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Best Bank Account Interest Rates - Summary For March 19, 2019


With the Fed anticipated to hold steady on rates for the next several months, internet banks have started to slow down their rate hikes of their savings and money market accounts. In the last two weeks, there were a couple of new promotional accounts with higher rates and a few rate increases, but there were no new ones with yields exceeding 2.50%. Below are the noteworthy savings, money market and checking account rate changes that have occurred in the last two weeks:

  • Customers Bank High-Yield Savings (new, 2.50% APY, $25k min)
  • MemoryBank Online Money Market (+5 bps to 2.45% APY)
  • BBVA Compass ClearChoice Money Market Promo (new, 2.40% APY, $10k min)
  • HSBC Direct Savings (+3 bps to 2.25% APY)
  • My eBanc Super Saver Money Market (+75 bps to 2.25% APY)
  • Colorado Federal Savings Bank Premier Savings (+25 bps to 2.15% APY, $50k min)
  • MidFirst Direct High Yield Online Savings (-41 bps to 2.00% APY)

With the addition of Customers Bank’s new 2.50% High-Yield Savings, we now have seven accounts with yields at or above 2.50%. However, many of these accounts have issues.

The rate leader continues to be the Eagle Premium Savings account at Susquehanna Community Bank with a 3.00% APY. This has a few issues. First, this APY requires a large minimum balance of $100k. Balances under this earn much lower rates, and if the balance falls under $25k, a $10 monthly fee is charged. Second, this is only an intro rate for the first six months. Following the initial six-month period, the APY will convert to Prime minus 3.00%, currently 2.53% APY. Prime rate is just 3% above the top range of the federal funds rate. Thus, this won’t rise until the Fed hikes rates.

The account that has the second highest rate isn’t a savings account or money market account. It’s a 13-month no-penalty CD offered by PurePoint Financial Bank. I’m including no-penalty CDs in the liquid summary since they have quite a bit of liquidity.

Third place on the list is the High Rate Savings account at North American Savings Bank. The account has been earning 2.53% APY on balances of $50k to $5 million since early January. One issue with this account is that balances under $50k earn only 0.10%. Second, this 2.53% APY is only guaranteed for the first six months from account opening. Accounts with intro rates rarely stay competitive over the long run.

Fourth on the list is the High Yield Money Market account at Western State Bank. This account earns 2.50% APY on all balances up to $3 million, and there is no monthly maintenance fee. The first issue is that I consider this to be a savings account since it has no check writing capability, but that’s only a minor issue. My main concern is the short account history. We have just been tracking this account since mid February. We’ll have to wait and see if it’ll remain competitive.

The fifth and sixth accounts on the list are the Mega Money Market accounts from All America Bank and its division, Redneck Bank. The main issue with these accounts is that the 2.50% APY only applies to the first $50k. At least customers can open an account at both banks for a total of $100k. Also, the Mega Money Market accounts have a pretty long history of remaining competitive.

In seventh place is the new High-Yield Savings account at Customers Bank. The 2.50% APY on this account requires a minimum balance of $25k. At least this account has no monthly service charge. In July, Customers Bank introduced the Ascent Money Market Savings Account (MMSA) with a 2.25% APY for balances of at least $25k. I’m concerned that the Bank chose to create a new account rather than increasing the rate of its Ascent MMSA, which continues to earn 2.25% APY. At least the Bank is allowing existing customers to open the High-Yield Savings account without any new money requirements.

Competition from Money Market Funds

Another option for your cash instead of savings accounts and money market accounts are money market funds from brokerages. These don’t have FDIC coverage, but they can be reasonable alternatives to deposit accounts. Back when the Fed was holding rates near zero, money market funds had yields of around 0.01%. Keeping your cash at internet banks made a lot more sense back then. Now, it’s not so clear. Money market fund yields have been steadily rising as the Fed has been hiking rates.

Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund SEC yield continues to be well over 2%. It had a slight decline in the last two weeks, falling from 2.46% to 2.45%. Fidelity Money Market Fund’s 7-day yield also had a small decline, falling 3 bps to 2.25%.

Allan Roth has a review at AARP of using money market funds to replace savings accounts. He suggests using funds such as Vanguard Federal Money Market and Vanguard Treasury Money Market instead of the Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund. The yields are slightly lower, but they are a little safer due to recent regulation changes. Treasury money market funds have an additional advantage of being exempt from state income taxes.

