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Fulton Bank, National Association Reviews

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A Great Bank If You're Nostalgic For The 80'S

In my mid-50s, I'm down to just two personal checking accounts and a home equity LOC. I stuck with Fulton for too many years simply because they have a ton of branches in Central Pennsylvania.  But I gradually got fed up with their stodgy service.  Feature-deficient online banking that was hard to set up, hard-to-read line of credit statements, glacial loan application processing, indifferent service, limited branch hours.  I always got the feeling this bank really doesn't want to be part of the 21st century, and doesn't want walk-in customers like me.  I'm reminded of that old TV commercial about the Lethargic National Bank. 

Interest Statements

Every year for the past 3 yrs, it takes weeks for us to get our loan statements. We were told we have to open a checking and/or savings account in order to get our interested statements processed quickly. We have a loan account!!! Why can't Fulton Bank process these statements either online or within the guidelines of 1099s, W2, etc. We have to go into bank to get the interest statements. It's ridiculous!! I will never open an account with you and if I could move my loan account, I would!! Get with the times!

Jumbo Nonconventional Mortgage

Fulton Bank is the worst bank for Jumbo Loans and is untrustworthy.  They have avoided our repeated request for help to lower our rate because since we built our house the value has decreased by more than 50%.  We are currently paying them more for our house than it is worth. They should be invested by the FDIC because of these unscrupulous methods of banking.  

Fulton Bank

I agree with most of the others posts. This is a terrible bank to do business with.

Horrible Bank

I banked with them for years when they were "The Bank of South Jersey" and they were great. Once they became Fulton Bank it became horrible. They started giving me outrageous fees. They would charge me to use a free ATM at Wawa! The fees were just too much.

Big City Stuff

Never one to be friendly, I assumed when my husband died and I needed a notary, my bank would be there for me. Wrong. In the state of PA., a bank mgr. doesn't notarize for anything other than mtg. or loans.  Although I go there weekly, they always act as if they have no idea who I am.

Not a good bank.