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Finding the Best Bank Rates and Deals #7


This post is intended to be a place where readers can share info on the best bank deals or other useful banking news. Your help is much appreciated. Also, I'm including a list of websites that list the best CD and money market rates. This is intended to be a place where you can start your search for the best bank deals.

This is the seventh finding-the-best-deals post. The last one was getting too long.

In your comment, please include the link to the deal. If the deal is not on the bank's website, please include the source of the deal (i.e. a New York Times newspaper ad, a sign at a local bank, etc.)

I'll try my best to post on the deals, and I'll be sure to give you credit. If you want to remain anonymous, simply comment as an anonymous user or email me at bankdeals at gmail dot com.

One tip to see if the deal has already been posted is to use the search box at the top of this page or do a search of my archive page or the monthly archives which are located on the right sidebar.

Bank Deals at this Blog and Elsewhere

With new deals from banks and credit unions constantly popping up, no site has a complete list of all the best deals. Some think Bankrate.com has a complete list, but it fails to list many high rate CDs especially those with odd terms like an 11-month term. Also, it does a poor job at credit union certificates.

Below are lists of the best resources for different categories. I've included mine on top of each category (noted by Bank Deals:). If you find another good source of bank deals, please let me know.

Best Certificate of Deposit Rates

Best Money Market / Savings / Checking Account Rates

Bank Bonuses

Banking and Credit Union Resources
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #1
FRIST PS0T!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
This is a very concise list of "go to" places. Of course I still relie on Banking Guy's, Best Bank Deals. I do check 4-5 other sites each day, so as not to miss out on something special. Probably the middle of August I will withdraw most of the funds in FNBO and go to NavyFCU's 6% 10 mo CD.(unless you come up with a decent short term rate before that) Thanks Banking Guy.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #3
UT Federal Credit Union, Knoxville, TN has a 5.5% CD Special, 5 months, $1,000 min.
See www.utfcu.org
Andrew   |     |   Comment #4
Here is an article I have posted that gives people a summary of banking deals and the features of some of the most popular accounts these days.

You could add it somewhere on your list as a "guide" of sorts.

Killer Checking (and Savings) Deals To Help You Retire Young and Wealthy
Sree   |     |   Comment #5
Banking guy, thanks for your wonderful services for us...

You just posted the CalState9 CU's 6% CD, I am trying to go for that, waiting to check if they are going to do any hard or soft credit check..
In the mean time I found another deal on the same news paper online ad page of Cal State Ad.. here is the link http://newspaperads.insidebayarea.com/ROP/ads.aspx?advid=433096&adid=4782923&cat=6497

5.5 APY CD at Community Banks of NC
dana   |     |   Comment #6
Christian Community CU is offering 6% 7-month CD ($2500 only) and $50 bonus on checking with dd ($100 to open).
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #7
Wachovia is offering $50 when you open a free checking account

Nabil   |     |   Comment #8
I was browsing the patelco website and saw that they are offering a 7% 12 month CD but the max is only $1000.
Abbs   |     |   Comment #9
Illinois, Chicago-land area, First United Bank has a promo offer where if you use their atm, bring in your atm receipt, and open a checking account, you get $100, free. www.fubonline.com to find the atm locations.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #10
I am wondering if anyone knows anything about Evergreen Private Bank. They are advertising 2 promotions on their website one with interest for a checking account and another for the money market account with the highest tier over $25,000 paying 5.75% interest. Any comments you might have would be appreciated.

evergreenprivatebank.com is the link. It says member FDIC but I did not notice it stating that deposits are FDIC insured. Also nothing is stated about out of state deposits.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #11
Thanks everyone for the comments.

Dana, thanks for the CCCU 6%/$50 bonus deal. I had posted on this a long time ago, but I think it's time for a new post.

Abbs, I'll post on that First United Bank deal tomorrow.

Anonymous, please see this Wachovia post for more info on this bonus.

Nabil, please see this Patelco post for more info on this 7% deal.

Anonymous, about Evergreen Private Bank, please see this post on these specials.
Sree   |     |   Comment #12
bNew up to $100 bonus on opening checking account at US Firtst CU

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #13
I learned this morning that CALSTATE 9 CU had stopped their 6% 7mo CD as of friday 7/27 (limit of $100K per account). I was in the process of applying at that time so this morning they allowed me to complete the forms and wire the money. For those folks in the process the CD will be valid until 8/1. I was told they would come out with a new advertisement on 8/1 the same 6% 7mo but the limit on the CD is $50K
gary   |     |   Comment #14
I mentioned an interesting savings account (5.39%) at Emerald Bank in Dublin Ohio, but noted at that time a number of issues (no online access, no ACH, upstart bank). Things have now improved considerably and the same rate is available. The account is the Prime Savings account (http://www.emeraldbank.com/personal/personal3.asp). The interest is the prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal minus 3.00% (currently still 5.39%). They now have online banking. Although they charge to initiate an ACH transfer they do not charge or block transfers initiated elsewhere. So I use Cap1. They are still ranked by Bankrate as only 2 of 5 starts, they were recently acquired by Middlefield Banking Company (OH), which has a 5 star rating (they planning to continue operating under the Emerald Bank name). They also have a free checking. This is a pretty attractive package at this point. The one drawback is that they do not have an online application portal.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #15
Legacy Bank of Florida is offering a 5.55% 11-month CD with a $1,000 minimum. No details on their website, www.legacybankfl.com, but the offer was posted in the Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper on Monday, July 30th. Bank is an FDIC member and has 4 South Florida branches - Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderale, and West Palm Beach.
David   |     |   Comment #16
Etrade has upped their Max-Rate Checking bonus from $25 to $75 from now until 8/31. Promo page. The terms look the same to the $25 bonus.
Hustler   |     |   Comment #17
NO DD is required.

$15 bonus with Chase & $10 donation to Cancer Research

Cyclone   |     |   Comment #18
I can't believe this has not already been mentioned here. Fidelity has opened up a new ck acct option (mySmart Cash Account) similar to Schwab's ck acct. Basically, 3.5% APY, unlimited ATM refunds, FDIC-insured core.

Otherwise, it is just like their existing brokerage accts. In fact, it includes a new self-selected OD Protection service that allows the brokerage & mutual fund accts to be used for OD Protection.

More details at Fidelity's Website and discussion at FW
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #19
Looks like CapitalOne has raised their rate from 4.75 to 5%. They are also offering an extra dollar per month for every extra $1,000 deposited to an existing account (thru the end of August).
buddy   |     |   Comment #20
There was a post earlier on Valley national bank in NJ. Whenever new branch opens, they offer these deals. new 5 month cd- 6% with chkg/directdeposit. Buried and not advertized is: without direct deposit, and with checking account is: 5.75%. MM-5%. New branch opened in Edison, NJ, phonr 732-287-1442. This is not there yet on their website. Business MM 5%, business cd with chkg - 6%.
-Ram K
Sree   |     |   Comment #21
www.CalState9.Com stopped the last month promotion on 7/27 and started a new promotion
6% APY CD, 10 months, max $50K, 3 months penalty.
This is no where advertised, I got an email from CSR when I tried to add more money/buy new CD for the last promotion.

Place of the CU, CA : Bay area
Call them for more details
Curtis   |     |   Comment #22
Chase $100 bonus for checking account when you apply in a branch or online.
dana   |     |   Comment #23
Embassy Bank (PA) is offering $25 bonus per year for life on checking. $500 min. must be maintained. (credit to eMoneyCentral)
Nabil   |     |   Comment #25
Not really a bank deal, but citi has a new credit card called cashreturns which gives you a solid 5% cash back for the first 3 months but without any limits. Great idea for those interested in buying a car or boat.
MK   |     |   Comment #26
Power Financial Credit Union has a 6.01 APY checking for balances up to $25,000 and .5% above. Refunds up to $20 in ATM fees.

Requirements for earning dividend and fee refunds include: 12 VISA debit card transactions in statement cycle (ATM withdrawals excluded), accept electronic statement delivery, and three bill payments per statement cycle. APY accurate as of 07/07. Fees may reduce earnings. Membership required; $5 membership fee. Membership open to all residents of Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties as well as friends & family members. Rates and terms

No direct deposit required.
Perk Getter
Perk Getter   |     |   Comment #27
It has been reported that some people are having trouble with Bank of America honoring a 25,000 bonus point offer on one of their recent promos. https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=11103840&postID=4438246770475222394
I understand that this bank has a reputation of doing this. What recourse do we have if the bank doesn't honor this like they promised?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #28
Umbrella Bank offers 5.83% for first 3 months:
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #29
5.75 APY 9 Months CD at Fidelity & Trust bank. You can see a mention of the CD special on their home page at http://fidelityandtrust.com/index.html .

I find their web site is absolutely 'horrid' if one wishes to obtain rate info for their products, forcing you to call a branch for information. It would seem that this bank is intending to service the local Washington DC Metro area. I could not find 800 type phone numbers for service published on the site.

And Banking Guy, although the main office maybe in Maryland, they have personal banking locations in DC (Washington, DC) and now in VA. 'kind of begs the question why there is now-dated entry for this bank in the state grouping for Maryland.

They are also touting a 'new' MoneyMarket offering at 5% APY, but it is a "relationship" rate requiring a checking account as well. Again, critical information about the accounts is 'missing' by design.

And, a continued Thanks to Banking Guy for his excellent site and efforts. Speaking as one who has directly benefited from Banking Guy's information, this is one site where using the "Tip Jar" is easily justified.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #30
Hey Banking Guy,

Thanks again for all your efforts. FNBO Direct e-mailed me because they wanted to make sure of my employment status. Here's the body of the e-mail:

"As part of your initial application, we did not receive information regarding your current employer, occupation or position. In many cases, this is because you have a status of retired, unemployed or self-employed. We are updating our records as part of our on-going due diligence to be compliant with our standards to support the USA Patriot Act.

