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Latest Liquid Bank Account Rates


The odds of additional Fed rate hikes continue to be low. The Thursday release of the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge, PCE price index, may impact the odds. If it continues the inflation trend seen in the October CPI and PPI reports, the odds of additional Fed rate hikes may decline more while the odds of rate cuts in early 2024 may rise.

The odds of a Fed rate hike at the December 12-13 meeting are 4.2%, down slightly from 4.8% last week. The odds of a rate hike at the January 30-31 meeting are 4.0%, down from 8.8% last week.

The odds of Fed rate cuts in 2024 are rising. The odds of a rate cut by the March 19-20 meeting are 48.1%, up from 27.4% last week. The odds of a rate cut by the April 30/May 1 meeting are now way over 50-50 at 80.0%, up from 54.7% last week.

Fed rate hike/cut odds are based on Fed Funds futures via the CME FedWatch Tool.

Changes in Treasury yields also point to higher expectations of lower federal funds rate in 2024. Since October 19th when yields of Treasury notes reached their peak, the yields of the 2-year, 5-year and 10-year notes have fallen 50, 73 and 71 bps, respectively. At today’s market close, their yields were 4.64%, 4.22%, and 4.27%, respectively (see this Treasury page for yield estimates).

The rise of government debt and increased issuance of Treasurys may eventually slow the fall of these yields, but those factors haven’t prevented these yield declines that we’ve seen in the last six weeks.

For savings and money market accounts, fewer online banks are increasing rates. In the last two weeks, only seven online banks increased rates, and only four of these seven had rate increases of at least 15 basis points.

The slowdown of rate increases can also be seen in the Online Savings Account Index, which tracks the average APYs of ten well-established online savings accounts. In October, the Index increased just 3 bps, rising to 4.46%. I expect an even smaller increase for November.

I’ve listed the most noteworthy rate changes that have occurred in the last two weeks. There are now three lists. I’ve created a new list just for the banks and credit unions that are listed on the Raisin platform (formerly SaveBetter). The other two lists remain the same. One includes rate changes from the major online banks. The second one includes rate changes from online banks which are generally not well-known names.

All percentages are APYs.

Rate changes from the major online banks:

  • None

Rate changes from banks & CUs on the Raisin.com platform

  • StagePoint FCU MMDA via Raisin (5.00% → 5.29%)
  • Generations Bank MMDA via Raisin (5.27% → 5.29%)
  • American First CU MMDA via Raisin (5.27% → 5.29%)
  • Hanover Bank MMDA via Raisin (New: 5.26%)

Rate changes from the less well-known CUs & online banks:

  • NASB Interest Savings (New: 5.35%)
  • Veritex Bank Max Savings via MaxMyInterest (New: 5.34%)
  • Vio Bank Cornerstone MM (5.28% → 5.30%)
  • First Foundation Bank Online MM (4.20% → 5.25%)
  • UFB Direct UFB Secure Savings & MM (New: 5.25%)
  • Langley FCU Platinum MM Savings ($1m+ 4.25% → 5.00%)
  • LendingClub Bank HY Savings (4.50% → 4.65%)
  • Luana Savings Bank MM ($750k+ 4.85% → 3.40%)

Current rate leaders

There are now 41 savings and money market accounts in the 5.25% club. This is up from 36 two weeks ago.

The account with the highest rate in this club remains the Popular Direct Select Savings account. In mid-October, its rate increased from 5.25% to 5.40% APY on all balances. Minimum opening deposit is $100, and there is no monthly service fee. An important downside with Popular Direct is its history of creating new savings accounts. Existing customers who don’t take action are left with the old lower-rate savings accounts. I have more details of Popular Direct and the Select Savings account in this Popular Direct Select Savings account review.

Popular Direct is one of many online banks that have used the create-a-new-account tactic to save on deposit costs. Three online banks with rate changes in the last two weeks have just used this tactic.

UFB Direct has used the create-a-new-account tactic many times in the last 18 months. Its latest new accounts are the UFB Secure Savings account and the UFB Secure Money Market account. Both have a 5.25% APY, which is the same APY as the previous accounts (UFB High Yield Savings account and UFB High Yield Money Market account). This is the first time the rate of the new accounts is the same as the old accounts. In the last 18 months, each new account had a higher rate. To earn the higher rate, existing customers either had to request that their existing account be upgraded or they had to open a new account.

With the new UFB Secure accounts, it might not seem worth it to upgrade. I wouldn’t be surprised if the old High Yield accounts have rate reductions in the coming weeks. The problem with these old accounts is that DA can’t track the rates since UFB Direct doesn’t publish the rates for these old accounts. Existing customers will need to log into their UFB Direct online accounts to see the rates they’re earning. Existing customers who don’t actively monitor their accounts may not realize they’re earning less than what customers with the latest accounts are earning.

The second bank using this create-a-new-account tactic is NASB. This month, NASB created the new Interest Savings account with a 5.35% APY (minimum opening deposit is $25k). This replaces the Premium Savings account that had the lower rate of 5.02% APY. Existing customers who have the Premium Savings account will have to call and request that NASB to convert their Premium Savings account to the new Interest Savings account.

Note, DA hasn’t been listing this Interest Savings account in the rate tables since by default DA only shows accounts available in the market area of the bank’s headquarters. This Interest Savings account is only available to customers who live in areas outside NASB’s market area. To see if you’re eligible for the Interest Savings account, enter your zip code at NASB’s rates page.

The third bank using this create-a-new-account tactic is First Foundation Bank. In this case, it’s a slightly different tactic. Instead of creating a new account, First Foundation made its Online Money Market account the rate leader instead of its Online Savings Account. Since March 2023, the Online Savings Account has been First Foundation Bank’s rate leader. During this time the Online Savings Account rate has risen from 4.50% APY to 5.00% APY while the Online Money Market rate has remained at 4.20% APY. On November 17th, the Online Money Market rate jumped 105 bps to 5.25% APY. Now its rate leads the Online Savings account rate by 25 bps. Customers with the Online Savings account may not notice the higher Online Money Market rate, and they’ll earn 25 bps less than those customers who notice and take action.

This create-a-new-account tactic has been used by the rate leaders: Popular Direct (5.40% APY), My Banking Direct (5.35% APY), Brilliant Bank (5.35% APY), and BrioDirect (5.35% A PY).

Two near-rate leaders that haven’t used this tactic are Ivy Bank and TAB Bank.

