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Finding the Best Bank Rates and Deals #2


This post is intended to be a place where readers can share the best bank deals. Your help is much appreciated. Also, I'm including a list of the websites that provide the best lists of CD and money market rates. This is intended to be a place where you can start your search for the best bank deals.

The first post on finding the best bank deals was getting a little long with comments, so I'm starting this new one.

Please include the link to the deal in the comments of this post. If the deal is not on the bank's website, please include the source of the deal (i.e. a New York Times newspaper ad, a sign at a local bank, etc.)

I'll try my best to post on the deals, and I'll be sure to give you credit. If you want to remain anonymous, simply comment as an anonymous user and/or email me at bankdeals at gmail dot com.

Don't worry about being absolutely sure that a deal is new and worthwhile. It's often hard to find all the small print or to find if the deal has already been posted. One tip to see if the deal has already been posted is to use the search box at the top of this page.

Other Sources for Bank Deals

With new deals from banks and credit unions constantly popping up, no site has a complete list of all the best deals. If you find another good source of bank deals, please let me know. To find a previous deal from one of my older posts, refer to my Bank Deals Archive.

[Edited 6/26: Added link to my bank deals archive]
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #1
Wachovia is buying Golden West financial, the parent of world Savings.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #2
Thanks for the info. I've posted on it here. Hopefully, they'll let World Savings continue with their CD deals.
Rammesh   |     |   Comment #3
NetBank current customers have new offer - $25 Visa Gift Card for opening a CD for $5000 for 1 year. More details here...

Your Special Offers

As a valued NetBank® customer you are eligible for these special offers. Special offers change on a regular basis so check back often.

Connect to a 1-year CD at 5.20% APY* (National average is 3.60% APY**)

Benefits are:

* Top tier rating on Bankrate.com**
* Few investments are as safe as a
NetBank® CD
* Get a $25 Visa Gift Card when you open and fund a 1-year (or longer) term CD
with a minimum balance of $5,000*

Offer subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time. Expires 6/30/06.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #4
Thanks Rammesh. I've posted on it here. It's not quite as good as last February, but it's still a decent deal especially when you consider their 1-year CD pays a nice 5.25% APY. -Ken
FIRE Finance
FIRE Finance   |     |   Comment #5
Everbank is offering a MarketSafe Gold Bullion CD. The details are availabe at http://www.everbank.com. We have also done a post on the above CD.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #6
For those who want to spice up their CDs, Everbank has some interesting ones. They also use to have a CD tied to the S/P index fund (see post) . They don't seem to offer that one any more.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #7
Got a post card in mail that they'll be offering 5.50% on 18 month CD from 5/15 to 5/25.

It seems that you can apply on-line, come back and verify the rate on 5/15.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #8
Thanks, I'll be sure to check on them next week.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #9
Superior Savings Bank of NE has a nice 5% money market rate. But be aware. When they raise the rate, they create a whole new money market product. Existing accounts have to call and upgrade, or they stay at the old rate!! sneeky.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #10
Thanks for the info on Superior Bank. I have a post on them here. Also, the account has a min of $100K. Their tactics seems similar to what banks do with promotional CDs. They hope customers just let them renew into low-rate CDs.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #11

5.50% 18 months CD is up already.
scott61   |     |   Comment #12
Salem Five bank is offering a 9 or 15 Month CD at 5.30. Can be opened online.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #13
Thanks for the YNB info! I've posted on it here .

I called the bank and received some more info. I was told you have to be either a NJ or PA resident. Nevertheless, it's good deal for people in those states.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #14
Thanks scott for posting the Salemfive CD info! I posted on it here. 5.30% 9-month is a great rate. Interesting they're still offering that same no-penalty CD that they were offering back in October with even a lower rate than before.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #15
1st Mariner Bank (Footprint of Maryland and Delaware) is offering a promotional 5.50%APY 9 month CD at their Odenton Branch until the end of May. There is an email campaign that will be sent out on Monday that will have a coupon that the customer must bring into the branch that will allow them to open the promo CD and a checking account with a $25 promotional deposit and a free gift. You can only receive the $25 dollars if you open the checking account with the CD and have the coupon to present to the Odenton branch at the time of opening. The email is being sent to those in and around Odenton but if you contact the branch they can forward it to you if you do not receive it. It is not required to open a checking account with the CD, you can simply go in and open the CD by itself.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #16
Emigrant Direct offer a savings account with no minumum and no fees. Not Bad
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #17
Oops, the emigrant direct savings with no min and no fees was at %4.50.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #18
Citibank e-Savings Up: Now 4.75 APY
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #19
4.85% IndyMacBank E-Money Market


$1,000 - $9,999.99 4.11% 4.20%
$10,000 - $24,999.99 4.11% 4.20%
$25,000 - $49,999.99 4.74% 4.85%
$50,000 + 4.74% 4.85%

Product Features and Requirements

· Minimum to open is $1000

· Interest is compounded daily and paid or reinvested into the account monthly. Interest tiers feature higher interest for higher balances starting at balances of $1,000. No interest is paid for each day your balance falls below $1,000 during the month.

· Monthly fee is $7 if your balance falls below $1,000 during the month.

· Check writing and Visa Check Card are not available.

