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Capital One Direct Banking Reviews

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Bad credit and banking.

I applied to Capital One and they rejected me as I have a Fraud Alert on my Credit Report which I have to ask lenders for verification to avoid fraud. They said that I couldn't be contacted using the phone number to verify (never had a phone call), then changed their story to my alert didn't have a phone number but I have all my credit reports and phone numbers ARE THERE. I escalated to managers and they were supposed to call me, but instead they sent me a letter with no contact details on it from a "R **" who said my alert is out of date and they would not reverse their decision - a 3rd story change!!!

They are terrible to deal with, their policies are insane and they lie and lie for no apparent reason! The fraud alerts from Equifax and Transunion are there to protect consumers, not disadvantage them. This is pure discrimination against consumers that are trying to protect themselves from fraud. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Can't Keep Track Of Deposited Funds

I opened an online savings account. The minimum initial deposit was $5,000 so I transferred that much in as a test. My balance was $0 until the third day at which time my account disappeared! Fortunately I had a written note of my account number and made a frantic call to customer service to recover the account.

When it came back online my balance was negative $5,000. This is a savings account, not a credit card.

Two bank errors in one day. That was enough for me. If you're looking for a good online checking and/or savings account, try USAA.

Capital One Direct Banking - Not A Good Experince!

This is the first pathetic online banking service I have ever experienced. They have system glitch in the direct banking website on the 'transfer'  tab and' manage non capital one account' section. Once you go there you get stuck on the web site ,can't go anywhere from there ... not even 'log out' , you have to close the window explicitly.

Called capital one to report the web site glitch and in return I have to spend 2 hrs on call and explain same problem to 3 reps, one supervisor and 1 direct banking specialist, not to mention the overall waiting when phone transferred from one person to another was about 30-40 min, worst was giving social, date of birth, address to each of them even though I was on same call and explain the problem from start to fisnish again and again.

Troubleshoot someway for each rep, do same things over and over because it's the protocol and they won't move forward until I do that. I rebooted my computer 2 times per their request, every time deleted cookies, off line content for each rep

Fianlly last specialist had me do all of the trouble shooting and re-enrolled me (created new app all over again) . He told me that if problem occurs on new profile they  will make a note of error and someone will look at it . OK I trusted this person and followed all his direction and problem still persists and then he said he is not the correct person to resolve this type of issue then he transferred me to one more direct banking person and same questions again  but by this time I was done with them so I simply told him that I want to close the account with them. Now I have to wait for my money because it’s on hold (that means they have invested it somewhere and making earnings out of it and here I am getting frustrated with non technical reps, supervisors and specalists)

It was the worst experience .. I went to Capital one because of Costco, Costco always provided best to their customers and with that reputation and trust I opened account with capital one but they are not the best when it comes to resolve the problems.

This was my fist and last interaction with capital one. High interest they are giving is on your money and using your money to invest and in return you get worst customer service and technical help. Don’t make sense

Those who are users of direct banking make sure their website is working the way it should and giving you the protection and security of online banking.


BEWARE - Large Deposits Held For 10 Days. If You Need Money, DO NOT DEPOSIT IT!!!

I switched to Capital One on March 9th and was so excited because they are a large bank, offer the rewards program, and are a very visible force in any and every area of the Washington Metropolitan Area.  When I first opened the account, I was a little upset when I realized that a cash deposit of $100, deposited on the March 12th at 5:00, was not available the following day even though the branch was open until 7:00.  The money was available not available until March 14th and it was a cash deposit.  Not what I was accustomed to with Bank of America where that money would have been available immediately. 

On March 23rd, I deposited $800 through the teller, and when I was handed my receipt, it was accompanied by a letter stating that the transaction date was March 23, 2012, but the funds were being held until April 3, 2012.  Reason stated for the hold, “My account was open for less than 30 days.”  I was taken aback. How can a bank just hold $800 for 10 days just because I am a new customer?  Just a week prior, my pay check went in direct deposit so apparently, I am working, and the money I am depositing is valid.  However, the teller was not much help.

