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Finding the Best Bank Rates and Deals #6


This post is intended to be a place where readers can share info on the best bank deals. Your help is much appreciated. Also, I'm including a list of websites that list the best CD and money market rates. This is intended to be a place where you can start your search for the best bank deals.

This is the sixth finding-the-best-deals post. The last one was getting too long.

In your comment, please include the link to the deal. If the deal is not on the bank's website, please include the source of the deal (i.e. a New York Times newspaper ad, a sign at a local bank, etc.)

I'll try my best to post on the deals, and I'll be sure to give you credit. If you want to remain anonymous, simply comment as an anonymous user or email me at bankdeals at gmail dot com.

One tip to see if the deal has already been posted is to use the search box at the top of this page or do a search of my archive page.
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Rosie   |     |   Comment #1
Get $50 when you open a Sharebuilder account through Compass.
Rosie   |     |   Comment #2
Get a $50 Best Buy gift card when you open a Compass Free Checking Account.

Pete Crane
Pete Crane   |     |   Comment #3
FYI, I put up a mention of your excellent resource compilation as my "News of the Day" on my money fund and money market site, http://www.cranedata.us!
Pete Crane
Publisher, Money Fund Intelligence
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #4
Horizon bank in Atlanta, GA was offering a 5.75 APY CD Rate for I believe 12/13 months.
Brian   |     |   Comment #5
Similar to the Danvers and Twinstar deals, I saw this on the way home from my parents for Easter this weekend:

Savings Institute e.SI Checking


Nobody gives so much away with their checking account. All you have to do is agree to accept e-statements available online, use your check card 10 times (excluding ATM transactions) and pay one bill via Online Banking per activity period. By eliminating the costs that come with printing statements and processing checks we are able to pass the savings along to you! It all adds up to feeling good because you'll be banking smart!... with 5% APY * on your checking account balance and all ATM fees refunded!

I've also started a fatwallet thread on this:

No idea if it requires you to sign up in person. Danvers is closer to me anyways, and 1% APY more, so I'll sign up for that instead.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #6
Thanks Rosie for the Compass Bank links. I had posted on the $50 Compass bonus here.

Pete, thanks for the link.

Anonymous, thanks for the CD info on Horizon Bank. It appears they've changed the name to Haven Trust. I just posted on this here.

Brian, thanks for the e.SI Checking info. I'll post on this tomorrow.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #7
BankingMyWay.com just became totally free. Before you could only search standard CD rates for free. Now you can search CD Specials and Money Markets for free as well.
Mario   |     |   Comment #8
Velocity FCU:


$30 Mastercard gift card for opening the "Totally Free checking account" thru April 30. (qualify with $100 deposit OR direct deposit). No fees and no minimum balance according to the website.

Membership eligibility mostly in and around Austin, TX area and certain employee groups.

I have no banking experience with them other than that one of their ATMs withdrew money from my other CU account and did not actually give me cash, and Velocity was not helpful in resolving the issue.
PaulH   |     |   Comment #9
Amalgamated Bank is offering a great rate of 5.50% for a special 13-month CD.
(Minimum deposit $500.)
Most of their branches are in New York City, but they also have locations in California, New Jersey and Washington DC.
You can apply online!!!
An ad for this CD special is on their homepage.
If anyone knows of a bank in the NYC area offering a higher rate, please let me know.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #10
Apple Federal CU has a 6.3% 14 Mo. CD promotion rate untill April 17th. Best in the nation as far as I know and looks like a large solid CU.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #11
Industrial Credit Union in Boston, MA(617 742 1616)is currently offering 5 year CDs at 5.45 % APY. You must live in the greater Boston area to qualify for membership in the CU.
Interesting features of this CU are that the insurance coverage is up to $600K for individual accounts, $1.2 million for joint accounts, and the early withdrawal penalty is only 3 months of interest. Most CUs these days are imposing 6 months of interest as the early withdrawal penaly.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #12
Check out these rates...FDIC or NCUA insured...go to www.bankingmyway.com and enter the zip codes below

10.47% for 12 mths in MI zip code 48126
10% for 12 months in NY zip code 10965
8% for 13 months in IN zip code 46808
Debby   |     |   Comment #13
World Savings Bank has an internet special on a 6 month CD. It pays 5.56% but requires a min deposit of $10,000.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #14
Denver Post
April 12
10K Min for 5.25%
"Additional account relationships to obtain 5.50%"
I assume these relationships are the same as in previous UMB deals
Through April 17, raincheck April 30
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #15
Thanks everyone for posting the deals.

I don't see the 5.56% 6mo World Savings internet CD special on their website (still has the 5.46% 10m). Where did you see it?

About UMB, looks like they've extended this deal. I posted on it in this February post. I'll have to post an update on this.

About those high yield CDs, thanks for the info. The 10.47% and the 8% ones have a $1K max deposit. The 10% one has a $2K max deposit but it requires a checking account. They had offered this same basic promo last September.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #16
[S=Empower Federal Credit Union]https://www.empowerfcu.com/home/home[/S] (NY State) is having a special on a 6 month CD, a rate of 6% APY. Membership is restricted to the following...

There are several ways to be eligible for membership at Empower Federal Credit Union:

* You live, work, worship, or attend school in an area included in one of Empower's neighbor areas, you may be eligible to become a member: City of Buffalo, City of Binghamton, City of Fulton, City of Syracuse, City of Utica, Oswego County, Town of Granby, Town of Hannibal, Town of Cheektowaga, Town of Union, designated areas of the Town of Salina, and Village of New York Mills
* You are employed by/or retired from any of our member groups. Click here to view Empower member groups
* You are a member of/or employed by any of our eligible associations or organizations. Click here to view Empower association and organization groups.
* You are an immediate family or household member of a current Empower Federal Credit Union member.

The sign up for the special ends May 31.

There are ways to qualify if you do not live in the area, check out their list of association and member groups... some large ones such as American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, T-Mobile USA, Verizon, etc are included.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #17
6.00% MMA from Nova Savings Bank.

Must keep account open for at least 180 days for avoid any fees.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #18
AFCU 6% apy for IRA certificates
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #19
Bank Guy,
Noticed you don't have anything about American Bank in Allentown, PA on your "best high yield checking accounts"!!!!

They have FANTASTIC service and with 3.50% APY, I think it goes into 3rd place on your list. I've banked with them since 2002 or thereabouts. Absolutely love them, can't say enough about them. (which is unusual because I'm usually perennially annoyed by banks). No minimum relationship, they refund up to $6 in ATM fees a month b/c they don't have their wn ATMs, can use paper checks and online checks, bill pay is available as well. Suggest you check them out. www.pcbanker.com
wordswithgrace   |     |   Comment #20
For those who live, work, worship, or attend school in San Francisco, the San Francisco Federal Credit Union has a 6-month CD with a 5.5% interest rate. You can deposit between $1,000 and $50,000. There's also a one-time bump-up option. Details:

wordswithgrace   |     |   Comment #21
Hmm, let's try that URL again:

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #22
tmoivsBe careful of insurance limits. Another credit union has bit the dust - Obelisk FCU of New Albany, IN was placed into conservatorship on 4-17-07. This is the 3rd credit union to bit the dust this year - Huron River and a small CU.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #23
Bankingmyway.com has been down all day. What happened?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #24
For those of us in So. California Fremont may have the best offer at the moment. 6 mo CD 5.55%APY $10,000 min. 1-800-FREMONT
scott   |     |   Comment #25
Ken, I saw this weeks Newsweek (4/23) had a little story on Net banks and they say to check out bankdeals.blogspot "to make sure you've caught the latest, fattest pitch." Congratulations
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #26
I saw on the newspaper: Wachovia 8 months CD %5.61 minimum $5000. Beautyt42.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #27
Thanks everyone for the comments.

Looks like Fremont's 12-mo CD rates have gone down a little since my last report.