Please provide us with your previous employer, occupation and position by sending an email with this information to fulfillment@fnbodirect.com. If this information is not received within 30 days, a hold will be placed on your account(s), restricting all deposits and withdrawals to the account(s). Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.

If you wish to discuss this further, please send an email to fulfillment@fnbodirect.com or call 877-370-3707. Please reference your FNBO Direct account number displayed at the top of this page when you contact us.

Thank you for choosing FNBO Direct for your Online Savings Account.

FNBO Direct Customer Service"

Something not to worry about too much right?

Thanks again
leborland   |     |   Comment #31
I was looking for a good bank to rollover an IRA CD account. Thanks for the tip on Westsound Bank. They have the same rate for IRA CD's and a 4 star rating. The other bank I found was Eastside Commercial Bank in Bellevue WA. They have an IRA CD 17 month special at 5.42% APY, but Westsound beats them at 5.50% APY on either their 18 month or 2 year certificate.
Claude_&_Gay   |     |   Comment #32
I have been using American Airlines Credit Union for just over a year now . They have consistently offered 5 year CD's at 5.61 APY% ($10,000.00 Min), 4.85% Savings and 2.27% checking for as long as I have been a member. Members must be related to Aircraft/Airline Industry. Thanks Banking Guy
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #33
found a bank in wisconsin with an introductory 6.01 apy interest checking accounts
noSSnumber   |     |   Comment #34
BofA came out with $100 opening bonus that everyone can get, even people with no Social Security Number!

Hongjun   |     |   Comment #35
There is a $125 offer!
can you confirm this is a FDIC insured one?
Hongjun   |     |   Comment #36
SunTrust $50 for checking account
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #37
SunTrust Bank has an intriguing bonus: a $50 gift card for you or a $100 donation to your favorite charity. All you have to do is open a checking account, accept their visa card and use it once, and tell them which charity gets the money. Here's the link: https://promotion.suntrust.com/mycause/

SunTrust has 3 stars from BankRate and an excellent reputation among mortgage brokers.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #38

$50 for wachovia checking with direct deposit
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #39
Associate bank is offering $150 gift card for Dec 07 promotion for checking account with direct deposit and first check book is free.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #40
Thanks everyone for the comments.

About that Wachovia $50 bonus, it looks like the same one I posted on in this post. Let me know if the terms are easier.

About the Associated Bank $150 bonus, it looks like it may not be too good of a deal. The $150 bonus requires their Platinum Checking which appears to have a $10K minimum balance to avoid fees. Let me know if you see a way to avoid having to keep $10K in this account.
Perk Getter
Perk Getter   |     |   Comment #41
FNBO Direct Customer Satisfaction Survey.
I received a Customer Satisfaction Survey this morning from FNBO Direct this morning in my email. In addition to the expected questions (i.e. are rates important to you etc...), I left them with the folloing comment:
It seems that your withholding policies are completley at your discretion which is unfair. There have been many reports of you notifying customers that you intend to withhold their funds until you receive some required documentation from them. This seems to be arbitrary and random, and as a result, I've deposited less money into my FNBO accounf for fear that you may decide to target me and hold up my funds for what-ever reason. I think that you need to be more clear on these policies and to administer them evenly. It's unfaiir for you to just pick and choose customers at random threatening to withhold their funds.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #42
FNBO sent in error a email to every customer today that they put their account on hold due to not supplying employment information.
It took them 45 minutes to pickup the phone. They are flooded with calls. They said "sorry", and that the account is not on hold.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #43
FNBO Direct

I got a 2nd request due diligence notice today saying my funds were on hold despite getting a confirmation receipt earlier in the week acknowledging my response to the initial request.

I hung up after 20 minutes on hold for customer service.

No response to an e-mail I sent asking to be contacted immediately regarding the due diligence process.

I managed to contact a regional branch director at FNBO itself. He got back to me in 10 minutes saying that my funds were not, in fact, on hold.

This is ridiculously incompetent and unprofessional.

To get a note like this while the financial markets are in turmoil is especially distressing.

We should ALL send a message to FNBO Direct saying they should compensate us by extending the 6% APY promotion till the end of 2007.

I told the FNBO manager that if he ever meets his FNBO Direct colleagues, he can tell them that they just blew all the money they spent trying to attract new customers. The only way to salvage the situation and retain customers would be to extend the 6% APY deal.

Saying sorry is nowhere NEAR enough.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #44
Twice I've received an email from FNBO Direct threatening to freeze my account per the Patriot Act for not providing information twice given to them, namely that I'm retired. I phoned them the first time and was told they had the info and everything was ok. Today, 8/10/07, I repeatedly tried to call them and was unable to obtain more than the answering machine. Is FNBO Direct a legitimate business or a sophisticated sham?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #45

Lake Michigan Credit Union, a large credit union with over $1Billion in deposits has 8 month CDs at 5.4% and 14 month CD's at 5.5%.

A good credit union for people in Western Michigan
Bozo   |     |   Comment #46
For your laugh of the day.

OK, OK, my wife was always ribbing me about the fact I had 10 years worth of retirement income in CDs (the balance in stocks, bonds, real estate, what have you). Good grief, she opined, you could be doing better than 5.75% on that stash of cash.

She's not ribbing me now.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #47
Countrywide Bank has raised the rates on 1-year CDs and on its Moneylink account.

The 1-year CD is 5.50%
and the Moneylink is 5.31% for balances between 10,000 and 50,000. $50,000 and up is still 5.40%
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #48
www.triboro-fcu.org I reported on this FCU on 7-21-07.Thanks for giving me credit Bank Guy. They have some new specials on their Share Certificates (CD's) as of Friday 8-10-07. A 21 month CD at 5.60% and a 17 month CD at 5.50% to name a couple. I joined the CU 2 weeks ago and bought the 13 month special CD they were offering.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #49
Banking Guy -

In your "High Rates with Conditions or Large Balances - Open to All" section, the rates for the State Bank of India need to be modified. According to their New York site at http://statebank.com/cd.asp, the rate for the 1 year 95K and above CD is now 5.35% APY, quite a reduction from the former 5.51%. According to their webpage today at noon ET, the current rates are applicable through 8-14.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #50
Paragon Bank and Trust in Holland MI has a 12 month 5.30% CD. The minimum deposit is 5K.

The special lasts until 8/15/07

Here is a link to the newspaper ad.

The phone number is 616-394-9600.
Mike   |     |   Comment #52
Here is a hot one: 5% reward checking at Lake Michigan Credit Union.

Typical requirements. The 5% is only on balances up to 15k, for instance.

But this is a great deal for us in Western Michigan that have been looking for a rewards checking.

And they are a large credit union.

Here is the link to the offer.
daysha   |     |   Comment #53
Foster Bank in (suburb) Chicago has a $100 checking bonus- but you must use a auto payroll deposit (not paypal). http://www.fosterbank.com/ad_free_100.htm
daysha   |     |   Comment #54
Parkway branches in suburb Chicago is offering a free airline companion ticket if you open a savings account (min deposit $200) or mm account (min $2500).

Kevin   |     |   Comment #55
I just got an email that the interest rate for Zions Bank Deseret Money account has gone up.


I didn't see any difference but thought I should share.
daysha   |     |   Comment #56
OPEN TO ANYONE: emarquettebank is offering merchant gift card bonuses for opening their totally free checking (no branch visit required). $25 for opening checking account, $25 for direct deposit (paypal ok), and $50 for signing up for bill pay. Accounts must stay open for 6 months. GC include BP, Home Depot, Best Buy, Red Lobster/O.G., Blockbuster, JC Penney's, Walgreens, Krispy Kreme.


The ad is from last year but the cs agent still says it's valid.
daysha   |     |   Comment #57
the site was cut off on the last post-- cut and paste it back together



SVG   |     |   Comment #58

Tech CU has a 6% APY promotion.


Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #59
Thanks everyone for the comments.

Daysha, I was going to ask about emarquettebank's 2006 date on the promo page, but now I see you've already checked on this. Thanks. I'll post on this tomorrow.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #60
Re: UmbrellaBank Green Day

CSR told me that you have up to 60 days from the day you apply to fund the account.

So you could apply for the account today, and still get 90 days at 6%APY starting at the end of September when the FNBO deal expires.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #61
Apple Bank just upped the rate on their 12-month CD, now 5.37% APY. This is the bank that has the Grand Yield Direct savings account, which is at 5.27% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #62
Countrywide Bank:
Savingslink up to 5.50% for balances $10,000 to $2.5 million.

12 month CD 5.65%
3,6,9 month CD 5.50%
Craig   |     |   Comment #63
FNBO's woes continue. If you try and move money out of the account they wait 24 hours and then send you an e-mail saying that they tried to call you (they didn't) and that since they were unable to reach you they must see copies of the linked account's statements etc.....

In other words, you may not get your money out. I am a little worried.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #64
Do you know how one can find out why Mutual bank went from a four star rating to two stars?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #65
How can one transfer monies between two FNBO accounts? Does it take as long as transfer to an external account. I am thinking of re-distrbuting the monies to bring my one account balance under the FDIC limits (the second one has very little money).
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #66
I noticed that National Bank of Kansas City (www.bankofkc.com)has raised all of their CD's ranging from 3-60 months back to 5.50%. They had these same rates a couple of months ago before they were lowered.No ACH available. Funding by mail, wire or in person
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #67
Chase is offering 5.45% 7 Month CD. $10,000 min.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #68
Key Direct has upped it's Signature Money Market APY to 5.35.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #69
Zion Deseret Money Market account interest rates have gone DOWN. For
$1,000-$49,999.99 it is now 4.98% versus 5.30%. Still higher than my previous bank, ING, at 4.50%. But makes the switch less attractive.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #70
Oregon's On Point CCU offers 12-mo APY 6% with 5K new money and a new or existing ckg acct w/direct deposit. Without direct deposit, APY 5.75%. Benton, Clackamas, Columbia, Lane, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington, Yamhill counties. www.onpointcu.com; 541-868-2800. There have been several ads in local newspapers. NCUA insured.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #71
Thanks everyone for the comments.