Ivy Bank’s High-Yield Savings account currently has a 5.30% APY for balances of at least $2.5k. The 5.30% APY is currently guaranteed to last through 6/30/2024. This account has remained competitive since August 2021.

TAB Bank’s High Yield Savings account has a 5.27% APY with no minimum balance requirements. The account has remained competitive since January 2019.

To be in the 5.25% club, online savings and money market accounts must have APYs of at least 5.25% for reasonable balances. My definition of reasonable balances is a minimum balance to qualify for 5.25%+ APY of no more than $100k and a maximum balance of at least $250k.

One institution that doesn’t qualify is First Internet Bank since its Money Market Savings account requires a minimum balance of $1 million to earn 5.46% APY.

Rate guarantees without withdrawal penalties

With rising odds that the Fed may start cutting rates in early 2024, no-penalty CDs are becoming more attractive. If interest rates fall, your no-penalty CD rate will remain unchanged until maturity or until you close it. Thus, the longer the term of the no-penalty CD, the better deal it is. No-penalty CDs with shorter terms don’t have any value over longer terms since you are free to close the CD without penalty soon after the CD is funded.

The new no-penalty CD rate leader is the 12-month No-Penalty Certificate at Greenwood Credit that’s available on the Raisin platform. The CD has a 5.37% APY, and penalty-free early withdrawals can be made 30 days after opening. The second and third place no-penalty CDs are also on Raisin, but both are short-term CDs with terms of five and three months.

All In Credit Union has the highest no-penalty CD rate that’s available directly (without going through Raisin). The CD has a 9-month term and a rate of 5.33% APY for balances of at least $100k or a rate of 5.27% APY for balances from $1k to under $100k.

Credit Human Credit Union used to be the rate leader, but recent rate cuts have brought down the APY to 5.30%. It has a 12-month term, and a minimum deposit of $5k. You are allowed to make up to two, no-penalty withdrawals during the term as long as you maintain a minimum balance of $5k. The Liquid CD also allows unlimited deposits during the term. People in any state are eligible to join the credit union, Credit Human, via membership in an association.

Outside the Raisin platform, the best nationally-available no-penalty CD deal from a bank continues to be the 15-month no-penalty CD at MainStreet Bank (5.25% APY). The primary downside is that MainStreet Bank doesn’t make it easy to open and manage this CD online. Being able to quickly close a no-penalty CD and access the funds is an important capability. A few banks, like CIT Bank and Ally Bank, have this capability.

Money Market Funds

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of the online banks that offer 5%+ yields, a money market fund can make things easier. Money market fund yields have continued to respond quickly to the Fed rate hikes. Another benefit of a money market fund is that you can do your part to put pressure on the banks to raise their deposit rates.

The Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (VMFXX) 7-day yield is now 5.30%, up 1 bp from two weeks ago. Vanguard reports the compound yield to be 5.43%. This is defined as “the interest earned on the original principal invested and also on the interest earned in previous periods,” which would make it similar to APY for bank accounts.

The Fidelity Money Market Fund (SPRXX) has a 7-day yield of 5.09%, up 1 bp from two weeks ago. Its compound yield is 5.22%. As usual, it lags Vanguard’s yield by 20 to 25 bps.

Municipal money market fund yields have been up and down, even as the Fed keeps hiking or keeps rates unchanged. Two weeks ago, the yields had significant declines from the previous two weeks. Today, yields are up by a large amount from two weeks ago. The Vanguard Municipal Money Market Fund (VMSXX) 7-day yield is now 3.47%, up from 3.07% two weeks ago. The 7-day yield of the Fidelity Municipal Money Market Fund (FTEXX) is now 3.32%, up from 2.96% two weeks ago.

Money market funds from brokerages are another option for your cash. They don’t have FDIC coverage, but they can be reasonable alternatives to deposit accounts. To maximize safety, choose only those that invest in Treasurys or federal government debt. Also, stay with the major brokerage firms like Fidelity, Vanguard or Schwab.

Money market fund yields tend to be close to zero when the Fed sets the target federal funds rate to 0%, and they tend to follow the target federal funds rate during a rate-hiking cycle (unlike the major online savings accounts which have let us down in this cycle.)

Reward Checking Accounts

For the nationally-available reward checking accounts (RCAs), there was just one noteworthy change in the last two weeks.

Superior Choice Credit Union has started a unique RCA called Superior Checking. Members can earn up to 7.00% APY on balances from $5k to $25k. To qualify for the 7.00% APY, the member must maintain a minimum daily average balance of $5,000, enroll in e-statements, and meet at least one of the following requirements: have an active loan, a business relationship, or $500+ monthly direct deposit. Members who do not meet these requirements will earn no interest. Unlike the vast majority of RCAs, Superior Checking has no debit card usage requirements.

Reward checking accounts have a history of being slow to respond to rising rates, especially when compared to online savings accounts. It’s hard to find reward checking attractive when their top rates are below online savings account rates. The only reason you might consider an RCA is if the bank also offers a competitive online savings or money market account. Two examples include All America Bank and Evergreen Bank Group. In these cases, you might want both the RCA and the online savings/money market account. Keep most of your savings in the savings/money market account, and use the RCA as your primary checking account.

To find the highest reward checking rates and balance caps in your state or nationwide, please refer to our reward checking rate table. If you're new to reward checking, please refer to my blog post, Overview of Reward Checking and Our Reward Checking Table.

Certificate of Deposit Deals

I publish my CD survey as a separate post. Please refer to my survey of the best CD rates. This recap focuses on liquid accounts, but I’ll include a few of the best CD deals.

You still have time to lock in a 5%+ 5-year direct CD. BMO Alto began offering 5.25% APY on its 5-year Online CD in early November, and this is still available. Its rates on shorter terms are also quite competitive. That makes it a good place to start a CD ladder.

Even a higher 5-year CD rate is available at Advancial Credit Union. This requires a larger deposit ($50k for a 5.40% APY and $25k for a 5.29% APY). Note, Advancial often changes CD rates at the start of the month. So these rates are likely to fall on Friday when December begins.

Workers Credit Union is also offering 5.25% APY on a 5-year CD ($500 minimum). It also has a top 3-year CD rate (5.50% APY).

One more bank just started to offer 5%+ long-term CDs. The Federal Savings Bank has a 5-year CD with a 5.12% APY and a 3-year CD with a 5.17% APY. Both can be opened online with a $5k minimum deposit.

For the 2-year category, Luana Savings Bank is on top with a 5.63% APY 24-month CD ($100k minimum). The rate is 5.47% APY for a $2k minimum. These rates are down 5 bps from last week.