I was so upset.  When I told the teller that I wanted to close my account, he told me, that I could only remove my available balance, but the $800 could not be removed/ withdrawn until April 3rd when it became part of my “available balance” opposed to my “current balance.”  I was so upset.  I told the guy to give me back $200, and he proceeds to issue the transaction until I get him to clarify that this is coming from my “available balance” and not the $800 just deposited because of course, that money was basically frozen until April 3rd.  I was so upset!  I could not believe that a bank could just “hold” $800 for ten (10) days???   Had that money been my lifeline and had I not had more money in the account to cover me until my direct deposit, I would have been in trouble.  That is 10 days of bill money and I feel sorry for others who may not have had available money to fall back on.

 The most upsetting part is, until I get a new account, I will have to deposit $900 a week every week from now on.  I was just shocked that a bank felt they had the right to hold that much money just because I was a new customer.  This is very shocking and I felt was not a great way to welcome a new customer to their bank.  I am looking for a new bank but it seems that every bank has its issues.  I may just have to go back to Bank of America where I never had an issue, money deposited up to 10:59 the previous day was credited and available the next business day, and customer service was very responsive.  Never a hold and they worked with us through everything.  Years ago, when I had money trouble, they even waived some of the overdraft fees which I still value to this day.  I see now that the grass is not greener on the “Rewards” side and I see that I will once again, join the customers of Bank of America. 

In conclusion, if this is how they treat a new customer in the first two weeks, I am surprised they have any to see the conclusion of the 30 day new customer orientation.  Good luck all!


In The Middle Of A Horrible Experience With Them Over The Last Two Days

Transfer times in my experience were much higher than ING Direct and Emigrant Direct. It took one call each to get money transferred out of those accounts the same day. On the other hand, it took 8 calls over 3 days to get the transfer out of Capital One. Customer service representatives at Capital One were very tentative in their answers. They often provided me incorrect and misleading information.  One customer service representative even hung up my call because she was not able to hear me well. In the end one supervisor did help out. But to get to it was not easy. 

Fees are lower. Interest rate is higher. Bank with them for those. But don't expect the money to be available for an emergency. Don't expect their customer service folks to provide you accurate information.  

An Open Letter To Capital One Bank

The following is the text of a letter being mailed by me to Capital One Bank first thing tomorrow morning:

Dear Capital One Bank:

You're fired!

Effective immediately, Capital One Bank has lost the privilege of servicing my banking needs.  I request that you immediately close my remaining Capital One bank accounts.

I will no longer tolerate the poor customer service that I have consistently received from the banking side of Capital One.  Your representatives have been rude, unhelpful, and, at times, argumentative.  On more than one occasion I have been given incorrect information and representatives have failed to do what they said they would do.  Most recently, a representative admitted making a decision affecting my accounts based not on bank or industry policy, but on their own opinion of what they "didn't like" and what they "felt like doing" when reviewing my accounts.  Behavior like this cannot be rewarded with my continued banking business.

Please note that this decision affects only my banking relationship with Capital One.  My credit card will remain open, as I have always received great service from the credit card division.  It is amazing to think that that there is such a disparity in service received from the two divisions of the same company.  Perhaps the credit card representatives should be teaching the banking representatives how to respect and retain customers.

Thank you in advance for promptly closing my accounts.

P.S. If you think I will be keeping my ING Direct accounts, you're very wrong!

Capital One - (No) Hassle Rewards....

I opened a Captial One Rewards Checking account about a year ago as an auxillary checking account for my side business. The 'Rewards' drew me in... thought I could rack up some rewards points from this checking account, combine them with the rewards from my Capital One CC and take a nice vacation..Little did I know that the so-called 'No Hassle rewards' program was far from it. Everytime I get a transfer in from an external bank, it takes no less than a week to post to my availible balance. If I transfer funds from a linked account, I may be able to use the funds in 4 days.