Scott, Thanks for the info on Newsweek. I'll have to buy a copy.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #28
BankingMyWay is back up. The site was featured on YahooFinance and got hit heavy.
simplydope   |     |   Comment #29
First Federal of Charleston (SC) has an online only 7 month CD at 5.55%.


Also they have a discount prescription card.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #30
update: I found the newspaper about Wachovia.
Irvine World News, News page 13:
5.61% APY 8-month CD $5,000 minimum.
Visit the Wachovia branch at Walnut Village Center (949)726-8598 or University Park Center (949)857-1762.
Both are in Irvine, CA.
"Offer good only at above location."
I have not called for additional information so have fun. beautyt42.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #31
Kaiser Federal Bank has a 1 year IRA CD (manager's special) that pays 5.5% APY (min $500). They also have a 5 year IRA CD that pays 6% APY (min $225,000).
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #32
Bank of Washington is offering 5.55% apy CDs for 8, 20, and 30 months. Minimum deposit is only $500. They are at bankofwashington.com.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #33
Apple Federal Credit Union is offering a 5-year 5.75% apy CD with a minimum deposit of $50,000. If you don't qualify for one of their many organizations in their field of membership, you can join Catholic Charities USA for $25 and qualify.



Anonymous   |     |   Comment #34
Gloucester County Federal Savings Bank has a promo 5.4% yield for 90 days - savings account.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #35
5yr CD, 6% return on a minimum of $225K at Kaiser Federal Bank . http://www.kaiserfederal.biz/
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #36
Golden Key FCU is offering 12 month 5.745% APY term share certificates for balances above $25,000. For smaller balances (>$500) 5.535% APY is paid.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #37
Oregon Community Credit Union has a 6.01% APY Remarkable Checking Account.


I don't see a maximum limit to this so it is likely a good deal.

Qualifying for 6.01% APY and ATM fee refunds is so easy, many people already do. The list of free monthly† requirements is short and sweet:

Active enrollment in eStatements.
Login to Internet Banking at least once a month.
Make one electronic deposit or withdrawal (ACH) monthly (includes direct deposit).
Make at least ten debit card transactions monthly.

My main concern is how long they will maintain this rate
goldbrick   |     |   Comment #38
5.50% Money Market from UmbrellaBank.com - $1,000 min.

They said the rate was good through the end of the year.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #39
ING Direct is offering 5.25 on the 9 month CD.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #40
Don't know how great this is, but maybe good for people who prefer B&M banks. Saw a commercial for Dedham Savings in the Boston area promoting a 5.38% 15-month CD. Branches in Dedham, Westwood, Needham, Walpole, Norwood, and Sharon.
gary   |     |   Comment #41
Anybody have an opinion on the American Express One Card. Assoicated with it is a (currently) 5% high yield savings. 1% of all card puchases go into the account, and cardholder can add more or withdraw. Not many details available, however. Not sure how long this has been around, how long the rate will last, etc.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #42
Agriculture Federal Credit Union has dropped its CD rates. 1 and 2 yr CDs are at 4.9% APY. 3 and 4 year CDs are now at 5.25% APY. 5 year CDs are at 5.5% APY. Same rates apply for both IRA and non-IRA CDs.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #43
Chartway has a relationship CD special. 17 months 5.65
URL http://www.chartway.com/content.aspx?page=20&site=2#thumb

From C
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #44
LBS Financial credit union, 4 or 5 years share cert., jumbo rate, 5.70 apy So. Calif.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #45
Say a great 5 year 12.47% deal with consumer portfolio services. Dont know how legitimate or the hisotry of this company. Anyone have any helpful info.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #46
ING has raised it 9 month cd up to 5.25%. Lucky for me I have a cd about to mature and I will get the .10% bonus So I will get a 9 month cd with a 5.35% rate. Hope some others are able take advantage of this offer.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #47
The APY for Capital One (Costco) MM account dropped effective 4/25/07 from 5.20% to 5.00%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #48
In today's St. Pete Times (FL) there was a World Savings ad for 5.41% APY/6 month, $10K min. CD. Here's a link to the WS website. Can be existing funds.
Mark B
Mark B   |     |   Comment #49
$50 BONUS for opening a CHASE FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT with direct deposit. Minimum Opening Deposit $25. Good through May 31st at JP Morgan Chase Branches. Account must remain open for 6 months. Tell Banker to use E-coupon code 2991261253637577
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #50
Citibank Ultimate savings account. 4.65% No checking req'd, no min bal, free atm card, $50 bonus for new customers, signup by 6/2/07. Code CH2F. www.offer.citbank.com and enter code.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #51
Fidelity checkwriting is not limited to $500+ checks; from the Fatwallet forum:

Date Posted: Aug/07/2006 10:00 PM
Posted By: markkundinger

websquirrel said:
"All the funds listed by fidelity with checkwriting capabilities have $500 amount minimums. How is this suitable for a day to day checking account?"

The "core" account is exempt from these minimums.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #52
7 months cd 5.50 % at www.rfbonline .com was in phily paper to day. I do
not if the banks accepts out of state deposits.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #53
TD banknorth has a 5.00% MMA. 25000 minimum to get that rate. Not sure if it's nationwide or not, but my branch in Poughkeepsie, NY had it posted.
Jay   |     |   Comment #54
new to your site...looks great...will save me time from looking all over for good rates...im in st louis and we seem to have good rates that do not get publicized..but I have a good rate with the ford interst bearing account and while it is not guaranteed at all...I am not sure ford is going out of business (but you never know...) they have rates over 6% if you have over $100K
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #55
Question for Jay: Where do you find the Ford interest bearing account listed? I Googled for info and the response was insignificent.
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #56
There might be some changes in Amtrust Direct, hopefully their CD rates will remain competitive.

As you may know, Amtrust Bank is part of Ohio Savings Bank, an institution founded in 1889 with more than $17 billion in assets. Recognizing the tremendous growth of our Amtrust brand, Ohio Savings recently decided to bring all of our branches, websites, call centers and customers together under the Amtrust Bank name.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #57
NASA Federal Credit Union has new CD rates effective May 1st. They have a 7 month certificate earning 5.80% (minimum $10000).
rgb72   |     |   Comment #58
Korean and Chineese banks offer good rates recently opened jumbo at NARA bank for 5.6 Apy branches all over USA FDIC insured
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #59
Great site Banking Guy. If anyone is interested, I received a $25 referral coupon recently when I took adavantage of the Wachovia $50 Free Checking promotion. The coupon will give both me the refer-er and you the referr-ee $25. If your planning to open a Wachovia account and want to earn a quick, free $25 contact me at runningman61205@yahoo.com.
Jay   |     |   Comment #60
sorry link for ford account is:
www.fordcredit.com then hover over tab for "Investor Center", and click "ford interest advantage".

rates are 5.76% APY under $15K, 5.91% under $50K, 6.07% over $50K.

and here is their disclaimer:

The Notes issued under the Ford Interest Advantage Program are unsecured debt obligations of Ford Credit. They are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and they do not constitute a bank account. Ford Interest Advantage is not a money market mutual fund. As investments in the debt of one company (Ford Credit), the Notes do not meet the diversification or investment quality standards for money market funds set forth in the Investment Company Act of 1940.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #61

Hi BG,
HYDE PARK SAVINGS BANK with branches at several MA towns, is offering a 5.55% APY, $10 K min., 5-month Bump Rate CD. Details are found here.
Goldie   |     |   Comment #62
Bankguy...First just want to say that you are above awesome. HSBC saver!!! FNBO Direct has a 6% APY on savings. $1.00 min. * This Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is offered until September 28, 2007. The interest rate and APY may change after the account is opened, but will not be changed until September 28, 2007. **CSR mentioned an allowance of 3 ACH transfers with this account. The only down side I see is that it is a 3 day transfer and they hold your money for 6 days until funds are available. https://www.fnbodirect.com/01d/html/en/
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #63
I called and the FNBO Direct 6% rate even applies to money in existing accounts, not just new money like HSBC was !!!!
Jay   |     |   Comment #64
I am becoming a regular here...champion bank 5.5% 7 or 13 months cd...5.75 for 7 or 13 months with checking account and direct deposit...$1K min web www.championbankstl.com 314-292-6000
Jay   |     |   Comment #65
me again....also ever bank is offering 6% on savings and 6% on checking...6% is guaranteed for 3 months and you can put up $100K in one and I think $60K in the other...everbank.com
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #66
For those switching from HSBC to FNBO online savings account, a warning ... HSBC advised me that they charge a $25 fee if you close your account within the first six months.