The rate leader for small deposits continues to be Newtek Bank (5.60% APY, 24-month CD, $2.5k minimum).

Seattle Bank has the highest 18-month CD rate (5.80% APY, $1k minimum).

Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union holds the top spot for the 1-year category (6.18% APY, 12-month CD, $100 min/$100k max deposit). This is a special CD that’s scheduled to last through November. However, it has been reported that this might be extended to December 15th. It’s currently the only nationally available 6%+ CD that I’m aware of.

For large deposits, the highest CD rate is 5.85% APY. This is available as a 12-month Jumbo CD ($100k minimum) at All In Credit Union and at State Bank of Texas.


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Rates as of November 29, 2023

Checking/Savings/Money Market Accounts:

First Internet Bank5.46% ($1m+), 3.76% (up to $1m) Money Market Savings
Popular Direct5.40% ($100 min opening) Popular Direct Select Savings - Account review
Customers Bank5.36%Max Savings (Only available through MaxMyInterest.com) - Account review
BankProv5.36%Max Savings (Only available through MaxMyInterest.com) - Account review
My Banking Direct5.35% ($1 min) High Yield Savings - Account review
Brilliant Bank5.35% ($1k min)Surge Money Market Account (replaced Magnetic MMA as of 11/1) Internet bank, deposits held by Equity Bank - Account review
BrioDirect5.35%High-Yield Savings ($5k min opening deposit) - Account review
NASB5.35% ($25k min) Interest Savings (*NTS) - Account review
Veritex Bank5.34%Max Savings (*NTS) (Only available through MaxMyInterest.com) - Account review
BluPeak Credit Union5.33% (no min)Preferred Savings Account (New members only, $25 min opening) - Account review
Vio Bank5.30%Cornerstone Money Market - Account review
Ivy Bank5.30% ($2.5k - $1m), 0.05% ($10)High-Yield Savings (rate guaranteed through 6/30/2024) - Account review
Customers Bank5.30% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
StagePoint Federal Credit Union5.29% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Generations Bank5.29% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
American First Credit Union5.29% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
VyStar Credit Union5.29% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
DR Bank5.29% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
OMB Bank5.29% ($5k min)High Interest Online Savings - Account review
Prism Bank5.28% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Ponce Bank5.28% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
TAB Bank5.27% ($1 min)High Yield Savings - Account review
UNCLE Credit Union5.27% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Pacific Western Bank5.27% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Hanover Bank5.26% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin (*NTS) - Account review
First Resource Bank5.26% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
CloudBank 2475.26% ($1 min) High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Dayspring Bank5.26% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
CFBank5.26% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Western Alliance Bank5.26% ($1 min) High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
OptimumBank5.26% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
TotalDirectBank5.26% ($5k min)Direct Money Market Deposit Account (not available in FL) - Account review
First Foundation Bank5.25% ($5m max) Online Money Market Account - Account review
UFB Direct5.25%UFB Secure Money Market (*NTS) - Account review
UFB Direct5.25% UFB Secure Savings (*NTS) - Account review
ValleyDirect5.25%Online Savings - Internet bank, deposits held by Valley Bank
Newtek Bank5.25%Personal High Yield Savings - Account review
WECU5.25% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Select Bank5.25% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Harborstone Credit Union5.25% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Greenwood Credit Union5.25% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Milli Bank5.25%Savings Account Internet bank, deposits held by First National Bank of Omaha - Account review
Evergreen Bank Group5.25% ($100 min opening) High-Yield Online Savings - Account review
CFG Bank5.25% ($1k)High Yield Money Market Account - Account review
SkyOne Credit Union5.24% ($1 min)Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Patriot Bank5.22% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
State Bank of Texas (SBT)5.22% ($100k min, new money only) Jumbo Money Market - Account review
Border Bank5.21% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Republic Bank of Chicago5.21% ($2.5k min opening)Digital Money Market (not available in IL, IN, MI, or WI) - Account review
Grand Bank5.20% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
GreenState Credit Union5.16% ($1 min) High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
EverBank5.15% (up to $250k), 4.75%-5.15% ($250k+)Yield Pledge Online Savings (1 year intro APY) - Account review
RBMAX5.15% ($250k max)Max Interest Savings (division of Republic Bank & Trust Company)
FNBO Direct5.15%Online Savings - Account review
Blue Federal Credit Union5.15% ($1 min)Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Adda Bank5.15% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Jovia Financial Credit Union5.15% ($2 min)Online Savings - Account review
Bread Financial5.15% ($100 min)High-Yield Savings - Account review
Western State Bank5.15% ($5k min)High Yield Money Market - Account review
Mission Valley Bank5.12% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
Bask Bank5.10% (no min)Bask Interest Savings Account - Account review
BMO Alto5.10%Online Savings Account Account review
Primis Bank5.07% ($1k min)Primis Savings Account Account review
Upgrade5.07% ($1k min)Premier Savings (deposits held by Cross River Bank) Account review
The State Exchange Bank5.05% ($1 min)High Yield Savings via Raisin - Account review
CIT Bank5.05% ($5k), 0.25% (up to $5k)Platinum Savings - Account review
iGObanking.com5.05% ($25k min) iGOmoneymarket, new accounts and new money only - Account review
BankPurely5.05% ($25k min) PurelyMoneyMarket - Account review
Credit One Bank, N.A.5.05% ($100k min) Jumbo High Yield Savings Account - Account review
Lemmata Savings Bank5.03% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
CIBC Bank USA5.01%Agility Savings Account - Account review
Salem Five Direct5.01% (up to $1m)eOne Savings, new customers only - Account review
The Atlantic Federal Credit Union5.01% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
My eBanc5.01 ($100k), 4.10% (up to $100k)SuperSaver Money Market Account - Account review
First Foundation Bank5.00%Online Savings - Account review
Quontic Bank5.00%Personal Money Market (all balances) - Account review
Virtual Bank5.00% eMoney Market Special - Account review
DollarSavingsDirect5.00%Dollar Savings Account - Account review
Laurel Road (a brand of KeyBank, N.A.)5.00% ($2m max)Laurel Road High Yield Savings Account - Account review
Merchants Bank of Indiana5.00% (up to $1m)Money Market Account
CommunityWide Federal Credit Union5.00% (penalty-free withdrawals first 5 days of each month)High Rate Quarterly Funds Account - Account review
ZYNLO Bank5.00% Tomorrow Savings - Account review
ZYNLO Bank5.00% (up to $250k) 0.10% ($250k+)Money Market - Account review
FitnessBank5.00% ($250k max) (Requires using step tracker app and averaging 12.5k steps/daily, extra 10 bps with checking and debit card usage) Fitness Savings Account - Account review
Great Lakes Credit Union5.00% ($1 min)Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
M1 Finance5.00% (all balances, $125 annual fee) High Yield Savings (deposits held by a partner bank)