I am about to cancel this account and go back to my main bank (Extraco Banks) for my funding needs.. I'd rather do away with the 'Rewards' and be able to use my funds.


Buyer beware.

Capital One

I tried to cancel my credit card with this financial firm and they would not let me cancel. I had problems and it took me 6 months to finally get my account closed.  Would never do business with this firm again

Capital One Has Unlawfully Held Our Money

My wife and I recently decided to contact Capital One to create two secured credit cards. We sent several thousand dollars to open the accounts. Soon after we filed a bankruptcy. Capital One cancelled our cards, wven though they were not included in the bankruptcy. We understood that Capital One made a business decision. We of course asked for our money back. Capital One said they could not return our money. We went round and round, until they told us that we had to send proof that they were not in the bankruptcy. We sent three letters and our lawyer sent two letters. Then, they said their was a disputed charge, so they could not release the funds, even though no charge was ever made against the credit card. Then, they siad that they could keep our money until the bankruptcy was discharged (over a year) per the contract. My wife, god love her, keeps all records. When she pulled out the contract and asked for the paragraph and line, they could not. Then they actually said they could not give us that paragraph/line over the phone for security reasons, we would need to formally request that in writting. Yes, they actually said that.

So, my wife and I are not made anymore, now we are on a mission. This is obviously something they do a lot to consumers, as mutliple service agents say the same types of things. So we are filing suit Friday. I want to show this reprehensible practice for what it is, stealing. I want to know if there are others out there who have had this happen to them. Please contact us if so. The more we can prove, the larger the suit we can bring.

Terrible Customer Service And Balance Transfer Spam

This is a warning to anyone who is trying to use Capital one's balance transfer offer. It is a total scam. They kept sending me balance transfer offers with exceptionally low fees and 0 interest rate. Even after I use the offer, they keep sending me the offer. I deposited the check 3 days before the expiration date and it is reflected both on my bank account and Capital one statement before the expiration date. When I called the customer to ask if I got the right offer, they simply lie to me and said yes. But after a month, they started to charge me with my regular APR. Then I called again, they told me my check was posted 2 days after the expiration date. They said they would investigate and try to revert, and they assured me that I was not liable for any of the interest. After 2 weeks, I called again and was told that the offer I was trying to use expired in 2010, which is absolutely absurd. I asked for another round of investigation with me providing further evidence of the offer. Again this time they assured me I was not liable for the interest. After another week, I called again and the account manager, who claimed to be the top of their customer service, admitted they made a mistake for the first investigation of mixing old offer with current ones. But she refused to acknowledge the offer and asked me to pay up for all the interest accrued. This conflicted with what the previous 2 account managers said to me. The whole process apprears to be a scam. They trick customer into the balance transfer. If you deposit the check serveral days before the expiration date (even the offer says use the check by mm/dd/yy), they would intentionally post the check after the expiration date. Then, without any notice from their side, they will start charge you excessive interest. But they would not charge you the interest for the first month so that it makes you feel everything went through smoothly. The worst part is when you call them to confirm, the customer service gives you misleading information or just simply lie to you. When you ask them to retrieve the recording of the calls for evidence, they would tell you the recordings are all done randomly. Then what is the point of recording for this so-called quality insurance? I am extremely angry with the bank right now for their spam. I wish everyone who is trying to do business with them can learn some lesson from me. What they say would not be honored. Overall, this bank is not trustworthy and the customer service is absolutely horrible.

Closing Account

Closed account 3 weeks ago, still have not got balance of account.  Will take another week.  Got my fingers crossed.

Capital One - The Aggravation Card - Is The Account Really Closed?

It was 2 years ago that I applied for a Capitol One card. I can get any card because
of my high fico score of 802. They had the usual no interest bait, but it soon turned ugly.

