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How to File a Complaint Against Your Bank or Credit Union

Have you experienced a problem with your bank or credit union that you have not been able to resolve? It may be time for you to contact the regulator of your financial institution. Unfortunately, our banking system doesn't make this easy since there are many regulators which have responsibilities for different financial institutions. I've included links to two government resources that will help you find the correct regulator:

  • File a Bank Complaint - This is a good place to start to file a complaint against a bank. The site is intended for National Banks regulated by the OCC, but if your bank isn't a National Bank, it will help you find the correct regulator
  • File a Credit Union Complaint - This NCUA page is the place to start for filing a complaint against a credit union. If your problem is with a federal credit union, the NCUA may be able to help. However, if it's not a federal credit union, your first line of help should be from the state regulator.

It's important to note that the regulator may not provide the help you had wanted. The FDIC describes the limit of its authority in complaint resolution at this page:

Our scope of authority does not ordinarily extend to the resolution of complaints involving factual disputes or contractual matters, or matters that have been or are in the process of being litigated.

Some readers have reported receiving no help from a regulator after they submitted a complaint. However, some readers have reported success. One recent example was when a bank changed their add-on policy on existing CDs. The reader wrote a letter to the FDIC, the bank's federal regulator. The FDIC contacted the bank about the issue, and the bank decided to rescind its policy change. I described this incident and posted excerpts of the letters in this post. As you can see in this example, it can pay to send a complaint to your financial institution's regulator.

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  |     |   Comment #1
I have been struggling with a situation involving Bank of the Sierra.  When they first lauched their reward checking product their disclosure stated that you had to make one bill payment per statement cycle.  They say that they meant that the bill payment had to "clear" the account not simply be requested for payment in a cycle.  This is problematic when the payment is in the form of a check and the payee cannot control the speed with which the vendor negotiates the check.  The bank has since changed the language of their disclosure, but will not honor the former language.  I started a complaint with my state Attorney General's Office and the bank would not respond to them.  They handed it off to the California Attorney General who said that they had no jurisdiction.  Next, I tried the Better Business Bureau (the bank is not a member) and the bank refused to settle the matter.  Thus, it is listed as an unresolved dispute.  Next, I went to the California agency that regulates state chartered banks and they required the bank to respond to me in writing.  They denied the claim for the interest rate that I believe that I was entitled to earn for the one month period in question.  Again, the bank's position was negative.  I wrote a rebuttal and again this again brought a negative response.  I believe that I am at the end of the line with this regulatory agency.  I am now considering the FDIC.  I am confident that the bank has spent more in resources to respond to my claim than it would have in paying me the very nominal sum that I believe that I was due.  However, I suspect that they are worried that if they pay me they will have to consider other claims.  Frankly, this is a small regional bank that seems to have the mentality of some of the very large national banks that we have grown to hate!
  |     |   Comment #69
The Federal Reserve Comsumer Help devision will help...check online
  |     |   Comment #2
The banks don't give a hoot to complaints to  CCC.

It has been two months since I filed a complaint to CCC but the bank has not even  responded to them or me.
  |     |   Comment #134
Then ****ing sue them.
  |     |   Comment #3
Anon. #1: I hava to say that I agree with BotS on this point, i.e., of course the payment has to be cleared before the statement closing date.  It is your responsibility to ensure that, and you have a full one month to do that.

That said, you may write (nicely and politely) to the botS executive office (say at VP level) for a coutesy interest credit, claiming that you did not expect such a lengthy billpay process for the payment. 

It may be more effective to work with the bank (from low level to high management level) than to report them to outside agencies.

Just my two cents.
  |     |   Comment #4
Dear 51hh,

I turned to the regulatory agencies ONLY after I tried without success to make progress with the bank.  With regard to your comment about "cleared" funds, that is not what the disclosure indicated.  The discloseure is the contact of operation and their operational policy must align with that disclosure.  Since they changed their disclosure recently,it seems to me that they realized that they had a problem.  How do you define customer good will?  It does not seem that this bank has an understanding in this regard.  Such a positive approach to solving problems yields fewer cases needing to go to regulatory agencies.
  |     |   Comment #5
I had a complaint against America's credit union in Washington state.  Almost 2 yrs ago I had opened several "add on"  CD's....After the accts were opened, I talked to both the VP of the branch and CSR.....and was told that I could NOT add to the acct thereafter.   The accts were at 5% and won't mature until Oct 2010 so it made a difference.  Then in april of this yr, I read at this site that an instititution could not change the terms after the acct was open.  I immediately called the CU and was told that they had made an error when telling me that I could not add to the acct.   It was ONLY acctss that were opened towards the end of OCT 2008 that ceased to be "add ons". But by that time I had lost a yr's worth of interest at the higher amount.

I filed a complaint with NCUA...the end result was that NCUA said that it was a question of "customer relations" and that they could do nothing. 

So filing a complaint went no where.
  |     |   Comment #6
Anon. #1/#4:

So one initiates a BillPay, the fund reaches the payee, then the fund is deducted often on the same date.  Their BillPay feature is one of the best with good speed (last time I tried).  But I agree with you that many RCA banks design rules/regulations (on debit transaactions, ACH, even e-statement) to minimize the likelihood of success in getting RCA interest.  They also assume that most customers would not bother to meet RCA requirements month after month.

