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Huntington National Bank Reviews

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Changing Terms And Conditions For Deposits Is Ongoing

Have had an account with Huntington for many years.  A while ago, I got a call from the bank manager telling me that no non-Huntington ATM deposits would process any longer.  I was very perplexed as I have not had any trouble with deposits in the past.

Have had the account long enough that Huntington ATM depopsit will only credit $400.00 pending until deposit is verified and posted.  Have not had trouble in the past with outstanding 24-hour Grace Period items not clearing once my deposit is made (unless deposit was really late at night).

Now I am told that NSF fees occurred because my whole deposit wasn't posted, even though the "whole deposit" would have brought balance to the black once verified and posted.  I asked to have fees removed.

I was told that couldn't happen and deposits must be made in Huntington ATM before 10:30 a.m. in order to clear for terms on 24-hour Grace Period.  Never, never, NEVER had that condition been in place for prior deposit transactions!  Therefore, MORE NSF fees were added.

Went to the bank and made 2 seperate deposits since I needed more than $400 to bring balance to the black.  ATM slips that show what my deposits were and what balance was available.  Logged in the next morning & they ignored the deposits, returned items and then added more NSF fees!

How do they keeping changing deposit terms so much!?

Would Not Honor Promotion

I opned an account with Huntington Bank in early March of 2012. They were advertising a $100 promotion for opening new account. I completed the terms as requested. when I contatced the bank to get promo they said I was not eligible. They kept giving me the runaround. It took several weeks to find out that the bank does not care about it's customers. I would not deal with Huntington again..

Hunting Bank Charges You If You Close Your Account

Huntington Bank makes no mention of the policy they have to charge $25 if you close your checking account within the first 6 months.  I found this out after I was not permitted to withdraw any funds on the 3rd of the month, the day my SSI is direct deposited.  This was a new account and I had never experienced this in the past at any other financial institution.  The female bank manager was rude and abrupt which lead me to want to close the account.  I was informed that there would be a $25 fee if I close the account within the first six months.  I opened an account at another financial institution and left $1.00 at Huntington.  (There is also an inactivity fee if you don't make deposits or withdrawals or write checks.)

Freezing Account

Recently we deposited a large check in our savings. We understood it would take awhile for the check to clear and those funds would not be available to us. But, we were  shocked to find out they froze our entire savings account.

I transfer funds from the saving to the checking to pay bills, but now, can't do so online. If I want my own money transferred I have to go to that bank, ask for my money to be transferred to checking and they will do an "over-ride", and do it for me. But, the weekend is coming...then what?  No one would explain why the other money was included in the freeze,but one rep said our local branch manager did it (when we deposited the money). Another supervisor talked to her in our behalf. All that was said is NOTHING can be done!  I have been with this same bank for 25 years....long before it was even Huntington's. I saw many changing faces, but the ones that have succeeded are the ones who have "customer service skills" and know how to treat and keep a customer. Perhaps, some banks have grown too big to bother or care. 

Easy Bank To Deal With

Very friendly staff, always willing to listen.  Low to no fees on checking.  They do not force you to have a debit card if you do not want one. They help you with your online banking.  Their loan rates are excellent and they always tell you when they have come down and you could rewrite your loan.  I love their hours and the easy to use online banking. The only recommendation I could make is free checks on a seniors account.

RIP OFF! Flyer Mile Scam!

I have banked with Huntington bank since I was a child (I am 38 now) and I can not believe how they have treated me. I had a Huntington credit card with Worldpoints rewards on it for YEARS and now all of my miles are gone! Over 100,00!! It took me years and years to acquire that amount of points!! Not to mention the $100,000 I had to spend to get them. They switched credit from Visa to Mastercard and while doing so they didn't move the points over. I had saved those miles for many years and for them to not take the time to move them to the new card is ridiculous. I am shocked they would do something like that. I plan on closing all of my accounts with them and moving on to a bank that cares.

Stay Away From Huntington Banks!

I have had a very bad time with Huntington Banks in the Cleveland, OH area.   I came into the bank about 15 minutes before they closed along with about 4 other people.  I needed to make a deposit that day so that I could cover a check. 

The Manager said that she could make the deposit but asked if she could do it after she waited on the others. Long story short, she didn’t make the deposit and I was billed for penalties. When I saw the penalties, I called her and she said no problem she would get them waived.  Well later I got a call from a collection company that said I owe $345.50.  I called the local VP and went back over everything that happened and the teller lied to her and she believed her teller over the customer.  I had to pay the $345 bucks.  I'm now with another bank and am so glad I made the switch. 

Please Keep Your Hands Off My Checkbook. Thank You!

Some of you are way too kind-giving Huntington Bank more than 1 star-I have never had trouble balancing my checkbook until Huntington bank decided to do it for me-putting through the largest check that came in last, on a Tuesday morning, before putting in the smaller checks that came in starting the Friday before-caused many bounced checks and many fees-you know why they did it?  Because they instruct their employees in far off lands to withdraw the largest amounts first that occur in a 5 day (2day weekend/non business arena) first-"it might be their insurance check or mortgage payment" so they are doing us a favor!  This way one check clears and many bounce.  Sometimes I do have to live paycheck to paycheck and I juggle my bills accordingly.  Never had a problem before.  I am 53 years old and also have a substantial amount in different accounts with them that I have started to close!  So Huntington-go Nationwide-PLEASE-Just go!!!!

24 Hr. Grace

   I had a bill that was denied payment, which Huntington charged a fee. When I called, and

 questioned the 24 hr. grace I was told that it did not apply for non payment. I could not get a 

 direct answer as to why they chose not to honor their advertisement on the 24 hr. grace, except 

 that I should open up a savings account with them to keep this from happening again. Seems to 

 me that they are trying to force people by charging for what should have been forgiven.


Mortgage Disappointment And Dishonesty

Had a horrible experience with the loan department. They harassed me daily about closing on the loan. When we scheduled the closing, a notary came with the paperwork and our borrowed amount increased 2,700 and our payment went up by $70/ month. I obviously refused to sign, and the loan agent yelled at me over the phone that it wasn't his fault. Will never deal with such a shady company again.

Very Poor Service

Recently decided to change banks after 20 years with Huntington. Just constant mistakes and runaround with managers, from monthly scheduled payments messing up to my son getting a 24 Hour Grace Period alert and adding money within 12 hours and still getting fees.

You can be on the phone for hours and talk to half a dozen people and still not talk to someone who has the power to do the simplest task. I'm moving my small business accounts and loans to another smaller bank, I wish I had years ago.