I charged an electric bill of about 200.00 (my first charge) simply because I
was short on cash and didn't want to pay their late fee. Soon after I got a
call from Capital One asking security questions. It was then that I was told
the card was frozen. WTF? It was my first and ONLY charge with the card.
There was no reason for it!

How to Unfreeze the Card the Capital One Way -
I was told that I needed to go to my local bank and ask an employee, such as
a loan officer to verify who I was. I did just that but the loan officer refused.
She told me that it was against their policy. She even talked to Capital One rep
and told them that it wasn't going to happen. But, get this, the Capital One rep
told me to go to ANOTHER BANK! I said, look, I'm not hopping from bank
to bank just to verify who I am. So, I stopped using the card and it
remained frozen for 2 years. 

How to Cancel a Frozen Capital One Card - More AGGRAVATION!

Two years later, I called to cancel the card. I was told that I needed to verify who
I was and that unless I followed their instructions, the card couldn't be cancelled.
I told them it wasn't like I was purchasing a 2,000 dollar TV, I wanted the
friggin card canceled. It had been frozen for 2 years! The rep refused, then
I said I wanted to speak to their supervisor. Supervisor gets on the phone
and I explained the history of their card with me. By that time I was
practically screaming on the phone to cancel the @#%& CARD! She said,
if I answered a few security questions to verify who I was that she would
cancel it. She asked for previous address questions, relative questions, about
3 or 4 that I answered (thinking why couldn't they do this before?) and she
said it would be canceled. I then asked for verification of this cancellation.
It was never sent!

Stay far, far away from this card, unless you like high blood pressure.

Worst Online Bank Ever!!!

My experience with Capital One's online Interest Checking Account has been nothing but horrible. It is very clear after reading a bunch of other reviews as well as my experience with them that they do not value their customers or their employees. I sent in checks to be deposited and they purposefully waited for charges to my account to be denied 3 times so that they could earn more interest, rather than post the deposits and pay the charge. I made the mistake of not checking up on this bank before putting all my money and complete faith in, please do not the same. If you use this bank you will loose money, possibly some credits points, and be sorely disappointed.

No Foreign Transaction Fee.

I don't use Cap-one credit card very much except when I go to Europe. Cap-One is the only card as far as I know that don't charge 3% foreign transaction fee. That can add up when paying hotel and restaurant bills in (cost a lot) Europe.

Capital One Is The Worst Bank To Have A Credit Card With

Capital one was the first card that I had and now years later they have screwed me over closing my account because of a unexperienced representative that didnt advice me well even their managers are worthless. My advice to everyone is Dont get any type of service with this bank. Discover is the best card to have, dont waste your time like I did. I spent an hour trying to get help and the manager didnt do shit. What kind of service is that?!

Capital One Excellent Customer Service

This is the best bank ever. I will do business with this bank for the rest of my life, and I will tell you why. First of all, they always seem willing to waive an overlimit or past due fee regardless of the circumstances. If I go over my credit limit 50 times in one billing cycle, I'll only be charged one overlimit fee at the end of the billing cycle as opposed to 50 overlimit fees. They have kept me at a low interest rate for the entire four years I've been with them and I can do balance transfer "No Hassle Checks" when I can't use my credit card. Finally, their friendly staff always connects with me on a personal and professional level any time I discuss my account with them. What's in your wallet? Capital One is in mine.

Growing Footprints With A Lot To Catch Up

I have found many branches of CapitalOne in New York City, San Antonio, and Houston, TX in the last 3 years. This is a promising sign, amid this financial crisis. Unfortunately, the front end services have many aspects to improve, especially the tellers.

One additional side of CapOne that I appreciate is their credit card. CapOne CC does not charge foreign transaction fee, which is helpful if you travel frequently.

Capital One--My #1 Bank

I've been with Capital One forever and w/o any problems.  Currently many of my 10-year CD's are maturing there (can't believe I got 8.00% back in 2000).  I simply call them about a week or so before each comes due and direct them to transfer the funds to my Capital One Interest Plus Savings Account (more on this later).  From there, I can go online and transfer the funds to my local checking account by ACH (3 business days free or a same day wire for $20)--it's so convenient. I love that you can get a live person directly.  Also, the reps are so helpful in getting my requests handled promply.

