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EmigrantDirect's Gift to Members Affected by Katrina


According to this Fatwallet forum thread, EmigrantDirect has just issued gifts of $1000 per household to all of its customers who live in areas principally affected by Hurricane Katrina. The post was made by a senior member of the forum who lives in Alabama. Yesterday he reported that he had just received an email from EmigrantDirect notifying of this gift. He then confirmed that the thousand dollar deposit had been made to his account. In the post, he attached the email he received. Just based on my experience with Fatwallet forums, this seems real.

I'm glad EmigrantDirect decided to make such a generous gift to the hurricane victims. It should provide some real help. This gift shows that an online bank can be just as caring as the local brick-and-mortar bank. Online dealings can seem very impersonal. It can be hard to feel comfortable with an online bank. But generosity like this can help break that image.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #1
A press release about Emigrant Direct's $1,000 gifts has just come out.