· ATM access is available. Indymac Bank® will not charge you a fee for using any ATM.

· You may open this account as a retirement account. Subject to retirement account restrictions.

· Rates guaranteed until 8/31/06.

· New money only.
Mark Stone
Mark Stone   |     |   Comment #20
Southern New Hampshire Bank (www.snhb.com) is running a nice 9-24 month special - 5.50 APY. Can be opened up through the mail and minimum is $500.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #21
Thanks everyone for your deals comments! I'll try to post on some of them tomorrow. -Ken
David   |     |   Comment #22
The Golden 1 Credit Union in California is offering a 12-month CD at 5.25% APY with $1,000 minimum.

Link: http://www.golden1.com/promotions_accounts_services/2006/may06_CD.asp
zeego   |     |   Comment #23
The post on 5-14-06 about the CD at Superior Savings Bank in Superior WI: This happens to be my birthplace and where my father lives. Phoned him, he went to his otherlocal bank and they matched the rate.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #24
Thanks David on the Golden 1 info. I've added it to the comment on the last post I did on them.

Zeego, glad to see this helped your father get a better rate. It's a good lesson to always request from your current bank a rate match before you move your money.
Rick   |     |   Comment #25

9 month 5.5%apy cd
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #26
Hey Banking Guy,

United Commerical Bank is offering cash bonus up to $9288. That's insane. Seems too good to be true. Could you please find out more about this promotion?

Here is link to their Home Page:

Here is the link to the promotion:
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #27
Thanks for the info on United Commerical Bank. They sure don't have many details on their website on this deal. I have a feeling there are many requirements. I'll look into it.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #28
12-month cd, 10%apy $100 minimum , $1000 max
see details in footnote.

scott1961   |     |   Comment #29
New World Internet CD 5 month 5.31% open to all
newlybornfirestarter   |     |   Comment #30
Few Rate Updates:

Virtual Bank

3-Month CD (Up): 5.02% APY

UFB Direct

Jumbo MMA (Up): 4.91% APY

Corus Bank

6-Month CD (Up): 5.30% APY
1-Year CD (Up):5.45% APY
3-Month CD (Down): 4.81% APY
MMA (Down): 4.81% APY

Giant Bank:
MMA (Up): 4.51% APY
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #31
Thanks anonymous, scott1961 and newlybornfirestarter. I've posted on all of them today.
CD Man
CD Man   |     |   Comment #32
Garden City Bank,MO, 6 years/ 5.9 % (IRAs: 6.11%), 816 773 8150
CD Man
CD Man   |     |   Comment #33
Garden City Bank,MO, 6 years/ 5.9 % (IRAs: 6.11%), 816 773 8150
CD Man
CD Man   |     |   Comment #34
First State Bank, FL, 5 years/ 6%,
941 929 9000
Carol in California
Carol in California   |     |   Comment #35
IndyMac Bank has increased its Prime Index Account to 5.25%. This is the same account as posted 4/5/06. The rate is good only at the Ventura and Camarillo, CA branches. The Ventura County Star has been advertising this rate for the past week.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #36
Carol, Thanks again for the info. I posted on IndyMac's local deal here.

CD Man, Thanks for those long-term CD deals. I'll try to post on them tomorrow. It's hard to beat Penfed's 6% 3-year CD (post) and the new AFCU's 6.36% 3-year CD (post).
scott1961   |     |   Comment #37
Star Money Market is now 4.75% with $10k min
Great rate from a B&M bank
can be opened by anyone
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #38
NetBank and Buy.com have some new bonuses...up to $160 total.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #39
Thanks Scott, I posted on Salemfive here.

Thanks anonymous on the Netbank promo. I have some other Netbank promos here.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #40
About that $9288 bonus at United Commercial Bank, it does look too good to be true. There's a good post about the details here.
scott61   |     |   Comment #41
Found this at a bank local to me. You do have to go in to open.
Needham Cooperative Bank in Massachusetts is having a special on a 1-Year CD that earns 5.50% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #42
ING goes up .1%! WOW!
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #43
Thanks again Scott. I posted info on this here.

And thanks anonymous for the ING update. You can see how much they've lagged the others here.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #44
interState Net Bank is paying 5.00% on its money market account for balances over $10,000. This rate is guaranteed until December 31, 2006.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #45
Thanks for the info on interState Net Bank. My last post on them was here. It does seem like a good deal if you plan on keeping at least $10K in the account.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #46
America Heritage FCU (Philadelphia PA) 13 month 5.25 APY

site https://www.amhfcu.org/asp/rates.asp
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #47
Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh

Money Market Promotion 6.00% APY special 3 mo. promotion.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #48
10% 1 year CD's but capped at $1,000.

scott61   |     |   Comment #49
Countrywide Bank Savingslink account has moved up to 5.00% for $50k+
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #50
Thanks for the American Heritage FCU special The 5.25% CD for 13-months is good but they also have a 5.50% for $50K+ deposits which is higher than what most online banks are offering. I've posted on it here.

Thanks for the Dime Bank 6% promo. I think this might be limited to those who have been given a promo code. Refer to this FW thread.

Thanks for the 10% CD special. I posted on it here. It has a very low max, but it's an extra $46 over what you could get from other 1-year CDs.

