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Best Service Good Rates

I moved my IRA to Alliant and opened other 5 yr. cds. I use the ACH feature as my hub--usually transfers funds overnight as long as the request is there before noon CST. Checking pays almost same interest as savings as long as statements are electronic and there is 1 ACH deposit in cycle. Free atm use at the COOP network.  One thing I can't stand--the non-stop loud commercial announcements if I'm on hold. Fortunately don't have to call them often. Excellent web site with edeposit.

Alliant CU - Review & Comments

Alliant CU is our primary CU for everyone in our family. Alliant’s IRA department personnel have been very helpful with setting up accounts and handling transfers from other institutions.

I would highly recommend this Credit Union to everyone. We have been with Alliant since Feb 2009 and have checking, savings, CD's, Traditional & Roth CD IRA's and Education IRA's accounts.

A Great All-Rounder For Everyday Banking

I've had Alliant as my main checking and ACH hub for 2 years now. Opened an account because of the free HSA account, but soon trf'd all my transactions over to them.

1) Mobile check deposit - I actually get a handwritten paper paycheck (I'm the last person in America to get a handwritten paycheck)! Alliant makes funds available immediately upon submitting the deposit from my phone! Can't believe it!

2) I can set up umpteen ACH transactions, recurring or one-time. And I have 10 accounts linked. Never a problem. No costs.

3) Not that I ever use them, but they even sent a box of paper checks - free.

4) Secure message requests are resolved within minutes to at most a couple hours. Great customer service.

And I basically make the same amount of interest on my liquid checking as on savings (it's not much, but it's something!)

Plan to stay with this bank/credit union for the foreseeable future.

Wow! New Member But Impressed!

I just signed up tonight online (I live out of state). I had a question while applying, and even though it's the middle of the night, they have 24/7 telephone support right here in the US (not some call center in India somewhere). THe fees (or lack of fees) is impressive. Free ATM usage, even at non-member ATMs (free at least on Alliant's end).  Free checking accounts if you want. On the CO-OP ATM network (among others), so you can easily find deposit-taking ATMs near you if you're not local to them. And though it's not advertised, as of this writing (Nov 2012), when I created my account and was ready to fund the $5 needed (to open a Share 00 savings), Alliant even supplied the $5 free to new member, so I didn't even have to fund it tonight! One of the reasons I'm joining is that I want to open up an HSA. Not only are their HSAs completely fee-free (free unlimited HSA checks, free debit card, no HSA transaction fees of any kind), but they're paying interest: 1.25% (just about the best you can do anywhere without a monthly fee). Not only that, but EVERYTHING is laid out right there for you to download. PDF forms for this, for that, for whatever you need. No need to try to find them buried in the site somewhere. And joining has been a breeze. Everything laid out nice and neat. To join takes just a $10 contribution to a VERY good cause -- a foster home organization. And at least as of now, Alliant will even give you free the mandatory $5 you have to have in your "00" share account.

I'm someone who has a wonderful local credit union that I use for my everyday banking, but they don't do HSAs, so I did a lot of research, and found Alliant. They're as good, if not better, than my local CU, and who knows, in time I might switch most of my everyday banking to them. What I've seen so far has been impressive. The best way I can put it is, if *I* was suddenly the head of a credit union somewhere, this is the way I'd want to run it. Again, I've just signed up with them, but from what I've seen so far (from the great 24hr service to so many things being free without fees, to the fantastic, easy online presense they have making things so easy!) that I just had to come here and leave an initial review.

Folks, check this place out. It's impressive. You might just find yourself leaving your current bank and making that your new home. I can see by the other reviews here that others are just as impressed.

Now This Is What A CU Should Be Like! 5 Star!

Great CU, the CEO values its members and the staff is helpful and kind.  Not to mention great rates, mobile banking, easy loan process with docusign and online tools, great savings rates, fair fees, tons of free ATYM's (over 70,000) and 24 hour live member service via phone that is quick and friendly.  Oh and they have mobile deposit and a nice online banking interface too!  

Account Opening Process Not Very Friendly

You want to open a checking account? Great! All you have to do is donate money to this charitable organization over here, then come back and fill out this absurdly complex account application (which you get to fill it out twice, because we're going to time out your session when you go ask your wife for her driver's license number), and then we're going to deny your account application without giving you any explanation of why.

Have a nice day!

Best Credit Union EVER!

I have been a member for a little over a year and I'm extremely pleased with this credit union. My latest encounter just prompted me to write a review even though this awesome credit union doesn't really need one. I just have a brick and mortar bank (Chase) to do all of my cash deposits so that I can transfer them into my credit union for a higher savings rate. Chase closed my account for no good reason, causing my ach transfers to bounce and incur fees. I contacted Alliant's customer service about my situation (which was NOT my fault) and they graciously reversed the fee and replied in ONE day.

Thank you so much Alliant!

Good Rates And Great Internet Bank Features

Opened Savings, Checking HSA at Alliant based on great reviews here, high HSA interest (relatively - everything is pitiful now!) and good mobile banking solutions (eDeposits on phone).

I have since started using this account much more than my ING.

1) my scanned paychecks are available within minutes to me (ING=3days)

2) I earn nearly as much on accessible checking account funds as I do at ING for Savings money, and it's more accessible.

3) ING checks are NOT usable for eChecks, which I occasionally do need utilize. Alliant's clear within a day or two, just like a paper check would.

4) ACH's and transfers are reflected next-day in most cases if initiated through Alliant.

So far, I'm very pleased with Alliant.

Absolutely The Best!

I have been a member since 1966 (United Airlines Credit Union). Their services and people are the best. I am also a member of American Airlines Credit Union and Wings Financial Credit Union (Northwest Airlines Credit Union).

American Airlines CU has the best CD Ladder rates in this country, however, Alliant is better in every other category: checking rates, website, transfer of monies, IRA personnel, easy access, etc, etc. Wings is Okay, but does not compare to either Alliant or American.