Rising Bank5.00% ($1k min)High Yield Savings - Account review
ConnectOne Bank5.00% ($250k+), 4.90% ($2.5k)Connection Plus Savings - Account review
Vibrant Credit Union5.00% ($500k), 4.00% ($250k), 1.00% ($100k), 0.01% ($1) Super Savings
CoVantage Credit Union5.00% ($750k), 4.50% ($500k), 4.35% ($250k), 3.50% ($100k), 2.50% ($25k), 0.85% (up to $25k)Money Market Account
Langley Federal Credit Union5.00% ($1m), 4.00% ($500k), 2.50% ($250k), 2.00% ($100k), 1.50% ($25k)Platinum Money Market Savings - Account review
Citizens State Bank4.95% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Northern Bank Direct4.95% ($5k min)Money Market Premier - Account review
Quontic Bank4.82%Max Savings (Only available through MaxMyInterest.com) - Account review
First Mid4.80% ($1 min)High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Connexus Credit Union4.76% ($1m), 4.51% ($500k), 4.26% ($250k), 4.01% ($100k), 3.01% ($20k), 0.25% ($1k)Money Market Account (Active checking requirement has been removed) - Forum post
Synchrony Bank4.75%High Yield Savings - Account review
Sallie Mae Bank4.75%Money Market Account - Account review
EverBank4.75% (up to $250k)Yield Pledge Online Savings (ongoing APY) - Account review
EverBank4.75% (up to $250k), 4.30%-4.75% ($250k+)Yield Pledge Money Market (1 year intro APY) - Account review
mph.bank4.70% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
CNB Bank Direct4.70% ($25k min/$2m max)Premium Money Market - Account review
LendingClub Bank4.65%High-Yield Savings - Account review
USALLIANCE Financial4.65% ($500)High Dividend Savings - Account review
PNC Bank4.65% ($1 min)High Yield Savings (Not available in all states)
CIT Bank4.65% ($100 min)Savings Connect - Account review
SoFi Bank, N.A.4.60% (w/direct deposit), 1.20% (w/o direct deposit)SoFi Checking and Savings
CNB Bank Direct4.60% ($1 min)High Yield Savings - Account review
Liberty Savings Bank4.60% ($1 min)High Yield Savings via Raisin - Account review
Lafayette Federal Credit Union4.58% ($20k), 4.27% ($50)Preferred Savings
Lafayette Federal Credit Union4.58%-4.99% ($50k min to open) Premier Savings (blended APYs)
Sallie Mae Bank4.50%High Yield Savings - Account review
Quontic Bank4.50%High Yield Savings - Account review
Prime Alliance Bank4.50% ($1 min)Personal Savings - Account review
Prime Alliance Bank4.50% ($1 min)Personal Money Market - Account review
Citizens Access4.50% ($5k min)Online Savings Account - Account review
Citi4.45%Citi Accelerate Savings Account (Not available in all states)
CFSB (Colorado Federal Savings Bank)4.45% ($50k min) Premier Savings (New customers) - Account review
Continental Bank4.41% ($1 min) High Yield Savings Account via Raisin - Account review
Live Oak Bank4.40% ($5 million max)High Yield Savings - Account review
CFSB (Colorado Federal Savings Bank)4.40%High Yield Savings - Account review
Ally Bank4.40%Money Market Account - Account review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs4.40% ($500 min)High-Yield Online Savings Account (additional 10 bps for AARP members) - Account review
Discover Bank4.35%Online Savings - Account review
Affirm4.35%Affirm Savings (deposits held by a partner bank)
Barclays4.35%Online Savings - Account review
MySavingsDirect4.35%MySavings Account - Account review
American Express National Bank4.30%High Yield Savings - Account review
Capital One4.30%360 Performance Savings - Account review
EverBank4.30% ($100k), 4.05% ($50k), 3.75% (up to $50k)Yield Pledge Money Market (ongoing APY) - Account review
SFGI Direct4.26%SGFI Direct Savings Account - Account review
Quorum Federal Credit Union4.25%HighQ Savings Account - Account review
Ally Bank4.25%Online Savings - Account review
Smarty Pig4.25%SmartyPig Savings - Account review
E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley4.25%Premium Savings Account (sweeps account) - Account review
Discover Bank4.25% ($100k min), 4.20% ($2.5k) Money Market - Account review
Idabel National Bank4.20% ($1 min) Money Market Deposit Account via Raisin - Account review
MutualOne Bank4.07% ($20k min)Mo Premium Savings - Account review
EmigrantDirect.com4.00%AmericanDream Savings Account - Account review
Bellco Credit Union4.00% ($50k) 3.45% ($10k)Premier Money Market Account
Spectrum Credit Union4.00% ($100k), 3.90% ($50k), 3.80% ($25k), 3.75% ($2.5k), 0.75% (<$2.5)MarketEdge Money Market - Account review
American Heritage Credit Union3.65% ($10k min)High Yield Savings
State Department Federal Credit Union3.56% ($250k), 2.02% ($100k), 1.51% ($50k), 1.26% ($25k)Premier Money Management Shares - Account review
ConnectOne Bank3.50% ($25k), 3.40% (up to $25k)Connect Money Market - Account review
Luana Savings Bank3.40% ($750k), 3.25% ($250k), 3.09% ($100k), 2.94% ($50k), 2.78% ($2.5k)Money Market
Andrews Federal Credit Union3.25% (up to $250k), 1.24% ($250k+) Celebration Money Market - Account review
Revolut3.25% Savings Vault - subscription rate (deposits held by Metropolitan Commercial Bank) - Account review
Northpointe Bank3.25% ($25k), 0.35% ($5k), 0.25% ($2.5k min)Ultimate Money Market - Account review
Alliant Credit Union3.10% ($100 min)High-Rate Savings - Account review
PenFed Credit Union3.00%Premium Online Savings Account review
Varo3.00% (5.00% up to $5k w/chk requirements)Varo Savings - Account review
Dow Credit Union2.91% ($500k), 2.69% ($100k), 2.46% ($50k), 1.89% (up to $50k)Premium High Yield Deposit - Account review
Amalgamated Bank2.75%Online Savings Special (6-month rate guarantee) - Account review
The Federal Savings Bank2.50% ($2k min)Online Money Market Promo - Account review
T-Mobile Money2.50% (4.00% up to $3k w/checking requirements)Checking Account (deposits held by a partner bank) (1.50% effective July 15, 2022) - Account review
Veridian Credit Union2.45% ($1m) 2.25% ($500k), 2.05% ($250k), 1.85% ($100k), 1.65% ($50k), 1.45% ($2.5k) Premier Money Market - Account review
Synchrony Bank2.25%Money Market - Account review
Security State Bank (KS)2.09% ($110k), 2.00%-2.09% ($100k+), 0.75% (under $100k)Investment Savings Account (linked Investment Checking required), APY is average of Savings and Checking, 0.60%+ APY assumes Savings balance of at least $100k - Account review
Chime2.00% (no min/max, active checking required)Chime Savings Account (deposits held by a partner bank) - Account review
MapleMark Bank2.00% ($25k min opening)Platinum Money Market - Account review
MainStreet Bank2.00% ($50k) 1.00% ($25k), 0.50% ($0.01)Personal Super Savings Money Market ($2.5k min opening) - Account review
Bethpage Federal Credit Union2.00% ($100k), 1.25% ($50k), 1.15% ($500), 0.10% (up to $499) Money Market
Vibrant Credit Union2.00% ($200k), 1.00% ($100k), 0.25% ($25k), 0.10% ($10k), 0.01% (up to $10k) Yellow Money Market (promotional rate)
NASA Federal Credit Union1.95% ($100k), 1.85% ($50k), 1.65% (up to $50k)Premier Advantage Money Market - Account review
CIT Bank1.55% ($100 min)Money Market - Account review
State Bank of India (IL)1.50% ($5k min) Money Market
Bank5 Connect1.50% ($100 min)High Interest Savings - Account review
Freedom Northwest Credit Union1.50% ($15k+), 0.75% ($10k+), 0.50% ($5k+), 035% (up to $5k) Rise Money Market (checking account w/$15k min balance required, no online application, small credit union) - Account review
Customers Bank1.50% ($25k min)Ascent Money Market Savings
Banesco USA1.35% ($100 min)BanesGrow Savings Account Account review
Banesco USA1.35% ($2.5k-$1m)BanesFlex Money Market Account - Account review
Vio Bank1.10% Online High Yield Savings - Account review
U.S. Postal Federal Credit Union1.00% (1.10% with relationship rewards) IRA Savings - See review
State Bank of India (IL)1.00% ($500 min) Savings Account
SkyOne Credit Union1.00% ($1k min)Sky-high Savings
CIT Bank1.00% ($25k min)Savings Builder - Account review