Scott, thanks for the Countrywide update. I posted on it here.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #51

Hello Ken,
How are you? This deal might be of interest to you.
Arlington Virginia Federal CU
is offering
a 5.50%APY, 60-month, $500.00 min. CD
is limited to those who live, work, worship, volunteer or go to school in Arlington County plus their immediate household and family members.
This CU has a 5 star rating from Bauer Financial.


Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #52
Thanks Victor. I posted on it here. I found that they have a history of a high 5-year CD rate so there should be meaningful chances to make use of the bump-up feature.
Greg Taylor 800-362-9876 x 203
Greg Taylor 800-362-9876 x 203   |     |   Comment #53
Hello Block CD buyers,
I have access to a credit union in California offering rates for $100m block CDs. I am a registered broker and I can facilitate these transactions for you free of charge (I am paid from the CUs). I have 1-3 yr 5.25 % APR. 4 YR 5.30 APR & 5 YR 5.35 APR. The 4 & 5 YR have ONE TIME BUMP UP FEATURES (with no max on bump) wire or check is okay, and flexible settlement. Call me if interested 800-362 9876 x 203. Ask for Greg. I also have acces to 1 yr 5.65% APR (usually $50k min, $100 pref.) These I would charge you $250 per $100m, but you would receive checks from the 5.65% APR (monthly) or you can let it compound in the account until maturity (and get the APY higher %). You can also email me at "gtaylor@financialnortheastern.com". THX.
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor   |     |   Comment #54
I forgot to mention that you need not worry about membership. These are all considered non-member deposits. Allowable by the NCUA (20% of total shares are allowed for a FCU in NM Deposits). I have access to all these Credit Unions contacts that will accept the deposits. No 3rd party, all direct with the credit unions or banks.
scott61   |     |   Comment #55
Brotherhood Credit Union in MA is offering a 15 Month CD at 5.55% APY requires $10k Min
Membership is open to:
"Any person living or working in Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk or Suffolk counties"
Carol in California
Carol in California   |     |   Comment #56
Today's L.A.Times & Daily News advertise credit union specials for Southern California residents: Kinecta Credit Union- 15 mo 5.55%($1,000min)Phone 866.KINECTA
Premier America CU-7 mo 5.25%($5,000min) AND 7%(!!!)7 mo ($7,000max-$2,000min) with checking, direct deposit or bill pay acct. Phone 800.772.4000.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #57
Thanks again Scott and Carol. Looks like 5.55% 15-month is a popular special.

I've posted on the MA deal here.

I posted on the Kinecta deal here. Looks like anyone can join this CU through a non-profit membership and can open the CD online.

The 7% CD deal is posted here . Looks like this may also be available for parts of Houston, TX.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #58

Ford Interest Advantage, Money Market 5.52% (Backed by Ford Credit, but NOT FDIC insured)
scott61   |     |   Comment #59
Cambridge Savings Bank in MA is offering a savings account at 5.15% $25,000 min and rate is guaranteed through 2/28/07. I had an account with this bank in the past and I did go into to open but not sure if you have to. When I closed it they let me do it over the phone and sent me out a check. Also have DIF insurance
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #60
Thanks for the info on the Ford account. I see for $50K+ deposits the APY is almost 6%. But like you mentioned, it's not FDIC insured. Short term bond funds may be a better option with less risk.

Scott, thanks for the info on that 5.15% savings account. I posted on it here.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #61
PATELCO Credit Union,Super Saver Certificate. 4.35%APY, 8-month term, Unlimited add-ons, $1K minimum opening balance. This is a CA credit union that I have used for years. The add is listed in the Sacramento Bee Newspaper today.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #62
Sorry, the Patelco rate should be 5.35% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #63
1st Constitution Bank Celebrates re-opening 6/10, Plainsboro NJ, special rates. 609-750-0200


1st Constitution Bank reopens

Friday, June 09, 2006

PLAINSBORO -- 1st Constitution Bank will celebrate the grand reopening of its branch in the new Plainsboro Village from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow.

The new branch at 11 Schalks Crossing Road has been in service since the previous location across the road at 10 Schalks Crossing Road closed at the end of April, according to branch manager Wendy Mantz.

The difference in locations is greater than simply crossing a road, however. The old location "was a tanning salon before it was a bank office," said Mantz. "It was very gloomy. The new branch is bigger and brighter."

The new branch is full-service and offers safe deposit boxes, a 24-hour drive-up ATM and a station for Internet banking, Mantz said.

Established in 1989 and headquartered in Cranbury, 1st Constitution has nine branches in central New Jersey where it concentrates on small-business, retail banking, commercial and residential mort gages and other services.

Assets for 1st Constitution reached a high of $305.8 million at the end of 2005, which was a record year for the company, according to Mantz. 1st Constitution stock is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the ticker symbol FCCY.

Bank shares yesterday were trading at $18.94 and in a 52-week range of $16.67 to $20.98.

