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1335 Terra Bella Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

First Technology Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Mountain View and is the 4th largest credit union in the state of California. It is also the 10st largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1970 and as of December of 2013, it had grown to 826 employees and 365,769 members. First Technology Federal Credit Union's savings rates are 92% higher than the national average, and it boasts a A+ health rating.

Field of Membership Restrictions

If you meet one of the following requirements, then you’re eligible for First Tech membership. Work: for a high tech or telecom Sponsor Company for the State of Oregon in Lane County, Oregon Live: In Lane County Oregon Be: A vendor or contractor for an eligible group or First Tech Sponsor Company An immediate family member of someone who is eligible for membership, regardless of where you live A member of the Financial Fitness Association - See Details

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Reviews (8)

I Actually Wanted To Post No Star For The Rating...

I have had nothing but problems with this Credit union. I am telling ALL my friends and all their friends about the problems I have encountered. I had called to have my loan pay due dates moved to the 15th and the 20th. After being told the due dates were re adjusted, I called again to verify, again I was told the dates were the 15th and the 20th. This month I ended up overdrawn. Guess what happened? First Tech withdrew my money on the 13th anyway. I had to run to two different banks to straighten this out as well as call the credit union several times to figure out what happenend. Well the due dates were moved, to the 15th and the 20th but they still pulled the money on the 13th??? What about this  makes sense?? They just had my money for two extra days that is the only difference it made when I called to change the due date of my loan. Why would I go to the trouble to do that if I wanted the money withdrawn on the 13? There have been several other issues that have come up since then. Just want everyone to know, be careful some things are not as they seem.

Nothing But Trouble Here! Find Another Bank!!

I would give them zero stars if I could!!!


I was with Addison Avenue for years and then they merged with this crappy bank called First Tech Federal Credit Union. That was their first problem. They have the WORST customer service, go through employees like crazy (everytime I go in there are different people), and each time they say they will fix a mess up THEY DID it never actually gets fixed. I have let two mistakes pass and on this third one I can no longer deal with it. I will tell everyone about how terrible this bank is. They haven't reported on one of my credit cards in OVER A YEAR (balances, payments, etc,) I called and emailed in asking that they do this and they said to give them 30 days and it would be taken care of. It has now been 5 months with nothing done. Today they decide to do two transfers when I scheduled one 5 days ago! Now I am overdrafted in one account because the amount and date came out incorrect. They say there is nothing they can do. At this point I am cancelling all of my accounts and making people aware of how bad this place is. Look at another bank! Save your time and money! This place has just okay rates on things anyways!!

Raised Credit Card Interest Rate By 50%

Been with the credit union for about 19 years. Last month they 'reviewed' all the credit worthiness of their members. I was in the 'best' group, so they only changed my rate from 6% to 9%. I know, I know... how come you are complaining... you were only paying 6%! The point is this was an increase of 50%! This, in an environment where the feds are virtually giving money away... thus the negligible savings and CD rates. Either the Visa corporation or the CU is the culprit, but the CU has not been the same since I joined here in Oregon. Their response... well... "all of the members were reviewed and you are in the best 'new' interest rate." .... just happens to be 50% higher.

First Technology Is Okay

I've been a member of First Technology CU since June of 1987, when it was the credit union for Tektronix.  Back then it was a small, friendly credit union that really strived for excellent customer service.  Over the years, I've had a number of car loans and HELOC loans through First Technology. For years, I was content to do all of my backing with First Technology.

I first noticed customer service slipping when First Technology became the credit union for Microsoft.  At that time, they made it difficult to use any other financial planning software other than MS Money.  They eventually relented and went back to supporting Quicken.

About 5 years ago, I noticed that the tellers and phone support people picked up an attitude.  After way too many encounters with surly phone support folks, I moved my checking and savings accounts to Advantis CU, which is more like what First Technology was 20 years ago.

First Technology is in negotiations with the banking regulators to merge with Addison Avenue CU (HP's old CU).  It remains to be seen if the regulators will allow First Technology and Addison Avenue to merge.  If approved, the merged entity will be called First Technology, but the headquarters will be in Palo Alto, CA instead of Beaverton, OR.  So I guess the HP versus Tektronix war is over and HP won.  Long live Tektronix!

My employer prefers HSA accounts at First Technology, so I am still a member, but I can't honestly recommend First Technology.  Their savings rates, and customer service are below average.  Their website is one of the best around.

Great Online Experience. Great Rates. OK Customer Service. Occasional Screw Up.

I have been a member for 20+ years and I have been satisfied with First Tech Federal Credit Union and think it is the best choice of banking institution in my area.  During the recent Bank Transfer Day I looked at other credit unions in the area and the rates at First Tech beat them.  Their credit card rewards program is better.  Their online experience is good and evolving although system upgrades can be painful with residual issues that are eventually fixed.  Their dividend rewards checking giving 2.55% yield on $10K (as of 6/6/2012) is better than other local banks.  There are no unreasonable fees.  You don't feel you are being nickel and dimed.  I think customer service could be more knowledgeable sometimes but I rarely contact them and the online experience is what matters to me.  I appreciate that First Tech is a non-profit and I feel they intend to to create a good banking experience for me and don't look at my relationship as a way to harvest profits or trap me into fees.  I occasionally benchmark against other banks and credit unions but I've always stayed with First Tech.  Anyone can actually get an account by becoming a member of the Financial Fitness Association.  It's a $5 fee that First Tech will pay for you for the first year and then you can just let it expire.  Nice loophole.

