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6% CDs at Pentagon FCU and Agricultural FCU End, But 6% CDs Still Available


Two credit unions with easy membership have dropped their 6% CDs. Pentagon FCU dropped rates on all of their certificate terms today. The 6% 3-year CD dropped to 5.31% APY. All of the longer term CDs now have an APY of 5.32%. Below are a full list of the rates for each term and how they have changed:

Term Old APY New APY Change
6-month 4.33% 4.02% -0.31%
1-year 4.92% 4.32% -0.60%
2-year 5.01% 4.77% -0.24%
3-year 6.00% 5.31% -0.69%
4-year 6.00% 5.32% -0.68%
5-year 6.00% 5.32% -0.68%
7-year 5.95% 5.32% -0.63%

Penfed has a track record of offering very high long term CD rates early in the year. So perhaps we'll see 7% from them next January. Refer to this post for more info on Penfed. Also, that post has some useful info to help you decide if it's wise to lock into a long term CD.

Another 6% CD was lost today at Agricultural FCU. They had a 6% 6-month CD promo. This promo has ended and now the 6-month CD APY is 5%. However, they are still offering the 3-year CD at an APY of 6.36%. The minimum deposit is $1K. So if you missed out on Penfed and still want to lock in a 6%+ CD for 3-years, give Agricultural FCU a try. Refer to this post for more info on AFCU.

There's one more credit union with easy membership that's still offering a 6% CD. USA FCU is still offering a 6.01% APY 4-year CD. Refer to this post for more info on USA FCU.