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Tired Of Chasing Chase For Good Rates!

Anyone ever notice Chase's strategy in getting new customers? By offering straight up cash! I lost track of all the offers saying they would pay me $125 if I got their checking or savings account. Doesn't that sound a little strange? Seriously, they have to PAY PEOPLE to USE their SERVICES!

Other banks advertise great rates that will keep working for you. Chase lures people in with one time cash and then makes money off that customer for the long term. Chase doesn't advertise rates because it's rates are 10 X below the national average. You can't compare Chase and Ally because their business model is quite different. I prefer banks with high interest rates. I have used Chase for other purposes other than banking and they have been decent. I have a mortgage with them and they did sufficient. I am just saying that for banking purposes, I would suggest someone else.

I really liked reading one of the most thorough articles on Chase,

check out the Chase Bank Review at

Totally Incompetent Organization - Run, Do Not Walk, From It!

I was very happy with WAMU, and when they were taken over by Chase Bank I hoped for the best.  Haven't gotten it.  Nothing but problems due to their incompetent computer systems, restrictive policies, and argumentative telephone Customer Support.  Most recent event happened today, and I'm still steaming.  While reconciling my savings account I found a $3.00 Extra Withdrawal Fee.  I called Customer Support.  They asked me to verify my address, and I gave it to them.  They responded with "That is not correct".  Long story short on THIS incompetence is I moved 9 months before and immediately changed my bank address online, and never had a problem with prior calls for support until now.  It turned out the old address was still on file but had NO ACCOUNTS ASSIGNED TO IT, all 5 of my accounts were properly assigned to my current address BUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DATA WAS OUT OF DATE (even though there was no problem LAST MONTH when I called to have them correct yet another problem and the statement address was correct).  Had to answer a bunch of security questions to verify my account.  Forced them to DELETE the erroneous address.  THEN we finally got to my problem.  You're allowed 4 withdrawals before a fee is charged.  I had one, but they pointed out 2 TRANSFERS TO CHECKING which are NOW considered to be "withdrawals" even though the money is still in the bank.  I pointed out that was only 3 withdrawals. The rep said "but there's a more recent withdrawal".  I pointed out that there was a withdrawal one day AFTER the statement period, therefore it should not be counted and, if it were, it would STILL BE within the 4 withdrawal limit.  The rep begrudgingly reversed the bogus charge with a $3.00 credit.  I pointed out to him that Chase has the most incompetent Information Technology department I've ever dealt with.  I will be closing all 5 of my accounts at the earliest possible opportunity.  THIS IS THE MOST INCOMPETENT BANK ON PLANET EARTH!!!

Chase Closed My Checking And Savings Accounts And Sent Me A Check In The Mail, Without My Knowledge.

I had a checking and savings account with Chase for one month.  While I was out of town, Chase closed both accounts and sent me a check in the mail, with no explanation.  I have three credit cards and a mortgage with Chase, so when I investigated this major error, I was told that they could not verify my address.  They said that they needed a copy of a utility bill with my name on it.  Well, all of our utility accounts have my husband's name on them, so I did not have one.  When asked why they could not verify my address from my mortgage, they said that they still needed a utility bill.

Well, when I got back into town, I went to the branch and they apologized profusely and were extremely conciliatory.  They did their best to remedy the situation, but the meantime, in order to have "free" checking, I had to jump through hoops and transfer money in, etc.  So I did.

Now that everything has settled down, I am closing my checking and savings accounts with them; not only for spite, but also on principle (like my checking and savings account balances really matter). 

$125 Bonus For Chase Checking with DD - But...

My Chase credit card has this offer page for $125 bonus if I open a Chase Checking with direct deposit. I opened the account online but had a few questions, so I gave them a call. First since I was not provided the account # when I applied online, it was long and tough to get to speak with a banking rep, since the phone menu doesn't provide the option (i.e. you must enter an account # to speak with a banking rep). The system transferred me to a credit card rep, then a banking rep, then an online banking rep. Needless to say it was annoying. Finally when I got to the online banking rep, I was so ready to cancel my application. But the rep told me that if I "close within 6 months there is a $25 fee!" Gotcha! "OK, then, please tell me my routing number and account number so that I can set up the direct deposit," I said. But the rep informed me that they don't give account number over the phone and I have to wait for their form to arrive. Although I was able to log in through my credit card account to see the checking account, the webpage only shows last 4 digits of the account number. So I have to wait for the letter now.

By the way if you want this $125 deal, go to the post office and get the change of address package thingy. It has the Chase coupon inside. I notice those coupon codes are unique.

I am looking at their Account Disclousures and it mentioned that the Closing Fee applies if account is closed in 90 days. The rep told me 6 months. Hmm...

Chase On Line Banking Full Of Issues Not Made Public. Only Find Out By Being A Customer

the chase on line system does not send e-payments to many standard merchants.  this has caused issues with late payments because there is a 5-7 day delay in the merchant receiving your payment.  it is a paper check mailed!  why have on line banking if paper checks are how they pay most.

"IT's A TRAP!!"