About the Zions Deseret Money Market, are you sure you're not looking at the Internet MMA? I'm still seeing 5.30%/5.36% at their website. I have the Deseret links in this post.

Thanks for the info on OnPoint CU. Looks like it was left off my weekly summary due to a format issue. Please refer to this post for more info on this deal.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #72
6.01% checking in Louisiana on balances under $25K. (1.01% for balances over)

Requires branch visit


Cycle requirements:
12 checkcard transactions
1 direct deposit
Receive electronic statement
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #73
Washington Mutual has a 5.45% 8 month add on CD in the New York area.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #74

12 month CD - 5.4% APY + $100 bonus for a $15,000 deposit. Yield becomes approximately 6.07% APR with the bonus.

Beats Countrywide!!
satish   |     |   Comment #75
Fideity & Trust Bank is offering 9m CD 5.75% APY

1725 I street NW, Washington DC 20006
KS   |     |   Comment #76

Sterling is offering to add $101 to any new Perfect Fit Checking account you open by October 31, 2007. To get your $101, all you need to do is simply try three of Sterling’s convenient checking services:

Free Check Card
Free Direct Deposit
1-2-Free Bill Pay2
Free Online Statements

They have branches in most of the western states: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #77
chase has 5.45% cd for 7 months . check chase.com under cd rates
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #78
not a bank deal but chk Ford Motor Credit. pays 6% mny mrkt over $50k. loans for dealers. sadly, not insd. been good for a few yrs.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #79
In the L.A. Times today and at its website, Countrywide Bank is offering a 12-month CD at %5.65 on balances over $10,000.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #80
Access National Bank has some decent CD rates. Their website is http://www.accessnationalbank.com. I bank with them via a branch (which are all located in Northern Virginia) but it appears that the CDs can be opened and funded online, and they do accept CDs from anywhere. (They limit checking accounts to DC, MD, VA residents, but the checking accounts are nothing special anyway.)

All of these have a minimum 10K deposit, and are available as personal, business, or IRA accounts.

Term Yield Rate
4 Month 5.10 4.975
9 Month 5.35 5.213
14 Month 5.30 5.165
23 Month 5.35 5.213
37 Month 5.30 5.165
4 Year 5.30 5.165
5 Year 5.40 5.260
6 Year 5.40 5.260
7 Year 5.40 5.260
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #81
If someone can post a comment about the meaning of Mutual Bank going from a four star to a two star rating by bankrate, I would really appreciate it.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #82
Regarding Mutual Savings, the downgrade, appears to be in regards to their real estate loan portfolio & expansion. My view, from what I reviewed. Just need to stay within the FDIC limits. From what I've experienced, helpful and friendly staff. The special rates have been good, plus only 90 day penalties.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #83
http://bankrate.com/brm/safesound/ss_home.asp This is the link to everything you want to know about Safe and Sound ratings
Nabil   |     |   Comment #84
I don't know if this will stop me from hating FNBO direct, but I just got an email from them mentioning that they will start offering a cash back credit card which deposits your rewards into your fnbodirect account. This might be a good thing if they over 1.5% back on all purchases and don't drop their rate that much.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #85
eBank raised CD rates today:





Minimum $1000
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #86
Just to let you know National Bank of KC will be reducing CD rates on 08/29/2007. The 5.5%APY will no longer be available
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #87
Hey Guys,
Just a quick update on Indymac Bank. They have a new internet special for a 4 month CD at 5.75%.

Here's the URL hyperlink for it:

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #88
Adding to the eBank post above, you can add .25% to each rate if you have an ePremium checking account.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #89
University Federal Credit Union (ufcu.org) is giving away "$20 cash" for opening up a checking account at their Guadalupe branch in Austin. I am curious if they report this on a 1099-INT. Anyways, it beats the stupid shuffle they were giving away last semester.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #90
CU of Georgia has lowered their rates.

5.55% APY 6-mo CD, 5.44%
5.67% APY 12-mo CD 5.55%
5.76% APY 36-mo CD 5.64%
5.86% APY 60-mo CD 5.75%
Marc Schoenfeld
Marc Schoenfeld   |     |   Comment #91
New Wachovia Branch in San Francisco at Battery and California has 7 mo CD at 5.66% with extra 10 bps for opening (or having an existing) checking account. Opening checking account with min $500 gets you $75 more, direct deposit, another $50. Greater than 10k and you get some "Crown Checking" with a bunch of free stuff, including atm refunds. 5k min on CD. Staff very knowledgeable and friendly. Offer good till 9/21. Signs on branch advertise this and can be found in Monday 8/27 SF Examiner, page 6. http://sfpaper.examiner.com/edition/san_francisco/?haspdf=1
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #92
E-Loan has started a 3 month 5.55% CD. It has a $10,000 minimum.
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #93
etrade checking max-rate is now 4%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #94
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union (PA) is offering 7% on the first $500 in a "Supersaver Savings Account." (2% after the first $500)

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #95
TechCU (California) is offering promotional CD for 6% APY (6 month; $10K min). Here is the link
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #96
Thanks everyone for the comments.

About E-LOAN's new 3-month CD, please refer to this post.

About Tech CU's 6% CD, please refer to this post.

Remember to check my weekly summary for deals that have been previously posted.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #97
Umbrella bank promo is down to 5.35%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #98
7.30% for 12 month Promo CD (with open and active Cheking account)- $500 min.- Flagstar Bank, Atlanta, GA
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #99
some has posted south jersey credit union is paying 6% for 9 month cd , is credit union safe? what about the mortgage problems?has anyone ever haad cds with sjcu?

please comments?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #100
Re: Zions Bank Deseret.
Balance is rates on the web. So, over 50k and 100k are the higher rates.

Up to-$999.99





Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #101
Thanks everyone for the comments.

About UmbrellaBank's promo rate reduction, please refer to my latest UmbrellaBank post.

About South Jersey FCU and its 6% 9-month CD, here's the link to my post. At the bottom of this post, I include a link to the NCUA page where you can confirm its federal insurance and review its financials.

About Zions Deseret MMA, please refer to my latest Zions post. Note, there has been lots of confusion between Zions' Deseret vs. Internet MMA.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #102
USA Federal Credit Union is offering 7% APY 7 month share certificates ($7,000 max) on 9/8 at the Escondido branch, 9/22 at the Eastlake branch and 9/29 at the Lake Elsinore branch.
Michael   |     |   Comment #103
Tempe Schools Credit Union 5.25(5.50 IRA) APY CD 6mo-5years no limit


Jeremiah   |     |   Comment #104
If you need any virtual bank referral bonuses you can send me an email via nativeapache@gmail.com. I still have a bunch left and am wiling to pay an extra $5 via Paypal. Remember you must open the account with at least $100.00 to qualify for the bonus. Thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #105
Citibank has been offering 5.35% APY for a 7-month CD in its Connecticut and Massachusetts marketplace as part of promoting the new branches they've been opening in the Boston area. I renewed a CD over the phone a few weeks ago and was offered the promotional rate as well. It's not quite as good as the 5.50% APY they were offering back in May, but still fairly competitive.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #106
Tech CU - techcu.com
San Jose/San Mateo/SF area - had a sticker advertisement on the front of SJ Mercury for a 6% - 6 month - $10k min CD.
Scott   |     |   Comment #107
ING Direct is now offering "Value Added" CDs that are .1% higher than their normal CDs. There's are 9 and 12 month CDs available with a 5.25% APR. The $1 minimum still applies (I just opened one for $26). The only catch is that the funds have to be new money transferred in from your linked external bank account. When the CD is opened, simply select that accound as the source of funding. For many of us, this won't be a problem since we've done it several times in the past. It also encourages one to leave more in their Savings or Electric Orange account and or put more into Roth / IRA funds.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #108
Looks like that 12 month 5.75% CD at Countrywide is now available to everyone. I just saw it listed under the internet rates and the branch rates (without entering a CA zip code).
scott   |     |   Comment #109
ottGood local deal for people in Georgia. integrity bank Has 6 Month CD at 5.85% APY, and 12 Month 5.75%. $1k min to open
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #110
Regarding the above Countrywide post--my bad. The 5.75% is for balances above $250K. Sorry...
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #111
metroplitan national bank has $200 bonus for new checking with dd,
see http://www.metropolitannationalbank.com/Default.asp for details.
Marc Schoenfeld
Marc Schoenfeld   |     |   Comment #112
Imperial Capital Bank deal for San Francisco branch. A lot of hoops, but might be worth the hassle if one has time to kill (I work across the street so I might do it.) I went a few months ago with someone to open a CD there and they seemed very nice.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #113
In preparing to transfer money from FNBO to Umbrella I found out that FNBO will only wire money to the account from which the money originally came.

"Please be advised per the disclosures of the account, requested transfer of funds must be wired back to a funding account where the funds originated from.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ’s at www.fnbodirect.com, or send us an e-mail."

