank for the loan. I like to pay all my bills online because it's quicker, but this bank doesn't offer that option unless you're a member. They make you send a check. My last loan was through capitol one and they were awesome. Not a fan of VNB.

Horrible Bank And Mortgage Processing Is The Slowest In The World

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I have applied for Home Refinancing with this Bank, and it has been over 3 months and the loan has not yet closed. They go on asking new documents every few days when I call to check up on the status, which I duly oblige within a day. Then again, no response till I call back to check again.

They do not provide a complete list of expected documents at the time of applying such that the customer can make an informed decision.

Never get lured by their low closing fees as it proves with lower fees the kind of service is equally of low quality.


The Worst Bank-I Cant Fathom How They Got This Big

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This bank is the worst

Online banking is not real time- It isnt even accurate

They have no one at the branch who can ever correct a problem

The Bank hold deposits for unexplainable amounts of time

They dont even have withdrawl slips for checking

If you ever dealt with TD-Wells Fargo dont come here

All they are consistent with is sale advertisements








Horrible Bank - Stay Away

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Last year I opened up an account with Valley National in Landing, NJ.  I had been with TD Bank/Commerce Bank for years prior, but moved to Blairstown last year and wanted a bank close by my work and new home, since there were no local branches of TD Bank nearby.  Well, I could not believe the horrible service I would get from Valley National!  They were not honest about the funds availability schedule when I opened my account, and held on to my money for an excessive amount of time, even though the checks had already cleared.  When I complained to the branch, they were not even apologetic that it was not made clear to me when opening the account, and were visibly annoyed that I had the nerve to complain.  They assured me that if I had funds deposited via cash or direct deposit, the money would not be held unavailable like that.  So, I had my child support direct deposited into their bank.  Well, guess what?  They lied again!  A deposit that was made on 9/8 from child support via direct deposit still has HALF of the funds not available!  That is totally unacceptable!  I NEVER had any issues with funds availability with TD Banik or any other bank I have ever dealt with in my life.  I guess customer service is not a priority in this area--I can't believe that such an awful bank can even stay in business.  Then again, when I pass the Fredon branch or the Blairstown branch, I rarely ever see cars in the parking lot.  Maybe that says something.  Anyway...I plan to have my money direct deposited elsewhere...there HAS to be a better local bank than Valley National.  I've heard First Hope Bank is good, I may try them and see.  I can't imagine the service can be any worse than what I've gotten with Valley National.

Worst Bank Ever

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Everyone who works there is an idiot. None of them speak good English. If you value your money, bank somewhere else!

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