The grand reopening celebration will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. rain or shine and include a DJ, games and balloons for children, prizes and refreshments. 609-750-0200

Bill Mooney is Business Editor of the Trenton Times. His e-mail address is wmooney@njtimes.com
CD Man
CD Man   |     |   Comment #64
5 years/5.75%APY,Seacoast Commerce Bank, CA, 619 476 7776

5 years/5.55%APY, Omni National Bank,GA, 770 396 0000

5 years/5.55%APY,Raymond James Bank, FL, 800 874 BANK
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #65
Colony Bank
Houston County, GA
5.5% APY
$500 minimum
12 months CD
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #66
Hey Anonymous, You Said:"Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh

Money Market Promotion 6.00% APY special 3 mo. promotion.



By Anonymous, at 11:50 AM, June 01, 2006 "

I'd love to sign up for this, they take amounts up to $250,000.00 @ 6%, what joy! But you need a promo code to sign up for it. What is it?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #67
post move: Anonymous said: "Since we are becoming more and more international I wonder if you have any experience with banks in other parts of the world? I found this great rate of 6.5% at an online bank in Australia that has been in business for about 100 years here: http://www.abetterdeal.com.au/TeleNet_Term_Deposit/index.asp and I found out about by searching through this bank rate comparison site here: http://www.infochoice.com.au/banking/atcallsavings/compare/tables/online/NSW.asp .

I used to have an acount with RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and it was just like an American bank, they held my assests in U.S. dollars. I banked with them through the mail. If we can get higher rates by going to another country do you know of any sites that compare rates worldwide for return and safety? Also, what do you know of putting American dollars in a foreign bank? Do you recommend it?

ooops! thats http://www.abetterdeal.com.au/
David   |     |   Comment #68
From the Golden 1 Credit Union website:

"The Golden 1 hands you the key to unlock your
savings potential with a Bump-Up 10-Month
Certificate or 22-Month Certificate at 5.45%
APY. These new IRA and regular certificates
offer you both flexibility and control by giving
you a one-time opportunity to “bump-up” your
rate if the rate on the certificate you choose
increases. Your rate cannot decrease; you are
locked in at 5.45% APY until you take advantage
of the one-time “unlocking” option to secure a
higher rate."

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #69
Plainsboro offices of www.1stconstitution.com
Call 609-750-0200 for Grand Opening Specials

Savings Accounts/Money Market Accounts:

1st Choice Super Savings 4.75% APY*

Liquid Account- Deposit and withdraw any time. Minimum to open only $10,000.00. *4.75% APY Super Savings- Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is as of 06/01/06. The introductory rate may change on or after 06/30/06 and will apply to balances of $10,000 or more. Balances under $10,000 earn 1.60% APY. If the balance falls below $10,000, a service charge of $20 will be imposed. Fees may reduce earnings.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #70
Plainsboro, NJ offices of www.1stconstitution.com
Call 609-750-0200 for Grand Opening Specials

CD Rates:

6 Month CD @ 5.00% APY**
9 Month CD @ 5.25% APY**

**Minimum to open only $1,000. Annual percentage yield (APY) based on 12 months.
newlybornfirestarter   |     |   Comment #71
E*Trade Bank Yield Increase:

3 Month 4.85%
6 Month 5.40%
1 Year 5.50%
2 Year 5.50%
3 Year 5.50%
5 Year 5.55%
ferro   |     |   Comment #72
AFCu yields dwon to 6% on 4 and 5 yr certificates
WeHelpEveryone   |     |   Comment #73
10% 1 Year CD at MA BANK


respectfully, BostonMoney
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #74
5% APY "SavingsLink" at Countrywide over $50K.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #75
HELLO!!! What is the Dime Bank 6% promo code?? It does no good to post a promotion that nobody can get without the code.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #76
Thanks everyone for the deals.

Refer to my previous comment about the 6% Dime Bank promo. As you mention, it's limited to those with a promo code.

That Savinglink 5% rate is a good deal (see post. I have heard they do hard credit pulls however.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #77
South Jersey:
Lot of these banks/ credit unions offer specails but most of us don't qualify becase we dont qulaify for the memership or the banks don't want t do business over the mail they do not have restictions so it becomes a waste of time calling these palces up
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #78
GE Money Savings is offering promotions in select cities. The promo codes and open to use for all.

portland1, seattle1
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #79
Thanks for the note about the GE Money Savings promo. I posted about it in this post.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #80
Dear Banking Guy,

Thanks for the up to date info on bank deals.
However, I have a comment on OneUnited Bank 5% saving account.

In your short cut to bank disclosure of fees it says:

"For all Savings Accounts: $1.00 for each withdrawal (including preauthorized debits) in
excess of 3 per month."

Is the fee applied after the third ACH or on all as you have indicated in the negative column?

Please explain if you info came from OneUnited Bank or am I missing something.

scott61   |     |   Comment #81
Today's Boston Globe has an ad from Danvers Savings bank in MA offering a 9 Month CD at 5.50% APY. Not listed on their site. Ad states $500 min to open and requires you to open a checking account with direct deposit
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #82
Bob, I missed that statement in the disclosure. But the last table didn't have any exception listed when it stated "ACH Withdrawal Fee: $1". Looks like this is going to require another call.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #83
Thanks Scott for the posting to 5.50% CD special. I posted on it here.
thecpa   |     |   Comment #84
nooAmerica's Credit Union is offering a $75 sign up bonus. Membership is open to all. Must select the "civilian" option when signing up.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #85
Thanks thecpa. I actually had posted on this back in January, but I thought it was a good deal to post an update especially since it's a credit union that's open to all. If you select civilian in the application, can you avoid having to join that US Army association?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #86
Presidents Special. 5.45%APY, 11-Month CD. American River HealthPro Credit Union(ARHPCU). Sacramento, CA, branches.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #87
I haven't investigated this too much, but check out Millenium Bank:


1 yr Cd, $5k min, 6.75%.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #88
Thanks for the mentioning the ARHPCU CD special. I posted on it here.