  Chase is terrible, I could write a whole paragraph or two describing my own personal experience of the nickle and diming, the payment protector having to be repeatedly cancelled, the "revolving intrest," and poor customer service represenatives who mumble trash talk about you while your on the phone with them. Rather than waste your time with the details, just take my word for it, stear clear of this one.

   P.S. I never wanted them in the first place. They bought my old bank.

Took My Money

Stay away!

I had a credit card loan for which I paid the interest up front. You know the kind - pay 3% up front and no interest for nine months. After three months - during which I made all payments on time, of course - they started charging me interest anyway.

When I called them about it, they refused to refund the interest - AND refused to provide an explanation!

I paid off the loan early, and closed both my credit card and my checking account. I won't do business with ripoff companies.

Not Recommended - Very Poor Protection From Identity Theft

Last week the bank sent me an email alerting me to possibly fraudulent activity with my debit card.   Sure enough, the bank had issued a duplicate card to someone who called in by phone.  They sent it to a location over 100 miles from my address.

I called Chase immediately and waited on hold for 20 minutes before a person answered the call.  They transferred me to one department after another.  Each person I spoke to gave inconsistent information about what had happened and what I need to do to fix the situtation. 

One representative refused offer any information but simply repeated that they suspected a family member or someone with authorization to access my accounts had made the purchases.  I do not have anyone autthorized to access my accounts, so this made no sense.  Another representative told me that there was nothng Chase could do in this situatin - effectively that this was my problem to deal with - and offered no assistance.

After being transferred 5 times, the sound quality of the call degraded with each sucessive transfer.  Finally, the voice on the other end was so completely uninteligible, I had no choice but hang up.

I called back and insisted to speak with someone who could help,  after a long wait and multiple transfers to departments, I was told I would have to wait a few days to "see what happens" with the charges and then visit the bank branch where I originally opened the accounts.

It's been 3 days since I discovered the issue.  The bank branch has been closed.  And the identity theft has transferred funds out of my savings and gone on a shopping spree. 

I've been absoluely shocked by the total lack of accountability or aassistance from Chase.  Once this matter is finalized, I will never have any dealings with them again.

Not The Friendlist

I have gone to our local Chase bank and have not had the greatest service. I feel they are extremely pushy with wanting you to open accounts and bank with them, and pushines only pushes me away. I have also found that their interest rates are among the worst in the area I live in. When I told them this, they explained that they have the advantage of having good customer service. I have never been treated with overall friendlines, and would definitely not consider keeping accounts with Chase.

Very Pushy Workers And Ridiculous "Deals"

My experience at Chase hasn't been a positive one. Although i love the atm, and the check deposit, i have found that the workers are extremely pushy. I just have a checking account but every time i go, in they try to convince me to move all of my savings with them, even though their rates are identical to my current savings credit union. I don't understand why they need to be so pushy, always offering me fantastic deals. What i want from a bank is reliability and easy access, not lottery schemes.

Chase Business Account

I am a small business owner who had a personal and business account with WAMU. They then got taken over by Chase.  I have been happy with the account. Nothing wonderful about it, but no reason to move to another bank either. However from March 1st 2011 they will be charging $15 a month for the account. I can avoid this charge by taking out a Business Card with them and then spending $1000 a month on it or by having a balance of over $7000 in the account.

I have an AMEX Business Card which I get cash back with, normally around $300 a year. I love AMEX and really do not want to start using another card. So I either start to pay $15 a month or move my account else where.

I am very dissapointed by this. I plan on expanding my business by the end of the year and I think it is very narrow minded of Chase to do this.

Of course I will be moving my bank account. Just have to decide where.

Why I'm Changing Banks

I'm a long term Chase customer, before Chase I was a WaMu and was fine with their service all along.  I've had some very positive customer service experiences, so no complaint there.  However I'm rethinking my loyalty having gotten a 6 dollar service charge, unexpected and very quick action on their part because I lost my job and no longer had direct deposit.   There was no heads up or warning and I had just enough funds to cover utilities before that unannounced 6 dollar service charge.

I'm starting a new job in two weeks. I was going to set Chase up on direct deposit and close the second account at had at a bank practically next door to me.  That 6 dollar fee that is going to make a payment bounce made the decision that my business is going elsewhere.    In fact, my direct deposit will go to the local bank close to me and I'm shutting my account at Chase immediately.  


This is not my first experience with unexpected fees from Chase.  Its probably in some fine print somewhere.   Another thing that has happened repeatedly was the denial of my debit charges when I had the money in the account to cover those charges.   I had to leave the checkout counter call chase and ask what was going on.  They simply declined because they were unexpected charges on my usually very frugal account.   This happened 3 times, money in the bank, plenty to cover it, denied card with people in line and trying to explain I don't know what happened the money is there.   I had to go into the bank in person to verify it was me spending my own money.... 