One strategy I adopted in regards to debit transactions and ACHs is to do it ASAP, preferrably the first week after the closing of the last statement cycle.  Then toward the last week of the current monthly cycle, double check all the activities online to ensure all requirements are met.  As a safety margin, I typically do 1-2 more transactions (in debit/ACH) just to make sure.  If a weakness is shown at that time, I do make-up transactions in the last week.  This strategy does not quarantee 100% success, but it does mitigate the risks created by RCA bank design.

As for filing complaints, be patient and reasonable.  Most people are more open to courtesy rather than criticism/threat.  In general, try at least five CSRs/supervisors over the phone at various time before resorting to writing.  I almost always get a nice CSR (i.e., with patience and willingless to accmmodate) after several attempts.  They all go beyond their ways to help me.  I am sure that there are some nice CSRs at BotS as well.

As for writing, always go to the top.  First, compliment their dedication/service nicely.  Second, state the issue and your effort to resolve the issue (mentioning CSRs/supervisors by name) succinctly.  Third, suggest options for resolution humbly and respectfully.

Good luck.   
  |     |   Comment #7
To file a complaint, it helps to know which Federal or State agency supervises your bank. 

State banks are controlled by their State Attorney Generals' Office.  You can look at http://www.affil.org/home/consumer-tips-and-help/get-help-with-a-problem ; click your state and look under "File A Complaint".

Helpwithmybank.gov is for Federal Banks, not for State Banks, and here is the online complaint form, run by The Office of the Comptroller of Currency OCC:


Here is the Federal Reserve banking complaint form:


Better Business Bureau:


The more complaints there are against a bank, the more likely that action will be taken to help your case.

More info at the Americans for Fairness in Lending website:




  |     |   Comment #8
My experience with a complaint to the NCUA was unimpressive. They forwarded my complaint to the credit union and the credit union answered (poorly) 2 of the five items I complained about and ignored the other 3 iessues). As a finance MBA (with two cash management certifications) and 30 years of large corporate treasury experience, I am appalled by

1. How this complaint was handled by NCUA.

2. The caliber of their personnel and

3. Their review of the credit union answer to my complaint.

I was told by an executive at a different credit union that the NCUA is primarily focused on insurance issues for credit unions.
  |     |   Comment #9
Could someone please tell me what to do:


I have a CD with America's Credit Union and it matured on the 15th. They told me they sent me a check but I never got it and in order for them to put a stop payment on the check they want me to to sign something that states that

a) You agree to hold America's Credit Union harmless for said amount and to indemnify it against any loss, expense and/or costs incurred by reason of its refusal to pay said check

b) You also agree not to hold America's Credit Union liable in the event payment is made contrary to this request through inadvertance or oversight.

c) You also agree that this stop payment is done for cause only.

The stop payment will expire 6 months from the date of your order unless renewed in writing prior to that date.


..so...what does all this mean?

krishna kumar
  |     |   Comment #11
Hi, there is an easy way to resolve your complaint, first you need to file a complaint with your bank and if you don't get a reply within 30 days, then you need to file the complaint to the Banking Ombudsman. You can read this particular article in this Akosha went ahead and looked at the various issues relating to the banking problem. You can find the full article <a href="http://www.akosha.com/consumer-complaints/article/comprehensive-guide-approaching-banking-ombudsman-india">about an complaint against bank</a>. Do share your thoughts on the article.
  |     |   Comment #12
I have been a member of the State Employees Credit Union for over 25 years.  Over the last 10 years, I have done much business which included savings, checking, auto loans, RV loan, and HELOC.  They have always more than met my needs.  In late April, SECUGA joined with the Federal Credit Union to become GA United Credit Union. This was the beginning of a horrible experience fo me.  "Members beware"  It all stated when I applied for an auto loan around July 1, 2011.  Some of the complaints included poor commications, very long hold times and unclear, misleading or wrong information.  After talking to several supervisors and driving to the main office twice most of my issues were resolved.  Unless things really improve, I will take my business somewhere else.
  |     |   Comment #13
I got a letter from my insurance company saying that my bank had not paid my insurance premium (out the escrow of my mortgage payment).  So, I wrote to the bank asking them to release my insurance from escrow and they did.

Then I got a refund and a new payment book, however, the payment book did not reflect the fact that I had been a month ahead on my mortgage payment.  No one at the bank can tell me the disposition of the little coupons you tear out of your payment book (even though they copy everything else).  Now they are making go back three years and prove I was ahead a month.  By the way, this is Regions bank.  They always smile when you pull up to the window.  That's because they are happy they are so easily able to rob you and cheat you out of your money!
  |     |   Comment #14
I have had constant problems with Bank of America and my Flood Insurance.  4 phone calls and it still isn't resolved.  I only have coverage for the purchase price which they allowed when I purchased the house 2 years ago and also last year with an opt out for additional coverage.  This year they keep lieing to me saying the opt out is approved?  What do they mean approved?  And the form has been mailed for me to sign, only to find out 10 days later it was never mailed and it wasn't approved.   Totally fustrated, this isn't anything in my contract regarding this and I feel they are ****ing me over and getting to talk to the people that do this supposed approval is not easy pulling teeth would be easier..
Gene S
  |     |   Comment #15
My money is being held hostage by a credit union!

A year ago I joined a credit union that I thought was credible and had integrity. It is the credit union for federal employees and military – PenFed. I sent them $500. Turns out I was dead wrong.