Is this common practice? I've never run across it before.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #114
Bank of America Affinity product: Defenders of Wildlife (from FatWallet) MMA 5.71% APY 50k+. Membership tiered $25 min. On BOA site under MyExpression Banking Link, then Charitable Causes, then Defenders of Wildlife. Click to #2 on Savings link. $2500 min to avoid $12 monthly fee. Defends Membership signup at defenders.org.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #115
Vantus Bank is offering a 8.5% APY 7-month CD beginning 9-10-07. Min $250. Max $1000. www.vantusbank.com; 1-800-352-4620
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #116
Vince said...that Bank of America Money Market Savings Account is NOT FDIC insured. I don't care what apy they are giving. It is not worth it especially the condition this Bank is in.
djc314   |     |   Comment #117
Who is Vince? I find it real hard to beleive that a MM account at BOA is not fdic insured...below is my experience with the change;

This is incredible for BOA! I have been a BOA client for years and while I love thier bill pay and other net offerings they have never been known for great MM rates...I just spent a decent amount of time on the phone..the first couple of guys had no idea what I was talking about...and lost connecton...finally got to thier affinity department 800-653-7930 and they were very helpful...these charitable accounts are holdovers from the MBNA buyout and BOA kinda keeps them quiet as they don't want a lot of BOA clients moving from 3% to 5% interest rates..I asked if this was a teaser and the fellow said no and that it has been over 5% for a while...he switched me over and was very pleasent
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #118
USA Fed,Ca. besides offering --7-7-7 account 7mts-7%-7000Max they also
give a 100 bonus for money market account--1-day only specific locations.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #119
Vince said....sorry if I am misleading anyone. I called BOA 3 times and got different answers each time..1st was NO, not FDIC and she seemed quite reliable..2nd was yes, FDIC...3rd was I don't think so, FDIC. BOA needs to do a better job of training their reps. I did not feel confident in opening this MM Savings. If anyone knows for sure if it is FDIC please post.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #120
Yardville National Bank, YNB, is offering a 1 year CD at 10% APY from Sep 10 - Sep 20 at its new Cranbury, NJ branch.

"The minimum and maximum amount to open the account and earn this APY is $1000"
"Available only to individuals residing in the following zip codes: 08512, 08520, 08536, 08810, 08852."
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #121
Re: Imperial Capital Bank. $150 Easy Money Checking offer also valid in Costa Mesa, CA. (newspaper print ad: Orange County (Santa Ana) Register (reference only) (Sun, Sep 09, 2007) Marketplace pg 9; tel 888-886-0878) Offer details (already mentioned by BG) appear to be the same. No requirement mentioned that print ad must be brought in. I have not investigated on how to set the account up to receive the offer. FYI: 'EMC' offer not mentioned online (@ icbDOTcom).
Patrick   |     |   Comment #122
I think you have a great site but I would like to make one suggestion. Since most of your audience often does not live near the "branch only" deals perhaps up front you could mention that this deal is not available by an internet application.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #123
ebank ePremium checking interest rate remains at 5% for those who previously had this rate, despite the fact that their website indicates that they are paying 3% interest. I confirmed this with a CSR today.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #124
Citi Bank Ultimate Money Market now 5.10%. I believe that's up 10 points. It must be opened on line and linked to a Citi checking account. You must also make two electronic payments per month from your checking account.
Tom   |     |   Comment #125
I'm not sure if you mentioned this one yet but SunTrust Bank is giving away $50 if you open a personal/business account OR they will donate $100 to your favorite charity. More info can be found here, https://promotion.suntrust.com/mycause/

Tom @ gotalkmoney.com
Don   |     |   Comment #126
Mutual Bank’s Houston office is offering a 5.85% apy, 2-year CD. This is not posted on the bank’s website (mutualbanking.com/), but I just got one. This rate is only at the Houston office. I spoke to CSR Dan (630-409-2905).
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #127
Don, Thanks for the Mutual Bank info. Did you have a large deposit? I was told that customers with large deposits may be able to get higher than the 5.65% APY. But it may require some negotiating.
Craig L. McMillon
Craig L. McMillon   |     |   Comment #128
Warning about DISCOVER BANK'S online bank. I recently opened an account with Discover Bank's online bank account. Unfortunately, my experience with them was horrible. They have no bank to checking account transfer capability. So for deposits and withdrawals you have to mail them a check and senD out a withdrawal slip respectively. For an online bank that really sucks. Also if you want to close the account within 90 days they charge you $20 dollars. Additionally, in order to close the account you have to fax them a letter. I had to actually call them twice because initially they didn't even close the account after they received the fax. They gave me some lame excuse that they were backlogged. If you want a really convenient online banking site please take my advice: DON'T SIGN UP WITH DISCOVER BANK.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #129
SACU (San Antonio Credit Union) now has a rewards checking account, "mY generation checking" (http://www.sacu.com/share/mYgen.asp).

6.01% APY on balances up to $25,000, if, during month:
* Make at least 12 debit card transactions
* Receive an e-Statement
* Have direct deposit or one ACH Auto Debit
* Access SACU Online Anytime

Includes ATM fee refunds up to $25 per statement cycle.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #130
Delta Community Credit Union has a great rate of 5.65% (APY) on 5 year CD. Membership open to Metro Atlanta residents.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #132
BOA is offering a 4-month, 5.45% APY internet-only CD: http://www.bankofamerica.com/deposits/checksave/index.cfm?template=cd_10

$5k minimum.
Dan   |     |   Comment #133
While they may not be the top of the list, BECU has bumped its CD yields:
5.01 APY for 6 months
5.31 APY for 12 months.
dan   |     |   Comment #134
Here's the link:
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #135
Heritage State Bank (Missouri) with branches in the cities of Lamar, Nevada, Sheldon, & El Dorado is offering a rewards checking which earns 6.01% on up to $25k if the following requirements are met. Those being 10 signature-based debit card transactions, e-statements with valid email address, & direct deposit or ACH auto debit or Bill Pay transaction. ATM fees refunded.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #136
San Francisco Federal Credit Union is offering a 6-7% 5 month CD to new members and members who refer others. This is only good this month (Sept. 2007), and is limited to $500-$5000 per CD. Each referral can get you another CD.

You have to be a member. To join, you have to live, work, or worship in San Francisco and open a savings account with $5, and pay a $5 membership fee as well.

To get the 7% rate, you have to be a new member, and take out a car loan, fund a $500 checking account, or open a money market account. Their interest rates are low, so the best option seems to open the $500 checking account. The extra 1% in interest on a $5,000 CD more than makes up for lost interest on the $500.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #137
I just visited www.amtrustdirect.com and noticed that there e-money market acct. is 6.76% APY. Last time I looked it was only 5.31%. They must have just started the higher rate today
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #138
Dan-the-Man, didn't you know this rate was to good to be true. I just called to confirm the rate and was told it was a mistake. The true yield is still 5.31%. :(
Anyway, i was ready to withdraw the money i put in BofA last week which is still 5.71% yield on $50K. But that was great for a few minutes.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man   |     |   Comment #139
**********FALSE ALARM***********
Just called amtrust and they told me it was a mistake.Yeah, I figured it was to good to be true. Why did you call?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #140
Denver Community Credit Union has some pretty decent CD rates, esp. for larger balances.

On a 36 to 47 month CD, APY 5.2% but 5.46% for greater than 50K.

On a 48 to 59 month CD, APY 5.25% or 5.52% for greater than 50K.

On a 60 month CD, 5.35% or 5.61% for >50K.

Plus, the lower rates only require $100 minimum deposit and aren't that bad - certainly higher than some you have listed already.

See: http://www.denvercommunity.coop/DCFCU_rates_savings.html
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #141
I opened a BoA MM account several days ago.
Today, I was going to transfer a large summ of cash and found a couple of gotchas.
1) There is a $3 fee for outbound transfers to other financial institutions

2) You are limited to $3k per transfer and there is a monthly limit of $6k as I understand it.

I cancelled my account!
djc314   |     |   Comment #144
I hope some one else can check the below information this person received as we have had so much misinformation from BOA reps on the affinity account.

I opened a BoA MM account several days ago.
Today, I was going to transfer a large summ of cash and found a couple of gotchas.
1) There is a $3 fee for outbound transfers to other financial institutions

2) You are limited to $3k per transfer and there is a monthly limit of $6k as I understand it.

I cancelled my account!
emory1978   |     |   Comment #145
Air Force Federal Credit Union, membership restrictions, 100k 5.6%/5.75%apy for 5year and 3year cds, 100k 5.5%/5.65%apy for 2year cd, 100k 5.41%/5.55%apy for 1year cd, and finally $1000 min to open 5.36%/5.5% ADD ON 9 month CD. www.Airforcefcu.com.
emory1978   |     |   Comment #146
Banking Guy, sorry for the AFFCU post. I just realized you have most of these cds on the 9/15 summary.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #147
RateEdge.com has lowered it's rate from 5.50% to 5.25%. Still not too bad considering the Fed rate drop of 1/2%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #148
Apple Bank has lowered the rate on their Grand Yield Direct account to 5.15% as of today
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #149
GMAC dropped their MM rate to 4.9%...
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #150
I found out today that E-LOAN has some incentives for customers with CDs up for renewal: if you use promo code cdrenew10 on renewals of 6, 12 or 18 months they will add .10% to the renewal rate. Or, go longer with CDs of 2-5 years, use promo code cdrenew15 and get .15% added to the rate.
Perturbance   |     |   Comment #151
Re: GMAC Bank. As of 9/21/07 1:30 am Central time, I'm still seeing 5.3% APY for their money market rate on balances above $500. I'm not sure what time overnight they reset their rates.
I did notice that they changed the layout of their homepage some on Thursday the 20th.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #152
About 5:00 am Central Time, GMAC changed its money market rate to 4.9%.

