Where to (Safely) Grow Your Cash

…By Earning the Most on Your Federally Insured Bank Accounts

Good news! A multitude of strategies and thousands of bank accounts exist for you to choose from as you seek to maximize your bank savings! Unfortunately, the thought of poring over thousands of bank account options and sorting through dozens of accompanying savings strategies probably sounds like a lot more work than you have time for right now.

That's where DepositAccounts comes in – we want to do the heavy lifting for you. With the ‘Maximize Your Bank Savings’ tool, we ask you three simple questions about your savings situation.

How can I get the most out of my savings?

Based on your answers and today's savings rates, we comb through our database to compare hundreds of thousands of savings and CD products (from local and national banks and credit unions) and produce a handful of simple, straightforward options for you to consider in order to maximize your savings. We then point out the pros and cons of each option based on the effort you’re willing to put in and the flexibility you need with regards to your money. From there, the choice is yours! Happy saving!