After several attempts to get a log in so I could see my account – they don’t mail anything about account status to members (but see below for the use of the mail) – I called to find that out on the phone. I was told I couldn’t get that info unless I had the pin number (duh!). finally I asked to close the account and send my money back. That’s where the fun begins.

I was required by a PenFed rep to have several documents notarized and sent to him at a fax number he specified. That would prove who I am, I suppose. Including a utility bill, my social security card (who still has theirs?) and a picture ID. Why these documents weren’t required to open the account but are required to close it wasn’t made clear. But I followed up and sent them to the fax provided. Oh, wrong – he gave me a wrong area code. We found the correct one on their website and sent the documents.

Then I replied to his email asking for confirmation of receipt. The email bounced back despite several attempts. I called and could not get to this man, but another employee told me to send my documents again, this time to a different fax number. So I did that, then called as instructed to confirm receipt. Yep, received. Now can I answer all the security questions I provided when the account was opened? By now steaming a bit I answered all the questions correctly. NOW could I get my money? Not quite yet!

Now they need to send me a pin number that I must call them with in order to get a refund! Really? Are they still not convinced I’m me? How can that be? OK, can you email it to me? No, we don’t email anything like that. We have to send it via the post office. Really? And trust that the post office will deliver it to my mail box sometime in the next x days so I can then MAYBE get someone to actually cut me a check.

And for all this I have earned in the past year a grand total of $1.48 in interest!

This has to be the most incompetent organization on the planet. They should not have custody of people’s money. Not mine, and certainly not yours! Be warned!
  |     |   Comment #16
Sorry to hear about your experience.  Mine was so diifferent that I read your post a second time to make sure we were talking about the same institution. 

In late March of 2010, I joined PenFed by phone.  The CSR was pleasant, professional and helpful.  I purchased a CD at the same time by providing her the routing number and account number to be drafted.    She in turn provided me with the account number and a PIN to establish login credentials.  Later that day, I logged in and, although I expected to see nothing more than a 0 balance, was delighted that they had credited my new account right away, although my bank wasn't drafted until the following day.  The screen print confirming these details as well as my notes of the conversation are in my PenFed file.  

I have not had any problems with PenFed on any transactions to date.  However, if only the same could be said of the vendor (Maritz) responsible for servicing the rewards program associated with their Amex Premium Travel Rewards card.... they make the Keystone Cops look tightly orchestrated and dignified.

Some friendly advice:  if you don't have a copy of your Social Security card, your local SS office will send you a replacement.  Store it safely, IIRC there is a lifetime max on the number of times you can get a replacement. 

Good luck to you~
 Jacqueline Amos
  |     |   Comment #17
I am a person who was robbed by Chase bank, as a person with multi disabilities, I feel because of 9000 dollars set  away for any services for my medical; job related incident, robbed and assaulted in classroom, it made them feel that they could take my money and use the excuse that I was mentally incompetent, I am very aware of whats going on around me, I am a publish author, International artist because of disabilities my moble ability has detered me from moving around,  I have been ignore by Chase bank, On and about 2008 I have been trying to get someone to listen to me, I put 85 thousand dollars in chase bank, before the year January 2010 all of my monies was gone, On June 2009 I put my social security check in as well direct deposit, my money went all in about three months, Chase allowed someone to enter my account, with my checking account number, they put in 250 said chase, I tried to get account changed I was ignored, In the year of 2010 someone called chase and cancelled my debit card, Chase did not inform me, I found out when I tried to purchase something, chase was also double charging me; I have tried to set up appointment with the bank I was ignored, I found in the beginning of this year, Chase deleted my account summaries without my permission after asking them not too, No one contacted me from the bank, they continue to tell me that thousands of dollars was used with my debit card that was impossible, when I asked for a investigation there was no letter informing me of investigation, I told the bank and they were aware someone in there office was stealing my money, 45,000 dollars, and my social security check went so fast, I had thousand of dollars when I added social security check direct deposit that went fast also, My identity was stolen and chase new it, they new it when they allow a woman on Nov 2011 go into my account and add money. I could not prove she added it, it was deducted out of my account. I did not buy a car, or did I spend mult thousands of dollars, I asked for them to calculate the monies on my summary they would not, I was denied access to my account for one year, I was blocked from entering it, when I went to download it from another computer, most of my summary was blank, stating office use. I did save both summaries, nevertheless Chase deleted the 2 account without my permission. My social security check should have not been touched, because I had a few thousands of dollars, before bank took moneys in bank account, as well social security, I have totally ignored by bank.
  |     |   Comment #28
I hate Chase Bank...they did the same thing to my daughter, husband and myself. How and why they got away with it is mind boggling.  I always thought there was an agency who monitors banks and credit unions...what was I thinking. 
  |     |   Comment #196
I just left chase bank because of the same kind of abuse. Tried to access my money and they froze my account. They said i had questionable account transactions. This is 3000 dollars mind you not a lot of money. They didn't even inform me they just did it. After like 5 times i just closed down my account. Took my friends advice and used the money to buy silver and hid it very well somewhere. I'm out that 3 cents worth of interest a month but sometimes sacrifices have to be made
  |     |   Comment #18
i have had a situation with my credit union and employer regarding the auto-deduction i have for a car loan.  i want to stop the automatic deduction from my paycheck and just write a check to the credit union for the payment.  I contacted my employer's payroll dept. and they would not stop the deduction because they needed permission from the credit union.  i ask the credit union to stop the direct depost and they will not.  i've gone all the way up to the president of the CU and still nothing.  i don't understand why my employer won't stop the deduction since the contract for the car is between me and the CU.  my employer has nothing to do with it.  I don't know where to turn now.  anyone have suggestions?
  |     |   Comment #19
Not familiar with this situation, but will make a guess. 