So if you just opened your HSBC account in early February when the 6% promotion started, leave a minimal balance and don't ask HSBC to close the account until it's been open for at least six months.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #67
Free checking without direct deposit and minimum balance requirement from Bank of America

MyAccess Checking® is now free when you open an account online. No direct deposit or minimum balance required. This special offer is available only online—and only for a limited-time.1

Plus, it comes with some pretty nice extras:

FREE Online Banking Service with Bill Pay.
FREE access to our Keep the Change™ savings program in which we'll match 100% of your Keep the Change savings for the first three months.2
FREE Bank of America Visa® Check Card with Total Security Protection™.
FREE access to your cash at more than 17,000 Bank of America ATMs.
Opening an account online is easy and takes just minutes. Make an initial deposit with a debit card, credit card or even a transfer from another bank. Offer code FC1 is required to take advantage of this special online-only offer. Please verify that this code is provided on your application. Otherwise, type this code in the field provided
Scott   |     |   Comment #68
Central National Bank with branches all across Kansas is offering a 5.35% APY CD with a 'you pick the term' term of 7-11 months. $5,000 minimum deposit. More information here: http://www.centralnational.com/news.htm
Tamiyal Goodman
Tamiyal Goodman   |     |   Comment #69
FNB Direct is offering a 6% APY on its online savings account until September 28, 2007.

Tamiyal Goodman
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #70
About the Everbank 6% special - it is up to $100K on the checking, and $50K on the MM, but YOU MUST request BOTH at initial application. They will not let you go back in and open it later for that special 6% rate.

-Bob in Arlington
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #71
Got some bad newa today: two of my interest related investments were called today: Duke Energy Senior Notes 6.6%, due 4-1-22) and Consolidated Edison Pines (7.25%, due 4-1-42).

If these big boys are calling bonds, they must believe that rates coming down.

Have got other preferred and pines.

If they are called, I believe that we should lock-up the best CD rates we can get and head for the hills as it may be some time before we can adquate rates on cd's.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #72

Massachusetts credit union offering 6% savings and 5% checking through Sept. 1st.

Regular rate around 5% for savings I believe.
njmacuser   |     |   Comment #73
GMAC Bank has increased their CD rates by 0.05% on all certificates greater than 9 months. So now their best CD rate matches their Money Market savings rate (5.30%).
njmacuser   |     |   Comment #74
Hudson City Savings Bank (branches in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut) has 3 month and 6 month CDs at 5.30%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #75
I just found a great savings account at a new bank in Rogers Park IL - Community First Bank Chicago - (near intersection of Howard and Western) They are paying 4.00% APY on savings accounts. They don't even have a min balance for kids accounts. The staff are really friendly and the building is beautiful!
Jay   |     |   Comment #76
champion bank now offering 6.01 on checking for under $25K andyou must have 10 debit card transactions per month or drops to .5....I hate these little print rules and the big print 6%...but if you are looking for a new bank to handle your checking I guess this is ok
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #77
Collins Community Credit Union.
Membership eligibility: Businesses or persons located in Linn, Benton, Buchanan, Cedar, Delaware, Iowa, Johnson, and Jones counties, Iowa.
$1000 min- 15 mo 5.15 APY & 30 mo 5.09 APY CD
$10000 min- 15 mo 5.25 APY & 30 mo 5.20 APY
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #78
Bank in Iowa called Central Bank is offering up to $250 in cash bonuses for new products opened.

$50 checking
$50 mortgage
$25 bill pay
$25 Debit card
$25 direct deposit
$25 savings account
$25 home equity loan
$25 auto loan payment
Chirag   |     |   Comment #79
Has anyone tried

Looks like decent yields.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #80
BankingMyWay.com has just expanded to include local rates for savings accounts, interest checking accounts, CDs and money market accounts. They track banks, credit unions and internet banks. All sorts of loan rates are to be added before the end of May.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #81

18 mth 5.5
24 mth 5.5
36 mth 5.39
60 mth 5.65%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #82
Please include BankingMyWay.com in your list of resources for savings accounts and interest checking accounts. The site previously reported on only CDs and money markets but recently expanded to savings accounts and checking accounts.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #83
Amtrust Gold Savings account (NOT AmtrustDirect, though it is their brick-n-mortar bank)
6% for 118 days
minimum $500
http://www.amtrust.com and click on "Gold" banner
Direct Link to deal
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #84
Thanks for posting that AmTrust promo. It looks like it's only available at the Ohio branches and not their Arizona and Florida branches. Can you verify?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #85
Univestdirect.com online savings account up to 5.05% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #86
What happened to Zion Bank's Deseret Money Market account? It seems to have gone away.
peter   |     |   Comment #87
where can you find list of best tax exempt non AMT money market or short term rates\?
njmacuser   |     |   Comment #88
GMAC Bank has raised their CD interest rates again:

Term Rate APY
3 months 5.02% 5.15%
6 months 5.12% 5.25%
9 months 5.12% 5.25%
12 months 5.21% 5.35%
18 months 5.07% 5.20%
2 years 5.07% 5.20%
3 years 5.07% 5.20%
4 years 5.07% 5.20%
5 years 5.07% 5.20%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #89
World Savings no longer offers the "10 months Internet CD". 6 months Internet CD is still at 5.41% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #90
For Chartway Fed. Credit Union, does anyone know of any organization that you can join, to qualify to be a member of Chartway. Appreciate any information that can be provided.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #91
IL bank is offering 5.50% 12 mo. CD ($1,000 min). Accepts LOCAL funds only.

Town Community Bank & Trust
41380 N Hwy 83
Antioch , IL 60002
(847) 838-2468
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #92
wesbanco is currently offering a $200 incentive to open a checking account - $50 when you open, $50 refer a friend, $25 if you have direct deposit $25 if you use your debit card 10 times within 90 days $25, $25 for auto pay on new loan, $25 for signing up for E statement
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #93
5.50% 15 through 18-Month Term CD at Fidelity & Trust (http://fidelityandtrust.com/rates.html)

Come get to know our newest rates – Fidelity & Trust is now letting you choose the length of your CD. Stop by or contact one of our branches today and we will help you take advantage of this limited time offer.

*Annual percentage yield (APY) effective as of April 11, 2007. Rates subject to change without notice. Minimum deposit of $1,000 required.
The account must be opened for at least 14 days before any withdrawals.
A penalty will be assessed for early withdrawal.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #94
ye gods........seems to me interest rates should involve how much money was invested..........what do you think.....i wouldn't lose business over a few points........what's the big deal.....giving to one don't mean you have to give the same rate to all........
David   |     |   Comment #95

Get 1% cash back using ING Electric Orange debit card for two months.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #96
Wachovia has a 5% APY money market account. Not a great yield but good for those who already bank with Wachovia or prefer B&M banks over their online competitors.

Bozo   |     |   Comment #97
It appears Patelco has the 5.75% APY 14 month CD back, if you are interested. It's not high-lighted on the home page, but does appear in the rate sheet once again.

I'm rolling over a World CD next week, so I'll check to make sure this is valid.


Bozo   |     |   Comment #98
Oops, I forgot to mention that Vanguard's Money Market Fund (ticker symbol VMMXX) rate is up to 5.12%, which translates to an APY of 5.27%. Not stellar, but it's liquid.

