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3403 Tenth Street, Suite 100
Riverside, CA 92501

Security Bank of California is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Pacific Premier Bank.

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Better Than The Credit Unions, But Barely

I've been dealing with Security Bank of California since 2014 with both a personal and business checking account. I had selected them on part of a referral from another customer to supplement the financial ease of depositing cash compared to my other bank (Schwab), and that is the only reason I have used them. Imagine when I surprise though when I go to deposit cash or checks at the ATMS, and the holds are longer than Schwab! Consistently, I have been better off pooling the money and taking a trip to the nearest Schwab branch in Upland, than depositing my money into SBC.

However, I do have some excellent things to stay about their SBA lending options. Bar non, they are the most fair and forgiving in the area. Tailored to meet the needs of my company, repayment options are lent out depending on what it is you are buying and supplying. In my case, I had some real estate space that I needed to secure, and they were able to set me up with a 25 year plan and helped keep my monthly payments low. This is important as my work is highly seasonal, and some months I may be able to make 10,000+, and other months only 1,000.


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