Countrywide Bank has also posted this week's rates and there is no change in the Savingslink account.
Ben   |     |   Comment #153
Not a deal, but curious if anybody has investigated Capital One's Rewards Savings account... 4.66% with No Hassle Miles seems interesting, although I have no personal experience with their miles. Searched the site looking for a review of some sort, but I'm guessing it's just so new it hasn't gotten a lot of coverage.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #154
Citizens Bank in Westchester County located at Stop'n'Shop in Somers, NY is offering 5.5% APY CD's through 9/29/07.

Cyclone   |     |   Comment #155
My Wachovia rep in FL called me today to tell me about some rates for some new money I brought over. They are offering 5.25 APY for 12 months and 5.41 APY for 6 months.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #156
Saw the post regarding Milaca National Bank cd for 5.6% and jumped on it........thanks Banking Guy!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #157
Getting Ahead Association, which anyone can join, qualifies you for membership in 7 Georgia credit unions. http://www.gettingaheadassoc.org/About_Us_10.html

Notable rates:

MembersFirst (Georgia) 55Plus CD (over 55 yrs old) earns
5.6% for 12, 24 or 36 mos.
It earns 5.75% for 48 or 60 mos.

Delta Community CU cd earns
5.40% 36 mos.
5.65% 60 mos.

CU of GA cd earns
5.48% 12 mos.
5.48% 24 mos.
5.54% 36 mos.
5.59% 48 mos.
5.64% 60 mos.
Pamala Farris
Pamala Farris   |     |   Comment #158
First Security (San Antonio, Texas) today advertised a 5.86% APY 6 month CD special (FDIC-Insured Bank CD). Telephone (210) 822-2467. I tried to call but their voice message answered to request your contact info so a rep could call you back (due to high volume in response to this ad).

24 Sept 2007 San Antonio Express News
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #159
I am in Birmingham of Alabama, actually what I am posting is not a good deal anymore since last week.
The Compass Bank is providing a money market account of 4.5% APY (5.0% APY previously). Effective with money between 10k and 1000k dollars only. This rate is not the same with that shown on the website, but other rules and fees can apply.

Phone: (205) 297-3394
or 1-800-239-4357

Can someone share good deals in Birmingham of Alabama? Thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #160
Navy FCU dropped their longest share certificate rate from 5.60 to 5.30 this am.
Lockheed FCU is still offering a 24 mo. share cert. at 5.46 and with platinum status ($100M) got an additional .15 for a 5.61 for 2 years.
Anyone can join.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #161
Can someone give me the web sites for that Members First CU in Georgia and that First Security Bank in Texas?
Thanks. I would appreciate it.
Mike   |     |   Comment #162
6% Reward checking in Michigan.


15 debit card transactions/cycle.
1 direct deposit or ACh/cycle.

No min/25Kmax
$25 in ATM rebates per month.
Member of Co-Op network.

Also very easy for someone in Michigan to join:

All persons living, working, attending school, or worshiping in the counties of Allegan, Barry, Calhoun, Clare, Clinton, Eaton, Genesee, Gladwin, Gratiot, Ingham, Ionia, Isabella, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Kent, Livingston, Mecosta, Midland, Missaukee, Montcalm, Muskegon, Osceola, Ottawa, Roscommon, Saginaw, Shiawassee, VanBuren, and Washtenaw, Michigan.
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #163
Thanks for the info on the Getting Ahead Association. Not sure if the MembersFirst CU FOM page of such a service.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #164
Tooele Federal Credit Union has 5.45 on 15 month. http://tfcu.net/rates/certificates.php
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #166
9/24/07 New York Times ad for ING's Orange savings account offered a $50 bonus for opening a new account with only $250 initial deposit. Offer expires 9/30. You'll also need the reference code - NY3 - to get going. Here's the link:


I believe their rate is only 4.5% now, so this is not something you'll want to keep for long. But $50 works out to a whopping 20% yield on $250.
djc314   |     |   Comment #167
Community America Credit Union is offering a 6% Savings Account. The details are too numerous to summarize but here is the link to the page the shows more information:

djc314   |     |   Comment #168
Sorry link did not copy well here it is again:

djc314   |     |   Comment #169
**** it did it again....not sure why it will not copy the entire link but if you add a . and then aspx link will work
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #170
Wachovia is offering a 5.41 APY 6 month CD in New Jersey
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #171
Hey Guys,
Just quickly letting you know that Wachovia Bank in South florida has an excellent deal on a 6 mos CD/IRA for 5.41 APY. It requires $5000.00 minimum and you must open a checking acct which the cust svc reps says only requires $100.00. You have to act fast because the deal expires on 9/29/07. Good luck to those who can benefit by it.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #172
What is the deal with Millenium Bank? www.mlnbank.com I saw an ad on THIS website for as high as 8.75%.

OK, this bank is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Carribean), and they don't offer FDIC. They are a subsidary of a Swiss bank.

But, has anyone dealt with these guys? Either here, or in Switzerland? I'm game for overseas banks, as long as they have a very long standing, solid reputation.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #173
I just got an email from FNBO direct stating their online savings rate from 9/29/07 will be 5.05%. Since lots of people have been waiting to see what this rate will be, I thought this info might be helpful.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #174
MCAS Beaufort FCU today discontinued the 6.00% 15-month CD special they've been running for some time.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #175

Members in the GettingAhead Association are eligible to join:

Gwinnett Federal Credit Union http://www.gwinnettfcu.org/products/rates.html,

Credit Union of Georgia http://cuofga.org/products/rates/share.html

MembersFirst CU http://www.membersfirstga.com/asp/rates.asp

Delta Community Credit Union https://www.deltacommunitycu.com/Personal/products/dividends.asp

CORE Credit Union http://www.corecreditunion.com/rates.htm

Georgia Telco Credit Union now Georgia's Own CU http://gtacu.org/cds_rates.html

Georgia Federal Credit Union http://www.gfcuonline.org/Savingsaccounts.asp
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #176
Just got an e-mail from Countrywide.

SavingsLink now allows 5 external account links and hold time has been lowered from 10 to 5 days.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #177
New FNBO Direct ExtraEarningsSM Visa®

7.99 APR* fixed on purchases and balance transfers.

Earn cash back faster with 2% back for the first 12 billing cycles and 1% back after that directly deposited into your FNBO Direct Online Savings Account.†
Redeem your cash back by requesting a $25 deposit into your FNBO Direct account for every $2,500 in purchases on the card.†
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #178
Both my friend and I have accounts with HSBC Direct. I have not received any notice yet from HSBC, but my friend says that she got an email indicating that the rate has now fallen to 4.50%. This is confirmed by looking at the http://www.hsbcdirect.com website.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #179
This also seems like good option:

check the wiki

Fidelity MMA
~5% APY, BUT (State) Tax Free
virgquest   |     |   Comment #180
I have a checking account with SalemFiveDirect. According to their webpage this morning, their rates have fallen to:
$0-$9,999 4.70%
$10,000-$24,999 4.80%
$25,000-$99,999 4.90%
$100,000-$999,999 5.10% *
$1,000,000 or more 0.50%

The fine print says that "The stated APY applies to new eOne accounts opened after 9/24/2007." I've emailed them to see how accounts opened before 9/24 are affected, but I'll bet that the lower APR applies across the board.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #181
I just called Salem Five and the new rates affect all eOne accounts.
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #182
It's official. Emigrant is now 4.75% a 30-point drop.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #183
igobanking.com now down to 5.17% (was 5.30%)
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #184
FW member mh83 posted a deal starting 9/29... 7-month CD effective yield 9.36%... !!!WOW!!! membership to Maryland credit union required...

sreins   |     |   Comment #185
Can you or someone share your thoughts on American Share Insurance?
Consumers Cooperative has a 5.65 20 month CD, but is not NCUA insured. I have had 2 CD's there for 5 years with good service and no problems, but never really understood the risk associated with American Share. I know it's a form of private insurance.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #186
Bank of America's AAA Money Market rates went down today....
5.16% APR for over $50K (it used to be 5.30%)

It was bound to happen!
Steve   |     |   Comment #187
Netbank is no more. According to their website (http://www.netbank.com/) the Fed has closed them down.
Steve   |     |   Comment #188
Looks like ING Direct is taking over the Netbank accounts

ProfessorB   |     |   Comment #189
FDIC took over NetBank and transferred the money to ING.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #190
Just an update on Pentagon Federal Credit Union. They claim they will allow CDs in the name of a trust. I tried to buy a $100,000 3 year certificate and they would not approve it. Their logic was because the grantor was recently deceased and this purchase was for a revocable living trust. Their ignorant attorney thought that the trust account title should be changed to irrevocable. Technically a revocable trust becomes irrevocable upon the death of the grantor. However, no one can change the title or terms of the trust agreement after the grantors death, which is what they wanted me, the trustee, to do. I won't go into any more detail than this but I just wanted anyone who might be thinking about buying a CD in the name of a trust that Pentagon Federal has no knowledge whatsoever about trusts and their in house attorney is completely ignorant on the subject. I was going to purchase another $100,000 in a different trust as well. That's $200,000 of lost business for them.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #191
Pulling money from FNBO via GMAC:

On 9/25/2007 I initiated a transfer request from GMAC to pull $100k from FNBO. On 9/26/2007 a credit of $100k showed up in GMAC but as unavailable. The money was still also in FNBO. The next day all was the same. Still the money was in FNBO, still in GMAC too earning interest but unavailable. On 9/28 (today) in the morning the funds showed availabe in GMAC. I logged in FNBO and found that they were still there too!! I thought ..that's weird. Then long and behond this evening when I logged back into FNBO it was still there. I log back into GMAC and it was withdrawn! I called GMAC and they said FNBO rejected their request but had no reason why. Called FNBO and they had no record of any tranfer request. Called GMAC back and they got me and FNBO on a conference call. Since their offices are closed they will not be able to get a code as to why it was rejected until Monday. However FNBO confirmed no holds on the funds. I ended up asking FNBO to wire transfer the funds and both banks agreed to pick up the transfer fee when they determine whose fault it was as to why the transfer did not go through. Not fun... has anyone else had any problems transfering money out of FNBO. And ohh..by the way, we confirmed that the accounts were linked correctly and in fact transfers from GMAC into FNBO had happened during the promotional period..it is just the other way that failed!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #192
Pentagon Federal Credit Union--trust accounts. I had a similar situation with them. Bunch of brain dead morons. Very attractive rate but didn't do me any good since I couldn't buy the CD in a Trust. I filled out all of their trust forms but they came up with one reason after another why they couldn't do it. I've never encountered a problem at any other financial institution buying CD's in the name of a trust. This is a simle revocable living trust. What a bunch of bozo's.
n t
n t   |     |   Comment #193
presidentials rates drop.