Cheers again,

Michael   |     |   Comment #99
Saw this ad on gmail: www.mlnbank.com
How could this be true? They are offering 6, 7, 8% on CD's!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #100
www.mlnbank.com is not FDIC insured and they are located in one of the Carrebean Islands (jamaica? if I remember correctly). Not that I suspect that will defraud you and run away with your money, I'd sleep better when my money is in US and with an FDIC insured bank.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #101
Be carefull on insurance coverage. Another credit union has bit the dust.

"Sharebuilders Federal Credit Union Closes Member funds are federally insured and checks have been issued

May 9, 2007, The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) liquidated Sharebuilders Federal Credit Union, of Northridge, Calif."
PaulH   |     |   Comment #102
T-Bill rates are up.
Mortgage rates are up.
Oil is up.
Inflation is up.
Come on CD rates... it's time to head UP too.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #103
Tucoemas FCU. 60 mo rate plunged from 6.22% to 4.91% on 5/18

They had a typo for months - the APR and APY rates for $50K 60mo were correct but the APY was the same as the APR for $100K 60mo. I wonder if they were forgetting to update their rates?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #104
Sharebuilders CU. "NCUA made the decision to liquidate the credit union and discontinue its independent operation after determining that the credit union was insolvent... At the time of liquidation, the credit union had approximately 424 members and approximately $681,000 in assets.

Too small to operate. Small CUs are not economically viable.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #105
I'm surprised the Empower FCU 6.25% CD continues to be available. Talk about low hanging fruit! This is "local" but in another way, it isn't. I tapped into this deal from outside NY State by joining the CNYPCUG. The cost was $35 to join. It's the smartest money I ever spent! There were other hurdles. I admit, and I warn you, quite a bit of time and work were required to join Empower. It's not a task for those easily frustrated. But finding a federally insured 6.25% APY CD return is difficult today, so I have no regrets about all the time I put in. As far as I know and understand, this deal will go away after May.
xyz   |     |   Comment #106

- Earn 10.00% APY* on a 12-month term when you sign up for
a checking account with direct deposit
- Open with just $1,000
- Limited time offer – act now!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #107
max. and min. is $1000
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #108
See link below from Municipal Employees Credit Union of Baltimore for an example of a credit union touting the distribution of year-end surplus as an enhancement to the APY of deposit accounts. All things equal, joining a credit union that has a history of distributing surplus is preferable to one that doesn't.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #109
That's a good point about credit unions that have a history of distributing surplus back to its members.

About that 10% CD, I did mention it in this post. I did not highlight it since it has a $1K max, and it requires a monthly direct deposit of $1,500 in a checking account.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #110

valley national bank

$150 bonus for perfect checking account

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #111
Security Savings Bank.

Still has a 5.50% APY 17 month
ertificate of Deposit.


FDIC insured
LanceSchaecher   |     |   Comment #112
I check your blog almost every day and really appreciate your time and effort. Have you considered dividing the deals between national and regional?
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #113
LanceSchaecher, Thanks for your support and your suggestion. I do include states as a category for my posts. See my weekly summary for an example. I think I'll also start including a national category in future posts.
virgquest   |     |   Comment #114
Republic Bank in Lexington, Kentucky is offering a 4% APY "Break Free" checking account. The APY is good on all funds in the account, with no cap. They require direct deposit, 12 debit card purchases/month, and estatements. They also don't charge for non-RB ATMs and will reimburse other banks' charges with no monthly limit. Phone number is 1-888-782-333.

This account has been advertised in the Herald-Leader since January and the rate has not changed. Details are not available on the website, but the CSRs can answer questions by phone. It sounded like the account was specifically targeted to Lexington customers and it may require a branch visit to open.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #115
Century Bank is offering 7 month 5.50% APY as advertised in the Dallas Morning News.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #116
First National Bank Southwest is advertising a 12 month 5.50% APY in the Dallas Morning News.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #117
In The Lexington Herald http://pd.kentucky.com/sp?aff=100&keywords=members+heritage&submit=Go on Sat. May 26 about Members Heritage CU (Current rate is 5.12% APR so this special should be 6.12%)http://www.membersheritage.org/ASP/rates.asp:

*Super Term Share Certificate must be opened by 6/30/07 with funds not currently on deposit at MHFCU. Minimum $5000 deposit to open and a maximum of $50,000. Rate will be 1% above the current one-year certificate rate. One free withdrawal and one additional deposit during the term: additional deposit cannot exceed the amount of the initial deposit. Certificate would renew at the current rate as of maturity. Limit ONE Super Term Share Certificate per member.

A suggestion is that if you work for or are retired from a company that is owned by a large corporation owning several other companies, one of which is a member company, you may be able to join the credit union.
PaulH   |     |   Comment #118
The State Bank of India (which has branches in New York, Chicago, L.A., and Washington D.C.) has upped it's 1-year CD rates to 5.51% APY (for amounts over $95K) and 5.41% (for amounts below $95K.
Fully FDIC insured.
See rates:
Connie   |     |   Comment #119
More and more banks are connecting sign on bonuses and intro rates to direct deposits. I think it's their clever way to stop the bonus and rate chasers, since you can't conceivabley do direct deposits easily or quickly from your funding source or on an unlimited basis.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #120
AmTrust Bank in Columbus, Ohio is offering a 6% savings account for 118 days (days since founded) beginning around May 1, 2007. Fluid money. Small amt. to open.
Adam   |     |   Comment #121
Have you mentioed Transport Alliance Bank's 5.25% APY savings account? https://www.tabbank.com/home/personalbanking/savings/regular.jsp
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #122
$25 and 25 sweepstakes entries when you open a BB&T checking account and maintain a positive balance until 09/14/07. 10 additional entries can be received for opening a savings account, paying a bill online, etc.

Bob   |     |   Comment #123
I've found a Millennium Bank CD offer of 7% 1 yr to 8.25% 5 yr (25K min). URL-->

Anyone know if this is for real or not? Seems fishy. Who is Millennium Bank?
Bob   |     |   Comment #124
Sorry to bother everyone, as this question was answered in this blog on Oct 25, 2005.


Bottom line: high risk, offshore, not FDIC insured, they don't publish financial statements, and (quoting one comment here) "the 'regulatory' regime for offshore banks in st vincents or whereever they are is such that there is essentially no oversight"
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #125
After reading the comments about the millenium offshore bank and also noting the low quality web site I decided the 7.75% interest was just to good to be true (it has to be a scam; nigerian style). But I came across another offshore bank in Belize offering 7.00% and it looks legit, at least the website looks good. Its www.Belizebank.com. I was wondering if you have done any research into this bank and any comments about the risk of opening an account with them would be appreciated.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #126
Thanks for the info on BelizeBank. I have not heard about them before. I'll try to do some resarch on them. This post has some things to consider about Foreign banks vs. US banks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #127
Open a new personal or business checking account with a qualifying service at any Mercantile affiliate branch and we'll deposit $101 into your account.
Mercantile is in the Baltimore area and was just bought by PNC Bank.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #128
Vineyard Bank http://www.vineyardbank.com/Primary/Home.aspx offers a 5.5% "Flex" CD with a minimum investment of $10,000 to California residents.

I'd never heard of them before, but I checked BankRate and they're given 4 stars and a safe&sound rating of 2 (1 best, 5 worst). Of course they're also FDIC insured.