You may have seen the Interest Plus Savings account advertised here.  It currently yields 1.35% as long as you maintain an average daily balance of $2500.  If you maintain $15,000 or more an extra 10% in interest is credited to your account quarterly. It's like making nearly 1.50%.  I use this type of account and have it linked to my local checking account.  A top drawer product from a top drawer bank!!! 


Overdraft Charges When I Had Money In Savings Accoun

Capital one charged me $70 for an overdaft when i had enough money in my savings. Their escuse was i did not connect accounts to each other. $35 for each pre scheduled bill payments. Capital One overly aggressive they rob your account in front of you. Will not bank with them

Terrible Customer Service Ever

I am being charged for a service that I never used or purchased, opened dispute with capitol one, they sent me a letter for me to provide information about the transaction. I provided whatever they asked in the mail and I sent the mail. I am being rebilled for the same amount (76.66 USD) after a month. I called Capitol One 3 times, they said they will investigate to see what happened and they would call me back with the information but they never called.  At the end I am being charged for 76.66 USD for nothing. Do not deal with Capitol One, worst customer service I have ever experienced. They will steal your money, dont open a bank account, dont apply for a credit card, they are scammers!!!

Very Bad Experience

customer service is herrible,, they send me to make a credit card account i applied and i was approved then after 10 days they suspend it for no reseon without saying anything i tried to pay my phone bill the transaction didn't go through when i finaly called them they palced me on a hold for a while then the represintive told me ..Oh i am sorry your account was suspended temp until you send us your id, and tax paper then afer 30 days if you didn't recieve it we be diclined........ no comment......

Account Resolution

I went to a local Capital One bank and asked for the TOTAL amount due on my acct for final payment In Full. I was given a total that I thought included the up to date interest. That was a mistake!! I paid the amount in full. A month later received a bill for 2.31.... which I didn't pay bc I had paid in full. A month later received a second bill - threatening now for 4.31. I called Cap One and the second rep I spoke with, after explaining compounded daily interest - duh I think I understand that - it's why I asked the teller for an accurate balance- said the acct could be zeroed and then it would be closed!!! I have had a Cap One since 1985 what a shock to think they would be so dismissive.

Not one to let an issue like this go I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor - finally I spoke with a rational person who understood that I have been a long time customer and would hate to drop this acct over 4.31. The amt was comped back to the acct. I was told it would take 4-5 days to show up and the acct remains open. It's this type of service that we should be able to receive from our banking industry. Lord knows they'll make up that 4.31 in so many other ways.

Rate Drop Again On Internet Plus Savings To .80%

Looks like another rate drop.  The Simple Savings is still .75% from what I see.

Extremely Difficult To Set Up

I did my research, looking for the best bank for basic, online checking, and Capital One seemed to be by far the best. I was pleased by the fact that return interest rates were far ahead of other banks, there were no ATM fees, and no foreign exchange fees. I also found that customer service was much better than expected.

However, while this sounded great, I am two months into trying to get the account up and running and I still keep running into problems. The initial setup was relatively lengthy and customer service was excellent and guided me through, but I've still run into one problem after another. First, my account failed to fund even though my external account was verified. The external account seemed to have disappeared from my linked accounts, and upon calling customer service, I was advised to just repeat the process, without an explanation as to why the account had vanished. I did so, and tried to relink and reverify the account. This time, I went to enter the verification values, and I found that my Direct Banking account seemed to have disappeared. I now cannot verify my external account because there is not INTERNAL account! 

The tools and services provided by Capital One are great - if you can even get your account to work. 