Worst Bank Around,


worst bank around, this pos bank suck they try and suck every little charge our of you that they can. I have a text alert that would text me if my account was overdrawn but now they seem to like text me the following day after they have collected their 34 dollar fee you p.o s, i call and they say welll it was over drawn before 7 pm and that is when the cut of time is to avoid the overdraft fee, well  thanks for the F n text the next moring at 630 am tellling me, your bank sucks will never bank with you again nor recommend you

Excellent Service

Chase bank always provides excellent service in person or via phone. I have never have had any problems with them and they are very prompt on getting any inquiry resolved quick.

Night Deposit Security - Smalll Business Beware

During January 1st holiday period, a deposit was made using the Night Deposit box at Chase branch office and they lost the deposit.

Chase at has taken no effort to reveiw the video tapes to see if it was stolen (either from external source or internal source.  They originally promised to perform this task but after a week of constant calls, they have yet to do this and now back peddling on completing this task.

The solution from Chase and only answer at this point is to call the dozens sources for the checks, pay the stop payment and re-issue fees.  .

As a small business, these deposits are the life line of the company.  This mistake is costing us thousands of dollars. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Chase Holds My Money Hostage

They took money from checking account at another bank via ACH transfer and then demanded that I provide proof that I was authorized user for that other checking account and was going to hold MY money hostage unless I did what they demanded.

They claimed that this was to prevent criminal activity.

If they were that concerned, shouldn't they have verified *before* taking out the money from the other account?

I opened up a Chase Total Checking account online. I had a coupon for a bonus.

I followed everything as directed by them on their website. To fund the Chase account, I linked it with a checking account I had at a local bank. Chase deposited two small amounts and immediately withdraw the amounts. This standard for verification. Went to the webpage to tell the amounts, and everything was fine.

The next day, I log into and was denied access. They had a message telling me to call toll-free number that turned out to be their Loss Prevention Department.

They didn't even have the courtesy to call me.


I am immediately taking my money out after the required 6 months to get the bonus.

Worst Bank In Case Of Fraud

I´ve been victim of a fraud, someone used on me a drug that makes you lose your will, so you do whatever anyone tells you to do and you tell them anything they ask you. The police has opened an investigation on this subject and has told me that is something that happens often here in South Florida. In my case they stole from me my debit cards both from BofA and Chase and used them in some ATM´s (obviously i gave them my PIN number, obviously against my will), and credited stolen 5,000$ cheks in both accounts through ATMs too.

Well, the thing is that just a few hours after the theft happened I cancelled my debit cards and the next day I made a claim at both banks both for the withdrawals and the credited checks. While in BofA returned my money to my bank account and opened an investigation on this subject, it just took two days to Chase to tell me that they considered the ATM withdrawals as authorized and that they where going to close my account!!! They did. So what am I? I think that I had enough beeing a victim of such a crime that involved a considerable danger and embarassment to me, but in addition Chase consideres me what... a criminal or something? In addition, this account cancellation is going to figure in my history forever... accesible for any bank

So as you can see I´m very disgusted with this bank, They can offer you the best but then when the time comes to help their customers to solve their problems I cant count on them so worst bank ever!!

Difficulties Of Online Banking?

Today I set up my elderly mother’s bank account online so that she could transfer money to her grandchildren a few states away. Chase required a lot of information from her that she did not understand and since I was not listed on her bank account, I couldn’t help her set it up. I think chase should let their elderly clients have an option where they can add their children to their account in case of hard hearing etc. 

Insurance Company Check Payable To Chase And Me

I received a check from an insurance company for a flood that occured 8/6/12. I went online to determine he process, and found very scary stories concerning Chase. I moved ahead and found the process. They wanted to know that I was current in paying my mortgage - okay - that makes sense in this "upside down" environment. They wanted the 1."adjustor's report", 2. the contractor's estimate,3. a lein waver from the contractor and an 4.affidavit from any other lenders with an interest in this property. A daunting list of requirements to be sure, but I have a check, so most of the work is done. No contractor will give a lein waver until his bill is paid, so I may have to borrow against this check. On 8/25 I went to the bank with the documents I had (1,and 2 and the check). I had no other borrowings on this property. I had a positive attitude and the knowledge that I will be talking to a person who knows nothing about the scary stories on the internet.

Twelve minutes later I left the bank with the check endorsed so I was able to use the funds that day. I spoke to an understanding, helpful  person and the process was positive professional and kind of fun. I acheived what I needed to do and it was just fine. The check was under $20,000. I will pay the contractor when he is finished, and hope to have this "challenge" behind me in less than 25 days. The bank does this work every day and they are good about it.

Worst Bank Ever!

i called them to put a freeze on my account for some activity that i did not authorize and they said they could not do that, so they let the account accumulate 600.00 in over draft fees then they put a freeze on the account, then they freeze my primary i cant access my don't open an account with these rip offs...

Large Sums Of Of Cash Disappearing From Checking Accounts

Since Chase took over Washington Mutual,  cash has mysteriously disappeared from my checking account.  2 atm transactions will appear on my activity report, when only one atm transaction took place, therefore twice the amount is deducted from my account.  This has happened more than one time,  my adult son has also experienced the same thing.  When it occurred the first time, I was hoping it was just a glitch in the system, but when it happened to my son it became questionable,   because his incident took place at an atm located in another county. I've experienced this twice since Chase took over WAMU, never with WAMU.  Whether it's a glitch in the system, or someone within their banking  system who is finding it very easy to steal from unsuspecting customers because of all the advanced technology which is readily available to commit a federal crime yet difficult to trace,  it's  still a very stressful situation which I'm most certain will push their customers to switch to another bank.