Thanks for the info on Millenneium Bank. I've done a little research into this offshore (non-FDIC) bank last October.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #89
Countrywide Bank is now offering higher rates by calling its 800 number or visiting a banking center than over the internet.

The rates seem to vary by area. To find the higher rates insert your zip code in the box at the top of this page:

The highest rates I could find were for the Chicago area (try zip code 60600).
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #90
newark nj:
yes i have countrywide money maehet and i live in the are with 5% money maeket. for last 4 weeks they have not changed my rate my deposit requirements a enought to satidfy the yeild. i have requested them numerous times all the csr tell me something else. inconclusive banking for my money. so i am looking for another bank
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #91
newar nj:
anyone have experinec buying preforcoluser houses>
i am looking for 1 or 2 in noeth jersey area
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #92
Thanks for the info on Countrywide. I've posted on these CDs here. I have read about others who also had problems with CW. One big complaint is the hard credit pulls.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #93
South Jersery:


i called them up. they will only opeen the cd when you go there in peson.. now we are NY how do you open that...
well just another teaser
scott61   |     |   Comment #94
Heritage credit union has a 7 month 7% CD. $7k min no max. To bad I can't get this but hopefully will see a deal like this soon in my area
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #95
Thanks scott for the 7% CD. I posted on it here. It does seem to be limited to a $7K deposit. Nevertheless, it's still a good deal for those eligible.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #96
south jersey:

Anyone knows how to negotiate with the banks in the area for good rates(_jumbo cds) when credit unions are giving 6-7% on less than a year cd ?
David   |     |   Comment #97
Another Golden 1 CD deal...
Steve   |     |   Comment #98
Citibank e-Savings now at 5%!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #99
DCU - Digital Federal Credit Union: 11-month saving certificate 5.35% APY. Very good CU and easy to become a member. http://www.dcu.org
Carol in California
Carol in California   |     |   Comment #100
It looks like the 5.60% 12 mo.($10,000 min) at Countrywide from the June 20th post is also available in the S. Calif area as advertised in the Ventura County Star today for both 12mo CDs and also 1yr IRAs.
Mark Stone
Mark Stone   |     |   Comment #101
Ken - that DCU 11 month special CD mentioned two posters up is actually 5.35% APR and 5.50% APY. By reading through the CD documents looks like the early withdrawal penalty is only 45 days interest and you can add additional funds (at least $100) at any time. About time DCU came out with a good CD rate!!!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #102
June 26, 2006

I checked with Colony Bank in Savannah, GA this morning to ascertain if the APY of 5.75% (posted originally on May 21)for terms of 9-12 months is still available. It is still available and is not restricted to Georgia residents.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #103
Thanks everyone for the deals. I've posted on The Golden 1 deal, the new Citibank rate and DCU's new CD special.

Thanks for the Colony Bank update. That post is located here.

I think DCU did change that CD special from 5.35% to 5.50%. I don't think it was an APY vs. APR thing. I had noticed it this morning after the last comment. I was expecting a little better rate from DCU. Perhaps they realized it wasn't that great and bumped it up to 5.50%.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #104
Carol, Thanks for the info on Countrywide Bank. I've added your comment to that post.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #105
Amboy Direct Premium Savings 5.05%

Win_777   |     |   Comment #106
North Fork Bank
8 month CD - 5.25% APY
Min. $500 to open

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #107
Capital One High Yield Money Market & Money Market Accounts up to 4.75% APY.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #108
Thanks everyone for the rate updates. I've posted on Amboy and Capital One.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #109

Hello Ken,
How are you doing? Fort Belvoir FCU,Woodbridge VA, operating four branches in Northern Virginia area is limited to
active, or retrired members of Armed Forces, emplyees of certain government agencies, and some businesses, and to those living, worshipping, going to school, or doing business in Southestern Fairfax County, or North Woodbridge. This FCU has a 4-star rating from Bauer Financial.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #110
Thanks Victor for the info. I've posted on these CD rates here
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #111
ING Direct Orange Savings 4.35%, woohoo! LOL
Steve   |     |   Comment #112
HSBC Savings up to 5.05%
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #113
Thanks for the rate updates on ING and HSBC.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #114
Virtual Bank eMoney Market is up to 5.13%!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #115
Virtual Banks eMoney Market actually is tiered and now goes up to a top rate of 5.13% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #116
GE Money Savings has raised their APY to 4.5% for balances > 4K.

scott61   |     |   Comment #117
UFB now 5.13% APY on Jumbo $50k+ MM
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #118
I have "The Peoples Bank" 2 yr Prime-floating CD. Prime minus 260 basis points (current APR is 5.65%). No-fee. Settles on 7/28/06, matures 7/28/08. Pays monthly & re-sets monthly according to WSJ Prime. Call me 800-362-9876 x 203.
thecpa   |     |   Comment #119
I sent chartway a $8K check and credited to my account on 6/27. Chartway deposited the money in the savings account. I've called them several times and they tell me they are backed up processing the promo cd's. I was credited $.88 for three days of interest. That's 1.25%! It's been 15 days already and they still have not opened the account. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #120
Dime Savings still has completely liquid 6.00% apy MMA 3 month promotion at


You can sign up online without the promotion code from anywhere in the country (even though it has a star showing the code as a required field--you leave it blank).

