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DepositAccounts.com's New Facebook and Twitter Pages


DepositAccounts.com's New Facebook and Twitter Pages

We have a new Facebook fans page at www.facebook.com/DepositAccounts and a new Twitter page at twitter.com/depositaccounts. If you're a Facebook or Twitter user, please consider following us. Here are some things to note about these new pages:

  1. The blog posts and the forum will continue without any changes. The Facebook and Twitter pages are just intended to provide additional ways for readers to keep up-to-date with DepositAccounts.com
  2. My original Twitter page at twitter.com/bankdealsblog isn't going away. This page will continue to receive links to all blog posts and featured forum posts. The new Twitter page will only show hand-picked highlights from the site as well as the occasional links to relevant articles from other sites. I also plan to have more interaction with other Twitter users.
  3. The new Facebook and Twitter feeds will only contain one or two posts a day, so it's great for more casual readers who want to receive occasional updates without being flooded.
  4. For the more regular readers, this is a great way to help out, in lieu of the tip jar. Follow us, comment, like statuses, retweet, suggest to friends, etc and help spread the word.

Hope to see you on Facebook and Twitter!

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Anonymous   |     |   Comment #1
Didn't you also say that the blog would remain unchanged when it moved to this website?