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Boeing Employees Credit Union Reviews

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BECU Is The Best!

I was lucky enough to be able to bank with BECU before they went public, since my father retired from Boeing after many years. I had previously had very negative experiences with banks, from simple incompetence to greed all the way to having bank managers actually lie to me regarding my account. When I switched to BECU, I was shocked and pleased at how efficient, well trained, friendly and eager to help all the employees are and have continued to be. I won't bank with a regular "bank" ever again.

A Solid Financial Partner

We closed our account with Chase after the take over of WAMU. We were very unhappy with the practices we were seeing develop at Chase. We have had nothing but positive experiences with BECU. We recommend this move to all who are interested. We believe it is our responsibility to understand all financial contracts we enter into. The interest we earn on our savings and checking accounts is significantly better than we were earning at Chase.


Terrible customer support.  Takes a long time for them to return your calls or E-mails.  The management team that approves your loan.  Does not believe anything you say.  Totally unsatisfied with their services. 

The $9 Billion Stalker

I guess the first time you are violated is always the worst. I will avoid the dark alleys where the creeps of BECU stalk their victims. The very sage advice I got from the last BECU guy I spoke to (Bigwig) is don't have both your checking account and credit card with BECU. I will follow this and get a checking account elsewhere.

Maybe credit unions shouldn't hire long time bankers for high positions. It appears that at least one Bigwig is bringing Bank of America and Seafirst practices to directly bear on their work at BECU. Credit Unions are supposed to more about the members than the money, as BECU's motto claims. Maybe you should hire people who are not typical greedy bankers, who only do typical greedy banker things like stalking somebody's checking account to grab whatever measly amount happens to be deposited in there. That money was a gift to me to help me through a rough period. It is despicable to stalk somebody until you see they have a little bit of money and then mug them and take every last dime. 

BECU needs to bring in some compassionate financial personnel, if such people exist, and set up strong guidelines for when you go into someone's checking account. Taking a person's survival money will do nothing but generate pain extreme animosity. I used to love BECU until I saw their dark malevolent side.   

Is all this worth the 270 bucks you stole, creeps? I even pointed out to Bigwig that BECU has already spent way more than this just in his time on the phone with me, which he confirmed.  I was greatly insulted when he told me he could appreciate what I was going through...what a load of crap. I am sure that, as the privileged person he is, he has never been close to being able to appreciate this. Doesn't BECU have any bean counters to determine that although you have the "right" to do certain ugly things to your account holders, it is not in your PR or financial interest to do so? Also, do you not smell what's cooking all over the world in regards to large financial institutions, post-recession?

The only BECU person who has displayed an ounce of common sense and integrity, is the front line person dealing with my vitriol for BECU. I apologize for the possibly true but perhaps unwarranted insults my first email contained. This person correctly understood from the start that my anger was not with them and responded appropriately each time. Perhaps empathy had something to do with it.


I have found the BECU website to be useful and easy to use. The site is an excellent way to manage the funds in your accounts, pay bills, and make loan payments.