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Next Call to ING the CEO May Answer


This article from Delaware Online reports on ING Direct's CEO Swap program. ING Direct's CEO, Arkadi Kuhlmann, switches jobs with an employee for a day to help ensure he stays in touch with employees and customers. Last Friday, he switched jobs with an employee who works in the financial reporting department. He plans on 3 more of these days this year. The next one will be switching places with an employee in the bank's call center in Los Angeles. So the next time you call ING Direct for support, you may be speaking to the CEO. Just make sure you don't call too many times or you might be fired as a customer.

The article also had some interesting facts about ING Direct. Since it started business 5 years ago in Wilmington Delaware, ING Direct's employment has increased by nearly tenfold to 1,200, including 617 in Delaware.