Worst Customer Service I Have EVER Had To Try To Deal With

Worst bank I have ever worked with. Maybe it's just the Boulder, Colorado branch, but I have tried writing several times via their website and still have not had any issues resolved. Since I first opened my investments with Chase, I STILL have not had anyone explain the enormous fee I was charged by the institution I transferred from, Chase just assumed I wanted to pay it even though they now say it was an unusually high amount that should have been questioned. Gee thanks Chase.
 I was told I had no fees on my investments for 1 year, at which point I was told to open a checking account to avoid any fees. Guess what, CHASE sold some of my stock to pay an annual fee in 2011. It's now March of 2012 and still nobody has resolved or been able to explain this to me.
And here I sit...literally years after trying to resolve the first issue, but employees there seem to come and go faster than I can keep up with. So it's I who ends up driving from Denver to Boulder (several times to try to resolve these issues) to the office, still with no answers. Only the same promise each time that it will be taken care of. I'm tired of waiting. I'm now sharing my experience on every blog and review site. I hope someone at Chase prints my message out and shares it in a meeting.


I work for a company whose accounts are unfortunately handled by CHASE. I had been going to CHASE in Dover NJ for many years and let me tell you that ever since that branch was given a new manager (DAVID) the customer service quality SIGNIFICANTLY dropped. This guy has absolutely no idea how to handle a business. I can recall several instances in which I saw David walk pass by me and other customers with a rather distasteful look on his face as though he clearly hated his job. I was also there with my daughter on another day when he came out of his office and cursed in front of everybody. What a neglectful and uneducated individual. I changed banks and I could not be any happier with their services and customer service!!!

Bad Bank And Customer Service

my account always in good standing in this what they call them selfs bank ? then i tried to get access on line and it gave me a message that my account in active , called customer service? hard to get human to answer the phone. if you lucky and you get to them a very bad customer service . bottom line they close your account with no explination and in top of all that they hold your money for more than 15 days ????????? 

they are just thieves wearing suits 

Chase Is Making It Hard And No Common Sense In What They Say No To


Chase bank is trying to change the good American ways!!!!! I am a contractor and have been for a long time... I pay for products out of my pocket in CASH, and ask my customers to pay me in cash so most of them write me a check to CASH and all other banks will cash it since they take a finger print and 2 forms of ID's with all the info they need on the person cashing it!!!!! I had the most HORRIBLE experience today at the chase bank located in Lake worth on N. 10th Ave and Florida Mango dr. 2601 10th Ave N, Lake worth FL - ( Ellen Burnelle) the manager that could not tell me if the account holders are even aware of the fact that chase bank does not cash check made out to cash, even with all the identification and finger print!!! I am a contractor how am I to know which bank has which policy... I am working hard just to get paid on the job I did and all they say it "NO" I swear this is what one of the managers at the location told me... "I am saying NO" just like that.... when I ask is there any other bank that does this she says yes there are plenty ... I ask name one.... she says nothing!!!!!!!! I ask if she can just this time call the account holder and make sure the check is in the right persons hand and she says NO!!!!!!!! What has America come to? How can they change the rules and ways we have been doing business for years in this country and also be so very mean about it!!!! I had my uniform on and was just coming back from a job and even dough she was not presentable with her hair flying everywhere and just the way she carried herself and talked with me was the rudest I have ever witnessed!!!! Of course if a guy like me loses his temper he is going to go to jail... But how can they make a hard working man feel like we are from a lower class, because they are the only ones trying to change the way all banks work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Bad Banking Experience With Chase

I have dealt with several banks in the past 13 years or so. I would say that my experience with Chase Bank is by far the worse of all. I have had all kinds of problems with them, such as declining my credit card reward benefits, failure to send money on time, making mistakes in wired transfers, etc.  I DO NEVER recommend this bank. 

OK By Me And I Was A Bank Regulator

Despite bad rep, has given me more than a grand in various account and card bonuses. "Personal bankers" vary, mine have been both bad and great; watch for their cross-selling as they get bonuses for each new product type sold just like a car showroom.  Suggest to deal online for effecting many transactions and for answers which are provided rapidly.

Paid Off Home Mortgage Trouble Wish I Could Say Zero Stars!


