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514 Market Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101

United Bank (WV) is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution United Bank (VA).

Reviews (6)

Banking with United Bank

Posted by: Ambs85 | Oct 6, 2015

When I walked in to United Bank on Shady Grove Road in Rockville, Maryland, I was greeted very warmly. I went to open a free checking account. The person at the desk was available to help me right away. He introduced himself to me immediately and proceeded to assist me. He showed me the different benefits of each checking account and told me what they offered. After contemplating, I decided to go with the account that gives 10% back when you spend. He informed me that with this account, the limit to get back is $10 per quarter, which will be mailed to me as a check. He opened my account within 30 minutes, and before I left he helped me set up online banking. I left with all of my needs met. Two days later, he called me to see how my account was going. This has been the best banking experience I have ever had.

Just Okay

This bank is just OK. Customer service is not great. I once called about a charge on my card and they had me on hold for an hour and switched me between different departments. They finally were able to help me but I closed my account because of this. Their mobile app is very outdated as well. I liked their different accounts, I just needed to change because I felt like I couldn't trust them.

united bank review

i started using this bank about 6 years ago. Over the years I have experienced multiple problems using this bank. Account problems such as having to change my card multiple times due to hacks to account holders. This is very inconvenient. Over charges from moving my money around on the app are unreal. Poor customer service from a select few associates. Other than that if they can get these problems sorted out, it would be a great bank. The lines in the bank are short so you can be in and out in no time. The application on the mobile device is a wonderful implication. There are many things you can do from check cashing to being able to manage both your savings account and checking. The United Bank does not have a way for people to increase their credit through a secured bank card so you'll have to go else were for that. my overall rating of this bank is a 2 because of these things. I have been with this bank for 6 years and i will continue to ride it out with them regardless of change. My opinion of this bank is relatively good. They seem to have grown over the years and I will enjoy watching them grow and succeed like my children.

I Am Their Lowly Customer

Posted by: Scribe | Dec 31, 2016

Of the four banks I've dealt with in West Virginia, United Bank is my least favorite. They seem to think they are my masters, and I'm lucky I can do business with them. For example, I once parked in their behind-the-bank parking lot (open to public), went inside and made a deposit, then walked out the front door and did a little shopping, then back into their parking lot after 20 minutes to find a tag on my car threatening to tow it! For a long time, an "inactive" account was charged a fee, I don't know if they still do that, I closed my savings account because of it. My ATM card stopped working for no apparent reason, and their attitude was, too bad, apply for another one. I've moved, and trying to change my address and phone number with them has been like trying to squeeze water out of a stone. The tone of their phone rep has been cold, it's like we set the rules, you follow them. I will be glad when I've closed my checking account and gotten rid of them.


Posted by: Hee29 | Jun 3, 2017

I opened a checking account with United Bank as a secondary account. I decided it would be a good idea since I didn't want all of my money in one financial institution. On a Tuesday I walked into the bank and spoke with a representative, paying the minimum deposit in cash to open the account. In less than an hour I walked out with my paperwork.

Fast forward a few months. I go to put money in the account and it says I'm overdraft by $45. I couldn't understand how since I never used the card and put $25 in the account when it was opened.

I had to wait two days to call their customer service office (they're closed on the weekends). This didn't brother me because, again, I don't use the account. I was more curious than anything but at this point not mad. When Monday came and I spoke with a representative who explained to me that the account had been charged over a $100 in fees!!!

Apparently they charge a $10 monthly maintence fee (I was told that I have signed up for free checking). In fact, my paperwork from the bank even said FREE CHECKING!

For two months the $10 fee was being paid with the $25 deposit. On the third month, when there was only $5 left, they charged an overdraft fee. Each DAY after the initial overdraft fee was charged they added an additional $5. They call this fee an "extended overdraft fee."

I explained to the supervisor, even offered to fax my paperwork, that I was told I had free checking. I demanded that the fees be waived. The supervisor refused and threatened to report my account to the system they use to report fraudulent accounts. She even said that once I was in that system I would not be able to get another checking account.

United Bank truly disgust me. They have zero accountability for their mistakes, terrible customer service and ridiculous fees.

$5 a day for an overdraft? And this is after the initial overdraft fee? A person could literally accumulate almost $100 in overdraft fees if they are living check to check and find themselves stuck until payday. I do not plan on using the account I had with them.

My advice would be to run, don't walk (in the other direction that is), if you are considering United Bank.

Lack Of Confidentiality Regarding Your Finances

Posted by: ceo | Jan 28, 2012

What ever happened to the adage that says banking is confidential. If you do not want other people to know your business do not do any banking with the united Bank in Parkersburg on Market Street. I own a small business And in the course of getting a line of credit I gave United some financial information. The commercial loan officer who knew one of the MINORITY stock holders informed them about company business and shared the financials and discussed other items to which that shareholder was not entitled to know about. I was about to merge all three of our branches account business there as we at present only have the account for one branch at united. I cannot be assured that my account information will be kept confidential so now because if this unethical breech I am closing the existing account and merging all three elsewhere. This is the second occurrence with the same bank officer with that shareholder. Shame on him!


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