Savings from 5.30% to4.90%
Checking from 4.50% to 4.00%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #194
This is not a deal but a comment on Patelco.

I read that Patelco has applied with the NCUA for federal deposit insurance coverage. They switched from NCUA to private insurance about 5 years ago for higher deposit limits. No reason was given to explain why Patelco was switching back.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #195
Charles Schwab Checking just reduced interest rate from 4.25% to 4%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #196
FatWallet (link: http://www.fatwallet.com/t/52/437553/) seems to show a tiered rate structure on Indymac Bank "Internet First Rate Money Market" as follows:

5.75% APY $25,000+
1.80% APY $10,000 - $24,999.99
1.70% APY $1,000 - $9,999.99 ($7 fee if your balance falls below $1,000 during the month)
Minimum to open is $1,000

IndyMac's rate page:


Confirms that.

5.75% seems to be the highest non-term rate offered, if balance is $25,000. I thought this might be helpful to know.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #197
I had a transfer from FNBO set up with GMAC that was to initiate on Sept. 27. It did and the funds were out of FNBO 9/27 and not available @ GMAC until 9/28. I thought this was awfully fast even for GMAC. I was expecting the funds to leave FNBO on Monday, Oct. 1. I missed my last day of the 6% interest but at least I got my money out.
Terry   |     |   Comment #198
Maybe this isn't new, but while pulling money from FNBO to AmTrust direct I happened to click on the main banks home page. From there I found a money market account paying 5.50% APY for 1000 to 999,000. Higher than the regular 5.21 that the e-money market is making. Banking guy, do you know anything about this?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #199
Re: Amstrust above read the fine and you will answer your own questions first it ended "Money Market Account requires $1,000 minimum deposit to open. Account must be opened by August 31, 2007 and funded with money not currently on deposit with AmTrust Bank"
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #200
iberville bank of Louisiana has a rewards checking account with 5.27% apy.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #201
Presidential Bank just lowered their rates to 4.90 % from 5.25 % for savings and 4.00 % for checking. Thats a pretty significant drop.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #202
Hey Guys,
In reference to your most recent post on Wachovia's 5.25% 1 yr CD, you should note that the 6 mos CD is still available at 5.41% until October 9th. It did not replace the prior deal. You may want to update your post at your convenience. I spoke to cust. svc at Wachovia and they verified that. So one can choose from 2 CD deals from Wachovia depending on how long they want to go out.

Boca Raton, FL
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #203
Amtrust Direct MMA now 5.16%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #204
"Amtrust Direct MMA now 5.16%"

Wasn't that sneaky of them.
Ram   |     |   Comment #205
Start of the End of 6.01% checking accounts.

Got this mail today from TwinstarCU

"Dear TwinStar Member:

The expected rate is 5.50% APY* for Accelerator Checking accounts, effective November 1, 2007."
Sree   |     |   Comment #206
CA - $50K min, First $10K @ 7%, remaining $40K@5%
Pacific Services Credit Union
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #207
Note that Pentagon Federal Credit Union now is offering 6% CD's which is said to last until end of month but can be cancelled earlier.
Beverly   |     |   Comment #208
OR local deal -

OnPoint Community Credit Union is offering 11 month CD for up to 5.35% APY. "OnPoint is open to everyone who lives or works in Benton, Clackamas, Columbia, Lane, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington, and Yamhill counties in Oregon and Clark and Skamania counties in Washington. Membership is also open to family members of current OnPoint Community Credit Union members." Bauers is listing them as a 5 star CU. I see no way to sign up for the account through the internet.

On the bad news front, Oregon Community Credit Union lowered their remarkable checking rate to 5.4%
djc314   |     |   Comment #209
Got this for Discover today...however if you go to their site the rates have changed...not sure if this special that you have to use the code noted at the bottom of this or just that rates have decreased..

"Earn more on your money with a Discover Bank FDIC-insured Money Market Account or CD. Open an account today and get a $25 Discover Gift Card* plus enjoy benefits like easy online account access and world-class customer service."

Discover Bank Money Market Interest Rates Really Add Up**

Discover CD's 5.3%APY

Learn More Access your cash at ATMs nationwide using your Discover Card. Call 1-800-347-7000.
Offer Code: IE0108
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #210
Flagstar bank rates have changed:
180 day 5.36% online CD with min $500 isn't bad for such a low minimum.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #211
San Diego County Credit Union still has a 10 month 5.30% CD and a 5 month 5.15% CD if you live in San Diego County. see: http://www.sdccu.com/pages/home/index.asp
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #212
Bank of Internet, USA is still a good option right now. Their CD rates are well above 5.00%, and they have numerous terms. They allow "ten business days" to receive your funds by check. This is especially useful if you have money coming to you in the next few days but fear that rates will drop by then. You can open a CD today and stay locked in at the high rate until they receive your money. Very generous of them...
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #213
AmTrust dropped their MM rate another time, now at 5.06%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #214
Amboy Direct down to 4.8% (under 20k)/4.85% (over 20k)...
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #215
ShoreBank is advertising 5% interest on its online high-yield savings account.
Go to SBK.com.
Or try:
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #216
I just talked to a rep for SECU, Maryland CU, to check on the status of my CD application. There was such a mad rush of folks trying to qualify for the CD before it closed.(the CD only lasted for 4 days) Although it hadn't cleared, my application should be ok since I met all the requirements and posted it before the deadline 10/2. The rep told me they would offer a 5.5% 5mo CD for those folks that missed out on the prior great CD, not nearly as good, but not too bad.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #217
See http://bankdeals.blogspot.com/2006/10/625-24-month-cd-at-north-carolina-cu.html starting at 5:07 AM, December 02, 2006 about United Services Credit Union reneging on a flex CD terms i.e. can't add more funds,
See also http://bankdeals.blogspot.com/2007/09/interesting-facts-about-netbanks.html ING Direct not honoring NetBank's offerings of 4.5% on their MM for 6 months + total $250 in bonus monies

Sounds like one should take everything with 'a grain of salt'. Will really know how much was made when the check clears and the money is back in my own wallet.

Question is: "Will penaties be applied if I close my NetBank accounts early due to ING DIrect not honoring NetBank's promotions?"
May do so anyway and get a 6% for 5 years.
Hustler   |     |   Comment #218
New October ING $50 bonus.

scott   |     |   Comment #219
First New England Federal Credit Union in Connecticut is offering a 5 month 5.64% CD. Must be opened online and $1k Min. Anyone can join by becoming a friend of the Lucy Wells Library for $12. Like with Penfed you can join right thru a link as you do your application. Requires a checking account with DD. Say's you only need to deposit a portion of your paycheck. Not a big deal, I already have $10 going to a couple banks to meet those requirements
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #220
Indymac dropped their rate on
the "Internet First Rate Money Market" to 5.50

link http://indymacbank.com/Individuals/Banking/page.asp?pSection=pdFRMMRate
Hongjun   |     |   Comment #221
new PNC checking account offer: $101 for checking account with DD > $500.

This is the best offer from PNC so fat I think
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #222
Thanks everyone for the comments.

Scott, thanks for the info. I had posted on this credit union special in August. Looks like it's still available.

Hongjun, thanks for the PNC bonus link. I wasn't able to confirm by phone. Often the CSRs aren't given info on these, but PNC CSRs have usually been up on these promos in the past. If you can get any more info, please let me know.
buddy   |     |   Comment #223
You had mentioned before on the deals from american bank of NJ. The 6% promo is still valid at their Clifton branch, though the date posted is expired. 6% APY $50k- $100k is on MM for 3 months. You can extend for 3 more months with free checking account, signup/using bill pay and, direct deposit(ACH). So it works out like for 5 or 6 month CD. Pretty good in these low rate days. If it is > $100k, we would get 5.15% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #224
On american savings nj - I forgot to include that the 3 more extra months is one month each for signing up for free checking, bill pay and direct deposit.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #225
I was told over the telephone that Oct. 12th is the last day for PenFed's 6% CD's!
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #226
countrywide 12month is now 5.65%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #227
Lots of trouble dealing with PenFed. They are a bunch of idiots. Even if you tell them how and what you want they still for some reason don't know how to set up a revocable trust(POD). Also they don't post your account on the day they receive your funds. Sent application and a check to open an account but the account was not opened until 2 days after they received my stuff. Said.."we are so swamped". Funny, no other financial institution gives me that excuse. You always get credit starting the day they receive your funds.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #228
PENFED is dropping their special C/D rates after 12 October 07. Even though I have received a C/D rate sheet stating that the rates would be effective through 31 October 07. Oh well, so much for keeping their word.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #229
PenFed stinks, I second that. I opened one of their 3 year cd's and closed it immediately but had to go through hell to do so and finally after my case reached the VP they are wiring my money back to GMAC for free. No way Jose..They can keep their 6% DCs. I'd rather have my money in a bank/credit union that treats their customers with courtesy and respect, are knowledgable and where I don't have to make 20 phone calls and waste a week to get something done.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #230
ING DIRECT 6 month CD is up to 5% APY (up from 4.9% APY).
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #231
etrade savings now at 4.70% :(
35-point decrease
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #232
nvm seems to be back at 5.05%, might be a hint tho.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #233
Well I was right 4.70% etrade. 4.75% GMAC
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #234
HSBC Direct is running a promo where (I'll let them explain it in their own words):

For every deposit of $250 (or more) you make and maintain in any of your HSBC Direct accounts from 10/06/07 to 11/30/07, you will automatically earn one entry into the HSBC Direct $20K Dash Savers Sweepstakes and there are no entry forms to complete*.