We refinanced our home for a much better interest rate(6% to a 3%) with another company because Chase would not refinance us. We closed on May 6, 2013. Funds released on May 10,2013. Chase loan was paid off May 12. Home Equity line as well. We recieved a late payment notice around May 20,2013. We called to make sure all was paid off and ok. Yes it was...showing no balance other than $100 odd dollars in interest from the home equity line of credit for some reason. Fortunately I forgot to stop the automatic payment set up and they got overpaid, but it was indeed paid off. We asked if they could deposit the money back into my husbands checking account they said no it would be paid by check and take about 10 days. Ok fine....Here comes the good part....I received 14 letters, 4 certified, today, June 14 ,that they were forclosing on our house. First off we owed 6,000.00 on our first mortgage that we had with them for 15 years, and 64,000. line of credit. House has over 100,000 equity....really??? You are sending me 14 letters and it has all been paid???? called to complain and find out what the heck is going on was told oh sorry , yes it looks like it was paid in full on JUNE 12,2013.......What??? Well who sat on the paperwork then? Who paid the late fee that would of accummulated? Who paid the interest that would of accumulated? Did someone use the money for a month? Did you automatically generate a letter to the credit reporting agencencies too? No answer, Im sorry you will have to write a complaint to this address they dont take phone calls. Ill show them how to report a proper complaint. We are pulling out even our checking accounts. Beware!!!

I Love This Bank

I still have the credit union account my parents helped me open when I was 12, but national banking is often necessary. I got a Chase Freedom card a few years ago after doing some research, and opened a Chase bank account this year when I started traveling a lot again. I think I've got the best of both worlds by banking with my credit union and Chase. Their customer service is as personal as the credit union's, teller hours are convenient, credit card customer service is prompt, friendly and solutions-oriented. I've banked with Bank of America and Western Union at times in the past, and the experience with Chase is much better. It's like flying Southwest instead of Delta.

Beware! Does Not Hyonor Offers. Assigns Personal Bankers Who Are Not There.

Bank SENT me without prior knowledge, a bonus code for opening checking account for $125 bonus.  Tried to fund after opening,  Automated Clearing House collection could not find my other account at something called Bank of America.  Sent note asking to fix  to my "personal banker" assighed to the account.  He had left the Bank.  Tried to deposit checks at branch to fund, was told account had been closed.  Tried another offer, was told could not do business there as computer rejected me for having a closed account.

Chase Bank, Great Service Worth The Extra Fee

I love Chase Bank. I have to drive out of town to get to my nearest branch but that has not kept me from leaving them since I moved. Recently I quit my job and no longer have direct deposit so I got slapped w/ a $12 monthly fee. But to avoid the fee I was told by a branch manager to simply have someone send $500 from another account each month. I haven't tried it yet but she said it will work. I don't mind paying the fees. They have great customer service. I love the online bill payment and person to person quick pay. You can make deposits at thier atm's & the check image prints on the reciept. You can use mobile banking and other features that just make CHASE better. I can view my statment history online for serveral years back (without a fee). I did get swayed by another bank in my town offering $100 to open a new account. I did not close Chase, just kept it on the back burner while I tried out ONB. Within 2.5 months I was putting my money back in Chase. The branch manager even refunded some of my bank fees because I decided to stay with CHASE.  

My Experience

i personally love this bank i alway go inside to cash checks or deposit i dont wait in long lines, and if i have a question its answered accurately. opening an account is no big hassle either over recommend this bank

Was Satisfied With Wamu, Now Satisfied With Chase

I am a member at Chase bank after they bought Washington Mutual who I was very satisfied with.  I was worried that I would lose the excellent customer service and privileges that were offered to me as a member at WaMu, but not only did Chase retain those privileges, but gave us more.  I guess I don't ask for that much out of a bank, but for what I do, Chase has delivered.

Credit Card

I have a rewards cedit card from this bank and have had no problems. They do what they say they will do and customer service is responsive. I forgot to pay on time once and when I called they waived the late payment fee of $39.


My wife has a Chase Bank account.  When we found out Chase would convert some Euros we had to dollars with no commission since she was a customer, we decided to use them to convert the currency.  BIG MISTAKE!  While they charge no commission, they cheat you on the exchange rate, BIG TIME!  The going rate for Euros on the day of our transaction was $1.34 for each Euro.  Chase only gave us $1.25 for each Euro - basically charging 7% for them to convert our funds.  This is such an outrageous charge, the bank ought to be prosecuted for theft.  I will NEVER trust this bank again and we will close our account ASAP.   DON'T TRUST THEM AND DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Attempt At A Loan

I called chase about a loan, so i could finish my addition..

2 months of paperwork,several attempts to get a manager, and in the end they said they do not do these types of loans...

I can not believe they could screw up this bad!!!!

never use chase for anything,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase Bank Rob This Disability Person Of Many $$$$$!!!!

I am person robbed by Chase banking institution.  As a person with multi disabilities, I feel because of 9000 dollars set away for many services of medical disability, related to job incident, robbed and assaulted in classroom by gang of African student, and some other darkly skinned minorities, Chase think it could take my money and use the excuse that I was mentally incompetent.  But I am very aware of whats going on around me, as I am a publish author of many interesting book, and critically acclaim International artist of many beautiful painting.  Because of disabilities, my mobility ability has detered me from moving around like normal intelligent human being. 