Came For High Interest, Leaving For Rate Cuts

I switched a couple years ago from ING Direct to Capital One for the higher interest rates. Now that they've bought ING Direct their interest rates have dropped significantly. Also it takes a week to transfer money and have my money credited properly. It seems to me that online transfers should be complete in 24 hours, not a week. Attempts to contact Customer Service have been painful. I'm closing my account as soon as I can get my last $1000 deposit from a week ago freed to transfer out.

Dont...Ever Ever EVERRR Open An Account Here.

Capital One is by far the WORST bank I've ever had.

I'm not exaggerating, I've recently open two accounts a savings and a debit account, aside from them being a hassle to open due to the requirements of minimal deposits (because they want you to make a $500 and then wait one month before you are able to use your account) I didn't even got to use them!

Shortly after they were opened I attached my paypal account to one of the accounts, then they suspended my account because they said that I had to be the owner of the paypal account, I told them that I could just make my own paypal account since the one I attach was my brothers, they said that my account was currently close and in investigation of fraud!! All the money that was inside that account was CLEARLY deposited DIRECTLY from my job. Now they say that there is an investigation that could take up to 2 months going on, meanwhile THEY ARE HOLDING MY FUNDS!

Bad Banking

I made a deposit on Friday. Saturday it showed the deposit went through, so I rolled the money over, but according to the bank the money was showing but not available. So they charged me $35. The funny thing is I never pulled the money out; I just rolled it from one Capital One account to another.

Interest Rate Dropped Dramatically This Month

The interest rate in the simple savings account of Capital One bank dropped this month from 0.80% to 0.05%!!! I called the bank, any explanation? Of course not.

Changing Capital One Due To Bad Service

The customer service isn't the best, the way page is confusing, and I had an issue getting money from an ATM. It said I had no found, yet I called and checked through internet showing me verything was right. 

I am just disappointed!

Internet Plus Savings - Looks Like Rate Drop Again To .80%

Just logged on to my account. Rates page now shows rate dropped to .80 from yesterday.

Avoid If Possible

Reasons to avoid:

1. You can't withdraw your money without tons of hassles. You have to transfer the money into another account - checking or a regular savings to withdraw;

2. The teller makes a huge dramatic scene when trying to withdraw the funds after transferring to a checking account. They chastise you and force you to undergo multiple checks with bank managers etc. It is none of their business why I'm withdrawing MY MONEY! Yet they feel it is their duty to know what you're going to use the money for!!!

3. They ask you why there's no signature card at their branch even if you tell them 100x you open your direct banking online! The signature card was sent to their direct banking department via mail!!!

Secure Credit Card

If you are looking to rebuild your credit don’t go with their secure credit card, this company was a pain in my ass when it came to refunding money back. Recently drop this company due to there in consist service.

Capital One Review

Capital One commercials depict Barbarians in them. These are Capital One's Customer Service reps. If you are not satisfied with their service they have you talk to someone in Canada who does nothing but promise results that never happen. Capitol One executives do not take calls or call you back. I was told that that was their policy and if I did not like it I should go elsewhere. They have a great rewards program, but other than that their service is the worst I have ever experienced. If I could give them zero stars I would.

Great Bank

Its a great bank that i have been with since 2009.
It has amazing benefits like collecting miles for each purchase you make.
In addition this bank offers low credit card rates, with no annual fees.
This bank has lots of ATM machine in Washington DC area.
Also you can deposit your checks with bank's app and your cell phone.
Furthermore, credit card offer you money back for your purchases, which you can collect and spend on items as well as getting a check from the bank on your name.

Simple but not so reliable

This is a decent easy to use bank for basic needs. Opening an account is simple and it is easy to meet the requirements to waive the monthly fees, there are also a number of options available for different needs ie. the amount of money you have to deposit. The customer service on a daily basis is also good, the employees are polite and will get to know you... HOWEVER, if there is a problem like saying them losing a hundred dollars of your money due to a mistake, they will NOT be responsive or deal with the issue but ignore it and never get back to you. Be warned, this is a good bank to have a small checking account at but not the place to store big bucks...