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I Have Two CD's With This Bank

I have two CD's with this bank, and the first one was opened fairly easy - The second, being funded with $10,000 at a 3.15% rate took over 2 weeks for them to open and then they opened it at 2.75% - They say the rate is at the time they fund the account.   They ignored ALL requests for a status until they lowered the rate and now I am stuck losing .5% for 5 years.   Their customer service can really suck.

Gifts For Banking

I opened two $25k gifts for banking CD's, I did receive the promotional rate. I have another CD at IgoBanking, yet they are asking for my proof of address to be mailed to bank? CSR stated don't worry, but I sent it anyway to make sure that nothing holds up the process.

Initially, I was told by CSR that a few days afte the account was funded, would receive an email to select gift, and gift would take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Today, I called, since it's been 4 days since funded, I was told that the email to first select the gift will take 3 weeks and then up to 3 weeks after ordering, for delivery.

I was hoping to have these gifts for Christmas, but does not look like that is going to be a possibility, if in fact, it's 3 weeks to first receive the email to select a gift! The CSR advised this is stated on the website. I've looked thru the FAQ and do not find a 'timeframe' of when the email will be sent, it merely states, after the account is funded you will receive an email. It should be clarified on the website that it will be up to a 6 week process to select and receive the gift.

If I Could Have Given Zero Stars I Would Have

On-line access to your accounts from an unregistered computer requires that you receive a security pass code at a phone number or via text.  If you don't have immediate access to a phone or text-capable cell phone, you're out of luck.  They do not allow or have the capability of sending an email with the pass code - gave me some BS reason like email isn't secure.  And I'm thinking "and phone calls texts are (guaranteed secure)???"  Because I don't have access to a phone or text capable cell for incomming calls during the time and days I'm doing my banking I advised the CSR Manager (Maria) (after speaking to the snotty and very unhelpful CSR) I'd have to use a friends cell for the text.  Now, they're going to send this pass code to a phone that is neither mine nor on record for my account.  (Maria assurred me that this phone number would be used only one time for the one-time passcode...we'll see...)  I have multiple CD accounts with iGo.  Sure, at least at this moment in time, they're rates are among the best.  They have to be.  That's likely the only way they can lure in customers.  They probably have a pretty low retention rate.  As soon as my accounts mature I'll be closing them and will do business with banks that are more customer accommodating and friendly.

Very Rude Customer Service

Stay far away from this bank. They have the worst, and the rudest customer service i have ever dealt with. It is really not worth the hassle of dealing with these people.

They Make It Very Difficult To Get Money Out. Perhaps Even Criminally So

They automatically renewed several of my CD's even after they assured me that they would not.  Another thing they do is force you to contact them regarding CD maturity through your regular, unsecure 3rd party email (say Yahoo or whatever you use).  Absolutely horrid and rude customer service.  

Seems Good To Me!

I was really surprised to read all the bad reviews for iGo Bank and thought I'd post a positive one. I read that the website is awful, but I found it really easy to navigate and it took very little time to complete all the necessary steps to open a new account - far shorter time than I have had with some of the other on-line banks. Perhaps they have updated the website recently, but it seems good to me and very clear.

The messages back to me on completing everything seem concise and detailed, and I have the account # and all the other information such as contact telephone numbers and e-mails (again, you don't always get that with some of the other banks). I know I need to wait for a PIN # to arrive before I can access the website, but that's OK, and I was advised to actually open and acknowledge all the terms for the account.  

It all seems very clear and easy to me, so I am posting 5 stars for ease of access, good rate (best as of today for the CD I was opening), and clear and concise messaging. If I have problems with any customer service in the future, I can always come back and revise this review, but for the moment it's all good so far.

Horrible Verging On Criminal

Customers service is either pathetic or willfully malicious.  The terms on the CD's ought to be illegal.  If you withdrw early, you have to pay them the entire interest the CD would have paid over the term??  I am now locked out of my accounts and have been calling customer service for two weeks trying to find someone who can reset it.  Sort of like ground hog day.

No Check Writing

This money market does not offer check writing

Poor Customer Service, Lots Of Hassles

I have had an account with iGObanking for over 5 years. When I first joined I used it as an online savings account. Then their rates got progressively worse over the years. Obviously all rates have dropped but they were near the top of their competitors when I joined, now they're offering a measly .25% for an online account. My biggest gripe is that I've been hassled 3 times over "security concerns". After 5 years I don't know why I'm all of a sudden a threat. Most recently I transferred money into my account from one bank, followed by a transfer out the following day. I do this several times a month to move money between my bank accounts. They accepted the money in from my first account, then suspended my account and did not allow me to transfer money out. This happened at 6 pm and they have nobody working customer service after 5 pm. So I had to wait until the next day to inquire about it. After talking to a very rude customer service supervisor (every conversation I've had with them has been extremely rude customer service reps). I was told that my account was frozen and I could not have access to my funds unless I sent them bank statements for the last 90 days from every bank account I had linked to them. After I tried to explain that my bank statements were none of the their business (I tried, but was cut off by the supervisor), I told them I'd be closing my account. As with everything else there, it will take a week or more to get my money back from them. So, in my opinion, they've just stolen my money from me for the next week. Horrible, archaic, system they have.

OK, If You Have A Lot Of Time

Either their software is buggy, or they change your application after you submit it. I applied for several of their "Giftsforbanking" CD's and they processed as normal CD's. After several months wrangling, it was worked out, but I had to deal directly with a manager. The customer service person I was supposed to deal with, was far too rude and uniformed (dangerous combination) to even get the process started.