Did you by any chance get a better rate on your auto loan by agreeing to the payroll deduction?  If so, that could be why the credit union will not agree to your request. 
monika W.
  |     |   Comment #20
Hi there, I hope to get some positive feedback regarding my problem with BOA. I am an European married to an american we bought 2 homes in 2006 we got convinced from the agent and bank and they gave us over 400000$ of credit without ANY financereport. we never lived in the US for the last 20 years and never had a creditcart or ever paid any bill (power phone...) in the US. At the time I was unemployed watching my little baby girl. My husband lost his job in iraq and .... we lost one house last year could't pay anymore the second house is on shortsale now.... we got approved as a foreign national loan even if my husband is an US citisan and I am not on the credit, how is that possible. Second question, my financial advisor in Europe told me they should have never approved such ammount of money with no credit history and knowing that only one person is working and his income was 88000 a year. they made us pay down for each home 70 000$ and we paid the credit as longest we could but now we have a second child and I can't work again. We are pursuing in pressing charges against the bank because we feel like that was a setup for failure and we were to naive to know at that timt. there is no way they should have approved to give us 40000$ credit without a credit history, that is very easy to prove! can you please share your thoughts and where to find a good lawyer to represent us. thank you for you time. v/r Monika
  |     |   Comment #21
Monika, I suggest you contact the State or local Bar Association in the area where the properties are located and ask for a referral for a consumer lawyer. Good luck. 
  |     |   Comment #22
I have had 2 closing dates with the buyer of my home using Wells Fargo VA loan.  The buyer and myself signed an Offer to Purchase on 11/16 with a closing date of 12/1 which did not happen due to Wells Fargo loan department/their appraiser delays.  The next date was 1/20 ( which is on a Sunday) and that time has come and gone.  Now the loan officer from Wells Fargo, NC bank,  states he never agreed to a closing date ( which is clearly on the paperwork) The delays are unacceptable business practice and shows lack of caring for either parties involved. My suggestion ( since it seems nothing is going to happen even after posting this message) Do Not Use Wells Fargo for any loans if it is going to take 3 months to close. Again bad business practice.
  |     |   Comment #26
I applied for a loan modification with Wells Fargo eight months ago.  That was prior to having difficulty in paying the mortgage.  My payment went up $300 and I have come to the point where I can't make the payments.  Today, I was told they closed my file due to not being able to read the IRS stamp on my tax return that I faxed to them 6 times.  They said that if I want mortgage assistance I need to start all over.  I am furious!
Lee D
  |     |   Comment #23
Thansk for this info.

I've been the victim of serious bank fraud.
After opening an new account with Wells Fargo I recieved an ATM card but never got the pin code mailer.

Somebody must have intercepted it, created a bogus card and they wiped out my account.
I filed a fraud report and after a 30 day investigation Wells Fargo told me they basically think I did it and they won't reimburse my money.

It's totally insane and outragous....I'm getting a lawyer.

  |     |   Comment #24
I transferred 3 lakh rupees from icici savings bank account to icici b2b account on 22nd march. The money was debited instantly and i recieved an sms saying the money is debited. but the transaction status shows failed and also the amount is not created to my b2b account. I called the customer care and reported the issue. They said they are working on that but did not create a service request so there is no id for me to track my request. After 3 days today i called them up and they are saying that they need to check with the back end team to find out if it is the problem with their application.

Where can i raise a complaint against this ?
Shubham Bhandari
  |     |   Comment #25
Union Bank doesnt gives a good service, even Managers dont have any ethics, irrespectful members specially of Union Bank Of Nanded, Branch FarandyNagar, Nanded.
  |     |   Comment #29
Can a federal credit union make you pay for a GPS system on your car and make you pay for it? On all vehicles they finance.
  |     |   Comment #30
If you all think that is a concern...read the owner's manual wherein it "discloses" the data your car computer collects on you usually in connection with the air bags being deployed, i.e. about 10 seconds "prior" to impact.  Who  owns the data?  The owner or the insurance co. if it buys out your car?  Can the police normally have access to same?
Dave Byron
  |     |   Comment #32
I have been trying for nearly a year to resolve complaints that I have against Chase Bank regarding loan modification practices. The bank itself won't admit any wrong doing and have really avoided even properly addressing the complaints. Unfortunately the complaints were also filed with both Ca. Attorney Gen. and CFPB and were simply funneled back to
Chase with the same evasive responses. I'm amazed how skewed the system is for my complaints to really be examined? Can you offer some advice?
  |     |   Comment #33
Send to Sen. Liz Warren with a cc to those who you have previously sent requests for action.  If the problem is "big," their auditors, SEC (and again Liz Warren), etc. may be appropriate.  The terms and conditions may require arbitration and/or...in a remote location.

