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Don't Call it a Comeback

Maybe you've been retired for a number years already, or perhaps you planned on retiring in the near future and now you find yourself in the same financial boat as hundreds of thousands of other Americans; your nest egg just isn't what it used to be. Even for those of us who thought surely they were soundly invested for the future, safely diversified, cool millions tucked away, with retirement dreams just waiting to come true. The bottom may have fallen out on you, and now those dreams have vanished in a wisp of ponzi smoke, a portfolio catastrophe of biblical proportions.

It may be time to get out those work boots and work gloves so to speak, bring that navy blue suit to the dry cleaners, shine up those wingtips and brighten up that resume; time to get yourself back in the workforce. Time to nurture that nest egg back to its once glorious condition. Coming out of retirement is not just for professional athletes and rock stars, maybe they have cornered the market on it, but anyone can do it. You can do it for mostly the same reason as them, that reason is, that you think you might need the extra money now or in the future. Brett Farve, George Foreman, Lance Armstrong, The Rolling Stones, The Who; what do they have, that you don't have? Nothing really, except maybe fame, the most important thing is what you all have common experience and motivation.

Millions of Americans are thinking about going back to work in some way, due to what has happened to the world's economies over say the past eighteen to twenty-four months. Whether your idea is to only work part-time, per diem, temp, or by contract; landing any type of position in the current economy will not be as simple as just filling out a job application and doing some job searches online. Don't be discouraged, it may be difficult but it won't be impossible. A number of key factors will be the deciding difference between your success or failure in your en devour to return to the workplace: thinking outside your field, getting your skills in line, thinking towards the future, being an asset, doing whatever it takes.

Think outside your previous field

You may have been a supervisor or lead engineer for a utility company before your retirement, don't limit yourself to the same roles in the same industries. For many people it will be their first course of action, and that will usually be followed by some level of dissatisfaction because of limited scope of opportunities. Instead make a list of what you actually did in your previous position for example; managed a team 10 repair technicians, budgeted costs for distribution of supplies, analyzed effectiveness of training regiments. Now try to find positions that are looking these types of skills, regardless of the positions title, or what industry it falls in.

Get your skill set in line with the times

Almost any professional positional today will require you to be proficient with the most current computer operating systems and software applications. If you're not be prepared to spend some time getting the training you need in those areas, whether its at a community college career training center, or non-profit job placement agency.

Think towards the future

Your experience should be an asset, don't let it be a hindrance. On your resume and in your interviews don't focus on the fact that you have twenty-five years of experience, instead focus your emphasis on all of the different roles and responsibilities you had throughout those twenty-five years and how easy and seamlessly you could take on a new role and new responsibilities.

Be an asset

Research the companies and industries that you are targeting for employment. Find out what challenges they are facing and what they need to accomplish. Be prepared to discuss your findings and present your ideas and offer solutions of how you can help them fulfill their goals.

Do whatever it takes

Be prepared to accept a position for less than what you were previously earning. Beyond that be prepared to accept a position that maybe on a temporary or limited contract basis. If all else fails, you could try putting your money where your mouth is; agree to volunteer for a trial period. If at the end of the trial you have attained specified goals, you would then be given a salaried position.

Your ability to get back into the workforce will depend greatly on your ability to transform yourself and your image from that of a retiree; to that of an experienced, up to date, adaptable, creative problem solver that won't back down from any new challenge.


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