Therefore, I have been ignore by Chase bank!!! On and about 2008,  I have been trying to get someone to listen to me about this injustices.  You see, I put 85 thousand dollar in Chase bank.  But through many mystery, all monies dissappear, before the year January 2010!  On June 2009,  I put my social security check in as well through direct deposit, which is electronic deposit.  But my money somehow all went up in smokes, in about three months! For some unknown reasons, Chase allow someone to enter my account, with my checking account number, and put in $250 So I try to get account changed.  But I was ignored, as Chase think person of many disability is of no value, like stray dog roaming street! In the year of 2010, someone call chase and cancell my debit card.  But Chase fail to obtain my proper permissions for this change to my account with many of my monies from disability payment from prior years! 

I found out when I tried purchase something, Chase was also double charging me; I have tried to set up appointment with the bank.  But I was ignored!!! I found in the beginning of this year, Chase deleted my account summaries, without my proper permissions,  after asking them not too!! No one contact me from the bank!!! Chase continue to tell me that thousands of my disability dollars was used with my debit card.  But that was impossible, as I believe in paying cash for all purchase! When I asked for investigation by security official, there was no letter informing me of investigation!  I told the bank and, they were aware someone in there office was stealing my money, some $45,000 dollars!  But Chase do nothing but ignore me & steal more of my disabilities check!

My Social Security check went so fast! I had thousand of dollar, when I added Social Security check through electronic direct deposit.  That money miraculously vanish into big air too! My identity was stolen! And Chase knew it!  But they think it's ok for criminal to scam me because I don't move around like healthy person working in Chase bank branch!

They knew it when they allow a woman on Nov 2011 go into my account and add money. I could not prove she added it, as it was deducted out of my account. I did not buy a purple car with giant rims & tires, or did I spend mult thousands of dollars.  So I ask for them to calculate the monies on my summary.  But they would not provide me with necessary assistances, as they think I'm stupid, due to my many obvious manifestation of physical impairment!

I was denied access to my account for one year, and was blocked from entering it. When I went to download it from another computer, most of my summary was blank, stating office use. I did save both summaries. Nevertheless, Chase delete the 2 account without my explicit permissions!!! My Social Security check should have not been touched, because I had a few thousands of dollars, before bank took moneys in bank account, as well social security, I have totally ignored by bank.  How does disability person get this unjust robbery reverse?

Chase Is Ok

I like the fact there are Chase branches in very convenient locations so I can use the ATM at no charge. It has been years since I actually went into a branch though. I keep my checking account at Chase and use their bill pay. I have direct deposit, so it is a free account. I also get cash rewards, albeit small, for using my debit card at certain merchants. I didn't even know this until I saw a small deposit in my account one day. As far as earning interest, I keep my excess at an online bank and transfer funds to Chase when I need funds. This works well for me. Lastly, I have a credit card with Chase which I pay in full each month. I have no complaints.


I am desperately trying to get out of this mortgage with Chase Bank, this has been the worst experience since I've taken over this loan since February 2011. The customer service does not help and they are very disrespectful, incompetent, argumentative and combative. When I went into the branch I had to deal with a bunch of one knew what they were talking about. When my mom passed away and I was trying to get her affairs in order this bank gave me nothing but heartache and grief. I should not have expected much less since during her last few years of her life they gave her nothing but grief causing her to get sick from worry and stress of their constant phone calls... If anyone out there is considering getting a mortgage DO NOT APPLY TO CHASE will regret it sooner or later...looking for a better bank anyone have any ideas of a stress free bank I've been doing some research, but I really need to hear people's personal experiences.

Chase Dropped The Ball!

After my fathers death, my wife and I needed to be near my mom to care for her. We approached Chase for a lovely condo in the area. Within days everything was approved except that the condo complex had to be approved. 7 weeks later, right before closing date, Chase realized they didn't get complex approved in their database. This can take up to 2 weeks to do, and now since we are out of contract, sellers may bolt. ALL BECAUSE CHASE DROPPED THE BALL!!! Chase rarely if ever returns calls or emails and gives us no time frame for resolution if any. The ONLY one who seems to care is Jeff at the local branch, who helped us start the loan process. Now my wife's blood sugars are way off and I woke up this morning passing blood. Thanks Chase!

Giving Good Rating, A Couple Of Years Ago They Would Have Got 1 Star

have had a few experiences just lately, and they have all been positive.  were great with my credit cards, home loan, no problems......they are getting better i think.

No Such Thing As A Closed Account At Chase

I closed a small business checking account 9 months ago, and a recurring transaction for a merchant credit card virtual terminal that I only used once a year at a special fundraising event posted. The charge was $38 which is fine there was a mistake the merchant company did not switch the fee account only the one for receipts. This caused a $35 overdraft fee so I wire transferred the $38 and $35 in one wire to zero out the negative balance but then they charged me an "incoming wire fee" of $10 which generated another overdraft fee. Needless to say I think Chase is ridiculous if an account is closed a transaction should reject not reopen because now I have to have the 4 business owners sign another letter requesting the account be closed else there would be a fee for having a $0 balance - this is not easy people have busy schedules and this is a waste of my time. I love how Chase feels it is appropriate to do this kind of bull crap. Grow up and if you are hurting for cash why don't you just be direct and get rid of your "FREE" accounts and charge everyone $50 a month at least then there are no surprises and people can plan that into t their cash forecasts.