Pick your targets and frame the issues "wisely."  May also want to talk to an atty. 
  |     |   Comment #34
Virginia Credit Union in Richmond, VA reported an account to the credit bureau for being .24 short on payment, but they are suppose to be there for the community and help the people.  This wasn't a new account it was a long-standing client.  The credit bureau took 29 point off the person credit score.  This is not an action of helping really, .24 , this could have been an over sight and could have been added to the next monthly payment. PLEASE!!!!!!
  |     |   Comment #35
My 2 adult boys both are handicapped and have savings and checking accounts at ICCU here in Pocatello, Idaho. Yes, their accounts have been in the hole a couple times, and have direct deposit on the 1st of every month. The money was deposited on Friday (since Saturday fell on the 1st of this month. We tried to get money out on Friday on their atm and was unable. This has happened every single time with them when the 1st falls on holidays or weekends. They have told us before that we need to wait 3 days after the money is deposited to post to the acct. WTH? It's money from the government! They have bills that are set on auto-pay for the 1st. They also have savings accts and have not received any interest on them since the acct was opened at the beginning of the year! Do they wait and collect interest on other people's money and that's why it's not available when other people's money hits the bank or what?
  |     |   Comment #37
MEACU merged with Kinettic CU. Kinettic added additional fees on loans taken with MEA, charged members additional insurance on loans that included insurance when the loan originated with MEACU. Teachers who were members of MEA found their retirment accounrs being charged fees. What can be done about this.
  |     |   Comment #38
Someone stole money from my account at Angelia Federal Employee Credit Union. I have done everything my Credit Union ask me to do. I still haven't received my funds back
  |     |   Comment #39
Lot of money...see an attorney. Doing what a CU asked you to do and they "allowed" the funds to disappear? Really! Ask to make an insurance claim against their carrier.
  |     |   Comment #40
Talk to atty about bankruptcy as an option...that'll get their attention
  |     |   Comment #41
My complaint is against Navy Federal Credit Union - my paycheck should be released to me on my payday not the next business day or whenever Navy Federal wants to release my funds. I do not know what kind of game they are playing but I worked for it and if I have direct deposit I should be paid on my payday!
Not Happy!
  |     |   Comment #43
I've had nothing but months of challenges with My Healthcare Credit Union. (too numerous to include in this message). I'm so disappointed by their lack of concern about the way they have treated a customer of there for nearly 20 years! They are DISGUSTING!!!!!!!
  |     |   Comment #45
Perhaps it's time to say goodbye to them.

Like any organization, change of board members and leadership over the years sometimes leads to poor customer service and relations.
amicus populus
  |     |   Comment #44
IN MY OPINION; AND AS YOUR GRIEVANCE MAY QUALIFY,,,,,FILE A CFPB COMPLAINT ON LINE,,,easy as it gets,,,,,THEN WAIT FOR A RESPONSE,,,,,,,, AS NEEDED, use that response against the entity by FILING A OCC COMPLAINT on line, if needed,,,,also easy. Be prepared to go to the 3rd step with the OCC OMBUDSMAN, THIS CAN ALL BE ACCOMPLISHED ON LINE...IT GETS THE OFFICIAL RESPONSE OF THE BANK BRASS and you have material RESPONSE on their letterhead, which will be sent via mail to you. VERSUS; HE SAID SHE SAID SPITTING CONTESTS AND VITRIOL. BTW, have very low expectations. That's my personal experience, FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH,,,,,,,,GOOD LUCK.
Sincere employee
  |     |   Comment #48
Trying to report and rectify the internal procedures where loans were being handed out at TEFCU, my services were terminated. In a way do not feel bad because I am sure this CU will close down very soon, because of the numerous defaults on their auto loans and other loan packages, what a big mess
  |     |   Comment #49
We have had nothing but trouble with a credit union in Waukegan Illinois my wife is in a coma from a heart attack and they won't let me close it out to go elsewhere any ideas would be appreciated
  |     |   Comment #51
49... Use the power of attorney to move the funds, see an attorney, or conservatorship as a last resort
  |     |   Comment #50
I belong to Mecu credit union. They are always charging me overdraft fees when I have the money in the bank. The credit union will post a item and state I don’t have enough money in credit union to cover it then they will take overdraft fees out of my account. Then the item that caused the overdraft will disappear. At that point the credit union will have hit my account for 60 to 120 dollars in overdraft fees. Which leaves my account in the negative Thanks a lot Mecu Credit Union
Darron Traylor
  |     |   Comment #52
IBM credit manger an a teller stole over 50.000 dollars from me Traylor in Morrow Ga attorney General toke my case
Tired of rip off banks
  |     |   Comment #53
I live in Utah and have my bank in Yuma az. Wanted to close my accounts so, I called the foothills bank where my accounts were to find out what I need to fax to them and if it needs to be notarized. Fax off all documents but the foothills bank stated they never received my fax. Two weeks after the first fax, I sent another one and was told they never received it. I mailed out two letters to the bank and again was told they never received them. During this 6 week period of trying to close my account, they were charging me fees. I called them again, told them I was at my credit union and they are faxing my document to you. I called them the next day and again, they never received it. I was charged over 150.00 for payments they said went through the bank and over 45.00 in service fees. I threw a fit and told them I was not paying them a dime! They closed my accounts without the documents they said they never received.
  |     |   Comment #70
Family security will not post my retirement check dated for the first if the first falls on a Saturday or holiday or both
So my check gets posted sometimes up to 4 days late
Because their accountants don’t work those days.
But they sure deduct any and all debits on Saturday and holidays
FCCU Customer
  |     |   Comment #113
Does anyone know who regulates First Community Credit Union in North Dakota? They assured me that I was either within the grace period to take out a CD or that it was being extended, possibly because I had called them earlier. in any case, they assured me beyond any doubt that I would not be charged. Then they broke their word and charged me a year's interest. They are willing to refund 1/4 of it, but since they misinformed me or it was their mistake, I believe they should refund it in full. However, I need to find out which agency to contact - NCUA or another?? Thank you.
  |     |   Comment #116
We have had an indescribably alarming experience with Sonabank for a business loan. The bank closed the business back in 2011, sold all of our equipment and we are still making payments - and will be for years to come. We were informed later that the loan docs were not in compliance with state and federal guidelines and that the loan was over collateralized. The loan officer has lied throughout this nightmare and the bank won't do anything - not even give us another loan officer after finding what appears to be a fraudulent appraisal. No agencies are watching these mom and pop small business lenders - it is terrifying to know that banks do whatever they want, legal or illegal - answering to no one. Of all industries to have no regulatory enforcement...terrible.
  |     |   Comment #118
Need to have had a good UCC attorney...remember that small business loans are from a bank and guaranteed by the feds but it is a cost reimbursable relationship with the feds reimbursing 80+% of the costs as I recall...thus the bank pursues everything! A good attorney will find a requisite course of acton! After 2008 several secured lenders fought the lenders/banks/feds.