Municipal money market funds have the advantage of being exempt from federal income tax, but their yields continue to be quite a bit lower than the other money market funds. Vanguard Municipal Money Market Fund now has an SEC yield of 1.55%, which is down from 1.65% two weeks ago.

Reward Checking Accounts

In the last two weeks, there have been no rate or cap changes for the nationally-available reward checking accounts. This is the first week without rate changes since January 22nd. Even though there were no changes to nationally-available reward checking accounts, a few local reward checking accounts had noteworthy rate hikes. These include Dort Federal Credit Union in Michigan (5% APY up to $10k), Reliabank in South Dakota (4.01% APY up to $25k), and Horizon Community Bank in Arizona (3.25% APY up to $25k).

These local reward checking accounts give me hope that reward checking will remain as a competitive alternative to online savings accounts, at least for those with moderate balances. You can earn $500 a year on a $10k balance with a 5% account. That’s $250 more interest than can be earned with one of the above 2.50% savings or money market accounts. You can earn about $1,000 a year on a $25k balance with a 4.01% account. That’s $375 more interest than can be earned with the savings or money market account.

To find the highest reward checking rates and balance caps in your state or nationwide, please refer to our reward checking rate table. If you're new to reward checking, please refer to my blog post, Overview of Reward Checking and Our Reward Checking Table.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

I’m now publishing my CD survey as a separate post. Please refer to my survey of the best CD rates. This recap will focus on banking news of the week and liquid accounts.

CD Deals: I just wanted to include this reminder of a few noteworthy CD deals that are available.

The best short-term and long-term CD deals continue to be from credit unions.

Mountain America Credit Union has three very competitive terms: 2-year (3.25% APY), 3-year (3.35% APY), and 5-year (3.51% APY). Mountain America calls its CDs Term Deposit accounts. Minimum deposit is only $500. The credit union also offer Term Deposit Plus accounts with the same terms and rates. However, they allow add-on deposits up to a maximum balance of $100k.

Andrews Federal Credit Union is no longer offering its special 3.25% APY 6-month CD. However, it continues to offer an 8-month CD special with a 2.86% APY and a 9-month CD special with a 2.75% APY. They also have one of the top 7-year CD rates (3.45% APY). There had been confusion regarding the early withdrawal penalty (EWP) of this Special 7-year CD. Documentation and CSRs had stated 180 days’ interest. However, they have updated both the small print and the Truth-in-Savings disclosure. Both now state an EWP of 360 days’ interest for this 7-year CD Special.

Navy Federal Credit Union continues to offer a special 6-month CD that earns 3.00% APY. Unlike Navy Federal’s 17-month CD special, this 6-month CD has no maximum deposit. It also does not have the add-on feature. The 17-month CD Special is still available, and it continues to earn a 3.25% APY with unlimited add-on deposits up to a maximum balance of $50k. Navy Federal continues to offer a 40-month IRA CD special. This has a 3.75% APY, and it allows unlimited additional deposits for a maximum balance of $150k. Unfortunately, it’s not available as a regular CD (only an IRA CD).

This is my new weekly summary with the Fed review split off on a separate blog post. My weekly summaries will now be focused entirely on deposit rates and deals. Please keep all discussion about the Fed, the economy and politics to my Fed/Economy review blog post.

Rates as of March 19, 2019

Checking/Savings/Money Market Accounts:

  • Noteworthy Accounts Available Nationwide:
Susquehanna Community Bank3.00% ($100k+) Eagle Premium Savings, 6-month rate guarantee - Account review
PurePoint Financial2.60% ($10k) 13-month No-Penalty CDInternet bank Account review
NASB2.53% ($50k-$5m) High Rate Savings - Account review
Western State Bank2.50% (up to $3m)High Yield Money Market - Account review
All America Bank2.50% (up to $50k), 0.50% ($50k+)Mega Money Market Account - Account review
Redneck Bank2.50% (up to $50k), 0.50% ($50k+)Mega Money Market Account
Customers Bank2.50% ($25k min)High-Yield Savings Account - Account review
MemoryBank2.45% ($1 million max) Online Money Market - Account review
Rising Bank2.45% ($1k min)High Yield Savings - Account review
UFB Direct2.45% ($25k min)Premium Money Market - Account review
CIT Bank2.45% ($25k min)Savings Builder - Account review
USALLIANCE Financial2.44% ($500)High Dividend Savings - Account review
earn.bank2.41%Money Market Account - Account review
Vio Bank2.41% Online High Yield Savings
MySavingsDirect2.40%MySavings Account - Account review
TAB Bank2.40% ($2.5k)High Yield Savings - Account review
BBVA Compass2.40%ClearChoice MMA Promo - Account review
BankPurely2.40% ($25k min) PurelyMoneyMarket - Account review
iGObanking.com2.40% ($25k min) MMA, New accounts and new money only - Account review
Quontic Bank2.40% ($100k), 2.35% ($5k), 2.00% APY (up to $5k)Personal Money Market - Account review
CIBC USA (formerly The Palladin PrivateBank)2.39%Agility Savings Account - Account review
Virtual Bank2.39% eMoney Market Special - Account review
Popular Direct2.36% ($5k min) Popular Direct Plus Savings (60-day freeze on new accounts, see details)Popular Direct Plus Savings - Account review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs2.35%13-month No Penalty CD ($500) - Account review
PNC Bank2.35% Online High Yield Savings (not available in all states) - Account review
Bank 72.35% ($100 min)High Rate Online Savings Account
Bank 72.35% ($5k min)High Rate Online Money Market
Citizens Access2.35% ($5k min)Online Savings Account - Account review
Bay State Savings Bank2.35% ($5k)Smile Worcester County Consumer Money Market - Account review
PurePoint Financial2.35% ($10k min)Online Savings - Account review
Sallie Mae Bank2.30%Money Market Account - Account review
Live Oak Bank2.30% ($5 million max) Savings Account - Account review
Salem Five Direct2.30% eOne Savings (up to $1m), for new customers only - Account review
Northpointe Bank2.30% ($25k-$1m, guaranteed for 2 years) Ultimate Money Market - Account review
United Bank (CT)2.30% (6mo rate guarantee) Advantage Money Market, not available in all states - Account review
Ally Bank2.30% ($25k)No-Penalty 11-month CD - Account review
MutualOne Bank2.27% ($1m max)Online Statement Savings - Account review
SFGI Direct2.27%SGFI Direct Savings Account - Account review
Synchrony Bank2.25%High Yield Savings - Account review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs2.25%High-Yield Online Savings Account - Account review
FNBO Direct2.25%Online Savings
HSBC Direct2.25%HSBC Direct Savings
Pacific National Bank2.25% ($5k min) Money Market Deposit Account - Account review
Zions Bank2.25% ($25k min)Online Money Market (not available in all states) - Account review
Customers Bank2.25% ($25k min)Ascent Money Market Savings (rate guarantee through 6/30/2019 - Account review
My eBanc2.25%Super Saver Money Market - Account review
Northfield Bank2.25% ($100k max) Online Platinum Savings - Account review
CommunityWide Federal Credit Union2.25% (penalty-free withdrawals first 5 days of each calendar quarter)High Rate Quarterly Funds Account - Account review
Presidential Bank2.25% ($100k+), 1.25% ($250k+), 0.25% (less than $100k)Money Market Plus Checking - Account review
Ally Bank2.20%Online Savings - Account review
Barclays2.20%Online Savings - Account review
Chartway Federal Credit Union2.20% ($500)12-month No Penalty CD - Account review
TIAA Bank2.15% (1yr intro rate), 2.00% ($100k+) 1.75% ($50k+) ongoing ratesYield Pledge Money Market - Account review
Empower2.15% Savings
Colorado Federal Savings Bank2.15% ($50k+) Premier Savings (New customers) - Account review
Franklin Synergy Bank2.15% ($500k), 2.05% ($250k), 1.95% ($100k), 1.85% ($50k) Synergy Money Market
Discover Bank2.10% Online Savings - Account review
American Express National Bank2.10%High Yield Savings - Account review
Sallie Mae Bank2.10%High Yield Savings - Account review
Alliant Credit Union2.10% ($100 min)High-Rate Savings - Account review
Quorum Federal Credit Union2.05%HighQ Savings Account
Bank5 Connect2.05% ($100 min) High Interest Savings - Account review
CIT Bank2.05% ($1k min)11-month No-Penalty CD - Account review
Radius Bank2.05% ($25k+), 1.50% ($2.5k+)Radius High-Yield Savings - Account review
NASB2.02% ($25k+), 1.77% (up to $25k), 0.10% ($1.5m+)MMA Special Online Only - Account review
First Internet Bank2.02% ($250k+) 1.81% (up to $250k)Money Market Savings
M.Y. Safra Bank2.01% ($500k max), 1.75% ($500k+) MYSB Direct Online Money Market - Account review
BankUnitedDirect2.01%Online Money Market - Account review
UmbrellaBank.com2.01% ($25k min), 1.00% ($1k)Money Market
PenFed Credit Union2.00%Premium Online Savings
MidFirst Direct2.00%High Yield Online Savings - Account review
Aspiration2.00% Aspiration Account
Bethpage Federal Credit Union2.00% ($500 min)Money Market
BBVA Compass2.00% ($10k min)ClearChoice MMA Promo - Account review
Capital One2.00% ($10k+), 0.85% (up to $10k)360 Money Market - Account review
American Heritage Credit Union2.00% ($10k min)High Yield Savings (guaranteed through 12/31/2019)
Hanscom Federal Credit Union2.00% ($25k min)Higher Yield Savings - Account review
Discover Bank2.00% ($100k min), 1.95% ($2.5k) MMA - Account review
Northpointe Bank1.95% ($25k+), 1.12% (below $25k and $1m+)Ultimate Savings - Account review
iGObanking.com1.90%iGOsavings - Account review
BankPurely1.90% ($1 min) SavingPurely - Account review
Self-Help Federal Credit Union1.88% ($500) Money Market - Account review
CIT Bank1.85% ($100 min)Money Market - Account review
McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union1.85% ($100) (guaranteed through 3/31/19)S3 Prime Money Market - Account review
ableBanking1.85% ($250 min)Money Market Savings - Account review
Spectrum Credit Union1.85% ($2.5k+), 0.50% ($1+) MarketEdge Money Market
MyBankingDirect1.85% ($25k+), 1.50% ($5k+), 0.25% (less than $5k) Money Market
DollarSavingsDirect1.80%Dollar Savings Account - Account review
EBSB Direct1.80% ($10k+), 0.80% ($2m+), 0.50% ($10+)Money Market Special 3 - Account review

