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3200 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Wilshire Bank is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union.

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13 Mth Flex CD & DDA (1.20%) - 5/25/2016

Wilshire is offering new CD promotion. Must have/set up DDA account for interest deposits. 13 MONTH FLEX CD & DDA PROMOTION (Consumer & Business Accounts Permitted) 1.20% APY; $30,000 minimum deposit/balance;  $250,000 maximum. Interest paid monthly to DDA; Campaign Period: April 25, 2016 – June 30, 2016 Transaction Restriction: Transactions during the first seven (7) days from account opening and seven (7) days prior to maturity is not allowed. Six (6) withdrawals are permitted without penalty in increments of $1,000 and unrestricted number of deposits in increments of $1,000 up to the amount of $250,000 of total CD balance

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Reviews (4)

This Bank Is Great!

Posted by: Huy Ngo | Dec 11, 2015

The staff is great and humor. Even the app on mobile is bad, the web version is good with all detail you need. Beside, they have a rainbow saving, with high APY and it is a great way to saving money.

Wilshire State Bank

Recently I opened an account with Wilshire State Bank, located at 150-24 Northern Blvd Flushing. The staff was so kind and professional and I got the service to them as VIP and I recommend to use Wilshire State Bank. It's different then other bank.


Avoid This Bank-Incompetent

I took out a mortgage with Wilshire Bank recently and had a very negative experience. During our 8 week escrow period, they were very inefficient in collecting the necessary financial records from us, they were still doing so up until the very day of closing, and had not established any kind of contact with the Title company until the 5th week of escrow after I insisted they do so. Bottom line- they were incompetent and brought a lot of risk to our loan process. Avoid this bank!

Has The Bank Failed?

Posted by: MopMan44 | Oct 9, 2010

Went to the Bayside, NY branch of Wilshire State Bank on Sat. 10/9.  They were closed.  Called the Flushing, NY branch.  No one answered.  No signs on door giving any reason why Bayside branch was closed.  I know some branches close for Columbus Day, but that is Monday, and no sign for that either. I am calling California branches later to see if they are open.  Anybody know anything?  Hope they didn't fail/go out of business.


We do not have health information for Wilshire Bank, because it is no longer an operational bank.


Sorry, we do not have rate data for Wilshire Bank.


Sorry, but we do not have location data for Wilshire Bank. Its headquarters is located at 3200 Wilshire Boulevard - Los Angeles, CA 90010