Customer may choose the term from any of the Bank’s existing published terms from 1-month up to 1-year. A maximum of $95,000 may be deposited for single product households. If a Vineyard Bank checking, savings or money market is opened in conjunction with the Flex Time Deposit, the deposit maximum increases to $5,000,000. After the first seven days, a one time withdraw of up to 50% of the original balance is allowed as long as a minimum of $10,000.00 is maintained for the remaining term of the CD. This promotion may end of change at any time without prior notice. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Offer applies to California residents only.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #129
Chartway recently had an ad in the St. Pete Times, 13-month CD 5.75% APY and up. I checked their website chartway.com for info about the "and up" rates. Up to 6.51% APY With "Preferred Plus,Elite 50 Plus or Premier Checking, and "new direct deposit AND either a credit card balance
transfer of $500+ or a new equity loan of $10K". My funds are already in another CD, but maybe this can help someone.
xyz   |     |   Comment #130
PaulH   |     |   Comment #131
Treasury rates went way up today.
Yet CD rates continue to stagnate.
And that great 5.75% APY 14-month CD offered by Patelco was CANCELED today.
Nabil   |     |   Comment #132
I am not sure if this is old news or not, but I was eating at a subway in Austin when I heard about United Heritage Credit Union's 6.01 APY checking account. The add seemed to have a lot of requirements, but they listed their homepage as www.heritagechecking.com. Hope this helps anyone interested.
PaulH   |     |   Comment #133
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news concerning that Patelco CD.
But there is a very nice 9-month promo CD (share certificate) offered by Langley Federal Credit Union in Virginia.
5.64% APY (compounded monthly).
That's the highest rate on a CD under one year I know of.
Field of membership is the whole Langley Air Force base area -- Newport News, Virgina Beach, Hampton, etc. And Air Force personel and their families nationwide are eligible.
See special promo on their rates page:
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #134
Nabil, thanks for the info on that 6.01% checking at United Heritage. It is new and it serves an area that had lacked this type of reward checking. I posted on it here.

Paulh, thanks for the Langley CD info. I noticed that a yield of 6.17% is available with a Premier membership. I posted on it here.
mikef445   |     |   Comment #135
CommerceBank in Florida has an excellent deal on a 5 mos CD at 5.70% APY. It only requires a $100.00 chk acct and a total minimum investment of $1000.00 to get the rate. The ad appeared in the 6/3/2007 issue of the Sun Sentinel. The website doesn't mention the special, but the URL is www.commercebankfl.com.
free@40   |     |   Comment #136
Get up to $215 in Buy.com Gift Cards when you open Checking, Money Market, and CD accounts with NetBank:

PaulH   |     |   Comment #137
A 10.00% APY CD????
I heard about this rate on a radio talk show here in NYC.
Palisades Federal Credit Union of Pearl River, New York is now offering a 12-month special certificate with a 10% APY.
And sure enough, it's on their rate page.
Can this be for real?
It's open to anyone who lives in Rockland County, NY.
I'm calling my relatives up in Nyack about this deal. :-))
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #138
The 10% Palisades cd has been around for a long time. It was posted on the credituniondeals.com website the other week or so. You can only put $2,000 max into the cd if I recall so don't get too excited.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #139
About that 10% CD, here's my April post on it. It fell off my weekly summary by default since it was was too old, but I see it's still available. I'll be sure to add it back next week.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #140
Merrill lynch bank is offering the 6 month cd 5.40% APY (5.33% interest rate), expires 6/8/07. Min. $25k. Similar to worldsavings internet cd rate.
Craig   |     |   Comment #141
Legacy Bank in Loganville, Georgia is offering a 5.00% APY checking account until 10/31/07. The interest rate after that is unknown, according to the CSR I spoke to.
Andy B
Andy B   |     |   Comment #142
Parke Bank, a small community bank located in and around South Jersey just recently opened a Philadelphia branch. Available at the Philly branch only - premiere moneymarket account paying 5.25% APY w/ a 1k minimum to avoid fees. Also 5.25% APY 12 month CD and 4% APY savings at all branch locations.
Craig   |     |   Comment #143
wtdirect.com has a savings account with 5.26% APY. However, the minimum opening balance is $10,000 plus, but you have 60 days to reach that amount.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #144
Is Merrill CD deal good? I was the one posted it. Is there better rate cd 6-9 months span in NJ/NY area for amount >= $25k
Bruce Davidson
Bruce Davidson   |     |   Comment #145
BestBank has a 1 year CD with an interest rate of 5.45%/5.56% APY, $1000 minimum. For the metropolitan Detroit region of Michigan, this is a nice rate!
MK   |     |   Comment #146
What Banks Tell Online Customers About Their Security

interesting article on online security for the net savvy visitors of this blog

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #147
WARNING for WAMu internet bank customers: My PC was hacked and I was forced to reformat my hard drive to correct the problem. After years of feeling comfortable with on-line banking, I discovered Monday, 6/4/07 that my PC had been hacked sometime between 6/1 and 6/4. In particular, my Washington Mutual banking was compromised. When going to their www.wamu.com site, I was instead directed to a website that looked and performed identically to their site, except that I was now being asked to enter my ATM number and ATM password. I knew something was not right (a bank never asks you to enter your ATM info!). Oddly enough, I did enter my user name and password (bypassing the ATM questions), and I was able to view my bank info (which all appeared accurate). I took my complaint to WAMu and they are investigating this. Apparently, I was not the only person hacked. IF YOU SEE ANY ADDITIONAL BOXES AT THE LOG-IN SCREEN (PROBABLY INSERTED BETWEEN THE USER NAME LOG-IN AND THE USER PASSWORD BOXES, DO NOT TYPE IN YOUR ATM INFO.) I am told the hackers will use this ATM info you supply to create new cards with magnetic strips that will function just like your ATM/Debit card, and make purchases (to be deducted straight out of your account). BE WARNED. After this event, I changed my user name, user password, and put additional security features on my accounts.
PaulH   |     |   Comment #148
Let's all keep an eye out for nice CD rates from banks and CUs.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #149
I spoke with the customer rep for Langley FCU CD rate. You can drive to Williamsburg, VA and open account as a temporary resident. You can get 6.17% on funds 50k or above. Thanks to blogger.com and Paulh for mentioning this CD.
CD Fan
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #150
Anonymous, sorry to read about your hacking incident with your WaMu account. Thanks for sharing your experience. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

CD Fan, thanks for the info on the Langley CD. I've added your comment to that post.
MK   |     |   Comment #151
$100 from Bank of America for opening a myaccess checking account. Free - no direct deposit required

As a Bank of America credit card customer, you're already familiar with the ease and convenience of our Online Banking services. Open a MyAccess Checking account today and enjoy online access to both your checking and credit card accounts virtually anywhere, any time. Paying your credit card bill has never been easier.

$100 when you open a MyAccess Checking account online.

No monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance, no direct deposit required

Manage your accounts easily with free Online Banking service with free Bill Pay

Access to Customer Service 24/7 online or by phone

Free Bank of America Visa® Check Card with Total Security Protection Package

Opening an account is easy and takes just a few minutes. Sign up today to take advantage of this limited-time, online-only offer for Bank of America credit card customers only. Make sure Offer Code CH100CTA appears in the application.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #153
Western FCU and Northrop Grumman FCU - both have easy membership - now have identical CD rates. And they appear to be the best available in the country, except for a few restricted-membership credit unions.

For example: both Western and NGFCU have 5 year term certificates at 5.97% APY.

Western FCU has the BIG advantage that its' early withdrawal penalties are very benign: on IRA certificates, there is NO penalty if you are over 59 1/2; on non-IRA certificates, the penalty is only 90 days interest (very low by industry standards).

Garden City Bank(MO)still has very high rates available (eg, 6.11% for 7 year CDs; 5.9% for non-IRA 7 year CDs))but they may no longer be accepting out-of-state funds.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #154
The E*Trade promotion with a $25 bonus for opening a Complete Savings Account is good for accounts opened before 12/31/07. You can find E*Trade's promotion at:

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #155
EverBank has 6.01% (for 3 mos)Checking.

djc314   |     |   Comment #156
"fast credit repair" comment above this is spam
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #157
Wescom Credit Union is offering a promotional 7 month 10% APY CD ($1000 max) at the new Corona Valley branch. Almost anyone from Southern California can join.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #158
The rapid rise recently in 10 year Treasury rates appears to be causing big raises in CD rates. (Probably because for 'sophisticated' investors, the 10 year Treasury is a competitor for depositors' money, and at least some banks are sensitive to this.)