Reward Checking Accounts:

  • Noteworthy Accounts Available Nationwide:
Consumers Credit Union5.09% (up to $10k), 0.20% ($10k-$25k), 0.10% ($25k+) Rewards Checking Tier A- debit card and $1k credit card requirements (Changes effective 10/1/18)
La Capitol Federal Credit Union4.25% (up to $3k), 2.00% ($3k-10k), 0.10% ($10k+)Choice Checking
Consumers Credit Union4.09% (up to $10k), 0.20% ($10k-$25k), 0.10% ($25k+)Rewards Checking Tier B- debit card and $500 credit card requirements (Changes effective 10/1/18)
Orion Federal Credit Union4.00% (up to $30k), 0.05% ($30k+)Premium Checking - Account review
One American Bank3.50% (up to $10k), 0.25% ($10k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Heritage Bank3.33% (up to $25k), 0.15% ($25k+)eCentive Account
Consumers Credit Union3.09% (up to $10k), 0.20% ($10k-$25k), 0.10% ($25k+)Rewards Checking Tier C - debit card with NO credit card requirements (Changes effective 10/1/18)
Legence Bank3.05% (up to $10k), 0.25% ($10k+)Kasasa Cash
Market USA Federal Credit Union3.01% (up to $15k), 0.05% ($15k+)VIP Checking Platinum Tier - Account review
Main Street Bank3.00% (up to $30k), 0.25% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union3.00% (up to $20k), 0.00% ($20k+)Vertical Dividend Checking - Account review
MainStreet Bank3.00% (up to $15k), 0.25% ($15k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Lake Michigan Credit Union3.00% (up to $15k), 0.00% ($15k+)Max Checking
INOVA Federal Credit Union3.00% (up to $15k), 0.07% ($15k+)Shield Checking - Account review
Signature Federal Credit Union3.00% (up to $15k), 0.10% ($15k+)Choice Checking
All America Bank3.00% (up to $10k), 0.50% ($10k+)Ultimate Rewards Checking
Redneck Bank3.00% (up to $10k), 0.50% ($10k+)Redneck Rewards Checking
Great Lakes Credit Union3.00% (up to $10k), 0.20% ($10k+)Free Checking
Partner Colorado Credit Union3.00% (up to $10k), 0.10% ($10k+)High Interest Checking
Georgia Banking Company2.95% (up to $25k), 1.00% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Campus Federal2.51% (up to $10k), 0.05% ($10k+)Lagniappe Checking
The State Bank (MI)2.50% (up to $50k), 0.15% ($50k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Hanscom Federal Credit Union2.50% ($15k min), 0.40% ($15k+)Kasasa Cash Checking - Account review
Industrial Bank2.50% (up to $15k), 0.25% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash
New Buffalo Savings Bank2.27% (up to $15k), 0.2497% ($15k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Bellco Credit Union2.25% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k+)Boost Interest Checking - Account review
TruStone Financial Credit Union2.02% (up to $20k), 0.10% ($20k+)TruRate Checking - Account review
BankFirst2.02% (up to $10k), 0.15% ($10k+)Kasasa Cash
Finex2.018% (up to $25k), 0.20% ($25k+)Axcess Rewards Checking, Premier Account (formerly First New England Federal Credit Union)
XCEL Federal Credit Union2.01% (up to $25k), 0.30% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash Checking
Bay State Savings Bank2.01% (up to $20k), 0.25% ($20k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Hawaii Pacific Federal Credit Union2.00% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash Checking
Northwest Federal Credit Union2.00% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
5Star Bank2.00% (up to $25k), 0.15% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash Checking Account review
Country Bank2.00% (up to $20k), 0.25% ($20k+)Kasasa Cash Checking Account review
Elements Financial2.00% (up to $20k), 0.10% ($20k+)High Interest Checking - Account review
First Tech Federal Credit Union2.00% (up to $15k), 0.20% ($15k+)Dividend Rewards Checking
Blue Federal Credit Union2.00% (up to $15k), 0.10% ($15k+)Extreme Checking (up to 4% w/account relationships) - Account review
United Educators Credit Union2.00% (up to $10k), 0.25% ($10k+)Kasasa Cash
KS StateBank1.90% (up to $25k), 0.50% ($25k+)Check PLUS - Account review
Connexus Credit Union1.75% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k+)Xtraordinary Checking
Superior Choice Credit Union1.75% ($30k-$75k), 1.50% (up to $30k)AMP Checking
Axos Bank1.25% (up to $150k), 0.00% ($150k+)Rewards Checking