What's in it for you?
Lots of great prizes, which include:

1 Grand Prize ($20K) of $20,000 USD
1 First Prize ($10K) of $10,000 USD
4 Second Prizes ($5K) of $5,000 USD
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #235
what is "nvm"?
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #236
nvm = nevermind
It went back to the original 5.05% rate but later it dropped back to the 4.7%
taan   |     |   Comment #237
Seems new promo from citi
"up to" 5.00% on savings account, now not limited to new customers


(watch for link wrap around)
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #238
IndyMac Internet First Rate Money Market shows 4.25% for top tier now, a drop of 1.25%! Their E-Money Market's 5.00% for top tier seems to be the best alternative, if I even trust them anymore.
scott   |     |   Comment #239
Indymac 3 month CD 5.65%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #240
Probable correction to my Anonymous 4:29 AM, October 15, 2007 Comment above:
IndyMac CSR just said their rate sheet shows 5.25% for top tier of Internet First Rate Money Market and didn't know anything about the website showing only 4.25%. That would be a more reasonable drop in rate.
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #241
Amtrust Direct now has an account called E-savings. I don't know what's the difference between the MMA and this one. It has a 5.36% APY intro rate. "Please note that the introductory rates shown below are for new accounts only. The new e-Savings account is available only for funds not currently on deposit with Amtrust Direct or Amtrust Bank. "

virgquest   |     |   Comment #242
Traditional Bank in Lexington KY is offering 5.25% APY guaranteed for 90 days on their MoneyTree Plus checking account. Must be new funds, $100 min to open, $1 min to earn interest, $1500 min monthly average to avoid fees. They also have a 4.05% Simply Savings account with no service fees. Website is http://www.traditionalbank.com but I couldn't find a lot of details about this offer there. Phone is 859-266-1120.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #243
GMAC Mortgage Unit To Cut 3,000 Jobs
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #244
CapitalOne MMA down to 4.75% APY from 5.0% APY

CapitalOne Costco MMA down to 5.0% APY from 5.20% APY.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #245
First Federal Bank, NC, SC, GA, FL, 6.01% Free Checking Account.
See www.firstfederal.com
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #246
Info for First Federal Moolah Checking can be found here:
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #247
Amtrust MMA now 4.93%... so many cuts!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #248
AM TRUST BANK...I just found out that this bank can wait up to 7 days before sending out funds after a CD matures. No interest is given for this waiting period. Never will I ever deal with this bank again. Investors BEWARE. They get to keep your money for up to a week without having to pay you interest. CROOKS!
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #249
I closed a CD once and transferred it to my e-MMA and they gave me interest.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #250
Have you ever thought of maintaining a list of Banks that allow free use of any atm machine (whether owned by them or not) and ones that reimburse you of the atm owner's fees? (and include min balance for that feature, and maximum per statement period.) Such banks include: GMAC Money Market, Etrade's (as long as $5k min), HSBC Online Payment Account, Schwab Bank High Yield Checking, and others.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #251
United Teletech Federal Credit Union is offering a 4 month CD with 5.50% APY. $500 minimum to open. Checking acct required. See details on their website:


United Teletech focuses on members in Monmouth County NJ and surrounding areas
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #252
Bank of America is offering a 91 day CD for 5.35% in branch

10,000 min. Must have relationship (checking account) or the rate is 5.00%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #253
Chase has a new checking promo for $100 bonus, with no minimum balance. To apply, you need a "promo code" which is located on a slip that's inside the change-of-address kit from your post office. If you need one, just go to the post office and get a change-of-address kit (free) and the promo code will be inside.
djc314   |     |   Comment #254
Defenders of Wildlife dropped...see below..

Money Market Savings - Advantage Interest Rate APY*
Less than $2,500 2.96% 3.00%
$2,500 - $9,999 4.42% 4.51%
$10,000 - $24,999 4.52% 4.61%
$25,000 - $49,999 4.52% 4.61%
$50,000 - $99,999 4.77% 4.88%
$100,000 - $499,999 4.77% 4.88%
$500,000 - $2,499,999 4.77% 4.88%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #255
BoA NEA money market account has lowered rates, and they do not offer 60-day lock-in anymore: https://www3.onlineaccountopen.com/deposits/affinity/index.cfm?AFFINITYGROUPID=18060&AFFINITYPRIORITYCODE=HA002&REQ=mm

However, there is a BoA 4-month CD with 5.15% APY, $5k-$500k, online only at http://www.bankofamerica.com
offer code HYCD. Checked in Florida.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #256
Oops. The info was for BoA AAA MMA, BoA NEA MMA still offers 60-day bonus rate of %5.23 / %5.73 / %5.98: https://www1.onlineaccountopen.com/deposits/affinity/index.cfm?AFFINITYGROUPID=10394&AFFINITYPRIORITYCODE=HA02B&REQ=OV&RequestTimeout=300
glxpass   |     |   Comment #257
Didn't see this deal here:
M/A-COM (MFCU) has a new product, *Rewards* Checking with 6.00% APY (minimum $10, max $100K to earn 6%):
. 12 posted debit card transactions (excluding ATM'S).
. Receive monthly account statements electronically.
. At least one recurring ACH transaction or Bill Pay transaction per month.
. If these conditions are not met during the eligibility cycle, the account will earn 0.25% APY.
. Balances greater than $100,000 will earn 0.25% APY.
(No ATM Rebates at this one).
You can join the credit union by including a $5.00 donation to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) or by joining the Tewksbury Historical Society.
Fat Wallet discussion thread:
Found on:
Hustler   |     |   Comment #258
New $50 Wachovia Bonus:

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #259
Amusing offering of the day prize goes to Premier Members FCU in Colorado. To honor participation by their Colorado Rockies in this year's World Series, they have a 5.64% APY, 7 month certificate. Their offer lasts only until the end of the World Series. In light of events last evening, anyone wishing to take advantage of this off would be well advised to move quickly. It does not appear the World Series will last very long this year.
Hustler   |     |   Comment #260
New Chase $125 Bonus:

tba02   |     |   Comment #261
Arrived in my e-mail today, citibank up to 5%

Citibank® ultimate money account – an FDIC-insured high-yield money market account with liquidity and 24/7 accessibility. When you apply for an ultimate money account, you also get a Citibank® EZ Checking account. Make 2 payments per month at citibank.com, Citi Mobile or Citiphone Banking® from your linked checking account to qualify for a rate of 5.00% APY*. Not ready to pay bills online? (You can still earn 4.25% APY)*.
Carla   |     |   Comment #262
I love this blogger. Thanks to you all for your info and thanks BG for keeping it all together.
BeginnerBanker   |     |   Comment #263
what options
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #264
AMTrust Direct seems to be back to 5.36% with no condition.
It shows up when I login to my account and also at bankrate.com
mylifeandart.typepad.com   |     |   Comment #265
Power Financial in South Florida offers Cash Back Checking account 6.01 % APY on balances up to $25,000.
No minimum but some monthly transactions required:
Meet 3 simple requirements during each program cycle, and we'll pay 6.01% APY* on your checking account!

* Use your VISA debit card 12 times (excluding ATM withdrawals), and
* Use SecureLink Bill Pay and pay 3 bills per month and
* Receive your monthly statement electronically

$5 membership fee. Membership open to all residents of Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties as well as friends & family of current members.

Sounds like a fair deal. Does anyone took advantage of this deal? Thanks.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #266
BG: What do you know about Best Interest Financial Group in Camarillo, CA? They ran an ad in the L.A. Times yesterday (it was on page 2 or 4 of the front section) advertising a 6-month CD at 6%, with a $20k minimum deposit. The ad said FDIC insured. I am under the impression that they are brokers -- is that right?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #267
B & L Bank ( http://www.bl-bank.com/ ) of Odessa Missouri is offering a 18 or 19 month CD with a 5.39% Rate and 5.50%APY. Bank Visit is required. They are limiting availability to the local area which seems to be at least 60 miles. You can get an additional .1% if you are 55 years old or older and deposit $50,000
Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #268
Thanks everyone for the comments.

About AmTrustDirect, that 5.36% seems to only apply to the new e-Savings account not to the old e-Money Market account.

About Power Finacial's reward checking account, I have more info in this post.

About Best Interest Financial Group in Camarillo, CA, yes I think they're a kind of CD broker. I've seen many of these financial services advertise around the nation. They use these CDs to get people into their offices so they can try to sell them on other products (insurance, annuities, etc.). I think this is why they always require an office visit.

