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Absolutely Horrible Bank And Mortgage Department

I just read the comment posted on 17-Aug-10 and I have to say I agree.  I am, if it is posible, maybe even more disgruntled.  The people working here do not care about their customers AT ALL.  I have been trying to refinance to fixed a rate for two years now and have only been giving me the run around.  When you call, if you actually get a hold of a person, they always tell you they will look into your file/situation and call you back...if I had a penny for every time I heard that, I' d turn around and buy this bank and send all the people who work there packing!  DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them.  They do not help, only give the run around, and are probably one of the most dishonest financial organizations I have ever dealt with.  I'd have given them 0 stars too if that were an option.

Acacia Bank - Awful Policies Designed To Keep Your Money

Their transfer and bill pay policies are designed to cost you in fees.

I had a transfer that was credited on one day, and had them mail a check (via bill pay to me) the same day. No check was processed through through the account (in fact, I didn't receive and deposit the check until three days later), but they charged an NSF because, in theory, if the check had magically flown through the air and I had magically deposited it the same day and it had magically cleared my other bank and made it back into teh Acacia account, there would not have been enough funds to clear, bacuse they clear all checks first, then credit deposits after that.

Mind you, no check actually did process through the account, they just said it was theoretically possible, so they charged a real $30. That's a good sign you need to pull your money and run. We did.

Horrible Bank

My husband and I through our own fault and a combination of military moves, job loss, increased family expenses, got caught in the whole mortgage melt down mess. I won't go into a long drawn out and sad song, bottom line is this. We submitted a short sale request to Acacia. They tld us they were considering/reviewing the packet. All the while they did everything that they could to stall the process so that they could proceed with foreclosure. As a matter of fact, they forclosed on our home BEFORE they sent us the notice that they disapproved our short sale. To make matters worse, when we called them to sort out the whole foreclosure/short sale mess, we were treated like second class citizens. They said things like, look...we don't have to explain reasoning to you, the investor doesn't want to short sale, they think they'd get more money with a foreclosre (really), and, don't call here anymore! Take my advise, avoid this bank like the plague.


P.S.  If I could have leftzero stars, I would, unfortunately...I have to give them at least one.

Absolutely A Joke Of A Bank

November 11, 2011 I submitted an application for a mortgage loan to purchase a home. I was told everything was ran by the underwriter and looked good. With a ratified contract on my home and a ratified contract on the home I am buying, I thought things looked really good. Not for long. I get a phone call at ten pm at night, four weeks later telling me there is a problem. I knock myself dead trying to get the information to these clowns to no avail. The emails become communication. No phone calls. Everything is on me. 

Long story short, after seven weeks of dealing with this Realtor...not me, is sent a quick email stating that they can't do the loan. I am the customer, not my Realtor and I get nothing! I shared many a phone call with this bank over a seven week period and they didn't even have the courtesy to call me to tell me they could not do the loan.

They cared nothing about my position or that of my buyer. To tell me they could close a loan in eleven days and then jerk me around for seven weeks...shameful at best. 

My advice to anyone looking for a mortgage to purchase a home...keep looking. This bank does not want to lend you money and has absolutely no respect in regards to your life, your feelings and what position they put you in due to their inability to be straight from the beginning. If you can't do a loan, you can't. You don't string families along for nearly two months and pull the rug out from under them when it's time to close.

If there is a hell for banks, I am certain Acacia will be first in line.




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