Certificates of Deposit:

Bank Account Alternatives - NOT FDIC Insured

GM Financial Right Notes2.75% ($500+)
Duke Energy PremierNotes2.65% ($50k+), 2.50% ($10k+), 2.45% (less than $10k)Duke Energy PremierNotes review
Ford Interest Advantage2.65% ($50k+), 2.50% ($15k+), 2.45% (less than $15k)Ford Interest Advantage review
Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund2.45% 7-day yield
Fidelity Money Market Fund2.25% 7-day yield
Ally Financial Demand Notes2.25% ($50k+), 2.10% ($15k+), 1.90% (less than $15k)
Vanguard Municipal Money Market Fund1.55% 7-day yield
Fidelity Municipal Money Market Fund1.39% 7-day yield

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deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #1
It seems like a good strategy for liquid cash in this current environment would be to buy a 6 month CD at 3% or better each month. After month 5 you would have a CD maturing every month if you needed liquid cash while still earning a top rate. Either that or rotate short term bank bonuses with varying time frames and earn 5% or better. I can't see letting it sit at 2.5% when there are so many short term opportunities available at the moment.
Duck   |     |   Comment #2
BAM that was a quick about face with respects to Mid First
buckeye61   |     |   Comment #20
We could see a few other Bank's following MidFirst's lead after the FED signaled no additional rate hikes this year.
DAFan   |     |   Comment #3
There are no 6 month cd's paying 3% in Ken's list.

But I was doing that strategy for many months, for my short term cash. Rates were just a little higher back then. 1yr cd's worked too, at a much better rate. Had one maturing every 30 days. Whatever works.

Now it's much easier to just buy the Purepoint 13 month no penalty cd for short cash. If they discontinue that, I will go back to using a string of 1yr cd's for my cash savings. I only need six.
DAFan   |     |   Comment #4
Live Oak 1yr cd at 2.85%.
Purepoint 1yr cd at 2.80%.