Very few restrictions and can close account after 3 month period without penalty.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #121
Thanks MG! Glad Dime opened this up for all. I've posted on it here.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #122
Hi Banking Guy,

Beware of OneUnited Bank!!!!!! Their ACH is the worst on whole earth. It take 5-7 days to post
and your account is either locked or the funds are frozen until ACH is outstanding or
until the ACH is completed. Furthermore, once you initiate the transfer, there is no record anywhere that the request is received or confirmed. There is no place to set up any external
accounts. Every transfer must be entered manually every time. While initiating the ACH, You must enter all of your personal info over and over again. You can not cancel, modify or change anything after pressing the proceed button. No help available until you call CSR and make her cancel everything initiated and start all over again after a wait of 20 to 30 min. Stay away!!!!

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #123
David, thanks for the comment. Sounds like a pretty pathetic ACH system. I've added your comment to my OneUnited post.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #124
Hi to All,

I read a similar posting about the bad ACH at OneUnited Bank.


Susan L.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #125
7% for 7 month CD at USE Credit Union.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #126
Besides not being redeemable for the life of the CD, what are the other disadvantages of dealing with this offer?


How much of a risk would I be taking buying these CD's?
1morekickNDhead   |     |   Comment #127
PayPal members are allowed free use of their cash in a MMA that changes bi-weekly. As of 6-28-06, it was at 4.82%. Love em or hate em, I think PayPal rocks! I've had an account for over 7 years with no issues.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #128
Thanks for the USE CD info. It also has a nice 6% 18-month CD. I included both in this post.

Refer to this post on the offshore Millennium Bank.

I've included Paypal in my weekly savings account alternatives (it's a non-FDIC MMF). Vanguard MMFs would also be a good alternative especially if you want to invest in stock and bond funds.
Bill in Cal
Bill in Cal   |     |   Comment #129
Imperial Capital Savings in Southern California is offering a 6 month cd at 5.40% and a 9month cd at 5.5% with only a $2000. minimum. Cd accounts can be opened online.
Bill in Cal
Bill in Cal   |     |   Comment #130
Sorry, forgot URL for Imperial Capital Savings in earlier post.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #131
Wondering how come there is never any mention of FISN, even though it is a brokerage house. They always seem to post on their web site www.fisn.com great rates for fixed term, callable and step up CDs. Even if they are called, the short term rate is still very good.
Has anyone had any experience with them??
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #132
I am also in process of getting the Chartway 8% 8 month CD. I saw a posting on 7/6 that said its taken 15 days and counting to open the CD. Doesn't sound good! They sounded pretty efficient over the phone. Chartway is sending me the paperwork in the mail.

Anyone else experiencing issues with Chartway??
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #133
I just received an email today from Apple Bank for Savings about their Grand Yield Direct account and ACH transfers.

Here's what i sent them and their response.

Just a question that i couldn't find about your new grand
yield direct savings account. Are there any charges for incoming or
outgoing ACH transfers?

There are no fees associated with standard transfers through the ACH. There
is a fee of $10/transaction for next day transfers.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #134
About FISN, they do have some good rates especially on the callable CDs. I'll have to look into them some more.

About Chartway, they must be busy. Here's my referral post.

Thanks for the info on Apple, I just received the same info. I added it to the comments of that post.
thecpa   |     |   Comment #135
$75 Metro Bank

thecpa   |     |   Comment #136
Good news about Chartway

After 23 days I finally got through to the CSR that opens the certificates. She backdated the cirtificate to the date the CU received my check and honored the 8% to that date. Awesome! I'm going to open another one soon. If ou need a referral, write to me at robertortega123@hotmail.com.
David   |     |   Comment #137
Once again, another Golden 1 CD update:
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #138
This weekend I opened a CD at a local Chase bank (NYC). Chase now offers 5.35% interest rate on 6 an 9 month CD; this was released just after july 4th.

Moreover, if you live in NYC, and are bringing-in new money ($10K) you have a choice of either $50 best buy/target/starbucks card, or two tix to US Open.

-- Ghaslet
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #139
Pacific Resource CU in Southern California is offering a 7.19 APY CD for terms of 6, 12, or 18 months. New monies required. 1K minimum and 7K maximum. Open to residents of various cities in Los Angeles County and Los Angeles metro.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #140
thecpa, thanks for the Chartway info. About the Metro Bank checking bonus, I see a new $50 bonus from Metro's home page. Do you know if this might have replaced that $75 bonus?