Pretty Good

I have had my issues with First Tech as well. Things are a bit wonky sometimes.

Where they are great, is that they always fix the problems and admit fault. Try getting that with a big bank.

All the employees are pleasent and helpful with excellent English skills.

Overall, they are a good CC in my opinion.

A Great, Trustworthy Credit Union Has Turned Into An Unreliable, Horrendous Mess.

First Tech (which was Addison Avenue, and before that HP FCU) has evidently decided that it's better to be big than it is to be good.  After banking there for almost 30 years, we've watched this institution go from great to mediocre to bad to worse.

Reliable, safe, personalized services with solid processes have become a maze of disconnected processses combined with terrible communication.  Simple, straightforward transactions seem to now take place almost randomly- automated checks and transfers happen several days early- or several days late.  E-statements are delivered, and then stop.  We're asked to supply proof of ID for the Patriot Act....7 different times.  People say they'll get back to us- and then don't. 

Our latest experience is a refinance of our home mortgage, and it's been a complete nightmare.  Documents are lost.  Documents are requested by different people, and then another person tells us all of them are "already in the system".   We're told "everything is on track", and then there's a panicked note for more information...which was already sent.  After three escalations,  the process still could not be completed in 60 days- and we were told that it was a good thing we escalated, because we really "should have to pay a fee to extend the rate lock".  Promises are repeatedly made to get things moving...and then the promises are subsequently broken.  Over, and over, and over again- right down to the final signatures.  It's been a nightmare.

Avoid this organization unless and until it gets it's stuff working again- and enter into a loan process with them only if you enjoy frustration, irritation, and generalized anger at fellow human beings.

Terrible Customer Service And Low Interest Rates

I was a member of Addison Avenue Credit Union which merged with First Tech last year. From the time of the merger to now the customer service has been terrible. Now they plan to change the dividend rewards checking so that rather than receiving 2.05% on $25,000, you will receive 2.55% on $10,000 and 0.31% on anything above $10,000. Sure you can move money in excess of $10,000 to a savings account, but they recently dropped the savings account interest rate from .7% to .55% for savings accounts with at least $10,000.& For savings accounts with less than $10,000 the rate is .2% or .05%. Addison Avenue was a great credit union. First Tech is a great disappointment.


Data for Q4 2013

Institution Health


Texas Ratio


The Texas Ratio is an indicator of how much funds a bank has available compared to the total value of loans considered at risk. As of December 31, 2013 First Technology Federal Credit Union had $15.9 million in non-current loans and owned real-estate with $681.56 million in equity and loan loss allowances on hand to cover it. This gives First Technology Federal Credit Union a Texas Ratio of 2.33% which is excellent. Any bank with a Texas Ratio near or greater than 100% is considered at risk.

Texas Ratio Trend


The Texas Ratio for First Technology Federal Credit Union decreased dramatically from 3.88% as of December 31, 2012 to 2.33% as of December 31, 2013, resulting in a positive change of 39.83%.This indicates that the balance sheet and financial strength for First Technology Federal Credit Union has improved dramatically in recent periods.

Deposit Growth


In the past year, First Technology Federal Credit Union has increased its total deposits by $283.57 million, resulting in 6.02% growth for the year. A strong track record of growth is an indicator of consumer confidence and the bank's ability to strengthen its balance sheet. The growth First Technology Federal Credit Union has shown is excellent.



Both FDIC and NCUA consider capitalization levels of banks and credit unions to be of high importance. Higher capitalization allows for a greater buffer when cover loans that may fail in the future. First Technology Federal Credit Union has $6.53 billion in assets with $681.56 million in equity, resulting in a capitalization level of 10.43%, which is above average.

Institution Statistics

NCUA #19976
Year Chartered1970
Primary Regulator
Assets and Liabilities
Assets$6.53 billion
Loans$3.91 billion
Deposits$5.00 billion
Equity Capital$666.88 million
Loan Loss Allowance$14.68 million
Unbacked Noncurrent Loans$14.82 million
Real Estate Owned$1.08 million
Historic Data - December 2012
Assets$5.61 billion
Equity Capital$608.95 million
Loan Loss Allowance$16.62 million
Unbacked Noncurrent Loans$14.82 million
Real Estate Owned$1.40 million
Profit Margin - Quarterly
Net Interest Margin3.47%
Return on Assets1.39%
Return on Equity13.59%
Interest Income$183.21 million
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First Technology Federal Credit Union Savings Account Rates

1.00%--HSA Checking
0.35%$250k-Instant Access Savings
0.35%$250k-Instant Access IRA
0.35%$250k-Instant Access Roth IRA
0.35%$250k-Instant Access CESA
0.10%--Carefree Savings
0.05%--Membership Savings
0.05%--IRA Savings
0.05%--Roth IRA Savings
0.05%--Coverdell Savings

First Technology Federal Credit Union Checking Account Rates

1.58%-$10kDividend Rewards Checking
0.05%--Dividend Rewards Checking

First Technology Federal Credit Union CD Rates

1.85%$500-60 Month CD
1.00%$500-36 Month CD
0.60%$500-24 Month CD
0.45%$500-12 Month CD
0.35%$500-13 Month Bump Up CD
0.30%$500-6 Month CD

First Technology Federal Credit Union IRA Rates

1.85%$500-60 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
1.00%$500-36 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
0.60%$500-24 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
0.45%$500-12 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
0.35%$500-13 Month Bump Up IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)
0.30%$500-6 Month IRA (Traditional,Roth,CESA)

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