*New to Summary

No-Penalty CDs

Greenwood Credit Union5.37% ($1 min)12-month No Penalty CD via Raisin (*NTS) - Account review
Technology Credit Union5.36% ($1 min)5-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Mission Valley Bank5.35% ($1 min)3-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
All In Credit Union5.33% ($100k)9-month Jumbo No Penalty CD (one penalty-free withdrawal) - Account review
GreenState Credit Union5.30% ($1 min)12-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Ponce Bank5.30% ($1 min)4-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Credit Human5.30% ($5k)12-month Liquid CD (two penalty-free withdrawal, unlimited additional deposits) - Account review
All In Credit Union5.27% ($1k)9-month No Penalty CD (one penalty-free withdrawl) - Account review
MainStreet Bank5.25% ($500 min)15-month No Penalty CD (unlimited withdrawals and additional deposits) - Account review
mph.bank5.20% ($1 min)6-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Freedom Bank5.15% ($1 min)12-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Freedom Bank5.10% ($1 min)9-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Blue Federal Credit Union5.10% ($1 min)9-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
SkyOne Federal Credit Union5.00% ($1 min) 12-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
USALLIANCE Financial5.00% ($500)11-month No Penalty CD Special - Account review
CIT Bank4.90% ($1k min)11-month No-Penalty CD - Account review
American First Credit Union4.90% ($1 min)3-month No Penalty Certificate via Raisin - Account review
First Mid4.82% ($1 min)12-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Sallie Mae Bank4.75% ($1 min)14-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Sallie Mae Bank4.70% ($1 min)10-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs4.60% ($500)13-month No Penalty CD - Account review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs4.60% ($500)8-month No Penalty CD (AARP members only) - Account review
Ally Bank4.55% (no min)No-Penalty 11-month CD - Account review
Synchrony Bank4.50% (no min)11-month No Penalty CD - Account review
OMB Bank4.44% (no min)7-month No Penalty CD - Account review
Chartway Federal Credit Union3.50% ($500 min)12-month No Penalty CD (early closure only) - Account review
CFSB (Colorado Federal Savings Bank)3.50% ($5k min)11-month No Penalty CD - Account review
Bellco Credit Union3.40% ($2.5k min)30-month Smart Move CD - Account review
Bellco Credit Union3.40% ($2.5k min)24-month Smart Move CD - Account review
My eBanc3.30% ($100k), 3.19% ($10k)11-month Online Flex Time Deposit - Account review
Bellco Credit Union3.15% ($2.5k min)36-month Smart Move CD - Account review
MainStreet Bank2.75% ($500 min)1-year No Penalty CD (early closure only) - Account review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs0.45% ($500 min)7-month No Penalty CD - Account review
Marcus by Goldman Sachs0.35% ($500 min)11-month No Penalty CD - Account review
Citi0.05% ($500 min)12-month No Penalty CD

*New to Summary

Reverse Tier Savings/Money Market Accounts/Checking:

Elevault5.13% (up to $50k max balance)Vault - Account review
All America Bank5.05% (up to $100k), 0.50% ($100k+)Mega Money Market Account - Account review
Redneck Bank5.05% (up to $100k), 0.50% ($100k+)Mega Money Market Account
Blue Federal Credit Union5.00% ($25-$1k), 1.00% ($1k-$5k), 0.50% ($5k-10k), 0.25% ($10k-$50k), 0.15% ($50k+)Accelerated Savings - Account review
Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union4.00% (up to $25k), 3.50% ($25k+)Superior Money Market (min $500 direct deposit into any account)
Affinity Federal Credit Union4.00% (up to $10k), 1.00% ($10k+)SmartStart Savings - Account review
NuVision Federal Credit Union4.00% (up to $1k), 2.00% ($1k-5k), 1.00% ($5k-$10k), 0.50% ($10k-$25k), 0.20% ($25k+)Advantage Choice Money Market
Michigan State University Credit Union3.75% (up to $1k), 2.50% ($1k-$2k), 1.30% ($2k+)Savings Builder - Account review
Workers Credit Union3.56% (up to $1k), 0.55% ($1k-$2k), 0.60% ($2k-$3k), plus 13 more rate tiers (0.65%-1.26% in 5 bps increments)SaveUp Savings - Account review
SafeAmerica Credit Union3.10% (up to $2k), 1.10% ($2k-$5k), 0.60% ($5k-$10k), 0.55% ($10k+)Blended Rate Money Market
Porte3.00% (up to $15k), 0.20% ($15k+)Savings Account, Checking with one-time direct deposit required (deposits held by a partner bank) - Account review
Dover Federal Credit Union2.00% (up to $50k), 1.50% ($50k+), 1.25% ($100k+), 0.50% ($250k+)High Yield Savings
Patelco Credit Union2.00% (up to $2k), 1.50% ($2k-$5k), 1.00% ($5k-$10k), 0.25% ($10k-$50k), 0.20% ($50k-$100k), 0.10% ($100k-$100m)Money Market Select Account - Account review
Axos Bank0.61% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k to $100k), 0.15% ($100k+)High Yield Savings - Account review

Reward Checking Accounts:

  • Noteworthy Accounts Available Nationwide:
Superior Choice Credit Union7.00% ($5k-$25k), 2.00% ($25k-$50k), 1.00% ($50k-$100k), 0.10% ($100k+) Superior Checking (*NTS) Account review
Pelican State Credit Union6.05% (up to $10k), 0.50% ($10k+) Kasasa Cash Account review
Credit Union of New Jersey6.00% (up to $25k), 0.75% ($25k+) Kasasa Cash Account review
FitnessBank6.00% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k+) (requires using step tracker app and averaging 10k steps/daily) Elite Checking Account - Account review
Orion Federal Credit Union6.00% (up to $10k), 2.34%-5.06% ($10k+)Premium Checking - Account review
Community Bank (TN)5.35% (up to $20k), 0.25% ($20k+)Community Advantage Checking Account review
All America Bank5.30% (up to $15k), 0.50% ($15k+)Ultimate Rewards Checking
Redneck Bank5.30% (up to $15k), 0.50% ($15k+)Redneck Rewards Checking
Veridian Credit Union5.25% (up to $20k) (rate guaranteed through August 31, 2023) Premium Plus Checking - Account review
La Capitol Federal Credit Union5.25% (up to $10k), 0.62% ($10k+)Choice Checking
Cap Ed Federal Credit Union5.25% (up to $10k), 0.10% ($10k+)High Yield Checking
Genisys Credit Union5.25% (up to $7.5k), 0.05% ($7.5k+) Genius Checking Account review
Garden Savings Federal Credit Union5.12% (up to $15k), 0.15% ($15k+)Platinum Checking
Keesler Federal Credit Union5.00% (up to $25k), 0.50% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash (easy membership in AL, LA, MS) - Account review
Ideal Credit Union5.00% (up to $20k), 0.05% ($20k+)High Yield Checking - Account review
Western Vista Federal Credit Union5.00% (up to $15k), 0.25% ($15k+)Panorama Checking - Account review
Consumers Credit Union5.00% (up to $10k), 0.20% ($10k-$25k), 0.10% ($25k+) Rewards Checking Tier A- debit card and $1k credit card requirements (Changes effective May 2020)
Presidential Bank4.63% (up to $25k), 3.63% ($25k+)Advantage Checking - Account review
First Bank4.59% (up to $25k), 0.10% ($25k+)First Performance Checking (available in CA, IL, MO) - Account review
Bellco Credit Union4.50% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k+)Boost Interest Checking - Account review
Market USA Federal Credit Union4.50% (up to $15k), 0.01% ($15k+)VIP Checking Platinum Tier - Account review
Signature Federal Credit Union4.00% (up to $40k), 0% ($40k+)High-Yield Checking
Northwest Federal Credit Union4.00% (up to $25k), 0.50% ($25k+)Kasasa Cash - Account review
Evergreen Bank Group4.00% (up to $25k), 0.25%% ($20k+)Evergreen Free Rewards Checking
TruStone Financial Credit Union4.00% (up to $20k), 0.10% ($20k+)TruRate Checking - Account review
First Tech Federal Credit Union4.00% (up to $15k), 0.10% ($15k+)First Tech Rewards Checking
Consumers Credit Union4.00% (up to $10k), 0.20% ($10k-$25k), 0.10% ($25k+)Rewards Checking Tier B- debit card and $500 credit card requirements (Changes effective May 2020)
Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union3.50% (up to $20k), 0% ($20k+)Performance Checking Account review
Liberty Federal Credit Union3.45% (up to $20k), 0.00% ($20k+)Vertical Checking - Account review
Axos Bank3.30% (up to $50k), 0.00% ($50k+)Rewards Checking
Wings Financial Credit Union3.04% (up to $25k), 0.10% ($25k+)High Yield Checking - Account review
Expedition Credit Union 3.04% (up to $20k), 0.10% ($20k+)High Yield Checking
Lake Michigan Credit Union3.00% (up to $15k), 0.00% ($15k+)Max Checking
Consumers Credit Union3.00% (up to $10k), 0.20% ($10k-$25k), 0.10% ($25k+)Rewards Checking Tier C - debit card with NO credit card requirements (Changes effective May 2020)
Finex2.53% (up to $25k), 0.10% ($25k+)Axcess Rewards Checking, Premier Account
Great Lakes Credit Union2.50% (up to $10k), 0.05% ($10k+)Free Checking
Union Bank2.07% (blended APY up to $25k), 0.03% ($25k+)1-2-3 Rewards Checking Account review
Heritage Bank2.02% (up to $100k), 0.14% ($100k+)eCentive Checking Account
Hiway Credit Union2.02% ($1k-$25k), 0.01% ($25k+)Hi Yield Checking - Account review
Elements Financial2.00% (up to $20k), 0.10% ($20k+)High Interest Checking - Account review
Connexus Credit Union1.75% (up to $25k), 0.25% ($25k+)Xtraordinary Checking
Industrial Bank1.47% (up to $15k), 0.20% ($15k+)Kasasa Cash
BankFirst1.25% (up to $15k), 0.15% ($15k+)Interest Checking
Quontic Bank1.10% (all balances)High Interest Checking - Account review
Bay State Savings Bank0.50% (up to $20k), 0.05% ($20k+)Interest Checking - Account review