My Personal Chase Account


Curious Prying Bank

There is a difference between being friendly bankers and a prying bankers. Chase is a prying bank. I felt like they were doing an audit of my checking accounts, my own personal business and livelihood. It seems like if one banker is assisting you, they call in a least another banker either to advise or steer. I call it ganging up! I would not do business with them especially at the Polaris branch. They do have an awesome online quick pay, but not sure if you would want the low rates and the privacy issues.

They Don't Care How Loyal You Are. They'll Find Any Way To Screw You.

I was a loyal customer of chase bank for ten years. I lost my job and asked them if I could keep my account but just freeze it until I get a job. They said no. After a few weeks I was low but not over-drafted, they charged me overdraft fees anyway. After I got charged those fees I really did have a negative balance. Since I couldn't pay the fees they kept adding more and more overdraft fees. I begged them to freeze my account and please give me time to get a job. They took one overdraft fee out but didn't freeze the account. The fee they took out didn't matter because a few days later they charged me another overdraft fee. The bank finally cancelled my account, but I still owe them a big chunk of money.

Does Not Work Well With Quicken

I have a checking, savings, and 3 credit cards with Chase. Whatever information they are downloading, Quicken cannot allocate my automatic and online payments to the correct account. I do not have this problem with any other financial institution with whom I do business. I have spent too much time reconciling my accounts. I am going to move my checking account to another bank, so they are not dealing with both checking and credit accounts.

Chase And Its CEO Jamie Dimon Stink . . . Can't Wait For JPMC To File For Bankruptcy Protection

The THEFT of WaMu Bank is an outrage.

A common thief goes to prison.

But if you have enough stroke in Washington D.C., and enough politicians in your pocket, you get to increase Chase's dividend, and announces $15 billion buyback of its stock . . . right AFTER Washington Mutual Bankruptcy was signed, sealed, and delivered over to JPMC in WaMu's bankruptcy case. Literally within days of closing this authorized THEFT of the now defunct WaMu.

What comes around goes around, Jamie . . . here's to you and your bank . . . hope that you're the next one to be taken over by the feds and then handed (i.e., "gifted") over to another more deserving bank.

Please do NOT do business with these thieves.

Chase Is Just Bribing You

Chase will lure you in with cash back rewards and zero interest for the first six months. Once that introductory grace period expires you will be charged a high APY, and you will realize that you sold out too.

Website Is Awful...

The most horrific and unreliable website I have ever seen. I would be afraid to put money near JPMorgan.

Customer Service

I use a Chase in Lima, Ohio (Cabel Road). The personnel are always very helpful and courteous. I would rate them as high as possible. Now, ask me about the people who answer the customer service (probably from India or someplace far, far away) and I'd say at the lowest possible rating.

Do Not Complicate Your Life With This Terrible Bank..It Does Horrific Things To Americans

Chase is a terrible corporation and will screw up your life without a thought. Go elsewhere, credit union or some such. But do read the Google comments on "chase complaints" or any of the other thousands of comments people make about this horrible bank.

Good Customer Service

My husband and myself were on vacation and celebrating our 2nd year anniversay. We visited a Chase branch in Peoria, Illinois at 2301 N Wisconsin Avenue on July 5, 2011. As we conducted our business, an employee by the name of Hurlestine Randle went out of her way to make us feel the most comfortable and welcome. We were really impressed. I will never forget that visit. I really feel like her efforts should not go unnoticed or unrewarded. It would be a perfect world in the banking industry if all tellers were as she is. GOOD JOB HURLESTINE AND CHASE!   From a very satisfied customer, C Y Golden in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thank you.

Horrible Service

Every time I call customer service, they connect me to India. I can never understand the accent, and they keep repeating themselves over and over. This is annoying. I am considering banking with a small local bank that does not outsource to India.

Great Bank

Love this bank, very friendly and helpful. When I go into the branch they make sure that my transaction is taken care of quickly.

My banker makes sure I am aware of all the services and benefits that come with my accounts. She gets to know me on a personal level and makes sure that I am saving time and money. Even when she is out of the office the other employees make me feel right at home.

Recently, I learned the auto rates had dropped and now I am saving over $4000.00 interest. Now that's what I call a personal banker always has my best interest at heart.  Check out their current promotions incluing checking account coupons, auto rates, mtg. rates.  I recommend my personal banker to everyone I know!

Chase Master Card - Bad Customer Service

Very bad customer service. I had a dispute, they asked for documents ASAP, then they sat on the documents for a month, did not contact the other party. When I called them, they told me I got no case. Later I found out that they did not contact the other party at all. I had to use other means to resolve the dispute, and got my refund. No more Chase card, or bank for me, my family and friends.

Good Website

With internet banking becoming a bigger part of banking over the past five years, it is important to me that the site is simple and easy to load on slower internet connections. Chase's dose that and more; they added features that matter to me like the ability to check my balance and history through text messages. They have links for safe on-line shopping, reporting fraud and E-mail scams. These are just a few reasons why I have stayed with Chase through the years.