PS RJM, I like your non-factual opinion which is worth....
  |     |   Comment #131
how is it creditors can deny you credit using a system that is stacked against consumers to begin with
and they do not abide by rules or policies of consumer protection agency or the federal trade commission about being bias !!how contradicting can you get
  |     |   Comment #132
A fraudulent charge was made online( Google games). I filed a complaint with the bank. I got a letter stating I hadn't closed that account in a timely fashion. It wasn't a monthly charge, Google just charged me for something I didn't buy. I've called two people at the banks customer service, neither will return my calls. I'm not happy. Can I file a complaint with the FED over this? Do I have any recourse to a bank that doesn't seem to care?

Thank you
  |     |   Comment #133
Credit card acct fraud belongs to the bank. Debit is more difficult...I never use a debit account! You are not clear to us non "Gamers" people what the problem is. Timely reporting of fraud is all that is required. Soooooooooo, when did the bank notify you of the charge (if that is the first time you found out...otherwise earlier!) and did you challenge the bank in a timely manner. Escalate with the bank and then the regulatory authorities. Small claims court could work.
  |     |   Comment #135
Ken, CFPB have you heard of it? You should have included it in your write up and at the very least updated this post. Banks and Credit Unions have been scamming us for years and now we have a viable option to fight back. I could write an exceptionable article on how to utilize this. Oh well, people will continue to get scammed and have no idea how to fight this.
Sam Vonn
  |     |   Comment #136
the CFPB is a tool of the socialists, government demanding REDISTIRBUTION of wealth!
  |     |   Comment #168
I had an equity loan with Citizens. I paid it off through a refinance in February of 2018. I started receiving bills after the closing saying I owed a balance. I went to my branch in Weston Mass and was told they owed me $228 and that they would send me a check and close the account. I kept getting bills. I went back to the branch two ore times and was absolutely assured the problem was taken care of. I stopped receiving bills. A year later I received a new bill for $125 and a $20 past due charge. I called the home equity department and and was told I need to pay the fee even though they acknowledged I didn't owe it and the error was theirs. They offered to
wave the $20 late fee. I am very unhappy with the deceit and lack of taking responsibility hiding behind "the
  |     |   Comment #169
I see you do not state you have copies of confirmation of your discussions with them Did you escalate to compliance officers, auditors, etc result is? They have systematic problems...look it up
  |     |   Comment #185
As trustee and executor of my late brother’s estate, I promptly called San Diego County Credit Union, San Diego, CA (SDCCU) to inform them that he had died and that his checking account should be frozen. I followed up in writing with SDCCU including supporting legal paperwork. Therefore, I was shocked to learn that over several months SDCCU went on to make at least 7 known money transfers out of the account without my knowledge. When I called to notify them of their error, they refused to provide me with any information or help. I ended up being transferred to multiple departments only learning that SDCCU considers the checking account as a “special account”. When I asked for their definition of a “special account”, they refused to answer. In addition, SDCCU has never provided me with the beginning balance of the account upon notification of death, any bank statements, or transfer amounts. I am in the process in making formal regulatory complaints, but I believe it is very important that the San Diego community knows about SDCCU’s and their Regents Branch’s unethical financial practices. My late brother wanted his remaining money to go to his nephew and four nieces, but it ended up being mishandled and spent horribly by SDCCU. Be very careful of San Diego County Credit Union because they will take advantage of our deceased loved ones!
  |     |   Comment #190
How do you know the transfers happened and who initiated them, if (as you say) the bank refused to provide you with any statements or information about account activity?
  |     |   Comment #187
I have been with Regional for several years. They really need to change the vendors they deal with. I was informed on a Friday that my payroll check was not deposited and more than likely will not be in my account until Monday. My questions to these banks and vendors is; why is it ok to be non empathetic or lackadaisical when it comes to your members livelihood or feeding their families?
  |     |   Comment #188
And there will be more delays in the coming week(s) due to the virus...plan on it!
  |     |   Comment #189
Have money in green dot bank lost debit card a month ago would send a replacement charge 30 dollars 4 replacement i need money 2 live on rotten bank 2 do business i reported 2 the Feds nothing done yet. thank u
  |     |   Comment #191
Chase banks a joke but the director jason is ever so helpful heres his direct line 2126784325
  |     |   Comment #199
