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They Know What They Are Doing

This institution performed well when I needed a wiretransfer.  They understand what a domestic intermediary bank is and how to execute instructions correctly.  Unlike some institutions, Collee did not attempt to charge for foreign wire because ultimate payee was foreign.  I deal with many banks and am happy with this institutes service.  I never have problem reaching live persons.  2.55% interest is not bad either. I recommend Collee Bank.

Coulee Bank Is Not A Good Institution

While Coulee Bank comes across as a great "local and community" financial institution with a high interest checking account, behind the scenes they really aren't a good bank. Coulee underpays their employees and fails to provide benefits to many part time employees. Additionally, they even cut hours weekly for some "full time" hourly employees. On the outside, a bank can pose as a great place where you should do their banking. But really, how internal operations are managed and how employees are treated are equally and if not more important. Shame on you, Coulee Bank. Get real. 

High Turnover?

hello group. it seems lately that many employees are missing from the bank in la crosse to help with transactions? why is there such high turnover? quite frequently there are many long lines in the lobby and it seems the bank is short on staff. i literally have to wait 10 or more minutes in the lobby in line because of limited tellers and not enough stations. other posts on the site here suggest some employees aren't happy with management either.... i'm becoming a little nervous with the working atosphere here. in past years, this has never been an issue. 

Coulee Gets New Look

i see coulee bank has put up a new sign at the southside lacrosse location. it looks very nice, but its a very large, big corporation type of sign that had to of been very expensive. i hope coulee doesnt lose its small, community and family bank feel!! its been in our neighborhood for many years and something we dont want to lose. 

Coulee Bank Is "Out Of Focus"

Coulee Bank just took a "back door" approach towards changing their "high interest" checking account. Instead of lowering the old Rewards Checking account interest rate again, they changed the product name to Kasasa Cash and changed the maximum balance you can earn the 2.55% interest rate on to $15,000 down from original $25,000. How sneaky!

Additionally, Coulee Bank's CEO was more concerned about writing an editorial about how bad credit unions are to the local La Crosse Tribune newspaper instead of focusing on their own personal business. This place needs to get its priorities straight and stop pulling sneaky moves on us, the customers!

Incredibly Satisfied CURRENT Employee

I’ve worked at four different banks (and left them all on good terms) and I can say without any hesitation that I’ve never worked anywhere that takes such good care of their employees. I’m still considered new, but I’ve been here long enough that the shine of being somewhere different and new has definitely worn off, and I’m still thrilled to be here. When friends and family ask how my job is going, I boast about how well Coulee treats its employees—their pay, benefits, training programs, and all the little extras are fair, competitive and most importantly, let you know you are valued as a part of this team, this family.

And I came from another La Crosse community bank who was, in my opinion, the textbook definition of a worthless HR, screaming VP’s, and overall inefficiency and poor customer service.

Reward Checking Reduces Max Allowed In Account

This bank just sent customers an email announcing an "improvement" to the account effective May 2012. It is actually a drop in the max dollar amount allowed in the rewards checking account from $25k to $15k. Oh well...

A Good Bank To Do Business With

I understand that at first banks make accounts such as Reward Checking and other interest bearing accounts available nationwide, and after an overwhelming response, feel it necessary to limit the availability to a specific area. It always pleases me to time my application in such a way that I get in before the "net is closed to outsiders". This has happened to me a number of times. I am very pleased with Coulee Bank and feel blessed that even though I am an "outsider" I am able to do business with them -- no complaints. This is a thumbs up bank!!


I tried to apply online on 12/7/10, but during the process the website indicated that one must now reside within 60 square miles of La Crosse.