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RevolutionCard's $100 Credit Card Bonus


The RevolutionCard Credit Card is offering a bonus of up to $100 for applying for the credit card and by making $50 purchases with the card between 11/15/08 and 1/31/09. Your statement is credited $5 for each purchase of at least $50. This can be done up to 20 times for a maximum credit of $100. The promotion is listed on the front page as of 12/12/08.

This RevolutionCard is a product of RevolutionMoney which launched RevolutionMoneyExchange (a PayPal like service) earlier this year. I reported on their $25 sign-up bonus that they had offered when they launched (I don't think this $25 bonus is offered any longer).

Better Security

For those concerned with credit card theft and/or identity theft, the RevolutionCard has some nice features which are described in the benefits page:
  • Each transaction requires your 4 digit PIN
  • Neither your name or other personal data is listed on the card
  • allows you to create temporary PINs for online purchases

The only problem with this credit card is that it might not be accepted in many places. There's a list of who accepts it at this webpage. Not all stores accept PIN-based cards.

Thanks to the readers who emailed me or commented on this promotion.

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