Latest example: Key Bank this week raised their 10 year CD rates (with minimum $50 K deposit) from 5.6% APY last week to 5.9% APY this week. (All their other rates were raised as well.)

I have been monitoring KeyBank rates since 2002, and this is the highest that their 10 year CD rate has been over that period. And this latest jump in rates is the biggest week-to-week increase I have ever seen.

It appears very plausible that we are on the verge of a significant upward move in CD rates. And it may be a fairly long term trend. Some experienced observers (like Gross at PIMCO and others) think that interest rates in general will drift upward now for the next 3-5 years.

This suggests that CD buyers may want to pay extra attention to the early withdrawal penalties and should seek out the lowest early withdrawal penalties they can find, with the view that, as rates go up, they can break their CDs early and move up to higher rates as they become
Amber   |     |   Comment #159
Texas Trust Credit Union, in DFW, is having a 2 day CD Sale on June 15 and 16 on a special 9 month CD for a one year rate plus .40 basis points

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #160
Capital One has a new promotion that they mailed to account holders. Their normal rate is only 4.75%. The promotion pays an extra $1 for every $1000 increase in the average balance at the end of each month thru the end of August. So it is effectively a 1.2% increase in the rate bringing the rate close to 6%.
Bozo   |     |   Comment #161
For those obsessing over interest rates (up or down), might I suggest a little diversification?
I've held 10 years worth of retirement funds in CDs now for three years. The point: no matter what happens to the market, my retirement for age 60 - 70 is secure. Then, ten years from now, I'll revisit my stocks and bonds.


Bozo   |     |   Comment #162
By the way, if you suspect (as I do) that rates are going up (or at least remaining flat), another nice alternative is Patelco's Treasury Fund, yielding 5.65%. I doubt it will go down anytime soon, and it might go up. Dividends paid quarterly.

I so love being diversified in cash when the market does these thingees.

Note that all the pundits on CNBC never talk about rotating into cash; that way the brokerages of this world make zero dollars.

I so love cash.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #163
Received notice in PENFED (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) on a change in policy. As of Sept 1, 2007, you can no longer redeem your IRA CD without a penalty. It used to be that those over 59 1/2 could redeem anytime without penalty. Existing IRA CDs issued prior to Sept 1 are grandfathered.

Does not apply to me, but this is change that could impact those expecting the old policy.

-Bob (in Arlington)
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #164
Cap One deal is a great deal. I telephoned them and the deal is on . . . but it is for EXISTING customers only. New customers are being offered a rip-roaring 4.75%. I'll pass.
Luu   |     |   Comment #165
Nuvision financial credit union

free checking account

free 1GB IPOD Shuffle.
$50 bonus for doing 3 billpay within 90 days.
$50 for doing 3 transaction/month for 90 days.

direct deposit $200/month within 90 days.
anyone can join, just open $5 saving account to have the membership.
Bank located in California, Orange County area.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #166
In NY, as of 6/14/07, Astoria Savigs Bank has 9 month CD at a 5.2% rate, yielding 5.4% APY. I've been told that the offer is good for 1 week .

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #167
Received an obnoxious e-mail from FNBO this morning. These people are so obviously "not ready for prime time". That's a nice way to say they are unsophisticated dolts. This time it's security on their mind. If they at their sole discretion sniff a security issue with my account they will not allow, or they will delay, my deposits. And they will not necessarily notify me. Hey FNBO, the rest of the USA is not Nebraska. Ya gotta deal with this without annoying and angering your customers, MOST of whom are quite honest. Thanks for the chance to vent.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #168
OMNI National Bank headquartered in Atlanta, GA is offering 5.35/5.50% on their 12-60 month C/Ds. For some reason, they don't show up in BankRate.Com. Their website is at:

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #169
Open an eligible Citibank Checking Account and Get 10,000 bonus Thank you points.

Make a direct deposit or make two online bill payments each month in the first two months after you open and enroll your account in Thank you Network and get 10,000 Thank you Points.


To open a Citibank checking account visit a financial center or call 1-866-335-1243 today to take advantage of this offer. This offer is only good through 7/31/07.


1- New Customers only (ugrrrrrr)
2- You must open and fund a regular checking account with a minimun initial deposit of $1500 before 7/31/07
3- Bonus will be posted within 120 days of your initial direct deposit or first two qualifying bill payments
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #170
Sorry I forgot to mention that I received this offer in a letter this morming.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #171
I thought I might let you know that the "SmartMoney Brokerage Survey" link

is not a valid link.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #172
United Teletech Federal Credit Union is paying 5.50% APY on their United Money money market account. This is a promotional special, and the rate is guaranteed only for the first 4 months. Minimum initial deposit of $25K of new money (not transfered from another account at United Teletech). United Teletech FCU serves mostly Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties in New Jersey.

Here's the link to the promotion:

http://www.utfinancial.org/promo_mm_052507.asp or call (732) 530-8100
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #173
First National Bank of the Southwest - Dallas Area - They are offering 5.50 %APY on a 12 month CD with a minimum of $500 to open. This has been listed in the Dallas News, their website, and they have sent out mailings. What do you think Banking Guy? Do you know anything about this institution?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #174
Dear Banking Guy,

Name's Jae. First want to thank you for the all the work you've done with the blog. Because of you, I've actually had some experience with banking even though I still have a long way to go. But yeah, don't know if you'll get this but I saw something in the newspaper about Sovereign Bank and there's a website too.


It seems there are a lot of good offers from Sovereign if you sign up for their checking accounts, free, interest, or premier, and the rewards are distributed accordingly.

Supposedly if you sign up for Premier Checking and put in $15K they'll give you a one-year unlimited airline ticket!

So yeah, hope you get this and thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #175
Here is a new find. CD rates are not bad at all. For example 3 month CD rate is 5.5 APY. here is the link http://www.bankofkc.com/rates/
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #176
$100 for opening a checking account a CHASE


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #177
World Savings offers a in-branch 8 months CD for 5.32%/5.46%.

The internet 6 months CD is still 5.41%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #178
L.A. Times: Vineyard Bank Flex CD term 30 days to 1 year, you choose - 5.50%. You can withdraw one time up to 50% of CD without penalty as long as remaining amount is at least $10,000.00. Internet address is vineyardbank.com. I haven't called them so I don't know if it's local only.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #179
Up to $200 dining gift card or roundtrip companion airline ticket

when you open a free checking account from SOVEREIGN BANK


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #180
I searched the this site for info about FISN. You acknowledged it a year ago, but never followed up on it publicly. They have 6.5% callable 6-month CDs at www.fisn.com and they appear to be FDIC insured too.
Craig   |     |   Comment #181
Another 5.05% savings account at heartlandbankdirect.com. Minimum opening balance is $500. There is a bonus with this account: once the account has been open for six months, a bonus of up to $50 will be posted ($5 per $1000 of average monthly balance).
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #182
Gloucester County (NJ)FSB, gcfbank.com. Offering 90-day cyber saver promo 5.39%/5.50% apy, then tiered rates. Also, a cyber saver supreme 5.37%/5.50% apy for balances of 100k+. Online savings account, fdic, bank is bauer 5star.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #183
Here is a link to a new account from Wilmington Trust that may be of interest to you.


*Annual Percentage Yield. APY is variable and is effective as of 11/01/2006 and may change at any time. There is no minimum deposit required to open the account. 5.26% APY for the first 60 days from the date the account is opened, regardless of the balance. After the first 60 days, the APY for the account will have two tiers: (a) a higher APY for accounts with balances of $10,000 or more (currently 5.26% APY); and (b) a lower APY for accounts with balances of less than $10,000 (currently 0.60% APY).
**FDIC-insured up to $100,000 per depositor with Wilmington Trust FSB.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #184
Best Deal yet if active user. TRY 6.25% on FREE checking accounts! NO minimums, No FEES, REFUND on ATM fees nationwide.