*New to Summary

Certificates of Deposit:

Bank Account Alternatives - May Not Be FDIC Insured

Ford Interest Advantage5.50% rate (all balances)Ford Interest Advantage review
GM Financial Right Notes5.50% rate (all balances, $500 min opening deposit)
Dominion Energy DERI 5.50% rate (all balances)
Betterment5.50% (new customer promo), 4.75% (ongoing) Betterment Everyday Cash Reserve Cash sweep program with partner banks
Duke Energy PremierNotes5.40% rate ($50k+), 5.25% rate ($10k+), 5.20% rate (less than $10k)Duke Energy PremierNotes review
Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund5.30% 7-day yield
Fidelity Money Market Fund5.09% 7-day yield
Wealthfront5.00% Cash Account Cash sweep program with partner banks
Vanguard Municipal Money Market Fund3.47% 7-day yield
Fidelity Municipal Money Market Fund3.32% 7-day yield

Accounts Removed, No Longer Available

UFB Direct5.25%UFB High Yield Money Market - Account review
UFB Direct5.25% UFB High Yield Savings - Account review
Western Alliance Bank5.40% ($1 min) 16-month No Penalty CD via Raisin - Account review

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  |     |   Comment #1
OnPath FCU 7% APY rewards checking up to $10k. Open membership with $5 donation to OnPath Foundation.
  |     |   Comment #2
You posted back in the Spring a better than 50% Fed Funds Futures bet that the first Fed rate cut would happen by July of this year, and warned members they should get their CD ducks in a row by way of preparation for that.

So much for the reliability of Fed Funds Futures odds (and your own judgment).

Will the scoop be any different in 2024?
  |     |   Comment #5
@gregk, you have never, EVER posted a message regarding a high savings or MM rate or a bank bonus; EVERY comment that you've posted at DA has been to criticize Ken or someone else that made a comment that you didn't like. Why don't you do us all an enormous favor and LEAVE.
  |     |   Comment #20
BTW,, ichaelm, this must be just about the most laughably ignorant accusation ever made on DA. I've written hundreds of posts over the years addressing deposit rates in all their varied manifestations, Fed policy, macroeconomic issues, and on and on. We all criticize one another here when disagreement exists. That's the life blood of dialogue and conversation. Problems arise only when characters like PD chronically introduce mis-information and play fast and loose with statistics to try and bolster their arguments. You'd show more integrity if you took offense over that practice,rather than my perfectly legitimate criticisms you just don't happen to like.
  |     |   Comment #24
@gregk: ok, provide a link to one of the "hundreds of posts over the years addressing deposit rates in all their varied manifestations, Fed policy, macroeconomic issues, and on and on" in which you weren't critizing someone else. You are a pathetic loser. I bet that you live in your mommy's basement, don't you?
  |     |   Comment #25
Now you’ve moved into the gutter,
ichaelm, where I won’t follow.

I can tell you’re a Trump puppy.
  |     |   Comment #6
Greg: Since you don't value Ken's Fed analyses, it seems you have two healthy options. The first would be to offer an alternative view/analysis of Fed Fund Futures for readers to consider. The other would be for you to leave this site since it is not meeting your needs. Staying and voicing the same complaint every week without constructive suggestions is in my view not helpful to you or for fellow readers. 
  |     |   Comment #7
IC and KC…ken’s earn out provisions had to have numbers based upon DA members/registrations. And his current compensation is based on? Finally does one think advertisers aren’t looking at the same numbers…in addition to?

Ergo why penalize DA and all readers by suggesting what you all posted? Have a great Holiday Season
  |     |   Comment #8
Ch-1: If you don't like the bartender's martini, tell him/her how you think they can improve it: more vermouth, less vermouth, more gin, vodka instead of gin, onion instead of olive. It does no good to just keep ordering the same martini every week and complaining about it. Since you say you want to help rather than punish DA readers, let's hear your analyses and recommendations regarding Fed Fund Futures. Looking forward to your martini: Just remember: vodka vs gin, olive vs. onion: complain or abstain in the public domain:  everyone has a Choice.
  |     |   Comment #11
Sorry you two (kc & ich), - I’ve been posting here for well over a decade (since the discussion forum’s inception, and probably longer than anyone), - which believe it or not, Ken has privately thanked me for, - and my contribution utterly dwarfs both of your own. Ken’s been considerably mis-guided in his judgments about deposit rates this cycle, I think principally because he follows so slavishly the Fed Funds Futures odds. Why does it cause you such consternation when I point this out, - and why would I leave a website I benefit so much from?  You both (and others here too) have a problem in believing Ken badly needs your protection and defense of him, when most probably he disdains it. I mean, I’m doubtful my criticism troubles him at all, and likely he even benefits from it. Ken can take care of himself, I think, and if he wishes to take issue with me directly can easily do so. How many times do we have to go through this?
  |     |   Comment #12
GregK: Point taken: You are understandably frustrated to hear the same critique so many times (you ask: "how many times do we have to go through this?"). Now you can perhaps understand why readers are similarly frustrated to hear YOUR same criticism (of Ken) so many times. Since you do value this site (I was clearly wrong to assume that you don't--my apologies) I DO hope you will now move on to offering your own constructive suggestions and ideas. For example, if Ken does follow the Fed Future Odds too "slavishly": what do you suggest instead? What alternative way of evaluating the Fed's present and future behavior do you recommend? While you have the right to post whatever you want, I do hope that you will consider moving on to more constructive contributions now that your original critique has been so clearly expressed. 
  |     |   Comment #13
Fair enough, kc. I'll relax my Ken critique, and exasperation over his apparent addiction to Fed Funds Futures odds, but which I still believe just isn't healthy and leads him into embarrassment. How many times do they have to be wrong for Ken to finally take note of it?
  |     |   Comment #15
Interesting discussion. I don't know much about this Fed Funds Future, and usually take a cursory read of Ken's overview and then skip to see where the liquid or CD rates are going. But this has peaked my interest. Here's what an article yesterday from Reuters had to say:

"Federal funds futures are the most straightforward measure of determining of where traders believe the U.S. central bank's benchmark overnight interest rate will be in the future. That market has priced in about a 45% chance of a rate cut at the March 19-20, 2024 meeting, rising to about a 75% probability at the April 30-May 1 meeting, the CME FedWatch Tool showed on Thursday. Overall, the rates market sees a roughly 100 basis points (bps) of cuts by the end of 2024, according to LSEG data."