Good Service Yet Hefty Fees

I'm currently banking with chase and I have to say they are one of the best banks in america. I have never felt more secure with my money than I do with Chase. I can actually sleep without constantly checking my account balance and one time I experienced some fraud on my debit card and I received a credit back to my account with no hassle. Definitely the best back ever. The only draw back is that they have hefty fees.

This is an extraordinary bank! They really try to please their customers, like me. They have the best hours of operation of any bank around. They are open on Saturdays until 3 p.m. lobby and drive-thru. They are so helpful like if you need something notarized or need a money order, they are free of charge. The people are very courteous and always acknowledge you the minute you come inside. Many times they offer coffee and pastries for the customers.

Losing Me As A Customer.

Chase bank has hit my crap list. I have 3 checking, 3 savings accounts (1 credit card $0 balance), and they are going to start charging me $12/month on one of the checking accounts? $144 a year? It's my piddly little gas/allowance account I only put $240/month into. I hate the hassle of resetting all my direct pays and net billing, but they really are stupid to lose my business over this. 6 years as a customer.

Hidden Fees For The Poor

As many people are in the current economic failure of this country, I have been having trouble finding work. Turns out Chase bank is perfectly willing to take advantage of this fact to charge, those who don't put enough money into their bank, an extra $10 monthly fee. This makes perfect sense right? A person who is dealing with financial trouble that the big banks created with their manipulation of the world economy gets to pay extra to the bank for the privilege of using one of the banks that caused the world this trouble?

True, $10 a month isn't much for me, but for others it is, and it adds up. I think it's disgusting that any business would take advantage of the already hard off in order to collect an extra buck.

I will be taking my money, and all money I will earn in the future to another financial institution. One that does not take advantage of their customers.

I encourage all of you out there to join in a boycott of Chase Bank's supremely corrupt business.

Line Of Credit

I got a line of creidt with this bank and they are the worst. The government must look into the way they do business. Every month one person says that I must pay so much to bring the balance current, then i get a letter saying i have fees, then when i call i am told that they have been accumulating fees for nine months and every time i pay late fees they put the money into the principal balance and then charge me finance fees for not paying my whole bill. Then when i call again, they tell me i need to send a check for almost one thousand dollars to a fee only payment center. What kind of animals are these people. They say they are trying to help us but every time they sink us deeper into the ground. Now they say that they are based in NY and that everyone's bills are late since it takes ten days to get from our bank in california to their main bank in NY. I think that our congressmen need to kick this bank out of california and that their banking practices are the reasons everyone is losing their homes.

Has any one had this same deal happen to them?

Chase Has Always Seemed An 'Expensive' Bank To Me...But

The minimum deposit requirements at CHASE have always seemed steep to me. And I still think that's true. Reading the other reviews - definitely they should read when WAMU was gobbled up by CHASE and not the other way around! Having become a CHASE customer by way of having had a WAMU Free checking acct - I have come to appreciate that there are 2 branches that are very convenient for me. The one closest to me is tiny, but also has long hours - open till 6:p.m. and on Saturdays 9-3! I have decided to avoid the stiff ($8-9 per month) fee for the checking by depositing $5k into a roth Ira 13-month cd ... at a pathetic rate of .2%, I think, but it does qualify for meeting the deposit requirements and will allow my checking account to avoid the fee. One of the reasons I want to stay with Chase is that they appear to have great in/out bank to bank transfer capabilities, and I also hoarded up a LOT of those free WAMU checks! Hopefully I will still be able to use them for years - and THAT would be a savings. I definitely want to have access to a real branch with real people for working out any problems, and the people at the branch are quite nice.

Checking Account And Signature Cards

My organization has an account with chase, and it was because we were with Washington Mutual. Chase took over WAMU, and apparently they didn't transfer all signature cards. They have lost them and in losing them, they say it wasn't their fault. They had possession of the signature cards and failed to post them on the computer. Where are the signature cards? That tells me that they are irresponsible.



Negative Experience With Chase Bank

I simply had a very bad experience with Chase. They often tried to charge fees on my account that were not legitimate. One time, they closed a perfectly good card while I was traveling and I was counting on that card simply because they did not renew an agreement with the PBS station I had got the card with at the beginning. That left me stranded in Europe without the financial means that I needed. They seem to be willing to invent new creative ways all the time to get money from the small fish like me. In some cases it was enough to call them and ask what a certain fee was to have it immediately removed by the person on the phone. Just incredibly negative experience.

LOVE My Bank!

I have been with this bank for years and years - starting back when they were Washington Mutual.  I have NEVER had a bad experience with this bank.  EVERY teller is friendly and knowledgable.  There are hardly ever lines at 2 of the branches that I go to, but when there is, they go pretty fast. There are NO fees for ANYTHING, except for overdraft fees, but that is my own fault when that happens.  I now have a debit card that gives me points for every purchase I make (when used as a credit card, not using the pin) AND points for all bills paid online (which, of course, is free).  I would recommend this bank to anyone and everyone.