About B & L Bank, thanks for the info. I just did a post on this.
Kathleen   |     |   Comment #269
Our Indymac CD matured last week. We were offered a 9 mo one for 5.50% APR. When we said we were going down the street to Countrywide to get 12 mos for 5.70% APR, we were offered 299 days at 5.60% APR. Manager mentioned Countrywide won't give you a check the day their CDs mature. It is mailed from another state (think he said) and takes several days. Manager said Countrywide doesn't answer the phone. I knew this was true since I had tried calling before we went to Indymac. We decided to stay with Indymac. Yesterday, my mother closed her Countrywide CD and was told it would take several days for a check to be mailed to her, so this verifies what we had been told.
Kathleen   |     |   Comment #270
Forgot to say, we got an 8 month CD at 5.41% APR at Wachovia at a former World branch. Wachovia is not nearly as nice as World was. Wachovia doesn't believe in posting rates like World did. The wait was so long that two people in line with us left. Another man was angry because he had to wait in line for a desk person to cash out something instead of being able to do this at a teller as he used to be able to do when it was World. We were there for one hour! The funny thing was that there was a big sign saying Wachovia is #1 in customer satisfaction. I'm sending a tip to Banking Guy for all his hard work.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #271

I closed a Countrywide CD in May. I opened a SavingsLink account and had the money moved there. It transferred same day and gave me the flexibility to move my money to FNBO (during their 6% promotion) without wating for the check to arrive in the mail.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #272

is down !!!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #273
The fed just cut rates again. Expect more drops in all savings accounts.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #274
I am not sure that this has been posted, but Patelco CU has a 12 month CD posted on its website at 7% APY for new money only. Min. $1000. No FDIC, but insured my American Share Insurance up to $250,000 per account.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #275
AMTrust has new offer for totally free checking and $50 bonus.
See the link at FW.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #276
ING rates all dropped...

Savings account: 4.2% APY

Electric Orange: 3.25%, 4.75% and 4.9% APY for the three tiers

CDs: 4.8% APY for 6-12 mo, 4.75% APY for 18-48 mo, 5% for 60 mo

They were really fast... the changes posted at midnight on Oct. 31/ Nov. 1.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #277
Great tips here. If you live in South Fla, here is a great offer from Power Financial Credit Union: 6% rate on their checking account!

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #278
Oops, didn't notice the Power Financial CU offer had been discussed already. Well I mailed in my aplication for a joint account (I live in SoFla). Will post when I see my 6% rate at end of month!
Bozo   |     |   Comment #279

Countrywide is still offering a 5.70% APY 12 month CD even AFTER the Fed cut rates.

Somebody ought to lock up Mozillo and throw away the keys.

Here's the link if you don't believe me.


This is for California.

Pretty soon, I'll be able to borrow money on my line of credit, loan it to Countrywide, and make a carry-trade profit. Just kidding, but can you believe how hard up these dorks are for ready cash?

Thank goodness for the FDIC.


Bozo   |     |   Comment #280
High rate/long term IRA at Patelco

If you don't mind the lack of NCUA insurance (there is some chatter about their switching back to the NCUA, but I haven't seen anything definitive), Patelco hasn't wavered from the leader-board in terms of long-term IRAs, currently offering 5.5% APY for a period of up to 35 months (that's almost three years for the mathematically-challenged).

The link:


They also offer the same rate on a nine month CD in non-IRA accounts. Not too shabby, given the current rate environment.

I still subscribe to the axiom that anything over 5% is a gift, but Wachovia just lost my business (I've been with World Savings FOREVER it seems, and World is now Wachovia) by dropping its "best" CD to 5.15% APY for a term of but four months. Looks like this Bozo's ladder will go shopping.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #281
The Twin Star rate reduction and ceiling limit only applies to new customers since October 13th. Anyone who opened up their account earlier will be paid 5.5% with no ceiling if they meet the usual requirements.
Guna   |     |   Comment #282
Motorola employees Credit union is offering 5.25% on MMA, balances above $100K..


Field of membership: MECU serves nationwide employees, retirees, and contract employees of Motorola, Inc. (and its subsidiaries), employees of companies that Motorola has spun off or sold, and anyone related to these individuals or related to current MECU members by blood or marriage (including foster, adopted, and step family members). Same **** and domestic partners are also eligible (contact us for eligibility requirements). Once a member, always a member, no matter where you work or live.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #283
Cal State 9 Credit Union has been placed under the control of the NCUA.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #284
Several banks in New England have rolled out BankVue's 6% checking account. It requires direct deposit, e statements, a certain number of signature transactions, etc. If you don't meet the transaction requirements, the rate is typically something like 50 bps or 25 bps.

Here are a few examples:



Hongjun   |     |   Comment #285
new HSBC interest/free checking account open bonus as before. https://www.us.hsbc.com/1/2/3/personal/checking/checking-offer?code=DO5RAB07B9&WT.mc_id=HBUS_DO5RAB07B9

the deadline is 11/30/2007
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #286
iGObanking.com savings account is now 5% APY (down from 5.17%).

CDs are now 4.5% APY (down from 5%).
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #287
Citi's Ultimate Money Market now 4.5%; Ultimate Savings now 4%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #288
Zion's has dropped its top rate (50K plus) to 5.34% (down from 5.40%)

The lower rate remains at 5.19%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #289
Indymac has dropped to 5.0%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #290
Wamu's on-line savings down to 4.75%.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #291
From Nov. 15th through Dec. 31, ING will be giving 1% back for signiture-based transactions with an Electric Orange debit card.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #292
Texans Credut Union-November 5-January 13, 2008, the more times you swipe and sign, the more chances you’ll have to score! On January 17, one lucky person will be drawn to win Texans’ 2008 Big Game Prize Package.
ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #293
Wamu has a 5% APY 6month online CD is back.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #294
Northwest federal credit union, can join via national wildlife contribution, see fatwallet. 6.00% 18 months 10k min.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #296
The Lutheran Church Extension Fund is offering 2 year fixed rate notes at 6.136% APY (min $500). A 6.168% APY (min $15,000) HSA certificate is also offered. This is not FDIC or NCUA insured.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #297
Church Extension is offering fixed and variable rate notes ranging from 4.25% to 6.2% APR depending on the size and term of the deposit. This is not FDIC or NCUA insured.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #298
A Yahoo finance article today suggests ETrade Bank is in trouble and depositors may want to consider removing funds that are over the FDIC insurance limit:

ShraZZy   |     |   Comment #299
6month CD 5.21% at NewDominion Bank. Never heard of them.

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #300
Looks like E-LOAN is the next financial institution on the ropes.

According to a recent SEC filing, E-Loan, the consumer loan division of Banco Popular, plans to cut 513 jobs as part of a massive restructuring effort in response to current market conditions, losses in the unit, and other undisclosed factors.

The cost-control plan initiative at the E-LOAN subsidiary will result in the elimination of approximately 513 positions out of a total of 771 and will be substantially accomplished in the fourth quarter of 2007.
mrthnman   |     |   Comment #301
Libery Pointe Bank has ended their 5.75%/6% 12 month CD offer, they are now offering 6,12 or 18 month CD's with a rate of 5.25% or 5.50% if you open an account & set up direct deposit.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #302
Indymac has dropped to 4.9%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #303
Key Direct has dropped to 5.10%
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #304
Zion's has dropped to 5.23% over $50K (and 5.08% under that, same no interest less than $1000)

The Rate Summary here needs to updated more often than once a week.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #305
AM Trust down to 5.26%
(was 5.36%)
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #306
Key Direct now 5.1% (was 5.25%).
Terry   |     |   Comment #307
Countrywide savingsling down to 5.30% from 5.35% for 10k+. Must have happened in the last day or two. I haven't seen it mentioned here.
PiZtoL   |     |   Comment #308
Anyone having ACH delays with GMAC? I transfered $ out Thursday from GMAC and still nothing. Before it usually took 2 days max for a transfer.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #309
5.5% rewards checking account in southeast Kansas
BudgetBoy   |     |   Comment #310
Looks like ING Direct has bought sharebuilder. I received the email this morning.

Here is the Press Release
Terry   |     |   Comment #311
FNBO Direct has added internet CD's to their products. Rates seem to be nothing special except for a 9 month that pays 5.25 apy. 500.00 minimum deposit.

They are also announcing a online bill paying account that pays 3.50% APY. Nothing that great that I can see.

This is from todays November enewsletter.
tba02   |     |   Comment #312
@Terry and FNBO, perhaps, but given my setup, that combo has my attention as it affords me the highest average yield w/o having to signup for a new account.
ING/ING EO 4.2/3.25 (or 4.75 w/my $$)
WAMU Savings/Checking 4.75/0.0
FNBO Savings/Direct Advantage 5.05/3.50

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #313
WesBanco is offering a $150 account opening bonus. This requires signing up for electronic statements, 10 debit card transactions within the first three months and keeping the account open for at least a year. The first overdraft within the first three months is waived and the first 15 non-WesBanco ATM transactions are free.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #314
ING cut all of their CD rates:

6-12 mo: 4.70%
18-48 mo: 4.65%
60 mo: 4.90%

I imagine this has something to do with the recent ShareBuilder addition, but it seems like an odd time to cut.

The rates for the Electric Orange and Savings accounts stayed the same.
Red Barron
Red Barron   |     |   Comment #315
53.com = 4-month 5%
MidwestBank.com = 5-month 5%
benfrankbank.com = 9-month 5%
mrthnman   |     |   Comment #316
apple bank in new york www.applebank.com is offering 12 24 or 60 months cd's with 5.26% apy
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #317
Regarding the Reward Checking offer by Ouachita Indpependent Bank in Monroe/Shreveport, Louisiana, the requirement for direct deposit has been changed to either direct deposit or a a pre-scheduled ach payment (utility bill, insurance, etc.).
tresho   |     |   Comment #318
On the Fifth Third 4-month 5% CD offer, in my area, I can only do this at a local branch, of which I have several near my home, plus I already have a online checking account with them. I walked into a branch & was done in 10 minutes. The next day the CD appeared linked to my checking account online, a very smooth operation indeed.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #319
BECU has 5 year jumbo yeild 5.35%

Banking Guy
Banking Guy   |     |   Comment #320
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