I have a terrible matter at hand am dealing with towards my credit card banking company called comenity bank. It started off when I went to a Toyota dealership (Cavender Toyota) to look for a Vehicle as my bank capital one approved me for a 50 thousand dollar loan. After everything was said and done I finished signing all the paperwork then they gave me the keys. I drove away with my Toyota highlander limited happy as can be, or at least thought so. About a month or Two later in I get a call saying we are looking for our money you owe us but I thought it was some kind of scam (like the car insurance calls you get after you buy a car) but the next week I started getting calls all day long. I Called the Toyota dealership to verify if this comenity bank was real and was told by my dealer to ignore them its a scam. Well they called even more as if they wanted to scare and bully me around so I called an attorney. He said they might not be scammers to give them a call to find out more. Turns out I owed them because the dealership had taken out a credit card for 2k as the down payment which I did not realize that and didn't receive a bill as they were mailing them to the wrong address. After a handful of trying they finally got the address correct but refused to send the credit card till pay off current balance which of course I always want to pay off all bills that owe. I followed through and started making my monthly payments with them demanding that the paymentis are set to automatically draft from my account when they feel like it. While they still kept slamming hard on hitting my credit score bringing it down as well adding negative comments to my credit accouts, months later due to current circumstances and the stop of job due to coronavirus I called and asked what they could due to help and they confirmed could skip payments. Yet still force pulling money from my empty bank account. Next they lowered my total credit card limit down 500 dollars impacting my credit even harder. During the next 3 months I finally get a job at the hospital and continue to faithfully make payments bringing my balance (as I called to confirm) to around 1,400.00 which shows on the statements received in my po box. I called to make a payment about 105 and noticed the bill was not matching the correct payment amount and was told would need to pay about 20 or so more and when said ok I can do that to not occur anymore interest charges but the lady already ran my card and said would need to transfer me to collections. When I spoke to collections the guy spoke to seemed really shady and was acting completely strange as if he hardly new anything about my account and did not want to take my payment until I requested a manager. After telling him I got a job now and would like to pay this off by next 2 weeks he said "o really " in a suspicious manner kind of comment. I Then waited a week to find out the next bill statement went up to over 400 dollars with the new balance showing almost 1,800 dollars. When I called and asked for manager they put on the phone Christopher C. Because refused to give his last name. When I explained the whole situation to him was told that would submit the complaint and oh it looks like there were some interest charges and a promo that ended which says on the bill (Note: bill does not list any of the dates or months to show what any of the charges are for, only a lump sum) and he said oh it looks like there were two charge I can take off that were mistakes. I will send you the update just call us back next week by Wednesday should be enough time to update this. Then he said would let another person know about this but you will still have to pay all these charges but will send this up to see what can do. I checked back a few days after when was told to check back and tried his direct extension given to me. I was told he is not there and nothing has been done with my case to call just keep calling back.
  |     |   Comment #200
How much is at risk to you! Have you talked to the finance person at the dealership with or without an attorney?
  |     |   Comment #202
I have to put this complaint in for Navy Federal Branch in Laurel, MD. I parked in the parking area at 04:58pm and joined the line at 04:59pm only to be told the bank manager had previously been there earlier and gave instructions to the security to close. The security insisted I leave and I stated the time was 04:59pm and the bank close at 05:00pm and I want to see the manager. A lady came out, looked at me in a funny way and asked what I wanted in a derogatory manner. I told her that I had a check for my mother who cannot walk and wanted to pay this in person and she did not have online banking. I reported to her that I just had newborn triplets at home but had to rush down for this transaction.. She insisted the line was closed and she gave the instructions to close it. I said even though it was not 05:000pm but this lady would not hear me out. I asked for the manager and she stated she is the overall manager and she will not hear me out and at that time I knew this was going to create a scene and mentioned this to be a weird customer service as people have situations due to Covid 19 and she needed to hear me out. She was not going to listen and walked away and the security man who is dark and tall about 5"9 followed after her and together they closed the door on me and was chit chatting. I was embarrassed as I could see activities in the banking hall and she just stood there and they were just ignoring me. I took a couple of pictures as I was so upset and I went back home regretting the day that I opened an account for my mom with Navy Credit. Is this the practice with them? This is terrible and they showed no empathy! I work in Customer Service and this was a nasty one and I regretted this bank today.....
  |     |   Comment #203
You may want to (also) post on DA as a new forum and/or under the DA listing for NFCU