I think most of us know that the "traders" have been predicting a reversal ever since March 2022, which has had a negative impact on long-term savings rates. So, am guessing much of these economic predictions need to be taken with a grain of salt in the short term while keeping an eye on the trend in terms of one's own decisions. However, I don't think it's wrong to point out the error in these predictions (Krugman certainly seems willing to do so) , while of course doing so as diplomatically as possible. (I note that the Treasury Bond inversion (3moVS10yr) started on 10/18/2022, but a country-wide recession has yet to materialize.)
  |     |   Comment #19
Hi Greg: Thanks for listening. Have a good weekend!
  |     |   Comment #3
FWIW, in advance of tomorrow's PCE report, Fed nowcasting tool has October PCE at +0.11% (month over month) and 3.09% (year over year) with core at +0.22% and 3.56%.
  |     |   Comment #4
UFB continues the account name game
I had at least 6 old names that I zeroed out and they closed.
Here we go, again !
  |     |   Comment #28
Yup. I can confirm that on Day 3 of the new regime my UFB High Yield Savings rate is still 5.25%, same as it ever was (lol). But as stated above, that might change relative to the rates of the new accounts.

Looks like you can start a new account online. If a person starts a new Secure Money Market account instead of the Secure Savings account, be aware that you need to keep a balance of 5K or more to avoid a monthly fee. However on the plus side you get checks (limit of 6 withdrawals per month).

Also, a question - has anyone who started a UFB Monet Market account (of any vintage), ever had a hard credit pull because of it?
  |     |   Comment #9
Tried to get a 5 yr. CD 6 mos. penalty at Seattle Bank online. You have to verify with a picture of driver license online and tried many times and it rejects them all. Did not return my call and put me on a long hold for a paper copy of the application. Now I wrote customer service requesting a paper copy. Very frustrating.
  |     |   Comment #10
How often does it happen w/other FI's
  |     |   Comment #26
I had similar problem with another FCU and the drivers license w/ their online application . there was no other secure option to upload a scan. Only option was US Mail or unsecured email. I gave up.
  |     |   Comment #14
The outcome depends on just how badly you want it.
  |     |   Comment #16
Anyone know if BMO Alto is using ChexSystems in determining to open an account? Have read lately on reddit that many, supposedly having a good credit rating, are getting denied.
  |     |   Comment #17
milty, here is my experience with them.

I opened a joint CD with my wife and had no problem, then opened an online savings account also joint and had no problem. Then transferred in the funds to my online savings, problem was it took 7 days to get there and by the time it was in my online savings account my CD ran out of time and closed. Tried to open another one but my wife was declined this time even though she was joint on the other CD and is still joint on the savings account....so I had a CD that was just in my name so I then tried to transfer out some of the funds to make sure everything was legit and then I was going to open the one in my name and add her as a beneficiary but by the time the money was transferred back to my Chase account the CD in my name closed.Then I tried to open one in her name first with me joint, they declined me as a joint owner.... crazy... so then I had one in her name only, opened it and she put me as the beneficiary

So after transferring funds in and some out I realized it takes 1 week before the transfer is complete... so if you open the accounts just be aware it takes 1 week to transfer.

Btw, I had never been declined by any bank or credit union before, this was the first time and my credit score is 830
  |     |   Comment #18
Btw, the reason I could not trust them to begin with was when I made the transfer it didn't show like a normal transfer would, in fact I couldn't find anywhere on my account that a transfer had been initiated... also when I made the transfer to bring some out of the account it was the same thing, only this time it said my transfer was under review but it did transfer eventually, just took a week.
  |     |   Comment #21
Mak, Thanks for the info. I got denied trying to open an account (no previous accounts with them), and my credit score is also over 800. I called them, took over two hours to hear back, but the only response was try a different browser. Called ChexSystems, no record of BMO Alto accessing the system on my behalf. No idea why it got denied. Seems like it will be a pass for me. But if it had worked I would not be happy to experience your transfer issues, not a good sign for me.
  |     |   Comment #22
I got a little worried with the transfers because when I transfer from Vanguard to my bank it's pretty quick but then I looked on Fidelity and they say it can take up to 5 business days if over $2500 which really surprised me. BMO pays you interest at 5.10% until they transfer it and I looked at my account today and they did credit the interest I didn't open the CD for a large amount but I'm not worried anymore. I'll see what happens to rates, maybe I'll try an open another joint down the road.
  |     |   Comment #23
The 10 year can drop down to 4% to 4.1%. hopefully it finds a floor there and I still think it's very possible to see over 5% on the 10 year but I can't make a guarantee on it...;)
  |     |   Comment #27
Anyone here see 100 basis points of Fed rate cuts by YE 2024 like the Fed Funds Futures market does?

The Fed’s preferred inflation measure is still almost double it’s 2% target. So before that objective has even been reached, an irrational reverse course is something we should expect?

Would be kind of dumb to stoke the inflation fire all over again, one would think.

Fed Funs Futures odds reflect no more than wishes is my view.

Historically considered, interest rates are quite moderate, and really do need to be sustained
well above zero, which the markets are convinced has now become heretical thinking.

But what that means is Federal spending will need to be radically contained (and tax policy adjusted), to avoid budget deficits exploding from the higher debt service costs that have now become unavoidable.

The unspeakable alternative is that our leaders
allow the hyper-inflation genie out of the bottle and we all start from scratch once again with the upheaval and chaos that entails.

They are certainly capable of it.
  |     |   Comment #32
Stealing A quote.
Ladder and it Don't matter
  |     |   Comment #33
WHAT doesn't matter? I never got it.
  |     |   Comment #29
Chartway ended their 50 month 5% CD,
  |     |   Comment #30
Advancial extended (likely through December)
it’s 5%+ long term Certificates.
  |     |   Comment #36
I've been a member of Advancial for a while, already opened some.
  |     |   Comment #31
Joined Wescom Credit Union as a backup plan today, It was pretty easy to open looks like you have to wire the money in to fund a 60-month CD. Slow website, I'll try for Advancial first. I'm hoping to unload some brokered CDs next week and switch them to regular CDs.
  |     |   Comment #34
What's Wescom's 60 month rate?
  |     |   Comment #35
4.9%, I probably won't even need them if I can do better but I can get these .We'll see if I can do a switcharoo next week sometime. More banks might drop their rates.

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