- 10 check card transactions
- one direct deposit or ACH auto debit (free bill pay with direct deposit)
- access online banking
- receive e-statement


Thanks, DS
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #185
Thanks everyone for the comments.

About Wilson Bank and Trust, this is a good deal. I first posted on them in this April post. For more of these reward checking accounts, please see this post.

About WTDirect, they have remained near the top of my weekly savings account list. I have more info on this account here.

And thanks for the info on Gloucester County Bank. I have an old post here. It's probably time for a new post.
beanieblueeyes   |     |   Comment #186
First National Bank in Kansas is offering a "Ultimate Checking" account with 5.6% APY, $30 in free ATM fees, and only $100 minimum balance.
beanieblueeyes   |     |   Comment #187
First National Bank in Kansas City is offering a checking account at 5.6% interest with only $100 minimum.
Duck   |     |   Comment #188
BankingGuy This Bank has 4 offices spread around plano frisco texas 1First National Bank Southwest has a ad in Dallas Morning News Decent rate for around here Dallas for a while. Think the 12m has been ongoing 12m 5.4%/ 18m 5.6% 500min. Thank for that Patriot post some of the family does not anything that does'nt have 4walls and plumbing to stick their money in. Have a question about PenAir tried to open account there seems easy brother is Postman have you ever dealt with them Like to know before open sending app in mail also they only do a Soft pull Telecheck inquiry Have a Happy 4th Thanks Duck
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #189
Duck, thanks for the info on First National Bank's CD special. I posted on it here.

About that Pen Air Federal Credit Union 6% 10-month CD special, I'm afraid I don't have any additional info on the credit union. Here's the post for others who might be interested.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #190
FNBO -- what is the correct interest rate calculation for this 6% promotion?

I recieved my interest payment on 6/29/07 for $484. I had $98,000 in the account on 6/1/07 and on 6/5/07, I deposited an additional $3,500 for a total of $101,500.

Shouldn't I of recieved an interest payment closer to the $500 level?

I know banks hate to answer these type of questions.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #191
Re FNBO Interest Rate = 5.83%, or thereabouts.
njmacuser   |     |   Comment #192
NASA FCU has a 7 month, 5.65% APY certificate. It looks like they've removed the VIP checking requirement that they had last month.
scott   |     |   Comment #193
Metro credit union in MA has a 13 month CD at 5.20% ($50k min) Not great but if you open a premiere checking account that requires no min and only condition is you do one bill payment or check every 3 months, It bumps CD rate up to 5.55%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #194
There are 7% cd deals all over this site as well as the credituniondeals.com
site over the past few days. Where do you guys find time to find all these deals? Do banks and credit unions send these rates to you? Thanks.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #195
I get very few updates from banks or credit unions. I find most of these by hours of web searching (plus a few from nice commenters :-)

I often don't post on some that I find if the maximum deposit is too low. For example, a 7% 3mo CD which allows only $500 would only result in $2.50 over what you could get in a 5% account. I usually like to see at least a $25 gain over a 5% account.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #196
First Entertainment Credit Union has 5.50% APY deals for 3, 6, 9, and twelve months, and up through 5 years. $100,000 maximum. Good through 7/31/07, or until they reach their promotional max. Ad is on website, in rotation with another ad.
Mario   |     |   Comment #197
Someone posted about a high yield MM account at Wachovia before, but my wife found this recently:


Valid only in Austin, TX
5.10% APY high performance money market account
minimum opening deposit $10,000
minimum balance $2500
minimum balance for stated APY $10,000

Interesting that we see deals specific to Austin pop up. Maybe in direct competition with Capital One's Austin area promo? I'm sure bankdeals guy and I don't mind. :)
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #198
Does anyone know the ABA for FNBO for ACH transactions?

I tried using 104000016 but it did not work.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #199
Navy Federal Credit Union
Limited Offering Share, IRA and ESA Certificates
Amount min: $10,000
Term: 10 months
Dividend Rate: 5.83%
APY: 6.00%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #200
Chartway 7-7-7's back again
Min: $2,500
Max: $7,000
APY: 7.00%
Term: 7-months.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #201
Mario, Thanks for Wachovia special. I'll post on it tomorrow.

About the FNBO's ABA #, I think what you have is correct. Perhaps, they're not allowing other banks to ACH in now?

I've posted so much that these deals are pretty far down on the front page. Here's my post on Navy FCU's 6% CD

And here's my post on Chartway's 7% CD.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #202
Any info on Ascenia Bank out of Louisville Ky.? I filled out their application for a 1 year CD at 5.50% APY.
That's the best rate around for a 1yr. CD. I haven't sent it in yet. BankRate gives it a 4 star rating. Any current customers comments would be appreciated.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #203
Can a bank filter ACH transaction with our consent?

Is that mentioned in the disclosure statement?

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #204
Chartway 7% 7yr $7k . I'm am a member and looking for someone to refer so I can open a 7% Certificate. Please contact me at leo.canzoneri@verizonbusiness.com
Appreciate it! Thank you.
Mario   |     |   Comment #205
Banking Guy,

Saw a huge billboard for the Capital One 5.00% Checking account along Research Blvd in Austin today, northbound between Lamar and Braker exits!
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #206
Yes, Capital One is really pushing this 5% checking account (see post). I've seen it advertised on billboards, TV and radio commercials. Should put pressure on other banks. Hope they start offering it to those outside of Austin and San Antonio.
Sree   |     |   Comment #207
Providentcu.org, a California Bay Area FDIC Credit Union with 6.01% Cheking account
Details Providentcu.org
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #208
IndyMac bank just raised their 1 year CD rate to 5.50% from 5.45%. Their 6 month CD remains the same at 5.46%
Lo   |     |   Comment #209
I'm not sure if you already saw this or reported on this, but there is an ad in the LA Times from 7/1 that shows First Republic Bank offering a 5.25% 5-month Liquid CD with a $10,000 minimum balance. I looked up their website and the rates are listed here:
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #210
American Bank of New Jersey is celebrating the opening of a new branch in Nutley NJ with a Money Market account paying 6.0% APY. The account has a minimum opening balance of $50K, and max of $100K. The rate is guaranteed for 3 months, but can be extended for an additional 30, 60, or 90 days if you have additional banking relationships (ie. direct deposit). The account must be opened in person at the Nutley NJ branch. This special does not appear on the bank website. You can reach the bank branch at (973) 798-6150. The website is http://www.americansavingsnj2.com/home/
Craig   |     |   Comment #211
Another local (California) 6.01% rewards checking account:
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #212
For Craig:
Where do you find sactocu.org.? Tried various combinations but cannot find the location.
Chicago CD Rates
Chicago CD Rates   |     |   Comment #213
Consumers Credit Union is offering 5.80% 20-month CDs and 5.60% 11-month CDs. You can see my post on it at:

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #214
I just noticed that the Bank of America/AAA money market dropped 5 points.

Given the negative comments I've seen here and there and the new lower rate, I'll stick with GMAC.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #215
Wachovia is advertising a 5.46% 6-month CD in the Orange County (CA) Register. I could not find it on their web site using either a SoCal or a NoCal zip code.

Apparently you have to have a personal checking account to get this rate. It appears to be a $5,000 minimum.