PS Get there earlier is another option in the  future:).  Now that you/we see their business practices 
  |     |   Comment #208
Do NOT do business with Brightstar CU of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Worst treatment of customers EVER. Back in 2016 I let the account go dormant without realizing I had a minor negative balance (~$40) due to fees they imposed. When I learned of it in 2017, I paid the balance and officially closed account. FIVE years later I find that they've been reporting 'charge-off' to the credit bureau's EVERY month since and will continue to report as such until 2023. Customer service refused to discuss. Reporting policy is unnecessarily vicious and vindictive. Do NOT bank with these people.
  |     |   Comment #212
17 years ago i was a victim of a military scam he stole my bank account at teachers' credit union in Hendricks county. the bank never told me until three months later there never told me a guy from Nigeria was taking money out and putting fake money in. after I try to get a loan then I went to the bank manager cidy told be to file a police report I did and FBI and cid. they all agreed that I was scammed at getting my money back now the head quarters from south bend wants to sue me for damages that happened 17 years ago. now I do not have money and no lawyer take it, south bend refused to listen to the bank manger at the branch
  |     |   Comment #220
I was an AccountNow Customer for 6 years +. Then about 4 months ago we moved and I thought I lost my card. So I reported it stolen or lost, no big deal right. Well, I was unaware that after 6 years I had to send them copies of my ID and A Bill from new address. First, I had told them numerous times that I have no ID and cannot get one until i get my attorney to fix some traffic issues. So they locked my account. I get the ID thing, but for 6 years I have been a customer so where is the loyalty? I have Veterans ID, other IDs like School ID. And I am a Vet who was not working at that time. So my Disability went to that account! Not only that, but right around the time we began receiving the COVID Stimulus Checks, I would see numerous withdrawals and payments I did not make and did not think they would do anything. And these werent 20 bucks here and there. Im talking like $400 at times, $200, etc. And it happened so many times. So I want to know if I can file any kind of complaint or even hire an attorney for them holding my money and not allowing me to even check my balance to see if any other money has been deposited. I think that what they did to me and continue to do is wrong!
  |     |   Comment #221
I just opened a new account to move my IRA that had just matured at Navy Federal CU. I messaged them that I was transferring all but $20 k that I wanted them to withdraw and put into my savings account. For some reason they did not withdraw the 20k so I called them to ask if there would be a problem if the new CU request was processed before the $20k was withdrawn since I checked the box that it would close the account and was assured it did not matter. It took several weeks before the transfer was completed. Now I see the entire amount was transferred to the new account which is for 9mos putting the new maturity date into next year. I am trying to gradually withdraw my entire IRA gradually before I take my delayed SS. I messaged NFCU twice asking where the $20k was after the bal went t zero and before it was posted to my new IRA CU and they just ignored it. Now I think I will go through the hassle of moving my entire account and wish to file a complaint.
  |     |   Comment #223
I understand security making sure you are who you are. but now Huntington Bank is denying to change my phone number without me going into the bank to do so, even though I can tell them all the info they need and more. For a person 65+, disablded, no auto, not able to drive and on SSDI and has great trouble standing or walking. this makes just changing the phone number very difficult and time consumming.
  |     |   Comment #224
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Thank you for sharing such valuable information on your blog. I look forward to more insightful content in the future!
  |     |   Comment #225
I think at State employees credit Union in North Carolina. My child receives a check from social security to which I am his payee. His social security check each month goes into my checking account through "direct deposit". About 45 days ago I did some work for a man who paid me with a check. I took the check to SECU and deposited part of it into my checking and got some cash back. Later I received a letter in the mail let me know that this man's check was no good. After contacting the man that wrote the check to me... I told the credit union to run it through again and assured them that it was good. They refuse to run it again and told me that they wanted me to come in personally and pay cash and pick up the check. For financial reasons of my own I was not able to do so in the time period that they gave me. So the credit union decided to close my checking account. They did this without my knowledge and without my consent. When I finally got a letter from them letting me know this I called them immediately because they know that I have direct deposit coming in every month and have for years to this checking account to which they've already closed. I'm just wondering if they have the right to do this to me ? I mean it wasn't my fault that the check they cashed for me was no good. They could have ran it through again like I told them and it would have cleared. I'm just wondering is there something I should be doing about this or is there anything I can do about this. I must say this credit Union is the worst place I've ever banked at in my life.
  |     |   Comment #226
I bank at SECU State employees credit Union in North Carolina. My son receives a social security check to which I am his payee and this check is sent to my checking account every month through direct deposit. About 45 days ago I did some work for a man and he paid me in a check. I took the check and deposited some of it into my account and some of it I got some cash back. My credit union informs me by mail that is check did not clear. I contacted the man that wrote the check and he said for them to run it through again and it would clear. So I called the bank and I tell them to run it through again and it should clear. But the credit union told me that I would have to come in personally and pay cash for that check and that they were not running it through again. For my own financial reasons I was not able to come in personally and pay for this check in time so they closed my checking account without contacting me first or letting me know anything. I of course never gave them consent to this however they did it anyway.... Even though I have a direct deposit that comes in every month to this same checking account that the closed. So, I am wondering if there's anything I can do about this or if anyone else has had this problem. I am wondering what I can do about this?
  |     |   Comment #227
I have a complaint with ICCU in Mt Pleasant MI. I am on my grandmothers acct. She has dementia, and I showed them papers that I had guardianship of her (temporary until the hearing to make it permanent). I wanted to make the acct non accessible for her because with her dementia she was making rash decisions. She couldn't make any withdraws w/o me. We'll, I managed to put my grandmother in a home, I pay for it by the money in the acct. Well ICCU froze the acct. They didn't even contact me. They said because the guardianship is not permanent. That they had to freeze it. I'm so frustrated and upset. I have done EVERYTHING LEGALLY.
  |     |   Comment #228
See an attorney and ask him/her about you indemnifying the CU and if they then don’t act, suing them and asking for punitive damages and legal fees! But you cannot do it yourself!

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