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Credit Union Locators and Networks

I found a useful site to find local credit unions. The finder tool is run by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). It worked better for me than other services that I've mentioned in a previous post. Unlike the ncua.gov database, CUNA's tool lists credit unions that may not be based locally but have local branches. And unlike Bankrate.com's credit union lists, CUNA's tool seems up-to-date.

I've also seen many credit unions are part of a credit union network. One is the CU Service Corporation. Here's how CU Service Corporation describes itself:

Credit Unions have joined together and created shared Service Center locations around the country. Shared Service Centers allow a participating credit union member to conduct most of their business as if it were their own credit union branch. By sharing facilities, credit unions can offer greater convenience for members to access their accounts in many more locations.

So if you have a family member in another state who belongs to a great credit union, you can join that credit union and conduct business with them through other local credit unions who are network members.