Either one of those will work for my "string of six." I think I will do both. The NPCD, and the 1yr CDs bought every 30 days. I like keeping things shorter term, and fairly liquid. Just my personal preference.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #11
@DA: I was looking at 1 year CD's but other than the rare special the 6 months have been better lately. Although you could throw the Andrews 8 month @ 2.86% in there.
Att   |     |   Comment #7
DAFan No 6 months on Ken's list. Someone was predicting 5 to 6 % CDs this year and that prediction won't materialize. I believe their was one very limited 5% CD.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #9
NFCU 3% 6mo.
Andrews just had a 3.25% 6 mo. deal
GTE 1.26% funded with a 2% credit card is 3.26%
Att   |     |   Comment #14
D1 You said strategy is buying 3% 6 month CDs. None on Ken's list. "Had" is not a strategy. Navy is also not open to all.
Bill Barr
Bill Barr   |     |   Comment #5
Why not go with 5 year CDs at 3.50%?
Att   |     |   Comment #8
Mountain America still has a 3.51% 5 year add on CD up to 100k. I have a CD maturing next month. May put 25% of those funds in the MACU account I opened.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #10
I was just comparing using a 6 month CD ladder to liquid savings at 2.5%. Obviously 3.5% would be better but it's not as liquid.
Att   |     |   Comment #15
My comment on the 5 year was an answer to Bill Barr. D1 Except for Navy which has limited membership, no 3% , 6 month CDs exist. Where are the 5 to 6% CDs you predicted? I know you will mention the 1 limited membership 5%. Looks like the FED won't be raising intrest rates for the rest of 2019.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #23
@ATT: I don't recall predicting 6% CD's but those rates are attainable. I did not think that the FED rate would get back to 5% this rate cycle(3%-4% max) only that there would be some CD specials that got that high. Getting 5% or better is a piece of cake right now:
1. Bank bonuses can earn 5-30%
2. I have several capped savings accounts earning 5% or better.
3. Buying 6 month CD's at GTE with a 2% credit card nets you 5.26% annually
4. There was a 5% CD at Keesler last year.
Bill Barr
Bill Barr   |     |   Comment #18
I understand. But my question is: would non-liquid 3.5% be better than 3.0% 6 month CDs?
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #24
@Bill: Not for me personally but I do have a 19 month CD at 3.5% APY and 2 5 yr. add-on CD's at 3.51% APY. I think it is a bit premature to lock in long term at 3.5% when there are so many bank bonuses available. Now if you are just parking cash at 2.5% maybe locking up is the way to go.
Ricochet   |     |   Comment #6
This may be off topic but i'd like to get help from the DA site members
My Ally account has been messed up since this morning
I can log in and see my Ally accounts but have not been able to bring up the
linked accounts for transfers.
Have been with CSRs all morning and They can see them
I have been told that my problem is Becoming a known problem to Ally.
Would like to get feedback from other Ally members if they are seeing
the same thing on their accts.
Thanks in advance for any info.
111   |     |   Comment #12
I logged on to my Ally account and clicked on "Transfers". My external account info. looks fine (although I only have 1 linked external account). I initiated a small transfer to that external account, and received the same feedback info. from the Ally website that I usually do.
mountainman   |     |   Comment #13
I just did a transfer before reading this. No problems.
Ricochet   |     |   Comment #16
Thank you for the results .
I hope that my account resolves itself by end of day.
Right now the outside accounts number 18, so i am completely without access
from ally website as it is my only transfer account
mountainman   |     |   Comment #21
Some devices need "desktop mode" activated.
111   |     |   Comment #22
#16, you said "Right now the outside accounts number 18" (I assume that means you have 18 different external accounts linked.) Did your problems begin after you added the 18th one, or had there been 18 for some time, with no problems until recently?
Sylvia   |     |   Comment #17
When I've had problems with online banking, my web browser is often the culprit. Try clearing cache or using different browser. I have no experience with Ally, just basic diagnostic advice.
RRR   |     |   Comment #19
Ally just completed a significant renovation on their site a week or two ago. It may be a glitch related to that. Sounds like they are aware of it and probably have extra resources on hand to deal with related bugs.
Ricochet   |     |   Comment #25
Thank you for your further replies.
To answer.
#21 I do not use a cell phone so only use laptop at home
#22 Have had 18 for a long time, never any foul-ups.
#17 I do not have any problems with that type of problem
#19 That may well be the most likely thing that messes around with any of my prior FI links
All of the web seems to be aaaaapppped to death for cell phones these days and
causes continued havoc with my laptop.
I now have access to see my linked accounts but can't schedule.
or get to the manage accounts section.
CSR Tuesday Marathon for me tomorrow.
deplorable 1
deplorable 1   |     |   Comment #26
Try using google chrome incognito mode. First clear your browsing data and reboot your computer. I use a simple tool called disk cleaner which will erase all browser and other useless data with one click. It can be found here:
You have to read the instructions but basically just check off the boxes of things you know you want to clean out and bam done with one click.
#27 - This comment has been removed for violating our comment policy.

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