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4851 Cox Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Capital One Direct Banking is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution Capital One 360.

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Reviews (38)

Almost Perfect, But Needs Remote Deposit And Easier Transaction Download

I had an account with Chevy Chase Bank in the DC area (now bought out by Capital One) and was happy with them for many years.

I switched to a Capital One Direct Banking checking account when I moved out of the area, thanks to their very good 1% interest rate.  I now also have a Costco InterestPlus savings account (current rate is 1.25%).

Things I like:
No fees, and $10/month of other banks' ATM fees refunded 50 free paper checks Online bill pay is convenient and easy, and you can have them mail paper checks for free (I do this for rent payments) Prompt online customer service (I hate talking on the phone, so I prefer to do things electronically) Mailed-in deposits get deposited quickly *Instantaneous* online transfers between checkings and savings accounts (the new balances get reflected immediately on the website and at ATMs) Handles external transfers to other banks and investment accounts well Annoyances:
The online "account alerts" which are supposed to email you when you get deposits/withdrawals/etc. are almost useless... they're unreliable and sometimes take days to go through. A separate login is required for Capital One credit cards The website only allows you to download transactions in 30-day chunks, which is maddening and should be easy to fix. One feature I really want to see is remote check deposit via smartphone or scanner, so I don't have to keep mailing checks in.  I'm almost tempted to switch to another bank just for this feature.  Capital One, are you listening???

Interest Rates Were Good, But Don't Try And Get Your Money Back...

Was pretty satisfied with them until I needed to transfer some funds to my own account to complete a contract.  I stressed the importance of the transaction and was assured the transfer would be complete in their normal timeframe, by 7PM eastern the next day.  After submitting the request at 2PM on Monday, I called twice the next day to make sure everything was ok and was assured that it was.  I then got a call to confirm the transaction at 4:10 eastern and was subsequently told that it was after the cutoff and all the wire specialists went home.  I asked about the guarantee to get the funds the next day and got random responses.  Banks are not known for customer service, but this was by far the worst experiance ever.  I could only get general statements the entire time until it was too late.  Buyer beware. 

Capitol One Outsourcing

I hate Captiol One's outsourced customer service. They flagged my account for fraud and I had to call and clear it about 6 times before it actually got cleared. Each time someone in the Phillipeans wasted my time with their bullshit like "Thank you for calling Capitol One today. How are you doing today? I sorry to hear that Ms. XXXX. Let me just go ahead pull up your account. I see here that there is a hold on your account. Ok, I can certainly assist you with that today. Let me get a fraud protection specialist on the phone with you today so that we can g ahead and resolve the hold on your account, maam. Let me go ahead and ask you a set of one to three questions and then I can go ahead and pull up your account to see what is happeneing with it today."


AH! Just get to it already!

Overdraft Charges When I Had Money In Savings Accoun

Capital one charged me $70 for an overdaft when i had enough money in my savings. Their escuse was i did not connect accounts to each other. $35 for each pre scheduled bill payments. Capital One overly aggressive they rob your account in front of you. Will not bank with them



We do not have health information for Capital One Direct Banking, because it is no longer an operational bank.


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Sorry, but we do not have location data for Capital One Direct Banking. Its headquarters is located at 4851 Cox Road - Glen Allen, VA 23060