Thanks David on the new Golden 1 CD special. I added a comment here

Thanks Ghaslet on the Chase Bank special. I posted on it here.

And thanks anonymous for posting the Pacific Resource CU CD deal. Here's the link to that post.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #141
Being that most savings and MMs are a tad over 5%. Any feedback regarding 91 day T-Bills at 5% thru Treasury Direct??
At least they are state and local tax free.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #142
ING is mailing out $25 sign-up bonus checks for starting an Orange savings account. There's no minimum opening deposit and the $25 bonus can be withdrawn after 30 days. The name and address of the recipient is printed on the application, so you probably can't make a copy of someone else's to claim your own bonus.

I'm not sure how they're compiling the mailing list. Anybody else gotten one of these?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #143
One of the advertisements on Bank Deals site is Millennium Bank. They are offering the following. Whats the deal here? Anyone deal with them? Why are there rates so high? Take a look at the longer term rates? They are a Swiss Bank, not FDIC insured.

1 Year CD $5,000 6.75%
$25,000 7.25%
$100,000 7.75%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #144
Stay away from any
Millennium Bank, that does not displays
the FDIC on the front page.
Bank Bob
Bank Bob   |     |   Comment #146
New Jersey
9 month cd, 10k min, 5.5% APY

Steve   |     |   Comment #148
GMAC Money Market Savings up to 5.05%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #149
ING must be feeling some pressure. This week I received a letter and a phone call (!!?) from ING customer service offering a .25% APY CD rollover bonus on several CDs which are coming due this month. No mention of this on their website as far as I can tell.
MrFrugality   |     |   Comment #150
Here's one more 5%+ Money Market offering to add to the list:

Imperial Capital Bank
5.10% APY iMoney Market Checking
$100,000 up (5.05% for $50,000 - $99,999, 4.70% for $25,000 - $49,999, 3.65% for $2,500 - $24,999)
$2500 minimum to open
$5000 minimum to avoid fees

MrFrugality   |     |   Comment #151
Link for Imperial Capital iMoney Market account was severed. Complete link is:


MS   |     |   Comment #152
WAMU has this free checking, but now offers free debit card with 3% cash back on online purchases up to $250 a year. Drawback: credited only once a year.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #153
USE Credit Union, 6%APY-18Mo CD. They also have 7%APY-7Mo CD, $2500.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #154
Thanks for the USE Credit Union deals. I have a post here on these.

About WAMU's debit card cash back bonuses, I thought this was 3 cents for each debit card use? Here's the account overview page. Perhaps this 3% deal is just being released?

And about Imperial Capital Bank, thanks for the info on their money market. The balance requirements are higher than others. I noticed that they currently have the highest 1-year CD rate of any online bank, so I posted about it here.
SpaceNeedleBoy   |     |   Comment #155
Sound Credit Union (www.soundcu.com), which offers membership to anyone who lives or works in Washington State, offers an eleven-month CD at 5.50% APY, only a $500 minimum deposit.

SpaceNeedleBoy   |     |   Comment #156
Weyerhaeuser Employees Credit Union, which offers membership to present or retired Weyerhaeuser employees and their relatives (nationwide), OR who lives/works/worships anywhere in Washington State, is offering a 6 to 11 month CD at 5.12% APY, only $500 minimum.
SpaceNeedleBoy   |     |   Comment #157
Cowlitz Credit Union, membership open to all who live/work/worship anywhere in the State of Washington, offers a 1-year CD with a 5.38% APY, $1,000 minimum.
SpaceNeedleBoy   |     |   Comment #158
5.21%$ APY "Super Savings Account" ($15,000 minimum deposit) at State Bank of Bottineau, located in Bottineau, North Dakota.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #159
5.07% APY Zions Internet Money Market Account

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #160
World Savings Bank has 10 months CD @ 5.76% APY; $10K min; apply online or in-branch.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #161
Integrity Bank in Gerorgia has 12 month CD 5.75
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #162
1st Constitution Bank
Plainsboro, NJ

now offering a 6 month CD @ 5.5% apy. 10k min
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #163
SpaceNeedleBoy, thanks for your comments. I've emailed State Bank of Bottineau for more info on that 5.21% savings account. Looks like a good deal.

Good to see Zion's is staying very competitive. I'll mention Zions increase on my weekly summary. I added a note in this post.

About World Savings, looks like they're adding a new 5.76% CD that'll replace the current 3-mo one. I'll try to get more info on this. Thanks.

I've posted on that 5.75% CD from Integrity here. Thanks.

About 1st Constitution Bank, I still only see the 9-mo 5.50% on their website?
Hershie   |     |   Comment #164
:) Good to know now newsland has bankdeals. I recommended your blog to them about a month and half ago, I am glad they finally contacted you!!!
scott   |     |   Comment #165
Community Credit Union (myccu.org) in Lynn MA is offering 5.75% for 6 and 12 month CDs,$10k min and must deposit $25 in a share account. Membership is limited, Must live or work in Essex County or within 25 miles of there home office in Lynn. Or be directly related to a current member. The rate is not on there site but has been in the Boston Globe North section for the last 2 weeks
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #166
Community Business Bank, 6.00%APY, 6Month CD. Min opening $25K: Max $250K. communitybizbank.com
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #167
The Golden 1 Credit Union. 6.00%APY, Bump-Up 12 Month CD. Minimum opening $2,500. Maximum $100K
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #168
Thanks Scott and the others for posting the CD specials.

