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Compare rates on 2 year CDs from banks and credit unions. Use the filter box below to customize your results. You may want to try our Early Withdrawal Penalty Calculator to compare a 2-year CD rate to the effective APY of a CD with a longer term and higher rate that is broken at the 2-year mark. Click here to read more about features and tips related to 2-year CDs.

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Nationwide Only
Bellco CU (CO)22 Months Index Advantage CD4 Reviews
Popular Direct2 Year Popular Direct CD
EverBank2 Year Yield Pledge CD22 Reviews
My e-BAnC by BAC Florida BankBAC Internet Time Deposit 24 Months13 Reviews
Signal Financial FCU24 Month Bump-Up CD (promotional rate, new money)
Banesco USA24 Month CD
iGObanking24 Month iGOCD21 Reviews
M.Y. Safra Bank24 Months Online Promo CD (New Money)2 Reviews
Fort Knox FCU23 Month CD Special18 Reviews
Melrose Credit Union2 Year Share Certificate20 Reviews
Communitywide FCU24 Months Share Certificate4 Reviews
Hughes FCU29 Month CD
Marine FCU24 Month Term Share Certificate4 Reviews
PenFed Credit Union2 Year Money Market Certificate56 Reviews
State Farm Bank28 Month CD Special29 Reviews
Bethpage FCU24 Month Certificate5 Reviews
Andrews FCU24 Month Jumbo Share Certificate24 Reviews
PurePoint Financial24 Month Online CD
Home Savings Bank24 Month Internet Only CD Special
Quorum FCU25 Month Term Savings CD4 Reviews
State Department FCU24 Month Certificate4 Reviews
NexBank24 Month CD1 Review
Northpointe Bank24 - 29 Month Fixed CD9 Reviews

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2-Year CD Rates

CDs, also called certificates of deposit, are low-risk investments with a predetermined, fixed rate of return (interest) sold by financial institutions. The 2-Year CD is one of many time horizons typically offered by banks and credit unions, and serves as a fairly liquid way to store savings while growing them at higher interest rates than usually afforded by standard savings accounts.

2-Year CD Rate History – Average APY (%) Rate Trend over Time

Contribution Limits

CDs, or time deposits, usually come with no maximum limits on how much you are able to deposit. In most cases, the bigger your principal, the more you will earn in interest – this is called “tiered interest.” However, some financial institutions offer just a flat interest rate for any amount of principal.

Mini CD Ladders and Add-On CDs

2-Year CDs are commonly termed 24-month CDs and make for a good last rung on a mini CD ladder. The simplest way build this ladder is to invest in 5 CDs ranging in duration from 3 months to 24 months (i.e., a 3-month CD, 6-month CD, 12-month CD, 18-month CD, and a 24-month CD). After the first CD reaches maturity, you can decide whether to open another 24 month CD to extend your ladder. Repeat this process until you have 24 Month CDs expiring every 3 months, and you will have achieved higher rates of return than a savings account, while maintaining good liquidity (access to funds penalty free every 3 months). Alternatively, Add-On CDs are designed so that the bank or credit union will allow you to invest additional funds into an already opened CD. This could be advantageous, especially if the interest rates are tiered.

Small banks and credit unions typically offer the best interest rates on CDs, which is why you will predominantly see share certificates at the top of the CD rate tables on DepositAccounts. Whether bank or credit union, make sure the CD being offered is federally insured. The FDIC or NCUA guarantees each depositor up to at least $250,000 per insured financial institution where he or she has an account. American Share Insurance (ASI) is a private insurer that covers each account you may have at an insured credit union up to $250,000.

Some financial institutions offer Bump-Up CDs that allow the certificate of deposit holder to switch to a higher rate (if available) one time during the life of the investment without incurring a penalty. This is a helpful feature, but is usually offered with long term CDs as an incentive to “loan” the bank or credit union money for a longer period of time.

The rates and promotions displayed are gathered from various financial institutions and may not reflect all of the products available in your region. Although we strive to provide the most accurate data possible, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The content displayed is for general information purposes only; always verify account details and availability with the financial institution before opening an account. Contact feedback@depositaccounts.com to report inaccurate data or to request rates or promotions be included in this chart. We are not affiliated with the financial institutions listed here.

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