Phone number is 800-922-4684 to find out more info, or stop by a California financial center - locations at www.wachovia.com/california
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #216
Jeannie   |     |   Comment #217
Bradford Bank in MD is offering a high yield checking account with restrictions.


from the website:
Prime Checking

- Prime checking interest rate at 3.30%, **Annual Percentage Yield 3.35% as of July 1, 2006.
- Minimum Amount to open and obtain APY is $1,000
- Business Accts are not eligible.
- Interest Rate is indexed to 40% of the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal.
- Interest is compounded and paid monthly.
- Basis rate is subject to change on the first business day of each month.
- For any period in which the balance falls below 1,000, regular checking account interest rate will apply along with a $10.00 monthly service fee.
Prime Checking Benefits

- Preferred interest rate on all fixed rate certificates at opening of CD’s after the Prime Checking is opened. (excludes Treasury Indexed CD and step up CD’s.)
- Prime Checking Account Interest Rate indexed to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.
- Free Prime Checking checks.
- Free Bradford Bank ATM transactions.
- Access to over 32,000 fee-free ATM’s nationwide.
- Free internet banking with bill payment.
- Free Bradford Bank Prime Visa ® Check Card.
- Free Travelers Checks.
- No per-check charge.
- Unlimited check writing.
- Unlimited teller transactions.
- Free check safekeeping.
Jay   |     |   Comment #218
I just happened to check my UFB account and found that the interest rate on my "High Yield Savings" account had dropped to 4%. (I hadn't been following the posts on here, obviously.) I received no notice of the change in interest rate. When I called Customer Service, she says they do not notify you when the rate changes. Per her instructions I sent an email asking that the account be converted to the new Absolute Savings account. What a scam! I lost a month to lower interest .. Lesson learned: you have to keep checking to see if you're getting ****ed.
Joe   |     |   Comment #219
First Internet Bank has 6 and 12 month CDs at 5.43% APR...which puts them among the top CDs nationally available...

Jim   |     |   Comment #220
People's Security & Guaranty
2300 Computer Ave
Ste. G-32
Willow Grove, PA 19090

6mo CD - 6.00% APY
FDIC Insured

Found in Local Paper: The Intelligencer
It serves Middle Bucks County, PA
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #221
Washington Mutual is advertising in NJ, a 5.45% 10 month add on CD.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #222
Belvidere Bank, Belvidere Illinois has a 5.7% 30 month CD. 10k Min, no other account requirements. I saw the ad in a local paper.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #223
Provident Credit Union is offering a Super Reward Checking account with 6.01% APR. It has many of the usual rewards checking requirements, though you can avoid direct deposit with a monthy direct debit. The offer is at their website www.providentcu.org. Membership is open to those who live or work in San Mateo County, San Francisco County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Monterey County, Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Humboldt County, and Los Angeles (City) in California as well as numerous other groups and organizations. Detailed membership information is available at their website. It seems like a very good deal!


Paul MacDonald
A New Provident CU Member
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #224
UPDATE ON CHARTWAY: Confirmed today. Chartway FCU will allow membership to person outside the limited geographical area if a retired military family member (father, in my case) was on active duty in the geographical area (Virginia Beach, in my case).
dayshad   |     |   Comment #225
Des Moines, Iowa(in branch only) Bankers Trust has a $90 visa check card bonus on their Direct Checking account. You have to either have one direct deposit or 2 direct debits per statement period. You have to keep it open for one year or be penalized the $90 (I don't know how they could enforce that). The special isn't online yet- you can call them at 1-800-362-1688 for more details.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #226
About Chartway FCU, if you have a friend who is already a member,this member can also refer you. However, there isn't much info on their website so I don't know if it allows ACH to deposit the money and if you can open both savings share and the CD at the same time. If you have updated information on this, please post it here. Thanks much.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #227
Citibank is offering a 5.35% 7 month CD. You cannot see it on their website, but if you call them, they can open it up for you
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #228
OnPoint Community Credit Union is offering 6.00% APY on a 12-month CD (5.85% APR). Min. deposit is $5,000, no maximum. NCUA insured. I know there are branches in Oregon, not sure where else. Web info: https://www.onpointcu.com/welcome.html
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #229
Can somebody simply define what each of these phrases mean? This is being offered, but for those of us with limited Bank Hapoalim
Coupon: 6.500%
Maturity: 07/30/2027
Call Schedule: Semi-Annual from 07/30/2008 @ 100
Price: 100
Yield: 6.500% To Maturity
Semi-Annual Payment
FDIC Insured
Survivor Put Option
Not available for residents of MT, TX
For More Information Call 888-524-6344
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #230
Oops, I hit the 'publish comment' button before I was really done typing. I meant to say 'for those of us with limited experience with investing' if somebody could please define what each of these phrases below mean (i.e.: what does "call", "survivor put option", etc. mean:
Bank Hapoalim
Coupon: 6.500%
Maturity: 07/30/2027
Call Schedule: Semi-Annual from 07/30/2008 @ 100
Price: 100
Yield: 6.500% To Maturity
Semi-Annual Payment
FDIC Insured
Survivor Put Option
Not available for residents of MT, TX
For More Information Call 888-524-6344
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #231
Re: Anonymous 10:13 7/19/07
Have you done a google search? and/or try this:
wimpyVO2max   |     |   Comment #232
Not a bank, not FDIC insured, but interesting anyway.

GE "Interest Plus" is a very liquid virtual savings/checking account. A deposit is actually buying GE corporate notes (rated AAA/Aaa), while a withdrawal is actually selling the notes. ACH linkage is available.

$15k - $50k yields 5.17%
over $50k yields 5.43%
Free checking if checks written exceed $250
No fees

Very clever idea. I have never seen corporate bonds bought and sold this way.
wimpyVO2max   |     |   Comment #233
Sorry, forgot link to GE Interest Plus

wimpyVO2max   |     |   Comment #234
... not to be outdone by GE, Ford Motor Co has a similar virtual savings account as a front for their corporate notes. Fully liquid with ACH transfers.

$50k yields 6.07%. It's risky, the notes are rated BBB. If Ford goes under, you're probably toast.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #235
Today's Chicago Tribune carries an ad for Evergreen Private Bank, promoting a number of deals: (1) 5.75% APY money market w/$25K+, (2) 5.55% 5 month CD w/$10K+, (3) 5.0% interest checking w/$15K+, (4) iPod or $200 credit for opening a checking account w/direct deposit. Deals come with some fine print. For example, 5.75% money market rate is guaranteed for 90 days only and there's a $50 penalty if this promo account is closed within 6 months. Evergreen is located in Oak Brook, IL. Phone #: 630.413.9580. Here's link to deals, called "Cornerstone Deposit Promotion," http://www.evergreenprivatebank.com/cornerstone.cfm.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #236
Tri Boro FCU has a 13 month CD at 5.50%.If you live, work, worship, or attend school in Allegheny or Washington County in Pennsylvania, you are eligible. A solid CU started in 1935 by Steelworkers at the Homestead Works of US Steel in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #237
Does Paypal usually (or ever) count as direct deposit for purposes of the bank bonuses often discussed here? My employer is overseas and can't / won't set up a US direct deposit, so I'm looking for a way to take advantage of signup bonuses anyway.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #238
Anonymous, please see my new finding-deals post (link below). I've included a link to the FW thread which covers the ACH/DD issue.

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Since this page was getting a little long, I've started a new post.

Please, post all new deals at

Finding the best Bank Rates and Deals #7

prescription card
prescription card   |     |   Comment #239
Citibank currently has a promotion with a $150 bonus in gift cards if you open a checking account and complete the qualifying activities...
Also i received a coupon for a prescription card when i did... Which was better than the 150$ because the prescrition card saves me over 150 bucks a month.

charles   |     |   Comment #240
Affiliate Marketing is a performance based sales technique used by companies to expand their reach into the internet at low costs. This commission based program allows affiliate marketers to place ads on their websites or other advertising efforts such as email distribution in exchange for payment of a small commission when a sale results.

marcus anthony bynum
marcus anthony bynum   |     |   Comment #242
underwriting rebounds on strong bond sales with an improving economy and rising stock market signaling that interest rates are unlikely to decline much further...