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The Worst Bank And Down Right Ruthless

This is the Worst bank in the history of banks. Dont be late with these guys they will charge you fees, penalties and interest until you blled from the eyeys.

Run, Don't Walk

I don't need to say more.  HORRIBLE


The bank is not flexible ever since taking over from USA Bank. The key executives that were good to do business with all left. The new executives in corporate headquarters at Customers Bank caused many many original investors to lose a lot of money by not be flexible nor working with the federal government to help individual investors. Just a terrible bank to do business with and would not recommend them at all. There are way too many friendly banks to do business with that work with you and the federal government. This back just cares about themselves. TBWHIAMFCS

Highly Professional & Responsible

An excellent bank to deal with. All staff are very professional and knowledgable. They quickly resolve any issue and provide individual service. This is not a mega national bank with little or no care for customers, but a strong regional bank with strong dedication to the areas they service. Their online banking experience is easy and friendly. They need to increase their ACH transfer limits for customers.

Horrible, Horrible People...Ruthless Is The Right Word!

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Awesome Service

I can't speak to the experiences of the previous posters, but my experience was very pleasant. Staff were courteous and the rates were great.

Exceptional Customer Service Wells Fargo Bank

Recently we had a difficult experience with our son who has Autism sometimes has bad judgment.

I went to the Concord, CA branch for assistance and was referred to Personal Banker Bryan Flemming. He came up with a short term and a long term solution to our problem despite many obstacles. On at least three occasions he went out of his way to work through the system to help us, with the assistance of the branch manager. He did this with good humor, determination and professionalism.

The situation was very upsetting to me and Mr. Flemming’s good natured assistance was very comforting. I feel like I now have a friend at the bank even though I was not acquainted with Mr. Flemming prior to last Friday
The level of service Mr. Flemming provided is game changing. It is the kind of service that grows a life time of loyalty to the bank.

Customer's Bank

I have found Customer"s Bank to be outstanding in all ways, since I moved personal and business accounts there 3 years ago.  They have the best rates and best customer service of all the other banks.  It's like dealing with a small personal bank with big bank capability.  Their money market rates are excellent and safe.

Awesome Bank!

Apparently, all the people who wrote negative comments about Customers Bank never visited the one located in Newtown, PA.  The entire staff there is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way, and they make each and every customer feel they are special as soon as they walk in the door.  We never felt this way about any other bank we dealt with and our entire family goes there.  I highly recommend this location.

Customers Bank

Run don't walk is a perfect fit. As long as Bob White/Robert White is out there in Pennsylvania do not STOP, Run from this low life and uncaring individual. He is there to rip people off and not take care of long standing customers. RUN FROM THE DEVIL HIMSELF. Bob White. Horrible.

I'm Current On My Loan And Getting Forclosed On By Customers Bank

I fell behind on my loan, caught up a few months later have been current for thre months and now they are still foreclosing on me. THis is how they treat their customers.

Horrible Bank

Please do not be naive and sucked in by the local employees displaying a good image of the bank. They do not have any power when you are dealing with the bank. At the first problem they will say I am sorry /ma'am I don't know why corporate did that....Any bank you go to the employees will be pleasant, that is not the basis of a good financial service, the true vultures are the corporate ones, check your loan statements carefully..., there will be mistakes, make sure all your deposits are on your bank statement. Believe me your deposit could end up in another bank account, service fees that they are supposed to delete will still show up. Be aware. Run, run, save your hard earned your family, save your house and future, Customers Bank undeniably is the worst ever. Fortunately DNB FIRST is much much better. Is there an agency monitoring this Bank activity, what they have put me through is the worst experiences ever.