About the Community Business Bank, was this advertised somewhere? I can't find this CD on the bank's website?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #169
Response to the Community Business Bank: The advertisment was in my Local Newspaper today (Lodi News- Sentenel). 2 Calif. locations listed. Lodi,CA.209-334-7400, Sacramento,CA.916-830-3560.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #170
Thanks for the info on that 6% 6-mo CD. I was able to find the ad online. I posted on this special here.
thecpa   |     |   Comment #171
Chartway's 8% CD special will end on FRIDAY July 28th. I confirmed with a CSR just now.
Sree   |     |   Comment #172
New Liquid CDs at KeyPoint Credit Union..
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #173
Texanscreditunion, texas, 6% for 12mo. Min. $1k.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #174
I called Community Business Bank to inquire about 6% 6 month CD and was told it's only for "local" customers. I protested that they should not be advertising in the newspaper without stating this limitation; they said it was only advertised in their local papers. Bottom line, you can't get it if you're not "local" to the bank.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #175
Thanks everyone for the CD deals and info. I've posted on the KeyPoint CDs here.

The post on the 6% 12-month CD at Texans CU is here.

Thanks for looking into the Community Business Bank CD. Banks should learn to just post exclusions in the ads or on their websites. It would save them and us a lot of work.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #176
Digital Federal CU has posted an 6.00% APY 16 month certificate.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #177
I called First financial FCU regarding the 7% 7M $7K special. It ended this past Saturday.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #178
Thanks for the DCU special update. Didn't think they would come out so quickly with another CD promo. I posted on it here

Thanks for the First Financial FCU promo update. Looks like it's over. I added the comment to the post and updated it so it won't show for future weekly summaries.
AZbanker   |     |   Comment #179
First National Bank of Arizona (fnbaonline.com) has a rate of 5.07% APY on money market accounts above 25K. Also, they are guaranteeing no rate drops until October 31st (rate can still rise). You can open online, available to everyone.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #180
Feedback on Chartway 8%
I opened one this week, the CSR said it would take 20 days to post the account and that it would be backdated to the day they received the check. Are they that busy that it takes 20 days...?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #181
Banking Guy. I am interested in two comments you made in recent postings.

World Savings 6% short term CD. When you think it will be released?

Also Pentagon Fed CC. They will offer long term 7% CD. When you think? Because they just released so so rates until Aug 30.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #182
I've heard that someone received a special 6% 6-mo CD from World, but I could not confirm that such a special exists by calling two CSRs.

About Penfed, they have a record of offering very competitive long-term CD rates at the start of each year. So there's a chance for a 7% 5-year CD in January. But this is just speculation.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #183
Banking Guy -

Just some info for you. I recently signed up for the Grand Yield Direct savings account from Apple Bank for Savings and so far here are some impressions for you i thought you might like to know.

I signed up online and everything went pretty smoothly during the signup process not too difficult. I chose to do an ACH transfer to make my initial deposit. I signed up & made the ACH initial deposit on the 14th (in the evening) & on the morning of the 17th the money had been taken out of my external checking account. Then after the deposit is finished you have to wait for snail mail for a temporary password so you can sign up for online banking. That was the worst part of it i feel as i had to wait from the 17th after the money was out of my external checking account until the 26th when i received the letter with my temporary password in it. I did call customer service and they told me that once the money is credited to your Grand Yield Direct account then the letter is sent out with the temporary password. Once you have your password then you can go and sign up for online banking. After you sign up you will notice there is no way to transfer money?! What you have to do is wait 24 hours and then sign online again and there should be a button on the top of the screen saying external transfers. External transfers are handle by CashEdge & it seems you are not limited to how many accouts you can have linked to your Grand Yield Direct account. I did a trial deposit for my US Bank checking account and verified it and now i'm waiting on my other 7 accounts to be verified by trial deposits.

Overall other than the snail mail for your temporary password taking awhile everything else not too bad & everytime i talked to customer service or emailed them they were very nice & helpful.

Don't forget also if you'd like to call them that their toll-free number is 800-588-5871 for customer service.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #184
Thanks for the detailed description! This is very useful and appreciated! I've added this to the comments of my latest Grand Yield Direct post.
thecpa   |     |   Comment #185
Presidential's savings account no longer has a minimum balance requirement after opening with a min of $5K.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #186
1st Constitution Bank still having Grand Re-opening specials.

5.50 9 month CDs on 10k min.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #187
thecpa, thanks for the info on the Presidential Savings Account. Dropping that min balance requirement was significant. I had mentioned it in a previous post.

anonymous, thanks for the info on the 1st Constitution Bank 5.50% 9-mo CD. It's a decent deal, but not a great one.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #188
With close to 200 comments, I thought it was about time to create another one of these posts.

Here's the latest Finding the Best Bank Deals Post.

Please post all new deals you find here. Thanks.
Sree   |     |   Comment #189
Patelco got good rates

Not FDIC or NCUA insured though..
Gordon   |     |   Comment #190
Is this site going to be updated?