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Well, I Tried

I tried to transfer almost $200,000 into a new account.  A week later, it still hadn't happened.  Phone support was useless.

It's been difficult to find a money market that wants this money.

I'll keep looking!

Great Savings Account APY, But Very Poor Customer Service

I opened an individual savings account online with Barclays in June 2012 after researching APYs on After trying to add my wife as a joint account holder in the middle of the next billing cycle (to double my FDIC coverage and add another $200k to my account), I was told by phone customer service "it can't be done" (Call #1) and to create a new joint account online and transfer the balance from my individual account. It was not difficult creating the new joint account and transferring the funds. However, after the next billing cycle, Barclays automatically debited $98 of interest due in my individual account.

So, I call customer service to discuss this (Call #2) and was told that it was a "software issue since the individual account had a zero balance at month end, but a ticket will be created to reverse the debit and the $98 will show up in the account in 2-3 business days". I said this was satisfactory.

After 5 business days and no interest money appearing in either account, I call customer service (Call #3) and inquire about the status of the missing interest money. The agent seemed confused as to why it had not yet been processed, but assured me that he knew what the problem was, would get a supervisor to resolve it before the close of business that day, and he would personally call me before his shift was over to confirm that the interest was in my account - no one called back and no interest money appeared in my account.

I called after another 5 business days (Call #4), maintaining a calm tone but firmly informing the next agent about my history with this issue and that I was very frustrated at this point. Again, he reviewed the past ticket and could not understand why the interest had no been processed into my account. I told him I wanted the matter resolved during this phone call or Barclays would be at risk losing my business over my experience with their customer service. He did seem to work on getting a supervisor to handle my issue ASAP during the call, but after 40 minutes of being on this phone call with him, he finally said "Sir, my supervisor says that the issue is being held up with Barclays Banking (???), so we will have to call you back before close of business today at 8 pm." I asked him if he remembered and understood what I said before about wanting this issue resolved on this phone call - he replied that he appreciated my patience and definitely understood - no one called back and no interest money appeared in my account, so I wrote this review to inform others.

Barclays Appears To Be Immature For Internet Banking

The online application is a complete failure. First, it asks you for unreasonable personal information such as your mother's maiden name. Second, I started the process multiple times, but it never succeded. Besides, return to an existing application feature does not work either. I ended up with my very personal information blocked somewhere inside Barclays, and I am not sure it is secure enough. At least I did not initiate money transfer to the new account.

Error Trying To Open Account

I tried to open an account this evening. I went through the entire process, then at the end was informed that there was an error, and that I should call their toll-free number.

I have had no problem opening online accounts at other banks.

What's the point of an online bank that can't open accounts online?

Very Pleased!

I recently (July 2013) opened a savings account online. At first it was a bit tricky because they set up a profile (user name and password) for each person on the account. Once I figured out I needed to set up my husband with his own profile and then do mine, it was a piece of cake. From there I was easily able to link external accounts and transfer money in. I haven't tried to take money out. I had to call once with a question. My inquiry was handled quickly and professionally. I give Barclays five stars!

More Than Satisfied

I opened 3 CDs for $10,000 each online without any problem. I did not use Barclay's system to get the $30,000 into my Barclay's savings account so it was as if I made a direct deposit and the money was immediately available to fund the CDs from my savings account. It was very easy to have the monthly interest swept into one of my linked bank accounts. On the first of May (2014), the interest from the three CDs was transferred out of Barclays without a glitch.
I am very satisfied with Barclays. I've had a savings account with them for two years now.

Amazing Customer Service!!

I had planned to move an expiring CD from Alliant CU to Barclays, but I couldn't log on to my Barclays account. (My computer had been slow and weird for a couple of days.)

I called Barclays customer service and the phone guy went way beyond "bank teller" and walked me through clearing the cache on my computer and doing diagnostics and fixed my computer!! I logged on to my account and quickly set up my new CD.

Kudos to Barclays for going above and beyond.

Tried To Open A IRA Account And Was Denied.

I just finish speaking with a representative and he told me he couldn’t help me with investing $13000.00 in to a IRA account,

Then I wanted to invest $62000.00 and he said he still couldn’t do nothing for me. My question is how much money does one need to open a account with your bank?